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bdmurraynatty alpha 3 is still listed as a valid milestone in Launchpad15:39
cjwatsonbdmurray: fixed, thanks15:50
cjwatson(I think the term you want is "active" rather than "valid")15:50
bdmurraycjwatson: ah true.  If I were just part of the team I wouldn't need to use any term and could just fix it. ;-)15:51
skaet_bdmurray,  I tried last week, but there still seem to be permission issues.  :P15:53
bdmurrayskaet_: oh, right the not allowed to +edit issue15:56
skaet_yuppers... :P15:57
dokoskaet_: didn't hear back from the kubuntu guys about kde buildability16:04
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skaet_doko, ack16:16
ScottKdoko: Could you upload qt4-x11 building aganist gcc 4.5 to your toolchain PPA?  It would make testing a lot easier.16:41
dokoScottK: gcc-4.5 is building in natty, ogra will take care of it16:43
ScottKdoko: OK.  That'll work.16:44
charlie-tcaCould I have all powerpc builds stopped completely?16:49
charlie-tcaoops, "I" being Xubuntu16:49
skaet_cjwatson, ^^ ?16:53
ScottKcharlie-tca: I bit of "why" would be useful.16:59
cjwatsonI thought I already did.17:03
cjwatsonthe current ones are just carried over - I've removed them17:04
* cjwatson fixes the alternate/server builds too17:06
charlie-tcaScottK: because Xubuntu has no developers and testers for ppc. We have not had any for 9 months, and advertising for help has failed for 6 months17:09
ScottKcharlie-tca: OK.  I didn't realize you meant ISO builds.  I thought you were talking about package builds and was concerned something had gone wrong.17:10
charlie-tcaI already have both maverick and lucid 10.04.2 out without testing, and they don't really well for the very few that try to install them17:11
ScottKRight.  Once I realized you were discussing ISOs, I think it makes total sense.18:10
micahgI heard this is the place for archive admin requests?20:27
micahgslangasek: are you available to apply some archive overrides?20:31
slangasekcan be20:31
micahgslangasek: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/577159/20:31
micahgslangasek: and is this the best place to ask for these?20:31
slangasekthis is fine :)20:31
micahgslangasek: thank you :)20:31
slangasekdo I need to apply these overrides to updates or proposed too?20:32
micahgI guess it depends if they were copied to -updates yet20:33
micahgnot -proposed though20:33
micahglooks like they're just in -security at the moment20:33
slangasekmicahg: overrides done20:40
micahgslangasek: thanks20:41
slangasekmicahg: incidentally, a '-y' in there would've made it easier to cut'n'paste the commands :)20:41
micahgslangasek: I'll ask jdstrand about that when he gets back tomorrow, thanks20:41

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