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airurandoOneiric Ocelot = 11:1012:15
airurandothey seem to be getting more abstract each iteration12:16
airurandoczajkowski: Hi12:16
czajkowskiairurando: hows you12:16
airurandogood now.12:17
airurandogood holiday?12:17
airurandoat least a plush Ocelot can be procured12:18
ebelwtf is a ocelot?12:18
airurandomid sizer wild cat12:18
airurandocouldn't get a bloody Narwhal for love or money but Ocelots are no problem.12:19
czajkowskithat is a cute cat12:19
airurandoorder placed for the Ubuntu-ie LoCo 11.10 release party12:20
moylanthought you hated cats12:21
czajkowskiI do12:21
czajkowskibut thats more a baby tiger12:22
moylanyou can get an ocicat which is a hybrid.  http://meow-cats.com/ocicat/  don't like fancy breeds myself.  prefer moggies.12:23
ebelthat's a cute kitty12:24
slashtomcats are evil12:24
czajkowskiso what happened in smithfield....12:24
ebelbut cute!12:24
moylanno, cats are not evil.  that's just attributing human characteristics to an animal that is completely different.12:24
ebelczajkowski: traveller feud12:24
slashtomcats stop me breathing12:26
slashtomtherefore evil!12:26
slashtomcztab: good holiday?12:26
czajkowskiit was really nice well needed break12:27
slashtomgreat stuffs12:27
slashtomwhen are you next coming back home?12:27
moylanis it not your immune system that stops you breathing? :-)12:28
czajkowskislashtom: I've no idea12:28
czajkowskidad is wondering the same thing12:28
czajkowskiMay is already booked and last 2 weeks in April I'm up the walls12:28
slashtomalthough, i only visit the UK about twice a year12:30
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airurandoevening tdr11220:00
tdr112hey airurando20:02
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airurandotdr112: you keeping well?20:11
airurandois the college workload easing off?20:12
tdr112kind of i am a bit behind as in was away in riga for the weekend20:15
airurandotdr112: business or pleasure?20:23
tdr112a stag weekend20:28
tdr112so lots of pleasure20:28
airurandovery good.20:43

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