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SamuraiAlbagood bacon to all!13:40
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MutantTurkeywhats up17:03
andrewhis left hand17:04
SamuraiAlbaMutu, wassup?17:13
MutantTurkeychilling out17:25
SamuraiAlbaPlaying RS?17:25
MutantTurkeywriting a giant cmake port for kde 3.5 D:17:25
MutantTurkeynah at school doing computer work17:26
SamuraiAlbaahhh.  Prayer almost at 50 :)17:26
MutantTurkeyhaha nice17:26
MutantTurkeymidterms this week D:17:26
SamuraiAlbaBought over 400 frost dragon bones17:29
MutantTurkeywhat the hell is a frost dragon?17:29
MutantTurkeyrunescape is so damn wishey washey these days17:29
MutantTurkeyback in my day there was only 3 kinds of bones.17:29
MutantTurkeyback in my day, cows were black and white.17:30
MutantTurkeyback in my day, law runes were 1k each17:30
SamuraiAlbaI have over 2k of each rune, as well.17:32
MutantTurkeyi had much stock17:35
MutantTurkeylike 2-5k of each runes, like 6-7 glories17:36
MutantTurkeyall sorts of potions and shit17:36
SamuraiAlbastill have it going on?17:37
SamuraiAlbaI got an abyssal whip ;)17:37
MutantTurkeyoh nice17:38
MutantTurkeythey are quite nice for training17:38
ChinnoDogsup Turkey20:12
andrewYou scared him20:26
ssweenyturkeys are easily spooked20:30
andrewespecially in late November20:37
MutantTurkeywhy is it my name that always gets grilled?21:47
ssweenymmm grilled turkey21:49
ssweenycome on you waddled right into that one21:57
MutantTurkeyokay enough of the puns! what is this reddit? (damnit i couldn't think of another pun)21:58
ChinnoDogWe need a wiki page of turkey puns22:01
MutantTurkeyI agree.22:07
MutantTurkeyChinnoDog: ssweeny: don't use such fowl language :-) you really need to stop harrassing me. I might have to go cold turkey and quit hanging around here.22:11
ssweenyMutantTurkey: i couldn't read that. it came through all gobbled on this side22:13
MutantTurkeyI may have to move to Istanbul22:23
MutantTurkeyann frankly i am quite offended.22:24
MutantTurkeyI did nazi that one coming22:24
MutantTurkeyBut there is a fine between reich and wrong22:30

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