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brobostigonafternoonings everyone.12:27
brobostigonanyone got a eeepc 900 ssd, with the gpu in 730099, with natty, with all recent updates,who can confirm such a bug exists please.14:41
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brobostigonnoswaith dda dariusH :)19:36
dariusHHow's things?19:36
brobostigondariusH: not bad, not so hot. and you?19:36
dariusHnot bad19:37
dariusHjust uni stuff19:37
dariusHyou were saying about natty on an eeepc19:37
dariusHdid you install that with a USB stick?19:37
dariusHi can't get natty to install off USB atall19:38
dariusHit just freezes on boot19:38
dariusHi haven't got a CD drive to try it on19:38
brobostigoni used ubuntu's usb startup creater, and a live cd image, and it worked.19:38
dariusHsame, and nothing19:38
brobostigonwhere does it freeze, and do you get any errors of any kind?19:39
dariusHfreezes with error messages about said USB drive19:40
dariusHcan't remember exactly haven't written it down19:40
dariusHtries on a few different sticks, all the same19:40
dariusHlikely just my laptop19:40
brobostigonok, i was going to say, is the usbstick faulty.19:40
dariusHwell the same stick booted maverick fine :P19:41
brobostigonmight be an incompatibility with your hw with natty.19:41
dariusHyeah but i'd still expect it to atleast boot then fallback to standard gnome desktop or something19:42
dariusHthere can't be that much changed in the bootup19:42
brobostigonthere is much changed in bootup that i anse.19:42
brobostigoncan see*19:42
dariusHI might try install maverick and update from there later, see if that works19:43
dariusHI'm not risking my working partition :P19:43
brobostigonthere only a new grub, that i know of.19:43
brobostigonsudo do-release-upgrade -r19:44
dariusHbrobostigon: you don't by chance have a Diaspora account with any invites do you?19:45
brobostigondariusH: i have a diaspora account yes, no idea, if i have any invites, let me check.19:46
dariusHokay :)19:48
brobostigondariusH: whats your email?19:49
brobostigondariusH: i have sent. :)19:50
dariusHThanks :)19:51
brobostigonyou're welcome, :)19:51
dariusHidenti.ca to replace twitter, diaspora to replace facebook19:55
dariusHall that's needed now is an open version of flickr19:55
dariusHgetting some horribly dodgy rendering on diaspora :S19:57
dariusHmaybe it's chromium19:57
brobostigonyes, i am in chromium aswell, and i agree.19:57
dariusHi'll try firefox19:57
dariusHworks fine on firefox :/20:04
brobostigonit has some issues with webkit then.it seems. right now.20:05
dariusHcould be the V8 engine20:07
dariusHOla christoph20:15
iantodariusH: Heya20:15
iantodariusH: Have you seen anyone trying to impersonate me? I've had two failed login attempts from a weird network but they used the name "chris" as their username20:16
ianto-NickServ- Last failed attempt from: Chris`!~Chris@99-73-182-119.lightspeed.fyvlar.sbcglobal.net on Mar 07 18:57:46 2011.20:16
dariusHwhat possible reason would i have for doing that?20:18
dariusHbesides my hostname is central.aber.ac.uk20:19
dariusHnot sbcglocal20:19
brobostigonchris said anyone, no specificlly you dariusH.20:19
dariusHOh, i misread :P20:19
dariusHbeen seen20:20
dariusHoh so similar20:20
Kaiawasn't me20:23
dariusHNot really alot to do on diaspora at the moment :P20:23
brobostigongood evening Kaia and ianto :)20:23
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Kaiagood evening brobostigon20:24
iantoGot a torrenting ration of 4.5:1 ...20:24
dariusHianto: did you solve that DB deletion problem?20:26
iantodariusH: Yeah then I handed in my project20:27
dariusH:( looks so messy20:29
dariusHwhy do the college use VB?20:29
* dariusH is sad21:41
dariusHusually get >2MB/s21:41
* brobostigon lends dariusH his old phone with hsdpa.21:42
dariusHi've got a phone with HSDPA but not enough signal21:43
dariusHthe uni network is really suffering right now for some reason :/21:43
dariusHi've gone from <1minute for a erm... 350mb video file21:45
dariusHto >30minutes21:45
brobostigonnot nice.21:46
brobostigongood night everyone.sleep well.23:12

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