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vishtsimpson: hi, can you turn on the buginfo for bug links too in #ayatana ? (ubot5 there)17:56
vishit just turns out no one knew it had to be turned on ;)17:57
tsimpsonvish: could you get joey to ask, or rather to confirm?17:58
tsimpsonjust in /msg is fine17:59
vishtsimpson: joey?17:59
vishhmm, not sure who that is, but seems he has registered the channel..17:59
tsimpsonwell, I would like someone "in charge" to ask I guess18:00
vishtsimpson: afaik, no one by the nick joey comes to that channel.. i asked jcastro, didrocks, and lamalex18:00
vish asked in the channel …18:01
vishtsimpson: btw, when #ayatana channel was formed, i was the one who had asked for a bit there :)18:01
tsimpsontell ya what, I'll enable it and just join there, then if anyone has complaints they know where to poke me :)18:02
vishthanks :)18:02
tsimpsonhmm, vish, it should already be enabled in there18:06
vishoh! its not working then..18:06
* vish checks 18:06
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tsimpsonvish: it should be fixed now,just supybot being odd19:00
vishtsimpson: awesome thanks :)19:00
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