cjohnstonczajkowski: commented on your bug00:00
cjohnstonYoBoY: confirming that your bug about editing team details is fixed00:28
RonnieYoBoY: its posseble that you have to wait 20 minutes, after the new release. the script executes every 20 min00:30
cjohnstonlpupdate ran with no errors00:31
cjohnstonYoBoY: i can edit fr details00:32
paultagcjohnston: why has no one looked at that bug?00:40
paultagcjohnston: I know when someone on the council of the team that the app's only use is for says that something is important, it's important00:41
paultagcjohnston: could you *please* get someone to look at that? It's fell through for a few releases now00:41
paultagI've waited 4 months00:43
cjohnstonpaultag: the problem is that except for Daniel, all of us are volunteers.. Its up to the developers what they want to develop. If a developer isn't interested in the bug, then they aren't.00:58
paultagcjohnston: you relize saying that is giving me the middle finger, right?01:00
paultag"No one cares about your issue" is what I read into that01:00
cjohnstonpaultag: I actually did take offence to your email. I was watching TV with my wife when the email came in, and I got up to come to the office to reply.01:00
paultagcjohnston: the loco-directory's only job is to aid in the loco communites. It's my role in this community to maintain that.01:01
paultagcjohnston: a failure in the ld is harming the loco communties. I've been patiant01:01
cjohnstonI understand that. However, at the same time, when we have asked for input from the LC, I do remember getting the middle finger myself.01:02
cjohnstonI also remember where that went, and I don't want to go there again.01:02
paultagcjohnston: yes, because you were asking us write blurbs that were on the wiki01:02
paultagcjohnston: have fun, get back to whatever your doing.01:02
paultagyou're *01:02
cjohnstonPerhaps there hasn't been a way thought of to make it work well.. I have considered it a number of different times, however I haven't come up with a way to impliment. There are bugs filed from more than a year ago, that going based on age should be well ahead of the virtual event bug. However, we (or atleast I) don't go based on age. I also don't think that the lack of having a virtual venue has a huge amount of01:05
cjohnstonAnd in reference to how members of the teams get treated, a bug from our last release about not being able to edit team details was identified on 2/23, we were finally able to figure it out on Thursday (it was an error being thrown on the production server, but not locally, so we didn't know about the error causing the bug until ISS manually ran the script at our request and found the bug) and today the fix was 01:11
cjohnstonWe have reciently made a huge addition in adding meetings to LD.01:12
mhall119daker: is symfony in the repos?01:17
mhall119Ronnie: IDEs and bzr are covered elsewhere on developer.u.c, I'm just focusing on the web-specific tools01:17
mhall119paultag: can I talk to you in PM?01:41
paultagmhall119: yeah, sure01:42
YoBoYgood morning06:11
YoBoYcjohnston: that's odd, I was able to edit my team details before the release ? ^^" I can see now the differences, and I can see also my modifications haven't been registered07:12
dholbachgood morning08:04
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czajkowskiAloha 09:53
trinikronoczajkowski: i am up to 4 members now do you think i can be ready for global jam lol?10:02
czajkowskiall you need is you plus + 1 :)10:03
dakergood morning10:04
trinikrono:D well i am going to make a event then10:04
dakermhall119, no you have to the symfony repos or install it using pear10:04
cjohnstonYoBoY: your saying you can't edit team details now?10:54
mhall119daker: I'm trying to limit it to what's available from Ubuntu's repos12:18
YoBoYcjohnston: no, I can edit now, I'm saying I can edit since 22h25 (UTC) yesterday12:54
mhall119YoBoY: did anything change with your admin team's membership?13:01
mhall119it's possible that whatever data was causing lpupdate to fail was changed, allowing it to run successfully13:02
YoBoYthe only thing we changed is adding cjohnston to our team ^^"13:02
YoBoYnow he's part of the great french team, he have to work for us :D13:03
czajkowskiYoBoY: he does with the amount of bugs you log :p13:04
mhall119YoBoY: heh, I doubt that's it13:05
mhall119czajkowski: +113:05
YoBoYand you are lucky, I have a lot of bug/wishes I haven't registered ^^"13:05
* czajkowski minds her LD devs13:05
czajkowskione has to go through me if you increase their bug load 13:06
mhall119hey wait, you increase our bug load too13:08
czajkowskismall ickle bugs 13:08
mhall119yeah but they're Irish, which means that even though they're small, they've got a lot of fight in them13:11
YoBoYYou know our team don't really use the LD (one day...), but I try to register all our event's to encourage the other teams to do the same, to be forgiven for all my bugs :)13:11
mhall119YoBoY: um, there's a bunch of ubuntu-fr events on LD13:11
mhall119noone else is using them?13:12
YoBoYmissing 2 or 3 yet for march ^^"13:12
mhall119YoBoY: what's the barrier?  Are we missing some functionality, or is it just resistance to change?13:12
YoBoYnot really, we already have our website for that :]13:12
YoBoYbut with time... and some calendar integration on our side (or your side ^^") we can perhaps use both :)13:13
YoBoYour website can promote the events on the french planet when the date is comming13:14
czajkowskiYoBoY: an RSS feed of the events on the LD 13:14
czajkowskithat way there is a history of PASt eventxs there13:14
YoBoYwe can add articles also to talk about the conferences for the upcomming events13:14
czajkowskishould your hosting drop off and die 13:14
YoBoYwe have a calandar view13:15
mhall119YoBoY: you use wordpress right?13:16
mhall119I think I looked into this for you, there's a plugin that'll let you populate the WP calendar from an ical feed, which you can get from LD13:17
czajkowskithere is 13:17
YoBoYmhall119: yes, it's planned to add that one day, but missing time... ^^"13:17
mhall119YoBoY: ain't that always the case :(13:18
YoBoYmissing time to learn python/django to help you on LD, missing time to add functionalities on our websites, ... arg why I need to sleep at night ^^"13:19
mhall119sleep is over-rated13:19
YoBoYOneiric Ocelot ? :)13:20
dakercodename for 11.1013:21
YoBoYyes :D13:21
YoBoYI like the "Nothing hugs quite like dholbach" :D13:23
mhall119someone needs to take away Mark's dictionary13:26
YoBoYOnirique in french13:26
mhall119oh good, http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/oneiric has an audio pronunciation13:27
jpdsmhall119: http://translate.google.co.uk/#en|en|Oneiric%20Ocelot - "Listen."13:27
mhall119another cat though?  Now we have to endure another 6 months of "OMG! you're trying to be like OSX!"13:28
mhall119jpds: thanks13:29
YoBoYbtw mhall119 do you want a bug for a calendar view ? :D 13:31
mhall119YoBoY: in LD?13:33
YoBoYyes :)13:33
mhall119hmmm, yeah that'd be a good idea13:33
mhall119are you wanting something to view directly, or embed in an iframe in your site?13:33
YoBoYdon't know13:35
YoBoYbut we can start with a direct view and think about an iframe or other system to embed in external sites13:35
mhall119YoBoY: is your site's calendar view code you made, or is that from a WP plugin?13:36
mhall119"Nothing hugs quite like dholbach, though, and he’s no hairy ape." lol13:41
YoBoYthe last thing I coded was patches to improve the time response on our french documentation :]13:42
YoBoYthe discussion we have now on my team "how many french 11.04 live cd are we making this time, 10000 or more" I love this team ^^13:58
mhall11910,000? wow!14:25
czajkowskiYoBoY: with all these people surely we can get more of them to dev on the LD 14:27
YoBoYczajkowski: if only... I'll try to talk about the LD on the global jam, it's a good project to start learning how to use Launchpad in the ubuntu universe :)14:29
YoBoYbut lot of our users are really normal users, who don't know how to program, or who don't speak english. Ubuntu here it's really for human being14:31
mhall119Ronnie: ping15:30
Ronniemhall119: pong15:30
mhall119Ronnie: are you happy with the current state of the maps stuff?15:31
mhall119I'm thinking of packaging ubuntu-django-foundations and trying to get it into the Universe repository for Natty15:31
Ronniethe javascript itself is nearly complete, but the django implementation needs a lot of improvement15:33
Ronniethe map should be more a generic django plugin or something15:33
YoBoYif you plan to put that in foundation can you switch back to something more "open" who can use openstreetmap and google maps, not just google maps ? ^^"15:33
mhall119how much?  I'm going to have to get a feature freeze exception as it is, and the sooner i have packages the more likely we are to get it into Natty15:33
Ronniefor now its a demo implemetation of using the javascript icw django15:34
mhall119YoBoY: we've discussed OpenStreetMap before, and even the developers of it agree that it's not a good fit for what we are doing15:34
czajkowskiI am going to copy and paste that discussion for reference at some point15:35
czajkowskiit's been brought up on mailing lists15:35
mhall119czajkowski: +115:35
czajkowskiand irc15:35
czajkowskiand oh a blog post as well 15:35
mhall119I think it's in one of the bugs15:35
mhall119oh, maybe it was a blog post15:35
czajkowskiaye 15:35
Ronniemhall119: what do we expect of a maps plugin for django15:35
mhall119but yeah, it keeps coming up, and I don't want people to think we're blowing them off15:35
czajkowskimhall119: aye but there is a good reason, even if you google it, it's a hit 15:36
mhall119Ronnie: I think just a simple API for converting Models to the JSON the map's javascript needs15:36
mhall119Ronnie: it doesn't have to be perfect before we ship15:37
mhall119I'll setup a PPA, and we can always try and get updated into backports as well15:37
Ronniei even dont know if foudations itself is ready to be shipped even15:37
mhall119I just want to have it available before we advertise it on developer.u.c15:37
mhall119Ronnie: what do you think it missing?  I know documentation, anything else?15:38
Ronniemhall119: have you ever wrote an app working with django foundations?15:39
Ronniebut if the UDF is shipped in universe, we could easily push updates15:40
mhall119depends on what you mean by "working" ;)15:40
mhall119I got a working test site with it15:40
mhall119but haven't developed anything for use15:40
Ronniemy 'stopping' points are mainly serving the mediafiles15:41
Ronnieand extending the user model15:41
Ronniesome sort of depency handling15:41
Ronnieatm i have no sight of the Launchpad link, openid login ect, hows that handled?15:42
mhall119hmmm, I'd have to look into it15:43
mhall119okay, maybe u-d-f will have to wait until Oneiric (must get used to spelling that)15:45
Ronniei think standards for these behaviour must be ready before shipping it15:45
Ronnieelse we got a lot of different used of UDF15:45
mhall119alright, I'm not sure if I'll have enough time in the near-future to do much with that, but I'll see what needs to be done15:45
Ronnieif we can think of 3 different standard apps, and work them out, we learn how things work best15:46
mhall119Ronnie: do you think maps can be one of them?15:46
Ronnieyes maps is a good one15:47
mhall119I know light-django-theme and twidenash are ready to package15:47
mhall119I can probably get the launchpad and teams stuff ready15:47
Ronniemhall119: i have my doubts about twidenash15:47
mhall119Ronnie: it's already in use, there's no harm packaging it15:47
Ronniethere are no config options for this15:48
Ronniemhall119: did you see my merge request to LD for twidentica ?15:48
mhall119right, there's a lot of work to do to make it better, but it's still safe to ship15:48
mhall119Ronnie: I don't think so, what's the link?15:48
Ronnieits a replacement for twidenash, and has config options (jquery like), can show multiple different tags on one page15:49
Ronniei noticed when making the "My Teams" page that it was not possible to regulate the amount of tweets to display, and there could be only one intance of twidenash on one page15:50
mhall119Ronnie: is this a fork of twidenash?15:50
Ronnietherefore i made my own jquery plugin15:50
Ronnieno, its a total rewrite15:50
Ronnieworking like a jquery plugin15:50
mhall119ok, so it depends on jqeury?15:51
mhall119is it missing any functionality that twidenash provides?15:51
Ronniethere is one little 'bug' that twidenash not has. When multiple sources are used, the tweets are not sorted on date15:52
mhall119because I'm okay with using this as the new twidenash, instead of a separate project15:53
Ronnieidenti.ca is usually very slow, so if the twitter-tweets are loaded, but identi.ca has newer tweets, they are not shown15:54
mhall119can you do what twidenash does to mix them together and sort by datetime?15:55
Ronniemhall119: its possible, but not written yet15:55
Ronniei think all the other features of twidenash are supported15:56
Ronniei even think about live updates of the feewd15:56
mhall119Ronnie: you should have access to https://launchpad.net/twidenash now, would you mind creating a 2.0 series for this new code?15:57
Ronnieoke, put it on twidenash15:58
mhall119yeah, I like where you're going with this15:58
Ronniemhall119: how can i add a 2.0 series?15:59
Ronnieoh, found it15:59
Ronniemhall119: it it OK, to call the script jquery-twidenash.js ?16:03
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Ronniemhall119: i cant push to the branch http://paste.ubuntu.com/577030/16:09
Ronniei did and 'bzr init', 'bzr add', 'bzr commit -m "..."' and than the push in the paste16:09
dakermhall119, did you tried to move the files to an other folder then retry ?16:27
dakeri mean Ronnie 16:27
Ronniehow do you mean daker16:30
Ronnietwidenash/0.2 is an empty branch, i need to push one file to it16:30
kim0mhall119: hi there, any idea why http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/763/detail/ lists me as kim02 ?!16:31
kim0dholbach said you'd know :)16:31
dholbachof course, mhall119 knows everything16:32
dakerkim0, that's a bug on the djang-opendid-auth lib, there is a fix for it and wating to be merged16:32
nigelb+o ;)16:33
dakerbug 63977216:33
Davieydholbach, do you have admin on LD?16:33
ubot4`Launchpad bug 639772 in loco-directory (and 1 other project) "New user name after LP login (affects: 4) (dups: 2) (heat: 19)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63977216:33
kim0daker: rock n roll :)16:34
YoBoYRonnie: have you try to push with the long name lp:~owner/... ?16:35
RonnieYoBoY: is it possible to put the code into a sersies ?16:36
YoBoYit should be yes16:37
Ronniesee the result: https://code.launchpad.net/twidenash16:37
YoBoYRonnie: perhaps you can now attach this branch to the serie :]16:40
dakerand change to onwer of the branch to "django-foundations-dev"16:41
Ronniedone, thx YoBoY16:41
dakernow it's ok16:42
YoBoYRonnie: i tested it with staging, and after a first error like yours, and some time waiting, it worked directly. Perhaps you have to let launchpad be aware of the branch before trying to push in.16:46
RonnieYoBoY: maybe, ill try next time. thx16:46
* Ronnie is going to eat now16:47
YoBoYbon appétit :)16:47
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mhall119daker: actually the fix for kim02 should be fixed already :(17:19
mhall119I'll take a look17:19
dakeryay it's fixed for me17:20
dakerah no :s17:21
mhall119daker: it's not?17:24
mhall119I don't see a kim02 in LD17:24
dakeryes it's not fixed for still show my old lp nickname17:25
dakermhall119, look http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/763/detail/17:25
mhall119daker: renames aren't fixed yet, that's what I have in django-openid-auth17:25
dakerah ok17:25
mhall119but it adding +1 to the end of your current username, that bug is fixed17:26
dakerah it's fixed now for kim017:26
mhall119our 2 outstanding bugs are from user renames, and not getting an LP username from the SSO response17:27
mhall119I have fixes for both in django-openid-auth, but I have to write unit tests for them before they'll be accepted17:27
YoBoYit's just me or some mugshots of the users are missing in your link daker  ? 17:28
mhall119YoBoY: it's not just you17:28
mhall119that's another known bug17:28
mhall119We don't get the direct URL to a mugshot from LP17:28
dakeryes it's a bug17:28
mhall119instead we get a URL to launchpad librarian, whether librarian actually has a mugshot for that person or not17:28
mhall119we've been in discussion with LP devs on how to fix that17:29
mhall119either daker or Ronnie was working on that one17:29
YoBoYthese users don't have mugshots defined in launchpad17:29
YoBoYstrange this is not for every missing mugshots ^^17:30
mhall119I don't recall the specifics, but in some cases we were getting URLs that didn't point to images17:30
mhall119YoBoY: sometimes we get a URL that returns text, isntead of an image17:30
mhall119sometimes we get a URL that returns a redirect to a url that has an image17:31
mhall119like I said, it's kind of screwy, but we're working on nailing it down17:31
mhall119YoBoY: for example, go to https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~m-gamal005/logo17:32
YoBoYdo you use a cache system or ask everytime to LP for the mugshot ?17:32
mhall119that is supposed to redirect to an image17:32
mhall119but instead just shows text17:32
mhall119YoBoY: we keep it in the user profile, and only ask LP on updates17:32
mhall119but what we keep is a URL that redirects to the actual image, the URL doesn't take you straight there17:33
YoBoYok, you keep the link I presume17:33
mhall119we keep https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~{{username}}/logo if it doesn't return a 40417:34
mhall119but https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~m-gamal005/logo returns text, while https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~mhall119/logo returns a redirect to the mugshot17:34
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cjohnstonI like how YoBoY has is "missing time" to add the calendar to wordpress that will work from the feed from LD, but he has the time to file all the bugs. ;-) <-- czajkowski mhall119 22:22
YoBoYcjohnston: it's just because I think adding the link between ld and our site is less important than all the other things I do for the community. The more bugs I register, the more you can see how LD is important for me ;)22:28
cjohnstondo be do be do23:03
Ronniemhall119: can you make some spare time in this week to review my merges, they contain significant changes, which i need for solving other bugs23:50

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