cyberangerhey Xpistos00:00
Xpistoscyberanger, how are we tonight. Well I trust00:01
cyberangeryeah, didn't hear from glen, not exactly sure why00:02
cyberangerI can presume some reasons (me not giving, or thinking of giving him my skype info, no msg for a new contact, and me not being signed)00:03
cyberangerI can presume some reasons (me not giving, or thinking of giving him my skype info, no msg for a new contact, and me not being signed* on)00:03
cyberangerXpistos: but yeah, doing well00:05
XpistosOk I will talk to him tonight to find out what is going on and hopefully he can get with you.00:06
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* wrst is not very happy that to install an in dash satellite radio he had to have windows02:10
cyberangerwrst: ugh, no02:20
cyberangerXM, Sirus?02:20
wrstyeah i was not happy02:20
cyberangerno, you didn't02:20
cyberangerwhy did you?02:21
wrstcyberanger: http://www.audiovox.com/xmdirect/02:21
cyberanger(I'll rephrase on the remote chance something changed, I didn't)02:21
cyberangerok, the model makes that more possible02:25
wrstbut a crummy way to have to do something if you ask me02:25
cyberangerthat's the XM Direct 2 isn't it?02:25
wrstthey should have atleast thought about mac user, using active x to install firmware on a device is just ignorant02:25
wrstyes cyberanger02:25
cyberangerI used the XM Direct, future plans (before Oct 08, when I wreaked the Intrepid it was in)02:29
cyberangerfuture plans for a Carputer02:29
cyberangerbut at that time just wired into an aftermarket radio02:29
wrsti have never used one of these, we have had the external receivers but tired of that junk02:30
cyberangerthis is what I wish hadn't died out though http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XM_PCR02:36
cyberangerI've had mixed sucess from so much02:36
wrstoh goodness thats cool02:37
cyberangerreally it works well, I think, terrain being more of the issues actually02:37
cyberangerwrst: you've got really great timing, right as I've been looking at XMp3i02:41
cyberangerfor my next reciever, or pondering just streaming02:41
wrsti rarely have great timing02:41
cyberangerthis time you did, you spared me research on the XM Direct 202:44
cyberanger(I would have ruled it out for that, a linux computer dealing in activex, ugh)02:44
wrstwell i'm off for the night, see you tomorrow cyberanger02:45
cyberangersee you wrst02:45
cyberangerjust be glad you wired it to a tuner, it should be done for life now02:45
wrstsee you later02:45
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wrstmorning everyone13:43
chibihogoshinomorning wrst .. hows it hanging ?14:06
wrstgood chibihogoshino hwo about you ?14:07
chibihogoshinook.. thinking of getting coffee14:07
chibihogoshinonokia sold qt14:08
wrstreally ?14:09
chibihogoshinodigia i think has it now14:10
chibihogoshinoso i guess they are full on windows14:11
chibihogoshinowindows phone14:11
chibihogoshinothe things that cant last more than one year14:11
wrstwell i saw this that says they aren't selling but even at that it sounds like they are: http://blogs.nokia.com/nordicblog/news/digia-and-nokia-qt/#date=2011-03-07,mode=month14:13
wrstchibihogoshino: i don't see windows phone ever taking off do you?14:13
chibihogoshinowell i was thinking about it and if nokia keep up with the updates and things that windows never did then maybe14:13
chibihogoshinobut it is kinda late in the smart phone game14:13
chibihogoshinooh wrong channel ..14:31
chibihogoshinoi want to see that live14:32
Xpistosoh and fyi my daughter made it into the "Mule Town Idol." It is a local Columbia, TN take off of American Idol right before the Mule Day celebration they have here. This is the url to her audition performance. Can't see her very well but you can hear her well. www.youtube.com/video/qmtKSU6e0E816:07
xTEMPLARxhaha nice Xpistos!  she looks like she's havin fun and owning that mic16:16
xTEMPLARxlove the confidence16:16
XpistosxTEMPLARx: I was carefull to stress having fun and making friends16:16
XpistosxTEMPLARx: Thanks I will let her know16:16
xTEMPLARxyeah that takes some of the fear of failure away16:17
xTEMPLARxlove it :)16:17
xTEMPLARxthat's a voice I'd encourage till the day I died... lol16:17
xTEMPLARxmy son loves music too, he's only 2.5 years old but he's got his own guitar, drums and piano16:17
xTEMPLARxdoesn't stop him from wanting to use my guitars and piano tho16:17
wrstyo dawg that was outta sight16:57
wrstwell done Xpistos16:58
wrstxTEMPLARx: guess since we are two musicians we could be irc idol judges right?16:58
wrstshould have said well done littl Xpistos16:58
XpistosShe likes calling herself Little E16:58
XpistosI hate it16:59
Xpistosthe funniest part is this16:59
Xpistosone of the "Minors" that was on American Idol this season was my son's girlfriend Sarina-Joi Crowe16:59
xTEMPLARxhaha nice16:59
Xpistosshe didn't make it into the current group but she came close just missing the group that went to Las Vegas17:00
Xpistosand at the Mule Town Idol auditions they have been Saying Sarina-Joi, Sarina-Joi, Sarina-Joi since she was a Mule town Idol contest the last 2 years17:00
Xpistoswell guess what Sarina-Joi posts on her facebook page?17:00
Xpistos"Everyone head out to Columbia Mall Thursday night and support Columbia's next Mule Town Idol, Eleni Ekimogloy."17:01
XpistosEleni lost her shit17:01
Xpistosof course it is my son's girlfriend, well sort of anyway17:02
XpistosWhat the fuck is that?17:11
XpistosOneiric Ocelot17:11
XpistosI can't say that!17:11
Xpistosif 12.04 isnt' Pissed Penguin I will lose it.17:11
Xpistosor at least somethign Penguin17:11
Xpistoswrst: let me work on the irc idol17:17
Xpistoswe will do it in conjuction with Alt3red Egos17:17
Xpistoswrst and xTEMPLARx - My wife said that you for the kinds words17:19
wrstshe is most welcome17:20
xTEMPLARxwhat origin is that?18:28
wrstgreek if i'm not mistaken xTEMPLARx18:28
xTEMPLARxits a neat name18:28
wrstXpistos: did i get it right?18:29
Xpistosyep you got it right18:31
Xpistostake a look at this pic and tell me if it is disrepectful or no18:31
Xpistoschristopher reeve pic18:33
xTEMPLARxi wouldn't call it disrespectful18:33
XpistosI just check the websites stats and it has gone up 600% today!18:48
Xpistosfor Alt3red Egos18:48
XpistosI am freaking out!18:49
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pace_t_zuluso Ubuntu 11.10 has a codename18:56
pace_t_zuluOneiric Ocelot18:56
wrstha pace_t_zulu in need a pronounciation key for that one :)19:43
wrstcan i just say the pre 11.10 ?19:45
pace_t_zuluyea, that's the most ridiculous by far19:49
wrstyeah but whatever its just a code name so after its released i can safely say 11.10 :)20:01
xTEMPLARxpace_t i saw that just a moment ago too20:03
xTEMPLARxi had to look it up20:03
xTEMPLARxI woulda liked "Ornery Ocelot" better20:03
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xTEMPLARxwb Xpistos20:05

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