XaseThink I can fully install Ubuntu on the Nook Color with this processor ARM Cortex A8-based Ti OMAP 3621? Instead of that stupid Ubuntu ARM over VNC on Android trick?05:57
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hrwcan someone copy me bootcmd from normal ubuntu uboot for panda/beagle?09:56
hrw~summon ogra10:26
* ogra waves10:28
hrwhttp://pastebin.com/YXWdZTfe - lovely hang10:28
hrwubuntu mlo + uboot + .35 kernel10:29
hrwsame with linaro mlo (1.44)10:29
hrwworked with .37-linaro kernel10:29
hrwand my board shutdowns when ubuntu/xload + ubuntu/uboot + linaro.37 are used10:29
ograwe dont have such probs10:30
hrwI will dig other psu to compare10:31
ogratry with this image, it definitely worked on all our boards10:31
ogra.35 kernel, and the x-loader and u-boot from natty10:31
ograafaik we are using all the same x-loader and u-boot linaro packages10:32
hrwwill check10:32
ograi have never seen such an x-loader hangs message that late in the boot10:32
hrwif image will fail to boot I will start to send more curses^Wcomplains in TI direction10:33
ograonly if the FAT wasnt ok but then usually before the kernel gets exectuted10:33
hrwfsck passed10:33
ogradoesnt matter10:34
ograx-loader-omap4-panda and u-boot-linaro-omap4-panda are the binary packages we currently use in ubuntu10:36
=== JamieBen1ett is now known as JamieBennett
fairuzouter_flush_range will flush L1 and L2 or only L2? =)10:43
=== ericm_ is now known as ericm
noah1989hi, has anyone got s-video working correctly on the beagleboard xM?10:49
noah1989it kinda works with the natty alpha-2 image10:49
ograi think GrueMaster wanted to test it once10:49
ograbut you have to wait until he gets up (US Pacific TZ)10:49
noah1989however the resolution is not correct (larger than 640x480) and the left part is off-screen10:50
noah1989twaeaking the timings doesn't work. only the predefined "ntsc" and "pal" are accepted10:50
noah1989everything else -> invalid argument10:51
hrwso far so good - booting10:52
ograwith what files ?10:53
ograand what did you do to get there ?10:53
noah1989orga: are u talking to me?10:53
ograno to hrw10:54
ograi have no svideo around to even test so i cant tell much about it10:54
hrwogra: alpha3 image10:55
ograah, k10:55
hrwogra: booted to language selector and have to findout where my usb devices are10:55
ograif you used the same packages it can only be your formatting10:55
hrwso linaro-image-tools10:56
ograright, likely a wrong formatting of the vfat10:57
hrwtime to report bugs against installer?10:57
ograwhich installer ?10:58
ogral-i-t ?10:58
hrwoem-setup or how ubuntu installer is named10:58
ograhmm, why ?10:58
hrwkeyboard selector lacks Polish chars in country/layout lists11:00
hrw"Po?udniowoafryka?ski" or "Pakista?ski"11:00
hrwfont has "ł ń" characters cause they are used in other places11:01
ograhmm, intresting11:01
noah1989" S-video resolution is 720x574 (pal) or 720x482 (ntsc). The edges of that11:03
noah1989    area are usually not shown by the TVs. To get a framebuffer that is11:03
noah1989    fully visible, you need to resize and move the overlay."11:03
noah1989ah! didn#t know that..11:03
hrwogra: http://42.pl/u/2z8N11:03
ograthey dont wear bras11:06
LetoThe2ndoO( erm... what? )11:06
ograthe pic hrw linked to11:06
LetoThe2ndgnah. that one again.11:07
hrwnice thing is that installation does not require mouse11:11
hrwdesktop is unusable without it11:11
ograyeah, there is a bug open for unity-2d accessibility11:12
ograyou can select classic gnome at the login manager though11:13
ograthat should be usable by kbd11:13
hrwcyanish framebuffer works11:13
* ogra wonders whern someone will add fi fix for the color offset11:14
hrwogra: there are rumours that 2.6.66 'ivil edition' will have it11:14
ograshould really not be to hard to manipulate the rgb defaults11:15
ograyour font stuff is intresting, seems to only affect the selection list, all other parts of the app have the right encoding11:16
hrw#ubuntu-installer exists?11:17
ogratalk to ev11:17
noah1989installation works w/o mouse EXCEPT time zone setting11:36
ppisatiorga: ping12:15
ppisatiogra: ping12:15
apwogra, meet ppisati ...12:16
apwogra, is going to be doing some arm work on the kernel team12:16
armin76looks like ogra is hiding from him12:34
ograppisati, apw, awesome12:40
ograjanimo, whats that about your NEON patch to Qt ?12:40
ppisatiogra: Hi! i just got a mvl-dove board, do you know where i can find an image for it?12:45
janimoogra, FTBFS fix, some files were not properly passed -mfpu=neon  so gcc bailed12:47
janimoneeded a change to gui.pro in the sources12:47
janimoI'll update the bugreport12:47
ograjanimo, i see that, but i would know about the implications12:47
* janimo is annoyed by whatver changed lately in natty that fails to highlight xchat pings12:47
janimoogra, we'll see the implications once it builds I guess12:48
ograare there now *any* files in the archive that have NEON enabled in a hardcoded way ?12:48
janimothere are a few files built with neon options12:48
janimothe rest of Qt without12:48
ograthats not acceptable12:48
janimoso hopefully only when those are enabled at runtime will run12:48
janimoI looked over the bugreport comments and am not 100% sure I understand everything12:49
ograall NEON paths in code need to be runtime switched or off by default12:49
janimohowever my patch so far is not assuming it fixes neon12:49
janimojust fixes the build12:49
janimothen we see if neon runtime detection works and fix it if it does not12:49
ograwell, -mfpu=neon will enable it hardcoded for these files12:50
janimoogra, I believe that is what Qt does but have not checked. A few files which are built with neon should only be used when neon is detected12:50
janimoogra, right, but those function will not be called all the time12:50
ogralets test then12:50
janimootherwise there is not neon at all if we do not build at least some functions with it12:50
ograi guess i need to upgrade my ac100 to natty this week :(12:50
ograppisati, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/releases/maverick/release/ was the last release we built for dove (not sure how well that image works though, you might be better off with the lucid one)12:51
janimoogra I also took out gnome-panel from u-2d deps, hopefully it wil not be included on the image soon12:52
janimoas it is not used12:52
ograit is used12:52
ograby gdm12:52
janimoI don;t think it is12:52
janimoif so it will be pulled in by gdm then12:52
ogragdm uses a cut down gnome standard session in the greeter12:52
janimoI have not seen anything resembling the gnome-panel in gdm login screens12:52
janimojust shutdown/reboot menu but that is different12:53
ograthe panel at the bottom is gnome-panel afaik12:53
ograin any case we need gnome-panel for the classic session, if all deps are removed i need to seed it12:54
janimoogra, we also have the classis session on the image??12:54
janimoI thiught unity and unity-2d is all12:54
janimooh boy12:54
ograwe have a minimal classic session as -desktop does12:54
janimothe whole kitchen sink. So the chances of getting a mixed up nonfucntional environment like now compiz crashing+gnome classic creates on x8612:55
ograthe only thing we additionally use is unity-2d, else our setup needs to match -desktop12:55
ogradoesnt carsh for me here12:55
janimoI have not yet run unity successfuly12:55
ogragraphics card ?12:55
janimoand am not sure the bothed experience I get with classic now is due to unity bits remaning or gnome-calssic changed as well12:56
janimohad workse on ati r30012:56
janimoI mean it runs for a while then crashes12:56
ograhmm, my 965 works fine here12:56
ograwith unity as well as witch classic12:56
janimodual screen support looks weird - tooltips on a different screen than the buttons they belong to12:56
janimoI seea deluge of unity bugs and I do not have the time to fight it12:57
ograah, i only use an external screen on my laptop, but in single screen mode (laptop LCD off)12:57
janimothis is GMA450012:57
ograah, thats newer12:57
janimomaybe it is the dual setup, anyway I cannot image how this is going to be very stable in less than two months12:58
janimodid the gnome-classic experience change too?12:58
ograask the DX team, they seem to be confident12:58
ogra(from what i gather in the release team meetings on fridays)12:58
janimoI see only one menu now in the corner (not app/places/system)12:58
ogragnome-classic should look like it did before12:59
ograi.e. in maverick12:59
janimoand the app menus are gone - I thought only unity moves them to top of screen12:59
ograi have appmenus here12:59
janimook, so unity bits stay around even if compiz crashes. convenient12:59
janimoI guess I need to reboot more often and not just suspend/resume13:00
ograi have to use classic because i just digitize my LP collection, audaciy (and i guess other wxwidget apps) doesnt work right with the appmenu in panel13:00
ograruns as smooth as always13:01
janimook, that is reassuring13:01
janimoogra, have you seen the debian-cd merge request?13:01
ograhmm, no13:02
looljanimo: I did13:09
looljanimo: I flagged it as "I should really look at it" but didn't get the time13:09
janimolool, ok thanks13:14
ograwh does update-manager install postfix on a maverick->natty upgrade14:01
=== zul_ is now known as zul
ograhey, isnt it a public holiday in brazil ?14:09
ograor only if you dance ?14:10
rsalvetiyup, carnival14:11
rsalvetibut I'm more to rock and roll than the usual carnival dance ;-)14:12
rsalvetiogra: janimo: in theory the neon issue would be solved by compiling just the neon affected files with neon support14:12
=== doko_ is now known as doko
rsalvetiand then at runtime it'd load the correct lib14:12
rsalvetithat's what I think it was changed for qt 4.7.214:12
ograrsalveti, yeah, the question is if thats really the case14:13
rsalvetiwe'll see :-)14:13
ograbut i'm just upgrading to natty here14:13
ograso as soon as it built i can test14:13
ogra(if that upgrade ever finishes)14:14
janimoogra, only one day left to go :)14:14
ograyeah, possibly the same for my upgrade :P14:14
janimoit just finished buildin on a panda here, started lastd night14:14
rsalvetippisati: welcome!14:15
* ogra urgently needs to re-roll the ac100 kernel with all patches here ... the MMC driver doesnt know about fast cards and limits itself to 16M/s14:15
janimoogra, do you have the sources to that kernel? can it be patched to 2.6.38?14:16
ograit cant, but some people are working on moving it to .36 atm14:16
ograonce thats done the next level shouldnt be to hard14:16
ograproblem is that apparently the clocks arent set anywhere in the 2.6.29 code so they currently use random values and try to determine the right ones14:17
ppisatirsalveti: yeah :)14:37
hrwogra: you have devscripts installed?14:39
ograhrw, only with --no-install-recommends14:39
ogramight be that u-m doesnt respect that though14:39
ograwhich is annoying14:40
ppisatiericm: ping14:42
ericmppisati, pong14:43
ericmppisati, did you get the package?14:43
ppisatiericm: got the board, but i'm unable to get it running14:43
ericmppisati, what's wrong?14:43
ppisatiericm: wait let me tell you what i did14:43
ericmppisati, 'k14:43
ppisatiericm: i got a mvl image (http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/releases/maverick/release/ubuntu-netbook-10.10-netbook-armel+dove.img)14:44
ppisatiericm: dd it on a sd card14:44
ppisatiericm: put the sd card in sd 1 or 2 (tried both)14:44
ericmppisati, ah - it doesn't boot from SD14:44
ericmppisati, try USB14:44
ppisatiericm: ah14:45
ppisatiericm: so i need a usb stick?14:45
ericmppisati, yep14:45
ppisatiericm: k, let my try14:45
ppisatiericm: does it make any difference in which usb port i plug the stick?14:49
ericmppisati, nope14:49
ericmppisati, but you can try14:50
ericmppisati, if it doesn't boot on one or the other14:50
ppisatiericm: the serial should work, right?14:51
ericmppisati, I remember so - but last time I was unable to see anything from there14:51
ericmppisati, cannot remember of if it's now using the USB serial besides that RS232 connector14:52
ppisatiericm: but at least the vga output should spit something, right?14:52
ericmppisati, yep14:53
ericmppisati, or you may want to try a different monitor14:53
ericmppisati, I have two monitors here, one work, the other doesn't14:53
ericmppisati, :-)14:53
ppisatiericm: no signs of life :(14:56
ericmppisati, :-(14:56
ppisatiericm: which .img did you use with that board?14:56
ericmppisati, I used 10.0414:56
ograas i said above, maverick might not work14:57
ppisatiogra: k14:57
ericmogra, cannot find the 10.04 dove image though, strange14:59
ppisatiericm: yep, it's not there14:59
ogramight be on releases.u.c14:59
ppisatiogra: found it, let me try that15:04
ograGrueMaster, hmm, when did you do your last natty upgrade test, cups seems to hang here upgrading the ac100 to natty15:28
ograi wonder if thats a recent regression or something new15:31
ppisatiogra: no luck either with 10.0415:35
ppisatiyep :(15:38
ograppisati, talk to GrueMaster and NCommander, they are the only ones still owning dove boards in the arm team15:38
ppisatiogra: ok, thanks15:38
ogra(we havent touched it actively in the team since a year, NCommander did a special spinnoff for the maverick release)15:38
ppisatiNCommander: ping15:39
ppisatiGrueMaster: ping15:39
ograwhat revision is your board ?15:40
ppisatiogra: is it written on the pcb?15:41
ograthere should be a sticker15:41
ograi think we only supported X0 and upwards in the end15:41
ogranot sure though15:41
ppisatiogra: actually ericm said he was using this15:41
GrueMasterppisati: morning.15:42
ograhmm, k15:42
ppisatiGrueMaster: morning15:42
ograGrueMaster, ppisati is our new arm kernel victim :)15:42
GrueMasterI'm sorry.15:42
ericmppisati, it's A0 and lucid installation should be working15:42
ericmppisati, I installed it days ago15:42
ppisatiericm: usb stick and vga output, right?15:43
ericmppisati, yes15:43
dokojanimo: saw a new qt4-x11 update today. this should be repeated after today's gcc-4.5 is in the archive15:43
ogradoko, you mean rebuilt  :)15:44
ericmppisati, is the hex LED increasing ever?15:44
ograand the ugly hack dropped15:44
ppisatiogra: actually it's completely off15:45
ppisatiogra: while a couple of other green leds are on15:45
dokoogra: whatever ...15:45
ppisatiogra: did you use an atx power brick to power it?15:46
ogradoko, i meant to say ... its high up on our radar, dont worry :)15:46
ograppisati, yes and a sata disk ... but i only had a Y015:46
ograthats loooong ago15:47
ppisatiogra: k15:47
ppisatiericm: and did you use an atx power brick too?15:47
ericmppisati, yes15:47
ppisatiericm: and do you remember if the HEX leds were on?15:47
ppisatiericm: i mean, even when it didn't boot15:48
ericmppisati, it's powered on as '7'15:48
ericmppisati, or '0'15:48
ppisatiericm: i'm trying to rule out a power problem15:48
ericmppisati, and when kernel actually boots, it starts increasing from 0 to 715:48
ericmppisati, it's a standard ATX, shouldn't be much a problem15:48
ppisatiericm: uhmm...15:48
ericmppisati, have to sleep now - let me know if you succeed with that crappy board :-)15:50
ericmppisati, good luck15:50
=== ericm is now known as ericm-Zzz
GrueMasterppisati: I can work with you on getting your dove running, but I need my coffee first.  Give me 15 minutes.15:52
ppisatiGrueMaster: k, thanks15:54
GrueMasterppisati: Ok, I'm semi-awake now.  Have you gotten anywhere with your dove board yet?16:20
ppisatiGrueMaster: nope16:23
GrueMasterAre you getting power?16:23
ppisatiGrueMaster: i tried with a Lucid and Maverick image on sd and usb16:23
ppisatiGrueMaster: well, i'm using an ATX power brick16:23
ppisatiGrueMaster: the HEX lcd is off, but a couple of green leds on the board turn on16:23
ppisatiGrueMaster: so i guess power is ok16:24
ppisatiGrueMaster: could you try to power on a board with no usb/sd inside and tell me if the LCD turns on?16:24
GrueMasterNo, that just means standby power is available.  Press the power button.  It is on the mainboard, next to the barrel power connector .16:25
GrueMasterI am currently rebooting mine into Lucid.  Works just fine.16:26
ppisatiGrueMaster: ...16:27
ppisatiGrueMaster: i fell really dumb now...16:27
ppisatiGrueMaster: thanks16:27
GrueMasterNo problem.  And don't worry, I won't start your beer tab for at least a week.  :P16:28
GrueMasterogra: What was the issue you had with Cups?16:30
ppisatiGrueMaster: :)16:30
ograGrueMaster, service restart/stop from the preinst/postinst scripts seemed to hang16:47
GrueMasterThis is in natty?16:47
ogramaverick to natty on the ac10016:47
GrueMasterNot that I have an ac100 to test with, but I'll try to reproduce it today on panda.  May take a while (install, update, upgrade).16:48
ogra3h up to now on the ac10016:49
ograi just used do-release-upgrade on cmdline though16:49
GrueMasterOk.  I'll keep that in mind.16:49
hrwogra: you finally upgrade?16:50
ograneed to test neon bits16:50
hrwI am waiting for courier to replace alix.1c (amd geodelx x86) with d510mo (d510 64bit atom)16:51
hrwwill see how good/bad ubuntu server will work on my router16:51
ograits just x86 hw ...16:52
ograit will work well16:52
hrwI had binutils-powerpc-linux-gnu on router...16:54
GrueMasterppisati: Did your system boot?17:09
janimodoko, I noticed the new gcc contains the fix, but I wanted to do an upload so I don't wait another day, and more importantly so that we have a 4.7.2 in a a hopefully working state with gcc 4.4 and have the compiler change as a separate step , in case somehtign goes wrong we don't have to scractj our heads againt whether it is a toolcahin on upstream change that caused the difference17:27
janimobut yes, we need to rebuild with gcc 4.5 ASAP17:27
ograjanimo, well, we also need to drop the patch anyway17:27
ograi guess if we take care by thu. it will be ok17:28
ograboth packages will have built then17:28
janimowhat is thu, another milestone?17:28
ograyeah, the weekly thursday milestone ... comes right before the weekly friday one ;)17:28
janimoogra, by tomorrow we'll see if neon runtime detection work adn whether another qt change is needed17:28
ograi dont think we are in a hurry with the rebuild ... though the kde people might disagree17:29
ogranot sure how much pressure has built up there17:29
janimoogra, whay would they care that much?17:35
ograbecause not all of kde is built yet ?17:35
janimoas long as it is agreed it is a temporary measure and has no drawbacks17:35
* ogra hasnt checked the list17:35
janimoogra, ah, I thought it was in reference to qt17:37
ogranah, kde17:37
janimoindeed kde needs rebuilds, I think this is taken care of kubuntu devs unless it is arm specific FTBFS17:38
janimoI think it is just the usual deps not yet met thing17:38
ograxulrunner-1.9.2 ( wird eingerichtet ...17:42
ograSegmentation fault (core dumped)17:42
ogranot good17:42
GrueMasterHey, I got Blaze running natty A3.  replaced x-loader & u-boot with rsalveti's secret sauce and everything looks good, even unity-2d.17:47
rsalvetiGrueMaster: \o/17:47
ndec1GrueMaster: which kernel are you using?17:48
GrueMasterDefault kernel that is in the image.  2.6.35-1101.4 I think.17:48
ndec1GrueMaster: thx17:48
GrueMasterogra: rsalvetiWhat are the chances of having both panda & blaze versions of uboot & xloader in the deb package?  Or are they heading towards a single binary?17:54
GrueMasterUgh.  Fresh install of maverick, then dist-upgrade == 242 package updates.18:04
rsalvetiGrueMaster: they will be the same binary18:08
rsalvetibut we're still waiting correct sdp support from ti with x-loader upstream18:09
rsalvetioh, sorry, at least x-loader needs to be a different binary18:09
rsalvetibecause of the hardware id18:09
GrueMasterIt can't auto-detect?18:10
rsalvetiit could be the same binary, but then it'd need a way to identify the hardware before actually initializing it18:10
rsalvetihrw: the x-loader you were using is a quite old one18:20
rsalvetithat could be your problem18:20
rsalvetior even a simple fat problem with your first disk partition18:20
GrueMasterrsalveti: linux-image-2.6.38-1204.5 working on my panda.  Even have dvi output (shocking).  Thought I might need a rework.18:49
rsalvetiGrueMaster: awesome18:49
rsalvetiGrueMaster: does it crash when you halt or reboot?18:49
rsalvetiGrueMaster: please check if the sound and wireless is also working18:50
rsalvetiif possible18:50
GrueMasterDidn't appear to on reboot18:50
GrueMaster(crash that is).18:50
GrueMasterHad to reboot a couple of times.  Once to add dvi settings to boot.script, and another because I forgot to add the kernel version to flash-kernel when updating boot.script (oops).18:51
GrueMasterSo I have booted back and forth a couple of times between .35 & .38.18:52
GrueMasterBluetooth appears to be enabled.  Haven't tested yet.  Wifi also appears to have been detected.18:52
GrueMasterDoes wifi need firmware?18:53
rsalvetiGrueMaster: it needs a firmware19:05
rsalvetibut probably already installed19:05
GrueMasterOk.  Might need an antennae.  Don't have one handy and my wifi AP is in another room.19:05
rsalveticould be even the lack of proper calibration values19:07
rsalvetisebjan may help here19:07
sebjanGrueMaster: the wlan firmware coming with the linux-firmware package is the good one.19:10
sebjanfor calibration: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/wl12xx#Calibration19:10
sebjan(did not try that myself yet)19:10
GrueMastersebjan: ok, will check in a sec.  Trying to get audio now.19:11
sebjanGrueMaster: for WLAN, you may have a MAC address set to 0. This can hurt. For now, the best is to set a random MAC address manually (using ifconfig)19:11
sebjanGrueMaster: fyi, here is the way I tested wlan and audio on this kernel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577134/19:14
GrueMasterrsalveti: no audio at all.19:14
sebjanGrueMaster: you need some mixers settings19:15
rsalvetihm, I think you need to set the mixers by hand19:15
GrueMasterYea, I was tweaking alsamixer manually.19:15
GrueMasterWhile running speaker-test -c 2 -t wav in another terminal.19:16
* sebjan has to go19:17
rsalvetiGrueMaster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577137/19:17
rsalvetifrom sebjan's email19:18
sebjanyep, you have this one plus the record mixers in my above http://paste.ubuntu.com/577134/ compilation ;-)19:18
rsalvetithat should do it :-)19:19
GrueMasterNope, nothing.19:24
GrueMasterThis is on natty w/ 2.6.38-1204.5.19:24
GrueMasterHmmm.  dmesg has "asoc:  no valid backend routes for PCM:  SDP4430 Media" repeated multiple times.19:26
GrueMasterCould be pulseaudio related though.  No hw in pulseaudio.  No sound using alsa tools.19:28
rsalvetihm, weird19:31
rsalvetieven after erasing the current alsa state?19:31
rsalvetibecause it'll try to load with the settings with had form maverick's kernel19:32
rsalveti*we had19:32
GrueMasterNope.  No audio.  I deleted /var/lib/alsa/asound.state, sync'd the SD, then hard reset so state wasn't saved.  Then ran script with amixer settings to start fresh.  Still no sound.19:40
brosehey all, is the maintainer of the ubuntu-omap4-extras package present?19:59
rsalvetibrose: ti is in general, but you can ask the question20:03
broseI was interested in making a similar package for fedora-arm, was wondering if it was possible to attain the source in some manner (e.g. binary blobs like the nvidia prop driver)20:04
dcordes_rsalveti: you guys keep anything platform specific in such packages ?20:08
rsalvetibrose: I believe you can distribute some packages20:08
rsalvetineed to check the licenses from all binary packages, but I believe you'd be ok to at least distribute the powervr sgx ones20:08
rsalvetithe wireless is now upstream, so you don't need to distribute the firmware20:09
rsalvetifor the video decoding part I don't know the details of the license, need to check20:09
rsalvetidcordes_: only the ti blobs to make panda work with all the extras20:10
dcordes_rsalveti: ok I'm considering to add all the device specific things for htc hd2 in some package so people can use their own rootfs base20:11
rsalvetidcordes_: sure, if you can distribute this pieces it'd be ok20:13
dcordes_rsalveti: it's mostly some ugly scripts for networking20:15
rsalvetidcordes_: oh, ok20:15
dcordes_hm it's a good point. I didn't think of the bcm4329 blob20:15
Jack87Ubuntu on Arm sounds like a lot of fun!20:49
Jack87how successful has it been?20:49
dcordes_Jack87: very successful20:50
dcordes_Jack87: it makes many people happy20:50
Jack87on any actual mobile devices? or just some of the development boards?20:51
dcordes_I use it on the htc hd220:51
Jack87what processor does that have?20:52
Jack87dcordes_, are you using Utouch interface stuff with it to?20:53
Jack87armin76, no making fun.. i dunno what i am talking about. haha here to pick brains and learn20:53
dcordes_Jack87: cortex-a820:54
Jack87is there any walk throughs for omap boards?20:56
Jack87any work being done on newer devices?20:59
Jack87What port would best be sugested for omap 3 devices?21:05
Jack87so my goal is trying this out on a nook color21:07
Jack87be a great tablet experince i think with netbook remix style and maybe utouch interface21:07
Jack87besides the sucker is only $250 for amazing hardware!21:07
Jack87any advice would be appreciated21:09
dokoGrueMaster: ping on bug #60504221:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 605042 in linux-fsl-imx51 "[armel] java fails to start with eglibc-2.12-0ubuntu4" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60504221:38
GrueMasterdoko: Thanks for the reminder.  Last week was psychotic getting Alpha 3 out.  Will start it now.21:39
dokocool, thanks21:39
hrwrsalveti: it was ubuntu xloader22:20
rsalvetihrw: sure, but from what image?22:24
hrwrsalveti: from ports.ubuntu.com/pool/ directly22:25
hrwrsalveti: it was attempt to try other versions then linaro ones to check for shutdown bug22:25
rsalvetioh, ok22:25
rsalvetithe new package name is x-loader-omap4-panda22:25
hrwrsalveti: alpha3 image works so far22:26
rsalvetiit could be the case you used the older x-loader-omap422:26
rsalvetihrw: cool22:26
hrwxloader should die22:26
rsalvetiit'll soon I believe22:26
rsalvetiwell, dinner time22:27
* rsalveti bbl22:27
sveinseI got a fatal from qemu while trying to install natty using rootstock (from maverick)22:36
GrueMasterdoko: Ok, after compiling and running the testcase attached to bug 605042 on a normal babbage image with latest kernel (2.6.31-608.22), I am able to reproduce the segfault.  However, booting with the kernel from Jeremy Kerr (comment #42), I no longer segfault.22:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 605042 in linux-fsl-imx51 "[armel] java fails to start with eglibc-2.12-0ubuntu4" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60504222:53
dokoGrueMaster: and installing the mentioned libc6/libc6-dev, java -version works?22:57
dokoof course in a maverick chroot22:57
GrueMasterI am using the latest openjdk-6-jre-headless, 6b18-1.8.5-0ubuntu1~10.0422:58
GrueMasterjava -version hasn't failed in either test.22:58
dokoGrueMaster: I just wanted to double that it still works with the libc6 package from mentioned in the report23:00
dokodouble check even23:00
GrueMasterI'll check.23:00
GrueMasterThe one I have is:23:02
GrueMasterubuntu@babbage3:~$ /lib/libc.so.6 --version23:02
GrueMasterGNU C Library (Ubuntu EGLIBC 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.8) stable release version 2.11.1, by Roland McGrath et al.23:02
GrueMasternot sure why the different versions.23:03
dokoGrueMaster: is this a lucid install?23:08
dokobecause the version I need to have tested is 2.12-0ubuntu4. so you would have to install a maverick chroot and downgrade to this version in the chroot23:09
dokoboth libc6 and libc6-dev23:09
GrueMasterLucky for you my system doubles as a buildd test env when not testing updates.  :P23:10
dokoif you want to check further, grab the natty eglibc, and back out the any/cvs-revert-flush-cache-textrels.diff patch23:11
GrueMasterOk, I was able to rebuild and retest the testcase in a maverick chroot with downrev'd libc6 2.12-0ubuntu4.  Works.  Will reboot to older kernel and see if it fails.23:33
* doko waits for the reboot23:38
dokoGrueMaster: ?23:42
GrueMasterok, segfaults with the released kernel, passes with the test kernel.23:44
dokosucess! tvm!23:44
=== Jack87 is now known as Jack87|Away

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