bheAny rails developers in here?00:33
bhelooking for suggestions for rails editor for xfce?00:40
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hexdump_hey folks!03:28
hexdump_Does anyone know how to fix "relay access denied on an SMTP"03:40
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medemanwow xubuntu even freezes in text mode08:44
Sysitry "sudo service gdn stop"08:45
medemanhow do i install the nvidia driver in text mode?09:26
Sysitry updates first, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:30
Sysireboot after that09:31
medemanah its you again okay09:34
medemani just connected with a 10 meter lan cable to my real router09:34
medemanworks fine09:34
medemanSysi: what is gdm anyways?09:55
knomemedeman, gnome display manager09:56
medemanah okay09:56
medemanSysi: im interested what machines / OSes you use. Can you tell me?10:12
medemanknome: or could you tell me your setup?10:13
Sysicouple of laptops and desktop, xubuntu, fedora and sometimes arch, win7 hardly10:14
medemanhaha okay10:14
medemanwell, i have a macbook pro and a pc (the xubuntu), and a powermac g3 + 2 other older pcs10:15
medemanthe powermacs power supply is dead10:15
medemani was thinking about buying a new one, but the whole machine is cheaper then a power supply10:16
medemanhowever, if it would run, would debian run on it?10:16
medemani think there is a powerpc version10:16
medemanbut maybe the mac is too old?10:17
medemani dunno10:17
Sysig3 isn't very powerful but it might work with light desktop or as server10:17
medemanmaybe a little home server? with php and mysql?10:18
medemanand apache?10:18
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Sysihow much ram10:18
medemani need a mini local webserver for some testing and that10:18
medemani think 512mb10:18
medemani cant look, i cant turn it on atm10:18
medemanpower supply dead10:18
Sysishould run webserver nicely, maybe with desktop10:19
medemanhuh, i dont get it, i installed ubuntu server before10:23
medemannow overwrote that with xubuntu10:23
medemanbut it still says ubuntu server10:23
medemanSysi: any idea?10:24
Sysiwhere it says it?10:24
medemanwhen i boot from hard drive10:24
medemanit has the xubuntu boot logo10:24
medemanthen goes into a terminal10:24
medemansaying ubuntu 10.10 server10:25
medemanSysi: by the way do you know where i can get debian 2.2 diskette images (with gui and that)? i have a really old laptop here...10:46
medemanon the debian ftp server i just found other debian 2.2 stuff10:47
Sysidoes even debian support that old stuff10:50
Sysinewest debian stable is 6.010:53
medemanbut the cd drive of the laptop died10:53
medemanwell, it only works sometimes the drive10:54
medemanmaybe it works now10:54
nicofs_Can someone help me set up network bonding? I installed ifenslave and now i'm in front of /etc/network/interfaces - and lost...11:44
medemanhey Sysi now it says xubuntu and i press ctrl alt f111:51
medemanSysi: it freezes in the terminal11:52
medemaneven when i use sudo service gdm stop11:52
Sysidid you try nomodeset?11:52
medemanwhere can i do this?11:52
Sysihold shift when booting, should get to grub menu11:53
Sysipress e to edit and add it after "quiet splash"11:53
medemani hold down shift but the xubuntu logo appears and boots11:54
Sysitoo late/too early11:54
medemanah there we go11:55
medemannow e...11:55
medemannow the row looks like this:11:55
medeman9a6-55d43781d0ff ro quiet splash nomodeset11:56
medemannow what? how do i save?11:56
Sysitry just booting with it11:57
knomeSysi, which bird does a sound like 'iirciirc' ?11:58
medemanso i boot with ctrl+x, then do i still use ctrl+alt+f1 and sudo service gdm stop?11:58
Sysino, see if it works11:58
Sysiknome: i can't remember the name but they're quite common here11:59
medemani saw a ubuntu splash screen and now low-res desktop11:59
medemanshould i log in?11:59
Sysitry if it crashes11:59
knomeSysi, seagulls? ;)11:59
medemanyes it freezes12:00
Sysijust no dice i guess12:01
Sysitry acpi=off to boot options12:02
medemanso nomodeset acpi=off?12:03
Sysinomodeset didn't help12:04
medemanso only acpi=off?12:04
medemannow the desktop is native resolution again12:05
medemani logged in12:06
Sysinomodeset kinda breaks driver, but helps in some cases12:06
medemanand for the first time12:06
medemanit tells me that there are restricted drivers available12:06
medemanbut now it froze again12:06
Sysidoes cursor move?12:06
medemannot even the numkey light lights up12:07
Sysii gotta give up if, you have tried with different ubuntu version and same happens12:07
medemanthis computer is so weird12:08
medemanone other thing is weird12:08
Sysieither it's broken or very weird12:08
medemani booted mandriva from a live cd a few days ago12:09
medemanand it worked12:09
medemanshowed the nvidia logo as kinda splashscreen12:09
medemanbut then i installed it12:09
medemanand it doesnt work12:09
medemanfreezes at black screen with cursor12:09
medemanSysi: any idea about that?12:11
Sysinot really12:12
medemanoh okay =(12:12
medemanthanks for your time and help then12:12
knomemedeman, probably best to ask mandriva folks why the live cd worked but installation didn't12:13
medemanthe installation worked, but the start didnt12:13
medemanfrom the hd12:13
knomemedeman, yes - ask the mandriva people if they have ideas why that happened12:14
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MaizeyHi all... anyone able to assist with getting a remote desktop happening from a windows machine to xubuntu on a local network?12:47
SysiMaizey: set up rdp or vnc server on windows and use remmina (remote desktop client in menu)12:53
Sysiyou need to check ip of windows machine, idk how to do that12:54
Maizeyi tried with vnc4server on xubuntu and tightvnc viewer on xp... prity sure i had it configured correct but couldnt get a connection... just kept saying connection failed....12:56
Sysioh, xubuntu as server12:57
Sysicheck you don't have firewall set up and ip is right, ifconfig in terminal tells the ip12:58
Sysiyou can try vino also12:58
Maizeyits a local server so wouldnt think firewall would effect it would it?? and ip was correct. Been at it for the last 2 hours and read that many posts my eyes hurt :-/12:59
Sysidepends on firewall setup12:59
Maizeyuh getting closer... its asking a password now but not accepting the one i setup earlier :-/ at least its a step closer13:08
Maizeythat got it... thanks for the ehlp sysi :-)13:14
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ubuntu_how do i enable my wifi16:59
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:13
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nicofsI want to remotely control my other Xubuntu computer... how can i do that? I set up tightvnc (well... i installed it and started it) - but all i get is control over a new desktop - i want to control the one already there...21:54
nicofslike realVNC21:56
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX22:04
nicofscharlie-tca, i need to control the environment on the other machine... use my laptop as a remote for the other pc...22:08
nicofsi'm using the other one as entertainment solution for my living room - and i don't want to leave the couch to cahnge channels, volume, movie, ...22:09
charlie-tcaso, setting up the vnc-server failed on that remote computer?22:10
nicofswell, everything works - but what i see on the viewer here is not the desktop my other pc projects to the living room screen...22:11
nicofsi get a new desktop environment with nothing but xterm on top of it22:12
nicofsi am shure that i am connected to the right machine - running htop lists all that is running there - and killing processes lets them disappear on the target machine. i have access - but not the right kind of access...22:13
bhehey ya'll. which packages are needed for wireless?22:33
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs22:34
charlie-tcabhe: #ubuntu-beginners are good at getting wireless working, too.22:34
bheno, i did min install, just needed   "sudo apt-get install gnome-network-admin"22:35
bhesorry to bother22:35
charlie-tcano problem22:36

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