pleia2fredhami: it's called dans guardian00:01
pleia2the link I gave you has installation directions00:01
pleia2it's not easy, so be sure to read them :)00:02
fredhamithanks Once again Ill check itout00:02
RealEyesokay guys I have a  small problem with os-prober. It won't find my win7 on /media/sda! How do I fix this?00:49
MrChrisDruifHai RealEyes :) Still no luck?00:50
RealEyesYeah :P00:50
RealEyesSo, what I did is switched the sata cables and made my win7 hdd /sda00:50
MrChrisDruifWell...I'm outta options....good luck is all I can say :)00:51
RealEyesThanks for the luck! :P00:53
MrChrisDruifI'm off to bed.....sleep well later00:54
RealEyesThis sums up my whole problem, when you consider that Win7 should be there as well: http://pastebin.com/4e6SRQvT00:58
evilduanedesignRealEyes: you might have to add the Windows entries manually01:08
gentlewordsThis is my first try at chat rooms and IRC, so here goes, my question is this: after you install some application, and I generally use the "Ubuntu Software Center", it sometimes happens that you cannot find it in the "applications" drop-down menu, which has games, accessories, graphics...etc.   This is my general complaint.  So how do you invoke a new application that you cannot find?01:53
evilduanedesignhello gentlewords01:54
ddecatorthe latest software center tells you where you can find it :)01:54
gentlewordsso I how do i install it?01:54
ddecatorif you use KDE, you can hit "alt-f2" and start typing the name of the application and it should pop up01:54
gentlewordsI don't use KDE01:55
gentlewordsI just tried alt-f2 anyway and something popped up that I think will get me going.  Thank YOU!!!01:56
ddecatoryou'd have to use a PPA or natty. a better option is to try finding it. i believe using alt-f2 in GNOME will bring up a launcher where you can start typing the application and it will auto-complete the command. what applicaion are you trying to find?01:56
ddecatoroh, haha, beat me to it01:56
gentlewordsI installed maxima but I still can't find it, not even in the01:57
gentlewordsrun application...application.01:58
ddecatorlooks like maxima doesn't have a graphical frontend by default...did you use the software center?01:58
ddecatoror maybe it does, i'm not sure which of these results i'm supposed to be looking at..01:59
evilduanedesigngentlewords: if it is a command line app, try running the command maxima from the Terminal02:00
evilduanedesignalso you can use the command :  where maxima02:00
gentlewordsI had maxima running before and I invoked it via my tray. ... OK, i will try the terminal.  Thanks for that suggestion.02:00
evilduanedesignwhere should find the executable for the package02:01
gentlewordsI tried typing in "where maxima" and got:02:02
gentlewordsExcuse me, i'm not used to this... and no luck.02:03
evilduanedesignwhere maxima   did not return anything?02:04
gentlewordsI tried typing just "maxima" and got some kind of error.02:04
gentlewordsI can't cut & paste from the console.02:05
ddecatoreither use right-clicks, or ctrl+shift+c02:06
gentlewordsbut, I got an error that said "no command 'where' found"02:06
gentlewordsgreat right-clicks works02:07
gentlewordsNow I recall that there was some kind of front end to maxima that gave me a graphical interface.02:08
evilduanedesignlooks like that might be called  xmaxima02:09
evilduanedesigndpkg -L maxima02:10
gentlewordsthat sounds familiar02:10
evilduanedesign^^ that command will list all files installed by a package02:10
evilduanedesignlook for the file installed in /usr/bin02:10
evilduanedesignthat is the command that will launch the application02:10
gentlewords(%i1) dpkg -L maxima02:11
gentlewordsIncorrect syntax: MAXIMA is not an infix operator02:11
gentlewordsok /usr/bin I will look02:12
gentlewordsthere is a shell script called maxima in /usr/bin   so i suppose I should click on it?02:15
evilduanedesignlooking at the maxima documentation 'maxima' is the correct command to launch the application02:15
evilduanedesignwhat error are you getting?02:15
gentlewordsI clicked on 'maxima' in /usr/bin and I think it came up running in 'terminal', but this is not how I'm comfortable using it.02:17
evilduanedesignyou are in the proggram02:17
evilduanedesignIncorrect syntax: MAXIMA is not an infix operator02:17
evilduanedesignthat is an error from the program02:17
gentlewordshi jdilla.02:17
evilduanedesignhello jdilla02:17
jdilladude i got serious probs02:18
jdillainstalled compiz fusion ev erything works except the atlantis02:18
jdillait unchecks itself ?02:18
gentlewordsWhat I think i need to do is just look for xmaxima front end.  I'll google it and come back later if I still have probs.  thankyou evilduanedesign.02:19
evilduanedesignyour welcome gentlewords02:19
evilduanedesigngentlewords: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Maxima02:19
evilduanedesign^^has a link to the sourceforge page as well02:20
jdillaanyone know how to fix this cube atlantis problem?02:20
jdillaanyone there?02:22
jdillahmm nobody home.02:24
evilduanedesignhello jdilla02:24
evilduanedesignjdilla:  so you check the box in CCSM and it unchecks itself?02:25
jdillayes sr.02:25
evilduanedesignare yo using UBuntu or Ubuntu Ultimate Edition?02:26
jdillaalso cube 3d models and color opacity02:27
jdillathey all uncheck02:27
ddecatorare you using nvidia?02:27
jdillai think its just ubuntu02:27
ddecatorsounds like the graphics driver to me02:28
jdillausing intel02:28
jdillai read other having same issue but never could find a fix02:29
jdillamost said they restarted and it fixed but not for me02:29
evilduanedesignwell i found a forum post02:29
jdillawhich 1 i probly read it?02:29
* evilduanedesign http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4837385&postcount=902:30
evilduanedesignyou would probablt need to change that a little02:30
evilduanedesignlooks like it was from pre combining of compiz and beryl02:30
jdillachange it how?02:31
jdillai am on day 2 of unbuntu02:31
jdillalooks like it is removing and reinstalling all compiz fusion02:36
jdillawhich is cool cause i already reset all settings02:36
jdillai think i need restart  after all that thanks abunch02:37
evilduanedesignjdilla: let us know02:41
evilduanedesignhow it goes02:41
jdillaya it deleted all the extras snow fire ect.02:41
jdillabasic wipe to default just need to find plugins again02:42
evilduanedesignyou can restart compiz with the command:  compiz --replace&02:42
fredhamidoes anyone how to install and setup the web content blocker setting on dansguardian? I checked out the ubuntu documents from the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DansGuardian link but i still not knowing how to it up going.02:43
jdillacompiz (cube) - Warn: Failed to load slide: /usr/share/gdm/themes/Human/ubuntu.png compiz (core) - Error: Couldn't load plugin 'animationaddon' compiz (core) - Error: Couldn't load plugin '3d' compiz (core) - Error: Couldn't load plugin 'galaxy' compiz (core) - Error: Couldn't load plugin 'gears' compiz (core) - Error: Couldn't load plugin 'cubeaddon'02:44
jdillado you know were to get the plugins from?02:44
evilduanedesignjdilla: run the command02:46
evilduanedesignjdilla: apt-cache search compiz-plugins02:46
evilduanedesignjdilla: that shoulod list the different plugin packages available02:46
evilduanedesignyou could also go to the Software center and search for the same thing02:47
evilduanedesignif you dont like the Terminal02:47
evilduanedesignhello fredhami02:47
jdillagetting used to terminal its crazy compared to win 702:48
evilduanedesignfredhami: I thought I had a guide on that...let me check02:48
jdillabut i started on ms dos many moons ago02:48
evilduanedesignjdilla: most stuff can be dome either way  terminal  or GUI.02:48
evilduanedesignit is just easier in IRC to give people terminal diresctions then guide them through different windows :)02:49
evilduanedesignfredhami:    http://www.pilpi.net/journal/2006/03/setting-up-dansguardian-on-a-single-home-pc-running-ubuntu/02:53
evilduanedesignthis talks some about the configuration files  http://dansguardian.org/downloads/detailedinstallation2.html#further02:54
evilduanedesignfredhami: if you can catch bodhizazen he knows a lot about dansguardian.02:54
evilduanedesignfredhami: aha, found what I was looking for02:56
evilduanedesignfredhami: http://blog.bodhizazen.net/linux/web-content-filtering-made-easy/02:56
fredhamiI check out the linkn one sec02:56
evilduanedesignfredhami: sure. I recommend the last one. Bodhi has pretty good how-to's02:59
fredhamiyeah I was just looking over it now02:59
fredhamithanks for the link03:00
fredhamievilduanedesign job good.:)03:03
RealEyesHey guys I need help with grub2.03:10
evilduanedesignwhats the problem?03:12
RealEyesI have to drives that I'm trying to dualboot03:13
RealEyesthe windows loader is gone03:13
RealEyes sda with win7 and -no- grub and sdb with Ubuntu -with- grub03:14
jdillainstall windows on hdd first then use ubuntu disk to install next to win using slider to determain amount of disk space to use.03:17
evilduanedesignhere is a guide showing how to add a manual entry.03:18
jdillaevil how can i reconfigure grub so that win 7 is at top/boot with out action on default03:19
evilduanedesignjdilla: if you want to make windows the default you can edit /etc/default/grub03:24
jdillawere do I type that?>03:26
evilduanedesignjdilla: fgrep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:26
evilduanedesignrun that command in a Terminal (applications > Accessories > Terminal)03:27
evilduanedesignso if your windows entry is:03:28
evilduanedesignmenuentry "Windows Vista (loader) (on /dev/sdb2)" --class windows --class os {03:28
jdillamine is03:29
evilduanedesignGRUB_DEFAULT= "Windows Vista (loader) (on /dev/sdb2)"03:29
evilduanedesignrun the command:  gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub03:29
evilduanedesignbah, that came over backwards03:29
jdillamenuentry "Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)" {03:30
evilduanedesignrun the gksudo command to open the file  /etc/default/grub03:30
evilduanedesignthen find the GRUB_DEFAULT line03:30
evilduanedesignchange the 0 to "Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)"03:30
evilduanedesignwith the quotes03:31
evilduanedesignthen run the command:   sudo update-grub03:31
jdillaleave the 0 or delete it?03:35
jdillai think that totally worked you are so sick at this shit you ROX03:38
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jdillahello all03:50
jdillai found a great link for installing all plugins i think03:57
jdillaanybody home?04:50
evilduanedesignhello geekosopher05:49
geekosopherevilduanedesign: hi!05:55
geekosopherreading your mail05:55
geekosopheroh, cool! thanks05:56
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* JackyAlcine Netsplit >_<07:03
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evilduanedesignmorning all12:34
ray_I got a couple questions12:42
MrChrisDruifray_: Shoot12:42
ray_What's the cammand for having ubuntu do a filesystem check at boot12:42
ray_at the next boot12:43
bioterrorwhy you want to do that, any specific reasons12:43
ray_I am having trouble with this hard drive12:43
ray_it can't handle things like my other hard drives12:43
ray_I am going to have to re-install, but before I do that I am going to use DBAN but before that I wanted to experiment but things aren't going well12:44
ray_I have been having other troubles as well12:45
ray_I know it's my own fault, no doubt12:45
ray_I tried installing Wine 1.312:45
ray_then I had no sound12:45
ray_then I rebooted and went into recovery mode12:46
ray_ then I had sound back12:46
ray_at somepoint between that I had to un-install wine 1.312:46
ray_then I saw that it was in Synaptic Package manager so I said to myself12:46
ray_why not install it again for fun12:47
ray_then after moving some files are I wanted to move my hard drive acted like it was going to fail12:47
ray_and my computer froze several times12:47
ray_that's why12:47
ray_I un-installed wine 1.3 since then12:48
bioterroryou can define those things in fstab12:48
ray_I am not sure that this is a bad sector problem12:50
evilduanedesignsudo shutdown -rF now12:50
ray_However, the Disk Utility said that it was perfectly fine before all this12:50
evilduanedesignshould force fsck on next boot12:50
bioterrorwhat a windows command :D12:51
ray_OK, why are the evil version version of duanedesign, lol12:51
bioterrorbecouse he is iiivyl12:51
ray_thank you12:51
ray_thank you guys12:51
MrChrisDruifYour welcome ray_ :)12:52
ray_hmm, that rebooted my computer, but there was no filesystem check12:54
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raubvogelWhere is the mysql upstart script? Is that /etc/init.d/mysql?16:10
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IAmNotThatGuyhola s-fox16:44
johnny77I have a file with a ( in the name and can't figure out how to delete it from the terminal16:58
s-foxjohnny77,  What is the complete file name?16:59
s-foxAdditional :- Do you wish to rename the file so it no longer has the ( in the name or do you mean delete the entire file ?17:02
johnny77s-fox: menu (1)17:02
s-fox^ johnny7717:03
johnny77s-fox: delete the file17:04
s-foxOkay.  In terminal:17:04
s-foxrm "menu (1)"17:04
johnny77s-fox: thank you. As always it's simple when I know the answer. :)17:05
kristian-aalborghi all17:31
kristian-aalborghurm, am I the only one who can't use youtube.com these days? Embedded vids are fine but the site itself kills FF and Chromium...17:31
bioterrorkristian-aalborg, you're alone :D17:38
wolfpackhey duanedesign :)17:40
kristian-aalborgmy graphics card is dying, I believe... that's probably the reason17:46
kristian-aalborgtrying minitube now... it keeps saying "buffering"17:48
Guest20200i'm running 10.10) a couple days ago nautilus started to freeze and open multiple windows, dozens actually. I tried the gconf-editor --no-desktop parameter, nut it didn't help17:52
Guest20200i also tried removing .nautilus folder17:52
Guest20200after start of the system it begins again17:52
Guest20200i have to stop the process manually17:52
evilduanedesignhello wolfpack17:52
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evilduanedesignGuest20200: did you install anyhing right before this started happening?17:54
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wolfpackevilduanedesign: why duane is evil today ? :)17:54
Guest52018i installed brasero after completely removing it17:54
Guest52018i mean fresh installation after removing completely17:55
evilduanedesignwolfpack: it is a naming convention to signify I am on an alternate computer17:58
evilduanedesignGuest52018 can you run:  nautilus -c18:03
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ereotavWhen i try to open any location from the places menu Banshee opens. Why?19:39
iktany python people around?20:05
iktif so can you msg me please :)20:06
nlsthznno easy way to re-tweet from gwibber?20:41
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bheI am looking for help getting my sound card working. It's the last hurdle I have remaining.23:07
MrChrisDruifbhe: What did you try already? It wouldn't help if we suggest things you already tried :)23:09
bhesure thing. first goal was getting someone's attention.23:10
bheubuntu 10.10 minimal install.23:10
MrChrisDruifbhe: If someone knows the answer he/she will respond :)23:10
MrChrisDruifIt's how we work, but with such a general problem, it's difficult to help :)23:10
MrChrisDruif(I'm not sure if I can help thou, but I'll try nonetheless)23:11
bheI do not have external speakers. I only have a usb headset, might complicate things. I installed ALSA Mixer. My sound card is recognized as Realtek (what it is).23:11
bhea) i know there's a console command for alsa to test speakers, as I don't have flash installed to go play video, and no music either23:11
MrChrisDruifbhe: aplay, yes23:12
bheso simply invoking aplay, without params should stream sound?23:13
bheaplay -l, gives me: card 1: Headset [HP Digital Stereo Headset], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]23:15
szczurbhe, speaker-test -c 2 will test stereo channels23:15
szczuryou should hear white noise like in not tuned radio23:16
bheheadset as well?23:16
MrChrisDruifbhe: No, you should select a sound file to play :P23:16
bhedon't have one handy.23:17
bheu know of system sound file?23:17
MrChrisDruifWith aplay that is bhe, sorry to get the misconception...23:17
bheoh gotcha23:17
MrChrisDruifszczur: could you take over? I really need to get something done and then be off to bed23:17
szczuralso check in alsa mixer if MAster or PCM isn't muted [MM]23:18
bheregardless, don't worry bout me, get yourself some Zzzzz23:18
szczurif it is, press M to unmute it23:18
MrChrisDruifThanks bhe :) (I don't want to leave people stranded here :))23:20
bheno, thank you for acknowledging me!23:20
bheszcur, the speaker-test gives me nada23:20
szczurbhe, check alsamixer if there's Master or PCM muted23:21
szczuralsamixer is working, right?23:21
bhewell the headphone option is at 0023:23
bhebut it's not muted, and im not porvided the option of raising it23:23
bhethere are 3 sound cards available in the f6 menu23:24
szczurwhat about PCM?23:24
szczurcan you provide a screenshot23:24
bhepcm is maxed out23:24
bheand not muted23:24
bhelikewise for master23:25
bhefirst i need to establish a test case to prove it's not working.23:26
bheshould i try oss23:28
szczurhave you disabled integrated soundcard if there's any? run alsamixer again and press F6. Choose your USB soundcard and check everything again23:33
szczurstill searching solutions23:33
bheszcur: know of a lightweight Media Player?23:34
szczurohh, i'm using moc but it is terminal based (if it is a problem to you). i use deadbeef too23:35
trinikronobhe: hopefully this can help https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems23:35
trinikronolots of stuff to try in there23:36
bhethx trini, I guess i failed to mention im using xfce4 not gnome. much of the gui stuff doesn't translate to me23:37
trinikronowell say you if you got it working bhe23:44
trinikronowhen i got a lot of trouble with the sound i ended up finding a old pci card i had and that sorted out all my sound problems23:44
xycloMy internet connection (Verizon in NY)  is extremely low now. I pay for 3Mb/s. I get under 1Mb/s. When I call they say they can only troubleshoot in Win and OSX or whatever apple's is called. Are there any settings to improve connection? I bet it is their crappy service, but I want to know if I can do something. I can take this to another channel if you deem it unsuitable.23:46
johnny77xyclo: how many computers are connected?23:48
bhetrinikrono: still no luck, not giving up yet.23:48
bheI've had this sound card working in full ubuntu install23:49
trinikronowell at least you know for sure the sound card itself is working23:49
xyclojust 123:50
xyclojohnny77, just 123:50
trinikronobhe: can you try to hook up the normal speakers23:51
trinikronoand then you try the usb headset thing after23:51
bheno speakers to try :(23:52
johnny77xyclo: are you then connected directly to the cable modem?23:52
bhebut I think I need to switch the priority or the sounds cards.23:52
trinikronobhe: those usb headsets are very different23:53
trinikronocant you at least find a normal headset?23:53
xyclonow through wifi23:53
xycloIt used to work and I know how to do it for the most part, johnny7723:54
xycloBut I do not know firewalls, ports, those kkinds of things23:54
johnny77xyclo: I'm just trying to get an understanding of your setup to see if I can help you.23:54
johnny77xyclo: do you have a router or is your modem wireless? I'm just wondering if other have "borrowed" your wireless.23:56
xyclojohnny77, no problem, I also want to explain :)23:56
xyclomodem-router combo.23:57
xycloI recently changed the password23:57

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