arrrghhhAngstrom_: wouldn't really be in the scope of this room.00:00
Angstrom_I've been trying to capture audio with audacity and alsamixer, switching the capture device to the mixer, but it sounds very echoey00:00
edbianarrrghhh, I believe that the choices listed are the display modes that the card is capable. of.  Not sure what 'screen' is referring to.  I think it is the virtual software screen.  Meaning even if you had the hardware linux cannot support a monitor that is greater than 4096 x 4096 pixels.00:00
erUSULAngstrom_: "stuff" is quite a broad concept ...00:00
arrrghhhAngstrom_: #audacity is a room00:00
Angstrom_If #audacity is a room, has users that don't answer, is anyone at their keyboard?00:00
arrrghhhedbian: sad.  well 720p will have to do then.00:00
jktcatok, I have a flickering/jumpy screen issue.  I thought it went away but it didn't.  I have the latest graphics driver installed and I've tried switching between the 2 refresh rates it has listed.00:00
edbianAngstrom_, that is so vague it is impossible to answer.  Do you know what Audacity is used for?00:01
cha0s2358whats the command to give me root access with nautilus?00:01
nooniansudo nautilus00:01
arrrghhhcha0s2358: alt-f2 -> gksu nautilus00:01
hiexposomething wrong with the prism for twitter it's broken goes to facebook00:01
arrrghhhDO NOT use sudo.00:01
arrrghhhnoonian: that's for cli apps.  use gksu if it's a gui app.00:01
cha0s2358think you. i was using sudo gknautilus00:01
arrrghhhcha0s2358: gksu for gui apps.  BE CAREFUL!00:02
jktcatany ideas on how to fix a jumpy screen?00:02
tooStupid4LinuxStupid question: I have tried to get Maverick installed on a RAID0 system.  I have "/boot" on the first disk as non-RAID "ext4".  Does the "bootable" flag need to be set to "on"?00:02
cha0s2358its fine, i'm jut trying to change the actualy directory of my media shortcut folders.00:02
MuellitooStupid4Linux: nope.00:02
tooStupid4LinuxMuelli: Thanks.  I am just doing yet another install as the system would not boot.00:03
noonianarrrghhh, what is the difference between gksudo and sudo? does gksudo not run the graphics library code with elevated permissions?00:03
linuxpoisgetting error xmls on curl.troblehooting tips?00:03
arrrghhhnoonian: i'm actually not positive on the specifics, but i was told sudo for cli apps, gksu for gui apps (kdesu for kde)00:04
tooStupid4LinuxAnd for anyone following this sad-saga, the 3rd(!) alternative CD hangs at 73%.  Either I have a fault with a drive (CD verifies OK), the ISO (md5 is ok) or there is something else deepy wrong.  Back to the USB and a second minimal install.  *sigh*00:04
hiexpook has anyone ever seen this   > log into twitter with a prism and it logs me into facebook00:05
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chris2DasEi: i did use "sudo ufw allow 53/udp" however nmap still gives me "53/udp closed domain" and the c programm fails to bind00:05
Angstrom_I have a problem with Audacity.  When I try to change the playback device to ALSA: default and ALSA: default sound card (0:0), it sounds very tinny00:05
Angstrom_Try listening to the sound file at http://www.mediafire.com/?db7iytlg1w4h8bg to see what I mean00:06
arrrghhhchris2: did you disable ufw just for fun?00:06
Angstrom_How do I change it so that it doesn't sound tinny, it sounds like it's already capturing and playing it back at the same time00:06
FloodBot2Angstrom_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:06
noonianarrrghhh, ah, it seems like the only difference is that gksudo prevents your settings files from becoming owned by root for whichever graphical program you run00:07
Angstrom_I used the instructions at http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Recording_audio_playing_on_the_computer00:07
Angstrom_Why isn't anyone answering00:07
noonianbecause no one here is familiar with audacity00:08
th0rAngstrom_: either because we don't like you, or we don't know the answser....take your pick00:08
Daekdroomth0r, I don't think anybody would hold anything against someone they have just met in a technical support channel00:08
Spirits-Sightwhat is people recommendation for all-in-one printer / scanners?00:08
arrrghhhSpirits-Sight: HP.00:08
Spirits-Sightarrrghhh: any one?00:09
chris2Muelli: i don't know how familiar you are with socket programming but i tried using AI_ALL for ai_flags and i still get the "Bad value for ai_flags" error, but i don't think the problem is in the code, because it works for other ports00:09
arrrghhhSpirits-Sight: i just bought one for my gf, 1 sec00:09
chris2arrrghhh: uhm no, should i try?00:09
chris2arrrghhh: i am not usually using ufw so it should be in it's standard state00:09
Muellichris2: hm. but you are aware that you can't normally bind below 1024 as a user?00:09
Habstinatedbian: Well it installed successfully, but now I have the same black screen error when I try to boot from the OS. >.<00:09
dwarderwhere does vnc saves it's snapshots?00:10
arrrghhhchris2: worth a short00:10
chris2Muelli: hm, so you're saying i need sudo priviledges for such a bind? because it does make sense what you're saying00:10
Habstinatedbian: I now know how to fix it, but I can't find a way to edit kernel parameters while booting up.00:10
Angstrom_I have a problem with Audacity.  When I try to change the playback device to ALSA: default and ALSA: default sound card (0:0), it sounds very tinny00:11
arrrghhhSpirits-Sight: photosmart plus.  i have an officejet 5610 as well.  HP just has a great track record of linux support, unlike some other printer companies.00:11
Angstrom_Try listening to the sound file at http://www.mediafire.com/?db7iytlg1w4h8bg to see what I mean00:11
Angstrom_How do I change it so that it doesn't sound tinny, it sounds like it's already capturing and playing it back at the same time00:11
Angstrom_I used the instructions at http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Recording_audio_playing_on_the_computer00:11
FloodBot2Angstrom_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:11
chris2arrrghhh: nope, still nothing00:11
Muellichris2: well. Either UID 0, privileges on the binary or configure yuor linux to allow users to bind below 1024 (not recommended)00:11
arrrghhhpriv's of the app would be my next guess chris2, seems you're looking into that ;)00:11
HabstinatDoes anyone know of a way to edit kernel parameters before Ubuntu boots, or do I have to make a video of that too?00:12
MuelliHabstinat: just add it to the linux commandline, i.e. in GRUB00:12
Spirits-Sightthanks arrrghhh!  which one you think better and which one using less use of screen on the device?  I trying to do all on computer as I am blind and need to able to use from computer nott screen on device.00:12
linuxpoisgetting error xmls on curl.troblehooting tips?00:12
chris2Muelli: i see, but i'd need to constantly make debugging on the programm, rebuilding, etc. I am guessing the priviledges wouldn't remain the same upon modification ?00:13
DasEiHabstinat: call bootmenu (left ctrl), press e00:13
Muellichris2: yeah. probably not.00:13
arrrghhhSpirits-Sight: well an officejet probably, but both will probably need some initial configuration on the device...00:13
HabstinatDasEi: Thanks. I was wondering how to call the bootmenu.00:13
noonianSpirits-Sight, my roomate has a shiny black one that works well haha no idea what the brand it though00:14
HeIsRisenHello, I have a question. Why is it, even though I have 7zip installed, when I right click a .zip file and select open with ... 7zip does not come up as an option?00:15
chris2Muelli: tried running in privileged mode and now it binds just fine, so yes, that was the problem.. nice00:15
chris2Muelli: thank you00:15
chris2arrrghhh: thank you for the help!00:15
arrrghhhchris2: np.00:15
MuelliHeIsRisen: I guess because it doesn't integrate well with the desktop. You have to configure Nautilus to make it show that option I guess.00:15
chris2DasEi: thank you for the help :)00:16
DasEichris2have fun00:16
HeIsRisenMuelli, where would I start doing that at?00:16
MuelliHeIsRisen: google.00:16
MuelliHeIsRisen: nonetheless, nautilus should offer you to extract using file-roller .So there should be no need to do that anyway.00:16
tooStupid4LinuxAnother stupid question: For RAID0, do the drives have to be the same model and from the same manufacturer (mine are the same size, but one is WD and the other Seagate)00:16
HabstinatDasEi: Just rapidly smashed my left Ctrl button a gadzillion times while booting, but I couldn't get to the bootmenu.00:16
linuxpoisgetting error xmls on curl.//troblehooting tips? #shell00:16
StrykerHeIsRisen, all you have done is install the 7zip library00:16
DasEiHabstinat: are you in that ubuntu -os now ?00:17
foobarbecue1What is the deal on Natty? Has it been released yet??00:17
Strykerautomatically file roller can unzip 7zip files00:17
aeon-ltdfoobarbecue1: no00:17
DasEi!natty | foobarbecue100:17
ubottufoobarbecue1: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.00:17
MuelliStryker: I bet an aweful lot that it does.00:17
Strykerfoobarbecue1, it is in alpha 2 i think00:17
HeIsRisenStryker, so I don't need to install 7zip just the library?00:17
satyavrati am unable to install gdocs extension in open office?00:17
StrykerHeIsRisen, yup00:17
foobarbecue1ooh April. My bad00:17
StrykerHeIsRisen, simple as that00:18
samth0mashi, i was wondering if it's possible to share my wireless connection on my netbook running ubuntu with my desktop running windows 700:18
HabstinatDasEi: Yes, but I can't see anything. I hear the startup congas and can blindly login though. I need to add "nomodeset" to the end.00:18
cha0s2358Ok, gksu didn't allow what I wanted. Can anyone tell me how to either change the directory of the "icon Folders' For music, videos, pictures, etc. so that they read from /home/media/mpoint/<respective-folder> OR move the "icon folders" to /home/media/mpoint/ so that when bookmarked I can access my ntfs shared storage while maintaning the neatness of the icon folders?00:18
HeIsRisenStryker, but does file roller see .apk files for Android as archives or will I have to rename them all as .zip00:18
DasEi!ics | samth0mas00:18
ubottusamth0mas: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php00:18
samth0masthank you.00:18
Muellicha0s2358: have a look in gconf. I bet bookmarks are stored there. but I don't know for sure. You can also check GNOME documentation or have a look at the source.00:19
StrykerHeIsRisen, i am not familiar with android, but i suggest taking the file extention [.apk] off, and see what can unzip it00:19
satyavratanyone can help me ?00:19
Muelli!ask | satyavrat00:19
ubottusatyavrat: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:19
satyavrati am unable to install gdocs extension in open office/ubuntu00:19
HabstinatDasEi: I think I logged in and I think I'm in a terminal now, but I'm only basing this on the sounds I hear.00:20
tooStupid4LinuxJust to answer myself - no it does not matter if the drives are from different manufacutrers00:20
HeIsRisenStryker, thanks00:20
DasEiHabstinat: gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub00:20
HeIsRisenWill do some more digging, is there a 7zip program for linux?00:20
StrykerHeIsRisen, just try it without any modification, and try to make it work, file content matters most to linux00:20
cha0s2358Muelli, checked with gnome documentation and as of yet found nothing useful and not advanced enough to rewrite the source code for it00:20
linuxpoisstryker:getting error xmls on curl.//troblehooting tips? #shell00:20
Six3ndiswrapper is messing up my system. I just reinstalled ubuntu, verified that lsusb was working, then tried again to install a wifi driver through ndiswrapper. it said, "module could not be loaded: error was" and ndiswrapper became unresponsive. now lsusb does not work agian. is there anyway to undo whatever ndiswrapper did, or do I have to do a fresh install of ubuntu again?00:21
StrykerHeIsRisen, i am using ark for 7zip files00:21
yorua007HeIsRisen: there is unrar00:21
Angstrom_I have a problem with Audacity.  When I try to change the playback device to ALSA: default and ALSA: default sound card (0:0), it sounds very tinny00:21
Angstrom_Try listening to the sound file at http://www.mediafire.com/?db7iytlg1w4h8bg to see what I mean00:21
Angstrom_How do I change it so that it doesn't sound tinny, it sounds like it's already capturing and playing it back at the same time00:21
FloodBot2Angstrom_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:21
Angstrom_I used the instructions at http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Recording_audio_playing_on_the_computer00:21
Strykerlinuxpois, i have no idea00:21
DasEiHabstinat: find the line : GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX00:21
HeIsRisenunrar doesn't recognize .apks as archives00:21
HeIsRisenI will check out arc00:21
DasEiadd nomodeset there ..00:21
HF_acidHeIsRisen: in the repositories is p7zip which integrates into the built archive manager00:21
HabstinatDasEi: I can't use Gedit, I'm not getting any screen output :P00:21
MuelliHeIsRisen: .apks are normal ZIP files. Just rename them and unpack... as simple as that.00:22
DasEiHabstinat: sudo nano /etc/default/grub00:22
StrykerAngstrom_, try out the #opensourcemusicians channel00:22
tseug11My system has locked up twice, installed it yesterday. can't even use sysreq + REISUB00:22
HeIsRisenMuelli, it's easy to say, harder to do with several hundered files00:22
StrykerAngstrom_, it's my fav channel for that00:22
HeIsRisenAlot easier using a program that recognizes them as archives off the bat.00:22
tseug11anything i can do to diagnose whats going on?00:22
MuelliHeIsRisen: then do a simple bash line using "unzip" for christs sake.00:22
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DasEiHabstinat: find the line : GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX , add nomodeset there .. ctrl+w to save, ctrl+x to exit nano00:23
HabstinatDasEi: I can't see the terminal either. If you can tell me how many times I should press the down arrow to get to that line, I could probably do it.00:23
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HeIsRisenJust really started using linux and am trying to get things very similar to my windows setup00:23
dasen1Hi guys, I'm using natty amd64 and for some reason things don't get upgraded after I do a "sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get dist-ugprade', it says there is nothing to upgrade, and I've been getting that for a few months. The reason I'm disappointed is that I want to try the latest Unity code. Does anyone have the same problem? Do you want me to show my sources.list?00:23
hiexpomust be root to use getit00:23
DasEiHabstinat: ctrl+alt+F200:23
HeIsRisenI theme for android ROMs and bash definitely would not be time efficient00:23
Muellidasen1: what do yours look like?00:23
edbiandasen1, sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get safe-upgrade  might work00:23
DasEiHabstinat: why can't you see terminal ?00:24
edbianDasEi, He has an nvidia card that Ubuntu does not like.  He had to boot the live CD using nomodeset00:25
ehidleoooo... linux audio :)00:25
DasEiedbian: ah, thx for whole story00:25
edbianDasEi, sure00:25
cellisI'm trying to get my sound working. When I start up ubuntu 10.10, it plays a drum sound. Then after I login ... nothing. Any ideas?00:25
* ehidle uses Ubuntu Studio00:25
HabstinatDasEi: Something with my NVidia card. I can boot from my Ubuntu USB with the parameter and make changes from there.00:25
noonianHeIsRisen, the built in archive manager can handle .apk files. I just opened one and also extracted one00:25
yeikanybody have a good way of diagnosing why a system would suddenly freeze, or a way to look for logs or create logs? fresh install yesterday, just been customizing it up.00:25
edbiancellis, check the volume in alsamixer00:26
HeIsRisennoonian, then I am doing something wrong ... they register as a file type unknown00:26
DasEiHabstinat: I assume you use lucid or later ? (check grub --version)00:26
ehidlecellis: also see if you are using a theme that doesn't have any sounds associated with it?00:26
HabstinatDasEi: 10.10. Downloaded the ISO today.00:27
noonianHeIsRisen, I may have something installed that is integrating with the archive tool i dont know00:27
DasEiHabstinat: so, give left ctrl another try, its approx a second after the post beep of the box, else it's lil' more complicated, becaus grub has to be updated too, rather we could try something else00:28
dasen1Muelli: http://pastebin.com/Qxw9wNaB00:28
HeIsRisenI found a patch that fixes my problem00:28
dasen1edbian: safe-upgrade doesn't work, apt complains it doesn't recognize that option...00:29
DasEiHabstinat: you tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg from commandline already ?00:29
edbiandasen1, oh, sorry.   There is an aptitude safe-upgrade.  It's apt-get upgrade for apt-get.00:29
HabstinatDasEi: Are you sure I can't edit that file while on a LiveUSB?00:29
Muellihm dasen1. looks good to me... what does 'apt-cache policy linux' say?00:29
DasEiHabstinat: yes, but for the update we need a braoder chroot00:30
DasEiHabstinat: you tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg from commandline already ?00:30
dasen1Muelli: linux:00:30
dasen1  Instalado: (nenhum)00:30
dasen1  Candidato:
dasen1  Tabela de Versão:00:30
dasen1 000:30
FloodBot2dasen1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:30
HabstinatDasEi: On my LiveUSB commandline, yes.00:30
DasEiHabstinat: err, you spek from that usb now, not a different platform ?00:31
HabstinatDasEi: I'm not even sure if I logged in correctly on my real OS -- you press enter, then type in your password to log in, right? The OS is running but due to the nomodeset problem I can't see anything.00:32
DasEiHabstinat: while we are talking, are you on the same box ??00:32
dasen1Muelli: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576719/00:32
HabstinatDasEi: Yes. I just booted from my USB when you asked me to run that command.00:33
Muellihm. dasen1. It should show or so. Does the apt-get update fully work?00:33
DasEiHabstinat: that can't work. I assumed you speak on one box while typing on the (working) commandline of the buggy one00:33
obiwan___hi people, im cleaning this lil netbook for some free space. i removed the old kernels, but i wonder, those 'linux-headers-generic', 'linux-image-generic', without any kernel number like the rest (linux-image-generic-2.35.whatever) , can i remove them too?00:34
HabstinatDasEi: If you're asking if I'm chatting from that computer, no. I'm chatting from my iPhone.00:34
DasEithis was my question, fine then , Habstinat00:34
Muelliobiwan___: better not.00:34
trismobiwan___: those allow you to upgrade kernels when new ones are released00:34
obiwan___oh ok00:34
luxgeekI just installed wicd how do I disable the "default" network manager?00:35
Muelliobiwan___: they shouldn't take up any space anyway00:35
DasEiHabstinat: so you're logged in terminal now, so do  a :00:35
obiwan___sweet ill keep them thank you Muelli and trism00:35
DasEiHabstinat:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:35
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arrrghhhluxgeek: you can remove nm-applet from startup applications.  i wouldn't uninstall it.00:36
HabstinatDasEi: I'm not sure if we're clear on facts here. Let me explain.00:36
luxgeekarrrghhh: Isn't there an applet for wicd also?00:36
arrrghhhluxgeek: i thought you said you installed it already...00:37
luxgeekarrrghhh: I have wicd installed, I just haven't put the applet in the panel yet.00:38
arrrghhhluxgeek: i'm not sure.  it showed up in the notification area automatically IIRC00:38
luxgeekarrrghhh: Hmm...ok.00:38
dasen1Muelli: here's the output of 'sudo apt-get update' http://paste.ubuntu.com/576721/00:39
firefox_dudei am alive00:40
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HabstinatDasEi: I have a computer with Ubuntu installed. It boots, but I get no output from the monitor whatsoever apart from my manufacturer's boot screen. My laptop has a NVidia card, which is causing this. The fix is simple: add "nomodeset" to the end of the boot parameters. I could do this with my LiveUSB by pressing tab to edit, which is how I installed. I can't do this with the actual OS installed though. Left Ctrl does nothing00:41
HabstinatWell, it might be doing something, but I get no output on the screen so I wouldn't be able to tell. I am running Ubunu via my LiveUSB right now.00:41
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DasEiHabstinat: k, and now you booted it with the usb ?00:42
claybuggcould someone take a look at my question here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/14808600:42
HabstinatDasEi: Booted Ubuntu? Yes.00:42
Guest19171while using curl,for posting tweet from shell,i am getting error 53{xml file:basic authentication error}...any suggestions?00:42
gsfaiI have a done a backup using dd, and i want to restore the files but NOT override the content of the original drive, how do i mount it on a virtual drive?00:43
edbianclaybugg, I'm reading.  CAn't guarantee I can answer it.00:43
cha0s2358Hi, I am running ubuntu 10.10 dual boot with windows 7. I have a major portion of my hdd set up as ntfs for shared storage between operating systems. I am trying to either change the directory of default media folders "with the little icons on them" from /home/cha0s2358/<respective media folder> to reflect the placement of my media. /media/mpoint/<respective media folder> while keeping the icon defined folders. OR moving the icon00:43
cha0s2358 defined media folders themselves to mpoint. can anyone help me with this?00:43
DasEiHabstinat: so there we got  a working commandline then, we caan use to acces hd's grub00:43
edbianclaybugg, As a workaround have you tried simply modprobe-ing your driver for the wifi card after it shuts off?00:43
luxgeekarrrghhh: It's not showing in the notification area "by default" for me...unless I need to reboot...00:44
Guest19171edbian:while using curl,for posting tweet from shell,i am getting error 53{xml file:basic authentication error}...any suggestions?00:44
alive_dudeanyone alive?00:44
DasEiHabstinat: sudo fdisk -l00:44
claybuggedbian: i have not. how would i do that?00:44
DasEi!hi | alive_dude00:44
cha0s2358alive_dude, | anyone00:44
HabstinatDasEi: Alright, one minute...00:44
DasEiHabstinat: I guess your intrnal is sda00:44
arrrghhhluxgeek: ...is it running?00:45
tooStupid4LinuxMy USB minimal install is listsing the USB drive as "sda", will that mess up the RAID configs when I reboot?  (Last time the machine wouldn't boot after the install was complete)00:45
edbianGuest19171, I never have used curl.  Try doing it as root. (or maybe you have to log into twitter or something) IDK, don't you that either.00:45
alive_dude!anyone | alive_dude00:45
ubottualive_dude, please see my private message00:45
luxgeekNo alive_dude, no one is alive...a bunch of corpses chatting in here ....00:45
StevenXHi. I have an NTFS partition running windows, and I want Ubuntu to mount that partition on boot-up. How can I do this?00:45
edbianclaybugg, first get the name of the driver using lspci -k   (lists a lot of stuff you'll have to read through it, find your wifi card, and look at the 'module')00:45
luxgeekarrrghhh: wicd? afaik...00:45
arrrghhhluxgeek: should have an entry in your menu as well ;)00:45
edbianclaybugg, Then we can simply modprobe <driverName> and see if it helps.00:46
edbianclaybugg, Linux calls drivers 'modules' if they are part of the kernel.00:46
luxgeekarrrghhh: I do have an entry for the wicd network manager00:46
=== jonathon is now known as 30BAAX618
edbianclaybugg, You can pastebin lspci -k if it confuses you and I'll read it.00:46
dasen1can anyone paste a good set of lines for sources.list to use the natty version of ubuntu?00:46
arrrghhhluxgeek: i don't lie ;)00:46
RealEyesokay guys I have a  small problem with os-prober. It won't find my win7 on /media/sda!00:46
claybuggedbian: does this sound like it? "PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 01)00:46
claybuggKernel driver in use: r816900:46
claybuggKernel modules: r816900:46
RealEyesHow do I fix this?00:46
dvikasI am not able to connect to WLAN on my hp laptop, on the new Ubuntu 10.1000:46
FloodBot2claybugg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:47
arrrghhh!natty | dasen100:47
ubottudasen1: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.00:47
dvikashow to fix this?00:47
alive_dudelater corpses00:47
edbianclaybugg, That's probably your wired interface00:47
luxgeekarrrghhh: Just ddon't have anything in the notification area00:47
HabstinatDasEi: Have to take a short break for a second, be right back00:47
edbianclaybugg, to clarify, the wifi card has to be working right now for it to show up reliably in lspci -k00:47
Nighthawk``how can i force to close a gui window ?00:47
edbianclaybugg, You're on the right track though.00:47
DasEiHabstinat: ping me then00:47
arrrghhhluxgeek: hrm.  notification area is enabled..?  i dunno.00:47
edbianNighthawk``, kill the process that controls it (use kill -9 if it's stubborn)00:47
edbiandvikas, hi00:48
arrrghhhNighthawk``: if you hit the close window and it's frozen usually ubuntu will offer to force close it.00:48
luxgeekarrrghhh: Ummm...need to think outside the box now :P00:48
leexhi  I installed a fresh ubuntu today and there is no xrandr packeage anymore, just grandr and lxrandr, is that a bug?00:48
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arrrghhhluxgeek: reboot?00:48
Nighthawk``but it's the "language & text" window00:48
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dvikashi edbian00:48
arrrghhhNighthawk``: system monitor?00:48
luxgeekarrrghhh: Of COURSE notification area is installed...or I wouldn't know it wasn't showing in it :P00:48
dvikasI am not able to connect to WLAN on my hp laptop, on the new Ubuntu 10.1000:48
dvikashow to fix this?00:48
arrrghhhluxgeek: reboot then, i'm not sure.  it worked for me, that's all i remember.00:49
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RealEyesokay guys I have a  small problem with os-prober. It won't find my win7 on /media/sda! How do I fix this?00:49
luxgeekarrrghhh: Ok.00:49
edbiandvikas, at the high level, figure out what card you have, figure out what driver you need for that card, install that driver (drivers are called modules in linux)00:49
arrrghhhdvikas: need to explain more.  is it able to scan, does it see networks?  did it work in the livecd?  have you looked for hardware drivers connected to a cable?00:49
RealEyesokay guys I have a  small problem with os-prober. It won't find my win7 on /media/sda! How do I fix this?00:49
nooniandvikas, are there any drivers listed under system->administration->additional drivers?00:49
dvikasyes but in order to install the driver, I need to connect to the network00:49
gsfairoot@work:/home/andrew# mount -t vfat -o loop ./PHONECARD.gz /mnt/disk/ --- mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bla bla bla (any suggestions?)00:50
dvikaswhich is not being possible!00:50
mickster04dvikas: even wiredly00:50
DasEi!repeat | RealEyes00:50
ubottuRealEyes: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:50
moderngeek1luxgeek:m getting error 53..while using curl for posting tweet ...authetication fail...any suggestion?00:50
dvikashaven;t tried wired!00:50
dvikaslet me see!00:50
DasEiRealEyes: sudo apt-get install os-prober && sudo update-grub00:50
moderngeek1luxgeek:m getting error 53..while using curl for posting tweet ...authetication fail...any suggestion?00:51
RealEyesDasEi: http://pastebin.com/FJUexPEi ... It's still not seeing win7 on /sda00:52
trismmoderngeek1: I doubt you can easily use curl now to test the api, since they disabled basic auth a while ago00:52
gwinbee__how does one configure a VPN to only be used by certain programs? namely firefox.00:52
wizardslovakhello peopel00:52
arrrghhh!hi | wizardslovak00:52
wizardslovaki installed vsftpd , how do i web login into it?00:53
Logan_arrrghhh: that command doesn't exist anymore00:53
gwinbee__(I am using 10.04 lucid)00:53
gwinbee__and openvpn00:53
Nighthawk``arrrghhh, thanks system monitor helped me00:53
Logan_wizardslovak: /join #vsftpd00:53
ScaroDjHi! A silly question... How do I make an update to 10.10?00:54
arrrghhhLogan_: i see that lol00:54
arrrghhhScaroDj: go to system -> administration -> update manager00:54
edbianScaroDj, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade.  or the update manager gui ^^00:54
wizardslovakLogan_, thank you00:54
jennyswedish ubuntu irc?00:54
moderngeek1trism:curl -u yourusername:yourpassword -d status=”Your Message Here” https://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml00:54
Logan_wizardslovak: you're welcome00:54
Logan_!se | jenny00:55
ubottujenny: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se00:55
jennytack thank you00:55
moderngeek1trism:getting error on message string00:55
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE00:55
ScaroDjedbian, but isn't that for updating only the packages?00:55
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions00:55
edbianScaroDj, What else is there to update?   (yes it is)00:55
trismmoderngeek1: as I said, you can't use basic auth anymore with twitter, they disabled it, so that won't work00:56
gwinbee__ScaroDj: what is your current version number?00:56
RealEyesDasEi: Can you help some more?00:56
wizardslovakLogan_, noones there00:56
Logan_wizardslovak: I see... :/00:56
moderngeek1trism:ok.so any other way?00:57
ScaroDjedbian, I'm used to Kubuntu which has support for the installed version and an option for updating the whole thing00:57
ScaroDjgwinbee__ 10.4 I think00:57
gwinbee__ScaroDj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades00:57
edbianScaroDj, Every piece of software in Ubuntu is a package.  Unless you go around installing random stuff from the Internet. (even in that case a lot of things you install will probably be packages)00:57
edbianScaroDj, update-manager in gnome updates 'everything'00:58
RealEyesThis sums up my whole problem, when you consider that Win7 should be there as well: http://pastebin.com/4e6SRQvT00:58
gwinbee__edbian: he's not currently on maverick. he wants to upgrade lucid to maverick.00:58
ScaroDjI see... OK, thanks edbian00:58
ScaroDjI'll check it out, gwinbee__ Thanks00:58
edbianScaroDj, Is that true?  Are you trying to update to a newer version of Ubuntu?  (e.g. 10.04 -> 10.10)00:59
ScaroDjedbian: yes00:59
Strykerupdate-manager -u in terminal ScaroDj00:59
edbianScaroDj, System -> Admin -> Software sources.  change the drop down from 'LTS releases' to 'normal releases'  then start the update-manager and you'll see a button to upgrade to the newest version.01:00
ScaroDjedbian: I've always done it with Kubuntu, but I'm currently (trying to) using Ubuntu01:00
edbianScaroDj, Updating from one version to the next still is just a process of updating packages though :)01:00
RealEyesos-prober won't find my win7! HELP!01:00
gwinbee__right, what edbian said01:00
DasEiRealEyes: I'm on it, the pastebin failed to load01:00
edbiangwinbee__, ScaroDj :)01:00
mickster04RealEyes: are you sure it's there? can you mount the partition and view the files?01:01
RealEyesI'm calm, I'm calm... :)01:01
trismmoderngeek1: many other ways, all kind of offtopic here, quick search finds tweepy if you want to use it with python, or twurl, which has a curl-like interface, neither of which I've tried01:01
ActionParsnipScaroDj: you can also change: Promt=lts  to Prompt=normal  in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades01:02
RealEyesI copied /boot from my ubuntu '/' and pasted it in the Win7 HDD root.01:02
RealEyesThought that'd work but, didn't.01:02
ActionParsnipScaroDj: then run: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core; sudo do-release-upgrade        will upgrade in the terminal :)01:02
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mickster04RealEyes: how diod you expect that to work?!01:03
wizardslovakLogan_,  well i just want ftp server so i can backup my wordpress01:03
RealEyesI ran a command to install grub on that HDD.01:03
leexfixed it bye,01:03
mickster04RealEyes: did you run it to the partition or the harddrive? like sda or sda#01:03
DasEiRealEyes: don't repeat, second worked; there is a hint that a sector is used already, any special hd ?01:03
RealEyesI have two HDDs.01:04
RealEyesA 320GB w/ 10.10, which I'm on now, and a 500GB w/ Win7.01:04
DasEiRealEyes: so sdb conatains ubu and sda windows ?01:04
StevenXHi. I'm trying to edit my fstab (I've already backed up the original), and need to get the UUID of a device. Can anyone tell me how?01:04
RealEyesIt was the other way around until I swapped the SATA cords.01:05
edbianStevenX, vol_id /dev/sda01:05
mickster04!who | RealEyes01:05
ubottuRealEyes: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:05
StevenXI used 'ls /dev/disk/by-uuid' and while that tells me the UUIDs, it doesn't tell me which UUID belong to which drive.01:05
RealEyesYes, DasEi.01:05
DasEiRealEyes: sudo apt-get remove --purge grub* && sudo apt-get install grub-pc /dev/sda01:05
RealEyesThanks, mickster04 :P01:05
ScaroDjedbian, gwinbee__, ActionParsnip, the changing to LTS Releases method worked, I'm at it. Thanks guys!01:05
StevenXedbian, I get "vol_id: command not found"01:05
DasEiRealEyes: then change bios to boot from sda01:06
mickster04RealEyes: it just makes it easier for people to work out who needs help and who's getting some01:06
RealEyesDasEi. My BIOS only allows me to boot from HDD.01:06
DasEiRealEyes: yes but either first or second01:06
RealEyesSDA is just the first one. My terminal is asking me if I really want to remove grub2 now because my system would be unbootable.01:06
HabstinatDasEi: Ready now, sorry for that.01:07
claybuggedbian i'm still looking through my drivers. there is only one that looks related to internet01:07
RealEyesAfter I boot from SDA, how do I get grub back on there to get back into linux? :/ ... DasEi.01:07
DasEiRealEyes: why can't you boot from first hd ??01:07
claybuggwhen i do modprobe <drivername> do i enter the module number or the actual name?01:07
cellisno luck with the sound. still only plays drums and other sounds on login.01:08
DasEiRealEyes: sudo apt-get remove --purge grub* && sudo apt-get install grub-pc /dev/sda01:08
DasEiRealEyes: grub will be there01:08
mickster04cellis: maybe the app is muted?01:08
cellisalsamixer is all the way up01:08
mickster04cellis: even for individual apps?01:08
DasEiHabstinat: so same scene, usb - terminal fuctional ?01:08
RealEyesDasEi: http://pastie.org/164140701:08
mickster04cellis: sound preferencees01:08
cellismickster, yes01:08
HabstinatDasEi: Yes.01:08
cellismickster04: i'm in sound preferences01:09
mickster04cellis: are the setting set to output to the same output as the sounds are?01:09
StevenXedbian, thanks for your help. I actually found the following command: "ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/"01:09
mickster04cellis: so what app isn't working? or is it any app at all?01:09
StevenXThat command will list the UUID and tell me which device that UUID belongs to.01:09
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DasEiHabstinat: sudo fdisk -l , which partition is your root ?01:10
cellismickster04: youtube mp3s, sound tests01:10
cellisshouldn't sound preferences play a sound when i slide the volume bar?01:10
DasEiRealEyes: close synatic / softwarecenter/updates.. retry01:10
mickster04cellis: nope, but what about rhythm box or banshee if you have either installed?01:11
administratorhello  everyone01:11
mickster04administrator: hey01:11
cellisyeap got rythmbox01:11
ActionParsniphi administrator01:11
=== administrator is now known as Guest14131
mickster04cellis: is that also silent?01:11
mickster04Guest14131: register perhaps?01:11
mickster04Guest14131: :p01:11
RealEyesDasEi: Xchat and Terminal are the only things open. Same error. Should I unmount the drive?01:11
HabstinatDasEi: Pretty sure it's /dev/sda1. It's System is "Linux" and it's flagged as bootable.01:12
Logan_administrator is already registered :P01:12
cellismickster04: need to find a quick mp301:12
mickster04cellis: ah ok01:12
ActionParsnipcellis: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh01:12
DasEiRealEyes: you can't01:12
RealEyesDasEi: Yes, I can unmount the drive...01:13
fredhamiI wondering does anyone know how to install and set web content setting on dansguardian?01:13
cellisin rhythmbox01:13
visual1cehow do i copy all the files in a folder to <orginal name.backup>01:13
DasEiRealEyes: you can't unmount the ubu drive while using it; sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade works ?01:14
visual1ce<original name>.backup01:14
mickster04fredhami: this is more ubuntu help rather than indivdual software, try their forums / channels01:14
cellismickster04: rhythmbox says couldn't start playback (null)01:14
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:14
DasEiHabstinat: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt01:14
cellisActionParsnip: going to try that next01:14
mickster04cellis: what about the thing that ActionParsnip said to do?01:14
mickster04cellis: ok01:14
RealEyesDasEi: the Ubu drive is /sdb, win7 is /sda01:14
HabstinatDasEi: Alright. It's mounted now.01:15
DasEiHabstinat: sudo mount --bind /dev  /mnt/dev01:15
RealEyesDasEi: Err... /sda101:15
DasEiHabstinat: sudo mount --bind /dev  /mnt/dev01:15
OsakaFoowhere do I talk about 11.04?01:15
DasEiRealEyes: you can't unmount the ubu drive while using it; sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade works ?01:15
arandOsakaFoo: #ubuntu+101:15
OsakaFooarand, thanks01:15
DasEiHabstinat: sudo mount --bind /proc  /mnt/proc01:15
RealEyesDasEi: Yes, both work.01:16
cellismickster04 , ActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b65c4c16575f23e81babd351903920147b31efec01:16
RealEyesBut, errors at the end!01:16
DasEiHabstinat: sudo mount --bind /sys  /mnt/sys01:16
DasEiHabstinat: sudo mount --bind /usr  /mnt/usr01:16
HabstinatDasEi: Ok. Doing them all now.01:16
luxgeekHow in the world am I supposed to get one large desktop on my dual monitors? everything "ubuntu" related on the net talks about an xorg.conf which doesn't exist...? GAH!01:17
DasEiluxgeek: nvidia ?01:17
edbianluxgeek, just create it.  (please don't yell)01:17
RealEyesDasEi: http://pastie.org/164143801:17
ChogyDanHabstinat: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115624001:17
edbianluxgeek, the file does not exist by default.  If you create it the system will read it.01:17
noonianluxgeek, there is usually a monitor settings manager in system->preferences that will let you set it up01:17
HabstinatDasEi: Did all the commands.01:18
mickster04luxgeek: try the system>pref>monitors01:18
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DasEiRealEyes: there is another dpkg open, check it (top) and close it01:18
celliswhen i changed the sound test to analog output, it worked!01:18
mickster04cellis: marvelous01:18
DasEiHabstinat: sudo chroot /mnt01:19
cellisnow what01:19
mickster04cellis: problem fixed?01:19
ActionParsnipluxgeek: if you make one, it will be obeyed01:19
DasEiluxgeek: nvidia ?01:19
celliswow yeah01:19
ScarabDrownerIn 10.10, I'm learning to type Dvorak. I have the layout menu by the clock, and I set the key combo to switch layouts as both Alt keys at the same time. However, the key combo does not seem to work. I hit both Alt keys, and nothing happens.01:19
cellismickster04: your message just beeped01:19
RealEyesDasEi: Check it in the top?01:19
HabstinatDasEi: Now I have a root prompt.01:19
mickster04cellis: very good indeed01:19
cellisnow i need to get this wireless card working01:19
DasEinano /etc/default/grub01:19
DasEiHabstinat: ^01:20
ActionParsnip!dualhead | luxgeek01:20
ubottuluxgeek: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama01:20
ActionParsnipDasEi: that wil need sudo ;)01:20
DasEiRealEyes: enter top in trml01:20
DasEiActionParsnip: chroot ?01:20
tooStupid4LinuxI have just realised why a minimal install from a USB doesn't work.  GRUB gets installed to /dev/sda....which is the USB stick.  ARG!01:20
DasEiyupp, thx ActionParsnip01:20
HabstinatDasEi: Ok. Now I have the editor open with that file.01:20
chris2I have a small problem. When I am connecting with telnet to my pc using localhost as an address it works just fine, but when i'm using the actual ip, i'm getting a connection refused message. Firestarter doesn't seem to help01:21
ScarabDrownerhow do I get the Alt-Alt key combo to work like it's supposed to?01:21
mickster04ScarabDrowner: you mean left and right alt?01:21
DasEisudo nano /etc/default/grub is right , Habstinat, so first ctrl+x01:21
ScarabDrownermickster04: yes01:21
edbianchris2, Do you have a router?  What IP are you using?01:21
RealEyesDasEi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576740/01:21
chris2yes i do have a router, it has dhcp01:21
tooStupid4LinuxWill I be able to manually add grub?01:21
chris2edbian: oh i see01:21
tooStupid4LinuxUsing the CD....01:21
edbianchris2, You have to forward the telnet port on the router.  What IP are you using?01:21
HabstinatDasEi: I'm already as root.01:22
chris2edbian: you are sugessting that it's not forwarding the packets01:22
DasEiRealEyes: I'll be back in few minutes, please check what uses dpkg01:22
chris2edbian: i am using local ip01:22
cellismickster04: thanks alot01:22
chris2edbian: not the public one01:22
edbianchris2, well if you're using a local IP it should work.01:22
mickster04ScarabDrowner: i don't think ubuntu sees it as a seperate key perhaps? what happens if you use the record shortcut tool in systemn>pref>keyboard shortcuts01:22
edbianchris2, Why are you using telnet and not ssh ?  (just curious)01:22
edbianchris2, Can you ping the local address for that machine?01:22
chris2edbian: debugging a c socket program01:22
mickster04!grub | tooStupid4Linux01:22
ubottutooStupid4Linux: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.01:22
HabstinatDasEi: When I did sudo chroot /mnt it made me root. I get "unable to resolve host ubuntu" when I do sudo.01:23
DasEiHabstinat: find the line Grub_cmdline_linux (all capitals)01:23
chris2edbian: yes01:23
mickster04ScarabDrowner: try this link and see if it helps http://www.zolved.com/synapse/view_content/28017/Fix_your_right_Alt_key_in_Ubuntu01:23
ChogyDanRealEyes: try: lsof /var/lib/dpkg01:23
edbianchris2, mmmm, not sure.  Maybe check out the telnet config file.  It must not be listening on anything but localhost.  (telnet is deprecated)01:23
chris2oh i see01:23
HabstinatDasEi: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""01:23
LancelotQuestion: Is there a resource that will tell me what happens to files I delete? As far as I know the filesystem stuffs them into the expunged directory and then goes about actually removing the files.01:23
HabstinatDasEi: That's what it says right now.01:24
RealEyesChogyDan: No errors, no output.01:24
ScarabDrownerit says Alt+ISO Level 3 Shift01:24
ActionParsnipDasEi: ah, i see01:24
gkffjcsHey all, I accidently managed to fill my root partition to max capacity. I have not fixed that by deleting some files but now that I've rebooted gdm no longer displays my user name at all how can I log in again?01:24
chris2edbian: it's not working with ssh aswell, same connection refused message01:24
ActionParsnipgkffjcs: boot to root recovery mode and uninstall openoffice, should free enough space to get you logged in01:25
DasEiHabstinat: delete the "", write nomodeset01:25
ScarabDrownermickster04: still does not work01:25
edbianchris2, very strange.  what does sudo iptables -L show?01:25
ChogyDanRealEyes: fuser /var/lib/dpkg/lock  ?01:25
tonsofpcshmm, is there a way to remap keys on a specific keyboard?01:25
DasEiActionParsnip: you know if nomodeset needs the "" around ? (/etc/default/grub)01:25
gkffjcsActionParsnip:  I have already done that and cleaned up enough space... I have now  whole 5 gig free but I still don't see my username in gdm...01:25
HabstinatDasEi: Ok. I used Ctrl-O to save it.01:26
RealEyesChogyDan: No errors, no output.01:26
DasEiHabstinat: ctrl+w to exit01:26
luxgeekDasEi: No, the Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller01:26
lisandroshey guys, when i run the command fglrxinfo it says segmentation fault and i can't play HoN, what should i do?01:26
chris2edbian: i'm trying to connect on port 1234, and nmap says 1234/udp closed unknown01:26
chris2edbian: i'll give you the iptables output just now01:26
edbianchris2, k01:26
DasEi!cinerama | luxgeek01:26
luxgeeknoonian, mickster04: I've tried that multiple times01:26
HabstinatDasEi: Ctrl-W is search. I think you meant Ctrl-X?01:26
ubottutwinview is a feature provided by nvidia cards, which can be configured with nvidia-settings01:26
DasEi!xinerama | luxgeek01:27
ubottuluxgeek: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead01:27
edbianchris2, Well did you tell telnet / ssh to listen on 1234?  by default ssh is 22, (telnet is 25 I think)01:27
mickster04ScarabDrowner: ok, so did you look at the shortcut program thing i suggested? what did that do whe you recorded two alt keys?01:27
ScarabDrownermickster04: even changing the setting to both ctrl keys does nothing01:27
DasEiHabstinat: update-grub01:27
chris2edbian: i told you, i'm trying to debug a self build c socket program01:27
lisandrosCan someone help me with this?01:27
chris2i made them connect to the right port01:27
luxgeekDasEi: Checking into that now...01:27
edbianchris2, but you said telnet does not work.01:27
chris2but the connection gets refused01:27
mickster04ScarabDrowner: how about ctl tab l or something just as obscure that will work?01:27
chris2edbian: yes it doesn't01:28
ScarabDrownermickster04: I already mentioned that, it says Alt+ISO Level 3 Shift01:28
edbianchris2, The app you're writing listens on port 1234?01:28
HabstinatDasEi: Alright, it generated a new grub.cfg.01:28
chris2edbian: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576741/01:28
chris2edbian: yes01:28
DasEiHabstinat: ctrl+d to exit chroot01:28
hilarieHow can I link dev/shm to my desktop? the option to create a link, is greyed out?01:28
mickster04ScarabDrowner: ah ok i didn't see that. bvut I have no idea what that means01:28
HabstinatDasEi: Ok.01:28
mickster04ScarabDrowner: try just using a normal if slightly obscure shortcut01:28
RealEyesPerhaps -I- need to chroot? :P01:28
ChogyDan!aptfix | RealEyes01:28
ubottuRealEyes: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »01:28
mickster04I am pretty sure ctrl+alt+l isn't used :p01:29
DasEiHabstinat: hope that the "" where not needed.. sudo reboot n cross fingers01:29
edbianchris2, There are a ton of rules in iptables.   I'm betting one of them is blocking these incoming connections.  Turn them all off (using firestarter or the cli) and try again.01:29
ScarabDrownerI'll try that, but why is it whenever someone comes in to fix a problem, all we get are workarounds instead of real fixes?01:29
HabstinatDasEi: :P Ok.01:29
lisandrosDo you guys read me or i am laging?01:29
DasEilisandros: you're fine01:29
hilarieread you just fine lisaandros01:29
ScarabDrownerlisandros: you're coming through01:29
RealEyesDasEi, ChogyDan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576742/01:30
mickster04lisandros: just chill out, if someone can help they will01:30
chris2edbian: interesting.. same message even with firewall off01:30
lisandrosOh, cool, thanks01:30
edbianchris2, ssh?  some problem01:30
HabstinatDasEi: It works!01:30
HabstinatDasEi: Thanks a whole bunch for your help.01:30
mickster04lisandros: ask the question in full again, with any error messages and anything you have done to try and fix it01:30
chris2edbian: connection refused01:30
chris2edbian: i don't get this, it works with localhost01:31
edbianchris2, odd. I'm not sure!  check the config file for ssh I guess01:31
DasEiHabstinat: world stays small, have fun01:31
ChogyDanRealEyes: ooops, you did have a dpkg running, you gotta run the other command01:31
edbianchris2, I have to go, good luck!01:31
chris2edbian: thanks, cheers!01:31
RealEyesChogyDan: What other command?01:31
hilarieDid some more poking around, and dev/shm is owned by root, how can I take it away from that jerk?01:31
ChogyDanRealEyes: sudo dpkg --configure -a01:31
RealEyesChogyDan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576746/01:32
lisandrosI have no idea how to fix this, first of all when i go to enable my hardware drivers, there are not any drivers on the list, then i runned fglrxinfo and the output saied "segmentation fault01:32
mickster04hilarie: sudo chown i think may be what you are looking for01:33
ActionParsniplisandros: what are you after drivers for?01:33
hilariemickster04: cd to dv/shm and sudo chown -i?01:33
DasEiRealEyes: oyu friggled around with alien ?!01:34
RealEyesDasEi: What?01:34
mickster04hilarie: i don't know the exact command as I aint all that pro, but chown changes ownership for things (ime files and folders) but it may well work for you01:34
noonianhilarie, what is dev/shm? you might just want to give yourself access to it and keep it owned by root01:34
ChogyDanRealEyes: reboot?01:34
lisandrosActionParsnip, i want to play HoN and the game just doesn't start01:34
DasEiRealEyes: paste : sudo apt-get remove --purge man-db --dry-run01:34
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)01:34
hilarienoonian it's the built in ramdisk, and i want it to be on my desktop01:34
ActionParsniplisandros: whagt is HoN?01:35
hilarieJust looking for a shortcut of somesort for it to be on my desktop01:35
ActionParsniphilarie: run:  mount    is it not already mounted?01:35
RealEyesDasEi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576747/01:35
lisandrosActionParsnip, a game01:35
noonianyou could put yourself in the group and give it full permissions01:35
ActionParsniplisandros: ok, what is the name of the game01:35
hilarieActionParsnip  Mount dev/shm? I don't think its mounted, its a folder01:35
lisandrosActionParsnip, Heroes of newearth01:36
DasEiRealEyes: no, some other error, alien also likes to do so , sudo dpkg-reconfigure man-db01:36
ActionParsniphilarie: its actually a file, its a file which represents a block device01:36
HabstinatDasEi: I'm having a probably unrelated error installing a driver though. To make the screen resolution better. I need a nonfree driver. I'm able to download it with "Additional Drivers", but when it starts installing I get, "SystemError: installArchives() failed".01:36
ActionParsniplisandros: great, I suggest you use that in future so we don't need to do the clarification dance. Only use defacto abbreviations like TCP, UDP etc01:37
RealEyesDasEi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/576749/01:37
hilarieActionParsnip I have CD'd to dev/shm and typed in mount, and it says mount tmpfs01:37
RealEyesDasEi: Should I just reboot or something?01:37
luxgeekDasEi: That xinerama thing MIGHT help if my xorg.conf already existed :P It doesn't deal with having to create it from scratch.01:37
hilariewhen I do that, it says mount: can't find tmpfs in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab01:37
DasEiHabstinat: in a minute01:37
lisandrosActionParsnip, What do you mean?01:37
j_ayen_greeni've been having a lot of trouble with soft hangs in 10.4 lately, where the mouse moves but nothing responds. it just happened, and i see that it coincided with smartbackup doing a full backup. first the disk was pinned, understandably, but now I look at the nas and the fileset is created, and the disk isn't being accessed, but cpu is still pinned and ubuntu won't react01:38
HabstinatDasEi: Ok.01:38
DasEiRealEyes: first read, before type :01:38
ActionParsniplisandros: not everyone knows what HoN is, if you just use the full and proper name, its quicker01:39
noonianhilarie, if it is mountable you could do: "mkdir ~/Desktop/shm" then "sudo mount /dev/shm ~/Desktop/shm"01:39
ActionParsniplisandros: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giPiqDOU5i0    has a guide to installing the game01:39
DasEiRealEyes: sudo init 1 , will bring you to init 1 , try dpkg repair broken ... from that mini-menu, cmd will log you off , to get back :01:39
ActionParsniphilarie: you don't need to cd anywhere to run mount01:39
noonianhilarie, but i dont know what it is really01:39
CJO232I have windows XP and Ubuntu 10 with Grub 2 . After deleting Ubuntu ( data and os partition ) I got the "no such partition: grub rescue>" prompt and couldn't remember if this means that some config files for grub2 were deleted on deletion of ubuntu or if grub2 was deleted. rootnoverify  doesn't work for grub2 so do I need to use something like set root=?01:39
DasEiRealEyes: netroot  > sudo service gdm start01:39
ActionParsniphilarie: mount will show the mount point and copying files to the mount point will put the data into the mount point01:40
ActionParsniphilarie: all the files in /dev are owned by root, when the OS boots the devices are mounted and given access to the users as needed01:40
DasEiHabstinat: which g-card ?01:40
hilarieWhy can't I do what I did from my NTFS partition and create a link and put that on my desktop? that option is greyed out01:40
ActionParsniphilarie: just make a symlink to the mount point on the desktop, the data will be lost on reboot as /dev/shm is a ramdrive01:41
DasEihilarie: you can own the mountdir to regular user, that work with that01:41
ActionParsniplisandros: http://forum01.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?t=17730301:42
lisandrosActionParsnip, Its not that simple, it just is not working01:42
DasEiHabstinat: which graphics card ?01:42
HabstinatDasEi: "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver"01:42
hilarie@actionparsnip How do I create a symlink?01:42
ActionParsnipCJO232: you will need to reinstate the ntldr as you deleted the grub config01:43
DasEiHabstinat: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list01:43
j_ayen_greenwould there be a reason why simplebackup would be keeping the cpu pegged after it had already created the tgz file in a full backup?01:43
ActionParsniphilarie: cd ~/Desktop; ln -s /mount/point01:43
FrozenFireAny ideas as to why the Flash plugin for Firefox would cease to display video, and yet still output audio? My younger sister's system is having such a problem. On Youtube, the player does not visually display, even though right-click context menus work, but she can hear the audio of the playing video.01:43
ActionParsniplisandros: what happens when you try?01:43
HabstinatDasEi: Ok.01:43
DasEiHabstinat: there is a block saying partner repos, uncomment the two lines for the deb's01:44
FrozenFireI tried uninstalling Flash and the plugin, then reinstalling, but the issue persists.01:44
lisandrosActionParsnip, i had mint 8 before ubuntu 10.10 and it worked, why can't ubuntu 10.10 witch is a newer version not work?01:44
ActionParsniplisandros: thats why mint isnt supported here, its different. what video chip do you have?01:44
lisandrosActionParsnip, Nothing, the screen goes black and back again like a flush01:44
HabstinatDasEi: Ok, I did that and saved.01:44
ActionParsniplisandros: run it in a terminal01:45
hilarie@action Parsnip Ty :) found the forum post :) GKSUDO Nautilus for the win :)01:45
ActionParsniplisandros: obviously change the /mount/point bit01:45
lisandrosActionParsnip, how do i do that?01:45
DasEiHabstinat: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:45
ActionParsniphilarie: yes, gksudo for any gui app, sudo is not suitable for gui apps01:45
ActionParsniplisandros: press ALT+CTRL+T01:45
DasEiHabstinat: sudo jockey-gtk01:45
luxgeekHow do I get a "default" xorg.conf? Don't want to create a blank one since I wouldn't know what to put into it...01:46
hilarieActionparsnip It un-greyed out the create link within the GUI :D01:46
DasEiluxgeek: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:46
lisandrosActionParsnip, i mean how to change the mount/point bit01:46
luxgeekDasEi: Thx01:46
HabstinatDasEi: I'm currently in the middle of upgrading my system, so I'll run those commands after that's done.01:46
ActionParsniplisandros: type it differently, the mount point will be shown in the output of: mount01:47
birdinatuxis it possible to dual boot ubuntu on a machine already conatining windows 7 without deleting windows 7?01:47
ActionParsnipbirdinatux: sure, resize the NTFS and install ubuntu to the free space01:47
tooStupid4Linuxmickster04: Thanks, I am trying to follow those instructions.  I cannot believe how hard it is to install Ubuntu....01:47
birdinatuxActionParsnip can the ubuntu installer resize safely or should I use partition magic or something of the sort01:48
ActionParsniptooStupid4Linux: depends on your mentality and hardware01:48
ActionParsnipbirdinatux: Win7 can resize its own partitions01:48
ActionParsnipbirdinatux: make sure your backups are sufficiently recent incase of catastrophe01:49
=== Guest28802 is now known as DarkDevil
tooStupid4LinuxActionParsnip: I seem to be hitting a collection of bugs/features that are causing me grief.  Mostly the alternate CD not working.01:49
ActionParsniptooStupid4Linux: could try the desktop CD then01:49
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest41237
Demolitio1hey all.... anyone have problems with the Broadcomm B3/B4 drivers?01:50
luxgeekDasEi: Well, if that was supposed to do anything...I am unable to tell what...still am not finding an xorg.conf anywhere in /etc/X11/  OR /root01:50
tooStupid4LinuxActionParsnip: I can't, that does not support installing to RAID0 (although I am using one to try and recover Grub...)01:50
birdinatuxActionParsnip backup not needed, its a new comp... just didnt want to have to re-install win7 if I didn't have to01:50
DasEiluxgeek: should be in /etc/x11/xorg.conf01:50
ActionParsnipbirdinatux: no, win7 can resize its own stuff01:50
luxgeekDasEi: Nope, it's not there.01:50
ActionParsniptooStupid4Linux: i see, software raid I'm guessing :(01:51
tooStupid4LinuxActionParsnip: Indeed, and according to all the videos and articles it should "Just work".  And it does...if the CD did not hang I would have been done 7 hours ago!01:52
luxgeekDasEi: I don't know WHY it's not there...but it's not.01:53
ActionParsniptooStupid4Linux: in most cases it does. All my systems require only proprietary video drivers and everything works out of the box, probably because I don't use softraid (mainly cos I think it sucks)01:53
CJO232ActionParsnip: So that means I can't get the grub2 configuration files back for grub2 and use grub as the bootloader01:53
j_ayen_greenat first I could move the mouse over something, like a switch-workarea panel at the bottom of the screen and it would react to the the hover, but now not even that happens and the cpu is still pinned01:53
ActionParsnipCJO232: if you make a 500Mb ext4 partition and mount it as boot you can use grub there. If you intend to ONLY use windows you may as well reinstate the XP bootloader01:54
DasEihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/576759/ luxgeek, but that's just a structure, need to modify it !!!01:54
birdinatuxActionParsnip: COOL never knew about this utility in win7, now shrinking. :) Final question, not to mess up booting win 7 where should I place the boot loader for ubuntu?01:55
ActionParsnipbirdinatux: Use the default and the dualboot will be handled01:56
birdinatuxActionParsnip: sounds good. Thanks a lot!01:56
=== tyler is now known as Guest64849
Guest64849anyone know why videos i play online wont fully show up?01:57
CJO232Ok ActionParsnip  thanks... i'm not happy to be using strictly windows LOL01:57
MonkeyMayh3mhi all01:57
CJO232but in my case it meets needs01:58
MonkeyMayh3mn00b to linux and the irc..01:58
ActionParsnipGuest64849: can you use: http://pastie.org and give the output of: uname -a; lsb_release -a; dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep swf; dpkg -l | grep gnash     Thanks01:58
Guest64849all that shows up is a tiny rectangle of part of the video01:58
birdinatuxwelcome to IRC :)01:58
ActionParsnipbirdinatux: its good to know both OSes in this day and age01:58
MonkeyMayh3mthanks birdinatux01:59
LarsNare there any guides for un-branding ubuntu?01:59
luxgeekDasEi: Thx, now the trick is to figure out how to edit it right :P01:59
LarsNprimarily the boot splash, and changing the login window?01:59
MonkeyMayh3mSo I'm loving ubuntu and the whole open source deal01:59
DasEiluxgeek: i draw back there, as I don't have experience with that graphic-card01:59
Guest64849anyone know how to fix it?01:59
BillyBob2me 201:59
luxgeekDasEi: Rt, totally understand. ;)02:00
birdinatuxActionParsnip Yeah, nothing I can't do in XP, but I need to get more versed in win7. I'm starting to get the basics down with linux, but so far to go.02:00
ljsoftnetcan i put location path on gnome drawer?02:00
BillyBob2my shutdown button, both when i press ctrl+alt+delete, and on the panel, is broken, any ideas?02:00
DasEiluxgeek: you can try using this template to break x and then reconfigure again, if you're lil familiar with ubuntu02:00
Guest64849why cant i play online videos?02:01
MonkeyMayh3mdoes anyone have any experience with webcam configs through a VM02:01
luxgeekDasEi: Right. might work.02:01
MonkeyMayh3meverything else works fine except my webcam02:01
ActionParsnipMonkeyMayh3m: do you see it listed in the output of: lsusb ?02:02
DasEiluxgeek: else rename it to xorg.dull to get x back, restart gdm02:02
Guest64849monkeymay3m: try to make sure your cam is supported by linux too02:02
Elsshaanyone know why apt-get hold returns an invalid operation error?02:02
DasEiMonkeyMayh3m: install cheese02:02
RealEyesDasEi: Can you tell me that last thing you told me? :P02:02
luxgeekDasEi: Ok, is that "restart gdm" an actual command?02:02
MonkeyMayh3mI have cheese but it doesn02:02
ljsoftnetcan i put location path on gnome drawer?02:02
Elsshai'm trying to followe the guide on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone02:02
DasEiHabstinat: doing now ?02:02
LarsNIf I have my timezone set correctly in Ubuntu, but it's displaying as 4 hours slow.  (dual booting with OSX) which configuration do I need to edit to fix that?02:02
RealEyesI went into init 1 and did a dpkg repair and got lost from there. I'll write it down this next time.02:02
MonkeyMayh3mdoesn't recognize02:02
RealEyesI'm on a liveCD now.02:02
DasEiRealEyes: sudo apt-get update02:02
Guest64849if cheese doesnt work then more than likely linux doesnt support your cam02:02
DasEiRealEyes: why on live ?02:03
Elsshabut $ sudo apt-get hold libmtp8 libmtp-dev libusb-dev libusb-0.1-4 tells me hold = invalid02:03
RealEyesgrub is gone02:03
ActionParsnipGuest64849: not true, there may be drivers to compile...02:03
ActionParsnipMonkeyMayh3m: did you run the command??02:03
DasEiRealEyes: ic02:03
RealEyesLook at this.02:03
Guest64849anyone have an idea as to why videos wont play on my computer?02:04
RealEyesDasEi: http://pastie.org/164157602:04
MonkeyMayh3mActionParsnip: I'm a noob would I be able to find that through the cl?02:04
ljsoftnetcan i put location path on gnome drawer?02:04
ActionParsnipMonkeyMayh3m: yes, its a terminal command02:04
RealEyesGuest64849: Try install flash/java/quicktime?02:04
MonkeyMayh3mon it02:04
Guest64849i have flash but the other too i should try lol02:04
ActionParsnipGuest64849: did you run the command I gave and pastebin the output??02:04
Guest64849forgot about them02:04
LarsNI'm pretty sure my system clock is set to Local Time, but ubuntu is treating it like my system clock is UTC.  Any suggestions on what to toggle, and  where?02:05
Guest64849i dont know how to run a command02:05
Elsshai'm trying to followe the guide on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone but $ sudo apt-get hold libmtp8 libmtp-dev libusb-dev libusb-0.1-4 command returns an error that hold = invalid02:05
MonkeyMayh3mok I'm on board with the cmd02:05
ActionParsnipGuest64849: in a terminal, press CTRL+ALT+T  and please write my name at the start of text addressed to me, it will highligh me just like my text highlights to you02:05
Guest64849how do i get to a terminal?02:06
ActionParsnipMonkeyMayh3m: run: lsusb   does it list the camera02:06
Guest64849im an idiot at this whole thing02:06
ActionParsnipGuest64849: READ my last thing I wrote to you.....02:06
Elsshaguest; it's in the accessories menu02:06
ActionParsnipGuest64849: maybe but you can read02:06
Elsshai'm trying to followe the guide on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone but $ sudo apt-get hold libmtp8 libmtp-dev libusb-dev libusb-0.1-4 command returns an error that hold = invalid02:07
DasEiRealEyes: did the update ?02:07
MagicJsomething has happened to my system such that when I click on an mp3 file it still loads movie player, but then it says that it needs to look for a plugin and looks for one for text/html, cwhich it does not find.  What do I need to do to fix this02:07
MonkeyMayh3mActionParsnip: Bus 001 Device 002: ID 80ee:002102:07
MonkeyMayh3mBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:07
Guest64849ActionParsnip: idk02:07
RealEyesDasEi: Yes... But, check out this link. I think this guy is having the same problem...02:07
RealEyesDasEi: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/dual-boot-issue-winxp-karmic-koala-on-two-separate-hdds-771969/02:08
RealEyesjust different versions of win/ubuntu02:08
Guest64849found it!02:08
ActionParsnipGuest64849: press CTRL+ALT+T and it will run a terminal02:08
ActionParsnipMonkeyMayh3m: so none stand out?02:08
ActionParsnipGuest64849: magic stuff eh02:08
Elsshais apt-get hold a valid command?02:09
Guest64849command not found02:09
ActionParsnipGuest64849: copy ALL the command I gave early and paste it into the terminal, then press ENTER02:09
Grigче по русски не пишем?? ))02:09
DasEiRealEyes: might be,, sudo fdisk -l , which is your root (ubuntu) and I assume no seperate root partition ?02:10
Starminn!russian | Grig (That is Russian, right?)02:10
ubottuGrig (That is Russian, right?): Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke02:10
DasEi!ru |Grig02:10
ubottuGrig: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke02:10
j_ayen_greenjust had to magic sysrq due to a hang (10.4) and now when I boot I end up in initramfs with message about no /sbin/init02:10
RealEyesDasEi: http://pastie.org/164160002:11
j_ayen_greenand i have no idea what that means or what to do :-s02:11
ActionParsnipj_ayen_green: hold shift at boot and choose an older kernel (if you have one), is it ok?02:11
HabstinatDasEi: Just finished upgrading. Reinstalling the drivers now.02:11
axillacan someone take a look at this pastie and see if they can figure out why my status_tag for false isn't showing up... Link to problem:
RealEyes/dev/sdb3 + /dev/sdb5 are both linux Ubuntu, DasEi.02:11
Guest64849what do i do now action02:11
axillathere should be a red box above the green one.. but it shows up blank.02:12
ActionParsnipGuest64849: use http://pastie.org to give the output, like I already said02:12
bsnyderi'm using ubuntu 10.10 and i've read about upstart, but i do not have the /etc/event.d dir? why is it missing?02:12
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip: there are several...32-28, 32-27... back to 32-21 ... should I choose the regular version or the recovery mode02:12
Guest64849i did02:12
Guest64849a bunch of mumbo jumbo that i dont understand popped up02:13
axscodeUbuntu.vmem <--- whats the file for?02:13
axillawoops, forgot to paste the pastie.. lol02:13
=== zeeek is now known as Guest3603
DasEiRealEyes: sdb5 so02:13
axillawrong channel too02:13
axillaman i'm out of it :(02:13
RealEyesDasEi: It's sdb5 and there is no root part.02:13
FloodBot2axilla: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:13
ActionParsnipj_ayen_green: regular, just go one earlier02:13
DasEisudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt02:14
ActionParsnipGuest64849: copy the text and use http://pastie.org to hold the output, copy the address in the address bar and paste that here02:14
RealEyesDasEi: Done.02:14
DasEisudo mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/dev02:14
HabstinatDasEi: You sure know your stuff; it worked! Again! Thanks a lot.02:14
axscodeUbuntu.vmem <-- anyone familiar with this file?02:14
DasEisudo mount --bind /proc  /mnt/proc02:14
Guest64849for the site?02:15
RealEyesDasEi: Done.02:15
DasEiHabstinat: good view, and don't forget to restart x02:15
DasEisudo mount --bind /sys  /mnt/sys02:15
bsnyderi'm using ubuntu 10.10 and i've read about upstart, but i do not have the /etc/event.d dir? why is it missing?02:15
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip: I tried 1 earlier then 2 earlier, I still end up back in initramfs with mounting /dev on /root/dev failed, mounting sys on /root/sys failed, mounting /proc on /root/proc failed02:15
DasEisudo mount --bind /usr /mnt/usr02:15
DasEiRealEyes: saw the two above line ?02:16
ribatejolusoguys, gals: How do i add email address to a user in openbox??02:16
RealEyesDasEi: Yes, done all, no errors.02:16
DasEiRealEyes: sudo chroot /mnt02:16
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=== Guest18234 is now known as hansam
RealEyesDasEi: http://pastie.org/164161202:17
ActionParsnipGuest64849: when you click the paste button, the address in the address abr will change, copy it and paste here02:17
HabstinatDasEi: Yup. A 1920x1200 laptop screen is great :)02:17
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)02:18
needhelp1im having an issue with easytag, i keep getting the error "cannot rename file, file already exists" .. i cant figure out how to get around this. can anyone help me please?02:18
ActionParsnipribatejoluso: surely adding it to your email account does that?02:18
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
roguehello everyone ^^02:18
DasEiRealEyes: are you using a 32 bit live on a 64 bit os or vice versa ?02:18
=== zakwilson_ is now known as zakwilson
ribatejolusoActionParsnip, with what, useradd?02:18
Senjai!ot | Guest6484902:18
ubottuGuest64849: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:18
RealEyesI think so, DasEi:02:18
gaelfxneedhelp1: is the file being used by another program while you're trying to rename it?02:18
RealEyesI think I'm on a 32bit CD w/ a 64bit OS.02:19
DasEiRealEyes: won't work, needs same architecture02:19
Elsshahow do i get hold to be a valid apt-get command in 10.1002:19
ActionParsnipribatejoluso: no, in your user account. I'm not sure you can just add an email account to a user, it doesn't make sense02:19
SenjaiGuest64849: this is a family orientated channel02:19
ActionParsnipGuest64849: once you make the pastebin, we can advise02:19
Guest64849im so lost02:19
Guest64849whats a pastebin?02:19
DasEiRealEyes: boot windows, d/l right one or supergrubdisk02:20
StarminnI think I'm having a Flash issues or something similar. If anybody could, please, head here: http://games.jagex.com/g=fleacircus/play.ws and tell me if the game loads for them? It doesn't load for me in either Firefox or Chormium.02:20
Senjai!pastebin | Guest6484902:20
ubottuGuest64849: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:20
gaelfx!pb | Guest6484902:20
visual1cei just changed shortkey for move window to workspace 4 to fn + f4 and now my touchpad is dead - cursor wont move02:20
Jasonn!abuse | Guest6484902:20
ubottuGuest64849: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:20
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip: it says 'try passing init=bootarg'02:20
visual1cedoh nvm02:20
ActionParsnipGuest64849: www.pastie.org  I've told you 4 times now02:20
Jasonn!appropriate | Guest6484902:20
gaelfxneedhelp1: did we lose you?02:20
ribatejolusoActionParsnip, i don't think that makes sense either but bimserver needs email account inorder for the user to upload files02:20
RealEyeshow do i check if I'm on 64bit or 32 bit?02:20
needhelp1gaelfx, no , what it is is, i stoped the scan around half way through (in the process of renaming the files) .. so now if i had two mp3 files that were for xyz.mp3 .. and i have nonamed.mp3 its pulling the metadata and renaming it to my set script for whatever .. artist_title_.mp3 .. so its giving me the error02:20
ActionParsnipRealEyes: uname -m02:20
ribatejolusomy /var/spool/email folder is empty....02:21
needhelp1gaelfx, hope that makes sense02:21
ActionParsnipRealEyes: i686 == 32bit   x86_64 == 64bit02:21
ribatejolusoI may need to add an email client02:21
ActionParsnipribatejoluso: sounds likely02:21
ElsshaI'm following this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone and can't get the last command to work02:21
Elsshait won't recognize apt-get hold as a valid command02:21
gaelfxneedhelp1: haha, yeah, it kinda makes sense, but I'm not entirely sure what to do about it. Did you try restarting the program after deleting the erroneous files?02:21
RealEyesDasEi, ActionParsnip: Can you guys look at this link and tell me if it'd work for me? http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/dual-boot-issue-winxp-karmic-koala-on-two-separate-hdds-771969/#post377179102:21
hansamhi friends02:21
ActionParsnipGuest64849: thats fine too, you need to copy the text you made in terminal to that page and hit paste, it will then change the address bar and you copy the NEW address and paste it here02:21
Afflicto1Hey all02:22
gaelfxActionParsnip: it looks more like someone needs to be kicked02:22
Afflicto1I just switched over to win 7 from linux.02:22
ribatejolusoElssha, What do you need again?02:22
visual1cei set move window to workspace n to windows key (mod4) + fn (n = 1-4)... but this doesn't seem to do the trick02:22
ActionParsnipGuest64849: what does 'idk' in this context mean, it makes zero sense02:22
ElsshaI'm following this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone and can't get the last command to work02:22
Afflicto1Got pidgin for win 7, along with facebook plugin and skype plugin.02:22
ActionParsnipgaelfx: i'm not an op02:22
Elsshait won't recognize apt-get hold as a valid command02:22
DasEiRealEyes: several possibilites, custom is one of them, yes02:22
Elssha$ sudo apt-get hold libmtp8 libmtp-dev libusb-dev libusb-0.1-4  <<< this02:22
Afflicto1I need popup notifications!02:22
needhelp1gaelfx, theres way to many, i tried clicking through the errors buts its over 3002:23
Afflicto1when someone talks to me :P02:23
RealEyesDasEi: You suggest I do that?02:23
gaelfxActionParsnip: I know, I was just making sure you saw what's happening02:23
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip: could it be because when it hung I did the R-E-I-S-U-B thing with alt sysrq?  Is there something that needs to be done/undone?02:23
DasEiRealEyes: uname -a tells what a live is in use, mention actionp.. above02:23
Afflicto1(btw I dont have the original taskbar)02:23
ActionParsnipgaelfx: I've another 5 hours to kill :D02:23
DasEiRealEyes: first you need a grub back..02:23
gaelfxneedhelp1: well, best get to work then :D02:23
RealEyesDasEi: Im on i68602:23
gaelfxActionParsnip: understood, feed away :D02:23
ActionParsnipgaelfx: it'll puke soon02:23
Starminn!enter | Afflicto and Windows support is in ##windows02:24
ubottuAfflicto and Windows support is in ##windows: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:24
ribatejolusoElssha, why do you want to "hold"? I never head of it02:24
RealEyesDasEi: Help me get grub back?02:24
ActionParsnipRealEyes: then 32bit you have02:24
Elsshame either02:24
Elsshai'm following that02:24
ribatejolusoElssha, SO DON'T USE IT ;)02:24
ActionParsnipGuest64849: hows the pastebin going?02:24
DasEiRealEyes: is what I'm doing all the time02:24
ribatejolusoSORRY THE CAPS02:24
DasEiHabstinat: http://www.howtoforge.com/the-perfect-desktop-ubuntu-10.10-maverick-meerkat02:24
RealEyesDasEi: Thank you :P02:24
RealEyesGod bless your soul!02:24
Elsshawill that code still work without this last part though?02:25
=== karina is now known as Guest47687
RealEyesI cant wait to get this all figured out and play some SCII.02:25
Guest64849i pasted the "http://pastie.org" to the address bar after the site adress was thnd it didnt change it at allere a02:25
ActionParsnipGuest64849: did you copy the text from the terminal?02:25
j_ayen_greenit keeps putting me back in Busybox no matter which kernel I choose02:25
Guest64849copy all of the text or "http://pastie.org"?02:25
DasEiRealEyes: so get a suitable cd, supergrub is smaller and so faster in d/l 'ing02:26
gaurdroIs there a way to get dpkg-buildpackage to dump it's output to a logfile?02:26
ActionParsnipGuest64849: no, the text which was the output of the long command I gave earlier02:26
RealEyesI dont have any blank CDs, DasEi :/02:26
RealEyesI have a USB drive, 8GB.02:26
Guest64849ok so copy that to the address bar?02:26
DasEiRealEyes: usb stick ?02:26
DasEiRealEyes: get unetbootin (for win)02:26
HabstinatDasEi: Thanks. I've tried a couple other Linux distros on other computers, but in the end I feel like Ubuntu just gets it right.02:27
tooStupid4LinuxWell, got the minimal install running from CD now (although I think the RAID config is now screwy /dev/md2 thru md4).  Is 8 hours to get an install done a record? :-(02:27
ActionParsnipGuest64849: no, the text which was made, copy that and paste it to the large box on the pastebin site, then click the paste button and the page will change, then copy the address bar which will now have changed and paste it here02:27
DasEiHabstinat: depends on purpose, but best free support02:27
ziesemerWhy, after doing "apt-get source linux-image-2.6.35-27-server", does the Makefile in the source directory have "EXTRAVERSION = .11" instead of .27?02:28
CJO232ActionParsnip: I found stuff on how to fix corrupt ntlrd but don't I need the windows disk to reinstate the ntldr02:28
hansamhi friend02:28
hansamwhere i can find a good jboss community in irc?02:28
gaelfxhansam: /list02:28
ActionParsnipCJO232: yes, or you can use supergrub02:29
visual1ceanybody running the bluespace ii theme?02:29
j_ayen_greenso if after doing the magic alt-sysrq thing during a hang results in booting from any of several kernels dropping me in busybox with message 'trying passing init=bootarg' , what do I do next?02:29
RealEyesDasEi: Unetbootin-windows-502.exe?02:29
ActionParsnip!anyone | visual1ce02:29
ubottuvisual1ce: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.02:29
DasEiRealEyes: preferable from windows, yes02:29
hansamthank you  gaelfx02:29
CJO232supergrub would reinstate the windows boot loader02:30
gaelfxhansam: no prob02:30
gartralthere used too be a way too set metacity as a composit manager.. can anyone remember how?02:30
HabstinatDasEi: I've tried Trisquel, gNewSense, and Debian. Debian comes close, Trisquel would be good if there wasn't the whole language barrier, and gNewSense seemed like a badly done rebranding of 9.10.02:30
tooStupid4Linuxgartral: gconf-editor.  Metatcity is under "applications" I think.02:30
visual1cei felt that coming :P02:31
RealEyesDasEi: Okay, I have it DL'd.02:31
visual1ceso how is the bluespace ii theme?02:31
Guest64849so action: i type all the stuff below Codename maverick in the terminal?02:31
DasEiHabstinat: there are other families, but this chatter is offtopic here, might google distrowatch or talk in #linux02:31
Guest64849or just the command you gave me earlier?02:31
visual1ceyou know i selected a space image for my desktop wallpaper and it automatically changes every now and then - cool huh02:31
DasEiRealEyes: didn't you say you where on a live cd ?02:32
visual1ceamazing pictures02:32
RealEyesYes, I am, DasEi.02:32
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip: anything? :(02:32
DasEiRealEyes: so d/l is lost in win..02:32
RealEyesno the d/l is in my Downloads folder.02:32
RealEyesYou want me to drag it to the win7 HD?02:32
DasEiRealEyes: you hsould do it all from win02:33
DasEiRealEyes: the foldr is in your ram02:33
ActionParsnipj_ayen_green: no idea, hance I didn't reply02:33
RealEyesI cant get into Win7 because there is no grub!!02:33
StarminnI think I'm having a Flash issues or something similar. If anybody could, please, head here: http://games.jagex.com/g=fleacircus/play.ws and tell me if the game loads for them? It doesn't load for me in either Firefox or Chormium.02:34
ActionParsnipRealEyes: use your windows CD or supergrub to add the bootloader02:34
luxgeekNot having any luck with getting my xorg.conf created "properly" even asking in #xorg :P02:34
DasEiRealEyes: tell bios to boot sda, there should be win-loader02:34
ActionParsnipGuest64849: ok I'll start again. If you can't get it from this then I don't know how to make it simpler. Gimme a sec02:34
ratzingerStarminn:: didn't load for me02:37
ActionParsnipGuest64849: http://pastebin.com/muZxpqtR02:37
RealEyesI dont know how to get supergrub or ...02:37
RealEyeshow to use it.02:37
birdinatuxIs 60gb an ok amount of space for a ubuntu system?02:37
DasEiRealEyes: try to boot into win from bios, then log in here again02:37
rwwbirdinatux: that's plenty02:38
Jasonnbirdinatux: even 10 GB is more than sufficient02:38
Starminnratzinger: Thanks.02:38
DasEibirdinatux: it's enough for the os02:38
RealEyesI cant boot into win7 from BIOS.02:38
birdinatuxcool thanks02:38
RealEyesThere is no grub, there is no MBR.02:38
ratzingerStarminn:: welcome02:38
RealEyesThere is no win7 bootloader.02:38
ActionParsnipRealEyes: then its time to learn, nobody is born knowing how to use supergrub02:38
jbwivguys, I'm considering downloading a pre-compiled static binary for wkhtmltopdf. What's the safest way to make sure the binary is clean of malware?02:38
DasEiRealEyes: why not ? you first installed to it, and had grub on sdb ?!02:39
rogueanyone that could give me some name on some good c++ compilers for ubuntu/linux ??02:39
luxgeekAnyone know a good doc for getting my xorg.conf created properly?02:39
ActionParsniprogue: install build-essential and you have an ANSI standard compiler02:39
IdleOnejbwiv: why not just apt-get install wkhtmltopdf02:39
luxgeekdpkg -reconfigure xserver-xorg doesn't seem to do anything.02:39
IdleOnejbwiv: that way you get it from the repos and you know it's safe02:40
Senjaijbwiv: malware on linux? if its a repository item its already known to be save02:40
jbwivIdleOne, well, this is an older Debian box :-/ So not specifically an Ubuntu question, but it applies to binaries I might download for Ubuntu as well02:40
jbwivSenjai, it's not a repository item ;)02:40
IdleOnejbwiv: in that case you should be asking in #debian02:40
jbwivIdleOne, true. sorry02:40
Senjaijbwiv: Ubuntu has the package in their repositories, maybe its not in debian02:40
Senjaijbwiv: you can still grab it from the Ubuntu repos though.02:41
gartraljbwiv: general rule, if it comes from something or someone of questionable image/background: don't use it02:41
jbwivgartral, yes, good advice02:42
rwwSenjai: Mixing repositories/packages from different distributions isn't a particularly good idea. Best course would be for him to upgrade to squeeze or pin the squeeze repo and get the package from there.02:42
rwwbut yes, #debian :)02:42
Senjaigartral, or if its for linux and isn't open source.. like 5% of all packages lol02:42
Guest64849actionparsnip:it asked for [sudo] password02:44
ActionParsnipGuest64849: yes, type your user password02:44
Guest64849its not letting me02:44
Guest64849my password is numbers02:44
IdleOneGuest64849: you won't see the pass or even **** just type in the pass and hit enter02:45
mickster04Guest64849: passwords won't show up as being typed in most of the time. just try typing in the password and pressing enter02:45
mwilson1023Guest64849, the password is invisible for reasons. it's there, just trust your instincts :)02:46
mickster04Guest64849: "trust your feelings luke"02:46
ActionParsnipGuest64849: type it (you wont get any visual feedback)02:47
Loneyhi all02:48
visual1ceso if i right click on a window title bar one of the menu options allows me to move the window to another workspace... but for some reason when i assign a shortcut to this behaviour in keyboard shortcuts, it doesn't work02:48
Loneyim new here02:48
LindaHow do I get bash to pull a clone from git?02:48
mickster04Loney: well hey, ask your question giving as much detail as possible02:49
DasEi!git | Linda02:49
ubottuLinda: git is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)02:49
=== Guest41237 is now known as DarkDevil
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questions_does plymouth splash support 1920x1080 resolution????02:50
questions_or is the max 1600x1200?02:51
Lindaubottu we are learning how to use Ubuntu in school. The first step was to write a bash program that would install something for us.02:51
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:51
questions_Linda: you are talking to channel's bot02:51
IdleOneLinda: " man git " will show you the manual page for git see git-clone02:51
=== questions_ is now known as questi0ns
Lindalol I just saw that it was a bot.02:51
ActionParsnipquesti0ns: if you tell it, it will use whatever you want02:52
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots02:52
paijoLinda: do you mean installing packages on ubuntu ?02:52
questi0nsActionParsnip: im afraid that I get stuck!02:52
questi0nsit works illusive102:52
=== illusive1 is now known as illusiveOne
ActionParsnipquesti0ns: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/02:52
questi0nsle me check02:52
ActionParsnipquesti0ns: your hardware may not be able to do that res using the driver, but the hwinfo will tell you02:53
ActionParsnipGuest64849: ok gimme a sec02:53
questi0nsActionParsnip: im using maverick02:53
questi0nsinstalling hwinfo02:54
jasjushi all :)02:54
Lindapaijo yeah. I got the first part of the script to work. It does all the apt-get install stuff for dev libs. Now I need to pull a clone of a program from git. This is not working for $HOMEPATH/git clone git://git.liu.org/sweden02:54
Lindawell it does not work in bash at least.02:55
questi0nsActionParsnip: where does it shows the res02:56
questi0nssudo hwinfo --framebuffer02:56
ActionParsnipGuest64849: http://pastebin.com/D40kkAhS02:56
ActionParsnipquesti0ns: yes, its a terminal command....02:57
questi0nsActionParsnip: Mode 0x037d: 1920x1200 (+7680), 24 bits02:57
Lindasigh ... I was just told to go over to # Debian but we are taking a 101 course in Ubuntu.02:57
ActionParsnipGuest64849: run it as one big command. You have THREE flash plugins installed, the command will remove them ALL and install the adobe one, you will then have flash02:57
ActionParsnipquesti0ns: use the guide, its all you need02:57
andruHA1123hey guys, where are the sound files on a linux system located?02:58
ActionParsnipandruHA1123: which sound files do you mean02:59
andruHA1123system sounds02:59
questi0nsActionParsnip: what is "boot splash" ?02:59
DasEiquesti0ns: the backgraound you see when ubu starts02:59
paijoanyone here experienced with modem configuration ??03:00
DasEipaijo: more details ?03:00
ActionParsnipandruHA1123:/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/ maybe03:00
questi0nsDasEi: hm it's disabled but it shows03:00
ActionParsnipquesti0ns: they are the boot options in /etc/default/grub03:00
gordonzodoes anyone have a link to a good example of a virtual host file? I'm trying to setup wordpress with apache, its not seeing index.php03:01
ActionParsnippaijo: adsl modem or dialup modem or 3G modem??? Details please03:01
andruHA1123ActionParsnip, ty03:02
ActionParsnipandruHA1123: I'd play a few, just to check. I use:  sudo find / -iname "*.ogg"   to find the path ;)03:02
paijoActionParsniP : I Have huawei 3g modem, ..working perfectly with wvdial, but not detected by network-manager.. can you help me ?03:03
Guest64849actionparsnip: after that command i can watch the videos?03:03
joe``using ubuntu 10.10 and i have geforce gt420m video card. Everything seems to be working fine with the open source driver, but when i enable the proprietary driver, it seems to install fine, but upon reboot x will not start. it kicks me into console.03:04
questi0nsI need to know this pls default grub has "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=" splash" or GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" ?03:04
Guest64849ActionParsnip: wow man you are a savior03:04
joe``is anyone else having problems with this?03:04
ActionParsnipGuest64849: if you have too many flash plugins you get nothing03:05
DasEijoe``: try sudo nvidia-settings from console03:05
ActionParsnipjoe``: run: sudo nvidia-xconfig  then reboot03:05
joe``ActionParsnip, i did and got the same result.03:06
Guest64849well thank you alot ilearned a good bit about this stuff03:06
ActionParsnippaijo: not used 3G dude, sorry03:06
DasEijoe``: try sudo nvidia-xconfig , typo03:06
ActionParsnipGuest64849: cool beans :)03:06
RealEyesDasEi: I was able to change the boot order of my HDDs. I'm on my Ubuntux86_64 now.03:06
joe``is this something i need to do from console instead of a terminal in x?03:06
RealEyesCan we try that last method you were walking me through before you mentioned supergrub?03:06
questi0nsActionParsnip: is this default entry? i need to know > GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=03:06
DasEiRealEyes: you're confusing03:06
RealEyesMy system is kinda borked which = confusing03:07
DasEiRealEyes: what do you want to achieve now ?03:07
=== gordonzo is now known as gordian89
RealEyesI want grub2 to recognize my /sda1 (win7) so I can dual boot again.03:07
joe``DasEi, if i start from scratch with installing the nvidia driver, do i run nvidia-xconfig before my reboot? or if i run into problems after the reboot?03:07
questi0nsok im gonna put just GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""03:07
usr_hello, How can I override the message "requires installation of untrusted packages" when installing an app using the software center?03:08
marnargulushey, does anyone know about EDID and maybe the ability to spoof it?03:08
speedrunnerG55im back03:08
DasEijoe``: you do it after installing driver, from commandline w/o x, then restart gdm03:08
jribusr_: is it because you didn't add the key for a ppa or other third-party repository?03:08
joe``DasEi, ok, cool. i'll give that a shot. thanks.03:08
paijo_my usb 3g modem not detected by NetworkManager but working normally with wvdial.. can anybody help me ?03:09
DasEiRealEyes: and current situation is sda with win 7 and grub, and ubuntu on sdb ?03:10
usr_jrib, I really have no idea :(, that error happens to me all the time and I am forced to install all the apps from the terminal03:10
questi0nswhat is the difference between update-grub and update-grub2 ??03:10
questi0nssome say to use the first03:10
ActionParsnipquesti0ns: default is: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="quiet splash"03:10
jribusr_: it probably is.  Add the key for the repository in question03:10
ActionParsnipquesti0ns: nothing or very little03:11
RealEyesDasEi: sda with win7 and -no- grub and sdb with Ubuntu -with- grub03:11
questi0nsActionParsnip: i mean the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=03:11
questi0nsnot the default03:11
usr_jrib, thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. How can I know where to get the key to the repo?03:11
RealEyesGrub only sees Ubuntu and memtest, not win7 on sda.03:11
DasEireal eyes : so you booted from sdb then ?03:11
jribusr_: what third-party repositories have you added?03:11
RealEyesYes ;D03:11
RealEyesDasEi: Yes.03:12
ThomasB2kIn 30 words or less, what's the difference between open source software and free software?03:12
DasEiRealEyes: so you need your win cd to get sda's winloader back, #windows is waiting :)03:12
jrib!ot | ThomasB2k03:12
ubottuThomasB2k: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:12
axillafree is closed source03:12
axillaopen source is open source and free03:12
marnargulusopen source software is a subset of free software03:12
ThomasB2kI know that's incorrect axilla, I guess I'll ask in ubuntu-offtopic03:13
DasEiRealEyes: this is why os-prober can't find there, aka gone it is for now03:13
jriball of this is wrong, but doesn't belong in this channel anyway03:13
marnargulusI'm having trouble adding modelines03:14
usr_jrib,  I honestly dont know :(03:14
jribusr_: pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list*03:15
DasEimarnargulus: /etc/X11/Xorg.0.log is a good source03:15
jribusr_: and the errors you get03:15
marnargulusoh wait, I forgot to restart x03:15
marnarguluslet me see if that works03:15
speedrunnerG55so im having trouble waching youtube videos in chromium03:15
speedrunnerG55when is that going to be fixed?03:15
DemolitioHey all- can't seem to connect to my wireless network... although my Windows 7 partition is able to connect to it using the same account settings. Anyone have any ideas I can try?03:15
Demolitiousing Ubuntu 10.10 + Broadcomm B43 drivers03:15
jckspeedrunnerG55: me too that suck03:15
marnargulusspeedrunner: Youtube is the only glitchy flash site for me now03:16
speedrunnerG55well its not just me :)03:16
RealEyesDasEi: Should I drag 'BOOT' or 'EFI' folders or 'BOOTMGR' file onto the the sda?03:16
RealEyesfrom my win7 usb?03:16
usr_jrib, Thanks I think I fixed it. I selected some options in the software center options menu and it seems that it already works03:17
DasEiRealEyes: get your windows cd and ask in #windows on how to restore the bootloader in sda03:17
DasEiRealEyes: once you can boot it, use grubs's chainloader.. and efi on a 500 gb ? seldom03:18
DemolitioHey all- can't seem to connect to my wireless network... although my Windows 7 partition is able to connect to it using the same account settings. Anyone have any ideas I can try? using Ubuntu 10.10 + Broadcomm B43 drivers.03:18
usr_jrib, by any chance do you know how can I compare the contents of two hdds? I want to make a backup of all the files from one harddrive to another, but some files are already in the second drive and I do not want any cloned files03:20
jribusr_: use rsync03:20
ubottursync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync03:20
RealEyesGot it!03:21
RealEyesDasEi: Got it.03:21
RealEyesThanks a lot for the help man. It was a mix of what you were telling me and my own observations.03:22
RealEyesThose guys in ##windows are funny :P03:22
DasEiRealEyes: so all working now ?03:22
CJO232with broken config files for grub2 after deleting ubuntu but having win in tact and no recover disk for xp, would both supergrub 1 and 2 work for boot loading xp?03:22
ActionParsnipDemolitio: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan    do you see wireless networks?03:24
karyI'm not sure where to start with diagnosis of this issue.  But, suddenly my HTPC running Ubuntu 10.10 is transfering files on the network very slowly.03:24
buovWhere should I go to ask questions about web development?03:25
bananafishNot quite sure what could be the problem but every time I run a game full screen I get a big number on my screen from ATI ccc and I cant make it go away03:25
DemolitioActionParsnip:  I get a message saying "device doesn't support scanning".03:26
birdinatuxw00t am now chatting from a successful dual boot ubuntu and win7 install.  Took only about 30 mins03:26
Demolitiooh wait... /facepalms03:26
linxehbirdinatux: congrats :)03:27
linxehbirdinatux: ubuntu installs are fast compared to windows eh? and the updates are faster!03:27
DasEibuov: kinda ? html ? apache ?03:27
birdinatuxty :)03:27
DemolitioActionparsnip: Sorry.... I get 6 headings... labeled Cell01-Cell06.03:28
Demolitioand they are networks03:28
Demolitioso I see them.. I'm just not able to connect to them.03:28
andruHA1123will all of these work to play music from command? cdp, gnome-cd, cdplay, cdplayer03:28
ActionParsnipDemolitio: then cool its finding wirelesses. Use a wired connection and get updates.03:29
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ActionParsnipDemolitio: scroll up too, what interface name is the wireless known as?03:29
andruHA1123anyone? will all of these play an audio cd? cdp, gnome-cd, cdplay, cdplayer03:30
birdinatuxknow a good channel for help/general questions on running a bind9 server?03:30
ActionParsnip!info gnome-cd03:31
ubottuPackage gnome-cd does not exist in maverick03:31
ActionParsnip!info cdplay03:31
ubottuPackage cdplay does not exist in maverick03:31
DasEiandruHA1123: yes, with the needed codecs installed, or use vlc03:31
DemolitioActionParsnip: I've tried... there are two drivers through "Additional Drivers" I can choose from- one for the STA set, one for B43. both of them don't seem to work.03:31
ActionParsnipandruHA1123: they arent packages, totem will play CDs fine03:31
paijo_birdinatux: more detail please03:31
toolbearsay, would anybody happen to have some clue as to how to change the sort order for nautilus? e.g. `_zero Banana apple bear' instead of `apple Banana bear _zero'03:31
ActionParsnipDemolitio: what is the interface name of the wireless?03:31
birdinatuxpaijo_ I want to serve my own website/email  with my registered domain name.03:32
DemolitioActionParsnip: Wlan003:32
trebuchethow do I find what release of ubuntu i'm using from the command line? /etc/release does not exist.03:33
ActionParsnipDemolitio: ok thats cool03:33
rwwtrebuchet: lsb_release -a03:33
ActionParsniptrebuchet: lsb_release -d03:33
usr_Hello, is there any speech recognition software for linux?03:34
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marnarguluswhen I try and add a modeline with xrandr I get this error- xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default03:34
birdinatuxpaijo_,  the website is nothing big, just a geeklog blog.  Just want to do the hosting myself as apposed to paying for hosting.  I don't expect much traffic, just probably me and a couple friends.03:34
ActionParsnipusr_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechRecognition03:34
DemolitioActionParsnip: Wait... I just found something funny. the device is obviously scanning.. but Additional Drivers indicates both are disabled?03:34
ActionParsnipusr_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speech_recognition_in_Linux03:34
tooStupid4LinuxWell, the minimal CD install worked.  I have no idea what is up with the alternate ISO image.  As the RAID numbering seems to be a tad screwy (and damn this is fast on RAID0), I may reinstall.  But for now it is off to bed.03:34
marnargulusand that is for any modeline I try03:35
ActionParsniptooStupid4Linux: try a hardware card, it smokes software easily :)03:35
tooStupid4LinuxActionParsnip: Maybe next time.03:35
andruHA1123what is the KDE version of the Linux DVD player called? Anyone know?03:36
marnargulusandru: kaffiene?03:36
rwwandruHA1123: Kubuntu comes with Dragon Player by default. I'd recommend VLC instead.03:36
DemolitioActionParsnip: so I'm now utterly confused. Additional Drivers manager indicates both wireless drivers are not activated- and yet here I am scanning networks.03:37
andruHA1123I mean, what do I type in the terminal to get KDE version of lInux dvd player?03:37
andruHA1123does "ogle' sound right?03:37
ActionParsnipandruHA1123: dragonplayer and vlc can also play dvd03:37
ActionParsnipandruHA1123: just install the dvd codec03:38
ActionParsnipDemolitio: try getting updated03:38
andruHA1123ActionParsnip, i know, im doing homework and trying to figure stuff out :P03:38
rwwandruHA1123: Ogle 1) hasn't been in Ubuntu since hardy, 2) uses GTK for its GUI.03:39
rwwGTK being more GNOMEish than KDEish.03:39
ActionParsnipDemolitio: try: sudo apt-get --reinstall install b43-fwcutter03:39
ActionParsnipandruHA1123: multitasking!03:39
Nighthawk``why when i do iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --sport 80 -j DROP i can still send and connect to sites?03:40
andruHA1123ActionParsnip, how about "totem"?03:40
ActionParsnipandruHA1123: that'll do it too. Its ggtk based as far as I know so if yo9u are using kde it will pull in a tonne of gtk deps03:41
andruHA1123ActionParsnip, thanks for helping.. i just checked and the right answer was "okle"03:42
marnargulusFYI:  Adding a manual refresh rate and sycn rate for horizontal and vertical fixed it03:44
hexdump_HI all03:44
hexdump_I have a question maybe somebody could be of some assistance03:45
marnargulusalthough terminal is no longer opaque?03:45
marnarguluswas that an update?03:45
hexdump_I'm getting a "Relay Access Denied" when I try to send mail through my SMTP03:45
hexdump_I've fixed this issue in the past, but I forget how03:45
ATS01I have an Alienware m17xR2.  Boots to livecd just fine.  After installing when I boot to Ubuntu I see the splash screen with the 5 dots and then the screen slowly morphs to bright pink.  It doesn't ever get past that part.  Any advice?03:45
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ATS01I have an Alienware m17xR2.  Boots to livecd just fine.  After installing when I boot to Ubuntu I see the splash screen with the 5 dots and then the screen slowly morphs to bright pink.  It doesn't ever get past that part.  Any advice?03:49
questi0nsActionParsnip: tks for nothing :P I tried that http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/ before03:49
questi0nsand that is for Lucid not Maverick :p03:49
questi0nsplymouth for 1920x1080 sucks03:50
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marnargulusdoes anyone have xvidtune working?03:51
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marnargulusI get an error without ever changing anything03:51
marnargulusyou have requested a mode-line that is not possible, or not supported by your hardware03:53
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resnoi am having the worest of luck trying to find the config file for fetchmail. ive done searches (on google and using find/grep) and nothing is turning up, any help?03:54
marnargulusresno: did you check the man page?03:55
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resnomarnargulus: indeed. it says ~./fetchmailrc, which doesnt exist either03:55
Random832resno: well, don't you have to create it?03:55
resnoRandom832: how do yo ucreate it?03:55
Random832with.... a text editor?03:56
Random832or fetchmailconf which is a separate python/tk tool03:56
resnohow do you create a file you dont know the syntax of?03:56
Random832look up the syntax of it03:56
Random832that's not what you were asking03:56
resnoRandom832: fetchmailconf requires x server to run03:56
Random832you don't have an x server anywhere?03:56
Random832https://calomel.org/fetchmailrc.html example fetchmailrc03:56
resnoRandom832: its a server... who runs X on server?03:57
Random832it's called ssh x forwarding03:57
marnargulusresno: did you see this http://theos.in/news/howto-configure-fetchmail-linux-or-unix-client-program-to-fetch-emails/03:57
Random832or, run fetchmailconf soemwhere else03:57
hexdump_nm it's setup properly on my server03:58
resnoheh, well. it seems fetchmail isnt supported in new versions anymore03:58
resnobtw, ive never had to create my own .conf file... never.03:58
marnargulusresno: I make a new xorg.conf every install03:59
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ActionParsnipresno: try:  man filename.conf   sometimes they are around03:59
marnargulusbecause it isn't used anymore, but my cards are too old and worthless to work without it03:59
ActionParsnipmarnargulus: it is used if there is one, Ubuntu uses udev by default but some old cards need it (and new sucky ones too like sis)04:00
resnoActionParsnip: it seems fetchmail isnt supported anymore, whats the supported method for pulling emails?04:01
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Random832resno: huh?04:02
ActionParsnipresno: mutt is a cli email client if thats what you mean04:03
Random832not supported by whom?04:03
Random832have you tried looking at the actual fetchmail documentation04:03
resnoRandom832: do a quick google on fethcmail ubuntu and every guide says ubuntu 7.10.04:03
Random832why do you think ubuntu would need a special way of doing fetchmail?04:03
resnoi dont.04:04
resnoim curious as to why the conf files dont exist04:04
Random832what do you mean don't exist?04:04
Random832what would they have in them?04:04
rwwIf fetchmail weren't supported by Ubuntu any more, then there wouldn't be a fetchmail package in the repositories. There is. Therefore, it is.04:05
Random832they don't know your pop3 server, your username, your password04:05
resnothe base for setting up fetchmail? like every other does04:05
ActionParsnip!info fetchmail04:05
ubottufetchmail (source: fetchmail): SSL enabled POP3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder. In component main, is optional. Version 6.3.17-4ubuntu1.1 (maverick), package size 388 kB, installed size 888 kB04:05
Random832how exactly would installing a package create a conf file in your home dir anyway?04:05
Random832what other packages do that?04:05
rwwnone, because it's a violation of packaging policy.04:05
ActionParsnipRandom832: if there is not file and the app is configured as such, if there isn't one it will make a vaniall file04:06
resnoam i just stupid?04:06
Random832ActionParsnip: what would you imagine to be the contents of a 'vanilla' fetchmailrc? connect to a vanilla server log in with a vanilla username and a vanilla password?04:06
resnohow in the world would a normal person be able to create the conf file?04:06
rwwresno: by copying the example in /usr/share/doc/fetchmail/examples04:06
ActionParsnipRandom832: not sure, I dont use it04:07
Random832i think "normal" people are assumed to install a graphical email client on their desktop machines04:07
rww( /usr/share/doc/*/ is the normal place for example configuration files to be, btw. Good tip if you use command-line stuff like that a lot. )04:07
Random832the need fetchmail fills is kind of specialized, for if your email client _doesn't_ access pop3, yet you have a pop3 account04:07
resnorww: heh, why didnt that come up on my find?04:07
rwwresno: no idea, I just tuned in to #ubuntu04:08
ActionParsnipRandom832: websearch for example files, then just change the settings04:08
resnorww: i issued find / -name fetchmail, is that not right?04:08
ActionParsnipRandom832: http://www.charvolant.org/~doug/network/html/node26.html04:08
needlezanyone know how to make this script run faster?? http://pastie.org/164130304:08
needlezalready asked in bash, and theyre harassing about it being an issue with wine and not bash related04:09
Random832resno: -name '*fetchmail*'04:09
Random832unless you _just_ want it to come up with /usr/bin/fetchmail and /usr/share/doc/fetchmail/04:09
Random832also, try looking inside the latter04:09
resnoi checked everything that my search gave me, and the man file.04:10
resnothanks rww for the helpful note04:10
deckard42hello.. I'm trying to do something that I would think would be simple. Change the icon of a custom application launcher on gnome-panel to a custom 48x48 png04:13
ActionParsnipneedlez: looks as fast as it can be, i'd change line 3 to:  metacity --replace  and then add a 5th line:  compiz --replace   to switch it back on, alternatively just ditch compiz and be problem free04:13
sk_is there an easy way to update my bios from within ubuntu?04:13
deckard42I put the png in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps04:13
welehhow to restore my 1st installation?04:13
ActionParsnipsk_: if you use a Dell system then yes04:13
deckard42but when I try to select it for the application launcher it doesn't show up, it just gives the default icon like as if I didn't select one04:14
needlezActionParsnip: thank you ill look into that04:14
sk_ActionParsnip: its a pc. bios; phoenix 6.0004:15
NaynayI've lost the sound control applet on the upper right section of the panel. How do I get it back?04:15
ActionParsnipsk_: is it a branded pc or laptop?04:15
sk_so branded04:15
ActionParsnipsk_: what make and model?04:15
sk_evga 780i04:17
ActionParsnipsk_: thats a motherboard, not a brand or model of PC04:18
alexflowhi every one04:18
alexflowhey guys I have a problem time ago when I uprade ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10 beta it docky stop working04:19
alexflowafter I04:19
alexflowset up the ubuntu 10.1004:19
alexflowand had the seme problem04:19
alexflowI tough at the beginning it was a minor problem about new version of ubuntu but04:20
teichertanyone know where i can find the .deb for zsnes?04:20
alexflowI discover that docky still workin in others ubuntu 10.1004:20
alexflowsomeone can sugest something?04:21
nit-witalexflow, purge it add the ppa and reinstall04:21
nuoalexflow : do have compiz installed ?04:21
alexflowI did04:21
ActionParsnipalexflow: ease up on the enter key  dude, if you hit enter less not only do you not scroll the channel but it also makes you not sound like you just ran 10 miles at full speed. You can type really really long lines as I am writing now just to highlight the fact04:21
alexflowof corse04:21
alexflownow I'm ussing AWN04:21
alexflowbut I like more Docky04:21
ActionParsnipteichert: playdeb has it, add their repo and you can install it04:21
teichertchurr boss04:22
ActionParsnipteichert: they have a handy deb to add their repo04:22
alexflowAnyway I now the perfect solution Format the partition and reinstall Ubuntu and all fix04:22
alexflowI don't know if I format Ubuntu's partition04:23
ActionParsnipalexflow: ease up on the ENTER key04:23
needlezActionParsnip: that didn't work, and both times I get that is waiting for something, not sure why??04:23
alexflowI gess It also will delet the grub so I worry to delet the windows start up also xD04:23
hexdump_Hey I'm back.  Does anyone have a sec to help?04:24
needlezhexdump_: whats the problem??04:24
hexdump_needlez:  alright I'm trying to send mail from my SMTP server (ESMTP Postfix (Ubuntu) and everything seems to be working fine but when I send it it says 250 2.0.0 ok: queued as "713....."04:25
ActionParsnipneedlez: what didn't work. its been a while and I'm at work, so you'll have to refresh me04:25
ruffdogOn the Live Boot CDs for Ubuntu, if one clicks on the "Check disk for Errors", this should tell one if the MD5 sum is off, right?  Or if something is wrong with the setup disk?04:25
noneaanfor some reason im sharing a folder, but no other pc on my network can find my pc to connect to04:26
ActionParsnipruffdog: it will tell you if the CD is good compared to the MD5 sum on the CD. You SHOULD have checked the ISO before burning but only a good ISO can make a good CD04:26
noneaani right click the folder, click share, allow guest access .. nothing04:26
welehi'let u know later04:26
ActionParsnipnoneaan: if you run: smbtree   can you see the share?04:26
welehim teaching now :)04:26
hexdump_needlez:  the only one it sends to without any problems is my gmail account04:27
noneaanActionParsnip, no i cant04:27
dj_segfaultGood evening.  I'm trying to set the CPU speed to "full blast" on my 10.04 system, but it keeps degrading to slower speeds.  I read up and stopped the ondemand service which is what I thought was changing it, but it still changes on me.  I'm using "cpufreq-selector -c 0 -g performance -f 2000000 ; cpufreq-selector -c 1 -g performance -f 2000000" which seems to work, but after a short time it goes back down to 1.3 or som04:27
ActionParsnipnoneaan: then its not right04:27
ruffdogActionParsnip, right.  Somehow I created a couple of CDs a couple weeks back that created fine.  But on install there were errors and I couldn't resolve it.  I then checked my ISO image (that I created the CDs with) against MD5 and the numbers were off so I redownloaded.  I mixed the CDs up though as I moved my desk today and I'm trying to ensure I have the right CDs.04:27
noneaanActionParsnip, when i clicked share folder, ubuntu installed sbmc automatically04:28
ActionParsnipruffdog: i'd find out which is good and discard the rest04:28
sk_ActionParsnip: after researching (lol), its custom pc04:28
ActionParsnipnoneaan: try a reboot. I dont use the gui way I always edit smb.conf then restart the smbd service04:28
noneaanActionParsnip, already tried rebooting, any other ideas ?04:29
tobyhello all04:29
noneaanActionParsnip, would i do .. gedit smb.conf ?04:29
ActionParsnipsk_: ok then check motherboard manufacturers site to see, you may be able to do it using a dos boot floppy04:29
ActionParsnipnoneaan: try the reboot first04:29
ruffdogActionParsnip, yep.  That's the plan.  Thus the question if booting the live CD and "checking for errors" would help me sort out what was good and bad.04:29
ActionParsnipruffdog: yes, if the CD passes check then its good :)04:29
tobyso i downloaded an open source program that needs to be compiled i am not a programer nor know nothing about it any ideas on how to do that?04:29
usr_hello, is there any app that organizes music based on any online music database which might be capable of renaming songs to add/remove data?04:30
brontoeeetoby, which one?04:30
tobyits called cockatrice04:30
ruan|awaytoby: they usually come with instructions04:30
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ruffdogActionParsnip, Ok cool.  Thanks.04:30
tobyi read usually instructions in fourms lol but there is none04:30
tobyits a program to be able to play magic the gathering04:30
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hexdump_any ideas why my mail isn't getting through to yahoo??04:32
hexdump_or hotmail?  think they are blocking???04:32
brontoeeetoby, it appears you have to register to get to the docs04:32
dj_segfaulttoby: http://forum.cockatrice.de/index.php?topic=3.004:32
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tobythanks man04:33
brontoeeetoby, there is usually a readme file that comes in as well, but not sure how is that usually dealed with git & friends04:34
hilarieHow do i empty my ramdisk other then restarting? I mounted a movie to dev/shm watched it, sent it to the trash, and emptied the trash, but the space available in dev/shm stayed where it was before04:34
dj_segfaulthexdump_: I've had a lot of problems with that.  Yahoo will deny they do filtering, but if the owner of the yahoo account complains they'll "look into it" then somehow it magically starts working again.  In other words, "It's not you"04:34
ActionParsniptoby: cockatrice appars to use Qt so you will need a lot of qt deps (unless you use kubuntu)04:35
hexdump_ah crap04:36
frybyeHi - following ? not getting response on #ubuntu+1 but the soloution to this would be common to any ubuntu I guess.. here is the ?:hi - just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 on a pc with dual boot win7 64x and ubuntu - the new grub does not offer win7 as a boot option - how to fix please.. need in detail because not so much linux background knowledge..04:36
tobyi am useing normal ubuntu04:36
cesurasean1I just booted up Ubuntu, fresh install. How do I go about configuring the wifi settings so that I can have an internet connection??04:36
tobyi dont know what qt is04:36
brontoeeeActionParsnip, can your magic apt-get flash line from before be used generally to fix flash stuff? is that a repository, or is it a manual update from there on?04:36
teichertanyone know where to get cheap solid state drives?04:36
hexdump_dj_segfault:  I'm just testing sending e-mails from my box with say my yahoo or hotmail to my gmail or whatever.  It gets through gmail and says it was spoofed when I check it04:37
frybyeshort version of ? - how to edit grub to get option back for win7 64x since update to 11-04???04:37
cesurasean1having problems with ubuntu 10.10 acer aspire one wifi04:38
cesurasean1can someone please help ?04:38
hexdump_dj_segfault:  this is crap, I'm not greylisted04:38
dj_segfaulthexdump_: Do you have reverse dns set up?  A lot of big providers are now rejecting mail where there's no reverse DNS records, or worse, when there's no SPF.04:38
hilarieCesu you need broadcom STA drivers04:38
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:39
hexdump_dj_segfault:  it's been quite some time since I've even been messing with my old server.  I've go it out and I'm messing around with it all again.04:39
ruanfrybye: you can update-grub204:39
druciferre@frybye, Are you asking how to get get grub2 to show the boot option for Windows in a dual boot environment?04:39
hilarie@cesuransea1 you should be able to find them via system>administration>Restricted Drivers04:39
frybyedruciferre - yes - it had been working fine untill i switched with update-manager -d to 11.04 and now it offers only ubuntu on booting...?04:40
ruanfrybye: sudo update-grub204:40
hexdump_dj_segfault:  I had a ton of crap setup.  had eggdrop, my own IRC server, ftp server, apache, SMTP, POP, webmin and I think a proxy too lol04:40
frybyeruan - ok I try that.. just a min...04:40
hexdump_dj_segfault:  and the funny thing is it's on an old crappy box.04:41
brontoeeeActionParsnip, this one i mean: http://pastebin.com/ZPHGNHpk04:41
ruanfrybye: if it detects windows, then it'll add it to boot04:41
druciferre@frybye: ruan is correct, you should be able to run sudo update-grub2 assuming you have not messed with the files in /etc/default04:41
icedtea /join #linux04:41
frybyeduring the update only ubuntu entries showed up in ther term window...04:42
ActionParsnipbrontoeee: it depends on the installed packages04:42
druciferre@frybye: are you sure you have windows installed correctly ?04:42
frybyewas working fine in dual boot situation with 10.0404:42
frybyejust dissapeared from the grub boot options after the -d upgrade...04:43
ActionParsnipbrontoeee: if you run:  dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep gnash; dpkg -l | grep swf04:43
brontoeeeActionParsnip, why? it should just return - no packages find, right?04:43
ActionParsnipbrontoeee: remove all the flash plugins then install only flashplugin-nonfree    and you will be fine04:43
frybyeis it possible that the win7 boot options are still in a grub.cfg or similar but have just been commented out?04:43
druciferre@frybye: if you're certain windows is installed correctly, you could configure grub2 manually to point to your linux partitions and Windows partitions... there is a guide on how to do it... hold on a minute and I will get it for you04:43
brontoeeeor 'nothing to uninstall'04:43
frybyedruc... thanks04:44
druciferre@frybye: no, the scripts rebuild everything from scratch04:44
ActionParsnipbrontoeee: if you have no flash (or you didn't use the packages) then it will show nothing04:44
MagicJI have done something such that movie player when asked to show a mp3 file is now telling me that it needs a plug in and goes and looks for a plugin for type text/html, how do I fix this04:44
brontoeeeActionParsnip, yes i understand the logic behind it, just not sure what might be all the packages that could mess stufff04:44
frybyedruciferre: ok -04:44
ruanMagicJ: get the plugins from ubuntu software center04:45
druciferre@frybye:   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2    scroll down to "custom menu entries"04:45
ActionParsnipbrontoeee: there are a few, running the dpkg one then removing what is there is a more graceful approach04:45
MagicJruan: thank u - and how do I do that?04:45
tobyso i am getting errors when following the steps in the website one of you guys posted for me... any other advice you can give me?04:45
brontoeeeActionParsnip, ok, got it04:45
frybyedruciferre: thanks I will try that - and be back here if I dont manage.. c u04:45
ruanMagicJ: search "gstreamer" on ubuntu soft center04:45
MagicJruan: ty - brb04:46
druciferre@frybye: before doing the custom menu entries, I would recommend going to the Editing Menus During Boot section and following that make sure you can actually boot windows04:46
piercedwaterWill someone please recommend some newsreaders that are cli and assemble binaries?04:46
ruanMagicJ: then install the "gstreamer extra plugins" codecs to play mp3, sid, mp3g1, etc04:46
druciferre@frybye: Also, since it is detecting your Linux partition, I would only Windows as a custom entry04:47
MagicJruan: it says I already have them/it04:47
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ruanMagicJ: strange, you could try reinstalling them04:47
frybyedruciferre: thanks a load...04:47
druciferre@frybye: one more thing... I don't know if you know this or not, but for a windows partition, you should model it after their "chainloader" example...04:48
MagicJwas ahead of you on that one - but actually I think the problem is not with the plug in but that movie player thinks it wants the wrong type = I can play them with rhythm box for example04:48
brontoeeeMagicJ, are you talking about the os or the browser stuff?04:49
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MagicJbrontee - not really either - movie player I guess - basically I use gpodder as my podcast client - and starting this afternoon when I click on a downloaded file I get the error when itinvoke movie plater to play it04:51
frybyedruciferre: I am a bit out of my deapth with this.. could you perhaps come in a pm window and go thru this with me step by step - I will be so gratefull...?04:52
sk_after pressing alt+ctrl+f1 my ubuntu is a registered cluster? How do I change it to just a cpu? or are all multi-core processors a cluster of sorts04:53
Banditgents....is there a command like unplumb in ubuntu?04:53
SwedeMikeBandit: people here don't generally do solaris, so you should ask for functionality, not command.04:54
Random832Bandit: translation: none of us has the first clue what unplumb does04:54
ruanifconfig lan0 unplumb ?04:55
SwedeMikeruan: we still don't know what he meant.04:56
SwedeMikeruan: that was my guess as well.04:56
ruanyeah i googled04:56
Random832it's not clear from what i can find what that does different from down04:56
rykka55how to use grep to search 2 words  once (word1 or word2)04:56
SwedeMikeRandom832: it removes it totally from the ifconfig table, you have to do ifconfig -a if you want to see it.04:56
ruanwhat's the use of that?04:57
needhelp1ActionParsnip, im back, smbc questions04:57
Random832well, figure out _why- it's on the ifconfig table04:57
Banditi'm sorry guys....04:57
Random832what makes ifconfig include things in non-a output?04:57
Banditunplumb will take down an interface in solaris04:57
Banditi can bring an interface down, but it pops backup on restart04:58
Banditi want to bring it completely down04:58
ruanrun a script that takes it down on startup?04:58
Random832or find what script is bringing it up on startup04:58
SwedeMikeBandit: on restart it's default down in solaris, it's not in linux and from the responses here, you can understand that people don't understand the solaris behaviour (and frankly, I never did either)04:58
axillaanyone able to hook ubuntu up to a 1080p TV?04:59
axillaI have a 47" sanyo can't seem to get any picture.04:59
axillawould love to not have to boot into windows to watch movies :(04:59
SwedeMikeaxilla: yes, it works here. have multiple htpc setups.05:00
axillaHave tried both over HDMI and VGA05:00
needhelp1ActionParsnip, you still around05:00
axillaSwedeMike: Any special drivers?05:00
SwedeMikeaxilla: no, it's a regular monitor. it's not different, works for me out of the box.05:00
overcluckerrykka55: grep -e 'foo\|bar' ...05:00
rykka55overclucker, thanks you~05:01
frybyeHi - back - get same grub menu with shift or without...?05:01
overcluckerrykka55: you could also pass -e more than once05:01
chaoschi all -- rt2870sta question -- 100% wireless functionality on Ubuntu and Mint livecds, when I install, functionality ceases. I am supposing this has to do with the fact that LiveCD is probably only using rt2870sta for wireless driver...and the install gives more drivers and thus causes a driver conflict?05:02
chaoscyet, when i blacklist the other drivers, it still doesn't work05:02
chaoscand i tried installing the driver from the website, as well as new firmware.05:02
chaoscthis is something i've been working on for months, so not much I haven't tried.05:02
caffinei'm trying to resize a lvm in ubuntu live CD to make space for an install. i've done everything up to and including resizing the filesystem. now i need to resize the lvm, but i don't know where to find it. how do i do that?05:03
rykka55overclucker, more than once ? what's than mean??05:03
visual1ceout of the four times i rebooted this afternoon, twice nothing showed up on screen after i entered my crypto passphrase05:03
overcluckerrykka55: grep -e 'foo' -e 'bar' ...05:03
boyjagI can't install chromium browser using SPM or Ubuntu s/w center on 10.10, can anyone help?05:03
visual1ceim looking in /var/log/syslog to try and pinpoint the problem - is this the best place to start?05:04
boyjagneed help wid chromium install on 10.1005:05
=== metaxy is now known as xiambax
rykka55overclucker,Got it ,Thanks.05:05
visual1ceis chromium in software center? why can't you install it?05:05
boyjagit says need 2 dwnload sme untrusted packages, and wen I click ok, it just fails05:06
boyjagfails 2 dwnload d packages frm d internet05:06
boyjagd package which is hindering d process is "chromium-browser chromium-browser-inspector chromium-codecs-ffmpeg"05:07
visual1ceboyjag: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-chromium-google-chrome-in-ubuntu-using-deb-package.html05:07
boyjagk, will chek it out05:08
ActionParsnipboyjag: or use the daily ppa :)05:09
frybyeoh jeez - where is the user who was helping me a few mins ago with my grub 2 problems...?05:09
needhelp1what would be the best way to set up something to share files with over my router for my home network05:10
needhelp1samba ?05:10
pmillerIs this the correct channel for kvm virtualization questions?05:10
frybyeActionParsnip: perhaps you remember that I have a name-memory prob - can you remind me who had been helping me here with the win7 dual boot missing from grub?05:10
NotMe 05:11
needhelp1ActionParsnip, im back, still having the sharing network folder issue05:12
shawnboyHas anyone here ever moved a hdd with Ubuntu from one PC to another successfully (without fresh install)?05:12
jasjusubuntu 10.10 cannot restart samba.. how tosolve?05:13
zeritoI used to run Ubuntu on an external and used it on two pcs without a problem05:13
cavalier_primeshawnboy, ubuntu isn't like windows, drivers are in the kernel, usually doesn't have a problem with disparate hardware05:14
visual1ceso 2 out of last 4 boots - nothing on screen. in last failed boot i see this in syslog: gdm-binary[1131]: WARNING: GdmDisplay: display lasted 1.209197 seconds and no similar entry for my current session05:14
visual1cecould this be the problem?05:14
shawnboycavalier_prime: ok. I guess I'll give it a try then. I may uninstall prop video drivers first.05:15
Carter_hello everyone05:15
tobyok so i think i finally compiled my cockatrice program correctly but now i dont know where to find it05:15
shawnboycavalier_prime: any other key drivers I should maybe uninstall? NIC?05:15
cavalier_primeshawnboy, if anything just the vid driver i would think05:16
svm_invictvsI'm trying to install matchbox-window-manager on Maverick05:16
svm_invictvsis that possible?05:16
axillabah, ubuntu doesn't even recognize my tv05:16
svm_invictvsAccording to packages.ubuntu.com it is, but I must be missing something bcause I can't find it.05:16
needhelp1is there a better way to set up a file server on ubunto other than samba?05:16
shawnboycavalier_prime: ok. wow, what a help it will be if it turns out well. I'll try soon. Thanks for feedback.05:16
cavalier_primeneedhelp1, samba is it.  I use a NAS on my home network for that tho05:17
teichertis there any way to install NASM without internet?05:18
needhelp1im having issues with samba, i have folders selected to be shared on this pc, but they are not showing up on other pcs on the network05:18
visual1cein both unsuccessful and successful sessions i have this: WARNING: Unable to load file '/etc/gdm/custom.conf': No such file or directory05:18
ActionParsnipneedhelp1: if you run: sudo smbpasswd -a $USER    you can type your userpassword for the samba password and add a samba user you can now authenticate with. You can then run:  gksudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf    and add something like this to the bottom: http://pastebin.com/cmD7eNym05:19
ActionParsnipneedhelp1: thas how I manage shares, its nice to do it that way as you can ssh into the server, edit the file and then restart the smbd service (which you should do after changing the file) and the new share will be available05:19
ActionParsnipvisual1ce: here is mine: http://pastebin.com/5GSFZ0xp05:20
ActionParsnipvisual1ce: obviously change the AutomaticLogin line05:21
j_ayen_greenI booted from a live cd to check my ext4 file system after a crash... it shows as/dev/sda1, but if I try to fsck it says it's mounted or busy, if I try to umount it says it's not mounted05:21
=== teichert is now known as KapK
ActionParsnipj_ayen_green: then run: mount   and if its mounted, unmounted05:22
ActionParsnipunmount it*05:22
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip: thx :)05:23
needhelp1ActionParsnip, do you mind if i pm you ?05:23
ActionParsnipneedhelp1: go for it :)05:23
hexdump_eh just have a quick question it's probably really easy05:24
hexdump_I'm setting my ip static and underneath netmask it says "network" what ip is that?05:24
j_ayen_greenActionParsnip: would I just sudo mount -t ext4 ?05:24
needhelp1hexdump_, ubottu  !ask05:24
svm_invictvsLooking at that, is there a reason why it's not in 10.10 netbook?05:24
svm_invictvssudo apt-get install matchbox-window-manager05:24
Slix`Is it possible to try Gnome 3 while keeping the current Ubuntu desktop environment in case I dislike Gnome 3?05:25
Aussieguyjoin #macosx05:26
login_screen!cn | Carter_05:26
ubottuCarter_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk05:26
frybyere: can sbdy help me to creat a custom boot entry in grub2 to restore access to a prev. available win7 dual boot that went missing on upgrade -d to 11.04?05:26
login_screenHow can I change login gdm theme in Ubuntu 10.10????05:26
axillagot it working :)05:26
frybyeother user who was helping seems to have left...05:26
login_screenI downloaded a theme from gnome.org05:27
axillahow do I change which monitor gets the taskbar/dock etc05:27
ActionParsnipfrybye: does: sudo os-prober; sudo update-grub   not add it05:27
Carter_haha  This is the first to use irc05:27
Slix`I know I can install the packages from the Gnome 3 repo, but won't that overwrite the current apps and leave me unable to switch back?05:27
ActionParsniplogin_screen: you can only change the wallpaper and login box colour05:27
frybyeupdate-grub did not do it - I will try the other.. hang on pse..05:27
login_screenActionParsnip: because it's Maverick right05:28
visual1cethx ActionParsnip05:28
shaghosti have to say guake is _amazing_05:28
ActionParsniplogin_screen: yes, those themes are for an earlier gnome05:28
login_screenActionParsnip: http://art.gnome.org/themes/gdm_greeter these wont work?05:28
frybyeActionParsnip: how can I check if it has worked... only by re-booting or?05:28
ActionParsnipshaghost: amen!05:28
ActionParsnipfrybye: you will see windows in the terminal05:28
shaghostActionParsnip: i was using tilda... then i found this05:28
login_screenActionParsnip: and it's impossible to create new ones?05:28
frybyenothing shows up with os-prober05:29
Carter_can we chat?05:29
frybyeActionParsnip: nothing shows up with os-prober05:29
ActionParsniplogin_screen: not sure, you can use a different DM like lxdm which is more themable but personally I wouldn't bother considering its on the screen all of 2 second05:30
login_screenwell I cant set plymouth to 1920x1080, I cant change gmd login theme.....05:30
login_screenim gonna sleep cya later05:30
zvacetfrybye: di you tried sudo update-grub05:30
frybyeCarter - this is an ubuntu s u p p o r t channel not generl chat...05:30
shaghostCarter_: there is #ubuntu-offtopic05:30
frybyezvacet: yes only the ubuntu stuff shows up...05:30
frybyeprob. is I dont have that much background knowl. to manually config the grub2 on my own...05:31
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk05:31
ActionParsnipCarter_: if you want to chat about an issue you are having with your OS then here is fine, general chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic05:32
shaghostor the chineese chanlles listed above05:32
jiltdilhow to check tottal number of users in computer through terminal?05:32
shaghostjiltdil: w05:32
shaghostjiltdil: loged in or on the computer?05:33
j_ayen_greenWhat do I do if fsck says the file system is mounted or busy, umount says it's not mounted, and mount gives no output but still leaves umount saying it's not mounted?05:33
frybyezvacet: if you know the manual config stuff - can you come in a pm window and work thru this step by step with me - would be so appreciative...?05:33
jiltdilon the computer05:33
ActionParsnipjiltdil: cat /etc/passwd | wc -l05:33
awkisopenhow do i make ubuntu think one website is really another? e.g. type in google.com and it goes to yahoo.com, for example. has to be more specific than an IP address05:33
jamiewanjiltdil, type who in a terminal05:33
shaghostjiltdil: awk -F: '{print $1 ":" $3 ":" $7}' /etc/passwd05:33
shaghostjiltdil: everything that is >999 is a user05:34
shaghostgreater then05:34
brontoeeeawkisopen, possibly editing hosts file05:34
zvacetfrybye : reinstalling grub should help see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling from LiveCD05:34
awkisopenhosts only allows for IP address changes though, i believe05:34
brontoeeeawkisopen, no05:34
caffinei'm trying to resize a lvm in ubuntu live CD to make space for an install. i've done everything up to and including resizing the filesystem. now i need to resize the lvm, but i don't know where to find it. how do i do that?05:34
awkisopenin reality i'm trying to make ubuntu resolve http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPage/Version to http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Uncyclopedia:AutoWikibrowser/CheckPage/Version05:35
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:35
frybyezvacet: grub2 is apparently fine - just dosent have the win7 boot option in it - I have no live cd for 11.04 - upgraded from 10.10 with update-manager -d05:35
shaghostcaffine: see if that helps05:36
zvacetfrybye : you can use Maverick live cd05:36
j_ayen_greensomething autoloaded the file system ... how can I 'unbusy' it so I can run fsck?05:36
frybyezvacet: do you think re-installing grub2 would fix this...?05:36
zvacetfrybye: it should05:36
frybyeok I go have a look at the instructions...05:36
j_ayen_greenwhat's the ubuntu equivalent of pmount?05:38
shaghostj_ayen_green: what is pmount?05:38
j_ayen_greenshaghost: I was told to enter that to see if something had privately mounted the file system, since it is busy, but it's not a command05:39
j_ayen_green(told by a non-ubuntu person)05:39
axillahow do i change which monitor is primary in ubuntu?05:40
shaghostj_ayen_green: it is a waper arround mount05:40
SkullTraillwhos attending the ubuntu Jam?05:40
OzzapooHi. How can I see a directory's total size in terminal?05:40
awkisopenaxilla: system -> preferences -> monitors?05:40
ActionParsnipOzzapoo: du -h /path/to/folder | tail -n 105:40
shaghostOzzapoo: du05:41
j_ayen_greenshaghost: ah, ok. well, i have a catch 22.. fsck returns /dev/sda1 is busy or mounted. umount says not mounted. mount -t ext4 says nothing, but then still cannot umount05:41
shaghostj_ayen_green: type mount05:41
visual1cethx ActionParsnip seems to be working... i was a bit shocked that it logged in without my password... how can it do that? i mean doesn't gdm need to store my password somewhere?05:41
visual1cein any case i changed it so i need to login...05:42
j_ayen_greenshaghost: mount doesn't show it (or any ext4) mounted... just /dev/sr0 and dev/loop0 (running from an .iso as 'try' instead of 'install')05:42
shaghostj_ayen_green: did you ever mount it or place it in fstab?05:43
jiltdilis method for mounting ext4,ext2,ext3 partition are different from each other?05:43
shaghostjiltdil: mounting once or on every boot05:43
jiltdilshaghost:plz tell both as m unaware of it05:44
j_ayen_greenshaghost: it had been mounted as my file system, then i had a hang. did the magic sysrq keys, and then every boot put me in grub. So i just booted from the livecd iso, selected "try ubuntu" rather than installing, and the file system shows in fdisk, but I cant get to it05:44
shaghost!mount | jiltdil05:45
ubottujiltdil: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount05:45
shaghost!fstab | jiltdil05:45
ubottujiltdil: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:45
shaghostfirst one is for one time, second one is auto on bootup05:45
Carter_shaghost, nihao05:46
axillaawkisopen: not there05:46
j_ayen_greenshaghost: this seems to be where I'm at...at the beginning of this post http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168203805:46
tecracan upgrade kde 3.5 to 4 with "apt-get install kde 4"?05:46
shaghostj_ayen_green: I dont think ubuntu auto-mounts stuff that is not in fstab, it could be seeign that it dected it but did not mount it but shows up under places area05:46
shaghost!kbuntu | tecra05:47
shaghost!kubuntu | tecra05:47
ubottutecra: kubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde05:47
j_ayen_greenshaghost: the file system shows in the places pulldown...is that what's making it busy?05:48
shaghostj_ayen_green: no ieda05:48
caffineshaghost: don't think it's really helping. i don't see where it's telling me where to find the VGs in ubuntu. i see vgchange -a y my_volume_group in chapter 11.3, but I don't know what "my_volume_group is supposed to be.05:48
ActionParsniptecra: search in software centre, makes sense though05:48
shaghostcaffine: remind me what your problum was05:49
shaghostooo lmv one, i always installed just using the whole harddrive, so no ieda on it05:50
tecraActionParsnip: where is "software centre"?05:50
tecrai dont have kubuntu05:50
shaghosttecra: in terminal "sudo software-center"05:51
tecrathanks shaghost05:51
shaghosttecra: kde is kubuntu desktop, gnome is ubuntu05:51
shaghostCarter_: what do you want05:51
Carter_shaghost, hello05:51
mespejelhello is there an ubuntu version for a tablet like computer?05:51
mespejellike the xoom, ipad, etc?05:51
=== Guest12604 is now known as DarkDevil
j_ayen_greenthe file system shows in places, but if I try to select it it says it's busy... if I reboot, how can i stop it from being automounted?05:51
shaghostCarter_: i cant read taht05:51
Random832!cn | Carter_05:51
ubottuCarter_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk05:51
ActionParsniptecra: under applications05:52
tecra# sudo software-center05:52
tecrasudo: software-center: command not found05:52
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest13442
arrrghhhwhat is the recommended way to remove the old kernels from GRUB?05:52
awkisopenis there any way to redirect one URL to another URL in ubuntu?05:52
caffineshaghost: i set up an LVM running fedora. i want to split it in half to run ubuntu on half. i've done all the steps so far up to resizing the underlying filesystem. now i need to lvresize but i can't find the way to determine what LogicalVolumePath is.05:52
tecraapt-get install software-center ?05:53
shaghostcaffine: not my area05:53
j_ayen_greenor how do I skip loading gnome and just get the cli?05:53
shaghosttecra: what version of ubuntu?05:53
xanguaarrrghhh: synaptic05:53
ActionParsniparrrghhh: uninstall the unecessary kernels using software centre or apt-get and they will be removed05:54
ActionParsniptecra: its part of a standard install05:54
caffineshaghost: okey dokey. thanks anyways.05:54
arrrghhhActionParsnip: xangua, there isn't an "automatic" way?  I have to search and remove them by hand?05:54
jamiewantecra, applications menu at the bottom most likely05:54
ActionParsniparrrghhh: yep its manual, the old kernels are left so that if a new kernel is bad you can boot to the old one05:55
shaghostawkisopen: look at iptables and // or dns05:55
arrrghhhActionParsnip: no i know but i figured computer janitor or apt-get autoremove would do it...?05:55
awkisopenshaghost: I have, but those only redirect IPs, I need a specific URL to resolve to another specific URL05:55
shaghostj_ayen_green: do you want to keep dnome on system?05:55
shaghostawkisopen: dns routing tables?05:55
j_ayen_greenshaghost: yes, I just want to try to prevent it from autoloading that file system so I can run fsck05:55
awkisopenshaghost: where are those located?05:56
ActionParsniparrrghhh: autoremove only removes packages which are no longer needed if you get ruid of highabstraction apps, then the old libs which are not used by anything else will be removed05:56
tecrashaghost: i have backtrack4 rc2 installed05:56
tecraits not a standard install05:56
shaghostj_ayen_green: well i can tell you the simple way or complex =P   simple: break x-server (this i have done a _LOT_ on axadent05:57
arrrghhhActionParsnip: so manual is the only way?05:57
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
j_ayen_greenshaghost: so no keystroke to boot to cli or something? again, i'm booting from the .iso read-only, that said, how would I break X if that's the option?05:58
ActionParsniparrrghhh: as far as I know, yes05:58
=== confiz is now known as arsalan
xanguatecra: backtrack is not supported here05:59
tecrabut its ubuntu...05:59
arrrghhhActionParsnip: ah well... regex to the rescue.06:00
shaghostI am trying to do too mcuh06:00
ActionParsniptecra: backtrack isnt supported here06:00
shaghosttecra: what about backtrace?06:00
ActionParsniptecra: backtrack is backtrack, ubuntu is ubuntu06:00
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition06:00
tecraok thanks06:00
shaghostActionParsnip: bakctrace is ubuntu based... lightly06:00
shaghostit does use ubuntu backend06:00
shaghostbut a diffrent frontend06:01
ActionParsnipshaghost: based yes, but its not ubuntu, its backtrack06:01
shaghostbut i have been using backtrace a lot in the last 20 days06:01
ActionParsnipshaghost: ubuntu is debian based but if you ask for support in #debian they will shove you here06:01
shaghostj_ayen_green: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/how-to-turn-off-xserver-in-the-gui-and-turn-it-off-in-the-command-line-219721/06:02
shaghostooo j_ayen_green you are booting and want cli from cd06:02
j_ayen_greenshaghost: yeah... i'm booting from a livecd to get at the old filesystem ... but gnome seems to have made it busy06:03
jnpenleyI have a quick question.  How can I install GCC-4.5 and G++-4.5 on 10.04?06:03
shaghostj_ayen_green: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions06:03
shaghostthey have it in there06:03
j_ayen_greenshaghost: thanks :)06:03
visual1ceis #ubuntu and #debian friends?06:03
shaghostjnpenley: what does it do over 4.4.5?06:04
koolhead11hey all 'ubuntu "Cannot read termcap database"'06:04
koolhead11what package am missing06:04
fastijumkoolhead11: ncurses?06:04
koolhead11libncurses5-dev ?06:04
ActionParsnipjnpenley: install build-essential06:04
paijovisual1ce: i think like father and son's :)06:04
shaghostjnpenley: sudo apt-get install gcc-4.506:04
koolhead11fastijum, ok06:04
jnpenleyNo idea.  I am trying to build a package that requires it.  BSNES06:05
visual1cegrowing pains06:05
kenesiswill someone help me get 2 finger scrolling on my samsung n120???? Please and thanks06:05
shaghostvisual1ce: i never have enterd #deblin06:05
worldwarcheeseHi everybody!06:05
visual1ceme neither...06:06
koolhead11fastijum, there is no pkg with name ncurses06:06
koolhead11kenesis, shoot06:06
fastijumkoolhead11: yeah, sorry. I meant libncurses06:06
shaghostkenesis: what was the question06:06
koolhead11fastijum, :P ok06:06
fastijumkoolhead11: that should contain the termcaps as well06:07
kenesisi need to get 2 finger scrolling on my samsung n12006:07
kenesisplz and thanks06:07
worldwarcheeseI have a stupid easy request for something really simple. I need someone to send me a skype chat to see if my new webcam works on Skype.06:07
leapy0yols -l |less -R  is not showing colors of ls  neither does -r06:07
shaghostkenesis: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1144125    see if anything there works06:08
fastijumleapy0yo: use ls --color=always06:08
kenesisill try06:08
fastijumleapy0yo: or --colors06:08
koolhead11fastijum, cool. let me check that06:09
svm_invictvsHow do you determine what kind of object a GameObject is?06:09
kenesisshaghost, that had nothin06:09
worldwarcheeseAny takers? I know it's not cool, and a bit personal (vid-chatting, but I don't need to see you you jut have to see me), it's just I have an important call coming through soon and the skype on linux doesn't seem to be all that reliable. The webcam works, but will it work on skype??? I just need to make sure.06:09
red2kicworldwarcheese: If the webcam work in cheese, it'll work with skype. I have used skype in the past. Worked fine.06:10
bin_bashHow do I check my IP address in terminal?06:10
red2kicbin_bash: ifconfig (for local ip)06:10
ActionParsnipbin_bash: lan address or wan address?06:10
shaghostkenesis: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=920931506:10
bin_bashifconfig didn't show it06:11
bin_bashjust my router IP06:11
shaghostso you want extrenal ip06:11
ActionParsnipbin_bash: do you mean its external IP or internal ip?06:11
worldwarcheesered2kic: I tried another webcam and it worked both in cheese and in the skype test, but didn't in the actual chat. I'm worried about having the same results again with the new one (and thanks for the reply)06:11
bin_bashhow do I check my external ip in terminal06:11
j_ayen_greenshaghost: holding shift when it boots doesn't seem to bring up grub206:11
red2kicworldwarcheese: I think you have to manually start the video chat.06:11
=== koolhead11 is now known as koolhead17
red2kicworldwarcheese: When you're connected, look for "Start video or webcam" something.06:12
ActionParsnipbin_bash: curl -s   http://getip.110mb.com/mini/index.php?v=ahp06:12
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bin_bashActionParsnip: not found06:12
worldwarcheesered2kic: Yeah, I can toggle the vid on and off but just a white square came up before (with the 1st webcam, haven't tried it on the new one)06:12
ActionParsnipbin_bash: run it as a command in terminal06:12
shaghostj_ayen_green: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Changing the CD's Default Boot Options06:13
bin_bashActionParsnip: I did.06:13
shaghostthat was the area that i was looking out06:13
bin_bashzsh: command not found: curl06:13
ActionParsnipwget -q -O - http://getip.110mb.com/mini/index.php?v=ahp06:13
red2kicworldwarcheese: Hmm. Look in options. Make sure it's pointed at the correct /dev/video (whatever) -- then restart Skype. I used my webcam + 2 XboxLive Vision cams. Worked fine. I was messing around with security cameras and etc etc.06:13
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red2kicworldwarcheese: Not sure about window square thing. Never happened -- but if you're switching videos feeds, you need to restart Skype.06:14
ActionParsnipbin_bash: install curl, its dead handy06:14
iflemabin_bash: wget www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp -O -o /dev/null | more06:14
iflemabin_bash: this even... wget www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp -O - -o /dev/null | more06:15
worldwarcheesered2kic: Yeah, I got about that far with guides I found on google. Everything checks out, but they checked out the 1st time too. Would you mind just sending me a test call? You don't need to use video yourself or anything. I just need to be 100% on this.06:15
kenesisshaghost, that still didnt work now i have no scrolling on the touchpad, but it did stop the mouse from spazzing when two fingers are on06:16
jnpenleysudo apt-get install gcc-4.5 g++-4.5 doesn't work it is not included in the repositories.  At least I can't find the correct one.06:17
shaghostkenesis: well.... all i have is google as i have no simmular computer to work with, just google stuff like n120 ubuntu touchpad06:17
* kenesis lazybum06:17
shaghostjnpenley: what version of ubuntu?06:17
jnpenley10.04 Desktop06:18
red2kicworldwarcheese: I don't have Skype installed at the moment and I'm on PC. That thing I talked about ... was on the laptop. Sorry.06:18
shaghostjnpenley: do you have a version of gcc installed alredy?06:19
worldwarcheesered2kic: 'Sokay, thanks anyways. I'll just have to wait for dawn and someone local who can call me or something.06:19
jnpenleyshaghost: I don't think so..06:21
pmillerlifeless: virsk start www  -> error: Failed to start domain www06:21
pmillererror: internal error Network 'default' is not active.06:21
shaghostjust sudo apt-get install gcc06:21
ActionParsnipshaghost: 10.10 maverick06:21
shaghostyou should not need to worry abou 4.4.5 vs 4.5 ass not that much changed06:21
ActionParsnipjnpenley: look at the version number then think about how often ubuntu is released ;)06:21
shaghostActionParsnip: 10.10 here, but "Linux weardass 2.6.36-1-lowlatency #7~ppa2-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Tue Oct 26 13:39:35 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux06:22
shaghostnewer kernals FTW06:23
jnpenleyshaghost:  I agree, but when I try to make the package it complains about not having gcc-4.5 and g++-4.506:24
siavashserverjnpenley, what kind of problem?06:25
corinthHey #ubuntu. I just installed UNR via Wubi, and after installing the ATI driver, my graphical desktop no longer loads06:25
shaghostjnpenley: what package06:25
shaghostcorinth: dpkg-reconfigure06:26
jnpenleyshaghost: The source in question is "BSNES"06:27
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corinthshaghost, just across the board?06:27
shaghostcorinth: there is one for ati, so just use tab completion to figure it out06:28
corinthAh thanks. I appreciate the tip06:28
shaghostjnpenley: get the .deb from http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/g++-4.506:29
jnpenleysiavashserver: the exact error is "make: g++-4.5: Command not found"  "make: *** [obj/ui-main.o] Error 127"06:29
jnpenleyshaghost: I will give it a try!06:30
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ActionParsnipshaghost: the .38 kernel has nice stuff to make it whizzy :)06:32
shaghostActionParsnip: i need to upgrade, just slightly more complacated with the lowlatancy kernal06:33
shaghostActionParsnip: ooooooo i have linux-image-2.6.37-8-lowlatency06:35
shaghostin repos06:35
ActionParsnipshaghost: do you do a lot of sound production?06:35
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shaghostActionParsnip: did06:35
shaghostActionParsnip: i did some internet dj stuff06:36
ActionParsnipshaghost: then why low latency?06:36
shaghosti might as well keep it06:37
shaghostActionParsnip: eather way i dont see linux-image newer then that in repos06:37
j_ayen_greenwould debugfs:  clri <8> clear the journal entry for ext4? It's listed in an ext3 example06:38
ActionParsnipshaghost: it is in natty :)06:38
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shaghostActionParsnip: so 11.0406:39
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ActionParsnipshaghost: indeed06:39
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shaghostActionParsnip: that means i cant use local repos, as they are updated up to 10.1006:40
erkan^when i install .deb, is that good "sudo dpkg +i" ?06:41
ActionParsniperkan^: sudo dpkg -i filename.deb06:43
shaghostActionParsnip: i can do deb http://mirrors.arsc.edu/ubuntu/packages/ natty-updates main06:44
shaghostin maverick right06:44
erkan^thank you very much, acke-06:45
ActionParsnipshaghost: i wouldnt mix debs between releases06:45
recoilmanNew-ish ubuntu user. Decided to delve into compiling source code and installing things that are not in the software center. Currently working with Deluge (bittorrent client) and just compiled newer version of libtorrent-rasterbar. How do I tell deluge to use the new version? It's in /usr/local/lib..06:46
shaghostActionParsnip: so you run 11.04 then06:46
ActionParsnipshaghost: yes as my hardware is insanely linux friendly06:47
VikashHello Everyone06:47
ActionParsnipshaghost: 100% of my hardware works out of the box, except my media server with nvidia vga06:47
shaghostActionParsnip: all of mine works out of the box except the nvidia gpu and tvtunder card06:47
shaghostActionParsnip: i bought stuff with linux in mind06:48
shaghostActionParsnip: and my tvtuner is a hauppauge, so "easy" too06:48
shaghostActionParsnip: but i am still scared to upgrade to 11.04 with the ratical changes06:49
jnpenleyshaghost:  gcc-4.5 and g++-4.5 both installed and is building my package now.  Thanks for the assist!06:49
shaghostjnpenley: glad i could help06:49
KeshavaI have a problem clipboard sharing (copy / paste problem) with Remote Desktop Connection when i connect to a VNC server, I am not able to copy selected text from my remote machine to my local machine (where as the other way round is possible)...06:50
KeshavaHas anyone faced similar problems ?06:50
FloodBot2Keshava: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:50
shaghost!vnc Keshava06:51
ActionParsnipKeshava: I've heard vino cannot do it but other vnc servers can06:51
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erkan^ActionParsnip: where can i report a bugs by launchpad for lekhonee-gnome? Software Ubuntu have lekhonee-gnome 0.7 version, but it workn't . i have downloaded: http://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian/pool/main/l/lekhonee-gnome/lekhonee-gnome_0.11-1_i386.deb and it works good06:54
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ActionParsniperkan^: mixing debian debs is not advised or supported. Log a bug to say the later version fixes it. I suggest you find an ubuntu ppa06:54
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erkan^ok, but I can not found ppa for lekhonee-gnome, ActionParsnip06:55
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.06:56
erkan^ActionParsnip: No matching Personal Package Archive for 'lekhonee-gnome'.06:57
robbiethe1stQuick question guys. I have a harddisk - /dev/sdb - that was previously used in a fakeraid setup. It's not currently being used in such a setup, but I keep seeing this  error: "ERROR: pdc: wrong # of devices in RAID set "pdc_echcibhbhb" [1/2] on /dev/sdb". Any way to -delete- that fakeraid record and make dmraid ignore it?06:58
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joeb_oh wow07:03
joeb_ubuntu gave me my full touch screen07:03
* JackyAlcine Netsplit >_<07:03
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sk_how do I change the location of the @ in the terminal from a @kncluster to a @computername?07:04
DOokamiHi guys :)07:04
DOokamihow do i "locate" and "open" a text file for example, using the terminal solely ?07:04
quibbler!welcome | DOokami07:04
DOokamiquibbler: hey :)07:05
elFidelDOokami: locate/find to locate a file && open using a random texteditor like vim/vi/nano07:05
robbiethe1stDOokami: Um... you mean, say, "find / -name *name*"07:05
elFidelsk_: .bashrc07:05
DOokamielFidel: robbiethe1st: ,, i don't know actually ,, i wanna know the code so i can learn it and try it out on all types of files07:06
robbiethe1stUh... what code?07:06
DOokamito open "anyfile" lets say text, via just the terminal07:06
elFidelDOokami: "man find" will explain the find command07:06
DOokamifind and open07:06
cutoutHi, my ubuntu installation was currupted and now it won't boot due to changes to filesystem permission changes. I need to backup mysql db before I reinstall. is it possible yo backup mysql from the filesystem using a live cd?07:07
DOokamielFidel: it's a lot to read ,, i need the code07:07
elFidelDOokami: man nano will explain the editor nano07:07
robbiethe1stcutout: Yup07:07
elFidelDOokami: well then ignore me07:07
ActionParsnipcutout: why do you not have a backup already?07:07
cutoutrobbiethe1st, how please!07:07
DOokamielFidel: :| .. well, thanks for the help ..07:07
elFidelis reading evil nowadays?07:07
histocutout: yes07:07
ActionParsnipcutout: you can access the partitions from the livecd07:07
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cutoutwhere is the db data07:08
ActionParsnipcutout: and get your data of it. Its wherever you put it07:08
robbiethe1stcutout: Well, erm, you'd want to find the .myd files; everything you want will be where you find one or more .myd file07:08
blackshirtcutout: what you mean db data07:08
DOokamihmm .. ElFidel: if ur having a bad day, don't blame it on me ^^07:08
ActionParsnipcutout: do you have a backup of the data?07:08
kenesisany way to make xchat text show in a popup with a pm/ping like in windows?07:09
robbiethe1stMind you, even if he -has- a backup, I'd still try to restore from the "working" copy, as it'll be more up to date07:09
DOokamiso .. can some one help me, let's say there's a text file named "x" and i want to open it via any gedit ,, with only using the terminal ,, what would the code be ?07:09
cutoutrobbiethe1st: and to restore after, i need to put them on the new installation at the same place I got the?07:09
sk_elFidel: the return line states '.bashrc:command not found'. Then back the the SN@KnCluster:~$07:09
robbiethe1stcutout: Yes, basically. you'll want to copy the entire directory07:09
elFidelsk_: you need to edit your .bashrc07:10
cutoutrobbiethe1st: thanks a lot!!!!07:10
elFidelnot just entering a filename07:10
robbiethe1stcutout: NP. Personally, I used that trick when switching from CentOS to Ubuntu a while back, and it worked amazingly well, so...07:10
cutoutrobbiethe1st: u r the best :D07:11
ActionParsnipkenesis: http://wan.pengganas.net/entry/xchat-tcl-plugin-nick-notification-system/07:11
kenesisgracias man07:11
ActionParsnipcutout: I suggest you look into backups, then you wouldnt have this mess07:11
sk_elFidel: what bash file do I change, and what should I edit?07:11
robbiethe1stcutout: It should be under /var/lib/mysql. Just copy the entire directory07:11
ActionParsnipcutout: if your drive motor died suddenly you wouldnt have the livecd to rely on and you would have to pay a LOT for professional data recovery, or you can pay very little for a cheap USB device to backup to07:12
elFidelsk_: .bashrc is the file you want to a) back  - then b) read & c) edit if you got the logic of creating a user-specific prompt07:12
cutoutActionParsnip: just keep it to your self07:12
elFidelsk_: good luck ;)07:12
ActionParsnipcutout: i'm just educating you in what CAN happen07:12
elFidelsk_: *backup* -> read -> edit ;)07:13
ActionParsnipcutout: one day it will happen and you'll remember this07:13
robbiethe1stActionParsnip: To be fair, even if I did weekly(or even daily) backups, if the system was actually in production, it'd be better to use the working copy, not some "old" backup.07:13
robbiethe1stBackups are all fine and good... but they aren't up-to-the-minute.07:13
ActionParsniprobbiethe1st: if the data changes that frequently then  more frequent backups are needed07:13
DOokamiso .. can some one help me, let's say there's a text file named "x" and i want to open it via any gedit ,, with only using the terminal ,, what would the code be ?07:14
ActionParsniprobbiethe1st: I look after company SQL servers of several terrabyte database file and we backup nightly07:14
robbiethe1stAh, but you have the funds and disk-space to do it.07:14
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robbiethe1stMost people would be lucky to get it once a week. And at that rate, sure, if things fail, having the backups a -good- thing and a small inconvienience for people using the system, but it's still easier to just take the working copy :\07:15
recoilmangedit path to x07:15
ActionParsniprobbiethe1st: no we still use tapes :(07:15
ActionParsniprobbiethe1st: not my choice07:16
ActionParsniprobbiethe1st: but still backups are important07:16
robbiethe1stAnd in that case, you'd have to spend -how- long finding the data and retreiving it? I'm not discounting backups, but in this case, where the disk is fine... why bother?07:16
DOokamirecoilman: is there a way to add the "find or locate" code with the "gedit x" so i can do this in one line ?07:16
ActionParsniprobbiethe1st: because the drive could fail, it does happen07:17
elFidelDOokami: name-of-your-text-editor /path/to/your/file07:17
robbiethe1stActionParsnip: Yes. But it didn't, so why bother restoring from a backup.07:17
elFidelDOokami: the find example was mentioned already several minutes before07:17
neil_dhow can I test if a java app from a web page can play sound?07:18
elFidelsidenote: it does help if you just not wait to type commands others do write for you in irc .... learning curve etc ;)07:18
ActionParsniprobbiethe1st: thats not my point, the point is there is no backup of the data and the drive can fail. The data is clearly important yet there is zero DR path07:18
DOokamielFidel: thanks for reaccepting me :D .. my question ,, can i have the "find" and "gedit" commands in one line so that it finds and open the file with a single terminal07:18
elFidelDOokami: i stop here - thats not reaccepting ;)07:18
DOokamielFidel: i don't get it lol ,, but thanks ^^07:19
robbiethe1stActionParsnip: Lets say he had a full disk-backup. He'd still be up against the problem of "where are the important files?"07:19
ActionParsniprobbiethe1st: if s/he wants to learn the hard way then thats fine but i've got my "i told you so" sign ready07:19
j_ayen_greenwell, that didnt work either. anybody, some idea on how to get an ext4 file system unbusy so I can run fsck on it? :(07:20
blackshirtmaybe need to be unmounted :)07:21
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Boot off a LiveCD, and run it from there?07:21
robbiethe1st(assuming it's the root file system)07:21
j_ayen_greeni've booted off livecd, and it shows on fdisk as /dev/sda1, but trying to unmount says it's not mounted, trying to mount and unmount the same07:21
DOokamiA text file named "x" ,, i want to "Locate*Find" it and open it with "gedit" ,, writing a single line in a terminal ,, how do i do that ?07:22
j_ayen_greenit doesn't show in mount07:22
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: And if you type "sudo fsck /dev/sda1" what happens?07:22
robbiethe1stDOokami: try "gedit `find / -name x`"07:23
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: it tells me that it's busy or opened exclusively by another program07:23
DOokamirobbiethe1st: thanks, i'll try it now07:23
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: it shows in Places, but can't get to it there07:23
robbiethe1stDOokami: I think, however, that you're being silly - You want to use find to find paths to things, then -remember- those paths and type/paste them in as needed.07:24
IsrafelDamn you TurboTax for not supporting Ubuntu!07:25
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Hm... try installing gparted, open it up, and see if you can unmount/run fsck from there. It might help07:25
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: I've been up all night with this... 10.4 hung, i did the magic sysrq keystrokes to reboot, and it wouldn't reboot...kept dropping me into grub saying it couldn't init, and I've been trying to get to it to run fsck on it ever since07:25
DOokamirobbiethe1st: ,, :( i don't know why u guys think this is silly ,, isn't IRC the foundation of sharing knowledge ,, all i want is to "open a file with a terminal, without having to know it's exact path, only by it's exact name" .. is that really silly ? .. still trying ur input up there and thanks again.07:25
ChilaquilesI have 1 computer connected with a wire to the modem and another one  connected to the modem but wireless, how can I create a lan?07:26
Chilaquilessomebody can help?07:26
shaghostChilaquiles: you have a lan07:26
shaghostChilaquiles: what else do you need07:26
robbiethe1stDOokami: It's more the manner of asking, and yes, it is silly - What if there are a half-dozen files with that name?07:27
robbiethe1st(in different directories)07:27
ChilaquilesI want to be able to see one files in the other computer07:27
moltendorfHey all, been having a lot of fun with Ubuntu 10.10 server since I started using it about a week ago (prior experience in CentOS 5.5/Red Hat and DD-WRT +4 years of Ubuntu Desktop), and got into the server set-up mood, so I decided to convert my Mac Mini 2010 to a home server running Ubuntu 10.10 wirelessly. I had no problem connecting via eth0, but I can't seem to get the wlan interface to work, anyone know the packages I need to 07:27
Chilaquilesand viceversa07:27
shaghost!samba | Chilaquiles07:27
ubottuChilaquiles: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:27
mackdieselx27Chilaquiles:  You'll need to set up Samba on your Ubuntu box.  Just right click on a folder to be shared and choose Properties.07:27
shaghostChilaquiles: are the both linux?07:28
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: I'm not sure what I can tell you. Something's F'd up here. I'd try gparted, see what happens07:28
Chilaquilesyeah they are both ubuntu07:28
shaghostscrach samba07:28
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: can you be more specific? I never heard of gparted07:28
shaghostChilaquiles: there is a way to mount via ssh07:28
shaghostsecure socuit shell07:29
Chilaquilesbut I don't think I want taht07:29
shaghostChilaquiles: you want filesharing right07:29
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: "sudo apt-get install gparted" ;)07:29
ChilaquilesI want to have a network like in windows07:29
Chilaquileswhere you see the other computer in your networks07:29
Chilaquilesyou click networks07:29
shaghostChilaquiles: you can do a windows like one or you can mount the other computer network on the hardrive07:29
Chilaquilesand then you see the computers that are connected, etc.07:30
mackdieselx27Chilaquiles:  If you have local IP addresses on your boxes like 192.168.1.x then you have a LAN07:30
shaghostother computer hardrive07:30
mkquistj_ayen_green: gparted is how linux partition drives07:30
mackdieselx27And all you need to do is set up Samba or SSH in order to share files07:30
Chilaquilesmackdieselx27: ok now can I se the other computer?07:30
DOokamirobbiethe1st: ... 1. it opened a "new empty file" not the one i have ... 2. i asked nicely .. did i offend u in anyway ,, ? .. it's just that other guys said "read the man" and i said "it's a lot to read" ,, hence i was looking for the "combinging of "find" and "gedit" command .. which is not written in there.07:30
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shaghostssh is the secure way to do it, you will be ale to browse it via a gui and see it just like a windows fileshare in linux only07:30
mackdieselx27Chilaquiles:  If you have local IP addresses your second box should see the first07:31
ChilaquilesSamba? first they told me not to use it and now they tell me to use it07:31
shaghostif you do want a windows file share you can do samba07:31
Chilaquilesim confused07:31
robbiethe1stDOokami: and what does just "find / -name x" return? Does it actually return your file? If not... it won't help07:31
moltendorfAnyone familiar with running Ubuntu Server 10.10 on a Mac Mini over Wireless?07:31
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: it's already installed. how do i invoke it? just sudo gparted gave me a blank screen and said nothing was found07:31
shaghostssh is the secure way to do it, as you mount the other computer harddrive in your own, so you can see it all and it is automatical there on bootup, samba is the windows file share thing where you can view it when you connect07:31
ChilaquilesI have done ssh but all i see is a terminal with no GUI07:31
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Try looking in the start menu under 'system' or something07:32
shaghostChilaquiles: sec, i will find a guide07:32
shaghostChilaquiles: have you ever edited /etc/fstab07:32
mackdieselx27More info on SSH:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH07:32
Chilaquilesshaghost: never07:32
robbiethe1stDOokami: See, this is why we generally don't do it in one step. that command will work perfectly if find returns one file. If it returns 0 files, you'll just get a blank new file. If it returns two or more... it might open them all, or just the first one07:33
sk_how do I change/undo a ALT+CTRL+F1 prompt that has my terminal prompting Username@KNCluster:~??   How do I get back to the original terminal?!?07:33
robbiethe1stsk_ ctrl+alt+f707:34
robbiethe1st(or f8)07:34
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: ok, i have the list of partitions (it, an extension and swap), and it has a warning flag. When I get partition info, it doesn't say what the warning is for, but there's no volume name or last accessed date, aside from that the info looks right07:34
DOokamirobbiethe1st: i understand, and thanks ,, i'm asking in case there was only one file that i can look for xxx.text for example ,, anyhow ,, i tried "find / -name x" and no result ,, what am i typing wrong plz ?07:34
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shaghost!sshfs | Chilaquiles07:34
ubottuChilaquiles: sshfs is a !Fuse based filesystem which allows you to mount a remote system over !SSH - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS for instructions07:34
robbiethe1stDOokami: No file named 'x' exists on the disk?07:35
robbiethe1stDOokami: Remember, linux is case-sensitive.07:35
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: and when I try to have it check the file system, it comes back with an error that's it's mounted or open exclusively07:35
rwwDOokami: -name x matches files with the name 'x'. For files with names containing 'x', do -name *x*07:36
robbiethe1strww, DOokami: use quotes around your -name string if you use a wildcard(*) in it - -name '*x*'07:36
robbiethe1stOtherwise it doesn't work quite right sometimes07:37
DOokamirww i want to find a file named called "ctest" .. so i write " find / -name ctest" ?07:37
Koterpillarrobbiethe1st, precisely, when you have something with 'x' in current directory07:37
DOokamirobbiethe1st: good point07:37
moltendorfAnyone familiar with setting up wireless access on Ubuntu Server 10.10?07:38
DOokamirobbiethe1st: it shows many many find: bla bla permission denied results ?07:38
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Try right-click unmount on the drive. what happens?07:38
zcat[1]trying to set up an ubuntu server with raid. during the install it put grub on both drives but if I try to boot with either drive unplugged it can't boot. Not much point having raid if it simply doubles the chance of the system becoming unbootable rather than reducing the chance...07:39
noah1989i found that you can use consolechars to set the console (non X) font07:39
sk_robbiethe1st: cntl+alt+f7 doesn't do anything, but any f1-f6 send me back to the text only07:39
zcat[1]so how can I fix this so that raid works how it's supposed to?07:39
noah1989is there a way to set a margin so that the console starts 100px from the left?07:39
robbiethe1stDOokami: That means you're looking in a directory that you don't have permission to access. try with "sudo find ..." or only look in, say, your home directory "/home/*username*/ instead of /"07:39
noah1989because i have an unusual screen that always swallows some pixels on the left side07:40
robbiethe1stsk_: Yes, those are 6 virtual terminals. Your X server may have crashed - try logging in, and typing "sudo service gdm restart"07:40
KoterpillarI want clients connecting via VPN to share the server's internet connection, can anyone recommend a guide?07:40
histonoah1989: probably in your .bash_profile07:40
Koterpillarsk_, f8?07:40
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: the unmount is grayed. so it's not that it's mounted...which i guess leaves the other option, that it's opened exclusively by something, or marked opened exclusively07:41
DOokami1rww: what's the syntax to find a file called "ctest" ,, looks like i got something wrong in the syntax ..07:41
noah1989histo: hm.. that could fix it for the bash prompt. but i want the whole console to be constarained07:41
noah1989incluiding the login prompt07:41
histonoah1989: what's the problem?07:41
rwwDOokami1: find /searchpath -name ctest07:41
DOokami1rww if i want to look the whole disk then ?07:42
noah1989histo: i want the console to use only the right part of the framebuffer07:42
noah1989histo: because the left-most 100 px are off screen07:42
zcat[1]am I visible?07:42
histonoah1989: why not fix that instead of circumventing the problem?07:42
rwwDOokami1: sudo find / -name ctest07:42
rwwzcat[1]: yes07:42
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Hm, I don't know. Try googling?07:42
DOokami1rww: :D :D :D07:43
histonoah1989: is this a gui install or just a command line only?07:43
DOokami1rww: thanks a lot. thanks robbiethe1st too :)07:43
zcat[1]trying to set up an ubuntu server with raid. during the install it put grub on both drives but if I try to boot with either drive unplugged it can't boot. Not much point having raid if it simply doubles the chance of the system becoming unbootable rather than reducing the chance... any way of making this work how it's supposed to?07:43
moltendorfzcat[1]: I'm asking questions about the server version, and am getting no response either. :S07:43
noah1989noah1989: because fixing this would mean optimizing the omap3 display driver kernel code..07:43
noah1989histo: it#s command line only07:43
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: You're using MDADM raid?07:43
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: been doing that for hours ;)07:44
noah1989histo: no X07:44
histonoah1989: what about appending a vga code to the end of the kernel line?07:44
histonoah1989: something like vga=77107:44
zcat[1]robbiethe1st, I guess so.. did the install with a 'fake raid' card originally, decided to just plug both drives into the motherboard. It's whatever the ubuntu server cd calls raid.07:44
noah1989histo: this is happening on a ARM board, it has a completely different display driver07:44
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: unless ubuntu is opening it when it boots, it must be something in the file itself that is showing it to be opened ... because it's like that as soon as i boot07:45
zcat[1]perhaps I should just try a fresh install, perhaps it'll come right next time07:45
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Um... first result for "ubuntu ext4 partition exclusively opened" http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=167470907:45
histonoah1989: so can't you specify a vga code to the frame buffer on boot still?07:45
histonoah1989: http://pierre.baudu.in/other/grub.vga.modes.html07:45
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: it's amazing what word choice can do :D  google's not as smart as they would have ya think07:45
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: try typing "cat /proc/mdstat" if it exists, you're using mdadm software raid. If not, it's a fakeraid07:45
jefimenkozcat[1]: during the install of grub it should have asked you about whether to boot with a degraded disk07:45
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: I suppose; I've never had trouble for some reason.07:46
jefimenkozcat[1]: did you tell it to allow booting with a degraded disk array?07:46
noah1989histo: no. this is on a beagleboard. it has no vga-compatible graphics07:46
noah1989histo: it has it's own options but none of the available modes fits my screen07:46
TheYellowGTOjoin #moto-atrix07:46
zcat[1]jefimenko, yeah, due to the stupid highpoint fakeraid card none of that worked, can't recall the error. I think I might just do a fresh install again07:47
histonoah1989: hrm... let me do some searching then07:47
=== TheYellowGTO is now known as YellowGTO|Nix
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: then tell me how to google slack and get something meaningful? :D07:47
sk_robbiethe1st: after the restart from both virtual f1 and f6, (and f7 I suppose), the terminal is still designated as a @kncluster:~$07:48
noah1989histo: all i need is a workaround at console driver level07:48
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: I figure putting keywords in from left to right, most important first.07:48
histonoah1989: yeah I hear ya07:48
moltendorfAnyone know how to set up wireless connectivity on Mac Mini running Ubuntu Server 10.10?07:48
Koterpillarsk_, byobu grabs lower two lines for itself. Try looking into it?07:49
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: ha, yeah...that much i do know. it's the choice of keyword...ok... i tried slack with a couple...i'll try a couple more :)07:49
soda`backtrack ppl07:49
robbiethe1stsk_: Login and type "sudo cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | less" and read the last few lines07:49
j_ayen_greenah, got it :)07:49
zcat[1]btw am I being sensible choosing 10.04.2 rather than 10.10 .. it'll be longer before we have to deal with anything again right?07:49
robbiethe1stI'd go for 10.1007:50
ActionParsnipzcat[1]: 1007:50
histonoah1989: you'd probably find morehelp in #linuxhelp or something similar since yoru problem isn't ubuntu specific07:50
zcat[1]you think?07:50
robbiethe1stnewer = better support for hardware, newer OS bits.07:50
histo!natty | zcat[1]07:50
ubottuzcat[1]: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.07:50
zcat[1]shorter support life...07:50
zcat[1]wtf who mentioned 11.anything?07:51
soda`fuck it   buy a apple dude07:51
ActionParsnip10.04 is LTS so will be supported long after 10.10 support stops07:51
histo!ohmy | soda`07:51
ubottusoda`: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.07:51
zcat[1]ActionParsnip, that's what I'm thinking07:51
soda`blah blah07:51
histozcat[1]: 10.04 is a LTS long term support release. You should check out the release cycle07:51
histo!release > zcat[1]07:51
ubottuzcat[1], please see my private message07:51
zcat[1]yes I know..07:51
histozcat[1]: 8.04 is still supoprted atm07:52
DOokami1rww, robbiethe1st, okay ,, sudo find / -name ctest works perfectly and shows one file path which is the file i want ,, how do i combine the command 'gedit' in a syntax with "sudo find / -name ctest" to actually open the output of the first command which is the ctest.text file ?07:52
ActionParsnipzcat[1]: if longer support appeals then go for it :-)07:52
zcat[1]that's why I chose 10.04.2 .. objective is that this goes in a closet and doesn't come back out for as long as possible07:52
histozcat[1]: what is this box going to be for?07:52
robbiethe1stDOokami1: "gedit `sudo find / -name ctest`"07:52
zcat[1]firewall, proxy, mail07:53
DOokami1' ?07:53
soda`i  heard  windows 95    in real secure07:53
DOokami1where's that comma thing07:53
robbiethe1stNo. `07:53
histozcat[1]: then i'd go lts. that's what I do on my servers07:53
robbiethe1ston the same key as ~07:53
histo!troll | soda`07:53
DOokami1thanks, trying :D07:53
ActionParsnipDOokami1: add to the command: -exec gedit {} \;07:53
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: the slackware site says it's 6 cd's ... is there a minimal version i should be looking for instead (i hope) ?07:53
shaghost10.04 is a lts07:53
soda`i happen to hava  acopy  for you all07:53
* zcat[1] suggests $(foo) instead of `foo` -- harder for newbs to get the wrong characters07:54
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Uh, I dunno anything about slackware. Debian/ubuntu's all I know07:54
sk_Koterpillar: "exec screen $SCREEN_TERM $NAME $PROFILE "$@""?07:54
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: ok, thanks for the lead07:54
=== Guest1194 is now known as DarkDevil
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Ubuntu's the easiest to setup and deal with.07:54
histo!atroll | soda`07:54
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest5005
histosoda`: the factoid is gone from the bot but basically trollish behavior is not accepted here07:55
ActionParsnipsoda`: backtrack is offtopic here07:55
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: yeah, but that post you pointed me to said ubuntu livecd was the issue, that slack should be used so it doesn't try to mount the file system  ... ?07:55
DOokami1robbiethe1st: "gedit `sudo find / -name ctest`" worked and the file opened but i got (gedit:3635): IBUS-WARNING **: Connect to unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-BT89AWRUo4,guid=0756063062046b8989485ef70000033d failed: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-BT89AWRUo4: Connection refused.07:55
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Oh, um.07:55
* soda` is bored07:55
robbiethe1stDOokami1: Ignore it?07:55
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition07:56
DOokami1ActionParsnip:  -exec gedit {} \; where ? ,, as in ,, "-exce gedit find /home -name ctest"07:56
zcat[1]woot, looks like the raid-with-grub-on-both install is going to work this time. no red screens.07:56
histosoda`: then join ubuntu-offtopic but if you have a question feel free to ask.07:56
DOokami1robbiethe1st, well ,, maybe ,, but if there was a better way then why not .. i'm gonna program something after all :)07:57
* soda` yawns07:57
zcat[1]bloody highpoint cards are more trouble than they're worth ..07:57
shaghosthisto: we dont want them in there07:57
histoshaghost: he's just chatting07:57
joeb_question .. ubuntu 10.10 dosen't need aptitude ?07:57
soda`what who07:57
ActionParsnipDOokami1: add it to the end of the command you first posted.07:57
zcat[1]stupid fake radi07:57
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/e2fsprogs/+bug/65652607:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 656526 in e2fsprogs (Ubuntu) "Device or resource busy while trying to open" [Undecided,New]07:57
shaghosthisto: exactly07:57
ActionParsnipzcat[1]: +107:57
soda`yeah     chattin  shaghost07:57
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Try with ubuntu 10.04 cd perhaps?07:58
shaghostwell... we can chat in offtopic07:58
histoshaghost: that channel is for general chat07:58
shaghostwe are talking about server stuff07:58
zcat[1]Ahh crap .. attempt to mount swap in RAID0p5 device # at none failed07:58
zcat[1]what's that mean?07:58
DOokami1ActionParsnip: so it'll be "sudo find / -name ctest gedit -exec gedit {} \;" ?07:59
zcat[1]is there an idiotproof howto for setting up a simple two disk mirror in ubuntu?07:59
soda`can we talk about anonymous07:59
shaghost!offtopic | soda`07:59
ubottusoda`: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:59
zcat[1]cos this is really starting to piss me off07:59
_jesse_soda`: no07:59
ActionParsnipDOokami1: remove the first gedit and you will win07:59
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: well, it is a 10.04 iso... but it's 10.04.2 .. that make a difference?08:00
_jesse_zcat[1]: it's simple at install time, not sure about afterwards08:00
robbiethe1stj_ayen_green: Shouldn't.08:00
soda`so you think there all really middle aged  gurus08:00
histozcat[1]: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID08:00
zcat[1]_jesse_, this is a fresh new install.. make raid devides, autopartition nice new empty raid device, FAIL!08:00
histo!op | soda`08:01
ubottusoda`: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!08:01
_jesse_zcat[1]: why fail?08:01
zcat[1]Ahh crap .. attempt to mount swap in RAID0p5 device # at none failed08:01
shaghost soda` we just try to limit the offtopic, as it can get a lot of lines in here when a lot of peopel are heling people out, as it can get going FAST with out even offtopic suff08:01
_jesse_zcat[1]: don't mirror swap :p08:01
zcat[1].. That's all i've done. In the installer. Make a raid out of two disks. Autoparition it. Get that error.08:01
shaghostor /tmp08:01
shaghost  /tmp should not be mirrord08:01
zcat[1]OK, so go back and just do / then .. have far more ram than the box needs08:02
ActionParsnipDOokami1: if multiple files are found, they will open one by one for you to edit. Find-exec commands like that are very powerful08:02
soda`omg              just say the topic08:02
shaghostzcat[1]: raid in ubuntu setup, or raid in bios, or hardware raid with a controler card08:02
soda`my bad08:02
DOokami1ActionParsnip: :D @ sudo find / -name ctest -exec gedit {} \;08:02
DOokami1thanks a looooooot08:02
zcat[1]where do I put /tmp so that either disk can fail and not cause the boottime fsck to fail?08:02
codemagician10.10 xorg goes into 100% CPU on my desktop... any fix for this?08:02
zcat[1]software raid in ubuntu setup08:02
zcat[1]already thrown the faikraid card in the bin08:03
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto08:03
ActionParsnipDOokami1: looks good to me08:03
zcat[1]simple RAID1 mirroring with two disks. why is it not simple?08:04
sk_robbiethe1st: it reads (END) [1]+ Stopped08:04
jefimenkospeaking of software raid, i just installed a new system using raid0 and grub keeps dropping my into a busybox, saying "ALERT! /dec/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xx does not exist. Dropping to a shell!"08:04
ActionParsnipCodemagician: what video chip?08:04
jefimenkothat's "/dev/disk..."08:04
codemagicianActionParsnip, Nvida GT218 [GeForce 210]08:04
DOokami1ActionParsnip: To find and open a file named x via gedit using only the terminal08:04
DOokami1sudo find / -name x -exec gedit {} \;08:04
DOokami1it actually worked perfectly08:04
DOokami1Question though ,, why the terminal stops somehow ,,?08:04
ethanolwhere does ubuntu store links to the applications listed under Applications ?08:04
FloodBot2DOokami1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:04
jefimenkocan anyone help?08:04
Williwallerhi all, the flash plugin of my FF keeps bugging, can someone help?08:05
sk_robbiethe1st: but still has the @knCluster before the $08:05
robbiethe1stsk_: did you see any text before? Or just +1 stopped08:05
zcat[1]going to try following this howto ..08:05
jefimenkoi'm in the busybox shell right now, and i don't see the RAID disk in /dev/disk-by-uuid/08:05
ActionParsnipCodemagician: and what driver please?08:05
sk_robbiethe1st: no text before08:05
shaghostWilliwaller: flash is buggy in linux, for youtube go to youtube/html508:05
codemagicianWilliwaller, I had same problem and had to remove adobe flash and use open source version in its place08:05
robbiethe1stsk_ try typing "sudo cat /var/log/X *tab*08:05
jefimenkoi mean, /dev/disk/by-uuid/08:05
codemagicianActionParsnip, what do I type in command line to discover the drivers?08:05
DOokami1ActionParsnip: To find and open a file named x via gedit using only the terminal08:06
DOokami1sudo find / -name x -exec gedit {} \; .... worked perfectly ,, Question though ,, why the terminal kinda stop responding after that ?08:06
ActionParsnipShaghost: buggy in what way. Its worked flawlessly here forever08:06
sk_robbiethe1st: [  1597.380] (**) Option "xkb_rules" "evdev"08:06
sk_[  1597.380] (**) Option "xkb_model" "pc105"08:06
sk_[  1597.380] (**) Option "xkb_layout" "us"08:06
histozcat[1]: I belive you are looking for a RAID 108:06
robbiethe1stsk_ Ok, now take the above command and add '| less' to the end of it(press the up key to get the prev command)08:07
ActionParsnipCodemagician: sudo lshw -C display08:07
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: well, since the software in question had a newer version on 10.10, i guess it -is- possible since 10.04.2 came out later that it also has a newer version... so I'll download 10.04.1 and try it, and if that fails, look for a minimal slack install :(08:07
zcat[1]histo, right now I'm looking for a hammer...08:07
Williwallershaghost, codemagician, ok thanks, will try that08:07
histozcat[1]: that may or may not help matters08:07
zcat[1]but yes, I know. raid 1 simple mirroring is all I want!!!08:07
codemagicianshaghost, my flash container crashes every single time I bring up youtube08:08
codemagicianshaghost, on both my 10.10 desktop machine and 9.10 netbook08:08
zcat[1].. and also that it boots when either disk is unplugged because that is the entire point of having raid at all here...08:08
shaghostcodemagician: sounds like a personal problum, i recoment youtube.com/html5 and chrome08:08
ActionParsnipDOokami1: gedit has the control. Once you close gedit you will get it back08:08
zcat[1]so that the box is more reliable, not less08:08
codemagicianshaghost, its never worked correctly ever for me08:09
shaghosti should go to bed08:09
shaghosti am getting mean now08:09
codemagicianActionParsnip, configuration: driver=nvidia latency=008:09
nishantis it possible to open Webmails in IE like interface ?08:09
sk_robbiethe1st: alright! I see text about the X.Org X server 1.9.0;08:10
histozcat[1]: yeah . Did you get the link from ubottu08:10
codemagicianActionParsnip, there doesn't appear to be any numbers with that output to indicate the driver location or version...08:10
nishanti mean IE opens my mails using the web email client , what is the option i have for this in Linux08:10
histocodemagician: are you running 32bit or 64bit os?08:10
ActionParsnipCodemagician: ok if you run: nvidia-settings  ,what driver version do you have08:10
robbiethe1stsk_: You can use up/down to scroll, along with pgup etc.08:10
zcat[1]histo I can't reallt follow it.. it seems a bit vague around step 6 ..08:10
behel1thow mature are nvidia drivers?  is 1080p video acceleration supported08:10
robbiethe1stsk_ go down to the bottom and look for something about x ending/quitting etc08:11
codemagicianhisto, 32bit08:11
histozcat[1]: if you are using a newer vwersion of the alternate or server install disk you can create the mirror during setup08:11
codemagicianhisto, using i7 core processor08:11
zcat[1]like if I tell it to automatically partition sdb then I won't get an identical layout, it'll make that /home instead08:11
ActionParsnipnishant: any web browser can use webmail08:11
jefimenkothird-party nvidia drivers suck for me. i get better video performance on the open-source driver08:11
histocodemagician: hrm.. that's odd I don't experience that problem with flash.08:11
robbiethe1stbehel1t: Through VDPAU, yes. I've done it with a blu-ray rip I made myself, and mplayer08:11
histojefimenko: that's impossible08:11
BaKeRhello can any one help me08:11
codemagicianActionParsnip, 260.19.0608:11
jefimenkohisto: somehow it is possible for me08:12
codemagicianActionParsnip, Server Version Number 11.008:12
nishantActionParsnip, I can open webmail but it does give some advanced option like IE does . I suppose thats because the exchange server used is MS by my company08:12
BaKeRwith ubuntu 10.10 boot screen?08:12
codemagicianActionParsnip, Server Vendor Version 1.9.0 (10900000)08:12
ActionParsnipbehel1t: yes. Nvidia have been supporting Linux for ages08:12
Sleepwalkernishant: firefox, opera, chrome, chormium or any other browser should do the job08:12
codemagicianActionParsnip, NV-CONTROL Version 1.2408:12
jefimenkohisto: i can fullscreen a youtube video and it's so choppy (2 fps) on the nvidia driver. with the opensource driver it's smooth08:12
shaghostI hace AD and excnage by m$$08:12
BaKeRboot screen is stuck in 8 bit or somthing08:12
nishantSleepwalker it all does the job of opening webmail but it doesnt look or have the features of IE based webmail client08:12
zcat[1]I have reinstalled this box six times now. This is attempt #708:13
nishantI suppose its because the Exchange server is MS08:13
zcat[1]so I am starting to get very frustrated08:13
shaghostnishant: recomend a linux slution for them08:13
ActionParsnipnishant: if its in some way optomized for IE then you are out of luck.08:13
Sleepwalkeryou can use IE with wine08:13
BaKeRAnyone fix the ishue with the ugly boot screen on ubuntu 10.1008:13
shaghostwinetricks ie808:13
BaKeR64bit amd08:13
shaghostor something like that08:13
oliver_BaKeR, is that what you are looking for ? http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml08:14
shaghostBaKeR: boot screen or login screen?08:14
nishantwhat is the name of the Web Client in IE ? does it have some special name >08:14
zcat[1]OK there's already a software raid device from my last attempt and it won't let me delete it because it's already in use. what now?08:14
BaKeRi tried about ever tut none work08:14
BaKeRi tried that tut08:14
codemagicianActionParsnip, how are those values... am I using good drivers?08:14
sk_robbiethe1st: Not seeing anything about x ending/quitting; the bulk of text is describing my output devices like monitors, keyboards, mice08:15
zcat[1]cat /dev/zero > /dev/sda briefly, then again /dev/sdb .. now try and find your raid!!!08:15
ActionParsnipCodemagician: there is a ppa with 270. I'd find guides for the proprietory driver maki08:15
zcat[1]hopefully the installer won't be confused by previous fails this time08:15
zcat[1]so this is attempt number 8 I guess08:15
ActionParsnipMaking xorg each your cpu08:15
codemagicianActionParsnip, what is ppa please? and maki?08:15
oliver_BaKeR , i'll test it later will respond then. Hopefully anyone here can help you :D For the next time just ask your question don't ask if anyone can help you :D08:16
robbiethe1stsk_ Huh. and ctrl+alt+f7/f8 won't bring you back to your X window?08:16
codemagicianActionParsnip, aha making xorg each your cpu...08:16
BaKeR;) thanks08:16
codemagicianActionParsnip, so there is a better way to configure xorg with my particular card?08:16
ActionParsnipCodemagician: maki was a typo. GT540 phone + regular thu08:17
sk_robbiethe1st: ctrl+alt+f7 doesn't change anything on the screen; /f8 sends me to a blinking underscore (_);08:17
BaKeR(uvesafb mode_option=1280x1024-24 mtrr=3 scroll=ywrap) this line is the only line that does anything08:17
ActionParsnipThumbs = typos08:17
BaKeRit fixes the shut off splash but messes up the startup08:17
codemagicianActionParsnip, how do I go about switching the drivers?08:17
robbiethe1stsk_: I don't know, sorry. It looks like X isn't working - What drivers were you using, BTW? Nvidia? ati? intel?08:18
ethanolwhere does ubuntu store links to the applications listed under Applications ?08:18
=== blazie0 is now known as blaize
sk_robbiethe1st: nvidia for the monitors08:18
ActionParsnipCodemagician: yes, you just need to find it. My web access is dog slow so i'm not going to be much direct help08:19
BaKeRoliver how are you going to test it08:19
robbiethe1stsk_: manual install?08:19
codemagicianActionParsnip, so I google for nVideo GeForce 210 drivers for my particular 10.10 ubuntu?08:19
robbiethe1stcodemagician: Nvidia has a single blob driver for all recent cards.08:20
robbiethe1stcodemagician: You want to download the 260/270.xx unix drivers08:20
sk_robbiethe1st: could I somehow quit in each of the virtual; basic install with additional driver support from administration>additional drivers08:20
zcat[1]OK, at the end of step six I did 'write changes to disk' and now it's going ahead and doing the install on /dev/sdb only.. didn't give me the option of setting up raid. what did I miss?08:20
zcat[1]so now this will be install #908:20
codemagicianrobbiethe1st, where do I get them from... directly from nVidea?08:20
robbiethe1stsk_: I don't know. You may want to just download the package streight from Nvidia, install it.08:20
zcat[1]and I have been trying to sort out this server for 6 hours now08:21
BaKeRdoes anyone here have amd 64 x208:21
zcat[1]no, seven hours08:21
robbiethe1stSelect your card, etc and unix 32/64 depending, and download it08:21
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=== | is now known as amosk
robbiethe1stThen, you are going to have to: 1. kill xorg if it's running(switch to VT#1, ctrl+alt+f1), 2. login, 3. "sudo chmod +x *downloaded file*08:22
codemagicianrobbiethe1st, i have 32-bit ubuntu installed. does the 32 or 64 refer to this, or to the memory interface on the nvidia card?08:22
robbiethe1stcodemagician: 32 then08:22
zcat[1]so if I don't raid swap and one drive fails, will the system still boot or will it crash and complain that a swap device in /etc/fstab is missing?08:23
sk_robbiethe1st: alright! i'm going to reinstall ubuntu. and then go for the drivers again. thanks anyways! I just wonder if by pressing alt+ctrl+f1/f2/../ will cause this @kncluster, or if when I shut down the computer during the text-only terminal causes a change in the files08:23
=== lance_ is now known as Guest86444
robbiethe1stsk_ Uh... niether. More than likely, your nvidia drivers don't like the current kernel/haven't been installed properly08:24
codemagicianrobbiethe1st, the down offered is 256.53 and yet my current version is 260.19.06  ?08:24
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: found riplinux... minimal distro with gparted. going to try that :-s08:24
Archaeopteryxxoh shiiet i messed something up now08:24
robbiethe1stcodemagician: I dunno. You can get -anything- here: ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/08:25
Archaeopteryxxi set like 36 workspaces across 16 rows08:25
robbiethe1stUp to 270.30 beta drivers08:25
Archaeopteryxxand all the windows are f'ed up :(08:25
BaKeRgues im going to have to reinstall ubuntu but try 32 bit08:25
BaKeRcan fix the damn ugly boot screen08:25
codemagicianrobbiethe1st, generally do you think the later the version the better?08:25
Weazel[Work]here is a weird-ass problem,  everytime i open new window either a menu window or an actual window of some app, the focus stays with the previous window i was at08:26
Weazel[Work]drives me nutz08:26
robbiethe1stcodemagician: Yes, generally08:26
ActionParsniprobbiethe1st: the xorg edgers/updates ppa has it too. Much easier08:26
=== Adam__ is now known as adammw111
robbiethe1stBaKeR: Why not just remove "quiet splash" from the boot-line and have a nice text-boot?08:26
shaghostWeazel[Work]: use multiple desktops08:26
Weazel[Work]shaghost: i am using 408:26
codemagicianActionParsnip, the nvidia webiste offered me a lower version number when I selected my graphics card from the list?08:26
shaghostWeazel[Work]: dont overlap windows =P08:26
BaKeRnice text boot?08:27
robbiethe1stActionParsnip: I've almost never had the "additional drivers" installer work right. Probably cause I'm using Kubuntu. But it often crashes or just plain doesn't install right08:27
Archaeopteryxxhow do I reset all the workspaces or something? all my windows are completely screwed up08:27
Weazel[Work]shaghost: where do i unset the overlap windows ?08:27
shaghostWeazel[Work]: truthfully if you find a real slution to the problum i would love to know08:27
robbiethe1stBaKeR: Reboot, at the grub menu "edit" the command line and remove "quiet splash", then ctrl+x to boot08:27
robbiethe1stAnd watch08:27
Weazel[Work]didn't used to have it before, i think one of the updates gave me this annoying issue08:27
BaKeRim not much of a fan of text during boot08:28
shaghostWeazel[Work]: then it may be a diffent one then mine, as mine only happens with popup type things in chrome08:28
Weazel[Work]for me is with everything08:28
robbiethe1stSuit yourself, I suppose. I'd prefer to know why things aren't working, myself.08:28
BaKeRi have burg installed over grub08:28
zcat[1]AAAAAAAAAGHHHH so now I've configured sda1 and sdb1 as raid. What next? I can't put / anywhere because the partitions are raid. There's no other device appearing where I can put / ...08:28
Weazel[Work]lets say i'm in terminal and hitting the hotkey for open new window08:28
Weazel[Work]focus stays at the 1st terminal08:28
zcat[1]this howto is FAIL08:28
shaghostWeazel[Work]: i was joking arround08:29
ActionParsniprobbiethe1st: codemagician: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1690115&page=208:29
adammw111Hi, my laptop failed this morning with a kernel panic: not syncing - VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)08:29
codemagicianActionParsnip, thanks I'll take a read08:29
adammw111How can I try and get it running again?08:29
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: Two things: 1, ubuntu doesn't like fakeraid nicely. 2, for mdadm raid, you need to install "mdadm" before installing on your livecd08:29
BaKeRRobbie will it just show text?08:30
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.08:30
robbiethe1stBaKeR: Yes, until X starts. It'll show all the boot/debug info.08:30
zcat[1]it's NOT fake raid. I threw the highpoint shit in the bin this is just two sata drives on the bmotherboard sda and sdb08:30
Archaeopteryxxdoes anyone know where I should go poke around to get rid of these 36 workspaces?? my whole desktop is completely screwed up :(08:31
BaKeRdo you know a working fix? Robbie08:31
zcat[1]and when I booth the installercd I see it loading mdamd packages off the internet every time so I think I have those packages?08:31
ActionParsnipArchaeopteryxx: i08:31
zcat[1]also the howto doesn't say anything about loading mdadm either08:31
jamiewanArchaeopteryxx, right click on the switcher and make 4 colums and 1 row08:32
ActionParsnipArchaeopteryxx: in ccsm -> general in the desktop size you should be able to edit there08:32
BaKeRRobbie my problems is When booting up it shows ubuntu splash screen but in low bit08:32
Archaeopteryxxit doesn't work if :\08:32
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: Dunno about any howto, I'm telling you how -I- did it. 1. install mdadm. 2. using the command-line, create my raid volumes. 3. install, and set /dev/mdN as your instlall drives08:32
BaKeRand when i shut down it show texts08:32
Archaeopteryxxthe workspace preferences window keeps flashing and doesn't change the number of workspaces08:32
robbiethe1stBaKeR: when it shuts down it'll always show text, I think.08:32
almalkirshi, I am new to linux and I am wodering where can I find the key commands to use in the terminal08:33
=== alex88_ is now known as alex88
BaKeRnot when i edit ( uvesafb mode_option=1280x1024-24 mtrr=3 scroll=ywrap)08:33
zcat[1]funny thing is I set up software raid back on 6.06 with no howto, and it worked. Ubuntu is going backwards.08:33
ActionParsnip!manual | almalkirs08:33
ubottualmalkirs: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:33
robbiethe1stalmalkirs: http://fosswire.com/post/2008/04/ubuntu-cheat-sheet/08:33
BaKeRthe code works for the shut off text08:33
BaKeRbut messes up the start splash08:33
BaKeRdosnt make any sense08:34
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: Yea, I dunno. I had to do some stuff to make mine work right, but I'm happy with my raid-1 boot and raid-5 data drive08:34
robbiethe1st170mb/sec off the raid-5 sequential read!08:34
zcat[1]ok so open a terminal and apt-get install mdadm ... 'apt-get: not found'08:35
zcat[1]now what?08:35
ActionParsnipBaker: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/08:35
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: "sudo apt-get install mdadm"08:35
zcat[1]it's a root terminal.. alt-F2 from the textmode server installer08:36
BaKeRthanks ill take a look08:36
zcat[1]but just to humour you "/bin/sh: sudo: not found"08:36
ActionParsnipBaker: that's using grub208:36
zcat[1]mdadm is there though08:37
joeb_im trying to install stuff from the ubuntu gui can i select individual packages >08:37
ActionParsnipjoeb_: absolutely08:38
zcat[1]Ohhh, /dev/md0 already active cannot assemble it.08:38
Weazel[Work]shaghost found the solution08:38
zcat[1]the installer of fail can't see it though08:38
joeb_ActionParsnip- i tried alt / and ctrl but nothing08:38
Weazel[Work]thought i was going crazy with this annoying problem08:39
zcat[1]this is utterly and completely hopeless08:39
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joeb_anyone else ?08:39
BaKeRi tried everythin in that step exept the resolution witch i dont think i have08:40
visual1cewhen i type users in cli i have 2 users logged in both with my username08:40
ActionParsnipjoeb_: just click each one and mark it for install then click apply. If you choose more they will be i08:40
visual1cewho -a shows one is 'old'08:40
BaKeRdoesnt work08:40
philip_hey i try to nstall ubuntu 10.04 from live cd on my pc but after i click on install my dektop is free?08:40
zcat[1]so anyone can tell me how to do this in simple step by step instructions that work for ubuntu server 10.04.2 lts 64 bit08:40
philip_how can i know if he install or not?08:41
BaKeRim on 6408:41
ActionParsnipInstalled when the previous job finishes08:41
BaKeRwhat steps you looking for08:41
zcat[1]install a firewall/mail server on a simple raid1 mirroring of two disks so that the system will still boot if either drive fails.08:42
zcat[1]is that so much to ask?!!!08:42
ActionParsnipBaker: the hwinfo command will tell you the available resolutions08:42
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: Oh, server installer. I was just using the normal desktop liveCD, and doing it from there08:42
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: Sorry, I haven't used the server installer, no clue how that'd work08:42
BaKeRActionparnsnip- i did that08:42
ActionParsnipBaker: the arch is moot08:42
zcat[1]starting to think I should just install debian instead08:43
BaKeRthe arch is moot?08:43
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: Debian's a great server OS08:43
ActionParsnipBaker: then you have the resolution08:43
BaKeRnot 1366x76808:43
ActionParsnipBaker: in plai08:43
BaKeRim really newbie to ubuntu08:44
BaKeRjust installed yesterday08:44
zcat[1]I thought ubuntu would be easier. seems I was wrong08:44
ActionParsnipBaker: in plan terms, the fact you are using 64bit is of zero co08:45
MasterZiPadHello ubuntu people!08:45
BaKeRzcat ubuntu is very simple what you are trying to do is hard thats a fact08:45
ActionParsnipConsequence to the situation08:45
konevtsovHi !08:45
=== hax404_ is now known as hax404
BaKeRzero o?08:45
zcat[1]why is a simple software raid1 mirror hard?!!! it was easy five years ago...08:45
visual1ceif its too hard use windows08:46
BaKeRlol five years ago08:46
visual1cenobody's stopping you08:46
ActionParsnipBaker: typo08:46
MasterZiPadI setup a raid 5 array on Ubuntu...08:46
zcat[1]really helpful advice here08:46
MasterZiPadthen ubuntu died and I lost my data :(08:46
konevtsovРусские есть?08:46
zcat[1]MasterZiPad, so help me?!!08:46
BaKeRthanks for the typo moderator. i  needed that :)08:46
visual1cezcat why don't you take a chill pill and type in some info08:47
MasterZiPadIt died... and then I switched to Mac... I doubt you want my help :D08:47
ActionParsnipBaker: you asked08:47
zcat[1]this shouldn't be hard. It didn't used to be hard. WHY is it so hard?!!!08:47
BaKeRyeah whats zero co?08:47
ActionParsnipMasterZiPad: lost your data? Was there08:47
ActionParsnipNo backup08:48
zcat[1]visual1ce, two identical 250g SATA disks, sda and sdb .. nothing on them. ubuntu server install CD 10.04.2 LTS .. how do I do it.08:48
MasterZiPadI was stupid and I trusted my software raid5 so I did not have any backups... :(08:48
ActionParsnipBaker: that's the typo08:48
MasterZiPadI have sense learned my lesson08:48
zcat[1]simple step by step instructions please?08:48
=== MasterZiPad is now known as MasterZ
MasterZOpen web browser08:48
MasterZIn the URL bar08:49
MasterZtype in "Google.com"08:49
FloodBot2MasterZ: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:49
BaKeRlol i figured that08:49
ActionParsnipMasterZ: the hardest way. Backup is crucial these days.08:49
zcat[1]MasterZ, I already got pointed to a howto. I followed it step by step as closely as I could. It didn't work. Please find me a howto that actually works?!08:49
BaKeRso what does zero co mean?08:49
zcat[1]that was the howto that failed.08:50
BaKeRzcat im fillin ya man08:50
BaKeRtried step by step and notta08:50
BaKeRdifferent thing but same ass fustration08:50
ActionParsnipBaker: it was going to be "zero consequence" I thought that was o08:50
zcat[1]I followed it. Not I have partitions called /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1 that ae type raid autodetect. Where do I put my root?!!!08:51
zcat[1]after following that howto I don't have any kind of MD device ...08:51
BaKeRso what you are telling me actionparnsip08:51
joeb_ActionParsnip- i can't check each and install and apply .. im on ubuntu 10.10 i have to click on 1 and then install it08:51
ActionParsnipObvious as i continued the typing on the next line. Just as i have on this li08:51
BaKeRit doesnt matter what res?08:51
zcat[1]all I have are two partitons I can't do anything with08:51
ActionParsnipLine to make an example08:52
visual1ceactionparsnip do you get paid to help ppl in here?08:52
zcat[1]has anyone here set up raid from a server isntall disk? Other than me back on 6.06 where it was easy and I just figured it out myself...08:52
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: You08:52
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: You'll have to -somehow- create a mdadm raid-device on top of those two partitions08:53
ActionParsnipBaker: you said you were using 64bit but in your situation it means nothing08:53
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: try 'man mdadm' for instructions08:53
ActionParsnipvisual1ce: only if I do it at work ;-)08:53
zcat[1]yes mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 -- it says md0 already esists and is in use, but it doesn't show up in the partition thingy and if I try mke2fs -j /dev/md0 it says it has zero size08:54
ActionParsnipzcat[1]: only in hard raid with a beefy controller card08:54
ikoniazcat[1]: sudo fdisk /dev/md008:54
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zcat[1]ikonia, this is from a root terminal and also if I type sudu it saus sudo doesn't exist08:55
zcat[1]fuck you are all useless08:55
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest2292
BaKeRActionparnsnip- the link you gave me shows everything i have already done but one miner detail is in every tut thats the same show the same res. But in  the link/tut it shows a res i dont have08:56
robbiethe1stzcat[1]: Try mdadm --create -n 2 -l 1 /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 or something like that08:56
BaKeRwill 32 bit ubuntu fix the problem08:57
BaKeRi cant stand the ugly low bit splash screen with the nasty code when shuting down08:57
* lemonhall My internet goes down after sleep, but win7 goes well, Is that problem with my Ubuntu ACPI?08:57
BaKeRanoying as hell08:57
jfcaronI have a weird problem.  My sound works fine when I am using my netbook at home with no peripherals.  When I bring my netbook to work and attach an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, the sound doesn't work anymore.  I don't know if it's the peripherals behaving weird, but I have no idea how to debug this.  Any ideas?08:58
* lemonhall My internet goes down after sleep, but win7 goes well, Is that problem with my Ubuntu ACPI? by the way, the router's LTD light shut down08:58
=== Guest86444 is now known as lance[home]
robbiethe1stlemonhall: Possibly. Sounds like the network card's getting shut down08:59
=== lance[home] is now known as lance-home
visual1cewell thx for providing so much help :)08:59
lemonhallrobbiethe1st: yes, I have to restart the computer to TURE UP my internet connetion....08:59
BaKeRSo any other solution to my problem?09:00
lemonhallrobbiethe1st: It's a very anoying problem...cause I can't sleep my computer09:00
adammw111Hi, does anyone know how to troubleshoot a "vfs not syncing unable mount root fs" kernel panic on boot?09:00
robbiethe1stlemonhall: I don't know, sorry. But I'd try looking in the syslog around the time of when you put it to sleep/wakeup and see if there's any errors09:01
robbiethe1stadammw111: Google that string09:01
progre55hi guys. Is it possible to see a package version using apt w/o installing it?09:01
lemonhallrobbiethe1st: thanks...use dmesg?09:01
BaKeR Mode 0x0300: 640x400 (+640), 8 bits09:01
BaKeR  Mode 0x0301: 640x480 (+640), 8 bits09:01
BaKeR  Mode 0x0303: 800x600 (+800), 8 bits09:01
BaKeR  Mode 0x0305: 1024x768 (+1024), 8 bits09:01
BaKeR  Mode 0x0307: 1280x1024 (+1280), 8 bits09:01
FloodBot2BaKeR: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:01
BaKeR  Mode 0x030e: 320x200 (+640), 16 bits09:01
visual1ceso i type in who -a and there's two users logged in to my system - both with my username but one is 'old' how do i kill it?09:01
adammw111robbiethe1st, update-initramfs?09:01
robbiethe1stlemonhall: Sure, or "sudo cat /var/log/syslog | less"09:02
lemonhallrobbiethe1st: thx..09:02
robbiethe1stadammw111: I don't know. sure. wouldn't hurt09:02
bonjoyeeprogre55: sudo apt-cache show <name>09:03
progre55bonjoyee: thanks09:03
Sonnebonjoyee, you don't need sudo for that09:03
BaKeRthanks for the heads up lol09:04
blackshirtbonjoyee: yeah, you don't need sudo09:04
j_ayen_greenrobbiethe1st: shaghost  I've got a working file system!!  Thank you both for your help. In the end, riplinux was small, booted to cli, and did got me the file system back09:04
txbwhat the difference between cat /var/log/syslog and less /var/log/syslog ?09:04
bonjoyeeSonne: blackshirt: noted:)09:04
txbwhat the difference between cat /var/log/syslog | less and less /var/log/syslog ?09:05
Sonnetxb, you invoke only one command in the latter case09:05
Sonnepractically, no difference09:05
BaKeRSo Action you dont have any other tut?09:06
jfcarontxb: Look up "unnecessary use of cat".09:08
Metaxa123If I wanted to learn Linux commands and oveerall more knowledge about the operating system, where should a novice start learning?09:08
BaKeRi think i have gurb 1.9809:08
SonneMetaxa123, i suggest you look up the "alien bash tutorial", worked quite good for me :)09:09
BaKeRMetaxa google comands09:09
BaKeRplay around with like  Find comand09:09
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=== brian is now known as Guest25297
ramzyHi all!! need help with alien!!!09:11
BaKeRrobbie can you help me out09:11
ramzyHi all!! need help with alien!!!09:11
ramzyHi all!! need help with alien!!! Plz Plz Plz!!09:11
BaKeRI Need help fixing the splash screen09:11
txbone usefull use of cat would be: watch -d -n 1 'cat /proc/drbd' ;-)09:11
dr_Willisramzy giving more details would be more productive.09:11
BaKeRit shows ubuntu but very low resolution09:12
robbiethe1stBaKeR: Um, why bother?09:12
dr_Willisbaker Plymouth has issues with the bionary nvidia and ati drivers in some cases. theres numerous 'plymouth fixs' one can try09:13
dr_Willisbaker personally i just disable plymouth.09:13
MagicJsomehow now when I open a .mp3 movie player believes that it needs to decde it with text/html for which it does not have a driver.  Other file types work.  What do I need to do to re-associate this with the correct decoder09:13
moltendorfstill can't get wlan0 to work in ubuntu server 10.10, tried everything I found within Google, but still no luck.09:13
BaKeRive booting off and on like 20 times in last few hours trying  tuts09:13
ramzyi'm tryin to convert a rpm package & i have errors: can i copy the log to the chatroom? :p09:13
BaKeRmost are repeats09:13
moltendorfSpent the last 9 hours working on this same project.09:13
moltendorfAny help?09:14
dr_Willisbaker  a whole lot of work for useless eyecandy that ypoiu could just disable.09:14
BaKeRdisable plymouth?09:14
ramzy<dr_Willis>i'm tryin to convert a rpm package & i have errors: can i copy the log to the chatroom? :p09:14
dr_Willisramzy i never use alien.. never needed to.09:14
BaKeRwill it show just black screen and not text09:14
txbyou may use the private chat romm of dr_willis09:14
BaKeRif i disable plymouth09:15
ramzy<dr_Willis>ok thx dr_willis!! in fact i need to install "compat-db-4.1.25-6.i386.rpm"09:15
dr_Willisbaker you can comment out the "quiet splash" in the grub configs and it should just show a normal text messages  boot sequence.09:15
BaKeRok nevermind09:16
BaKeRthanks though09:16
PEMooh the chan exists :)09:16
ramzyneed to install "compat-db-4.1.25-6.i386.rpm", Help plz ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(09:16
BaKeRlol you won robbie09:16
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)09:16
robbiethe1stIt's just one of those things that - imho - isn't exactly needed or useful.09:16
PEMi was wondering about something... i downloaded the latest desktop ubuntu cd, burnt it, then booted from cd to make an install09:16
BaKeRvery much agree09:16
PEMbut the install will not work past the install menu09:17
BaKeRcant complain. lovin ubuntu better than mac09:17
PEMi get the "loading" screen for hours, and if i esc, i see shitloads of errors09:17
hrnaPEM, i got stuff like that once09:18
BaKeRPEM did  you remove the disc after rebooting09:18
dr_Willispem you did check the md5 of the iso file?09:18
robbiethe1stPEM: boot into the OS, "try" or whatever it's called09:18
hrnaPEM, but it was because of the broken memory09:18
PEMi tried almost every menu :P09:18
PEMfrom try to install09:18
PEMthe install failed09:18
PEMi believe it is because my primary disk is a ssd09:18
PEMbecause after trying to install it on an onld machine, it worked09:19
bonjoyeePEM: did you try the F6 options?09:19
PEMF6 ?09:19
dr_WillisSSD shouldent matter,09:19
bonjoyeePEM: yes..there are some advanced options...on the first menu screen09:19
PEMi tried the memory, disk checks, the try ubuntu without installing, and install ubuntu09:19
moltendorfSo I guess nobody here has any experience with Ubuntu Server 10.10 and wireless?09:19
PEMbonjoyee well i thought just hitting install would somehow work :P09:19
PEMi'll have a check at the advanced options...09:20
dr_Willismoltendof would totally depend on the wireless chipset.09:20
moltendorfIt's Broadcom b43 series.09:20
dr_Willistheres a lot of varoity in broadcom b43's09:20
PEMbonjoyee i'll check that before giving up on the install ^^09:20
BaKeRPEM what exactly is your problem?09:20
dr_Willissome use the sta driver. some use the older B43 drivers.09:21
moltendorfI'll see if I can pull a model number from within Mac OS X.09:21
PEMwell just that hitting install does not work :)09:21
BaKeRok got cha09:21
PEMand errors are going way too fast to read them09:21
moltendorfhttp://support.apple.com/kb/sp505 that's mine.09:21
BaKeRPEM you need to set ext4 journals09:21
BaKeRsomething like that09:21
BaKeRseletct / that means root09:22
PEMBaKeR from the advanced options ?09:22
bonjoyeeBaKeR: thats not true.. PEM is just loading the live cd for the first time..09:22
moltendorfBut last time I checked, all it gave me was Broadcom B43xx Wireless Adapter.09:22
BaKeRnot shure  highlight the hard drive you want to install09:22
BaKeRclick change09:22
BaKeRi think09:22
PEMbonjoyee exactly09:22
BaKeRyou should see the options09:23
PEMcannot even reach the hdd selection menu :P09:23
bonjoyeePEM: a livecd should have nothing to do with your hdd or the file systems or the hdd partitions...09:23
BaKeRso when you put in the disc and boot is just shows code?09:24
PEMbaker, i get the first menu where you can try / install / check disk / memory etc09:24
PEMif i hit install,i get a loading screen, with the little squares09:24
PEMfor hours...09:24
moltendorfCard Type: AirPort Extreme (0x14E4, 0x90); Firmware Version: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (
robbiethe1stPEM hit try09:25
PEMif i press esc, i see the console throwing shitloads of errors at my face :P09:25
BaKeRmmm i would reburn or what not09:25
PEM"try" does not work either09:25
robbiethe1stAnd yes, try re-burning09:25
BaKeRwhat ubuntu are you using09:25
dr_Willisand the errors are what pem?09:25
PEMand i could install ubuntu on another machine with the same cd09:25
PEMdr_Willis cannot read them, it's going too fast09:26
robbiethe1stPEM: Perhaps the CD drive's going? Try swapping cd drives09:26
moltendorfIs that of any use? Google isn't spitting out anything helpful for me.09:26
bonjoyeePEM: first make sure you have the correct cd architecture 32bit or 64bit....else you could also try the alternate install cd...09:26
robbiethe1stI ran into that before09:26
PEMBaKeR desktop version, and server version does the same09:26
PEMi tried both 32 and 6409:26
dr_Willispem so they are repeating? ctrl-s/ctrl-q or the pause key may pause them09:26
PEMdr_Willis tried, but does not work09:26
van7huhi all,my game complains that the GPU is bad,could I change this to help me?09:26
BaKeRPEM robbie is corected about disc drive09:26
PEMdr_Willis only thing working is rebooting ^^09:26
robbiethe1stYea, yank that drive and put in a known-good CD drive09:27
PEMrobbiethe1st i tried that too :)09:27
BaKeRit doesnt read in my hp dvd writer/cd-writher combo but works in my dvd-rom drive09:27
robbiethe1stWhat's the specs of this PC?09:27
dr_Willispem i would make a bootalbe flash drive and use that instead of the cd09:27
bonjoyeePEM: ok...then try some advanced options in F6..09:28
robbiethe1stvan7hu: what's the error exactly, and also what card do you have/drivers?09:28
BaKeRdr wiillis i tried that but doesnt do nothing on boot up?09:28
PEMcode2duo E8600, 3Go DDR3 OCZ, Asus Striker 2 extreme, ssd ocz vertex 2, nvidia gtx 28009:28
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:29
robbiethe1stPEM: is this machine new? do you know the memory's good?09:29
PEMthat machine is 3 years old, but i ran memory tests sevral times09:29
PEMthe mem is fine09:29
PEMso is the ssd :)09:29
robbiethe1stTry checking the md5 hash of your cd, just in case09:30
BaKeRi think im using ssd09:30
PEMi have a windows running on the machine already09:30
viktor133has anybody else had problems with streaming from youtube lately?09:30
PEMrobbiethe1st downloaded from the official website though :p09:30
van7hurobbieth1st: no errors,I installed Pes2011 in ubuntu with wine(it works fine under windows),but in ubuntu,there's complains that "Mobile Intel(R) GM45 Express Chipset Family (PS3.0/VS3.0)" is bad,it causes game run slowly(enough to not want to play :)),could I change this thing?09:30
robbiethe1stPEM, so? It could still have gotten corrupt in download09:30
PEMrobbiethe1st true... but it installed correctly on another machine09:31
robbiethe1stvan7hu: If it's a desktop, yes. You'll have to -add- a card, that's an integrated one and yes, very low end09:31
robbiethe1stPEM, so? trry it anyway. Just in case09:31
PEMhardware regarding, the windows is running as expected,and tests tends to show that they are without any problems09:31
PEMrobbiethe1st ok ;)09:31
=== mirco__ is now known as mirco
van7hurobbieth1st: -add- a card ?09:32
van7huvideo card?09:32
lightpriest_is there a way to read SMART data from a USB connected disk?09:32
robbiethe1stvan7hu: Yes09:33
van7hurobbieth1st: that's what you mean?09:33
PEMthanks for the tips guys, i'll try that tonight ;)09:33
robbiethe1stvan7hu: The one you have now is built into the motherboard. you -aren't- removing it. ;)09:33
van7hurobbieth1st: how could I do that?09:33
robbiethe1stvan7hu: Buy one, plug it in?09:33
bonjoyeelightpriest_: sys>pref>disk utility?09:33
robbiethe1stvan7hu: Provided it's a desktop09:33
van7hurobbieth1st: hell09:33
van7hurobbieth1st: I think it could work well under windows09:34
robbiethe1stI doubt it; Intel09:34
bonjoyeelightpriest_: sorry....thats sys>admin>disk utility09:34
van7huif so,I think I could get it work under ubuntu09:34
van7hurobbieth1st: :)09:34
robbiethe1stIntel's got good drivers for Linux. Not quite as good as Windows, but pretty good. That card, on the other hand... Isn't.09:34
=== Gruenmuth is now known as Guest20200
robbiethe1stTry running "glxinfo", then look at the top - make sure "direct rendering: yes" is shown09:35
BaKeRso robbie when you power off you get text09:35
lightpriest_bonjoyee: hmm, i'm using this BlacX docking station to connect the disk drive, perhaps its controller is not passing the SMART data?09:36
robbiethe1stBaKeR: Yes, after X turns off, I see text for about 10 seconds or less09:36
robbiethe1stThen it powers off,09:36
van7hurobbieth1st: "yes" for direct rendering09:37
van7hunot sure you spoke to me09:37
BaKeRmmm its funny that the code uvesafb mode_option=1366x768-24 mtrr=3 scroll=ywrap09:38
BaKeRfixes it09:38
robbiethe1stvan7hu: Then you're using the drivers and getting good performance. That's about as good as you can do09:38
BaKeRbut messes up the size of the splash screen09:38
robbiethe1stvan7hu: You can always run glxgears to test the drivers09:39
nikolavpcan someone help me with this09:39
nikolavpwhich is finding a script in my path09:39
nikolavpbut when i want to start it, it tells me that i have to install another program :O09:39
robbiethe1stniko: So, go install it?09:39
nikolavpwell i have it in my path09:39
nikolavplook at the paste09:40
nikolavpit's in /home/nikolavp/bin/ack09:40
robbiethe1sthave you rebooted since?09:40
BaKeRrobbie when will 11 be out?09:40
nikolavpno but LOL09:40
van7hurobbieth1st: ok.I'll have to look at dual-boot09:40
nikolavpi reopened another bash session09:40
nikolavpand it can see it09:40
robbiethe1stI find that path changes like a reboot. Probably something that can be done without it, but it's easier09:40
nikolavpreboot is not appropriate this is a server machine -.-09:41
robbiethe1stBaKeR: How should I know? It's "out" already... But in nightly/alpha form09:41
robbiethe1stnikolavp: I don't know then. type the full path out?09:41
arand!natty | BaKeR09:41
ubottuBaKeR: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.09:41
nikolavpit works that way but lol09:42
nikolavpstrange bug09:42
BaKeRubottu thanks man09:42
trickhow do i grep through a directory looking for all files that end in *.rb and contain the line "it_behaves_like" ?09:42
tricki want it to return the name of the file matched and the line that matched09:42
BaKeRdo you know if its will be more stable09:42
viktor133anybody has had problems streaming from youtube with firefox lately?09:43
van7hutrick: "find",not sure about the question :)09:43
robbiethe1stBaKeR: Um, A, that's a bot, and B, Ubuntu 10.10 should be perfectly stable09:43
BaKeRhow can the bot tell what im talking about lol09:43
robbiethe1st[01:41:45] <arand> !natty | BaKeR09:44
trickvan7hu: i cant use grep?09:44
robbiethe1stThat's how.09:44
xorxorxorubuntu 11 coming out in april? man i just installed 10.10 two weeks ago09:44
nikolavptrick use ack09:44
trickniko: can you show me the exact line to achieve what i want?09:44
robbiethe1stxorxorxor: So? do a dist-upgrade when the time's right09:44
nikolavpwith this tool it's ack --ruby 'your line'09:44
robbiethe1stxorxorxor: No need to do a fresh install09:44
xorxorxoroh i didn't know that09:45
nikolavpbut it will also not search in svn and whatsoever09:45
xorxorxorrobbiethe1st: thanks. i'll look into it. via software update?09:45
BaKeRxorxroxor i just install yesterday i know what ya mean09:45
nikolavptrick, does that help ?09:45
tricknikolavp: if it doesnt ill return  here and rape your wife09:45
trickso it better work09:45
van7hutrick: http://kernelnewbies.org/KernelHackingTools,it should be what you want09:45
xorxorxorBakeR: welcome to ubuntu! after making some adjustment, you'll love it more than anything else09:46
elkytrick, what on earth? that attitude is not welcome here09:46
van7huin "navigation aid" section09:46
robbiethe1stxorxorxor: Yes.09:46
trickelky: lol im just "edgy" and cool09:46
alibitrick: you're a bit feisty too09:47
alibioh he left09:47
BaKeRfreedom of speach peoples09:47
elkyalibi, no he got removed. threatening people even as a "joke" isn't fair to anyone09:47
alibiwell he wasn't gutsy, that's for sure09:47
elkyalibi, you might want to use words that don't sound so heroic. threatening assault isn't heroic09:48
BaKeRi think that was a bit messed. cant anyone take a joke09:48
BaKeRthese days?09:48
elkyBaKeR, rape isn't a joke.09:48
BaKeRnether is you mother mer09:49
BaKeRmother f er09:49
elkyBaKeR, that language isn't welcome here.09:49
alibielky, be a little more hardy, dude.09:49
BaKeRpeople say that all day everyday09:49
alibi(elky: don't you get my horrible puns yet?)09:49
elkyalibi, i see them. they're not really original for this channel09:50
frybyehmm - so no time for ubuntu support today...?09:50
alibielky, well trick started it by calling himself edgy09:50
BaKeRwhats ubuntu?09:50
xorxorxorafrican word for happiness.. something like that09:51
Mkaysi!ubuntu | BaKeR09:51
ubottuBaKeR: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com09:51
Sonnexorxorxor, i think the official translation would be "humanity unto others"09:51
Sonnethat's what i remember at least09:51
BaKeRso how long does everyone here think windows will last?09:52
alibiwell, goodnight all you intrepid people09:52
alibiI have to leave because I can't think of any pun involving 'jaunty'09:52
elkyBaKeR, forever. have you any actual support queries?09:52
MkaysiBaKeR: /join #ubuntu-offtopic09:52
viktor133question about firefox, has anybody been having difficulty streaming lately from youtube?09:53
aeMaethi think i goofed up my iptables, any way to remove my changes?  i did a sudo iptables --list and there's nothing there09:54
BaKeRthe only thing i can think of thats good about windows it the amount of software you can install09:54
robbiethe1stBaKeR: Mainly the amount of -games-. Everything else... who cares?09:54
Mkaysi!ot | BaKeR09:54
ubottuBaKeR: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:54
BaKeRI dont care at all... but pesonly i think windows is going to fall09:55
=== Guest2292 is now known as DarkDevil
BaKeRwith in 5 or six years09:56
jiltdilHow to do like this: when i open my terminal it will show message that i want to see always on terminal opening!09:56
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest27100
BaKeRi dont understand jiltdi09:57
Morten_ you mean like motd?09:57
jiltdilBaKer : i want to say that when i open my terminal it will show some message say hello world.how to do this09:58
Legendariois that my impression or maverick doesn't have a low latency kernel on the repositories anymore?09:58
BaKeRyour teminal should show your login name exc09:58
Morten_jiltdil, motd is what you want09:59
Morten_jiltdil: http://www.marksanborn.net/linux/changing-the-motd-in-linux/09:59
omryI got an i7 q740, which supposed to reach 2.93ghz in turbo boost mode. running ubuntu 10.10 (2.6.25) and I see that its not getting beyond 1.73ghz when under cpu load. is there anything special I should do to make it get to the max ghz?10:00
BaKeRrobbie clearly you are a windows hater10:00
omryerr, 2.6.35 ofc10:02
PEMBaKeR i think windows still has a looot of happy days before it's death10:02
PEMi'm not OS fan, for me an OS is just a tool, not something to take pride in or antyhign ^^ so i try just to be objective :)10:04
PEMwindows is a good OS, and I cannot see any reason for it to die anytime soon :p10:04
BaKeROs is like a car with how a stick10:04
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:04
decahi all , may i ask ... i use an application at wine    that this application in windows use a com port to comunnicate to an external interface ,,, but in wine it does not working  any ideas ?10:04
PEMaaah the good old nux modos...10:05
nishantCOM naming is not used in Linux10:05
decai see10:05
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions10:06
BaKeRlol cant talk very bad typo10:06
BaKeRcracking up10:06
nishantI am not even close to expert but thats sommething I have read ...but not much clue lol10:06
Tm_TBaKeR: this channel is only for ubuntu support, for general chatter there's other channels10:06
BaKeRim gonna go10:07
BaKeRstick to Ubuntu toppic10:08
=== jonta_ is now known as jonta
jeniaWhen I right-click on desktop on mounted CD-Rom and Unmount it or anywhere in Nautilus on some video files and go to Properties, Nautilus crashes. I.e. desktop with icons and the background disappears and all Nautilus windows close. When I open some folder in Nautilus again, desktop with icons and the background reloads back. What can cause this? I think that some file is corrupt, but I...10:09
jenia...don't know which.10:09
decai use nistune a program to tune car ecu . the program run in windows and use com1 to communicate to an external connecting device that connects car ecu and pc com port 1 ,10:10
decabut in wine does not seems to work10:10
decaany idea ?10:11
DJonesdeca: That sounds like a pretty specialised app, you might get some more specialised answers in #winehq10:11
decai try and copy all system and system32 files from windows to wine wondows10:11
jeniadeca, maybe, you should try VirtualBox with some Windows installed.10:11
decaDJones  thank you10:12
decajenia i will try , thank you10:12
jeniadeca, it runs in Windows, but is it a Windows or DOS program?10:12
decait is q2`a windows program10:13
decait's a windows program jenia10:13
jeniadeca, nevermind then10:13
decaoh ok10:13
decathe mesg error that i get is that windows cannot find com port10:14
jeniadeca, do you get that message, when you run it in Wine?10:14
decai run the application ,,,,10:15
decait opens and start to run10:15
decaand after10:15
decawhen i hit10:15
decathe comunnication button10:15
decait does don connecting10:15
DOokamihello dear IRC teachers and friends :)10:15
decathe program run ok in wine10:15
decabut the problem is that it does not connecting to the ports with the external device10:16
jeniadeca, I'm sorry, I don't know how to help you there.10:16
decaits ok jenia10:16
DOokamii want the initial steps of running the first "hello world" C program ,, but via gedit .. or terminal .. i mean the traditional way ,, without a third-party environment10:16
decathank u10:16
jeniaWhen I right-click on desktop on mounted CD-Rom and Unmount it or anywhere in Nautilus on some video files and go to Properties, Nautilus crashes. I.e. desktop with icons and the background disappears and all Nautilus windows close. When I open some folder in Nautilus again, desktop with icons and the background reloads back. What can cause this?10:17
jeniaI think that some file is corrupt, but I don't know which.10:17
trickanyone know hwo to get the Veoh web player working in ubuntu?10:20
ankushDOokami, go to terminal and type gcc helloworld.c -o helloworld, this will compile your program. then run ./helloworld10:20
TumulteHi! I got a small problem : sometimes I just can't eject my cdrom. There's an empty folder in /media and I can't umount nor mount it... Any suggestiions?10:20
DOokamiankush: may i IM u plz ?10:21
jeniaTumulte, sometimes, when I have this problem, I either try the 'eject' command from the console or 'sudo umount' with parameters from the console10:22
=== kornel is now known as Ibowi
Tumultejenia: I tried to eject : eject: unable to eject, last error: Input/output error10:23
ankushDOokami, yup10:23
jeniaTumulte, have you tried sudo eject?10:23
Tumulteabout the sudo umount... I don't know which option I should use10:23
jeniaTumulte, read man umount, and you will know10:24
Tumulte"media/cdrom" is not mounted10:25
eaxxaeanyone know a good live cd for malware/virus/trojan/rootkit scanning ?10:27
jeniaTumulte, maybe you have some hardware failure, your drive or the port it's connected to is about to die.10:27
Legendariois that my impression or maverick doesn't have a low latency kernel on the repositories anymore?10:27
Tumultejenia: maybe10:28
Tumultereboot solves this10:28
TumulteI tried to found a better way*10:28
tim167hi, how do i install a full ubuntu (not just a 'live usb') from within ubuntu?10:30
jeniaTumulte, I don't know how to reinstall drivers, except for graphics card drivers and WiFi cards drivers yet, but maybe you should research on how to reinstall your CD-Rom drivers.10:30
codemagiciandoes anyone know why I can't open an application just by setting "export DISPLAY=othermachine:0"  I get the message "Error: cannot open display: othermachine:0"10:30
jeniaWhen I right-click on desktop on mounted CD-Rom and Unmount it or anywhere in Nautilus on some video files and go to Properties, Nautilus crashes. I.e. desktop with icons and the background disappears and all Nautilus windows close. When I open some folder in Nautilus again, desktop with icons and the background reloads back. What can cause this?10:32
Morten_Is there anything to do about the poor rendering of .png pictures in a .pdf file using Evince?10:33
decawith what command i can see something like a log file ... to what is connected ?10:34
* lemonhall SUSPEND_MODULES10:34
* lemonhall I have soloved the Internet connection problem10:35
* lemonhall thanks10:35
sahnideca, I didn't get your question.10:35
knightstalkerdeca,I just came here,but there are some log files in /var/log which you can use tail -f /var/log/LOGNAME to check them in real time,if you meant to see to which networks you are connected,iftop can be a way10:36
jeniadeca, maybe dmesg...10:36
decasahni . when i connect a device to a usb port ,,, does that create a log file with that action10:36
estesteNo internet connection.....no way to install build-essential... I need MAKE to install b43-fwcutter for my internet connection.. Oh my god why didn't this at least include make10:36
sahnideca, not a different log file, but yes it does adds an entry in the log file. you can find such messages in /var/log/messages10:37
sahnideca, run "tail -f /var/log/messages" and connect the device. You should see the corresponding messages10:37
jeniadeca, dmesg, displays kernel operations, or you can view that file in: /var/log/dmesg10:38
Pumpkin-esteste: do an apt-get --download-only somewhere with an internet connection, then sneakernet that over to the box you need to sort out.10:38
lemonhallesteste: lol, build make at first? just a joke~~10:38
Pumpkin-(and install the .debs with dpkg -i)10:38
trickanyone know hwo to get the Veoh web player working in ubuntu?10:40
jeniatrick, it even in Windows didn't work correctly for me. :)10:42
estestePumpkin- that's probably what i really needed was how to open .deb files... thanks it worked.. i found a b43-fwcutter .deb10:42
estesteAlso screw tinychat, no nickcolors and doesn't highlight my name by default10:42
jimcooncatI dislike epiphany-browser's icon because it has an arrow in it that looks like a mouse pointer. It's showing in my pager, which I keep next to another icon, and I end up clicking the wrong thing. I changed the icon under edit menus, but that doesn't change the icon showing in the pager or in alt-tab. Where do I go to change it?10:42
trickjenia: it works fine for me, now tell me how to get it workign in ubuntu pls10:42
PhilT_How to find ufw firewall app in Natty Alpha 3 (Unity) ?10:44
txbHi what s the meaning of "noatime recommend". The Google translater cant find the word noatime. Is this a valid english word?10:44
sipiortxb: "no access times"10:44
jeniatrick: can't, never tried to run it in linux, I just installed minitube, xVideoServiceThief and Miro in it.10:44
txbsipior, thanks10:44
Pulsehavent even tried10:45
jimcooncattxb -- atime means "access time" or last time a file was accessed. noatime means the filesystem doesn't keep track of when files were accessed.10:45
sipiortxb: have a look at the "mount" man page for further explanation.10:45
Pulseei txb10:45
Pulsethat means10:45
Pulset look both ways before he crosses the street with a handshake10:45
jeniatrick: I could only suggest VirtualBox with some windows installed, if it doesn't work in Wine.10:45
trickjenia: so you figured how to watch stream veoh movies in linux? can you tell me how?10:45
Pulsewith him on skype, windows live messenger, python, putty10:45
quinodeHi everybody, is there a known bug with the --chuid option of start-stop-daemon ? I try to launch pgAgent under postgres user, but its .pgpass file is never used by the script10:46
=== ericm_ is now known as ericm
trickjenia: so you figured how to watch stream veoh movies in linux? can you tell me how?10:47
=== Masshuu_ is now known as Masshuu
Sonnequinode, i'd give a go to #ubuntu-server if i was you10:48
=== administrator is now known as Guest14414
quinodethanks sonne10:48
newclimbi have a problem with my keyboard the arrows doesnt'work10:49
newclimbanyone can helpme10:49
Sonnenewclimb, they don't work on any program?10:50
Sonnequite strange, do you have a particular keyboard?10:50
newclimbits a notebook10:50
PhilT_do they work in the BIOS setup screen ?10:50
PhilT_Is Numlock selected ?10:51
jeniatrick: not really, except for the hard way for now, I just browse with proxy (squid) and monitor connections with squidview, and, when I see some big video file starts loading, I copy the url and use it in wget to download it.10:51
jimcooncatI dislike epiphany-browser's icon because it has an arrow in it that looks like a mouse pointer. It's showing in my pager, which I keep next to another icon, and I end up clicking the wrong thing. I changed the icon under edit menus, but that doesn't change the icon showing in the pager or in alt-tab. Where do I go to change it?10:51
Sonnejimcooncat, i don't think you have control over that icon, not by easy means at least10:52
trickjenia: ok, can u pls get nme the movie 'kiki's delivery service' and 'howl's moving castle' using that method and send to me? thanks10:52
newclimbpgup and down doesnt work too10:52
Sonnenewclimb, did you see PhilT_'s questions?10:53
newclimbthere is no numlock10:54
jeniatrick: I don't really have time for it now, just install squid and squidview and do it yourself or install veoh in VirtualBox or Wine.10:54
txbI found "noatime recommend" in a howto for DRBD. Is it really a good idea to use noatime to not update the inode access times when mounting a drbd-device?10:54
trickjenia: i only have 1 gig ram, can i install virtual box with that?10:54
trickjenia: im on a netbook10:55
airtonixi want to use synapse ( http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/synapse-gnome-do-launcher-app-review-ubuntu/ ) , but when i run it, X11 seems to die/exit/stop running and I am returned to the login screen.10:55
jeniatrick, WinXP can work with 128Mb (mimimum), although, I got it to work even with 64Mb of ram. Yes, Gig is enough.10:56
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jimcooncattxb: I can see why, as keep track of access times is a lot of overhead. But check if DRBD supports relatime, it will give you atimes with less overhead than the default.10:56
newclimbthere is some way to recovery the conf without lost somes documents10:56
newclimbany command line10:56
=== chris_ is now known as Guest56348
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest5700
jimcooncattxb, on the other hand, DRBD might not care at all, but doesn't like the latency of the kernel updating the atimes.10:57
OY1RHow can i map a USB soundcard -> http://pastie.org/1642596 to /dev/dspX in ubuntu 10.10 ?10:58
txbjimcooncat, thanks, I will test it first.10:58
jimcooncattxb, I'm not sure how practical atimes are, perhaps your situation doesn't need them. I dunno though.10:59
jeniaWhen I right-click on desktop on mounted CD-Rom and Unmount it or anywhere in Nautilus on some video files and go to Properties, Nautilus crashes. I.e. desktop with icons and the background disappears and all Nautilus windows close. When I open some folder in Nautilus again, desktop with icons and the background reloads back. What can cause this?10:59
PhilT_@newclimb NumLock not a Fn function ? Does kb arrows work in BIOS @ boot10:59
trickjenia: im trying to start virtual box but it's asking for windowsxp cdrom, what do i do11:00
newclimbim gonna restart to see11:00
jeniatrick: VirtualBox is a Program emulating a real computer, You have to insert some Windows CD/DVD to install it inside of it. Windows will think that it's running on a real computer.11:01
trickjenia: can i just get a windows xp iso or something from the internet?11:01
jeniatrick: I cannot advise you this, since it's a piracy, but you can use any win xp cd or iso11:02
newclimbdoesnt worked too11:03
[deXter]trick: Why are you trying to install Windows?11:03
trick[deXter]: oh hello dexter i didnt see you there. im trying to install windwos so i can watch videos on veoh11:04
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jenia[deXter], he is trying to use a video file downloader for veoh video site, and the downloader only exists in windows11:05
jeniatrick, did you try to run it with wine?11:05
[deXter]ah, well it should work in wine11:05
newclimbPhilT_, doesnt worked too11:06
[deXter]if you install the ffmpeg pack11:06
vingtrashi i want to do a minimal install of ubuntu (no desktop enviroment and very few apps) without internet and either create a new harddrive enryption or install onto my current encrypted harddrive. anyone knows if this is possible and how to do it?11:07
DJones!minimal | vingtras11:07
ubottuvingtras: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:07
DJonesvintHave a look at unottu'slink about the minimal install cd, that sounds like its what you need11:08
OY1RDownloadHelper plugin for firefox can download whatever i watch11:08
airtonixsynapse is causing indicator-application-service to segfault,11:08
DJonesvingtras: Have a look at unottu'slink about the minimal install cd, that sounds like its what you need11:08
vingtraswell, i've looked into minimal install, but i need an internet connection for that11:08
jeniaWhen I right-click on desktop on mounted CD-Rom and Unmount it or anywhere in Nautilus on some video files and go to Properties, Nautilus crashes. I.e. desktop with icons and the background disappears and all Nautilus windows close. When I open some folder in Nautilus again, desktop with icons and the background reloads back. What can cause this?11:12
PhilT_@newclimb - arrow keys don't work in BIOS = keyboard or electronics fault11:13
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botcityhi guy anyone know why i get " X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication. "  when i use sudo -i on a remote machine trying to start firefox with x forwarding thanks?11:15
eaxxaeyou're trying to run firefox as root, inside of a regular user x-session ?11:16
eaxxae'xhost -'11:16
nibbler_botcity, because the remote app can not connect to your xserver... man xhost11:16
eaxxae'xhost +'11:16
tim167is it possible to run ubuntu on an old computer with 64MB ram ?11:16
bazhangtim167, no11:16
eaxxaetim: you can run linux on a toaster11:16
botcitythanks guys i will look it up!!11:16
Fuchstim167: no, I would use something like puppy or dsl for that11:17
tim167ok thanks11:17
eaxxaehe can run ubuntu on that box.. why not?11:17
bazhang!requirements | tim16711:17
ubottutim167: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu11:17
eaxxaenot with kde or gnome11:17
Laurenceb_how do i connect to a bluetooth serial module under ubuntu?11:18
bazhangeaxxae, ubuntu means gnome.11:18
eaxxaebazhang: ubuntu is a set of packages that come with the linux kernel, nothing more11:18
eaxxaehe can run ubuntu with a different window manager, on a box with 64MB RAM11:19
eaxxaeblackbox, window maker, enlightenment 1611:19
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.11:19
nicofs_My computer can be connected to the internet via WLAN and ethernet... is there a way to "merge" those two connections to gain more speed?11:20
sipiornicofs_: yep, have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding11:21
eaxxaenicofs_:  it's called multiplexing, and yeah11:21
sipiornicofs_: but, i assume you mean that these are connections on different physcial networks?11:21
nicofs_sipior, yes11:21
RPMcMurphyhi all...need some help11:22
konevtsov_i listening!11:22
RPMcMurphyanyone who can help with a reinstall problem, please private message me11:23
eisensteinafter installing ubuntu 10.10 on windows xp, the windows boot loader has gone, and there is no windows entry in Ubuntu's boot menu. What do I do?11:23
eaxxaeRPM: ask in the chan.. this isn't private tech support11:24
RPMcMurphyi installed 9.04 on a satellite m70 with 1.5GB RAM11:24
RPMcMurphythen started to download 10.04, but it was interrupted11:25
tim167i want to try out a distribution (fluxbuntu) but i don't have a CDR drive, how can i install it ?11:25
RPMcMurphynow running 9.04, but many problems11:25
RPMcMurphyeverything crashes11:25
iceroot!usb | tim16711:25
ubottutim167: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:25
RPMcMurphyunable to download anything...says no room11:25
RPMcMurphywon't read the CD/DVD drive11:26
bazhangtim167, unetbootin to boot from usb, if your computer allows it, that is11:26
RPMcMurphyi have DBAN, used it to wipe before installing 9.04 from disc11:26
tim167bazhang: hmm that computer can't boot from usb...but i can try to install to an IDE disk and pop that in...11:26
RPMcMurphybut now it won't read the DBAN disc11:27
PhilT_@eisenstein you installed alongside windows or *in* windows ?11:27
eisensteinPhilT_, alongside windows11:27
eisensteinPhilT_, on a different partition11:28
nicofs_sipior, can you help me set up bonding - i'm somehow lost...11:29
PhilT_@eisenstein so it's a boot loader problem, what happens when you boot, where did you install boot loader11:29
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eisensteinPhilT_, hd0, I guess; it's my friend's machine, I'm not sure what he has done11:31
PhilT_https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows has Grub info need to add entry for Windows11:32
eisensteineisenstein, grub.cfg only has 3 Ubuntu entries and no windows11:32
X3lectricmy uploads to ppa get stuck at last kbyte on orig.tar.gz11:32
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PhilT_eisenstein http://www.linuxtopia.org/online_books/linux_beginner_books/unofficial_ubuntu_starter_guide/index_132.html beware if GRUB or GRUB211:33
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X3lectricfor e.g its just gets stuck at this 93622k/93623k11:34
eisensteinPhilT_, thank you11:34
RPMcMurphycan anyone help....?11:35
RPMcMurphyi just posted my problem11:35
botcityRPMcMurphy: i would get a 10.10ubuntu  live disk from somewhere and just use that as you can install, try , or adjust partitions all from cd11:35
RPMcMurphyit goes straight into 9.0411:35
RPMcMurphyi have 10.04 on disc, won't read it11:36
botcityRPMcMurphy: can you download another disk 10.04 or 10.10 ? make sure you checksum the iso..11:38
RPMcMurphyi can't download anything.....says the disc is full (it's not)11:39
RPMcMurphywon't let me change download locations in firefox11:40
nicofs_Can someone help me set up network bonding?11:40
moromethehy all11:46
porritosk pasa loko?11:50
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:50
PicapollaIllo cuanta peña aoo!!11:50
porritosillo k a mi me la suda el idioma k se able11:50
bazhangPicapolla, porritos #ubuntu-es11:50
Picapollaillo k locura!!11:51
phoenixsamprasthats not spanish11:51
phoenixsamprasitalian maybe11:51
Picapollaamos a la polla!!11:51
Picapollabay your mather fucker!!11:51
DJonesPicapolla: Please stop, thats not appropriate for this channel11:51
Picapollayo soy picapollaa!!!xD11:51
Picapollaplease go with your mother fucker11:52
BromaxSuxOneiric Ocelot11:53
BromaxSuxoh yeah11:53
alumnoadmin_ce faci?11:53
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!11:53
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TaoRichhi folks ... is there any special channel for GEDIT questions ?11:59
erUSULTaoRich: no that i know of; ask here11:59
vishTaoRich: on gimpnet, its #gedit11:59
TaoRich( I want to run 2 different configuration instances of GEDIT - different colours, different fonts - been searching but not finding much luck )12:00
vishnot on freenode12:00
sabyhey, how can i login into root ?12:00
rhadaI have install apache2 and folllowed this url https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/httpd.html I can get my domian running as http but have not found the way to get www to show?12:00
vishTaoRich: connect to irc.gimp.org12:00
TaoRichthanks vish & erUSUL12:01
ikoniasaby: you don't12:01
ikonia!sudo | saby12:01
ubottusaby: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo12:01
ikoniasaby: root's disabled12:01
TaoRichvish ... got that ... it's in my xchat preloaded list12:01
sabyi need root access without using sudo12:02
ikoniasaby: why ?12:02
sabyi am working on a project and i need root access for that12:02
vishTaoRich: as for your above question;you can create profiles with different colors12:02
ubottuUsing !sudo with single commands is preferable in most circumstances. However, if you really need a root shell, use « sudo -i » (other variants of this commands are redundant and/or potentially dangerous)12:02
ikoniasaby: ok, so if you investigate sudo you'll find there are flags that allow you to be root12:02
sabyok ikonia12:03
sabywill check that12:03
TaoRichvish: Been there, done that. When you swop a profile in one desktop, all instances change immediately. I need two "varietals" running side by side12:05
TaoRich: )12:05
vishTaoRich: ah!12:05
kaddiHi, I need some help with a CD problem I have: I have an external CD player, which works except for one particular CD I am trying to access.  If I dualboot into Windows the CD can be read from the same external CD player. What can I do to access this CD under linux?12:09
kaddiI did a  dmesg | grep -i cd | grep -i rom, the only lines appearing are:12:11
kaddi[319727.804566] scsi 10:0:0:0: CD-ROM            HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GP08NU6B  1.00 PQ: 0 ANSI: 012:11
kaddi[319728.047667] sr 10:0:0:0: Attached scsi CD-ROM sr012:11
erUSULkaddi: is a hybrid cd ? MacOSX - windows ?12:12
rhadaI have install apache2 and folllowed this url https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/httpd.html I can get my domian running as http but have not found the way to get www to show?12:12
AdvoWorkhow come, if i have a file from the 4th, this won't remove it: find /test/* -mtime +2 -exec rm {} \; ?12:12
kaddierUSUL: nope a self burned CD on windows and we have never had a Mac in the house12:12
bc81novas: we read you loud and clear12:14
kaddiwhat would be the command to maunally mount the CD? maybe that'll work12:15
jribAdvoWork: did you see the comments in « man find » -atime ?12:15
rethus i have a cardreader. but if i insert it, i can't copy data from my disk to the card. but i can read the card12:15
bc81!mount | kaddi12:15
ubottukaddi: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount12:15
rethusany idea what wrong here?12:15
erUSULkaddi: sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom/12:15
kaddik, thanks I wasn't sure about what format to specify12:16
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rethusmy usb-card-reader is mounted, but i cant write data only read12:16
kaddiwell it's safe to say something is off with that CD.. it's still trying to mount >.>12:16
novasMy iPod touch fails to mount.12:17
novasin ubuntu 10.1012:17
rethus always get Permission denied12:17
kaddik, i guess this is not gonna happen.. any recovery methods to mount the CD in fail safe or something?12:17
novasDoes anyone have any idea why my iPod touch won't mount? I've been googling all day. Maybe it's got something to do with the new iOS?12:19
novasIt's not recognized in iTunes, Rhythmbox or other software12:19
pylixit won't auto mount? or just won't mount at all?12:19
novasIt won't mount at all12:19
novasTroubleshooting ideas?12:20
pylixif you did the whole sudo fdisk -l12:20
pylixfound the correct drive12:21
pylixand then /mount i'm not sure why it's bugging out12:21
Guest6608hi guys!12:21
rethussomeone has an idea, where i can set this usb-write-permissions12:21
Guest6608i bought a new PC (finally): small config, i3 and 4 gb ram. integrated graphics. I saw gnome 3 is there and so is ubuntu 11.04.12:22
kaddirethus: you could remount the drive as read-write12:22
kaddiit is likely mounted as read-only12:22
Ranjanhello every body, can any body can tell me which version of ubuntu is more energy efficient Presently I am on Hp mini12:22
Guest6608question: i read ubuntu won t go gnome-shell but unity. > will it be possible to use gnome-shell in 11.04?12:23
rethuskaddi: thanks for your answer. i'd like to get it like before... automount12:23
rethusstill upgrade to 10.10 i can only read, not write to usb-stick12:23
ikoniaGuest6608: 11.04 is discussed in the channel #ubuntu+112:23
tonglehi, does anyone know how to work with gpt partitions? I want to create a boot partition on a usb key. Well, using gdisk I create first a 200K bios partition and then a linux data partition for /boot. Is that correct? Do I install grub in /dev/sdb then or in /dev/sdb1 or even 2?12:24
kaddirethus: then i'd suggest you check your fstab/mtab/othertab and see what the steup is there12:24
rethusin fstab i see no usb-settings12:24
Guest6608ikonia, thank you!12:24
rethusmtab tell me: /dev/sdb1 /media/usb0 vfat rw,noexec,nodev,sync,noatime,nodiratime 0 012:25
rethusso should be read and write12:25
kaddithen it's a permission issue, only root can write onto it12:25
Ranjanwhich Ubuntu variant is more energy efficient12:26
rethushow can i fix it12:26
rethusRanjan: xfce12:26
dcleanerhi everybody. as of this morning opera won't start on my 10.10 machine. tried reinstalling, removing flash and then reinstalling, checking whether i have permission on ~.opera. getting no error message, just won't start :-/12:26
rethusyou start on terminal?12:27
dcleanerrethus: shortcut or terminal12:28
dcleanerno luck either way12:28
kaddirethus: have a look at those two links, people discuss problems with their flash drive there and tehre are a couple of solutions offered12:28
Ranjanrethus: thanks for this info one more question can we hide any file or folder under it's file browser as I am dual booted my net book and an common shared data zone between xp and Linux buy in gnome we can hide those .. windows system files under nautilus .. is that too possible in xfce  if yes then how ?12:30
dcleanerterminal/main menu/docky. nothing happens. in terminal when i enter opera --help i get help info, so i know it's installed12:30
phoenixsamprasyeah, docky is very annoying... i want to move it a bit up12:32
dcleanerbtw. managed to run opera as sudo, but that is just not right12:32
rhadaI have install apache2 and folllowed this url https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/httpd.html I can get my domian running as http but have not found the way to get www to show?12:32
ikoniarhada: are you using ubuntu 6.06 ?12:32
banisterfiendhey guys, i got an .iso for windowsxp, how do i get virtualbox to use it to install windows? it;s just asking me for cdrom/floppy12:33
jribbanisterfiend: in the virtual machine's settings you can set the .iso to act as your cd-rom12:33
Guest6608guys, i d like to know. are you using compiz or mutter?12:33
ikoniaGuest6608: what does it matter ?12:33
jrib!polls | Guest660812:33
ubottuGuest6608: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.12:33
banisterfiendjrib: interesting thanks ill try12:34
Guest6608ok. sry :)12:34
rhadaikonia: no but the basic set up is the same on 10.0412:36
banisterfiendjrib: im having trouble finding the optino, can u help me?12:38
jribbanisterfiend: try #vbox.  I would have to open vbox to be anymore specific12:39
jribbanisterfiend: here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/virtualboxlucid12.png12:40
dj_ribaleHello. What soundcard with 5.1 sound work fine in ubuntu 10.10?12:42
CoNFuS3Dwell, I have a soundblaster, and that works awesomely12:44
agrbin\server irc.torrenthr.org12:45
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dj_ribaleCoNFuS3D: Ok.12:46
CoNFuS3DI didn't have to do anything to get it to work.. just installed into pci slot, turned on pc.. and it worked :D12:46
banisterfiendjrib: thing is the winxp iso is not a live cd, i just want to install from it, it seems the option you were taling about is more for livecds?12:47
thruxtonHi, I have an HP laptop that has windows partition, and a recovery partiton and i want to try ubunbtu, can ubuntu delete the recovery partition and resize the windows partition during the install or do i need to use gparted or such beforehand?12:47
jribbanisterfiend: no, the .iso acts as your cd-rom.  In particular, if your iso is the win xp install cd, it will boot from it and take you to the windows installer when you boot the virtual machine12:48
banisterfiendjrib: oh ok12:48
banisterfiendjrib: so do i set up a 'hard drive' etc and all that first, or just set it to the iso ?12:48
dj_ribaleCoNFuS3D: Can you tell what model it was.12:49
CoNFuS3Dxi-fi audio I think12:50
CoNFuS3Dbrb, I check12:50
CoNFuS3Dxi-fi xtreme audio12:51
jribbanisterfiend: you already set up a hard drive when you created the virtual machine.  Just set up the "CD/DVD Device" as your iso12:52
banisterfiendjrib: thanks12:52
bunjeeanyone out there know of some way I can recover my MSN email account that has been hacked into?12:52
jribbunjee: not an ubuntu question, contact msn12:52
dj_ribaleOk, Thank you. I'm about to buy soundcard from webstore and there's so meny different cards awaible. That helped me a lot.12:52
bunjeejrib - tried - they are of NO help at all!!12:52
banisterfiendjrib: ok, so i set the iso as the cdrom but how do i actually get to the point where i can install it?12:53
hytreembunjee, see my PM12:53
jribbanisterfiend: bootthe virtual machine12:53
bunjeehytreem -  do not know what PM is - please advise.12:54
kaolbrecbunjee: private message12:54
kaolbrecbunjee: appears like another irc channel, with the name of the person pm-ing you12:54
bunjeehytreem - gotta go to work now - will be on later.12:56
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DOokamihello guys :) ,, how do i view .rar files on ubuntu ?12:58
jrib!rar | DOokami12:58
ubottuDOokami: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free12:58
DOokamiso is it free or not ?12:58
jribDOokami: read the link please12:59
DOokamiok, thanks12:59
phoenixsamprasDOokami: apt-get install rar unrar13:00
ruanp7zip-full works too13:00
bc81question: how can i force ubuntu to always play all audio through the bluetooth headphones as soon as they are connected?  sometimes, like while playing a game if i turn on the headphones, the audio doesn't go to them until i stop the game13:00
banisterfiendjrib: thanks it's installing now13:01
ruanp7zip + 7z supports rar, 7z, zip, etc13:01
bc81it's frustrating, when i turn on the headphones, i want all the audio to go to them!13:01
bc81i shouldn't have to quit my game/music/movie, turn on the headphones, then restart the game/music/movie.  right?13:03
phoenixsamprasbc81: is the way ubuntu works13:03
bc81phoenixsampras: well, with corded headphones, all one has to do is plug them into the 1/4" stereo jack and all audio automatically goes to them.. why not the same for bluetooth headphones?13:04
ClaudiuTthe output for lshw -C disk for disk1 is "UNCLAIMED" (disk1 being a SCSI disk). Any hints on how can I mount that disk? (using Ubuntu Server)13:05
DOokamiphoenixsampras: that's what i'm talking about :D ,, ur the MAN ,, thank u ^^13:05
Janhousewhat is the easies way to install openssl-1.0.0 ?13:05
phoenixsamprasbc81: well bluetooth is very nasty, just get used to that way13:05
Janhouseon lucid13:05
config|sysin what exntension should i save text files?13:06
k_89How do i install python 3 on ubuntu (for learning nd all) without affecting the current python install(which is required to run the softwares made in python)13:06
config|sysafter i wrote file with gedit how I save it only name or  Iadd extension?13:06
ikoniak_89: you'd have to build a package that installed it to an isloated place, eg: your home directory13:08
k_89ikonia, thnx...13:08
config|syswhen I save file in gedit it dong give me option to add extension why?13:08
config|sysshould I name text files as example.txt or?13:09
icerootconfig|sys: file-extensions are unimportant for linux13:10
config|sysiceroot: thanks13:10
icerootconfig|sys: they are only important for you if you like txt at the end but there is no special funktion if a file ended with txt13:10
config|sysiceroot: thanks ok13:11
DOokamiehm ,, okay :) .. anyone know where i can find "HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, Fifth Edition" in pdf version ... coughfree..13:13
jribDOokami: do not ask these types of questions here please.13:14
DOokamijrib: .. uukay ..13:15
DOokamiso ,, how do i read .chm on ubuntu :)13:15
jribDOokami: you can use xchm or gnochm13:15
jribDOokami: except I apparently made up gnochm.  xchm does exist though.  Also search for "chm" in software center13:16
ruansearch ubuntu software center before asking for a program13:16
DOokamijrib: xD @made up ... nah man thanks ,, i already download xchm as u instructed .. thank you :)13:17
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v0lksmanwhere do you set the default app to use when a USB camera is installed?13:25
v0lksmangot it...nautilus prefs13:26
ruanhow do i change the KDE theme?13:27
franchoyhow do I fix broken package of icedtea6-plugin?.... :(13:29
tefnutraun,try to use qt-config-qt313:29
ruanfranchoy: reinstall it13:29
franchoyi cant...the synaptic send an error13:29
bth1202I bought a external hard disk this time.13:29
franchoyE: /var/cache/apt/archives/icedtea6-plugin_6b20-1.9.7-0ubuntu1_i386.deb: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 213:30
franchoythis is the error message13:30
bth1202Then, it support USB3.013:30
bth1202But it works only USB 2.0 on my ubuntu box.13:30
ruanbth1202: do you have a usb 3.0 port?13:31
bth1202it would be appreciated if you could let me know how to make it use usb 3.0.13:31
Abhijitbth1202, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133985513:31
Abhijitbth1202, http://askubuntu.com/questions/12139/does-ubuntu-support-usb-3-013:31
rcmaehlHow does ubuntu handle NetBIOS connections, if it does handle them at all?13:32
ruannot sure, but i see some entries in ubuntu software center with netbios.13:33
Pumpkin-samba obviously implements large chinks of NetBIOS (over IP)13:36
Pumpkin-chunks even13:36
Dr_Willischicks. :) hot samba chicks! :P13:37
rcmaehlDr_Willis: Why you be using windows shares?13:37
Dr_Willisrcmaehl:  i use windows shares to let the wifes media players find her 'Little House On the Prarrie' videos...13:37
Dr_Willisbeen experimenting with upnp servers like ushare lately.13:38
rcmaehlDr_Willis: wifes?13:38
rcmaehlas in more than one?13:38
franchoywhen I ran icedtea6 plugin in synaptic manager it said that I have broken dependencies... how do I fix it/13:39
jeniaWhen I right-click on desktop on mounted CD-Rom and Unmount it or anywhere in Nautilus on some video files and go to Properties, Nautilus crashes. I.e. desktop with icons and the background disappears and all Nautilus windows close. When I open some folder in Nautilus again, desktop with icons and the background reloads back. What can cause this?13:39
sionin what release did ubuntu start using grub-pc?13:39
jeniaI think that some file is corrupt, but I don't know which.13:39
Dr_Willission:  9.04 i think had it optional.13:39
rcmaehlsion: i think the same release they switched to grub213:39
Dr_Willisgrub-pc is the pacakge name for grub2 I thought.13:40
bth1202According to your information, I've checked it out then it says that Ubuntu 11.04 support usb3.0 perfectly.13:40
Dr_Willisbth1202:  thats good to hear. I got a usb3 HD. and a usb3 pcie card for it the other day. :) not installed it yet.13:40
bth1202Then do I have change my box from 10.10 to 11.04?13:40
Dr_Willisbth1202:  ive heard that 10.4 should support usb3  - but ive not tried it yet.13:41
bth120210.10 or 11.04?13:41
Dr_Willisbth1202:  the 10.X series.13:42
Dr_Willisbut as i said. it may depend on your chipset for the usb3 stuff.13:42
sionDr_Willis, you're right about the names. does that mean that in 9.10 grub2 was the default?13:42
Dr_Willission:  I think it was the default on new installs.. but not on upgrades.13:42
bth1202Oh! really?13:42
Alphanautquick question.  just installed 10.10, have 2 monitors, one laptop and one external.  i cant seem to get any wallpaper to show when i connect by vnc, even though in the vnc config the "hide wallpaper" checkmark is unticked13:43
Dr_Willisbth1202:  i was asking about usb3 in here the other day.. I think that was the answer i got. 'it should work if your chipset is supported'  but Ive not tried it.. yet.13:43
sionDr_Willis, well I'm writing about it, do you think it's OK to say that grub2 has been the default bootloader since 9.10?13:43
bth1202Then I have to reboot this box to see if it can be alright.13:43
Dr_Willission:  i imagine the grub2 wiki page/docs tell you when. worse that can happen is comeone corrects you.13:44
Dr_Willis'grub2 has been the default for the last few ubuntu releases'  :)13:44
madc|SPYnXhow decode mss2 codec in ubuntu?13:44
bth1202Thanks a lot. Then chipset, too. Actually, I'm worried about it because my box is a little older one.13:44
bth1202Thanks a lot anyway,13:45
sionI wouldn't say 'last few releases' in case it gets read a few years from now, thanks for the help!13:45
Dr_Willisive only recently seen usb3 hard drives or usb3 expansion cards. :)13:45
madc|SPYnXhow decode mss2 codec in ubuntu?13:45
Dr_Williscant get the expansion card in the one pc i want.. because its out of power conectors. need one for the card.13:45
madc|SPYnXhow decode mss2 codec in ubuntu?13:45
Dr_Willismadc|SPYnX:  try playing it in vlc or mplayer yet?13:45
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:46
Roasted_Does anybody know how I can set up an auto-link on an Ubuntu desktop to a Windows file server on the domain? I have Ubuntu on the Windows domain but I'm trying to figure out how domain users can get a link to their server folder when they log in to an Ubuntu system.13:46
Dr_WillisI cant recall ever seeing a file using mss2 codec..13:46
jeniaWhen I right-click on desktop on mounted CD-Rom and Unmount it or anywhere in Nautilus on some video files and go to Properties, Nautilus crashes. I.e. desktop with icons and the background disappears and all Nautilus windows close. When I open some folder in Nautilus again, desktop with icons and the background reloads back. What can cause this?13:46
jeniaI think that some file is corrupt, but I don't know which.13:46
madc|SPYnXI've already try to run but does not respond13:46
madc|SPYnXapt-get install mplayer???13:47
Dr_Willis!info gmplayer13:47
ubottuPackage gmplayer does not exist in maverick13:47
Dr_Willis!info gnome-mplayer13:47
ubottugnome-mplayer (source: gnome-mplayer): A GTK+ interface for MPlayer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 362 kB, installed size 1556 kB13:47
Dr_Willismadc|SPYnX:  mplayer can make use of the w32codecs also. i tend to use vlc for my video playing needs.13:47
sionmadc|SPYnX, install mplayer and the good, bad, ugly & ugly (multiverse)13:48
madc|SPYnXok i'll try it13:48
madc|SPYnXhow? @sion13:48
sionDr_Willis, madc|SPYnX don't know if it's old but VLC forum says it doesn't support mss213:48
sionmadc|SPYnX, open a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and type sudo apt-get install mplayer13:48
Dr_Willission:  proberly some special codec used by ms for copy protection then that they cant support because its undocumented.13:48
madc|SPYnXhow about the bad ugly and good13:49
sionDr_Willis, seems so, it seems to have a lot to do with DRM13:49
Dr_Willission:  sounds like a reson to 'just say no' :)13:49
=== toto is now known as Guest66271
bc81how do i find the MAC address of my bluetooth stereo headphones?  running 'hcitool scan' is no help (it scans for a few seconds, then stops.  but the headphones work fine :/13:49
Guest66271guys, i am using 10.04 LTS13:50
Guest66271i d like to install gnome-shell and I read i should do13:50
Guest66271sudo apt-get install gnome-shell     gnome-shell –replace13:50
Dr_Willis!info gnome-shell13:50
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.31.5-2ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 580 kB, installed size 2388 kB13:50
Guest66271this is for 10.10; does that work in 10.04 LTS?13:50
=== IdleOne is now known as OneiricOne
Roasted_Does anybody know how I can set up an auto-link on an Ubuntu desktop to a Windows file server on the domain? I have Ubuntu on the Windows domain but I'm trying to figure out how domain users can get a link to their server folder when they log in to an Ubuntu system.13:50
Dr_WillisGuest66271:  any gnome shell in the 10.04 repos.. may be Quite old..13:50
sionmadc|SPYnX, do you mind if i send you the names of the plugins in a private message? there are quite a lot13:51
Dr_WillisGuest66271:   gnome-shell --replace should work in any release..13:51
=== OneiricOne is now known as IdleOne
Guest66271Dr_Willis, so how to go from 10.04 LTS to 10.10?13:51
Dr_WillisGuest66271:   You want to upgrade your system? thats doable.13:51
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade13:51
Dr_WillisGuest66271:  you may want to just wait for 11.04 to come out.13:52
bc81nevermind, i got it.  the command needs to be run when in pairing mode13:52
LicuadoraHello. I forgot my BIOS password and now I am trying to recover it by installing the BIOS again following a tutorial on the net, they say I need a usb stick formated in FAT, and put the .fd file in the root of the usb stick ( how do you store something in a root??)  then conect it to the AA1 ( do not know what that is, but since it is a USB stick, I'll stick it to the USB port...) Any way, is this the right way to do a recovery? I do not want to mess13:52
Licuadoramy netbook13:52
LjLLicuadora: isn't it easier to remove the CMOS battery?13:53
Dr_WillisLicuadora:  'root' is the highest level of the drive...  ie: d:  not d:/somedir/13:53
sionmadc|SPYnX, got it?13:53
DJonesLicuadora: I would guess that the AA! refers to an "Acer Aspire One"13:53
Guest66271Dr_Willis, don t get why i should wait: i want to try gnome 3 not unity. and this computer won t suit the 11.04 anyway...13:53
madc|SPYnXtnx sion13:53
sionmadc|SPYnX, you're welcome13:53
Guest66271won t it be easier to go from 10.10 to 11.04 than 10.04 LTS to 11.04?13:54
Dr_WillisGuest66271:  i would suggest some updated live cd that comes with gnome-3, for a good 'test' of gnome313:54
Dr_WillisJust running gnome-shell --replace, will proberly give you a mixed gnome+gnomeshell desktop13:54
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »13:54
Guest66271Dr_Willis, ok. But this machine, from a liveCD, and my experience on liveCDs is that everything is SO slow...13:54
Dr_WillisIs gnome-shell even in a usealbe state right now? ive not heard much about it in some time.13:54
Dr_WillisGuest66271:  its a 'test' so what if it s a little slow..13:55
sionI thought Gnome 3.0 was only coming out next month?13:55
Dr_WillisGuest66271: install it to a flash drive for some speed boots. or set up grub2 to boot the iso file. :)13:55
sionI think that's when the release party is anyway13:55
=== sion is now known as sinisterstuf
Dr_Willission:  with all the names/changes/stuff.. i havent been paying attention. :)13:55
Guest66271Dr_Willis, ok. sion, it s for April, 11th. Right. But can  t wait. I ll still try to upgrade to 10.10 then teste the repos13:56
Dr_WillisI havent seen much in any of the new 'desktops' that will make my work-flow any better.13:56
t0bis`Hi, someone with some knowledge on installing patched .deb ?13:56
=== lol is now known as Guest22536
sinisterstufDr_Willis, from what i've been reading about gnome3.0 it aims to improve your workflow a lot13:56
Dr_Willissinisterstuf:  if your work flow is the same as they designed it for I guess. :)13:57
* Dr_Willis wonders if 'work flow' is a new buzz word..13:57
sipiorDr_Willis: an old one :-)13:57
sinisterstufDr_Willis, well they tested it on different people. some big differences are that there are no more minimise and maximise buttons, only close13:57
sinisterstufand no more gnome panels either13:58
Dr_Willissinisterstuf:  that change totally breaks my work flow.13:58
sinisterstufuses workspaces instead13:58
sinisterstufDr_Willis, do you ever minimise things?13:58
=== Guest75652 is now known as DarkDevil
Dr_Willisi fullscreen  everything normally.. so  the panels/workspaces dont really matter.13:58
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest97453
Dr_Willismy pannel works same as a workspace.13:59
sinisterstufDr_Willis, anyway, they removed the buttons, not the functionality, you'll still be able to fullscreen things13:59
LicuadoraDr_Willis, So, should I create a new directory (folder) in the USB stick so the Bios thinks is a root?13:59
sinisterstufjust you won't press maximise, you'll drag the windows to the top of the screen13:59
Dr_WillisIm reminded of the still nice featureset of good ole 'windowmaker'13:59
Dr_Willissinisterstuf:  i hate the drag to side maxamizes/whatever stuff.. always doing it by accident13:59
karlo94I was the windows user and on windows it is not normal if I have such many processes like on ubuntu, is it normal for linux?13:59
sinisterstufDr_Willis, i think i'm to new to know windowmaker14:00
Dr_WillisMany of these old window maangers still ahve some VERY nice features I miss.14:00
sinisterstufkarlo94, i have 169 processes, 1 of which is running (according to conky) what about you?14:00
Dr_WillisVertical 'dock/launcher' = the windowmaker warf. Now redone in unity. :)14:00
Guest66271another one: any kernel > 2.6.31 is not able to boot: screen gets black and nothing happens...14:01
sinisterstufDr_Willis, I achieved a 'similar' effect with docky in panel-mode aligned to the left14:01
t0bis`Someone with some knowledge on installing patched .deb ? ( make && makefile )14:01
karlo94sinisterstuf, how I can view it without conky?14:01
Guest66271so in my updates, it s a bit hard cause i can t use newer kernels and i stick to my old kernel boot14:01
Guest66271Dr_Willis, i m upgrading :)   had to do it. wifi doesn t work anyway in any kernel now...14:02
sinisterstufkarlo94, how about the command: pstree14:02
sinisterstuft0bis`, what are you trying to do?14:02
Guest66271Dr_Willis, it s all about old inprocomm chipset from windows drivers (ndiswrapper)14:03
sinisterstufDr_Willis, I think I have used window maker, except it didn't look nearly as fancy as it does in the gallery on their website14:03
karlo94sinisterstuf, it doesn't print out how many processes are there :/14:03
Submarinehi there14:03
SubmarineDoes Ubuntu 10.10 use /dev/udev rules for USB devices?14:04
SubmarineOr some other scheme?14:04
Dr_Willissinisterstuf:  its not fancy at all. its clean and tidy.  it can even run on  low # of color screens nicely heh.14:04
bc81phoenixsampras: just a heads up...found a nice workaround for my bluetooth headset issue from an hour ago (in case you're interested) http://askubuntu.com/questions/8409/autoconnecting-bluetooth-devices14:05
Dr_WillisI get confuse is hal now replaced by udev.. or was it the other way around?14:05
Dr_Willisor is there a new name to rember?14:05
=== insub is now known as d_e_r_p
sinisterstufkarlo94, it might not be accurate but you can count the numbe of lines output by pstree by typing: pstree | wc -l14:06
=== kornel is now known as Ibowi
=== Ibowi is now known as register
sinisterstufDr_Willis, i think hal was probably replaced by something else (probably udev) not the other way around14:07
=== register is now known as Ibowi
phoenixsamprasbc81: thank you14:07
karlo94sinisterstuf, 88 processes14:07
sinisterstufkarlo94, that's not so much is it? how many do you estimate you had running in windows?14:08
bc81phoenixsampras: sure thing.  i think it's quite a clever script.  too bad this behavior isn't already built in to ubuntu14:08
natrixnatrix89hi guys. I'm trying to copy 170 gb data to an external usb hdd. Now that i've reached 45 gb the copy speed has decreased by two thirds. so it's now three times slower. Why is that so?14:08
sinisterstufkarlo94, btw I can really recommend you install conky, it's very cool14:09
karlo94sinisterstuf, something like 3514:09
karlo94sinisterstuf, I know but my computer is to slow, I tryed it, but it doesn't work :/14:09
sinisterstufkarlo94, I suppose linux just splits things into smaller tasks14:09
sinisterstufkarlo94, do you have enough swap space?14:09
t0bis`sinisterstuf I want to install a patched wine14:09
d_e_r_pwine sucks.14:10
dejan_I just installed ubuntu do I have build in ansi c compiler?14:10
sinisterstuft0bis`, and you have the deb? can you not just: gdebi packagename.deb14:10
t0bis`it's not a deb14:10
karlo94sinisterstuf, how do I can look swap space? xD14:10
d_e_r_pdejan_: sudo apt-get install build-essential14:10
dejan_gcc is build in?14:11
t0bis`i have followed this tutorial : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4438288&postcount=314:11
sinisterstufdejan_, the GNU C Compiler comes bundled with Ubuntu14:11
d_e_r_pdejan_: do the command o14:11
dejan_gcc is included in ubuntu?14:11
natrixnatrix89So no one can tell me why copy speed decreases while copying large files?14:11
d_e_r_padd sudo apt-get install build-essential too14:11
sinisterstufkarlo94, there should be a partition on your harddrive used for swap space, the size of the partition is how much swap space you have14:12
sinisterstuft0bis`, in that tutorial the first block of code is to create a deb file and the second part is to uninstall wine, after that you just double-click the deb file you made in step 114:13
Dr_Willisgcc is not installed by default. but its in the repos..14:13
karlo94sinisterstuf, hmm, I do not know :/ ..I have just one partition14:13
Dr_Williskarlo94:  try the 'free' command.14:14
Alphanautanyone know where vino saves config info?14:14
sinisterstufDr_Willis, thanks, didn't know that command14:14
t0bis`sinisterstuf the point is i don't find a .deb in the new folder, only the usual files with wine make and makefile14:14
karlo94Dr_Willis, total swap:169062014:14
[segfault]Alphanaut: .vino if I remember correctly14:15
Dr_Williskarlo94:  there ya go..14:15
Dr_Williskarlo94:  free -m = shows it in mb.14:15
jeniawhat log do I need to look into to see errors if some program crashed, so I can see why it crashed?14:15
sinisterstuft0bis`, you should have received some kind of error during the 'make' or at some other point, but most likely there14:16
karlat0bis`, from what I understand you've built a custom/patched wine and you want to install it via the .deb mechanism??14:16
karlo94Dr_Willis, 1650 mb ..thats good? :D and tnx14:16
t0bis`yes karla14:16
Dr_Williskarlo94:  thats what you got.. what you need.. depends on what you are doing14:16
karlo94hahah karla from where are you? xD14:16
karlakarlo94, US, lol14:17
karlo94karla, croatia (in europe)14:17
karlakarlo94, i know :)) (the europe part)14:18
asdofindiathere're several bots in IRC with features (like lookin up dictionary, wikipedia, etc)... is there a similar bot (not related to IRC) running in terminal or so (which i can use alone) ??14:18
jeniawhat log do I need to look into to see errors if some program crashed, so I can see why it crashed?14:18
karlo94karla, many people do not know that croatia exists.. xD14:18
d_e_r_pasdofindia: eggdrop lol14:18
LjLasdofindia: i don't know, but you could always run a local irc server i guess14:19
sinisterstufasdofindia, you could probably install things to emacs or vim to make them do that for you, but I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to achieve14:19
asdofindiai just don't want to run firefox for every dictionary query14:19
sinisterstufkarlo94, weird, but I would have guessed you're Croatian14:19
karlakarlo94, what you want to do is install wine using DESTDIR= and then create a control file and build a .deb using dpkg-deb14:19
ledbettjasdofindia: you can use the 'dict' command from the console to look up definitions14:19
sinisterstufasdofindia, then why not use the Dictionary program?14:19
=== JonathanS is now known as JonathanD
Jeruvyjenia: you can check in /var/log/messages or see if your program logs to any of them.  YOu can also access the logs via System Admin Log Viewer14:19
asdofindiasinisterstuf, but wikipedia too14:20
asdofindiaya, dict command's nice14:20
asdofindiai ws just askin if there was a bot14:20
asdofindia(whom i could call a slave)14:20
asdofindia(it'd be a fantastic starting point for AI softwares)14:21
sinisterstufasdofindia, you could read the source code for dict, see how it works, and write something similar for wikipedia14:21
asdofindiaya i cud14:21
asdofindiabut if someone has already done it14:22
asdofindiait'd be a waste14:22
asdofindianobody has, i guess14:22
ledbettjif you install libwww-wikipedia-perl you get a 'wikipedia' script that can do what you want14:22
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
LjLasdofindia: i'd look at wolfram alpha as well, since it integrates a dictionary as well as several other "AI" things. haven't found a client so far though.14:23
sinisterstufasdofindia, at the terminal type: dig +short txt <keyword>.wp.dg.cx14:23
shcherbakasdofindia: there is envbot and supybot14:23
sinisterstufasdofindia, replace <keyword> with what you want to search wikipedia for14:23
TimrHiya. I'm having trouble with a radeon HD 4670 graphics14:23
Morten_Is there anything to do about the poor rendering of .png pictures in a .pdf file using Evince?14:23
sinisterstufasdofindia, that's what you were trying to do, right?14:24
SomelauwHi, can I combine awesome with some graphical effects like compiz?14:24
sinisterstufwhoever mentioned wolfram, google pwns it14:24
coz_Morten_,  not sure ... but it doesnt seem to be poor rendering on this end14:24
LjLsinisterstuf: obviously no it doesn't, as they're totally different things14:24
t0bis`I need some glasses... I've just found the .deb right upstair, sorry for disturbing and thx sinisterstuf and karla ;)14:24
TimrWith the radeon driver the screen gets garbled after the login. I installed the fglrx from ubuntu package manager and with the fglrx I get a picture. But the 3d acceleration and open gl apps don't work14:24
Morten_coz_, which version do you have?14:24
coz_Morten_,  are they your images or ones that cam with the pdf14:24
JeruvyMorten_: have you looked to see if its a bug?14:24
asdofindiasinisterstuff, yeah, sth laddat... i'll alias it14:24
coz_Morten_, 2.30.314:25
Morten_coz_, they are my images, and they look fine in okular.14:25
juxtawhat advantages does amavisd offer over running spamassassin by itself?14:25
karlat0bis`, it's14:25
Morten_Jeruvy, a bug? - its like that for all my .png's14:25
TimrAti download link for the latest Linux driver doesn't work..any ideas on what I could try to do to get this to work14:25
karlat0bis`, ok14:25
sinisterstuft0bis`, you're welcome14:25
coz_Morten_,  ah  mm  what resolution did you save them as  and how did you create the pdf?14:25
JeruvyMorten_: I asked, if you checked...14:25
Morten_coz_, ah ok, perhaps I should update.14:25
Morten_Jeruvy, how do I check for that?14:25
Alphanauthow do i get wallpaper to show on my external monitor instead of the laptop monitor which i have disabled?  even though i've selected a wallpaper the external monitor just shows a black background14:26
Jeruvylaunchpad.net, and search there.  That is the official bug tracker.14:26
SomelauwAlsoAlso, when I enable to much visual effects, my graphical card crashes completely.14:26
SomelauwIs there any computer that is known to deal very well with graphical stuff like compiz.14:26
trickhey guys i just installed windowsxp on virtualbox VM, how do i get the internet working in the vm?14:26
trickso i can surf the net from windows14:27
coz_Somelauw,  compiz is most reliant on the video card14:27
coz_Somelauw, of course a higher en CPU and memory cant hurt14:27
sinisterstuftrick, I think you can connect it to your ubuntu computer, and get internet from tehre14:27
Somelauwtrick, you should probably install some drivers from your manufacturer.14:27
Morten_coz_, hmm, they are 796*57214:27
SomelauwI have an Nvidia graphics card.14:27
t0bis`trick, verify your type of the connection between your virtual network card and the physical one14:28
Alphanauti wonder if my question is too pedestrian for you guys14:28
Morten_Jeruvy, ok, thanks, I will look.14:28
coz_Morten_,  what about DPI14:28
jeniaJeruvy: ok, thanx, I will check it now, I have Nautilus crashing when I rightclick on some video files and go to properties or CD-Rom and try to unmount it, but not every time.14:28
coz_Morten_,  generall I use inkscape to create pdf files and set DPI either at 300 dpi  or 600dpi14:28
coz_Morten_,  this way regardless of printed size both images and text should be near flawless14:29
Morten_coz_, I don't know the DPI, I get the images from the program, root.. Is there a way to check it?14:29
Morten_coz_, well, it looks fine when I print it.14:29
coz_Morten_,  oh ok  let me check on testing dpi hold on14:30
Morten_coz_, and in other pdf-viewers14:30
bob__Somelauw: have you searched for drivers?14:30
haythemhow to configure polipo to go through an auto-config proxy (proxy.pac) ?14:30
GyndawyrI tried to install ubuntu on a K9MM-V motherboard, installed alongside windows, when it finished and needed to restart... clicked restart and it hung on this big purple screen14:31
=== richard is now known as Guest48157
Gyndawyrwhen I restarted it with the power button, it just booted to windows and I'm trying the install again14:31
=== Guest48157 is now known as richardfullmer
Gyndawyrwhat's up with it? :P14:31
coz_Morten_,  interesting that evince is doing this... although I find okluar nice but a bit much for my needs14:31
coz_Gyndawyr,  are you sure your cdrom is set in bios to boot first?14:32
coz_be right back...nature call14:32
Morten_coz_, yeah, it very strange and kinda irritating. Okular is too bloated somehow, and I like evince.14:32
Gyndawyrdoes it have to boot from CD after the restart?14:32
SomelauwSorry, for some reason my computer crashed (probably some graphical effects)14:33
Gyndawyrthat might have been the problem. Though, it's hung before when I tried the "live CD" option in exactly the same way14:33
JeruvyGyndawyr: what was the exact same way?14:33
Gyndawyrit had the same problem but on the live CD14:34
Gyndawyrfroze up on a big purple screen14:34
IdleOneGyndawyr: When installation is complete it asks you to reboot the machine, it also tells you to remove the CD and hit enter. So, no it does not need the CD to reboot.14:34
SomelauwI believe coz_ was saying that I need more cpu and memory.14:37
SomelauwI really like graphical effects, but my ubuntu hangs a lot when enabling them.14:37
SomelauwMaybe I can enable graphical effects if I disable my de or something?14:37
edbianSomelauw, What are the specs of your system?14:38
SomelauwWhat is the command to see specs?14:38
karlaSomelauw, not all hardware is made equal, select the effects which don't have a severe penalty on you particular system's performance14:38
IdleOneSomelauw: without a DE you have no use for desktop effects14:38
karla!lshw | Somelauw14:38
TimrAnybody have a link to the 11.2 catalyst driver for ati cards.. Because the official link on atis website doesn't work14:38
Gyndawyrit just worked off the live cd somehow14:38
fckingwickedis there a command to hide all panels14:38
karlaSomelauw, ugh, just lshw14:38
coz_Somelauw,  well  which card is in the system now,,, in terminal       lspci | grep -i vga14:39
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vingtrashi. is there any way to install ubuntu using the alternate cd without internet connection?14:40
=== yp is now known as Guest48340
llutz_vingtras: alternate install won't need inet-connection14:41
NotTooDumb3hi all does ubuntu has omapfb for beagle board?14:41
DJonesvingtras: Yes, the alternate cd will install a full version of ubuntu, it just uses a text based installer instead of the graphical one of the livecd14:41
Guest48340why guest14:42
Guest48340why why14:42
alabdGood day all , i-humble have done this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10100007&postcount=6 ...but result is > http://pastebin.com/S4zXJYrx , how to solve it ?14:42
stanman246hi i'm trying to install 10.10 64b desktop on my 8100, but after the boot from the cd the system freezes. md5sum is correct, could anyone help me?14:42
Somelauw01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G96M [Quadro FX 770M] (rev a1)14:42
vingtrasllutz_: when running the install it asks me for my internet connection14:42
Abhijitstanman246, can you boot into live cd?14:42
SomelauwOr do you really want to see all the specs?14:42
llutz_vingtras: just say no14:42
vingtrasbut then i cant finish the install14:43
llutz_vingtras: we're talking about alternate not the minimal-cd?14:43
NotTooDumb3hi all does ubuntu has omapfb for beagle board?14:43
SomelauwWindows works most of the time, but ubuntu feels a little crashy on this computer.14:43
Abhijitstanman246, ohh ok no idea then14:44
coz_Somelauw,  that video card should be more than adequate to run compiz14:44
coz_Somelauw,  oh mm hold on let me check something14:44
stanman246Abhijit, should i try the alternate cd? I can move my mouse around and the panels load after that the system freezes14:44
SomelauwSince my computer already crashed 2 times in 15 minutes when enabling visual effects.14:45
stanman246it's an i-5 660 machine14:45
coz_Somelauw,  did you install t he nvidia driver for that?14:45
Abhijitstanman246, i reallyu dont have any idea what to do if cd doont boot. i was actually thinking to confirm that you have 64 bit cpu and to do that we need to boot into live cd . thats why i aksed yo what question14:45
AkumaStreakAnyone who thinks they might have a job lead for a remote C/C++/Objective-C developer, please message me for resume/portfolio... thanks :-]14:46
ikoniaAkumaStreak: please don't advertise in here14:46
coz_Somelauw,  ok open a terminal   type    compiz --replace ccp &  and if any errors paste the entire readout on   http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:46
Somelauwversion 17314:46
stanman246Abhijit, i see... it's a 64bits cpu allright14:46
Abhijitcoz_, my that day problem of flash player solved. we find the packecd installed by doing some dpkg -l | grep flash then then we removed it. and problem solved. one guy from another channel. help me. thanks to  your time too!!! :-)14:46
Somelauwi will try14:46
Abhijitstanman246, hmm14:46
Somelauwwhat is that line of code supposed to do?14:47
coz_Abhijit,  ah I thought t here were leftovers :)   very cool14:47
Abhijitcoz_, :-)14:47
coz_Somelauw,  that should start compiz14:47
Gyndawyrubuntu has taken half of the space from the windows partition for no reason14:47
Gyndawyris this what it's supposed to do?14:48
coz_Somelauw,  just dont close the terminal14:48
SomelauwI did14:48
GyndawyrI thought "install alongside" would use the free remaining space on the drive14:48
coz_Somelauw,  oh then compiz will close14:48
SomelauwOh, okay console it still open14:48
coz_Somelauw,   ok and are there errors14:48
SomelauwAnd all minimized windows suddenly got actived14:48
LjLGyndawyr: i think there is a separate "use free space" option14:48
alabdany opinion ?14:48
SomelauwNo errors so far14:48
coz_Somelauw,  ok now move a window14:48
GyndawyrLjL: is there any way of getting my NTFS space back>14:49
LjLGyndawyr: i think GParted should be able to resize NTFS14:49
fckingwickedGyndawyr, gparted14:49
Gyndawyrdoes that come with ubuntu?14:49
SomelauwBut since all my gnome-terminals are transparant, my screen is noisy (but in a beautifyl way)14:49
LjL!info gparted | Gyndawyr, it's in the repositories14:49
ubottuGyndawyr,: gparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.2-1ubuntu1.1 (maverick), package size 463 kB, installed size 1380 kB14:49
fckingwickedyou should probably do it from a live cd14:49
Gyndawyrand can it convert the ext4 space into NTFS, assuming ubuntu decided it wants it? :)14:49
SomelauwI just moved a window14:49
coz_Somelauw, ok  type     exit in that terminal14:50
SomelauwI typed exit14:50
LjLGyndawyr: don't know if it can resize ext4 yet. worst case, you reinstall ubuntu :P14:50
Roasted_Does anybody know how I can set up an auto-link on an Ubuntu desktop to a Windows file server on the domain? I have Ubuntu on the Windows domain but I'm trying to figure out how domain users can get a link to their server folder when they log in to an Ubuntu system.14:50
SomelauwStill no errors :P14:50
coz_Somelauw,  now go to system/preferences/compizconfig settings manager14:50
coz_Somelauw,  when you tyhpe exit  hit enter also14:50
SomelauwI did14:50
SomelauwI did type enter off course :P14:51
ehidleQuick question about grub config on 10.04 server... I'd like a VGA console, but the top of grub.cfg has in big letters "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE,"  so I imagine that if I add the necessary parameters, it might break some other automated process that manipulates that file... so, how does one _properly_ switch 10.04 server to a vga console?14:51
coz_Somelauw,  ok :)  just wanted to be sure14:51
SomelauwBut nothing really changed when I exited that terminal.14:51
coz_Somelauw,  right ,, did you open compizconfig-settings manager14:51
SomelauwI did14:51
coz_Somelauw,  ok on the left if the list of categories... click on the   Effects category14:52
coz_Somelauw,  make sure  window decoration  wobbly windows and Animations plugins are ticked14:52
SomelauwFading windows is ticked to.14:53
coz_Somelauw,  click on the Window management category now... tick...move window...place windows...Put..resize winodw14:53
SomelauwWhen clicking wobbly windows: Plugin Snapping Windows provides feature edgeresistance which is also provided by Wobbly Windows14:54
coz_Somelauw,  now grab a window on its title bar and move it around...does it wobble?14:54
dejan_how can I see the ip which wireless router dhcp assigned me?14:55
TingTongTuxhello ubuntu14:55
SomelauwIt wants me to disable snapping windows when I want to enable wobbly windows14:55
coz_Somelauw,  disable it14:55
stanman246i'm grabbing 10.04.2 lts 64b now to see if that would work. I really like to have 10.10 64b on the machine though :)14:55
SomelauwYes windows do wobble.14:55
coz_Somelauw,  ok then compiz is running14:55
yongleflibbitguys what would cause a 'Bad file number' error in ssh?14:55
TingTongTuxproblem:wvdial gives error code 16 & 17 at odd times :  why and how to avoid it??14:56
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Pumpkin-dejan_: I'd guess ifconfig will have it14:56
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coz_if some questions are not being answered here at this particular time..espeically networking... etc   you can try ##Linux channel14:56
SomelauwI am just seeking a way to make it crash less often.14:56
dejan_Pumpkin-: ok thanks i will search a while14:57
coz_Somelauw,  not sure what the crashing is about14:57
TingTongTuxcoz_, was that for me?/14:57
coz_Somelauw,  this is ubuntu 10.10   ... yes?14:57
SomelauwYes, 10.1014:57
coz_TingTongTux,  sure if it applies :)14:57
SomelauwBut it crashes a lot when working.14:57
ryugunsHi guys!!!14:57
coz_Somelauw,  not sure what that is about... but in  compizconfig settings manager also known as    ccsm  there is a  carsh report plugin14:57
ryugunsWhy are you not using the server at irc.ubuntu.com ?14:58
Who828guys i got this gnome failed load panel error, now my sound & empathy panel is not being loaded on start up14:58
=== Guest24682 is now known as _joker_
Who828yes i foolishy deleted the panel14:59
=== Guest97453 is now known as DarkDevil
Who828anyway to restore it ?14:59
SomelauwNah, what happens is that it often just freezes, so I can see my screen, but not do anything.14:59
sipiorryuguns: what difference does it make?14:59
codemagiciancan anyone help with Xorg eating up 100% and hanging my 10.10 desktop machine constantly?14:59
IdleOne!resetpanels | Who82814:59
ubottuWho828: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »14:59
codemagicianlogging in remotely and running top shows 100% Xorg process14:59
coz_codemagician,  nvidia graphics?14:59
SomelauwAnd sometimes, my screen turn to some color before it completetely freezes14:59
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ryugunsI thought it would make more sense14:59
SomelauwIt is very annoying14:59
codemagiciancoz_,  yes its an ASUS EN210 with GeForce 210 chipset14:59
SomelauwAnd when you restart and check the logs, they are all empty.15:00
coz_codemagician,   could be the nvidia driver causing this... you may want to try a different driver in the additional hardware  dialog15:00
codemagiciancoz_, I have already updated to latest drivers15:00
SomelauwOnly google chrome seems to understand that something crashes since it offers to restore the websites you visited last time.15:00
coz_codemagician,  oooo ok15:00
codemagiciancoz_,  i used the PPA repo15:00
codemagiciancoz_, took it from 260.19.06 to 270.2915:00
SomelauwAlso for some reason when I rebooted ubuntu, it switched its theme to clearlooks for some reason.15:01
coz_codemagician,  ok ...often ,,,in the past  nvidia was the cuprit with this...  you might want to install  htop  and see exactly what is eating things up15:01
codemagiciancoz_, shall I leave it running on my remote machine15:02
coz_codemagician,  I suppose so  ,,, you mean while running htop?15:02
SomelauwMaybe it is because I visited google images.15:02
SomelauwI will visit google images right now and see if it will crash.15:02
codemagiciancoz_, i just installed it and I'm logged in from a laptop using SSH.  I will leave htop running and next time it goes screwy, what shall I look for?15:03
coz_Somelauw,   google images is also extremely poor  and a resource hog15:03
coz_codemagician,   cool  at least you should get an idea of what is hogging things up15:03
codemagiciancoz_, last time I used top and xorg was 100%15:03
codemagiciancoz_, it goes to 100% and even the  mouse pointer freezes15:04
coz_codemagician,   ooo   the first entry is  the one to look at ...the move down the list according the the least amount used15:04
codemagiciancoz_, im not even sure how to send xorg a signal to restart15:04
coz_codemagician, log off an don15:04
coz_and on15:04
codemagiciancoz_, but how to I logoff if my desktop is frozen. is there a command line method?15:05
SomelauwIs google images really able to make pc's crash?15:05
coz_codemagician,   ctrl+alt+F1   log in     sudo  restart gdm or   sudo restart kdm depending what you use15:05
SomelauwWhen my computer freezes, I can't even switch to a tty.15:06
SomelauwThen it is really frozen15:06
coz_Somelauw,  and ctrl+alt+F1  doesnt work?15:06
codemagiciancoz_, using gnome but even ctrl-alt-F1 doesn't work when this occurs15:06
jukSomelauw: that's why God created reset button15:06
coz_codemagician,  mmm15:06
codemagiciancoz_, thats why I have to stay logged in remotely15:06
coz_codemagician,  ah mm  ok I am puzzled at this point15:06
NotTooDumb3what are .sys and .cmd files?15:07
SomelauwYes, but I would rather fix the cause of my crash instead of pressing the restart button about 5 times an hour15:07
codemagiciancoz_, should i change the appearence settings15:07
codemagiciancoz_, Visual effects, none, standard or enhanced15:08
Alphanautso anyone want to take a stab at this one.  on bootup the screen shows the background i selected, then a few seconds later the background goes black and i cant get it to show again.15:08
coz_codemagician,   well if testing for other things  yes  disable compiz  and choose  "None"  or  alt+F2   metacity --replace or in terminal   metacity --replace & disown15:08
ryuguns well bye15:08
codemagiciancoz_, xorg is at 90% now15:09
Roasted_Does anybody know how I can set up an auto-link on an Ubuntu desktop to a Windows file server on the domain? I have Ubuntu on the Windows domain but I'm trying to figure out how domain users can get a link to their server folder when they log in to an Ubuntu system.15:09
TingTongTuxproblem:wvdial gives error code 16 & 17 at odd times :  why and how to avoid it??15:09
codemagiciancoz_, 95% and rising15:09
coz_codemagician,  my guess is that it is the nvidia driver15:09
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codemagiciancoz_, is there anything I can do now before it blows up15:09
coz_codemagician,  I doubt it blow up but you should ceratinly report a bug with the ppa maintainers for this15:10
SomelauwReally, I hate it when stuff crashes.15:10
coz_codemagician,  is this xorgedgers stuff?15:10
coz_BluesKaj,  hey guy15:13
codemagiciancoz_, had to hard reset.15:13
coz_codemagician,  oh  yeah thats the other alteranative :)15:13
codemagiciancoz_, last message I got was about submitting bug report15:13
coz_codemagician,  is this xorgedgers PPA?15:13
codemagiciancoz_, but im not sure if its Xorg or nvidia drivers15:13
BluesKajcoz_, what if I wasn't a guy :)?15:13
coz_codemagician,  it would be a bug for the ppa  that you used for this15:14
codemagiciancoz_, im beginning to regret going for ubuntu15:14
MagicJssomehow I have broken the connection between mp3 and the decoder.  Now when I select an mp3 file movie player opens and says it needs the codec for text/html - how do I clear/fix this.  If I open the MP3 in rhythmbox all is ok15:14
coz_BluesKaj,   ah :)  dudette ?15:14
coz_codemagician,  no once you begin to deal with ppa's  and the like  it is no longer a default supported system ..so finding solutions is going to be much harder espeically in this channel15:14
codemagiciancoz_, my machine wont stay up for more than 20mins. i can't get any development done :-(15:14
scampbellhave we heard anything about the last set of updates causing a red screen to appear over some flash video's probably on 32 bit machines only?15:14
BluesKajmy nick works for me , coz_ :)15:15
codemagiciancoz_, is there a channel for ppas?15:15
coz_codemagician,   mm  what were you using prior ?15:15
codemagiciancoz_, imac15:15
coz_BluesKaj,  :)15:1