mettawhere can i get more of those meerkat stickers?  i want to hand them out to students01:03
mettamy niece loved it01:04
epsakk: what's an appropriate venue to argue the merits of LAX [e.g. for SCaLE]? :-)02:45
akkeps: My blog. :) Seriously, I don't know -- mail to some SCALE organizer alias?02:46
epsakk: It doesn't look to me like your blog accepts outside comments.02:47
akkNo, it doesn't. I wish I had comments, just not enough to figure out how to offer them.02:48
epsWell, I guess that's a better answer than "/dev/null" or "port 9" ;-)02:50
akkIt's definitely not "I don't want to hear comments", just that I'm set up in a way that makes it difficult to have them.02:56
pleia2finished up work on our team report for stuff I had details for, so if others have things to add please do :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/TeamReports/11/February03:43
epspleia2: Feburary?03:49
iheartubuntuDarkwingDuck -> Im going to be using Kubuntu this next week and blogging about it.03:49
pleia2eps: yes, the report covers activities completed in february03:51
epspleia2: It says FebURary03:53
pleia2yes, there are some typos, the URL is right though03:53
epsYour pix look awesome, BTW.03:53
* pleia2 is sick and typo-ridden03:54
pleia2but at least the report is done! ;)03:54
pleia2well, as done as I can make it03:54
iheartubuntucan anyone recommend a specific Ubuntu flyer I can pin up to note boards around campuses? There are a few in the spread ubuntu site, with pull tags. Neat idea, but the look of those flyers is a bit dated now.03:54
pleia2iheartubuntu: the purple flier is up there somewhere03:55
epsI'm starting to think about Release Parties. :-)03:59
pleia2our release installfest at noisebridge last spring was a lot of fun04:00
pleia2so long as we don't schedule it the same weekend as that parade in the mission :)04:00
epsUh-oh: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/NattyRelease says "DO NOT install Lucid on production machines."04:01
pleia2eps: it's a wiki, you can fix problems!04:01
pleia2no "uh-oh" just fix it :)04:01
epsReally? Did they fix the OpenID bug?04:02
pleia2have you tried recently?04:02
pleia2I'm surprised no one from the launchpad team has gotten back to you about it :(04:02
epsTypeError / __init__() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given) / If you want to report a bug, please save this page and attach it to your bug report.04:04
pleia2what's your bug report number?04:04
epsSo that would be a "no."04:04
pleia2you can probably bring it to #launchpad, it's been months04:04
epsI don't remember. I'm not the only one who ran into this. I don't think they care.04:05
pleia2so you've gone to #launchpad and talked to them?04:05
epsIt only seems to affect wiki.ubuntu.com; I can edit help.ubuntu.com just fine.04:05
pleia2oh well, I updated the wiki page04:08
pleia2just remember we're a team, instead of being passive aggressive about things with "Feburary?" and "uh-oh" you could just tells us there is a typo so we can fix it :)04:09
pleia2makes it much easier so we don't need to guess what the problem is04:10
epsMore bad news: Accoutrements has discontinued the "Avenging Narwhal Play Set." http://www.mcphee.com/shop/products/Avenging-Narwhal-Play-Set.html04:11
pleia2I did find a stuffed animal narwhal04:12
pleia2they were out of stock, but now they have some!04:12
epsThey do have http://www.mcphee.com/shop/products/Narwhal-Horns-Candy.html04:12
epsAnd, of course, the terribly frightening http://www.mcphee.com/shop/products/Latex-Penguin-Mask.html04:13
pleia2ah they have a mini one!! http://www.squishable.com/pc/mini_squish_narwhal_7/Squishable_Mini/Mini+Squishable+Narwhal04:13
akkLove that penguin mask :)04:14
epspleia2: I have an idea for something fun to try at a Release Party ... something that will keep people engaged for a while and give them a nifty souvenir at the end:04:33
epsYou may recognize this: http://axlotl.com/shapes/penguin.pdf04:34
pleia2I think my hands would fall off just cutting out one of those :)04:35
epsThe most popular paper models take 30-60 minutes to construct.04:36
epsThat strikes me as a reasonable amount of time. And it would give the geeks' other halves something to do while the rest of us talk about computers. :-)04:41
jtatummy other half would rather talk about computers04:44
pleia2mine too, but not everyone's ;)04:44
pleia2I could probably print off some color ones04:45
epsSomething like this is beyond most of us: http://www.gerdy.org/?p=4204:46
pleia2the penguin is probably beyond me, erichammond had to give us a cd sleeve folding session at scale :)04:47
epsHere's a simple penguin (not Tux): http://www.adamdorman.com/news-detail.php?article=86&page=104:51
epsSee the notes at the bottom of http://www.chthulhu.com/handout.html for some important technical details.04:59
epsCubee Tux: http://www.cubeecraft.com/cubee/tux06:34
jamiedmattinglygood morning monday !!!  :)15:31
=== jledbetter_ is now known as jledbetter
jamiedmattinglydoes anyone have or know of a flyer for ubuntu hour that i may be able to edit or use as template for one in vallejo17:04
jamiedmattinglypleia2,  is there soe sort of flyer for ubuntu hour?17:21
pleia2there might be some around, but I don't think I've seen one17:22
pleia2can try searching spreadubuntu.com17:22
MarkDudeThere has never been a time that word was not funny17:22
pleia2some of the material on the website can be a bit dated, but you might find some stuff new enough to be ubuntu hour-y17:23
MarkDudeTry saying that word to the public at large- they find it amusing- even more so than the word loco17:23
MarkDudeGreat site- dont get me wrong17:23
pleia2MarkDude: mind.out.of.gutter.17:23
MarkDudeJust not a good word to use with the public17:23
pleia2it's a marketing site17:24
MarkDudepleia2, aks some no-geeks what they think17:24
pleia2I've never even thought of it as dirty17:24
* MarkDude did not notise this17:24
MarkDudeme neither until - the public pointed out how funny it was- besides- you said *dirty* I said funny17:24
pleia2I guess we're thinking of some other reference then17:25
pleia2the only one I can think of is dirty, not funny17:26
MarkDudeWell - in other words - I used another word- YOU saw what a few non-geeks see17:26
MarkDudeThe public laughs at the loco thing- hence I stopped using that word17:27
MarkDudeJust asked a barrista- he saw the word- and laughed REAL loud17:28
MarkDudeGO ask a few folks- people that cant name at least 3 programming languages17:29
* MarkDude is not trying to be rude here- just pointing out a liability folks may not see17:29
MarkDudeLoudly laughed- upon seeing the word- try this folks17:29
pleia2I was giving a link to the marketing site to our fellow team member, even if you find the site name funny I don't understand the "liability" here17:31
pleia2I don't use "loco" either, or "ubuntero"17:32
MarkDudeWell I have heard folks say the name of the site- as opposed to just mentioning the material17:33
* MarkDude is an expert at dealing with the public- just trying to clue folks in on this sort of thing- it is very similar to trying to explain what Open Source means 17:35
MarkDudereally important and great stuff- but many of us geeks feel the need to use the exact name17:35
MarkDudeas opposed to the ideas behind this17:35
jamiedmattinglywow didnt mean to start a fight sorry guys17:37
pleia2not a fight17:38
* MarkDude issued a waring to folks that some think the phrase is silly- 17:40
MarkDudefolks can do whatever they want17:41
* MarkDude and my opinions are just that :)17:41
MarkDudeLyz- shared hers- its ok jamiedmattingly17:41
jdeslip_Might I recommend this piece of fine marketing for an ubuntu-hour: http://spreadubuntu.org/en/material/brochure/got-ubuntu-what-do-now17:44
MarkDudeYou folks and your dirty minds- the most common reaction is that it sounds like sumthin' to put on toast17:45
jdeslip_Personally I like the name. :/ There is also spreadfirefox - which is a well known site.17:49
* MarkDude never said like/dislike- more that the general public view the word as silly17:50
MarkDudeonly had maybe 2 people think dirty- most start thinking of FOOD17:50
jdeslip_People put too much stock into names; yet the best selling gadget of 2010 was named the same as female hygiene product ;)17:51
MarkDudelike an easily spreadable margarine or sumthin17:51
jdeslip_So, apparently names don't matter much :/17:51
pleia2yeah, the ubuntu site name is taken from the firefox idea17:51
MarkDudeYou forgot the part about it being sold by a cultish company ;)17:51
akkjdeslip_: And before that, there was the Wii17:52
jdeslip_akk: true17:52
akkNames can help -- google got some boost from that, surely -- but I agree they're not as important as we tend to think.17:52
MarkDudeCool- and all of those phrases might be an issue- if I were attempting to share them with thte public at large17:53
MarkDudefor us akk17:53
MarkDudethe public- we can sound like reall asses forcing the use of Open Source17:53
akkIf names were critical, nobody would ever use gimp. :)17:53
* MarkDude does not actually use that word17:53
MarkDudeuses the full name for classes we teach17:54
MarkDudewhy would the general public *care about a developer style? More often they care about the connection it has to people17:55
jdeslip_MarkDude: Yes, trying to force people to use opensource does make you look like an ass; but the spreadubuntu/spreadfirefox are just websites that give people info - I think they can tell the difference17:55
akkMarkDude: I always wonder about it when I describe it to people who've never heard of it -- I have the same reflexes you do, avoid using stupid names in front of newbies -- but since I can't avoid saying "gimp", I've noticed it doesn't seem to have the reaction I would have expected.17:55
MarkDudeIts not a good word - flat out17:55
MarkDudeand exhibits a form of ableism17:56
akkI don't think that's something ordinary people think about either.17:56
* MarkDude is better than most at dealing with the public- not as much my opinion - as what others have said to me- if my opinions fall flat so be it17:57
akk(I agree it's not a good name, but we're pretty much stuck with it)17:57
MarkDudeJust trying to give people a pointer17:57
jdeslip_lol - I don't think anyone cares about the name gimp; the most important feature in a name as far as "selling" your product to the public is that it is memorable.17:57
jdeslip_I think the gimp satisfies that17:57
MarkDudeDisabled people do jdeslip_17:57
jdeslip_\me doubts it17:58
* MarkDude 's own ears have heard this17:58
jdeslip_\me doubts that too17:58
MarkDudejdeslip_, I spent a good part of last year in a wheelchair17:58
MarkDudeNo need to be a dick since you disagree17:58
MarkDudeor call me less than honest17:59
MarkDudemaybe my friends are PC17:59
MarkDudethts ok17:59
jtatumwhee, i see this channel is "fun" again17:59
* MarkDude does not think your experience is legit or not- it is your experience17:59
jamiedmattinglyand to think it all started when i asked for a flyer17:59
jdeslip_I just meant I doubt that anyone told explicitly they were offended by the name "gimp"17:59
* MarkDude does not walk in your shoes17:59
MarkDudeAnd thats ok Jack18:00
jdeslip_Perhaps it is something you infered18:00
MarkDudeyou dont believe I have heard such things- not trying to prove it here18:00
akkjamiedmattingly: That'll teach you! :)18:00
MarkDude<jdeslip_> \me doubts it18:00
jamiedmattinglyyeah lol18:00
iheartubuntuwhats up with oneiricOneiric Ocelot18:00
iheartubuntuOneiric Ocelot18:00
iheartubuntuwhich flyer?18:01
pleia2iheartubuntu: jamiedmattingly is looking for an ubuntu hour flier18:01
MarkDudeWe are having a talk here- truth is akk and others may doubt what I say- your wordss implied I was leess than honest or sumthin'18:01
iheartubuntugreat idea.18:01
iheartubuntuif you dont find any i plan to make some18:01
akkMarkDude: I never doubted what you say. I said ordinary/average people don't seem to be bothered by the name.18:01
jamiedmattinglywas just thinking about passing some out tonight18:01
* jdeslip_ always slant wrong ;)18:01
iheartubuntusomething easy for copying that can be pasted on boards all around campuses actually18:02
MarkDudeWe3ll I know18:02
MarkDudeakk- I was using you as an example of fair dtalking/debate18:02
akkMarkDude: Folks in wheelchairs aren't average any more than geeks are.18:02
MarkDudeI know akk18:02
* MarkDude 's opinions changed last year18:02
MarkDudeWalking a mile in someones shoes mean a bit to me.18:03
MarkDudeor living in a wheelchjair18:03
* iheartubuntu forgot cellphone at home... feels NAKED!!!18:03
MarkDudenot being able to go to events due to stairs- maybe you do see things differently18:03
pleia2iheartubuntu: I hate when I do that :\18:03
pleia2these days it mostly makes me worry that I'll get lost (I fail at sense of direction and clutch tightly to google maps)18:04
* iheartubuntu resorts to pen and paper. havent done that in a while18:04
iheartubuntuhaving a map in your pocket is more important than a phone for me18:05
pleia2my printer used to be mostly used for printing maps18:06
iheartubuntuseidos or metta ... i found a great place near you to do an ubuntu hour18:07
MarkDudePeoples feelings in wheelchairs are just as legit in others. jdeslip_ one last question- is it the fact you have spoke to disabled people that has brought you to this opinion? Or did a few say it did not bug them- so it must be all? Most dont care- a few have said it offends them18:07
iheartubuntu(people dont get this if they are offline do they)18:07
jdeslip_MarkDude: If you really meant that someone literally told you they were offended by the name GIMP (the literal interpretation of your words is all I "doubted") then I take my statement.  But, I would add, that I don't think it is worth taking this person's opinion into consideration.  If we did, we would never be able to choose any name...18:08
* MarkDude conveyed what was *said* by person that uses wheels to get around18:09
jdeslip_I know plenty of people disabled in various ways (who isn't?) and non of them go around thinking product names are personal references18:09
MarkDudeTrue- do all folks that cant heaqr properly mind the word DUMB? of course not- a few DO tho18:10
MarkDudeJust because you find one that is ok- does not mean it is ok/ or not18:10
iheartubuntuGimp - A narrow flat braid or rounded cord of fabric used for trimming.18:11
iheartubuntufrom Ubuntu Dictionary... Gimp - noun -  A narrow ornamental fabric of silk, woolen, or cotton, often with a metallic wire, or sometimes a coarse cord, running through it; -- used as trimming for dresses, furniture, etc.18:12
iheartubuntu(this is getting gimpy)18:12
* MarkDude 's limp is technically called a gimp walk18:14
MarkDudeWishing it be different- is ok- maybe not reality based- but it is still ok18:15
MarkDudeAGAIN, an opinion differnet than mine is ok, I am pointing out that my view is not being given the same respect18:16
* MarkDude respectfully disagrees on this- the key word for me is respectfully18:16
MarkDudeAcademia can use words as a crutch- and would rather explain why they are correct- as opposed to making room for others opinions18:17
nhaines_pleia2: no ETA on the Ubucon media... I didn't get ahold of it this weekend so it might not be until next weekend.  :(18:19
iheartubuntuget well first18:19
pleia2nhaines_: ok thanks, I was just putting together the team report for the month and wanted them to link if they were floating around somewhere :)18:19
nhaines_pleia2: Canonical is generously hosting the Ubucon videos, so there will be links from ubucon.org.18:20
=== nhaines_ is now known as nhaines
nhainesHmm, I've also found that GIMP doesn't seem to meet an adverse reaction in almost all cases.18:20
nhainesI used to expand the acronym and gloss it as "GIMP for short", but I don't even bother with that anymore.18:21
iheartubuntui actually never thought about gimp in that way18:21
nhainesiheartubuntu: it was something I gave a lot of thought to early on but as with most things, it really is attitude and confidence that drive impressions.18:22
MarkDudenhaines, ty for saying that- I respect waht you say :)18:22
iheartubuntumight be because i use gimp a lot and i associate it with images, not in any other way. i guess it depends on what angle or side of the m diamond you view things from.18:22
MarkDudeEven better to call it the FREE photoshop equivalent18:23
nhainesiheartubuntu: whenver I get giggles I smile and say, "Yeah, it's a silly name, but it's really powerful software" and redirect focus that way.18:23
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, or if you have a really diverse group of friends18:23
MarkDudeMost folks dont have to deal twith transgendered or non-identified people18:24
pleia2MarkDude: but it's not, photoshop is a very different program that works differently and saying that it's the same only sets people up for disappointment and frustration (especially power photoshop users)18:24
MarkDudepleia2, so our equivalent would be?18:24
nhainesSince it's not a Photoshop equivalent and works very differently, and since a huge main point of my UpScale talk was "don't talk about Free Software being free as in beer," I disagree that that's better.  :)18:25
nhainesI don't think we have an equivalent for Photoshop, although GIMP is certainly analogous.18:25
iheartubuntuit all depends on the person and if they view life as half full or half empty. a half full handicapped person my embrace GIMP for the name and a half empty person might view GIMP as a derogatory name. technically i had a gimpy leg for many years after being involved in a car accident. surgeries, wheelchairs & learning to walk again, etc. i should be the one concerned right?18:26
MarkDudeWell tofu bugers are along the same lines as real burgers18:27
MarkDudeNo one can be made to feel inferior without them selves18:27
MarkDudeOf course you should not feel bad if you do not18:27
MarkDudeThat would be like telling my friends that were at that Linux fund party a few years ago- that THEY shpould feel like a victim- just since others do18:28
MarkDudeAnyway- consider me schooled18:29
MarkDudeBTw, I use the term DAGo- and never get a bad reaction from it- as well as WOP, and guinea. see how well that works for you if you are not Italian. Just because a few may pet it fly- DOES not mean its ok for you to use ;)18:30
* MarkDude 's last name is Terranova18:30
iheartubuntusorry, its my new word i learned in italy last year :)18:31
iheartubuntulots of stranza's there!18:31
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, to answer your question- of course not- Anyone telling folks HOW they should FEEL about words- misses the point IMHO18:31
akkWhat's a stranza?18:33
jamiedmattinglya street18:34
nhainesakk: I was just saying that I was pretty surprised how the name GIMP has always been a non-issue when speaking to others.18:36
jdeslip_iheartubuntu: I really like your website.  The design is beautiful.18:36
nhainesakk: I tend to think it's more about confidence and attitude these days.18:36
jdeslip_I have a question.  Do you manually create all the header images (I wondered this about omg!ubuntu as well) or there somesort of wordpress plugin to make those18:37
* iheartubuntu changes his cats name to "Mr. Oneiric"18:37
akknhaines: Probably so -- if you just say it matter-of-factly it doesn't seem to be a problem.18:37
iheartubuntuthanks jdeslip_ !! it will continue to go through some changes18:38
iheartubuntui manually made them18:38
iheartubuntustranza mean "@ss"... its slang from what i gathered. everyone called everyone that when i was there.18:39
jdeslip_iheartubuntu: doesn't that become tedious making a fancy image for every post?18:40
iheartubuntuim only going to make it for flagship articles18:40
iheartubuntuwill change them like once a week18:41
jdeslip_Ah, that makes sense18:41
iheartubuntuwe'll see how it goes for now. if i do better, i will have to keep up the pace with more images :)18:42
jdeslip_By the way, I have found that submitting your articles to Linux Today, LXER etc... is a really good way to generate traffic18:42
akk"@ss" ?18:42
jamiedmattinglyA ss18:42
iheartubuntudid i  submit them to linux today?18:42
jdeslip_The entries on berkeleylug.com that have made it onto Linux Today / LXER have over 100 times the traffic of other articles18:42
iheartubuntuhow do i go about submitting them?18:43
jdeslip_iheartubuntu: No, it was a suggestion.  If you go to linuxtoday.com there is an option to "contribute"18:43
jdeslip_They have accepted about 1/2 of the articles I have tried18:44
jdeslip_To build of a reputation, I'd submit just articles that you think are your best18:44
jdeslip_(and are timely)18:44
iheartubuntufrom this page? http://www.linuxtoday.com/contribute.php318:45
jdeslip_Ya, and make sure the first line of text is: "Original article: URL"18:45
jdeslip_Then clicks will be directed to your page18:45
iheartubuntui'll give it a try right now18:48
jdeslip_Sweet. Good luck. Don't forget to try lxer too.  And if you really want to hit them all: Digg's Linux category and Reddit's subcategories are great places too18:49
iheartubuntudo i also include the article text or just "Original article: URL"18:49
jdeslip_I include the article text too18:49
jdeslip_It seems like the usually post the first paragraph or so and then link to the original18:50
jdeslip_It is amazing to me how successful omg!ubuntu is now.  They are like the defacto news/opinion/announcement source for Ubuntu now.18:51
MarkDudenhaines, my experience has been 98% non-issue with the word GIMP- normally I would ignore that 2% - but, they are in a wheelchair- and I will make an exception. 2 years ago for CLS someone objected - to the term FAMILY- since they had negative experiences there18:51
jdeslip_iheartubuntu: your design could definitely compete with them.  And two is always better than one :)18:52
iheartubuntuactually thats my goal ;)18:52
* MarkDude opinion was forget them- I am aware my attention to this seems similar to pandering- and THAT would be the best reason to object ;)18:52
iheartubuntunot really to compete but to offer an alternative18:52
jdeslip_Sounds good.  Will take some time to build up to that level.18:53
iheartubuntufor sure18:53
iheartubuntudo people use digg or reddit anymore?18:54
jdeslip_Reddit is definitely still used a lot18:54
iheartubuntuthose were so 2008 i thought18:54
jdeslip_Digg is slowly dying away I think...18:54
jdeslip_They made some bad changes last year18:54
nhainesInstead of "ignoring" that supposed 2%, I recommend "managing".18:55
jdeslip_But, I think you can still generate a lot of links from them still.  Lot's of people subsribe to the "Linux new" feed18:55
MarkDudenhaines, - as near as I can tell we BOTH wear equality on our sleeve- we are not really at risk of much- folks give us a chance (usually) to clarify18:56
MarkDudethe fact I fight for equality- counts for sumthin' with a few ;)18:57
MarkDudeManage is a good word for this situation- ty18:58
iheartubuntujdeslip_ 0 i posted two articles.. interesting to see what hits i get now18:59
nhainesOkay, I have a meeting to chair.  bbl.18:59
jdeslip_iheartubuntu: I'll keep a look out to see if they show up on LT18:59
jamiedmattinglywhat kind of articles do you write iheartubuntu?19:02
* iheartubuntu Just a quick reminder: I will be placing that order to the Ubuntu Store next tuesday (just over a week away)19:02
iheartubuntuubuntu articles19:02
jamiedmattinglywhere are they?19:03
iheartubuntunot to spam i sent u a personal IM19:03
jamiedmattinglythank you19:03
iheartubuntubut add .com after my name :)19:03
jamiedmattinglyyou wrote all content on there?19:04
iheartubuntu* remind me not to run virtualbox on a single core computer anymore. ugggh. my whole system is dogging right now19:07
nhainesiheartubuntu: ha, it's usually okay once the guest OS finishes thrashing.19:08
iheartubuntui have kubuntu on it and doing like 600 updates :( and now installing them19:09
iheartubuntui dont notice anything on my home setup with dual core19:09
nhainesiheartubuntu: I went to quadcore from ancient single-core because the same thing happened to me in Ubuntu except when I ran updates on my own machine.  ;)19:13
iheartubuntuim looking into getting a new system. my desktop at home is 4 yrs old and my one here at work is 6 yrs old. both P4 and well adequate for most all tasks. i may look into a multi core laptop next19:24
iheartubuntumight even consider switching what I have to run off of flash drives so they are faster19:25
=== aaditya_ is now known as aaditya
nhainesFlash drives have their own set of quirks.  :)  I'd say for a system drive they'd be great.  I might throw /var on another drive though.19:33
iheartubuntuyah i was thinking for the OS, then use my current drives for all info. then again, my drives are maxxed out already! like 3 TB filled and i need to do soemthing about it19:34
nhainesOn an alpha 3ish form of maverick, I ran a benchmark.19:34
nhainesMy WD Caviar Green drive booted in about 56 seconds or so.  Bootloader to desktop.19:34
* iheartubuntu cleaned real house yesterday. computer "house" is a mess19:35
nhainesIt's a 1TB advanced format drive.19:35
nhainesMy 80GB WD Velociraptor drive booted in 26 seconds.19:35
nhainesBut a WD Silicondrive booted in 12.5 seconds.19:35
nhainesAnd if I recall correctly, disk access basically stopped at 6.6 seconds and the CPU was pegged for the last 6 seconds of boot.19:36
nhainesLet's also pretend I didn't typo the name of the product my company makes, the WD SiliconEdge Blue drive.  :P19:36
nhainesEvery time I want to put an SSD into my laptop I remember it's a PATA laptop and I curse under my breath.  :)19:39
iheartubuntuso can you get CA team members a WD discount? :)19:44
jdeslip_pleia2: Now that you have had the CR-48 for awhile, what are your opinions?19:50
iheartubuntutomorrow is International Womens Day! in case I forget, happy intl womens day to all women here!! akk jledbetter pleia2 and others i do not know!19:51
jdeslip_I hate to say i20:11
jdeslip_it but I think Ubuntu is now too late to do anything in the tablet market... :/20:12
jdeslip_Android 3.0 is pretty slick20:12
nhainesiheartubuntu: actually, I think I can have a coupon sent to friends' email addresses.  I'm not going to give out the coupon code in channel though.  :)20:16
nhainesjdeslip_: I'm actually looking forward to an Ubuntu tablet over an Android tablet.20:17
iheartubuntui would buy an ubuntu tablet20:17
nhainesjdeslip_: I'd *love* an Android tablet but I already have a slick Android phone... and I'd rather have a tablet for the same reason I'd use a netbook.20:17
nhainesSo for that I want a "real" computer.20:17
nhainesDuly noted, by SKYNET.20:18
iheartubuntui would think ZaReason or Sys76 is frantically working on tablets20:19
nhainesiheartubuntu: Zareason is coming to market with an Android 3.0 tablet later this year.  I told them if they offer a solid Ubuntu tablet I will buy one--and they said they had a lot of requests for one at SCaLE, too.20:20
nhainesIt seemed to catch them offguard... they thought Android was the tablet mojo.  :)20:21
iheartubuntumaybe i should look into it and fill the void :D20:21
MarkDudenhaines, they wont do it- unless they have the source open20:21
MarkDudeso they are dealing with OEM now20:21
MarkDudeunless the tablet is open source- they wont sell it20:22
MarkDudeThey are waiting on a big company- the tablet they have is great20:22
nhainesSince both Android and Ubuntu are open source projects, that makes absolutely no sense.20:24
jdeslip_nhaines: the problem is ubuntu is not ready for tablets - and doesn't look like it will be for at least a phew cycles20:31
jdeslip_step one would be a decent keyboard20:32
jdeslip_(on screen)20:32
nhainesjdeslip_: well, the previous stated target was 12.04 LTS.20:32
iheartubuntudidnt i see someone sitting in on ubucon running a tablet with ubuntu on it?20:32
jdeslip_That is way too late ... :/20:32
nhainesAnd I told Kathy as much too--that I was expecting Aprilish but if good hardware hit first I'd grab it.20:33
nhainesjdeslip_: Ubuntu isn't going to compete against iPad and Android tablets.  There's no comparision.20:33
jdeslip_iheartubuntu: you CAN do it. But, Ubuntu just isn't nice on tablets.20:33
nhainesjdeslip_: have you run Ubuntu on a tablet?  I'd be curious to hear what was not good (other than keyboard--*that* I can imagine, sigh).20:33
jdeslip_I had thinkpad tablet in our group20:34
jdeslip_(one with stylus)20:34
jdeslip_Basically the problem was that 99% of the software was harder to use in tablet mode than without.  Everything was a bit clunky, drag-n-drop cut and paste etc..20:35
jdeslip_The drawing tools were nice ;)20:36
jdeslip_And, while Ubuntu is taking it's time, Android is getting more like a "complete computer" in every release20:39
jdeslip_There is almost nothing I can do on my laptop I can't do in Honeycomb.  With the exception of running eclipse ;)20:39
jdeslip_There is also the problem that no apps have been written with a touch-screen in mind. I.e. you can really play any existing game (comfortably) :/20:47
jdeslip_I like the idea of having the ordinary X.org stack on a tablet... but Ubuntu should have been pushing this as a priority 12 months ago :(20:49
jdeslip_Ah well.  Maybe someday there will be an Ubuntu tablet for me to buy and love :)20:56
jamiedmattinglyis there a brand or line of computers specificly made for ubuntu instead of just old pcs and macs with ubuntu loaded on them?21:59
pleia2system76.com and zareason.com both sell just linux pcs22:00
pleia2(they don't even offer windows)22:00
pleia2jdeslip_: I really like the cr-48, but mostly it sits by my bed and I watch shows from video.pbs.org22:01
jamiedmattinglythanks pleia222:01
nhainesI don't think Android offers a competitive tablet experience compared to Ubuntu or Windows 7.22:39
nhainesI think you end up with two different experiences with a full OS or a tablet OS.22:39
nhainesIn my case, I just don't want a tablet OS.22:39
jamiedmattinglyremember everyone if you havent heard yet--tonight is the first ever ubuntu hour in vallejo22:45
iheartubuntuway to go... are you hosting jamiedmattingly22:56
jamiedmattinglyyes this is my first one22:57
jamiedmattinglyive only been to one other lol22:57
jamiedmattinglywhere are you from iheartubuntu?23:02
iheartubuntupasadena area23:02
jamiedmattinglyok so im guessing you wont make it tonight lol23:03
jamiedmattinglyeventually down the road some i want to find a bar with wifi ought to  make the ubuntu hour more fun with some beers instead of coffee :)23:06
* jdeslip_ is having a really bad irc day ...23:38
jtatumhope your irc day improves, jdeslip_23:41

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