evilduanedesignhello czajkowski01:50
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evilduanedesignnigelb: hello!02:33
evilduanedesignnigelb: good weekend?02:33
nigelbevilduanedesign: yeah, not baf :)02:39
nigelberr *bad02:39
dpmgood morning all07:41
nigelbmorning dpm, ara :)07:51
aramorning all!07:51
kim0Morning everyone08:00
nigelbhey kim0, good morning :)08:01
kim0nigelb: hey hey :)08:01
kim0dpm: ara Morning o/08:01
kim0dholbach: morning :)08:04
dholbachhey kim008:04
dholbachgood morning08:04
nigelbhey dholbach :)08:04
nigelbLast session of UDW was serious fun :D08:04
dholbach hey nigelb08:05
dholbachgreat to hear :-)08:05
dpmgood morning ara, nigelb, kim0, dholbach!08:05
nigelbI guess we can have that on *weeks/days from now on08:05
dholbachhola dpm08:05
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nigelbMorning czajkowski.  Haven't seen you around in a while!09:15
AlanBell"Nothing hugs quite like dholbach, though, and he’s no hairy ape."09:45
dholbachAlanBell, yeah :)09:45
nigelbwhere is that from? haha09:45
dholbachMark's announce of "O"09:45
nigelbI agree with the statement though :P09:46
nigelbAlanBell: I'm still on adrenaline rush from lighting talks :p09:46
vishhaha! "Nothing hugs quite like dholbach, though, and he’s no hairy ape."11:28
evilduanedesignmorning all12:05
nigelbhey duanedesign12:05
evilduanedesignhello mr nigel12:06
evilduanedesigni had a good night last night helping people in #ubuntu-beginners :)12:06
evilduanedesignI had a run on problems I could actually help with :)12:07
nigelbthats a very satisfying feeling12:07
evilduanedesignit is nice12:07
evilduanedesignyou still trying out ircccloud12:08
evilduanedesignnigelb: ^12:08
nigelboh, where's nigel-cloud12:08
nigelbevilduanedesign: I liked it, but I'm toying with the idea of cost12:09
evilduanedesignnigelb: on the free account it disconnects after two days of inactivity12:09
nigelboh, no wonder12:09
nigelbevilduanedesign: I like having a server12:09
dakeri really want to test it, but i am still waiting for an invitation12:09
evilduanedesignyeah, me too12:09
evilduanedesignnigelb: I have a VPS. As soon as I have the money though I want a physical server12:10
nigelbevilduanedesign: I have a cloud server from RS.  I' like it so far.12:10
evilduanedesignawesome, I got a message from a user I helped last night12:26
evilduanedesignI just check the dansguardian and it WORKS!:) i logged in the guest account and viola its there blocking any inapproiate material loading onto the screen.12:26
nigelbwin :)12:26
evilduanedesignthough the process is a bit of a chore for the average user12:27
nigelbevilduanedesign: we should have docs for that12:27
evilduanedesignit is a process that needs a wrapper application. Something like what doctormo's groundcontrol does for launchpad12:27
nigelband for setting up a lib computer or something12:28
evilduanedesignnigelb: bodhizazen has a good guide. That is where i learned to do it. http://blog.bodhizazen.net/linux/web-content-filtering-made-easy/12:29
evilduanedesignwould be a good idea to check the wiki though and make sure. If not would be easy to make a page from bodhi's guide12:30
nigelbevilduanedesign: that one and how to set up tings like temporary sessions controlled from one computer would be very helpful for a lot of places12:32
dholbachpopey, oneiric is going to be awesome12:54
czajkowskionly if we can pronounce it12:55
* czajkowski wonders what goes through that lads head when he comes up with names 12:55
dholbachclick on "listen" on http://translate.google.com/#en|en|oneiric - is that how it's pronounced?12:56
AlanBellthe IPA for Onirology is /ɒnɨˈrɒlədʒi/13:07
jcastroI tell you how I am going to pronounce it13:08
dholbachjcastro: I guess popey will pronounce it "o-ze-lot" :)13:09
AlanBell"on air ick" I think is correct13:09
nigelbjcastro: with background of rickroll? ;)13:10
dholbachI'll take the dog for a walk now, call mvo and practise the pronunciation :)13:10
dholbachsee you later13:10
AlanBellhttp://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/oneiric#Related_terms loving these13:17
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=== OneiricOne is now known as IdleOne
AlanBellOneiricOne \o/13:51
IdleOnethinking maybe I need to group DreamyOne also13:52
IdleOneI have a feeling we will be referring to 11.10 as Dreamy13:52
IdleOneGood morning btw13:54
akgranerfirst I had to learn to say "Aubergine" correctly now I it's "Oneiric Ocelot" seriously..who enjoys torturing the redneck...:-P14:22
czajkowskiakgraner: Amry wives came back last night!!!!!!!!14:23
akgranerI haven't watched it yet14:23
czajkowskime neither14:23
akgranergotta get caught up, and I head to PyCon on Friday so who knows when I'll get to watch it14:24
IdleOneakgraner: don't feel bad I am still working on pronouncing czajkowski properly14:24
jcastroIdleOne: I just go with "laura"14:24
akgranerI gave up on that one14:24
akgranerunless I am "drankin" in which case I usually get it right ;-P14:25
IdleOneJFo: thank goodness for tab completion14:25
AlanBellI did once very nearly order a taxi for "Miss C.Z. Tabb"14:26
* czajkowski frowns 14:26
czajkowskiyer lucky I like ye guys!14:27
* czajkowski pokes JFo and AlanBell 14:27
czajkowskicheeky buggers!14:27
* AlanBell will now be on best behavior14:27
czajkowskiakgraner: aye see you later mister14:27
* AlanBell will be in poking range in a few hours14:27
akgranerczajkowski, laters14:28
jcastroWOO my new thinkpad is here!15:11
czajkowskinew toy15:12
popeywhich one?15:14
popeyI spy jcastro in http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/reviews/2011/03/ars-reviews-the-motorola-xoom.ars/615:19
czajkowskiit's times like that, you really hope you've a good picture and aren't doing anything dodgey!15:21
jcastroI've trolled people that way before15:21
jcastrowhen doing an IM thing once we put "Soandso just whines on twitter."15:22
jcastrosoandso being another writer on the site15:22
kim0jcastro: woohoo :)15:30
* kim0 googling specs15:30
jcastroman, even the alternative installer does geoip thing for  the timezone15:31
jcastroSO nice15:31
nigelbgo give cjwatson a hug :)15:31
nigelb(isn't he one of the persons behind debian installer?)15:31
jcastrowell I knew the normal installer had it, not the alt.15:31
jcastronice love for the alt-installer diehards like myself15:32
popeys/diehards/crusty old folks/g15:33
jcastroit's nontrivial to do normal installer via PXE15:34
jcastropopey: I PXE install using the same squid-deb-proxy machine so my installs take very very little time15:35
popeywrite that up! :)15:35
* popey asks on au15:35
jcastroyou just input the proxy address in the installer15:35
jcastrosince the alt installer is geeky it actually asks you where your proxy is15:35
nigelbjcastro: neat.15:36
czajkowskican I just say, KDE, is pure evil and I  HATE IT!!!15:36
* czajkowski goes back to cleaning her inbox 15:37
jcastrokim0: we need a cloud/Ubuntu version of this: http://boot.kernel.org/15:37
kim0jcastro: doesn't it support ubuntu today already15:38
* kim0 checking15:38
jcastropopey: so basically "rewrite every PXE install howto on the web"15:38
kim0gah fedora but not ubuntu15:38
jcastrokim0: yeah but something cooler than that, that page looks :(15:38
nigelbAlso, we need to have a good guide on parental controls.  I wonder if I should just ask it on askubuntu.com15:39
jcastroa nice 5 meg usb image + boot.ubuntu.com = ftw.15:39
kim0I'm interested :)15:39
jcastrokim0: but those are just dreams15:39
jcastroI am full of dreams15:39
jcastrotime and skill to do that sort of thing, not so much.15:39
nigelbjcastro: but someone listening to you might just build it15:40
* nigelb looks at mhall119 ;)15:40
jcastropopey: I suspect you'll need to find a PXE server install howto that is out there and available on CC and then copy it and fix it up as an answer15:41
jcastropopey: or whatever surely to be out of date junk is on the wiki15:41
popeywell thats kinda my point15:41
popeyevery PXE how-to I find is broken15:41
jcastroI am starting to hope/wish that we delete the wiki15:41
mhall119nigelb: the edubuntu team probably has some good parental control info15:41
jcastroright, but you need something to start on15:41
jcastropopey: I'm saying steal n' copy15:41
jcastrothen edit to make better15:42
nigelbmhall119: ah yes.  evilduanedesign and I were plotting earlier today15:42
popeyI'll probably take a look at doing just that on my home server15:42
nigelbmhall119: to write better documentation for that15:42
mhall119jcastro: who did the django cloudinit demo at UDS-N?15:42
jcastrowas it the joke one with the narwhal song?15:43
mhall119I think so15:43
mhall119I was more interested in the cloudinit script itself15:43
jcastroyeah kirkland15:43
mhall119I want to make it available, and similar ones for wordpress and drupal too15:43
mhall119maybe integrate it into 10.cloud.ubuntu.com so you can say "Give me a Wordpress site in teh cloud", or "Give me a Django-powered site in the cloud"15:44
* mhall119 is making a list15:46
evilduanedesignnigelb: what were you thinking, a list of different guides availlable?15:46
nigelbevilduanedesign: or probably going in and updating the wiki15:46
nigelbevilduanedesign: fix wwhat's broken sounds much better than go create a whole new thing15:47
evilduanedesignnigelb: definelty15:47
evilduanedesignnigelb: I put that on my todo list last night. Ill take a look. What I was working on now is not progressing :)15:48
nigelbevilduanedesign: heh, I'll help you.  I have a personal mess to sort and then I'll pitch in.15:48
jonokim0, all set?16:01
kim0jono: just moment .. was rebooting16:01
jonokim0, np16:01
kim0jono: ready16:04
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jcastrooh fail, I installed 10.10 on it and didn't even notice until I booted it up16:20
dholbachjcastro, upgrade testing FTW :)16:21
* popey polishes the silver lining on jcastro's cloud16:23
* AlanBell heads off to an evening with the lovely RMS and the completely insane czajkowski16:37
evilduanedesignnigelb: I set up an etherpad to use as a dump for info to get started http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/mp9hEFnuh516:39
popeyAlanBell: record an interview with him for me :)16:41
AlanBellDo you have questions?16:46
AlanBellAnd do you know any command line audio recording application16:47
AlanBellThe olpc does not have the power to run audacity16:49
popeyarecord -f cd -t raw | oggenc - -r -o out.ogg16:55
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mhall119kim0: are you still seeing kim02 on LD?17:23
dholbachjono, 7m?17:23
jonodholbach, yup17:23
Technovi1ingok, thought Oneiric Ocelot was joke when I first heard it17:29
dholbachjono, skype?17:30
jonodholbach, let's roll17:30
dholbachalright my friends - time to call it a day :-D17:38
dholbachsee you all tomorrow17:38
jcastroJFo: man I found a brutal kernel crasher on my new laptop, I'll holla at you after my call18:52
jcastroJFo: the kernel "omg it's crashed" thing asks me a question but it's a blank window with 2 buttons, seen that before?18:53
JFoum, no18:58
JFofrankly that is an odd thing18:59
jcastroafter my call I'll stop by your channel18:59
jcastromaybe there's a hw enablement guy around18:59
jcastrois there a hardware enablement irc or is it all -kernel?18:59
JFothere is one, but due to nda it is on the private server19:00
JFomost of the guys should be in #u-k though19:00
jcastrowell, my bug will help all x120e owners in the end19:00
jcastrojono: all set!19:00
jonojcastro, one sec19:01
doctormojono: Has the 11.10 name been announced?20:27
doctormoOnly I see the headline on OMG (which is offline atm) and no news anywhere else.20:27
ubot2Error: unresolvable <alias> to oneric20:27
Piciugh, spelling20:27
mhall119doctormo: yes, sabdfl announced it on his blog20:29
PiciUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=64620:29
PiciNow if the bot will listen to me, I'll get that properly setup as a factoid.20:30
senseoneric will probably cause less spelling mistakes than intrepid, but more than natty :)20:30
mhall119sense: oh the irony20:31
jcastrohey mhall11920:31
jcastroyou're familiar with summit right?20:31
Picisense: More or less than feisty though?20:31
mhall119jcastro: I'd better be20:31
mhall119jcastro: that is to say, yes, I'm familiar20:32
sensePici: the two juxtapositioned vowels in feisty are more problematic than oneric, right?20:32
jcastromhall119: ok scale of 1 to 10, how hard would it be to publish a CSV of the schedule on a regular basis, like hourly or something20:32
mhall119sense: oneIric20:32
Picisense: Well, perhaps not, at least most people have heard the word 'feisty' before.20:32
mhall119jcastro: not too hard20:33
mhall119why csv?20:33
jcastrodavidm saw they used this at scale20:33
jcastroand it worked great, and all he needs is a CSV of the schedule to make this work for UDS20:33
mhall119okay, we can do that20:34
mhall119is csv the only option?20:34
sensePici: oneric does sound a lot more like it is spelled, feisty not.20:34
sensejcastro: UDS app! Cool.20:34
jcastromhall119: let me see20:34
mhall119sense: you've been spelling it wrong for the past 5 minutes20:34
Picisense: Except that the codename is oneiric, not oneric20:34
* sense runs away20:35
* sense is not here!20:35
senseTwo consecutive vowels again!20:35
senseThat is problematic indeed.20:35
doctormosense: I presume it's pronounced on-eric?20:35
sensedoctormo: You're the native speaker, not me!20:35
jcastromhall119: I've asked davidm to join us here20:36
jcastrohe's been talking to the founders or something20:36
doctormomhall119: really? they really did a hatchet job on that spelling.20:36
mhall119doctormo: it's greek20:36
doctormomhall119: It's greek, in roman letters ;-)20:36
mhall119which, of course, doesn't use our alphabet at all20:36
mhall119doctormo: used in English, spoken by Americans20:36
mhall119what could possibly go wrong?20:37
senseEnglish only has so many words because it has taken half the Ancient Greek and Latin words and made it its own.20:37
doctormosense: And some celtic, norse, chinese, indian and a bit of bastard french too.20:37
mhall119yeah, took a bunch of germanic ones too20:37
Picioneiric: Of, relating to, or characterizing the clinical state of oneirophrenia; oneirophrenia: A mental state that is characterized by hallucinations and other disturbances and is associated with prolonged deprivation of sleep, sensory isolation, or psychoactive drugs.20:38
senseWe do the same with English words and make horrible bastardised things of it: "gedeletet' is a proper conjugated verb. It looks ugly in both Dutch and English.20:38
mhall119English, the klemtomaniac of languages20:38
sensePici: That is not possitive!20:38
Picisense: It describes software development20:38
mhall119sense: the more generic meaning is "of or pertaining to dreams or dream-like states"20:38
PiciYeah, that too,.20:38
senseI go for mhall119's description. :)20:39
senseHalf the English naval terms have a Dutch origin, afaik.20:39
mhall119I think Mark was going for "dreamy", though that's not academically the right interpretation20:39
PiciAt least ocelots are a somewhat normal sounding animal name.20:40
* mhall119 was hoping for onery20:40
senseI had never heard of ocelots before!20:40
senseNor of onery.20:40
mhall119onery means stubborn20:41
mhall119and strong-headed20:41
Picimhall119: you mean ornery20:41
mhall119Pici: ah, yes20:41
mhall119dang r's20:41
senseEveryone can speak a few words of English easily, but speaking and spelling it right is harder than you might think. :)20:42
davidmjcastro, I'm here20:43
jcastrodavidm: mhall119 is wondering if CSV only is the only option20:43
davidmThat is the option they are offering, but I can counter propose something else if there is something better20:44
davidmRemember we only have about 4-5 fields we have to export to them20:44
jcastrodavidm: ok let's do this, file a bug on lp.net/summit20:45
mhall119davidm: is there an option to provide a feed they pull from more frequently?20:45
jcastroand put the fields, etc. you want in there so we don't lose them20:45
mhall119we can give an rss, ical or json feed for our sessions20:45
Davieydavidm, What is the use case?20:46
jcastroDaviey: http://conventionist.com/20:46
jcastrothey used that at SCALE and it worked well for them20:46
jcastroso he's talking to them we're thinking we can add on full mobile support for maybe not so much work20:46
davidmThey are currently designing a standard help yourself interface allowing you to export your data into CSV and upload it to them, each time you change data you just send the entire file again20:46
davidmWe push they don't pull20:47
davidmjcastro, I'll get the fields we need and put them in the bug20:47
davidmI know it's at least title, room, start time and and I think end time20:48
davidmWhen we make a schedule change we just push the change to them20:48
senseIs it such an intensive task to converse it to CSV?20:48
mhall119the intensive task would be uploading the csv to their site20:48
DavieyAww, that is silly... why can't they pull?20:49
mhall119especially with the frequency that rooms and times change once UDS actually starts20:49
Davieyseems infeasible TBH20:49
davidmDaviey, right now they don't even have a self-serve interface you call a human or send an email20:50
mhall119yeah, definitely not feasible20:50
mhall119Marianna would kill us20:50
jcastrowhat? why?20:50
davidmwe should be able to send changes at an interval (every 10 minutes if there is change) and that should not be too hard20:50
jcastroauto export it every hour and mail it.20:50
mhall119making her download a csv and email it every time the schedule changed20:51
jcastrono no20:51
davidmWhy would Marianna kill us?20:51
senseWould once per hour be enough?20:51
mhall119sense: for 90% of changes, probably20:51
mhall119the question is, what's the delay on their end?20:51
davidmNo why would we have a human in the loop?  I'm very confused20:51
jcastroyeah, can't you make the system just autoexport?20:51
mhall119*we* can, yes20:51
mhall119but it sounds like there's a human on their end20:52
senseThat's very inefficient.20:52
davidmRight now there is, shorlty the human will be gone20:52
davidmWe want to use the new humanless interface20:52
mhall119will the humanless interface still consist of emails csv files?20:53
davidmCan't possibly use a human interface with the rate of change we have20:53
davidmit will be csv files that is what they want20:53
jcastroso basically we spam them with csv's and the rest is their problem20:53
mhall119can we get in touch with one of their developers perhaps?20:53
davidmnot sure if email or some other way, I'm talking to them now20:53
davidmwe can20:54
davidmI'm talking to the CEO directly so I can arrange a developer call20:54
davidmjcastro, yes exactly we send CSV they deal20:54
mhall119I'm thinking an ical import on their end would be good for all of their customers20:54
* Daviey thinks pushing is crazy.... if we want to use them, they need to poll20:54
davidmmost of their customers are likely to be Windows users20:55
Davieywe can provide the data as they need it, but i really think they need to pull20:55
mhall119or pub/sub20:55
davidmAnd most of their customers don't have the rate of change we do20:55
mhall119davidm: even windows users like google calendar20:55
mhall119much more than they like CSV too20:56
davidmDaviey, I don't know why they would poll, we know when we have a change they don't we just send them along when we have them20:56
mhall119davidm: because by polling, we don't have to authenticate20:57
Davieydavidm, this is what code 304 is for :)20:57
davidmmhall119, we can ask them, what they have currently offered is CSV, I don't want to pay for development work on their product, just want to contract their service to make UDS a bit easier for attendees20:57
mhall119davidm: I'm all on board with that20:57
Davieydavidm, What does this /actually/ add?20:57
jcastroyeah, I say screw it and just autoexport and spam them20:57
Davieya read only interface?20:57
jcastroDaviey: mobile clients for everything20:58
jcastroand maps20:58
davidmDaviey, do you have an android or apple phone?20:58
mhall119but since it sounds like they're still working this out, it'd be mutually beneficial to both of us to work on a good interface20:58
Davieydavidm, yes20:58
davidmdownload their app and load the scale9x data and have a look20:58
mhall119jcastro: maps of the venue? or street maps?20:58
jcastroof the venu20:58
davidmmaps of the venue20:58
jcastrolike "the room is this way"20:58
Davieydavidm / jcastro: Download the FOSDEM app... for either iphone or android... that has map.... and simply imports an xml file.20:59
davidmI used this at scale9x and it was NICE20:59
jcastrodavidm: that's awesome, but we can do this like right now instead of making our own app20:59
DavieyWe could put the same resources into that, had having something FOSS :)20:59
jcastrough dude20:59
jcastrowhy do we always have to build things20:59
jcastrolet's just do it20:59
davidmHas a lot of nice features for end users and we don't have to do anything except export our data20:59
Davieyimports, as in, silently pulls an xml file :)20:59
jcastroautoexporting and spamming seems like the least amount of work21:00
Davieydavidm, When you have your call, can you see if they will pull?21:00
mhall119jcastro & Daviey: you guys decide if you want to use this or not, I can write a CSV exporter/emailer21:00
Davieyjcastro, seems messy IMO.21:01
jcastroI will convince daviey21:01
davidmWhat I can do if you all like is setup a conference call and you can attend21:01
jcastrosince he wants less work21:01
mhall119but I still think ical would serve them better than csv in the long run, davidm21:01
Davieyjcastro, GPWM21:01
davidmI don't want to mess up or miscommunicate something21:01
* mhall119 isn't familiar with that acronym21:01
jcastroDaviey: it's not ideal but if they want to do it this way then *shrug*21:01
Davieymhall119,  Good Point Well Made21:01
jcastrothen they will be like "oh wow this doesn't scale"21:01
jcastroand then you will say "check it, do it this way"21:02
mhall119Daviey: thanks21:02
DavieyI wonder if one day, some investment will be made in all this :)21:03
mhall119all what?21:03
jcastrodude, we should be moving away from investing!21:03
mhall119I know, let's write a webapp!21:03
* mhall119 runs21:04
* Daviey chases mhall119 and slaps him21:04
nigelbNight all.  Sigh 2:35 am.21:05
Davieynigelb, dude, go to bed!21:06
nigelbDaviey: well, I'm already on the bed, just my laptop is on my lap too ;)21:06
nigelbBut I need to get to work at 9 tomorrow.  Laters, really, this time.21:06
mhall119night nigelb21:07
nigelblaters mhall119, Daviey21:07
kim0mhall119: nah LD is now fixed for me thanks22:10
jcastrohey JFo22:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 715330 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "Freeze after login with KMS enabled on Radeon HD6310" [High,Confirmed]22:42
jcastrosomeone had found the bug I am having22:42
jcastrobut were stuck22:42
jcastrofound a workaround in the upstream bugzilla22:42
jcastrolinked it up, applied workaround22:42
jcastrotold our Xorg guys22:42
jcastroman, I totally just textbooked an upstream linkage bug22:42
* JFo looks22:45
JFoway to make it happen brother! :)22:45
jcastroman dude22:51
jcastroI can't believe it22:51
jcastroJFo: man ... *hugs*22:52
jcastroI thought I was /doomed/22:52
JFoI wondered why I hadn't heard from you22:52
jcastrowell, I had to try vanilla upstream kernel etc.22:52
jcastroI wasn't go show up all unprepared. :)22:52
* JFo hugs jcastro 22:53
JFosuch a fine example22:53
jcastroJFo: it's like one of those beautiful example bugs22:54
JFoyep, seems so far22:55

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