lostConnectionIf I wanted to replace the letters of a string in python with a letter of my choice how would I do that?03:46
lostConnectionis there a build in function for it?03:46
BiosElementlostConnection: You're looking for the string module docs04:43
lostConnection? how do I use them? originally I was trying to used string.replace(old,new) and that wasn't working04:44
BiosElementstring.replace(str, old, new[, maxreplace])04:45
BiosElementtest = 'test'04:46
BiosElementtest.replace('t', 'l')04:46
BiosElement^That works fine04:46
lostConnectionomg I think I know what my problem was....04:47
lostConnectionif I replace it in order to keep the changes would I have to do string = string.rplace(old,new)04:47
lostConnectionof course you would.....wow...that was stupid of me. I thought that it was just implicitly altered.04:49
BiosElementNo, it never is. Strings are immutable.04:50
lostConnectionuumm... could you restate that. I don't know if I completely understand.04:52
BiosElementPython strings cannot be changed in-place. They don't change themselves. For example04:52
BiosElementtest = 'whatever'04:52
BiosElementtest.lower wouldn't change it04:52
BiosElementtest = test.lower however would.04:53
lostConnectionok I see04:53
lostConnectionyeah I'm just trying to run through pythonchallenege.com to reinforce what I have learned and that was just something that I just wasn't picking up on04:54
BiosElementThe python docs are always helpful04:55
BiosElementKeep them close04:55
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thafreakMorning Ohio15:06
thafreakSo, I didn't end up driving to microcenter until saturday...but I got my 4 2Tb samsung drives15:07
thafreakbeen running the samsung diagnostic tool since saturday evening...15:07
thafreakfinally on the last drive15:07
* BiosElement wanders over to thafreak's and acquires himself some storage ;P19:03
* canthus13 recently ran across a 540MB drive in his basement....19:33
* canthus13 wonders how ridiculous it would be to set up Nagios on his network at home.21:45
Cheri703canthus13: I'm going to be attempting to learn to use nagios soon :)21:46
Cheri703unfortunately the nagios book is big and pdf so my eyes get tired from trying to read it :/21:47
canthus13Heh. I'm more of the 'install it and figure it out' school of thought....21:52
Cheri703well, I'm told that the conf files are pretty ridiculous21:53
Cheri703someone suggested setting up multiple vm's and having them talk to each other, as a learning exercise. I don't have enough computing power for that, but I DO have a bunch of old crappy computers I can network :)21:53
canthus13Bah. I think I'm gonna have to switch back to apache. :(21:56
Cheri703someone suggested setting up multiple vm's and having them talk to each other, as a learning exercise. I don't have enough computing power for that, but I DO have a bunch of old crappy computers I can network :)21:56
* Cheri703 hates the up arrow sometimes21:56
canthus13Setting up multiple web sites, handling subdomains, etc is really a pain in lighttpd.21:59
thafreakI have nagios running at home...monitoring my hosted servers22:10
thafreakI'm really looking forward to checking out the new fork of nagios though22:11
thafreakvery forward looking...has a mobile version of the web interface, and I think some one is working on an android app for it too22:12
thafreakdrop lighttpd for nginx man!22:12
thafreakthe config syntax is WAY easier than lighttpd...plus no nasty memory leaks :)22:13
thafreakI'm currently throwing in the towel, and just trying to learn puppet22:14
thafreakbeen bouncing back and forth between all the various config management systems...even thought about writing something myself22:15
thafreakwanted to try kokki, cause it's python based instead of ruby like most of the others, but it seems just as confusing22:15
thafreakpuppet seems to be king these days anyway...22:16
thafreakso what you SHOULD do, is figure out how to make a puppet manifest, that auto sets up your nagios server :_22:16
Cheri703semi-rhetorical question: when is it ever ok for the owner of a company to make passive aggressive attacks at the character of a customer?23:48
Cheri703TO the customer23:48
BiosElementNot unless you expect them to remain a customer.23:54
* Cheri703 got a crappy email from a company she's trying to negotiate a repair/replacement from23:55
BiosElementHeh, naturally.23:55
Cheri703yeah, not happy23:55
BiosElementSounds like a company that doesn't want to remain in business.23:56
Cheri703I don't give a crap what they say amongst themselves, heaven knows I complain about customers at home or among coworkers (in the past), but not TO the customer >.<23:56
Cheri703part of their message said something about "we have literally thousands of happy customers" part of my response may include: I am aware that you have many happy customers, I would not have purchased from you were that not the case. However, having many happy customers is no justification for making personal attacks on the character of one. Those comments were uncalled for and unjustified and I am disappointed by the lack of profes23:57
Cheri703sionalism shown by the choice to make them. I am going to choose to believe that you've had a stressful day and happened to take it out on me, even though that doesn't make it ok, I will overlook that choice this time.23:57

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