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fairuzwhich process has pid = 0?08:40
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RAOFfairuz: init.08:40
fairuzRAOF: ty08:41
RAOF(Which, in Ubuntu, will be upstart)08:41
fairuzRAOF: does this process will run with the kernel?08:42
fairuzRAOF: or just at the beginning08:42
RAOFI'm not sure what you mean?08:43
fairuzRAOF: when I do ps -A, I see that there is no pid 0, init is at pid 108:43
RAOFAh.  Then maybe I meant “there is no pid 0, but init is at pid 1” :{08:44
RAOFAh.  Then maybe I meant “there is no pid 0, but init is at pid 1” :)08:44
fairuzso pid 0 doesnt exist at all?08:44
RAOFNow that I think of it, ‘0’ is probably used as a flag value for pid.08:45
Krunchinit is 108:45
fairuzyes, I see that init is pid 108:46
fairuzi just wondering, since I saw a code that set the affinity of the processor08:46
fairuzand it passes 0 for the pid argument08:46
fairuzAnd I just wonder which process does have pid 008:47
Krunchfor syscalls, passing 0 as a pid usually means "myself"08:47
fairuzah ok08:47
fairuzthat make sense08:47
Krunch"If pid is zero, then the calling process is used." -- SCHED_SETAFFINITY(2)08:48
fairuzKrunch: RAOF: ok all make sense now. Thanks08:49
fairuzif we set sched_setaffinity to current process08:51
fairuzthat doesnt mean that if we start another process after that, it receive the same affinity?08:52
fairuzit just affects the process that call the setaffinity, right?08:52
Krunchread the friendly manual08:54
KrunchA child created via fork(2) inherits its parent’s CPU affinity mask.08:54
fairuzKrunch: yes i read it. Thanks. But my concern is if I launch a process A to start a hardware counter, then start the process B, and recall process A to stop the counter08:56
fairuzso if I set the affinity in process A, it does not affect process B?08:56
fairuz(process B is not a child of process A), consider its a random test case08:57
Krunchi don't see why it would08:57
Krunchbut just try08:57
fairuzdoes mmap in user space do the same thing as ioremap in kernel space?09:29
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apwfairuz, nope10:09
omryhi, got a new HP Envy and I am seeing some issues. brighness control keys are not working, touch pad is not wokring correctly and I also not sure turbo boost is working as it should (I see scaling up to 1.73ghz instead of up to 2.93ghz).10:10
fairuzapw: ok. So is there a way to get a virt addr for a known phys addr in user space?10:10
omryI am currently on the stock 10.10 kernel (2.6.35)10:11
omryany recommendations?10:11
Krunchfairuz: i doubt there is an API for that10:11
Krunchfairuz: what you actually trying to do?10:12
fairuzKrunch: just trying to write to a register in userspace10:12
fairuzI want to avoid writing a device driver if possible10:12
Krunchhave you looked at ptrace?10:13
fairuzKrunch: I dont think I get what you mean by using ptrace10:15
Krunchthe ptrace() system calls allows you to observe and modify processes, there is a flag specifically to change the registers10:15
Krunchor you meant a hardware register or something?10:16
Krunchs/hardware/pci or otherwise not general purpose/10:17
fairuzyes i mean hardware registers, sorry.10:17
Krunchi doubt you can go and mess the hardware from userland without writing a device driver10:18
Krunchbut there are some facilities like libpci10:18
fairuzKrunch: ok.10:18
RAOFYou probably can go and mess with (at least PCI, probably more of) the hardware from userspace; X drivers used to be user-space, for example.10:19
Krunchwell, in principle you can do pretty much anything you want from userspace by poking around /dev/kmem :)10:21
fairuzdo you mean /dev/mem?10:21
Krunchbut don't do that10:21
fairuzit's dangerous i assume?10:22
Krunchit's tricky and it will break on every update10:22
RAOFWhat sort of hardware are you trying to prod, anyway?10:22
Krunchyou can see an example of using libpci to change CPU MSR here http://timetobleed.com/enabling-bios-options-on-a-live-server-with-no-rebooting/10:23
Krunchthat's a much saner approach 10:23
Krunchand i am confused, the MSR is not changed through libpci10:23
Krunchdepend what you are trying to do exactly10:24
fairuzRAOF: it's PL310, a L2 cache controller for ARM10:26
RAOFFunky.  No PCI for you!10:28
fairuzRAOF: yes =)10:29
RAOFX did (and still does, I believe) also have userspace I2C drivers, which might be closer to what you're after.10:29
fairuzok thanks10:30
fairuzIf it's too complicated, I'll just write a device driver for that10:30
fairuzeasier i guess10:30
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tgardnerapw, ba04c7c93bbcb48ce880cf75b6e9dffcd79d4c7b10:58
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pgranertgardner, http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/Online/News/Ubuntu-11.10-Named-Oneiric-Ocelot14:25
* smb wished they would get back to attributes he does not need a dictionary for14:26
JFoI'll be referring to it as 'O'14:26
JFosmb :)14:26
smbHm, ok something as dreamlike. Could be good or bad. :-P14:29
hallynHi - bug 714335 was supposedly fixed in the -generic but not -server kernel.  Is that possible?  Or does rebuilding -server and -virtual kernels require a separate trigger?14:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 714335 in linux "KVM SMP Linux Guests Hang on AMD" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71433514:35
smbhallyn, What makes you think that it should be fixed? IIRC that is one thing I had on my things to review still14:38
hallynsmb: just that the bug submitter said it was fixed :)14:38
hallynsmb: great, thanks I'll leave a comment to the effect that it's awaiting review14:39
smbhallyn, One never knows what exactly was fixed where. Yes, and I try to get back to that next thing today14:40
smbhallyn, I beleieve I started and was wondering about patch #1 which said something about moving a function but the patch looked like adding (probably because of the backport). And before I got to check against the upstream patch I must have been interrupted by something else14:42
hallynsmb: yeah the original commit did the same thing and i didn't want to rock the boat.  (it 'moved' a function without removing the original one :)  14:43
hallynsmb: thanks.  14:43
smbhallyn, Ah ok. :)14:43
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LLStarkshi, i was wondering if bug 621265 could get some attention. its had a fix ready for over a month yet still hasn't been backported to maverick.18:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 621265 in linux "Slow Wireless Connection in Intel 3945abg" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62126518:20
* jjohansen looks18:22
jjohansenLLStarks: generally fixes like this wait on them moving into the upstream stable tree, of course the .35 tree is a bit different story18:24
LLStarkseven usability issues?18:27
LLStarkshow do i request an sru?18:28
jjohansenLLStarks: you can send a mail to the kernel team mailing list18:31
smosersmb, around ?18:32
kamalapw: natty 2.6.38-6.33 is FTBFS (due to toolchain breakage?):  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.38-6.33/+buildjob/230613219:33
JFokamal, likely he is out with pgraner and the new folks since they are doing the 'new guy sprint'19:41
kamalJFo: yup, well apw will surely enjoy knowing that natty kernel is borked when he returns from whatever den of iniquity they're um... "sprinting" at.  ;-)19:44
genuxlo. was wondering how to compile the new kernel on 11.04 ? what packages do you need, ? I have done apt-get build-dep linux19:56
genuxis there anyone here ?20:13
genuxwhat packages are required to compile the present kernel ? just that I am getting errors with .size on assembly.. which could be a funny nasm ?20:16
jjohansengenux: this is natty?20:16
jjohansengenux: friday we started noticing build failures, it seems to be a tool update issue20:17
kamalgenux: looks like this?:   arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S:1544: Error: .size expression does not evaluate to a constant    <--- the toolchain problem20:18
genuxarh k. do you have any idea on what tool ? is it because of library's 32bit/64bit ? or is it nasm ?20:18
jjohansenatm you can get around this by building in a maverick chroot, but its an issue that will need to be resolved this week20:18
jjohansengenux: I'm not sure yet, I didn't pursue it friday, and haven't looked at it today yet either20:19
genuxk.. I wiped off maverick :(. and installed alpha 3.20:19
jjohansenbut we do know that it builds fine in a tool chain from about a week ago, and on maverick20:19
jjohansengenux: can you install a chroot env20:19
jjohansenif you have space its easy, using a kernel team script20:20
genuxk cool :). shall do that instead :). thanks very much for the help.20:20
genuxask a silly question but where would I get the kernel team script ?20:20
jjohansengenux: just a sec I am looking that one up20:20
genuxyeah I have the space.. 120GB for the install20:20
genuxjjohansen: thanks :)20:20
genuxjjonansen: I would really like to learn more about the kernel process, is there any advice ? I have kernel device drivers book, but would like to re-write the acpi allocation for devices that *believe* the BIOS is saying where something is, but the BIOS has got it wrong. (a problem on my laptop tbh)20:23
kamalgenux, jjohansen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Action/BuildChroot20:23
jjohansenkamal: thanks, I have the worst time finding things since the wiki was reworked20:24
kamaljjohansen: me too ;-)20:24
genuxjjohansen: thanks very much20:24
jjohansengenux: as for kernel dev, Linux Device Drivers 3rd edition is a good starting point (its a bit dated, but its free).  The new edition of robert loves kernel book is fairly up to date as books go and is good20:25
jjohansenkernel newbies is also a good start20:25
jjohansenfor Ubuntu specific stuff20:26
genuxyeah.. I have subscribed to the kernel newbies :).20:26
genuxthanks for the book (I have got the 3rd edition :) ) and shall get the other one :)20:26
genuxthanks for the ubuntu link.20:26
genuxthanks very much for the help20:26
jjohansenunforntunately after a certain point its just diving into the code and trying to figure out what is going on (especially on linux, documentation is somewhat lacking)20:27
jjohansengenux: also the most up to date kernel doc is in the linux kernel it self in the Documentation directory20:28
jjohansengenux: np20:28
genuxtbh.. that is something that really interest me.. I have done c/c++/java/.net/php etc etc. and really want to get to learn the internals of the OS :) thanks very much20:28
genuxjjohansen: thanks, you have been really helpful :).20:29
jjohansengenux: glad to be of some help20:29
genuxjjonansen: btw the wiki link, there is a scripts directory within the chroot-setup, chroot-setup/scripts/build-mkschroot, should that be a ln within the chrootsetup directory ?20:33
jjohansengenux: ?.  I am not sure I follow, you can copy the script to your bin dir, or add it to your path element or execute it in place20:36
jjohansenso I would normally do ./chroot-setup/build-mkschroot --arch=i386 maverick maverick-i386 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu20:37
jjohansenoh and make sure I am in the directory where I want the chroot to be created20:37
jjohansenand then to enter the chroot I use schroot20:37
jjohansenschroot -c maverick-i38620:37
jjohansens/i386/amd64/  if you want to do a 64bit environment20:38
genuxjjohansen: thanks20:38
jjohansenthe chroot is nice in that it carries processor personality so that you can have both i386 and am64 chroots on the same machine20:38
genuxvery cool :)20:38
jjohansenie. build i386 and amd64 kernels and not have to think about it20:38
genuxthanks very much20:39
shadeslayerquick question, can i make the squashfs of a maverick live cd from natty?21:27
shadeslayeri mean will it be compatible>21:27
shadeslayerwe have squashfs-tools 4.1 in natty and 4.0 in maverick21:28
shadeslayer( i'm trying to get a fully updated maverick live CD with backports and updates enabled )21:31

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