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dasen1Hi guys, can anyone give me their sources.list file to compare with mine, because for some reason unity isn't getting updated when I do a 'sudo apt-get update' and then 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'00:49
OsakaFooHey just install Ubuntu 11.04 and would like to use gnome not unity, how do I change it?01:16
DaekdroomOsakaFoo, in login screen, change Ubuntu Desktop Edition at the bottom to Classic Gnome or something like that.01:17
OsakaFoooh yeh, forgot about the login screen ^_^ its auto login atm01:17
OsakaFoothanks, i'll give that a shot01:17
OsakaFoothat worked, now gnomes theme seams to have exploded01:19
cjohnstonWhat's the file that needs to be removed to kinda reset the video settings? My lappy is running +1 and has a two inch black bar on each side of the screen01:28
ChogyDancjohnston: /etc/X11/xorg.conf?01:30
DaekdroomThat file is not even used by default01:30
DaekdroomI don't think it's gonna fix your problem01:30
cjohnstonI don't even have that file.01:30
DaekdroomLike I said, it's not used by default (anymore)01:31
DaekdroomTo be honest, there is no file you have to remove to reset the settings.01:31
cjohnstonDaekdroom: anything I can do to set it back to normal?01:33
Daekdroomcjohnston, no clue =/01:36
dasenHi guys, can anyone give me their sources.list file to compare with mine, because for some reason unity isn't getting updated when I do a 'sudo apt-get update' and then 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'?01:37
cjohnstondasen: what version of unity are you running?01:38
cjohnstonI haven't had an update in a few days now01:38
dasencjohnston: I don't know what version it is, how do I check?01:41
cjohnstonaptitude show unity01:42
DaekdroomThat's kinda old01:45
DaekdroomWe're in 3.6.something01:45
dasenYeah, that's why I think maybe something's wrong with my sources.list01:46
Daekdroompastebin it01:46
dasenI'm gonna paste them in a paste bin and give u the link to it01:46
kklimonda1dasen: show apt-cache policy unity01:50
dasen  Instalado: 3.1.3-0ubuntu201:51
dasen  Candidato: 3.1.3-0ubuntu201:51
dasen  Tabela de Versão:01:51
dasen *** 3.1.3-0ubuntu2 001:51
dasen        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/unity/ppa/ubuntu/ natty/main amd64 Packages01:51
dasen        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status01:51
dasen     0.2.46-0ubuntu5 001:51
dasen        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty/main amd64 Packages01:51
kklimonda1dasen: and what's the result of sudo apt-get update ?01:52
kklimonda1it looks like you have an error in sources.list01:53
kklimonda1the last line has only d01:53
dasenthat last line with the d was a paste error01:53
dasenthe sources.list doesn't have it01:54
dasenhere's the output of 'sudo apt-get update'01:55
kklimonda1can you remove both ppas that fail to download and run apt-get update again?01:57
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dasenthat was it!!!02:03
dasenapt-get update wasn't functioning correctly!!02:04
dasenbecause of the failled ppa's!02:04
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dasenthanks guys ^_^02:20
victory747I have an Nvidia FX 5200 card, and have been having troubles getting unity (3D) to work with the nouveau driver.03:05
trismvictory747: did you install libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental?03:08
victory747is that from the standard repos, or experimental repos?03:08
trismvictory747: standard repos03:08
trismvictory747: it is in universe03:09
victory747It's in.03:09
trismvictory747: then I don't know03:09
DaekdroomI'd check if the nouveau experimental 3D support covers that card. It's kinda old.03:09
victory747Unity 2D is working (although buggy).03:10
DaekdroomUnfortunately, #nouveau has no 3D support.03:10
victory747Compiz effects work with the classic desktop with this card and nouveau.03:10
victory747What? I thought nouveau was a 3D driver.03:10
DaekdroomIt's a 2D driver.03:10
DaekdroomThe Gallium3D nvidia state tracker that you can use with it is still experimental03:11
Daekdroomand there is no support for it.03:11
Daekdroomeven in the #nouveau channel03:11
victory747oh, I see. So basically i need to wait for nvidia to release the 173 driver for the latest xorg.03:12
Daekdroomafter installing the libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental package, run glxinfo | grep OpenGL in a terminal and pastebin the output, please.03:13
DaekdroomIt might happen that you do have 3D support, but given how recent the code is, it's still not ready to run Unity03:14
victory747http://pastebin.com/zdm6jFBC  (but there are only four lines)03:18
DaekdroomYeah, the usual 4 lines that command outputs03:18
Daekdroomand it seems you do have 3D support.03:18
victory747glxgears runs03:18
victory747like I said, the compiz effects (wobbly windows) works on classic desktop, so I assume 3D support is working03:19
victory747but unity doesn't launch. things seem to crash03:19
DaekdroomCompiz relies mostly on compositing.03:19
DaekdroomIt must be lacking a OpenGL instruction, no surprise there.03:19
victory747Is this something that should be reported, or do I just need to wait?03:20
DaekdroomAs far as I know, you shouldn't report against libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental because that package is not supported03:21
Daekdroomand the 3d support for nouveau will slowly progress anyway03:21
victory747ok, so I guess it's back to the proprietary drivers for 3D support.03:22
victory747Thanks for your help.03:22
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frybyehi - just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 on a pc with dual boot win7 64x and ubuntu - the new grub does not offer win7 as a boot option - how to fix please.. need in detail because not so much linux background knowledge..04:32
frybye- perhaps to explain - I have other pc so knew that the risk of problems with this was not so decisive.. need to get access back to win7 though..04:33
frybyeHi - following ? not getting response on #ubuntu+1 but the soloution to this would be common to any ubuntu I guess.. here is the ?:hi - just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 on a pc with dual boot win7 64x and ubuntu - the new grub does not offer win7 as a boot option - how to fix please.. need in detail because not so much linux background knowledge..04:35
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SeverianHowdy.  I reported a bug for alpha 3.  Somebody moved my bug from being listed as afftecting the installer, which is correct.  They moved it to say it is a virtualbox problem.  It does show up installing in virtualbox, but it shows up installing on a real computer, too.  How do I get it moved back?  It is bug 728775.08:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 728775 in virtualbox-ose (Ubuntu) "Alpha 3 Natty install hangs after "starting up the partitioner"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72877508:02
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edgyHi, I installed natty in a new PC and cannot view any flash though flashplugin-installer is installed, what's missing?12:08
Guest6608hi guys, my question may be classical: in 11.04, can I use gnome shell instead of unity?12:24
Guest6608no one? i am a bit lost: gnome 3 or unity. and the 11.04 able to use gnome-shell... cause i read unity is more user friendly more no power users, it s more tactile orientated...12:32
Guest6608but if i don t care about this?12:33
Guest6608what should I do?12:33
PiciGuest6608: Ubuntu still uses GDM, so you can select wich desktop environment you want by using the 'Sessions' selector at the login screen.12:33
Guest6608Pici, thanks. So from gdm in 11.04 i can choose unity or gnome-shell?12:34
PiciGuest6608: If you have gnome-shell installed, yes.12:35
Guest6608ok this solves everything!12:35
Guest6608and do you use a magic trackpad?12:35
Guest6608(i like this one)12:35
Guest6608cause i read 10.10 support was not as good as 10.04 ,... i d like to know what is about 11.04...12:36
Guest6608oh: and in order to install gnome-shell, i must apt!get it. But then, is the gnome-shell –replace command needed?12:37
Guest6608or will it be just a choice from gdm and "basta"?12:37
PiciI'm not sure, sorry.12:38
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brobostigongood afternoon, 730099 just happened again, running unity, only weird thing i had open was chromium.13:52
brobostigonthis is getting frustrating.13:53
brobostigonand i have reported it over to the guys and gals in #ubuntu-x13:54
IdleOnebug 73009913:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730099 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i915gm] GPU lockup 0c40b170 (ESR: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x02000011)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73009913:55
brobostigoni dont know what else to do.13:56
brobostigonbug updated, with info about last lockup.14:01
Ian_Cornedid anyone else's networkmanager applet break?14:09
brobostigonyes, it dies every so often, and you just have to restart it,14:10
Ian_Corneany idea how? it doesn't even start for me :)14:10
brobostigonalt + f2 , and nm-applet14:10
brobostigonit works.14:12
Ian_CorneI just migrated disk drives14:12
Ian_CorneI think I have some permission issues14:12
Ian_Corne  Error: (9) Connection ":1.161" is not allowed to own the service "org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerUserSettings" due to security policies in the configuration file14:13
Ian_Cornewonder how I can fix most of my permission errors..14:16
brobostigonidont know much about NM, sorry.14:17
Ian_Cornedon't think it's just nm14:18
Ian_Corneeverything seemed to have gone to root:root14:18
brobostigonhmm, not good.14:19
brobostigonanyone i can prod, to get 730099 fixed?14:30
brobostigonkindly prod*14:31
brobostigonanyone got a eeepc 900 ssd, with the gpu in 730099, with natty, with all recent updates,who can confirm such a bug exists please.14:40
Trewasbrobostigon: there are quite a few bugs reported matching "i915gm gpu lockup"14:44
brobostigonTrewas: when i reported it, there was no bug matching it, so i made a new one. all the others were different.14:46
Trewasbrobostigon: yeah, no idea if the same bug could cause different esr/ipehr numbers... fwiw my thinkpad x41 was also crashing in i915gm, but I didn't bother to report it14:47
brobostigonTrewas: so do you get the same "gpu lockup" error when it happens in dmesg?14:48
edgyHi, I installed natty in a new PC and cannot view any flash though flashplugin-installer is installed, what's missing?14:50
Trewasbrobostigon: yes, I don't remember whether the esr/ipehr numbers were the same as in the older bug reports14:50
Trewasand that computer is currently updating to win7 sp1, and will be for a few hours from the looks of it so I can't check :)14:51
brobostigonTrewas: ok, maybe you couldfind out aput somesupport one it, so we canget it fixed, please.14:51
brobostigonedgy: which browser are you using?14:51
edgybrobostigon: I tried both firefox and chrome14:54
brobostigonedgy: in chrome and FF, open a new tab, and have a look on about:plugins and see if it mentions flash,14:55
edgybrobostigon: I don't have the pc now but I will check. Let's say i didn't found the plugin, what's the solution?14:56
brobostigonedgy: if it doesnt mention flash, that means both FF and chrome cant see flash is there.14:58
brobostigonedgy: i remember severalsolutions inthe past, but i am noyt the man to ask.14:59
brobostigonafternoonings BluesKaj15:14
BluesKajmorning brobostigon15:14
BluesKajmy older 6yrold pc doesn't run the new kernel at all15:15
brobostigonBluesKaj: is it possibleto install an oldstyle kernel. like we had before?15:16
BluesKajbrobostigon, well, I had to revert the older pc to 10.10 , but the new kernel was also installed (must be an upgrade) , so it still wouldn't boot the new one..I removed it and now all seems ok so far15:18
brobostigonBluesKaj: ah, i see, weird.15:19
BluesKajthe limitations of perfectly good pcs just because they have older HW :(15:19
BluesKajI hate to admit it , but it runs very well with W715:21
patdk-wkyou didn't happen to attempt a -pae enabled kernel on a non-pae cpu?15:22
BluesKajpatdk-wk, pae? , not familiar with that term15:26
patdk-wkenables memory >4gigs on 32bit cpu's15:27
BluesKajpatdk-wk, 2g RAM, 64bit amd cpu - venice 3200+ ,and I had to use the alternate install , because the live-cd wouldn't get past plymouth15:29
patdk-wkyour using 64bit kernel?15:30
BluesKajyes,  thought I'd try it for a change..was using 32bit previously , but the pc still needed the alternate to install 10.04 and 10.1015:32
BluesKajmaybe the nvidia graphics 7600gt ranks the pc higher up the foodchain somehow and tries to install kernels that will run with that card but not the rest of the HW....dunno for sure , that logic also seems flawed , so I really can't figure it.15:37
bjsniderthe only difference in terms of kernels would be if you have decided to use i386 but have 4gb or more RAM then you get the pae kernel so you can use the extra ram. otherwise everybody has the same kernel. even the pae change is trivial15:39
BluesKajbjsnider, the kernel that itdoes run on is 2.6.36-22 , it upgraded to 2.6.36.-27, but failed to boot , so after 3 tries at repair broken pkges , and restarting X and kdm, I removed the new kernel and settled for the first one that installed15:43
bjsnideryou have broken packages?15:47
edgybrobostigon: np, I will check that and report back later today15:48
brobostigonedgy: ok, :)15:49
BluesKajbjsnider, not anymore , it kept trying to fix some libs that had broken depends , but failed15:50
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BluesKajhey genii-around , take the plunge ?15:59
BluesKajok, news ...bbiab15:59
* genii-around thinks about a swimming pool of coffee16:00
genii-aroundBluesKaj: If you mean a dist-upgrade for today I'm doing it right now16:03
BluesKajgenii-around, it should go ok , if your pc isn't to old...this pc is 3 yrs old and natty seems fine so far , afew flash crashes here and there , but nothing unexpected16:08
DaekdroomMy PC is about 3 months old and I get flash crashes too :p16:09
BluesKajmy old amd compaq single core 64bit venice cpu can't handle the new 110.04 kernel(s)16:09
BluesKajrr 11.0416:10
DaekdroomBluesKaj, is it the PAE kernel or the generic x86 one?16:10
BluesKajit would be the generic, it's only got 2G ram16:11
DaekdroomNot necessarily.16:11
DaekdroomThe PC I had before this had only 1G RAM and it installed the PAE kernel anyway16:11
BluesKajwell, dunno much about pae , my understanding is if the installer detects more than 4Gram it installs the pae16:12
BluesKajDaekdroom, how can you tell what's pae and what isn't16:13
brobostigonuname -a16:14
brobostigonspits out the kernel present.16:14
Daekdroomfor example: Linux marcos-p6645br 2.6.38-5-generic-pae #32-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 22 17:48:56 UTC 2011 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux16:14
BluesKajwhat's the indicator that the kernel is pae ?16:15
enliIs anybody able to run globalmenu (from google code)? Indicator appmenu has a memory leak.16:15
brobostigonBluesKaj: is says so, in the kernel type.16:15
Daekdroomenli, the bug has been reported16:15
brobostigonBluesKaj: like in Daekdroom's example.16:15
Daekdroomenli, it affects indicator-appmenu in GNOME2 and unity-panel-service in Unity.16:15
DaekdroomI can try finding the bug # in here16:15
enliDaekdroom: Ahh, sounds promising!16:15
enliNo updates since last 2-3 days though.16:16
BluesKajwel, I've never seen -pae in any kernels on either pc here16:16
Daekdroombug #72297216:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 722972 in unity (Ubuntu) "small memory leak in unity-panel-service per use of global menu" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72297216:16
BluesKajLinux Media-Server 2.6.38-5-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 22 16:09:46 UTC 2011 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux16:17
BluesKajthis pc ^16:17
DaekdroomPreposterous. I made a bug report 3 days ago and no developer has confirmed or invalidated it :P16:18
enliDaekdroom: My global menu not the appmenu from ubuntu used to work, but after adding gnome3 ppa and installing some gnome package which overwrote some file, it no longer works. I have already tried purging gnome3 ppa and reinstalling/reconfiguring the packages those were installed. Do you have any idea by chance which file it might be?16:19
DaekdroomNo idea.16:20
brobostigonanyone here have an eeepc or other machine with natty, who can confirm 730099, please.16:20
BluesKajbbl, gonna work on the den-pc, I'll rejoin from there16:20
Daekdroombug #73009916:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730099 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i915gm] GPU lockup 0c40b170 (ESR: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x02000011)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73009916:20
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charlie-tcaUnity seems rather less than intuitive for the new user. How do they find anything not in the launcher panels/dock/etc?16:29
Daekdroomcharlie-tca, click the ubuntu icon at the top16:30
charlie-tcaOkay, I now have eight things I can use16:31
charlie-tcaI don't really want more apps, I just want to add a user16:31
charlie-tcaSeems to rather a difficult thing to find, not having used this before16:32
DaekdroomFind More Apps16:32
Daekdroomthen you'll see a menu to select which kind of apps you want, next to the box in which you can search for apps16:32
DaekdroomSelect "system" or something like that16:32
charlie-tcathat makes no sense. I don't need apps16:32
DaekdroomFile a bug, then.16:32
Daekdroom*bug report16:32
DaekdroomBut that's how you do it currently o.o16:33
charlie-tcaSorry, being difficult, but this is not okay for new users to have to try and find crap16:33
DaekdroomNo biggie. It's being such a let down for me lately.16:33
DaekdroomAll these bugs :(16:33
* genii-around finishes update and reboots16:35
s0u][ighthi guys16:40
s0u][ightfirefox from the sidedock doesn't launch, but from terminal there are no problems16:41
erAbuelobuenas tardes16:45
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nlsthznthe new bar to the right, any way to make it stay (once any application I use forces it to hide all other applications also go full screen and the bar stays hidden the whole time) - annoying?17:27
Daekdroomnlsthzn, do you have ccsm installed?17:30
DaekdroomYou can make it never hide.17:30
nlsthznDaekdroom: hmm, I do think I installed it ... so there is no shortcut key to re-size a maximised windows to fit and have the bar visible?17:31
Daekdroomnlsthzn, nope, the only way to do that is have every application not maximized.17:31
Daekdroomso the best way is indeed making the launcher never hide17:32
nlsthznk... will give it a go and see how it works for me... cheers :)17:32
Daekdroomnlsthzn, the parameter you're looking for is under Ubuntu Unity Plugin, btw17:33
Daekdroom"Hide Launcher" > Never17:33
nlsthznk, got it... cheers :)17:34
nlsthznDaekdroom: :/ that didn't work so well, after about 3 minutes all of the windows went full screen again, but was stuck behind the launcher bar which stayed showing :(17:38
Daekdroomnlsthzn, that's something I see everytime I change the launcher configuraton17:41
DaekdroomIt ceases to happen after restarting the session.17:41
nlsthznDaekdroom: is that another way to say reboot? :p17:42
Daekdroomnlsthzn, not reboot, restarting the session ;)17:42
nlsthznsudo init 1 :D17:43
nlsthznit restarts17:43
DaekdroomI was talking about logging off and going back to GDM.17:43
nlsthznah, ok log on log off, check :D17:44
nlsthzncool, logged out, logged in ... now to see :D17:46
nlsthznany news when the new scroll bars will be implemented (they look uber sweet)?18:01
Mkaysi<3 Unity 2D.18:28
MkaysiThis is so stable when compared to Unity 3D.18:28
MkaysiOh, sorry wrong channel.18:28
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HerrBertnetworkmanager is crashing all the time, but I can not do a bug report, because it says the diagnosis packages are not installed, but I can not find any diagnosis packages fpr network manager... can u help?18:59
HerrBertnetworkmanager is crashing all the time, but I can not do a bug report, because it says the diagnosis packages are not installed, but I can not find any diagnosis packages for network manager, can u help?19:05
HerrBertis dbus-1-dbg the right package to get traces, since network-manager is "started" or very related to dbus?19:09
charlie-tcaYou do not have to have an strace to submit a bug report, does apport give you a "file report" ?19:11
HerrBertsomeone answered my question yet?19:13
charlie-tcaYou do not have to have an strace to submit a bug report, does apport give you a "file report" ?19:13
HerrBertno, it just provides me with a link to the "getting traces" page19:14
charlie-tcaIf yo add the repositories, there is a network-manager-dbgsym package for debug symbols19:16
HerrBertwhich do I have to add?19:17
HerrBertand where?19:17
charlie-tcaunder number 1, do echo "deb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com $(lsb_release -cs) main restricted universe multiverse" |19:17
charlie-tcasudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ddebs.list19:17
charlie-tcathat will add the repository with the dgbsym packages for debug symbols19:18
zniavre_good evening19:22
zniavre_i f i want to try unity (3d) i need proper computer/video driver right ? does nvidia 173.14.xx are ok? does "nouveau" make unity (3d) working?19:23
nictrasaviosWhy did they go with unity?19:23
nictrasaviosSeriously.... Im using it now.... it horrible. I can't do anything. The terminal is horribly hard to find :(19:23
nlsthznsuper key + type term... terminal... not that hard :)19:24
charlie-tcause Ctrl+Alt+t to find it easy19:24
nlsthzneven better19:24
nictrasaviosYa but newbies dont know it19:24
nictrasaviosthink of end users19:24
nictrasaviosgoing from gnome to unity19:24
nictrasaviosusers who are.... well ex-windows end users.19:25
charlie-tcaUse this to find the shortcuts - http://askubuntu.com/questions/28086/keyboard-shortcuts-in-unity/28087#2808719:25
nictrasaviosOh i know i know, im talkin about people who dont even know how to get x-chat let alone figure out shortcuts.19:25
charlie-tcagoing from gnome to unity is not different than going from gnome to kde or xfce, you still learn different ways to do the same thing19:26
HerrBertwhen adding the repositories I get many 404's when doing apt-get update19:26
charlie-tcaYo added one, right, not all 4?19:26
nictrasaviosBut some people like gnome, theve used it for years, there gonna hate ubuntu for this, they might even switch distrobutions, software consistancy is a major selling point for an OS.19:26
mhall119nictrasavios: people who don't know how to get x-chat need a quick way to get to the terminal?19:27
nictrasaviosHeck, im stayin on 10.10 and praying 11.10 is gnome :/19:27
charlie-tcathen they can use classic desktop, which is similar, but they will hate gnome 3, which is also going to have big changes19:27
mhall11911.04 will be gnome19:27
charlie-tcaGnome is also changing...19:27
HerrBertI pretty much did what the webpage you posted said19:28
nictrasaviosmhall119, when they google "HOW DO I FIC DIS NOOOWWW!" and they get terminal commands...19:28
mhall119in that case, I think pressing the Ubuntu logo'd button and typing "terminal" should be obvious enough19:29
charlie-tcaHerrBert: pretty much is not okay. You should have added a single line for Natty , not all 4 lines for stable releases. Otherwise you get a bunch of errors. Also, did you add the key it said to?19:29
charlie-tcamhall119: it is not19:29
charlie-tcaThat is not at all intuitive19:29
mhall119what would be the more intuitive way of finding an installed application in Unity?19:30
charlie-tcaum, a menu?19:30
nictrasaviosdang it, i g2g, natualius is going haywire on 11.0419:30
mhall119which menu?19:30
nictrasaviosc yahs before my system gets borked.19:30
charlie-tcaany menu19:30
mhall119but which menu in Unity would you expect to find it in?19:30
charlie-tcaopening a thing that says "find apps" does not tell a user what to do19:30
mhall119wait, is the problem finding the terminal specifically, of finding any app in Unity in general?19:31
charlie-tcaI can find things in any menu in kde, gnome, and xfce. Why does Unity think menus are harder than typing what you need?19:31
HerrBertcharlie-tca: I did 1 - 4, and when doing the update i get the 404's19:31
mhall119charlie-tca: okay, I misunderstood the complaint, I thought he was saying that the terminal was harder to find that other apps in Unity19:32
mhall119than other apps19:32
lcbjust in case anyone using easycap. after loading the module is it necessary to install the existing hack  for it?19:32
charlie-tcaHerrBert: then you did Number 2, which adds repositories that are not for natty, and will give the 40419:32
HerrBertcharlie-tca: ok, undid that, still getting "http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]"19:34
charlie-tcathat is not the debug symbol repository. Did you just add that one?19:35
HerrBertbut now I have the symbold package19:35
lcbjust in case if anyone using easycap. after loading the module is it necessary to install the existing hack  for it?  (sorry.. had to repeat the question due to an outage here)19:38
judgendoes the nvidia binary driver work with natty now?20:21
Daekdroomjudgen, nvidia-current does20:22
DaekdroomNot sure about the rest20:22
judgenwould i gain anything so far from upgrading from maverick to natty? or should i wait for the main release?20:22
judgenit is more fun to play with the new software though20:22
DaekdroomYou'd gain bugs to deal with, for sure.20:23
judgenare there newer kernels too?20:23
judgenor is that the same as in maverick20:23
Daekdroomwith the legendary performance patch20:23
Daekdroomand unity!20:23
judgen.37 i latest in maverick?20:23
Daekdroom(which is still buggy)20:23
DaekdroomHm, I think it's 3.520:23
Daekdroom!info linux | maverick20:23
ubottumaverick: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)20:24
judgeni do not use gtk or unity so that does not matter to me.20:24
Daekdroom!info linux maverick20:24
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)20:24
Daekdroomyeah .35 in maverick20:24
judgenok then, im going to give it a whirl.20:25
arandDoes unity fall back on metacity in case of no acceleration?21:17
Daekdroomarand, yes, it falls back to classic gnome21:19
Daekdroomarand, in the future, it'll fall back to unity-2d, which will, if necessary, fall back to metacity21:19
arandRight, good to know.21:20
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judgenAnyone remember how to blacklist pulseaudio, disabling it from running at startup.21:49
leniosjudgen, mv /usr/bin/pulseaudio21:53
BluesKajjudgen, I just remove pulseaudio altogether21:59
BluesKajI haven't been able to find any benefits using pulseaudio22:01
DaekdroomBluesKaj, what do you use instead?22:01
judgenDaekdroom: I just use ALSA, it works fine.22:02
BluesKajthe bare essentials , alsa-base and alsa utils22:02
DaekdroomRight. ALSA has a mixing server in userspace now22:02
judgenis it possible to use the famebuffer in CLI while still using the nvidia binary module for X?22:03
BluesKajpulseaudio just adds another layer of unecessary audio processing on most soundcards causing distortion and noise22:03
judgenBluesKaj: That is why i wanted to rid myself of it. Started jittering after a while of playing.22:04
BluesKajjudgen, Daekdroom , I think pulseaudio might beneficial to those with dedicated fancy soundcards , giving more input and output options etc22:05
BluesKajmight be beneficial22:05
DaekdroomI wish Ubuntu would move to OSSv4 someday.22:06
judgeni use a emu10k card from creative labs..22:06
judgenhas worked with alsa for ages22:06
BluesKajDaekdroom, I thought OSS was depracated22:06
judgenBluesKaj: Is not OSS used in all the BSD distros as well as in haiku?22:07
BluesKajjudgen, yeah , I had one of those yrs ago22:07
BluesKajjudgen, I have no idea about BSD22:07
judgenBluesKaj: i put it in after the dsp in the crappy realtek integrated gave up.22:08
judgenBluesKaj: ALSA is very linux specific22:08
DaekdroomDoesn't the L stand for Linux?22:08
judgenwonder what will happen now that i have mv'd the akonadi binaries away.22:08
judgenAdvanced Linux Audio Architecture i think22:09
judgenbut i might be wrong on that.22:09
BluesKajyeah judgen , exactly22:09
judgenBut the second a was made into sound later...22:10
judgenso it became ALSA instead of ALAA22:10
judgendunno why22:11
judgenso long ago, that noome remembers except for the people involved22:11
BluesKajI have a coaxaudio out feeding my HTReceiever of an elcheapo integrated nvidia soundchip , and I'm happy enuff with results..movies/music look and sound fine22:11
BluesKajoff an an elcheapo22:11
judgenBluesKaj: Nvidia does not do sound cards afaik.. the make the bridge for their licensed Realtek crap.22:12
judgeni really wish realtek would go out of the sound area and focus om what they are better at.22:13
BluesKajahhh, judgen ok , thought it was another nvidia royalty type licence, like my 2 nvidia cards , both made by different manufacturers22:13
BluesKajmvidia graphics cards22:13
judgeni am off for a reboot... laterz!22:14
BluesKajok, good luck22:14
zzillezztrying to install alpha3 hasn't been as smooth as alpha2 ...22:38
zzillezzto put it mildly :-)22:38
zzillezzbut it the end ... here i am22:38
mwilson1023argh, I recently added the PPA package for gnome-do and failed.23:06
mwilson1023for some reason my software sources is GONE from my menus.23:06
mwilson1023what is the command for removing a PPA address?23:06
mwilson1023wrong page...23:06
Daekdroommwilson1023, software sources no longer shows up in the menu by default. You can get there through synaptic23:07
arandSoftware sources are available through the software centre instead...23:07
mwilson1023synaptic. meh,23:07
BluesKajI'll epeat here as well, mwilson1023,alt+f2 , gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list , you can comment the ppa repos line with a # or remove the ppa23:14
mwilson1023ty BluesKaj23:14
mwilson1023but it doesn't bring up gedit or anything :(?23:15
BluesKajyw . mwilson1023 :)23:15
BluesKajalt+f2 should bring up the runbox23:15
mwilson1023no I got that lol, but when you goto the sources.list, nothing pops up.23:16
mwilson1023I went to it manually23:17
mwilson1023BluesKaj, my ppa isn't there23:18
mwilson1023BluesKaj, this comes up when I update:23:19
mwilson1023W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/do-core/ppa/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/source/Sources.gz  404  Not Found23:19
BluesKajmwilson1023, ok , then it has to be in the software center23:19
mwilson1023btw, it was gnome do svn23:20
mwilson1023I'll restart. it says to check my internet connection.23:21
BluesKajwell, that' because you are running natty, the natty repos won't see the pld maverick ppa ,23:22
BluesKajgawd another svn victim23:22
BluesKajsvn is clunky for me,,never understood it and still don't see any benefitv from using it23:24
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Guest3863is the proposed respository safe to enable and update just for wishful thinking23:31
=== Guest3863 is now known as avis
Daekdroomavis, it's useless for now23:32
avisno solution for compiz ?23:32
aviswork arounds ?23:33
avisanything that would keep my system stop from being restarted ?23:33
avisdisappearing borders,etc23:33
avisdid a config file take the place of /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?23:34

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