tiemonstertalking to yourself again?00:05
greiserwaiting for my echo...00:06
tiemonster^^^ there it is00:06
greiserping 34,592,609ms00:07
tiemonsteryou must have RR00:20
greiseri do...00:22
greiserbeats comcast....00:22
tiemonsterhey, want to help me plan a bachelor party?00:22
tiemonsterit seems you're bored00:22
tiemonsteror not01:03
greisersorry was entertaining my son01:14
greiseri'm no good at planning bachelor parties.... normally, the more boobs the better...01:14
tiemonsterfair enough01:14
ShawnRso i am trying to run vncviewer in listen mode, but port 5500 seems to be used up already, how do i find out what process is using it?02:14
ShawnRi do a netstat -na and i just see something about tcp6, but nothing useful02:14
mhall119ShawnR: netstat -napt |grep 550002:19
tiemonstermhall119: hey - any ideas for a family-friendly bachelor party?02:21
tiemonsterso far I have barbecue and keroke02:22
tiemonsterI need something for in between02:22
mhall119I wasn't aware there was such a combination as family-friendly bachelor party02:24
tiemonsteryeah yeah02:25
tiemonsterthe theme of doing everything your new wife won't let you still stands, though02:25
tiemonstereating barbecue and making a fool of yourself...02:26
mhall119the new wife won't let him have BBQ?02:26
tiemonstershe says she's putting him on a diet02:26
mhall119before he says "I do"?02:26
tiemonsterhe's a chef. I don't see that going over well...02:26
mhall119I thought they were supposed to wait until after02:26
tiemonsterfor what?02:27
mhall119before they tell us that they're going to change our ways02:27
mhall119I'm thinking some kind of video games, or a dart board, or something like that02:29
mhall119can you rent an arcade game or something?02:29
tiemonsteror just find someone with a freaking huge TV02:30
mhall119that would work too02:30
tiemonsterand a game console02:30
tiemonstermy other thought was someone with lots of woods - play manhunt and capture the flag and such02:30
mhall119paint ball?02:30
tiemonstersomeone would lose an eye02:30
mhall119well it's hardly a bachelor party if they don't02:31
tiemonsterI was told nothing involving guns02:31
mhall119paint ball guns aren't really guns02:31
tiemonsterI had talked to someone about doing a hog hunt02:31
mhall119you can take him snipe hunting02:31
tiemonsterhunting with a sniper rifle?02:32
MichelleQbwahahaha, snipe hunting as a bachelor party.02:32
mhall119she's putting him on a diet, after all, he should start preparing for disappointment02:33
tiemonsterI'm going to leave that one alone02:33
tiemonsterwe could go gator wrestling! :-D02:34
tiemonsterI know two or three guys that do it every weekend02:35
mhall119I assumed alcohol was prohibated02:35
tiemonsterI'm sure there's room in the boat02:35
tiemonsteryes - former alcoholics on the wedding party :-(02:35
mhall119and since nobody would actually go alliagot wresting while sober...02:35
tiemonsterunless they're just bad to the bone02:36
* mhall119 needs a drink02:36
tiemonsterjust talking about it, huh? ;-)02:36
mhall119heh, the gators will be "to the bone"02:36
RoAkSoAxmhall119: congrats for the third time in this week >P02:40
tiemonsterscavenger hunt! brilliant!02:44
greiserso mike... have you found me a server yet?02:49
mhall119RoAkSoAx: there you are!02:54
mhall119thanks man02:55
mhall119greiser: just gone one back, haven't checked the specs yet, but I think it's similar to the other eSeries I have02:55
chloricevening guys03:40
MichelleQitnet7: pingity14:35
reya276Morning Everyone15:53
Epidemicanyone remember what the apt-get package was that had like, everything in it? flash, codecs etc?20:30
mhall119Epidemic: ^^20:30
Epidemicmhall? By chance your name matt?20:31
mhall119nope, Michael20:32
Epidemicnvm :)20:32
tiemonsterI knew a Matt Hall once upon a time21:01
tiemonsteractually, he tried to hook up with my wife before she was my wife21:02
Epidemicmay not be the same Matt Hall, but I went to school with a Matt Hall21:09
tiemonsterEpidemic: which school?21:13
Epidemicmartin county high21:14
tiemonstermust just be a common name21:22
tiemonsterwell, good night21:29
itnet7MichelleQ: hey there, tried to respond earlier, need something??23:47
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping ping ping ping ping23:52
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping23:52
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping23:52
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping23:52
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping23:52
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping23:52
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping23:52

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