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ajmitch_so, 'Oneiric Ocelot', opinions on the name? :)18:59
hadsA little bit tricky19:45
ibeardsleeonei┬Ěric - Adjective: Of or relating to dreams or dreaming.19:54
snailajmitch_: sounds like a good excuse to improve IPA and text-to-speech support: needed so we know how to pronounce the release names20:16
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* chilts_ is not a fan of that name20:34
chilts_but still, who am I to comment :)20:34
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snailchilts: personally i think that all non-LTS releases should be unpronounceable. would be a good way of differentiating them20:49
ojwbyou see, this is where debian clearly wins, as none of the characters in toy story have unpronounceable names20:50
ojwbperhaps it's a deliberate ploy to get people to use the version numbers?20:51

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