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dpmgood morning all07:41
TLEgood morgning08:04
TLEog my, monday! __morning__08:04
TLEdpm: Just a reminder, we have a lang pack update starting this thursday, will you keep on top of the build and announce if succesful ?08:10
dpmhey TLE, yes, I mentioned it on the translators list last week08:10
dpm(and good morning :)08:10
TLEdpm: D'oh!08:10
* TLE returns to caching up on old email08:11
dpmTLE, but nevermind, thanks for the heads up, though :-)08:11
andrejzhello dpm! i have a question/problem for you08:12
dpmhey andrejz :)08:12
TLEoh meant caTching up, though caching would be very handy too, suppose one could mentally cache the emails before going to boring meetings08:12
TLEon the other hand, that is what internetphones are for08:13
* TLE hugs his HTC Desire08:14
andrejzsorry for the delay , running 11.04 alpha (sometimes things become slightly ackward when doing upgrades) ;)08:16
andrejzthe problem is once again with apt related programs08:17
andrejzencoding is incorrect for some strings.08:17
andrejzi went to check it out and launchpad suggests i translated them "In upstream" on 2011-02-23 although i haven't touched apt since december08:17
dpmandrejz, could you point me to the particular strings?08:18
andrejzsure - https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/apt/+pots/apt-all/sl/+translate08:19
andrejzYou can see all these versions In upstream suggested by me on 2011-02-2308:21
andrejzi have no idea where they come from08:21
andrejzi have manually owerwritten them08:21
andrejzbut the same thing has happened in the beginning of december in maverick08:21
andrejz(just before the proposed language pack update08:22
andrejzi am wondering if something can be done to prevent that in the future08:22
dpmok, let me have a look in a few mins, brb08:24
dpmhi andrejz, the "In upstream" translation in https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/apt/+pots/apt-all/sl/+translate marks when an upstream translation was imported. So that means that there was a package upload around that date that contained upstream translations with the wrong encoding. I believe this is not a bug in LP, but rather that the package (be it through a translation mistake, be it to a packaging bug) contains these tr10:18
dpmanslations with the wrong encoding. The thing to do would be to find out the package which contains the wrong translations and take it from there. I'd recommend doing 'apt-get source apt' for the Lucid, Maverick and Natty packages, look at the translations there and find out which package contains the wrong ones10:18
andrejzdpm do you know in which folder does the source package get extracted10:22
dpmandrejz, if you do 'apt-get source <package>' the package is extracted in a subfolder generally named 'package-version' (i.e. a subfolder of the one you invoked 'apt-get source' from)10:24
andrejzfound it thanks.. looking at the po file it seems it's exported from launchapd, all encodings are utf-8, but some strings are not encoded properly10:27
andrejzi found this interesting :10:27
andrejz"POT-Creation-Date: 2011-03-03 17:39+0100\n"10:27
andrejz"PO-Revision-Date: 2010-09-05 20:35+0100\n"10:28
dpmlet me ask mvo how apt translations are handled10:28
andrejzdoes this mean trnaslations as were on 2010-09-05 are used ?10:28
dpmandrejz, it depends on how the file was translated. What I mean is, whether the PO-Revision-Date was updated or not. Launchpad updates it and some PO file editors do it as well. But if you edit a PO file with e.g. gedit, it will not update it for you, and you'll have to update it manually10:32
andrejzi translated the files on 2010-09-30 with poedit and uploaded it to launchpad and since then only done modifications in launchpad10:32
andrejzi have also done some modifications (in launchpad) on 2010-12-03, 2010-12-04 and 2010-12-0510:36
dpmthen it seems that the upstream translations coming from the package are overriding the LP translations10:41
dpmandrejz, I've just asked mvo (the apt maintainer) about it on #ubuntu-devel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576915/10:43
andrejzok thanks10:44
andrejzso if i undestand correctly all packages come exclusively from upstream and tehrefore launchpad translations have no effect on the translations that will appear in 11.04 ?10:44
andrejzthe thing is i talked with debian translator and he has commited translated packages (if you remember the problems originally came from debian) in december or so, so they should be ok10:45
andrejzis it possible i can export all translations from laucnhpad and send it to mvo and he commits it ? that should solve these problems once and for all10:48
dpmandrejz, you should still be able to override upstream translations through Launchpad, which comes handy for these kind of fixes, so I'm not sure why the upstream ones overwrote them. It might well have been because of the bug I mentioned a few weeks back on the translators list, which is fixed by now, but it might not have been when the translations were imported. In any case, I'd recommend re-checking that the translation fixes were a) indeed co10:48
dpmmmitted upstream and b) those translations included in the package10:48
dpmandrejz, yeah, that might be an option, I'd recommend talking to mvo directly on #ubuntu-devel. He's a nice guy, and I'm sure he'll help you if he can. Mention to him that you are in touch with the upstream translators as well10:50
andrejzok i will ask10:54
andrejzthanks for all the help10:54
gtriderxccan it be my turn now to ask a question/:)10:55
gtriderxcthe problme is:10:56
gtriderxc# Template “indicator-datetime”10:56
gtriderxc%l:%M %p10:56
gtriderxcI already got from U the link above10:57
gtriderxcbut now the question is10:57
gtriderxcwhether I should translate the single letters or will it brake down all the time script?10:58
gtriderxcshould I translate engligh HH:MM into Polish GG:MM??10:58
gtriderxcor just leave it as is?10:58
dpmgtriderxc, you should only use the appropriate letters from  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man3/strftime.3.html according to your language. For example:10:59
dpmif the original is %l:%M %p and in Polish you don't use the am/pm specifier (the %p part), you should transltate the string to:11:00
dpm(Leaving out %p)11:00
andrejzor maybe %H:%M11:00
andrejzthat's what is usually use11:01
dpmso you shouldn't "translate" the single letters, just adapt them to your format, if you see what I mean11:01
andrejzsince %H means 24 hour clock11:01
dpmyou can test the translations with the 'date' command on the command line11:01
andrejzhere you can read what they mean  -http://php.net/manual/en/function.strftime.php11:01
dpmfor example, try running 'date +"%H:M%"' on a terminal (without the ' quotes)11:02
andrejzin the example returned values you can see what certain letter gets you11:02
dpmsorry, I meant11:02
dpmdate +"%H:%M"11:02
dpmandrejz, mvo will upload the latest translations from Natty now, which contain the coding fix:12:50
dpmapt ( unstable; urgency=low12:50
dpm   [ Christian Perrier ]12:50
dpm   * Fix encoding for Slovenian translation. PO file switched12:50
dpm     to UTF-8. Closes: #60995712:50
andrejzyes, just talking to him now12:50
dpmJust in case, could you export the translations from LP, to make sure no work is lost? (it shouldn't, but just in case)12:51
andrejzyes i will, because he will also commit it upstream12:56
dpmcool, thanks12:59
andrejzthanks to you12:59

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