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fensklhi guys, quick question about the font fallback mechanism05:00
fenskli'm using gnome-terminal on Maverick with Droid Sans Mono as the system default monospace font05:00
fenskli presume that Droid Sans doesn't include anything from the CJK range, because it seems to fall-back to some really ugly characters05:01
fensklhow can i specify the fallback for code points outside what Droid Sans has so that I can see nicely rendered CJK glyphs?05:02
fensklI googled for and found information on ~/.fonts.conf, but my settings there don't seem to do anything: match target="font" -> lang contains zh -> prefer AR PL UKai TW05:03
fensklanyone have any ideas where to start googling to figure out how this mechanism works?05:04
fensklokay, i actually figured it out (sort of)06:07
fensklthese two links helped:06:07
fenskli can't figure out why it won't pick up my ~/.fonts.conf, but i was able to edit it at the system level06:08
fenskl/etc/fonts/conf.d/ contains all the configuration files for font fallback and selection at the system level06:09
fenskl69-language-selector-zh-tw.conf was set up with Deja Vu Sans as the first entry, so it was getting used as the default fallback06:09
fenskli just moved the items in the list around, and i was able to adjust the priorities such that it would pick the fallback i wanted06:10
fensklnow i can edit TeX documents in vim with a nice balance of an attractive monospace latin font and attractive fallback font for CJK glyphs06:11
fensklthis is also probably relevant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/language-selector/+bug/71395006:13
fensklanyway, thanks~06:13
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