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blahdeblahAnyone seen darkrose around?  I thought she'd appreciate this: http://libertysys.com.au/node/9706:37
head_victimblahdeblah: and why isn't your blog on the planet :P06:51
orly_owlWhen lucid has no xorg.conf, where does it get that info from? another file?08:06
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blahdeblahhead_victim: My last post is at the top of the planet page at the moment10:17
blahdeblahorly_owl: It works it out dynamically.10:17
orly_owlso magic10:17
head_victimblahdeblah: oh, appears it hadn't updated when I checked, my bad 10:59
blahdeblahhead_victim: I think it only updates every 6 hrs10:59
head_victimAh k, on a side note is it me or is Oneiric Ocelot a little too oddball?11:03
elkyhead_victim, if he picked normalish names, there'd be much less discussion about them. so oddball yes, too oddball, nah11:09
* blahdeblah obviously doesn't keep up with the goss enough...11:12
elkyyou haven't missed it by much11:13
nisshhhead_victim, elky, its annoying when he picks names that i cant even pronounce easily :(12:06
nisshhi dont even know what an ocelot is :|12:07
nisshhsome kind of tiger thing i think12:07
elkya very cute wild cat12:07
elkyalso said o-sa-lot12:08
elkyand oneiric is on-ear-ick afaik12:10
elkyhm, no on-eye-rick12:12
* blahdeblah wiktionaries oneiric12:14
* blahdeblah goes to bed dreaming of dreamlike cute wild cats12:19
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