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AutoStaticHello virtu15:56
virtuAutoStatic: hi, how are you? =)15:56
AutoStaticI'm fine and you?15:57
virtume too =)15:57
virtulistening to a nice synth sound from korg m315:57
virtuat youtube15:57
AutoStaticHe he, that's unchartered territory for me, external synths15:58
virtu"This music is dedicated to the two Voyager spacecraft and to the people who made them possible."15:58
AutoStaticCool stuff, listening to it now too15:59
virtuvery cool... very "spacy" music16:00
AutoStaticIt sure is, a bit too cheesy for my taste but all in all a nice track16:02
virtuI also thinks that music was very well produced and edited16:03
acerimmerAdded a mixer/mic combo to my UbuntuStudio - but does it work with linux?  http://youtu.be/xyVPCPRamTA?hd=123:23
holsteinacerimmer: nice :)23:26
holsteinkeep 'em coming23:26
acerimmer*blush*  thx23:27

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