AerialXCan you change 404.shtml to 404.php?00:03
OmegaSure :>00:21
AerialXNeeds tabs.00:25
AerialXChange the includes to php ones.00:26
AerialXThe logging one won't work as-is though.00:27
Omega<?php include("/404_found.php?page=" + $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] + "&refer=" + $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] + "&browser=" + $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] +00:36
Omega"&time=" + $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME']); ?>00:36
Omegais that valid php?00:36
AerialX. is string concatenation, not +.00:37
AerialXI don't know PHP that well though, so don't ask me >.>00:38
OmegaWell the tab one works now!00:38
AerialXThat logging doesn't seem incredibly useful anyway :P00:38
OmegaYeah, it was more useful when it was just web-hosting :P00:40
OmegaSo guys, AerialX is the awesome dude that is letting us host :D00:42
OmegaMuscovy: You missed it!00:43
Omega< Omega> So guys, AerialX is the awesome dude that is letting us host :D00:43
MuscovyOh, hello AerialX.00:44
OmegaI have been listening to http://www.linux.fm/ for 10 minutes.00:45
TourBotTitle: Linux Radio - Broadcasting the Linux kernel! (at www.linux.fm)00:45
OmegaBut Muscovy you can test it by putting ubuntutour.org to /etc/hosts00:52
OmegaYou'll notice the change in speed :)00:52
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