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TheMusopsusi: ah ok00:18
psusiTheMuso, so umm... what exactly does that patch fix?00:26
TheMusopsusi: I'd have to read the patch again to clearly remember... One of my first changelog entries for parted should explain it.00:27
psusiTheMuso, the description in the changelog says " dmraid.patch: Ensure that device-mapper devices for dmraid arrays do not have extra nodes created needlessly, as well as making sure that partition nodes for dmraid devices are not probed."  I can't figure that out.  What nodes were being created under what conditions?00:38
TheMusopsusi: At the time, every dmraid device node that was created that parted dealt with, had additional nodes created to represent partitions, I think. This code was written over 3 years ago, so of course things may have changed. I understood why at the time. :)00:40
TheMusopsusi: I guess the best experiment is to take out my patch, play with dmraid stuff and parted, and see what happens.00:40
psusiTheMuso, k.. guess I'll try that...01:16
TheMusoIf I continued dmraid related code maintenance, I'm sure I'd still know. I think that a ${node}p1 node was being created for every dmraid related node at the time, including partitino nodes, which is why the patch also stops dmraid partition nodes from beinb probed.01:18
TheMusoNow that I think, it was to do with probing. For some reason parted thought that every dmraid node had a partition table of some kind... beats me why01:18
psusihrm... now this is weird... gnome-power-manager is running, but doesn't seem to actually be used.. it looks like we use upowerd to suspend, so what the heck is gnome-power-manager doing?01:20
RAOFDisplay blanking, automated “suspend when low battery” stuff?01:25
psusiRAOF, doesn't appear to be.. looks like upower is doing that these days... which explains bug #57854201:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 578542 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "resuming from S3 wrongly prompts for password" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57854201:50
psusiI sent g-p-m a SIGSTOP and clicked suspend on the menu and it worked normally01:51
RAOFpsusi: That's orthogonal to what I said.  That's neither ‘suspend when battery low’ nor ‘dim screen on inactivity’. :)01:53
RAOFThose are policy decisions rather than implementation methods.01:55
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psusiso where is the darn screen saver being started and the screen locked?  hrm...02:06
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psusihrm.. can you use dbus-send to manually emit an org.freedesktop.UPower signal?02:32
psusior better yet, find out what is listening for that signal?02:32
RAOFpsusi: I don't think you can track what's listening to the signal.  I think dbus-send should be able to fanangle a signal for you, though.02:45
psusiRAOF, I thought so but I can't seem to figure it out... I don't quite understand the arguments it wants, specifically what the difference is between --dest=, <destination object path> and <message name>..02:47
RAOFSay hello to DBus!02:48
RAOF--dest= is the *interface* that the signal you want to send is from.02:48
RAOFOooh, actually, no.02:49
RAOFYou shouldn't need --dest, because you're not sending it anywhere specific.02:49
RAOF<destination object path> should be the object path of the object you want to raise the signal _on_02:50
RAOF<message name> should be the signal you want to raise, namely the fully-qualified signal from the interface (org.freedesktop.UPower.$INTERFACE.$SIGNAL)02:51
psusiso org/freedesktop/UPower and org.freedesktop.UPower.Sleeping?02:51
psusierr, what's $INTERFACE?02:51
RAOFSounds like $INTERFACE is ""02:52
RAOFSo you'd want to send org.freedesktop.UPower.Sleeping02:52
RAOFBut if UPower had multiple interfaces (o.f.UPower.Bar.Sleeping, o.f.UPower.Baz.Sleeping, for example) you'd stick in the fully qualified thingy.02:53
psusiprocess 19675: arguments to dbus_message_new_signal() were incorrect, assertion "_dbus_check_is_valid_path (path)" failed in file dbus-message.c line 1289.02:53
RAOFSounds like you've got the wrong object path?02:58
* RAOF fires up d-feet02:59
RAOF…and immediately notices he doesn't have a UPower interface.03:00
RAOFOh, man.  You're debugging DBus issues and you don't know about d-feet?  Sorry!03:00
RAOFIt's a DBus browser.  It can't raise signals, but it does enumerate the bus and such.03:01
RAOFOh, of course.  It's on the system bus.03:01
RAOFSo “dbus-send --system /org/freedeskop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Sleeping” works for me.03:05
RAOFSo “dbus-send --system /org/freedeskop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Sleeping” works for me.03:05
psusiI wasn't using the leading / before org03:09
RAOFIt also doesn't trigger anything obvious for me :)03:12
psusime neither... hrm...03:13
psusiso there's no way to monitor who is interested in the signal?03:13
psusihrm... this doesn't seem to do anything either: dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower --system /org/freedeskop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend03:20
RAOFWheras that was very happy to suspend my system.03:25
RAOFAnd, of course, did not result in gnome-screensaver coming back with a screen lock.03:25
psusihrm.. it works when I use d-feet to call it and yea, doesn't lock the screen03:26
RAOFIn hindsight, I knew that; I needed to fix a bug where Do wouldn't lock the screen before suspend because it was calling UPower directly.03:32
psusiso what on earth DOES lock the screen?03:32
RAOFWell, in Do we call out to gnome-screensaver ourselves.03:44
psusibingo... indicator-session... session-service.c:machine_sleep()04:01
psusinow I wonder why the gconf key for g-p-m to lock or not is still there when it doesn't handle that function?  hrm..04:02
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abhinav_is there a command to delete a branch from the repository ?06:09
abhinav_in bazaar06:09
RAOFrm -r?06:10
abhinav_so bazaar will know that the branch is gone, if I do that ?06:11
abhinav_oh ok. thanks06:11
RAOF* For some values of “yes”.06:11
RAOFWhat exactly do you want to do?  Free disk space?  Strip out some unwanted stuff from a repository?  Clean your source trees?06:12
abhinav_yeah. I was experimenting something in a branch. I do not want to merge those changes,06:13
RAOFOh.  Then just don't merge those changes :)06:14
nigelblol, rm -r06:14
abhinav_yeah, but that branch is pretty useless now. deleting it should not be any harm ?06:15
RAOFThe repository is just a performance optimisation.  It doesn't actually have any semantic meaning.06:15
RAOFSo, while those commits will remain in your local repository, they won't get pushed anywhere (unless you push something that refers to them, but you'd need to merge them for that to happen).06:16
RAOFYour local repository will be a couple of KB larger than it would otherwise be :)06:16
abhinav_ah ok. that's fine :)06:16
RAOFMmmm, “About 8 hours remaining”.  dpkg really, really likes unpacking onto btrfs, doesn't it :)06:17
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abhinav_why does dch -i add maverick at the top of the changelog entry, even though I am working on natty package ?08:04
dholbachgood morning08:04
abhinav_good morning :)08:04
micahgabhinav_: you can pass -Dnatty to work on a natty package (I'm assuming you're on maverick)08:05
abhinav_yes, I am on maverick08:05
abhinav_I have already saved the changelog. I suppose I can edit it and write natty instead of maverick.08:08
micahgabhinav_: yeah, if you start with UNRELEASED, you can use -D to add the series later, but now you'll have to just edit it08:10
abhinav_ok thanks :-)08:10
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abhinav_well actually I am working on a bug fix of tomcat6, as I see in the changelog, all the entries say "unstable" instead of maverick or natty08:13
micahgabhinav_: that's because it comes from Debian08:13
abhinav_ohsix, so I should write unstable too ?08:13
micahgabhinav_: no08:14
ohsixtell debian about it,  no?08:14
micahgwell, the patch should be upstreamed to Debian if appropriate, but that's another question :)08:15
ohsixi can never remember if unstable or testing is the one to expect breakage08:16
ohsix(lots of, not some)08:16
abhinav_hmm , I have the patch ready :-), Its my first bug-fix, so I have not much idea about the process08:16
abhinav_but the package is tomcat6-6.0.28, I believe same is available in maverick repositories08:16
micahgabhinav_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess08:17
zanagawhat is the correct way of requesting a sync from debian that replaces a package from a different source? I just want to get this stuff filed for the next release cycle.. Regarding LP#37824008:37
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pittiGood morning08:56
pittislangasek: sure, no prob08:56
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* SpamapS_ gulps09:42
SpamapS_933 upgraded, 66 newly installed, 1 to remove and 1 not upgraded.09:42
SpamapS_Need to get 977 MB/977 MB of archives.09:42
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* SpamapS answers yes... here we go!09:42
pittislangasek: gtk 2 uploaded09:51
abhinav_where can I get some help on gtk# ?10:11
RAOFabhinav_: #mono on gimpnet is a reasonable place for gtk# help.10:17
abhinav_RAOF: thanks. I will ping there :)10:18
RAOFabhinav_: But mainly what I use is the python & C gtk doc; gtk# is a fairly obvious translation to C#.  Code-completion helps, too :)10:18
abhinav_yes, I don't know. I need some help with the TreeView, but the functionality that I am looking for does not seem to be available as per the documentation10:19
dpmhey mvo, good morning. A translator has found some encoding problems in apt translations in Launchpad. Before I can help him I wanted to ask you: how are apt translations handled? Are translations from LP ever exported and committed to the code, or do translations come exclusively from upstream in Debian?10:30
kirkland`didrocks: hi10:31
kirkland`didrocks: how do i make the unity search thing look for stuff in my $HOME/bin?10:31
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didrockskirkland: hey, the search is only based on desktop files10:32
didrocksso put a desktop file in your XDG path10:32
kirklanddidrocks: dang10:32
didrockswe'll have an alt + F2 soon10:32
kirklanddidrocks: i just want to run a wrapper script10:32
kirklanddidrocks: like i used to do with alt-F210:32
* soren misses Alt-F210:32
kirklanddidrocks: oh, okay, as long as alt-f2 comes back, that'll be fine10:33
didrockskirkland: you'll have one if I find the time to code it :)10:33
kirklanddidrocks: cool, thanks10:33
didrocksyw :)10:33
nigelbbdrung_: Thought you might have liked to see http://stopabusingsiprefixes.org/stopabusing.html10:33
kirklanddidrocks: if you're writing this, could you make sure that the alt-f2 path contains $HOME/bin?10:33
nigelbUbuntu is lame.10:34
nigelbMaybe, but at least they have a sensible units policy.10:34
didrockskirkland: it will respect the PATH10:34
nigelbbdrung_: direct quote ^^10:34
didrockssounds less hackish :)10:34
mvodpm: they come exclusively from upstream10:35
mvodpm: what language(s) are affected?10:36
bdrung_nigelb: :) sadly the upstream authors with power refuse to do something regarding this bikeshed topic10:36
kirklanddidrocks: okay10:36
nigelbbdrung_: oh, ouch :(10:36
bdrung_nigelb: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64043210:37
dpmmvo, thanks for confirming. Slovenian: look at the squares in the suggestions on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/apt/+pots/apt-all/sl/+translate (note that the translators have already corrected it in LP) - due to message sharing, I'm not sure if these translations were imported from a natty, lucid or maverick upload10:37
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nigelbbdrung_: oh dear.  Its bad when someone says, "flame" in the beginning of the bug10:38
mvodpm: thanks, I check it ou10:39
dpmthanks :)10:40
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dpmmvo, it's translations questions day today! :-) Here's another one: do you happen to know who handles translations for gdebi, and how/where they are done?11:23
mdzpitti, is there a problem with the retracer? I'm seeing 16-hour-old bugs like 730243 are not retraced yet11:24
mdzdbarth, I noticed the above because I got a compiz crash and saw there were plenty of others coming in like it (unity-window-decorator crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke())11:30
dbarthmdz: the decorator issue is on our radar11:31
dbarthmdz: smpillaz has made more fixes for it, and i'm seeing with didrocks when he can release that11:32
mdzdbarth, ok11:33
seb128mdz, let me check on the retracers11:34
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seb128mdz, the amd64 had a lock set but was not running, the log had no error though so I just restarted it to see11:39
mdzseb128, ok, thanks11:39
seb128mdz, you're welcome11:40
mdzseb128, did you see the new global bugpatterns code which is now in natty? you can write bug patterns which are not specific to a package, e.g. to catch crashes from a library which bubble up to many different apps11:40
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seb128mdz, no I didn't see it before and I didn't realize that matching was specific to components11:44
mdzseb128, in the past, you had to put bug patterns into a file named after the package, and we would only check for patterns which applied to the package where the bug was being reported11:45
mdzso if you had a libdbusmenu bug which caused crashes in gnome-terminal and nautilus, you would have to add separate bugpatterns for those (and any other app using libdbusmenu)11:45
mdznow you can just write one which will (e.g.) match on the stack trace, regardless of which program crashed11:46
seb128mdz, ok, I thought we had a pattern for this XAllocId ret != invalid crash for example11:51
seb128but that's might be why it didn't seem to work ;-)11:51
seb128mdz, thanks for working on that11:51
seb128mdz, btw your bug got retraced11:52
mdzseb128, in some places we suppressed the bugs in other ways, e.g. in a general hook or in apt11:52
mdzseb128, I'm not familiar with the XAllocId issue and I don't see that string in the existing bug patterns; is it an active problem?11:52
mdzmaybe it would be a good test case :-)11:52
seb128<!-- Converted from libxcb.xml -->11:59
seb128    <pattern url="http://launchpad.net/bugs/507062">11:59
seb128        <re key="AssertionMessage">_XAllocID:.*ret.*inval_id</re>11:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 507062 in libx11 (Ubuntu Lucid) "synaptic assert failure: synaptic: ../../src/xcb_io.c:385: _XAllocID: Assertion `ret != inval_id' failed." [High,Triaged]11:59
seb128mdz, I was speaking about this one11:59
cjwatsonon merges.ubuntu.com: I've tracked down what was causing the failure, prepared a backport of the relevant dpkg fix, and filed a ticket for our sysadmins to deploy that11:59
cjwatsonthere may still be some work needed to avoid it running out of disk during the next run12:00
mdzseb128, ah, I should have searched with -i. ;-)12:00
mdzseb128, so that pattern will only get checked for bugs which are about to be reported on libxcb12:00
cjwatson(Debian #594440 bit our eucalyptus package)12:00
ubottuDebian bug 594440 in dpkg-dev "debian/source/include-binaries doesn't allow for inclusion of modified binaries" [Important,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/59444012:00
seb128mdz, ok, that explains why we keep getting bugs reported against random binaries crashing this way12:01
mdzseb128, er...actually pitti converted it to be package-independent already :-)12:01
pittimdz: retracers> checking; they crash very often these days12:02
mdzpitti, I did the bugpatterns conversion based on r178, and there was no libxcb.xml in that version. did I make a bad merge or something?12:03
seb128pitti, I sorted the retracers12:03
mdzI don't see a mention of libxcb in the commit log, other than yours...12:03
pittimdz: I guess it was PEBCAK on my end, and I forgot to bzr add back then12:03
seb128pitti, it's weird, it had a lock from yesterday and no error in the log12:03
seb128pitti, removed the lock and it's fine12:04
pittiseb128: amd64 is running, but i386 is locked and not running12:04
seb128it's running12:04
debfxcjwatson: on the weekend I painfully noticed that all kde-l10n-* packages are also missing from the kubuntu package set12:04
pittiseb128: i386? I don't see it running12:04
seb128pitti, ok, it might have had the same issue, the log had been updated recently when I checked on i38612:04
seb128pitti, no, the timestamp was recent on i38612:04
debfxcjwatson: I'd really appreciate if you could add them and the ones I emailed you12:04
* pitti starts manually and checks12:04
seb128amd64 was from yesterday and I restarted it12:05
seb128which worked12:05
pittiseb128: bah, same "huge wadl HTML output spew" issue :/12:05
pitticache purged, restarted12:06
seb128pitti, danke12:07
artfwoseb128, I noticed you've just made bug 730528 affect libappindicator, but https://bugs.launchpad.net/libappindicator page is empty and states that libappindicator is not configured in order for Launchpad - how's that?12:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730528 in libappindicator (Ubuntu) "Impossible to inherit a class from AppIndicator*.Indicator in Python (gir)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73052812:11
seb128artfwo, I guess they didn't create a new component out of indicator-application when the source was splitted out12:11
seb128artfwo, I basically just said "also affect component" and used what was suggested12:12
artfwoah, I see12:12
seb128artfwo, I will check with kenvandine and ted if libappindicator should work as a project or if they want to use indicator-application12:12
artfwoseb128, until than is it okay to use "also affects libappindicator" for upstream related bugs?12:13
seb128it's fine, either libappindicator or indicator-application12:13
seb128both will reach the same people12:13
cjwatsondebfx: I've done the ones you mailed me, but hmm, making a wildcard exception isn't supported by my current code AFAIK12:19
cjwatsonand there's no way I'm maintaining that package list by hand12:19
cjwatsondebfx: I think this is a matter for fixing the code that generates the package sets, not for making exceptions12:28
cjwatson(it's my problem either way, but just to let you know)12:29
lamonthow does one reset the password on the gnome keyring?  wifely one is annoyed at the computer today12:39
debfxcjwatson: ok12:41
seb128lamont, reset?12:43
seb128you mean the password to unlock the keyring?12:44
seb128you can do that using seahorse12:44
seb128but it's the same as your login one by default and should be updated when passdw is used to change it12:45
lamontah, ok.12:51
lamontthat now all makes sense12:51
lamontOTOH, password is coming from libnss-db, not via passwd command. so seahorse to change it is the right way, yes?12:52
cjwatsondebfx: fixed now, along with everything else in your supported seed13:01
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cnddo I need to request for an archive admin to review a package in the new queue, or will that be done automatically?13:26
debfxcjwatson: that was fast, thanks13:27
cjwatsoncnd: you only need to request if you have a good reason to want to jump the queue13:41
cndcjwatson, ok, I assume it will be handled in due time then13:41
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chrisccoulson@pilot in14:07
=== udevbot_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: feature freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper -> maverick | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Current Friendly Patch Pilots: bdmurray, chrisccoulson
pittichrisccoulson: happy piloting14:10
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debfxcjwatson: I think the kubuntu mobile seed isn't part of the package set anymore14:13
c2tarunI got this error while building a package http://paste.kde.org/6690/, when looked into file I found this line creating the problem http://paste.kde.org/6689/14:15
c2tarunI need help with the second argument passed in the function, what does it mean? is it typecasting?14:16
mr_pouitc2tarun: GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED is set, and GtkFunction is deprecated since gtk+ 2.24.14:22
cjwatsondebfx: probably not.  should it be the same set or a new one?14:22
c2tarunmr_pouit: sorry :( what does it mean?14:23
debfxcjwatson: for example plasma-mobile was in the kubuntu set before. imho it doesn't make sense to create a new one14:26
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cjwatsonpitti: please note my changes to bug 723016, since it looks like it was you who turned it from a merge request into a sync request14:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 723016 in pcsc-lite (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Please sync new upstream release 1.6.7-1 from Debian Unstable" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72301614:30
pitticjwatson: right, sorry; comment 1 seemed to indicate a sync request; reverted my changes14:31
cjwatsonyeah, I think that may have been non-jargon use of "sync"14:31
ari-tczewpitti: thank you very much for sponsoring!14:48
pittiari-tczew: you're welcome, thanks for working on the merge!14:48
dokomterry: would you have time on a quick component-mismatches cleanup today? would like to do that before starting the rebuild test14:54
mterrydoko, I suppose?  you mean processing MIRs or something else?14:55
dokomterry: there are no MIR's yet, I assume we could hunt down tkamppeter for the printing stuff, and maybe ScottK for the perl stuff14:57
mterrydoko, but yeah, I can help14:58
dokootp now, later ...14:58
cjwatsonbarry: FYI, I've started looking at that Wubi bug15:00
cjwatsonbarry: I'm wondering if the use of grub4dos-derived code here is fundamentally misguided (it's *extremely* hard to debug) - it might be simpler to arrange to load GRUB 2 from NTLDR directly15:01
ari-tczewdoko: where can I find every fresh archive rebuild?15:03
barrycjwatson: sounds good.  let me know if you have something you'd like me to test.  i'm patch piloting today15:07
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
tkamppeterdoko, what is the problem with the printing stuff?15:21
dokotkamppeter: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt  all the cmap-* stuff15:23
dokomterry: could you address the zope.fixers MIR?15:23
tkamppeterdoko, do they all need to get MIRed?15:24
dokotkamppeter: yes, unless you remove them from gs-cjk-resource b-d's. or demote gs-cjk-resource15:26
tkamppeterdoko, seems that these files are fonts for Ghostscript being able to display documents in CJK languages.15:26
dokotkamppeter: then please write a short MIR, and have a look at the packages15:26
tkamppeterI have MIRed gs-cjk-resource recently as I have merged GS from Debian.15:27
tkamppeterOK, Is it OK to make one MIR for all? They are pure data, so no security problems possible.15:28
tkamppeterdoko: ^^15:30
dokotkamppeter: sure, as long as you review the package15:31
mterrydoko, ack re: zope.fixers15:32
dokoTheMuso: you did sync libffado.  but MIR's for libconfig and dbus-c++ are missing15:33
dokomterry: thanks15:33
dokoRiddell: kdesvn: kdesvn-kio-plugins libsvnqt615:34
doko   [Reverse-Depends: kdesdk, kdesvn-kio-plugins]15:34
dokodidrocks, seb128, pitti:  o libquvi: libquvi-dev libquvi-doc libquvi015:34
doko   [Reverse-Depends: Rescued from libquvi, libquvi-dev]15:34
doko   [Reverse-Build-Depends: totem-pl-parser]15:34
dokoI'll look at the lintian related libperl-* stuff15:35
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seb128doko, bug #72259115:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 722591 in libquvi (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libquvi" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72259115:37
hallynsoren: hey, my upload rights for vmbuilder are not yet in effect - would you mind uploading people.canonical.com:~serge/vm-builder_0.12.4+bzr463.tgz  ?15:37
dokoseb128: well, then fix it?15:38
seb128doko, there was no review from the mir team yet15:39
dokomterry: ^^^ please?15:39
seb128doko, what needs fixing? pitti just pointed some issues but said they were not blockers15:39
seb128doko, it's assigned to kees15:39
dokoahh, ok, anyway, it's assigned to kees15:39
barry@pilot in15:44
=== udevbot_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: feature freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper -> maverick | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Current Friendly Patch Pilots: barry, bdmurray, chrisccoulson
pittiwow, three pilots?15:44
barrysure, why not? :)15:45
micahgbarry: hi, can you help me with a test case for a python exception for an SRU?15:45
barrymicahg: sure15:46
barrymicahg: do you have an issue #?15:46
micahgbarry: bug 70299015:46
psusipitti: oh boy, I think this was your area so maybe you can help.. I've been trying to run down a bug about why the gconf keys for g-p-m to NOT lock the screen and run the screen saver no longer work.  If I understood all the code I poured through last night, it looks like gpm has had its interface for initiating suspend removed and that is now handled by UPower now, is that correct?15:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 702990 in wireshark (Ubuntu Maverick) "raise Python 2.6 compatible exceptions" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70299015:46
psusipitti: my theory is that the correct solution is to rejigger gpm to monitor the suspending signal from UPower and lock/ss if configured to do so, and the code to lock/ss needs removed from indicator-session, does that sound reasonable?15:48
cjwatsonhmm,/wg 2015:49
barrymicahg: i'm not sure exactly what you're looking for.  a unittest for wireshark that exposes the problem?  a recipe some human could perform to show the problem has been fixed?  something else?15:49
micahgbarry: idk, I'd like to SRU this so we can continue to fakesync security updates from squeeze, is something like this fragile and likely to break anything?15:50
micahgoh, there's no debdiff, let me fix that15:51
barrymicahg: changing string exceptions to class exceptions can indeed break things, or it could be perfectly safe ;).  it depends on how the code uses the exceptions.  if it's primarily just raising and catching them, you should be safe.  if it does some kinds of introspection (i.e. checking the type) then you could be broken if that code wasn't also changed15:52
barryof course, as the issue points out, string exceptions could have lots of reliability problems too, if not done right15:52
barrycool.  a debdiff will help15:52
ari-tczewmicahg: did you see it? bug 73041315:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730413 in wireshark (Ubuntu) "CVE-2011-0538 Wireshark: memory corruption when reading a malformed pcap file" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73041315:55
micahgari-tczew: yes, I chatted with udienz already, thanks15:55
* micahg has a little bug cleanup work later though15:56
micahgbarry: diff attached15:58
barrymicahg: omg.  yeah, those old string exceptions are completely broken, even in a python that supports string exceptions. :)15:59
micahgbarry: so, is it possible to safely SRU?16:00
barrymicahg: it's difficult to tell without a full code review.  e.g. are those string exceptions caught anywhere?  i'd be *very* surprised if the code had an 'except' that expected to catch those, 'cause it'd essentially be impossible.  i guess what i'm saying is that i can't see how the patch could make anything worse :)16:01
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pittipsusi: hm, g-p-m didn't change since maverick16:01
barrymicahg: is that good enough? ;)16:01
pittipsusi: but yes, I believe the "initiate suspend" etc. stuff moved to gnome-session a while ago16:01
micahgbarry: umm, let's see16:01
micahgpitti: what do you think about the above wireshark SRU bug and barry's comments?16:02
barrymicahg, pitti i suppose it's also possible that some code which would not otherwise catch the string exceptions, could start catching those new class exceptions.  but it seems very weird that you'd write an except clause for which you would specifically not want to catch those string exceptions.16:03
barrymicahg, pitti if that makes sense. ;)16:04
pittiyes, it does16:04
barrymicahg, pitti so again, short of a full code audit, it doesn't seem like this patch can make things worse16:04
pittistring exceptions are not a thing you'd ever want to catch and handle16:04
barrymost definitely not, though it *was* possible if done right16:05
pittiseems okay to me16:05
pittiand it's a standalone GUI app, i. e. not something that is used as a library and needs to maintain a stable public api16:06
barryi suppose if you wanted to be really really safe, you could definite a local exception class that inherits from BaseException.  that way 'except Exception' wouldn't catch it.16:06
barrypitti: in that case, i think the patch is fine16:06
micahgpitti: so, what's the process for SRU since I don't have a test case?  the goal is to be able to continue to fakesync security updates from squeeze16:06
pittimicahg: primarily "make sure that the program still works", by running through some standard use cases with it16:08
micahgpitti: ok, can do, thansk16:08
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psusipitti: yea, this has been going on at least since lucid16:13
psusipitti: it looks like idicator-session is what provides the menu on the pannel, and that appears to lock the screen, start the screen saver, and then send the Suspend message to UPower to actually suspend the system.  I think gpm used to be the thing that supplied the Suspend method and in response, it would lock the screen if configured to do so, but it looks like since UPower was introduced, this is no longer the case16:15
ari-tczewpitti: can we drop changes with Break: udev ?16:17
pittiari-tczew: yes, lucid's udev is much newer already16:17
ari-tczewpitti: ok thanks16:17
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ScottKdoko: I'm very unlikely to have time to work on MIRs this week.16:33
dokoyeah, I know, trying to keep other people busy ...16:34
amitknjpatel: do you already know of a unity bug where the app panel doesn't auto disappear?16:35
amitknjpatel: and the bug where search just doesn't work?16:36
njpatelamitk, when you fullscreen? Is this on multiple monitors?16:36
njpatelamitk, re:search, do you have unity-place-files and unity-place-applications installed?16:36
amitknjpatel: yes, 2 monitors16:37
njpatelamitk, then, yeah, it's known hopefully fixed this week16:37
amitknjpatel: for some reason those two were not installed (I've been upgrading natty since alpha 2)16:38
njpatelweird :/ You'll need to restart unity after installing them (unity --replace from a terminal should do it)16:38
amitknjpatel: much better, thx16:42
abhinav-asac: http://gwibber.com/develop/ won't open ?16:42
njpatelnp :)16:44
SpamapSzul: so, you're thinking the mysql maintainer scripts / upstart job need reworking, right?16:56
zulSpamapS: thats what i was thinking16:56
tseliotcjwatson: do you know if it's ok to install 2 alternatives (as in update-alternatives) in the same package? Is the debian policy against this?16:56
SpamapSzul: so I think we should just follow dh_installinit's model and let the preinst stop, and the postinst start...16:58
SpamapSzul: on a slightly related note, did you see that mysql 5.5.10 will have a libmysqlclient.so.18 ?16:58
zulSpamapS: cool beans16:59
zulSpamapS: yeah i saw that, that....will be fun16:59
SpamapSzul: I suspect this bit is the issue...17:08
SpamapS# to be sure17:08
chrisccoulsoncjwatson, is there a reason that metacity isn't in the ubuntu-desktop package set? i seem to recall it was at some point17:09
chrisccoulson(although, i could be mistaken there) ;)17:09
RoAkSoAxhggdh: Daviey bug #711587 comment #317:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 711587 in eucalyptus (Ubuntu Natty) "powernap and Eucalyptus seem unable to reach an understanding" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71158717:09
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DavieyRoAkSoAx, looking17:14
cjwatsontseliot: I can't think of a reason not to, I suppose17:14
cjwatsonchrisccoulson: probably build-dependencies from rest-of-world17:15
cjwatsonor just dependencies perhaps17:15
cjwatsonubiquity depending on it might well pull it up17:15
tseliotcjwatson: ok, thanks17:15
cjwatsonchrisccoulson: I can make an exception for it if you're requesting it17:15
DavieyRoAkSoAx, Reading your comment, isn't this now a powernap bug rather than euca?17:16
RoAkSoAxDaviey: is not a bug in PowerNap :)17:16
RoAkSoAxDaviey: the thing is that before, PowerNap by default always run monitoring /sbin/init which cause to never perform any action to the machine and Eucalyptus never had any "issues" because it only told powernap "sleep now"17:17
chrisccoulsoncjwatson, i would like that, if you can do that17:18
RoAkSoAxDaviey: so in fact, the relationship between powernap and eucalyptus before, was that powernap did nothing than run all the time waiting for a command from eucalyptus17:18
RoAkSoAxDaviey: now, since powernap has evolved, other things need to be considered when configuring it to work with euca17:18
RoAkSoAxso this is rather "best-practices" when working together17:19
kirklandRoAkSoAx: honestly, Eucalyptus wants powernap to stay out of their way17:19
cjwatsonchrisccoulson: done17:19
kirklandRoAkSoAx: all they want to do is call powernap-now17:19
chrisccoulsoncjwatson, excellent, thanks :)17:19
DavieyRoAkSoAx, Yeah.... so either, powernap needs to revert to the previous behaviour ... or have a config.d/ where euca can throw in a /sbin/init as it's process... Can't think of another decent fix17:19
DavieyRoAkSoAx, Can you?17:19
kirklandRoAkSoAx: they don't want to leverage the flexibility of powernap, and that saddens me17:19
kirklandRoAkSoAx: but so be it17:19
kirklandRoAkSoAx: that's how they want to do it17:19
RoAkSoAxkirkland: ah I was planning to email you my findings in a little bit more detail17:19
kirklandRoAkSoAx: okay17:20
kirklandRoAkSoAx: you can do that17:20
DavieyRoAkSoAx, TBH... remember that this is a point release of euca... so expecting them to add new functionality is somewhat unfair17:20
kirklandRoAkSoAx: Daviey's suggestion is reasonable17:20
RoAkSoAxDaviey: I don't really want functionality added to euca just now, but it is just "recommended PowerNap config when runnning with euca"17:21
hggdhactually a bit more than that17:21
hggdhthe current powernap config may cause problems with euca, so one of them should be adjusted. Given that it is just euca that gives us problems, we should adjust it there17:22
DavieyRoAkSoAx, I'd recommend adding a config.d for powernap... That seems the least intrusive, and still enables powernap to be more useful in other scenarios17:22
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RoAkSoAxDaviey: yeah maybe it indeed is. Let me finish writing the email so that you can have a clearer picture of whats happening :)17:23
DavieyRoAkSoAx, coolio17:24
* Daviey wonders if he /really/ just said coolio. :/17:24
ograit had a british accent17:25
ograso its ok :)17:25
dholbachDaviey, I think after 15 years it's OK to refer to one hit wonders again ;-)17:26
mterrydoko, so I'm finally getting to zope.fixers, and I'm having some problems with python3 and the control file.  I fixed some low-hanging fruit like enabling the test suite, but substitution variables in debian/control are bugging me.  python3:Versions isn't being defined by dh_python3.  Do you know why that would be?   Here's the current control file I'm working with: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/577070/17:28
dokomterry: ugh, sorry, I did interpret your ack as an ok17:28
dokomterry: please go ahead and upload if possible17:30
GunnarHjScottK: Uploaded at last; thanks! :-)17:31
GunnarHjScottK: Seems like those l-s and gdm changes didn't fit well either for -updates or -backports, and that I was granted an exception. Is it so, and if it is, are the related procedures optimal?17:31
ScottKI think backports was best.  It's just a difficult situation since it's such a core package.  Not sure how much better it could have been.17:32
mterrybarry, hello!  Got a sec?17:34
DavieyRoAkSoAx, Thought about adding powernap support for openstack?17:38
barrymterry: sure thing17:39
RoAkSoAxDaviey: well I haven't yet seen OpenStack architecture so idk :). kirkland ideas?17:39
mterrybarry, look up a bit, I was asking doko about python3:Versions issues I was having with python3-zope.fixers.  It's not being defined by dh_python3 it seems?  Nor is Suggests or Provides...17:41
kirklandDaviey: we discussed it in San Antonio17:41
kirklandDaviey: the crowd was quite keen on the idea, as i recall17:41
barrymterry: let me ask over in #debian-python17:42
mterryooh, new channel.  I'll join too17:43
barrymterry: it's on oftc not freenode.  but if you join, do you want to just re-ask over there?17:43
barrymterry: awesome.  i'll follow along17:44
Davieykirkland, yeah... as RoAkSoAx is working on powernap - wondered if it was a potential upstream contribution he'd like to undertake.17:46
kirklandDaviey: RoAkSoAx: strong +1 from me17:46
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abhinav-barry, thanks for the review of the Tomboy merge proposal :)18:11
abhinav-TheMuso, has communicated to the upstream about the patch https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58873018:11
barryabhinav-: np!  thanks for nice improvement.  hopefully my review is helpful?18:12
abhinav-that was quite detailed and I learnt to notice fine details before submitting patches :)18:12
GunnarHjScottK: I see. Of course it would have been possible to do it the other way, i.e. starting with the latest Natty revision and revert changes that don't work in Lucid/Maverick. But since that would have involved stuff that I know almost nothing about (Python 2.7 -> 2.6, quite a few dependencies, etc.) I chose to add the changes I wanted to see backported. Maybe an experienced developer would have done it otherwise.18:12
barryabhinav-: :)  sounds like the tomboy devs are receptive to the improvement!  nicely done18:13
ScottKGunnarHj: I think it was a reasonable approach.18:13
abhinav-barry, however, I have replaced the messagebox with a message and a button inside the tomboy itself.  i am still looking on ways to improve it.18:14
GunnarHjScottK: Ok. Anyway, glad it could be done. Thx again.18:14
abhinav-soren, I was wondering, should I submit the new changes as a new merge proposal (in a new branch) or just push through this branch only ?18:15
barryabhinav-: cool18:15
barryabhinav-: no sure that comment was directed at me, but you can always just update your current branch and push the update.  the merge proposal will adjust.  unless the change is totally different, in which case, you can push a new branch and supersede the merge proposal with the new branch18:16
abhinav-barry, ok. thanks for the help and guidance. after yours and dholbach's session, I have got a start in ubuntu development :)18:18
barryabhinav-: yay!  do feel free to ask any questions about udd18:19
abhinav-yup sure :)18:19
chrisccoulson@pilot out18:25
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RoAkSoAxkirkland: Daviey email sent18:38
Davieywow RoAkSoAx, you like the long emails :)18:53
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cndRiddell, did you know there's a *HUGE* debian-changes-4:4.7.2-0ubuntu1 file in qt4-x11?18:57
cnd1,113,501 lines18:57
cndseems like something is off18:57
dokocnd, Riddell: if if plan to fix that, please wait until today's gcc-4.5 is built on armel, or add a versioned b-d19:00
dokoogra: ^^^19:00
cnddoko, I'll keep that in mind19:01
dokoand ogra did want to revert something ...19:01
psusisay umm... don't you have to dereference or free the connection pointer you get from dbus_g_bus_get()?19:13
cjwatsonthe documentation says "Returns a connection to the given bus. The connection is a global variable shared with other callers of this function."19:16
psusiso that's a no then? ;)19:16
cjwatsonit's a "let Colin finish typing"19:16
* psusi will get this gnome stuff figured out yet19:17
janimocnd, that is probably because of upstream changes between 4.7.1 and 4.7.2 which are in that diff19:17
cndjanimo, shouldn't the source package have been updated with the upstream changes?19:18
cjwatsonlooking at the source, dbus_g_bus_get doesn't take a reference19:18
cjwatsonwait, does it19:18
cjwatsondbus_g_connection_unref is a typed shim through to dbus_connection_unref19:19
cjwatsonand dbus_g_bus_get calls dbus_bus_get which takes a reference to the connection19:20
cjwatsonpsusi: so the answer is, yes, you should dbus_g_connection_unref the return value of dbus_g_bus_get when you're finished with it19:21
cjwatsonit may be a global variable but it still has a reference count19:21
cjwatsonand it's only global in the same way that dbus_bus_get returns a global, and its documentation says "The caller of this function owns a reference to the bus."19:22
debfxdoko: the new gcc upload makes virtualbox-ose ftbfs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577138/19:22
debfxshould I open a bug report?19:23
dokodebfx: please do so, with the preprocessed source attached19:24
psusicjwatson: hrm.. then it is a bug that gpm-manager.c in g-p-m doesn't do that?19:24
dokodebfx: do you prepare the report?19:30
debfxdoko: I'm on it, what preprocessed source should I attach?19:32
dokobuild it with -save-temps19:32
janimocnd, yes. But I have the impression the diffs LP outputs are for the whole package not just debian/ diffs19:33
cndjanimo, I'm looking at one of the patches in debian/patches19:33
cndit's an autogenerated patch from dh19:34
janimocnd, in that case I take back what I said19:34
cndit makes me wonder if the qt 4.7.2 merge is correct, since it often suggests that you've updated the tarball but not the package19:34
cndso the autogenerated patch ends up undoing all the changes19:34
janimocnd, now I see that patch too, indeed quite large19:35
janimocnd, did you see regressions because of that patch?19:37
cndjanimo, no, I went to check the source19:37
cndand fix an issue with the xi 2.1 multitouch patch19:38
cndwhen I saw that huge thing19:38
debfxdoko: bug #73086019:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730860 in gcc-4.5 (Ubuntu) "virtualbox-ose fails to build due to an internal compiler error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73086019:40
janimocnd, the first lines in it suggest it is autogenerated as a summary of upstream changes, but I don't know why it is included there19:40
dokodebfx: amd64 only?19:41
janimoone of the Kubuntu folk may know, Riddell is away this week AFAIK19:41
janimoScottK, ^19:41
debfxdoko: haven't tested i386 yet19:41
cndjanimo, the header of the patch is just autogenerated19:42
cjwatsonpsusi: I guess so.  it may not be serious19:47
cjwatsoncnd: dpkg-source is what autogenerates the patch, not dh.19:48
cndcjwatson, since you stepped into the conversation :), do you have any ideas as to how a 1+ million line patch could be generated?19:49
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debfxcnd: that patch should be dropped19:57
cnddebfx, yes, but it's not as easy as just saying it should be :)19:57
cndthe question is: how did it get there in the first place19:57
cndand is the package being built correctly19:58
debfxcnd: either it's some 4.7.1 vs 4.7.2 mixup or the build process changed some files that weren't cleaned properly19:59
debfxI've looked at the diffstat, there is nothing we want to keep20:00
cnddebfx, yeah, so I'm thinking we need to wait till Riddell can take a look, since he's the one who updated to 4.7.220:00
cndjust to be sure20:00
psusihrm... I think I need to add an argument to org.freedesktop.UPower.Sleeping to say whether it's hibernate or suspend... hrm... now to figure out how to extract such an argument from a GVariant...20:02
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bryceh_@pilot in20:07
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micahgwow, 4 patch pilots in one day :)20:09
* micahg guesses it makes sense20:10
bryceh_suspect a couple just forgot to log out20:10
micahgIs there an AA to apply some overrides20:11
micahgarchive adin20:11
bryceh_not me, bug cjwatson might still be around20:11
bryceh_er, s/bug/but/20:11
ScottKjanimo: debfx is probably your best bet if Riddell isn't around.20:14
janimoScottK, ok20:14
janimocnd, ^ :)20:14
cnddebfx, janimo: are either of you familiar with qt4-x11?20:15
cndI really don't know the regular maintainers of the package20:15
cndI just provided one patch20:15
cndso if you guys are the regular maintainers, then by all means have at it :)20:15
janimocnd, me too :)20:15
micahgScottK: can you apply archive overrides?20:16
ScottKmicahg: No.20:16
debfxcnd: yes, what needs to be done? :)20:18
sbeattiemicahg: best to ask in #ubuntu-release.20:20
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cnddebfx, just figure out what's up with that odd debian patch20:31
cndmake sure qt is building correctly20:32
psusioh boy, lots of patch pilots.. I wonder if my fixes to dmraid and parted will get merged today...20:34
psusidoes this look about right to register for a dbus signal? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/577165/20:43
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debfx_rsalveti: do you have patches for the packages that broke by switching to gles in qt? bug #70779420:48
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 707794 in koffice (Ubuntu) "libqt4-opengl on armel should be compiled with OpenGL ES 2.x support" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70779420:48
rsalvetidebfx: not yet21:12
rsalvetibut plan to help porting all those packages21:13
MeltingKeyboardAnything I can do to help?21:26
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MeltingKeyboardwhere would I look to find stuff to do?21:26
dokoTheMuso: ping21:27
dokomterry: you accepted the wrong ones \o/ ;-P21:28
mterrydoko, yeah, sorry  :)21:29
mterrythose perl packages were delightfully well-maintained though21:29
arandMeltingKeyboard: Harvest might be one place to look: http://harvest.ubuntu.com/ , I'm not completely sure what you're asking about though21:30
MeltingKeyboardI will look there21:31
MeltingKeyboardI was just wondering if there was something I could help with with the new release date looming21:31
dokomterry: so the missing symbols files are the only complaints?21:32
mterrydoko, and dbus-c++ is orphaned in debian.  Doesn't inspire confidence21:33
dokomterry: sure, but we had it in main before21:34
mterrydoko, it was in main as part of another package, whose maintainer presumably took care of it, right?21:34
mterrynow no one claims to21:34
dokoand makes ubuntustudio uninstallable21:35
dokoor was it for mythbuntu?21:36
arandMeltingKeyboard: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment is a more general overview. It may be a good idea to pick a specific area and engage the relevant people with your specific ideas about what you would help with.21:36
barry@pilot out21:39
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sorenabhinav-: Sorry, what's the context?21:44
apacheloggercjwatson: can I somehow get the pid of a process using libpipeline?22:11
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dokomterry: one is missing, which I didn't see.  please could you look at bug #729907 too?22:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729907 in libnet-domain-tld-perl (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libnet-domain-tld-perl" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72990722:54

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