Daekdroomchrisccoulson, hey, that issue with appmenu and apps that can have their windows closed (thanks to indicators) has extended to minimized apps :(00:29
Daekdroombug #71892600:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 718926 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "Some apps don't integrate to appmenu after having their windows closed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71892600:30
DaekdroomIt's happening to minimized applications too00:30
chrisccoulsondue to the nature of that bug, that's impossible. it must be a different bug00:31
chrisccoulson(and i'm not seeing it at all)00:31
DaekdroomHave you done today's updates?00:31
DaekdroomIt started happening before 3.6.2, I think00:31
chrisccoulsonhmmm, yeah, i've just tried that after restarting my session00:32
DaekdroomHow do I reset the unity launcher to its default launchers?00:45
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didrocksgood morning07:37
oSoMoNgood morning08:01
MacSlowhey everybody08:05
zniavregood morning08:14
zniavrehttp://i.imgur.com/QEECE.png this is "normal" ? (unity-2D panel)08:15
didrockskamstrup: ZOMG, I have some time to work on alt F2 now! :)08:47
kamstrupdidrocks: teh zhock!08:47
kamstrupdidrocks: if you already branched off lp:unity-place-applications you'd better re-pull it because there where quite a lot of refactoring going on in the latest release08:48
kamstrupdidrocks: and did you notice how fast app searching is with latest unity+u-p-a? :-D08:49
didrockskamstrup: yeah, I rebased already :)08:50
didrockskamstrup: and right! it litteraly rocks!08:50
kamstrupdidrocks: sweet :-) so you're using bzr rebase?08:51
didrockskamstrup: I also love now the "by popularity" order08:51
kamstrupdidrocks: yeah, it feels much more natural08:51
didrockskamstrup: well, I didn't get much time to work on it, so it was easier to uncommit + bzr pull08:51
kamstrupdidrocks: that's the manual rebase ;-)08:51
didrocksyeh ;)08:51
didrockskamstrup: so, you are stripping the exec key in unity-package-search.cc08:52
didrockskamstrup: I think I'll use that to find the corresponding icon (if one)08:52
didrocksthe thing is that you are not keeping the full command line08:52
didrockslike gnome-screenshot --interactive08:52
didrocksand we can maybe have different desktop file with the same basename (see nautilus) but different options08:53
kamstrupdidrocks: right, i'm not keeping the full command line because i'm just extracting what I want to be searchable08:55
kamstrupdidrocks: we can store the full command line as a value in the index, but I don't think we want to index the --interactive part fx08:57
kamstrupdidrocks: by "storing" i basically mean annotating the index entry with non-searchable metadata08:57
kamstrupdidrocks: by why not just look up the .desktop file from the UnityPackageInfo.desktop_file ?08:58
didrockskamstrup: hum? not sure to get you on that08:59
didrockslet's take the nautilus example08:59
didrocksif I type "nautilus", I want a match on nautilus.desktop08:59
didrocksif I type "nautilus --no-desktop", I wans a match on nautilus-home.desktop09:00
didrocks(ok, that's a lazy example, but we can take other examples like evolution which has multiple desktop file)09:00
kamstrupdidrocks: that's going to be very tricky09:00
didrockskamstrup: why? can't we just add the full name and have a match on that?09:01
didrocksfull exec name*09:01
kamstrupdidrocks: ok - the deal is that "nautilus --no-desktop" is converted intot the query "nautilus AND no AND desktop"09:02
didrockswith Xapian?09:03
kamstrupdidrocks: so you'd also get a hit if the user typed "no"09:03
kamstrupdidrocks: yes09:03
didrockskamstrup: should I rewrite a manual parser like the run command dialog one?09:03
didrocks(looking at all desktop file and such? :/)09:03
kamstrupdidrocks: atleast that's the default behaviour, you can add manual tweaks over this, but then matters get complex quickly09:03
didrocks"of course", how can it be simple? :)09:04
kamstrupdidrocks: but I question the value of having "nautilus --no-desktop" match the home folder icon...09:04
kamstrupthat seems like a detail for the fineschmeckers09:04
didrockskamstrup: well, I think with evolution is make more sense09:04
didrockslike evolution -c mail and evolution -c calendar09:04
kamstrupdidrocks: what I think you want is really for the user to type "evo" and then you can autocomplete "evolution -c mail" or "evolution -c calendar"09:05
didrocksor whatever, but anyway, we should try to launch the desktop file if we have it (for bamf matching) and command line directly if we have no match09:05
didrocksbut what we want as well, is to get corresponding desktop file if they exist09:06
didrocksso that we can launch the desktop file and not the command line09:06
didrocksand make bamf life easier09:06
didrocksyeah so, not that easy ;)09:07
didrockskamstrup: so, basically, if I can't reuse one of your cache, it's to redo the parsing manually, but I would prefer avoiding that path…09:07
kamstrupdidrocks: i probably wouldn't accept patches that takes a path around the xapian index09:08
kamstrupdidrocks: doing proper matching on utf-8 strings is tricky09:09
didrocksyeah, I can understand09:09
kamstrupdidrocks: and we'd run a big risk of having inconsistent matching patterns09:09
didrocksso avoid xapian and 2nd cache?09:09
artfwoI'm looking for someone to look at the following diff and tell whether I'm on the right track: https://code.launchpad.net/~artfwo/unity/fix-for-728598/+merge/5252309:31
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hadessdoes anyone here have access to the original file for the timezone maps? trying to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/65106410:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 651064 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Missing pixmap for Australia/Eucla timezone" [Medium,Confirmed]10:26
hadessmpt, mpt_: do you have access to the source files for the timezone map in ubiquity?10:43
* mpt scowls at mpt_10:44
mpthadess, try Evan Dandrea (ev in #ubuntu-installer) -- we want to put it in a library so it's easy for time + date settings to reuse10:45
mptI don't know where the files are, sorry10:45
* aruiz enjoys the wonders of Red Hat - Ubuntu collaboration10:45
mpthadess, maybe in https://code.launchpad.net/ubiquity10:45
mpthadess, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk/view/head:/ubiquity/plugins/ubi-timezone.py might be it10:48
htorquegord: hello, should the variable launcher size you just merged already work (i.e., show up in ccsm)?10:50
gordhtorque, yes, if you make install and your compiz is set up correctly it will show up in ccsm10:50
htorquegord: thanks, then i'll have to try again, because it's not showing up here (/usr/share/compiz/unityshell.xml contains the icon_size option)10:53
gordhtorque, its in the experimental tab if thats any help ;)10:53
htorquehtorque: yeah, will give it another try :-)10:55
htorquegord: was using the wrong unity plugin (had one left in ~/.compiz-1), works fine now :-)10:58
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hadessmpt: no, those aren't the "source" files11:11
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hadessmpt: i wanted the original files for the images used there11:11
mpthadess, I don't know sorry. ev will know.11:12
hadessmpt: the images in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk/files/head:/pixmaps/timezone/ are resized11:12
hadessmpt: thanks11:12
didrockskamstrup: is there an easy way to transform a string separated by : in a iterator in val?12:10
didrockssomethink like foo.split(":") in python12:10
aruizdidrocks, there should be a foo.split function actually12:11
aruizdidrocks, http://library.gnome.org/devel/glib/unstable/glib-String-Utility-Functions.html#g-strsplit12:11
didrocksaruiz: oh realy? awesome! :)12:11
didrocksthankks, looking12:11
aruizdidrocks, look for that function somewhere in the vapis12:11
kamstrupdidrocks: maxtokens arg is optional in vala12:11
rsajdokWhich version of qt used unity-2d?12:12
didrockskamstrup: sorry, I don't get you ;) I just want to iterate on the directoy in Environment.get_variable("PATH")12:12
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ograrsajdok, 4.7.1 and 4.7.2 iirc12:12
kamstrupdidrocks: foreach (var path in pathvar.split(":")) { do_stuff (path); }12:13
didrocksyeah, with the split function then!12:13
didrocksawesome :)12:13
ogra(might be older than 4.7.1, whatever was default in maverick)12:13
rsajdokogra: thanks12:19
seiflotfy_senior njpatel12:33
Mark__Tm_conley_away: how to build messagingmenu-extension13:04
njpatelseiflotfy_, dude!13:10
njpatelI was unwell over the weekend so I didn't get much hacking done13:10
seiflotfy_njpatel, did u see my branch yet13:10
seiflotfy_better now?13:10
njpatelbear with me, I'm going to try and do something for thurs13:10
njpatelyeah, much better after some pills :)13:10
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* bcurtiswx waves to room14:01
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artfwoDBO, could I poke you a little more about the trashcan bug?14:38
Mark__Tm_conley: how to build messagingmenu-extension14:43
m_conleyMark__T: hey - the build process is a little tricky...installing the addon from it's AMO page is probably your best bet.14:43
Mark__Twell I don't have indicate.so.5 yet14:44
Mark__Tm_conley: still with indicate.so.4 and libdbusmenu-glib.so.114:45
m_conleyMark__T: hm...not willing to upgrade I suppose?  :p14:45
Mark__Tneed to check if that doesn't break our whole stack :-)14:46
m_conleyMark__T: alright, so I'll assume you have the code checked out, and you have the thunderbird-3.1.9-dev package installed, along with the build dependencies for Thunderbird...is that correct?14:49
mterrynjpatel, hello!  I'm working on mnemonics for appmenu, and first things first, I'm adding mnemonics for non-top entries.   but the underline is always showing, not just when alt is pressed.  Is unity doing something special with the gtk-auto-mnemonics property?14:50
mterrynjpatel, (or using a style that might do something special with it)14:51
njpatelmterry, "non top entries", you mean inside the actual popup menu?14:56
Mark__Tm_conley: not yet, but I'm on it14:56
mterrynjpatel, yeah, they weren't getting their mnemonics set either14:56
mterrynjpatel, then I'll tackle showing the menu with alt and all that14:56
m_conleyMark__T: you'll also need autoconf2.1314:57
mterrynjpatel, you can see the always-underline behavior with the firefox appmenu too14:58
Mark__Texactly 2.13 or at least 2.13?14:58
m_conleyMark__T: exactly 2.13.  apt-get install autoconf2.13 should do it.14:59
Mark__Tnot on a debian based system14:59
Mark__Tlet me check if we have that14:59
m_conleyMark__T: oh, you're on debian...you have the messaging menu working on Debian?14:59
m_conleycool. :)14:59
Mark__Tno not on anything debian related, I'm on foresight15:00
Mark__Tm_conley: we're using the indicator thing for a while, so we need a way to make thunderbird behave .-)15:02
m_conleyMark__T: hrm...not 100% familiar with that distro... cool that you got libindicator up and running though.15:02
m_conleyMark__T: let me know when you have your dependencies installed, and I'll give you the next step.15:02
Mark__Tkenvandine: did it, some years ago :-D15:03
kenvandinehey Mark__T15:03
Mark__Tm_conley: need to leave anyway, I try to remember, coming back on this tomorrow15:03
m_conleyMark__T: coolbeans.  See you then!15:04
Mark__Thi kenvandine  btw15:04
Mark__Tm_conley: thx15:04
njpatelmterry, we don't actually touch the actual GtkMenus that popup, they are just given to us by the indicator and shown from the service (not inside unity)15:06
njpatelmterry, however the service disables appmenu itself, so maybe thats why that code isn't being used?15:06
mterry"disables appmenu itself"?15:07
njpatelbefore gtk_init15:10
njpatelmterry, so if the "only show mnemonics when alt is pressed" is in the appmenu loadable module, then it's not going to effect the indicators loaded by the service15:11
mterrynjpatel, no, the "only show mnemonics on alt" is part of most standard gtk themes15:12
njpatelokay, I didn't realise it was controlled by the theme15:13
DaekdroomWas unity rewritten from scratch when it moved to compiz?15:14
njpateljust the views15:14
njpatelDaekdroom, ^15:15
DaekdroomOk, thanks.15:15
njpatelmterry, the other thing might be that those menus aren't part of a GtkMenuBar15:15
mterrynjpatel, hmm, maybe15:16
mterrynjpatel, I think part of the theme.  It's controllable by .rc files and is part of GtkSettings15:16
njpatelOkay...maybe at least re-enable the menuproxy and see if it works? just to rule it out :)15:17
mterrynjpatel, well, I'll worry about it later.  I'll get mnemonics working and then deal with them being pretty15:17
njpatelmterry, are you also adding the stuff to the indicator-appmenu to make it signal that it needs to be presented?15:19
mterrynjpatel, I'm now looking at such things.  I believe the Status property is supposed to do that, right?15:20
njpatelmterry, well indicator-object has a "show-now-changed" signal that I'm waiting to connect to from the panel so I can 1. Show the appmenu to the user from behind the titlename and 2. Show the mnenomics at the same time15:24
njpatelmterry, I'm hoping through the maze of *indicat*, that signal is emitted when the Alt key is pressed or released :)15:25
njpateland released*15:25
mterrynjpatel, ok...  emitted by the appmenu IndicatorObject for consumption by unity service?15:26
njpatelyep, exactly15:26
mterrynjpatel, is panel code there yet?15:26
njpateland then we can to our bidness.15:26
njpatelmterry, nope, but I'm itching to add it :)15:26
mterrynjpatel, ok, will let you know when I have something.  Thanks for the pointer.  One last thing though, actually.  The entries I see on the panel are drawn by Unity from information in the IndicatorEntryObjectBlahBlah right?  They don't show mnemonics but seem to have info.  Should I worry about that, or is that exactly what you're talkinga bout adding once I do the "show-now-changed" signal?15:27
mterry"seem to have the info they would need to"15:28
njpatelmterry, no need to worry about that, the main thing that I'll need to re-check is if I can get the original string with the '_' for the mnenomic from gtk-label15:29
njpatelif I am not getting that already15:29
* njpatel checks15:30
mterrynjpatel, you aren't getting that this second, but a one line diff on libdbusmenu will give it15:30
mterrynjpatel, that'll be part of my merge15:30
mterrynjpatel, I was just confused that now that I'm giving it, the underlines aren't showing up15:31
njpatelthen that'll at least break the rendering of the panel a bit (as it will always show the underscore),but I'll fix that15:31
njpatelmterry, your giving it to the panel?15:31
njpatelor just the gtkmenu?15:31
mterrynjpatel, they always show up on the popups, but never in the panel15:31
njpatelactually, let's not get into this15:31
mterrynjpatel, heh15:31
mterryI'll just go and work on show-now-changed15:31
njpatelmterry, PanelIndicatorObjectEntryView.cpp::fix_string ;)15:31
mterrynjpatel, ah great!  OK, then all is intentional15:32
njpatelyeah, we'd "show" it when we get that signal15:32
njpatelotherwise it would render as it is now15:32
bcurtiswxis there a shortcut for the launcher that is an app has many instances you can bring them all up in front of you to choose?15:38
njpatelbcurtiswx, Super+$index_of_launcher if it's focused, or do it twice if it isn't15:47
njpatelI think we're missing a key combo for window spread, should flag that15:47
bcurtiswxnjpatel, sounds good :) thx15:49
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mterrynjpatel, show-now-changed takes an Entry object?  I had been working under the assumption it was IndicatorObject-global16:04
njpatelmterry, interesting, I would have expected the same16:06
njpateltedg, ^^16:06
njpatelI think he's on a call atm16:07
tedgnjpatel, mterry, show_now_changed is (object, entry, boolean, pointer)16:08
mterryright, but what does the entry mean there?  I thought it was whether the whole object needs to be shown or not16:08
mterrytedg, ^16:08
tedgmterry, No, for indicator-appmenu it would signal for all of them, but something like indicator-application it'd do individuals for those that are setting their state to attention.16:10
tedgmterry, We want that for cases where the indicators have to be hidden on smaller screens.16:11
tedgmterry, So we know which should *really* be shown.16:11
mterrytedg, OK, got it.  So in my appmenu case, I just iterate the entries.  Simple enough, and I get the point16:11
njpateloh, so I'll get that once per entry?16:14
* tedg knows that signals make njpatel happy, which is why we send lots of them :)16:20
ftalamalex, hi, just updated bug 72842816:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 728428 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity messes up with workspaces" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72842816:21
DaekdroomHas anyone done a bug report on appmenu losing minimized application menus?16:24
njpatelDaekdroom, yep, it was discussed this morning, I think kenvandine had the fix16:39
kenvandinenjpatel, not that one16:40
njpatelchrisccoulson, was mentioning it this morning16:42
lamalexdidrocks, can we do mail stuff today please?16:43
didrockslamalex: in meeting right now16:43
lamalexme too16:43
danyRdidrocks: the FFe in Unity is related to modal-dialogs, mutter (and OSX)-style?16:56
didrocksdanyR: modal dialogs, more info in some days, don't really have the time to discuss that :):16:56
danyRdidrocks: sure, no problem. sorry, go and get unity rocking :)16:57
lamalexok asking again: Is alt+letter working for anyone to access menus in Unity?17:09
kenvandinelamalex, not for me17:10
lamalexthanks kenvandine17:10
kenvandinelamalex, been feeling ignored?17:10
* kenvandine shows some love17:10
* lamalex is needy17:11
lamalexWonder if it's working for anyone17:12
lamalexI've got a bug report from someone who says it works normally but when he changes his layout to swap super/alt alt+letter stops working17:12
lamalexbut alt-tab still works17:12
mterrynjpatel, see https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/indicator-appmenu/emit-show-now-changed/+merge/52583 and the two related merges linked there17:14
mterrynjpatel, take it away!17:14
njpatelmterry, sweet!17:14
njpatelmterry, rock dude, I'll have a look as soon as I'm done with my current c++ headache17:15
lamalexvish, do papercuts use tags?17:30
lamalexjcastro, shold unity papercuts also get bitesize tags?17:30
vishlamalex: "bitesize" tags?17:30
vishlamalex: if it is simple bug fix sure17:31
lamalexvish, in unity we have "bitesize bugs" which are bugs that have easier fixes for new contribs, but I'm not really sure HOW small is too small for bitesize17:31
lamalexa bug like "missing ellipsis" is a papercut, but it might not be really what jcastro wants for bitesize17:31
lamalexbitesize might really be more for coding bugs17:32
vishyea, bitesizes are like bigger papercuts17:32
lamalexyah, so for papercuts do I just tag?17:32
lamalexor is there another process17:32
vishlamalex: you need to add via the "also affect project"17:32
jcastrooh cool17:35
jcastroI'll mention papercuts in my report today17:35
seiflotfy_DBO, can i ask the laucnher which ".desktop" files are visible ?17:37
DBOseiflotfy_, not yet, soon17:38
seiflotfy_DBO come on I want ot bring the docky jumplists17:38
seiflotfy_to unity17:38
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aruizkenvandine, just rolled a tarball17:59
kenvandinearuiz, cool, i'll update it :)18:20
mainerrorjcastro, thought it might be a good idea to get in here for direct feedback on the proofreading19:02
mainerroroh that works too thanks you didrocks ;)19:07
didrocksmainerror: thanks for your detailed answer :)19:08
didrocksnice to see users digging into it!19:09
mainerroroh well I'm trying to dig even deeper but at the moment I still have to get a great picture of the entire code19:09
didrocksmainerror: do not hesitate if you need any help :)19:10
didrocksok, dinner time right now! see you tomorrow :)19:10
mainerroroh yea right one question. Is there any documentation I can check for the dconf form-factor string format?19:13
didrocksmainerror: you mean in general or just for the unity key?19:15
mainerrorwell I guess both :)19:15
mainerrormy browser loves bookmarks :D19:15
didrocksit's a gvariant type19:16
didrocks(see also links for detail in the format)19:16
mainerrorok cool, thanks19:16
didrocksfor unity, it's just a list of strings defining the order and what's it in the glib19:17
didrocksthe other is just a key for the latest migration and unity to decide to call or not the script, it should never be changed manually :)19:17
didrocks(or normally the script won't hurt, but we never know ;))19:17
didrocksok, really going now, see you!19:17
mainerrorthanks bye19:18
bdrungwhat component's fault can it be if audacity has problems when running Unity, but works great with the classic desktop (bug #731451)?19:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 731451 in audacity (Ubuntu) "audacity not working in Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha3" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73145119:37
Daekdroombdrung, appmenu's fault19:44
Daekdroomit also happens in classic gnome if you use appmenu there19:44
DaekdroomI tested it right now19:44
bdrungDaekdroom: thanks for figuring that out.19:48
bdrungDaekdroom: will you comment the bug?19:48
Daekdroombdrung, done it ;)19:48
nhainesThe titlebars in my windowed applicatoins are not being updated (say in Firefox when I navigate sites) until the window loses or receives focus.19:57
nhainesWhen the window is maximized, the window title changes in real time.19:57
nhainesIs this more likely to be a Compiz bug or a Unity bug and under what package do I file this?  :)19:58
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lamalexnhaines, that's a unity bug20:23
lamalexit should have been fixed a while back though20:23
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LLStarkshi, is there any way to completely reset unity that isn't unity --reset?20:39
LLStarksi need to restore lost launcher icons20:39
lamalexLLStarks, try this gsettings reset com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites20:47
lamalexin a terminal20:47
lamalexlet me know if that works please, I'm testing it on you :P20:49
jcastroI can test20:49
jcastrois it supposed to be instant apply?20:49
lamalexerm, i dont know20:49
lamalexsee if the gsettings key was reset20:49
lamalexgsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites20:50
jcastroit was20:50
jcastroI think I would just need to log  out and back in?20:50
jcastroor perhaps do that BEFORE a unity --reset20:51
jcastrolamalex: yep, it's not instant20:51
jcastroworks though20:51
jcastroyou just need to do it before the --reset20:51
lamalexi put in my answer to do the gsettings first20:51
lamalexperfect :P20:51
LLStarkslamalex, jcastro, the gsettings command is insufficient21:01
LLStarksit adds almost everything on your desktop to the launcher21:01
jcastroI wonder if it's running the autoimporter thing again?21:03
LLStarksthere's still no usc button21:03
LLStarksor was there even one to begin with?21:04
jcastroit's supposed to be there I think21:04
jcastroI don't have one21:04
jcastrowhat did it add from your desktop21:04
jcastrodo you have like .desktop files on there?21:04
LLStarksany custom launchers on my desktop21:05
LLStarkslike pkilling gnome-panel21:05
LLStarksor metacity --replace21:05
jcastrook so you have launchers on your desktop already then right?21:06
jcastro['nautilus-home.desktop', 'firefox.desktop', 'ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk.desktop', 'tomboy.desktop']21:06
jcastrodo you have those on your launcher?21:06
jcastroit should have those + whatever you have on your desktop or panel21:07
jcastroso  if you want it totally stock, move the .desktop files on your desktop into a folder or something temporarily, reset everything, and then move them back21:07
LLStarksafter pruning the unwanted stuff21:07
LLStarksso there shouldn't be a usc button?21:08
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jcastronot right now21:08
jcastroI am pretty sure it's supposed to be there though21:08
lamalexjcastro, um are you sure? it's in the gsettings schema21:09
LLStarksah, stupid unity website made me paranoid with the mockups21:09
jcastroI can ask didrocks tomorrow if that changed from UDS, iirc USC was supposed to be there21:09
lamalexoh wait no it's not21:09
LLStarksit should be there, my god. after all the work that's been put into it.21:09
jcastrolamalex: it's supposed to be according to the spec, but that might have changed21:09
lamalexit was removed from the gsettings schema at some point, seems like that is one that should be there21:09
jcastroI am willing to bet it's just a bug21:09
lamalexfair enough- but that command /is/ resetting to default21:09
lamalexjust the defaults might be out of date21:10
lamalexor have changed21:10
LLStarksbug 731018 por favor21:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 731018 in unity (Ubuntu) "No dedicated launcher button for Software Center" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73101821:10
LLStarkson the subject of the launcher, is there any solution for adequate replacement of preferences and administration? i'd like to see something like ubuntu control center or a dedicated menu.21:11
jcastrocurrently you need drill down to "system" in the Applications Place21:12
LLStarksi guess i'll just have to see what a month of polish brings. i guess pretty scrollbars that might break trough-borders are more important.21:16
jcastrokamstrup's working on the dash improvements fulltime21:17
jcastrothough tbh I just search for what I need21:17
LLStarkssearch is nice if you know what you're looking for21:17
OmegaI'd like to be able to resize mine.21:18
OmegaIt takes the whole screen here.21:18
jcastroOmega: yeah me too21:18
LLStarkswindow decorator crashes, no "show desktop" button, and unity refusing to hide itself are just too much to deal with at times.21:19
DaekdroomFullscreen Dash is so slow here.21:19
DaekdroomLLStarks, try Super + D21:19
jcastrothey just nailed one of the autohide weirdness ones this week21:19
jcastrobut it's not quite there yet21:20
DaekdroomI like the way it's improving, but what bothers me is how its looks are done.21:21
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OmegaOh, they fixed the hide weirdness?21:25
OmegaLike 5 minutes ago I switched to autohide21:25
Omegabecause I hated unity stealing focus21:25
jcastroit feels mostly gone21:25
jcastroit's not as unhiding as before21:26
nmarqueskenvandine, last patch on dbusmenu fixed the Me Menu issues ;) awesome job, my stuff is bugless now :)22:02
kenvandinehaha... not bugless :)22:03
kenvandineyou just haven't seen them yet :-p22:03
nmarqueskenvandine, it's working for me ;)22:07
nmarqueskenvandine, I'm freezing this for 11.4, and will start working out for GNOME322:08
RAOFGah.  Does compiz really need a stack 50 frames deep?22:13
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
AmaranthRAOF: at least one for every plugin loaded22:18
AmaranthRAOF: if you crash inside unityshell add 5-10 to that easy22:18
LLStarksdaekdroom, anything equivalent to alt+f2? i need to access folders quickly like i did with metacity.22:19
DaekdroomLLStarks, not currently22:19
Daekdroomiirc, I read in Launchpad they plan to give dash a function to run commands.22:19
LLStarkstime is getting tight isn't it? wouldn't it have been easier to deploy unity mutter while building unity compiz as a branch project?22:24
DaekdroomI suspect that would require a move to GTK+322:25
LLStarkswasn't une mutter?22:26
RAOFYes.  But you may have noticed that performance sucked.22:26
LLStarksah. that's a deal breaker then.22:27
jcastroalt-f2 should be almost ready22:29
jcastroI think didrocks was waiting for a bug to be fixed22:29
DaekdroomIs disabling appmenu planed at all to be an option for Unity?22:51
aruizDaekdroom, why do you ask? :-)22:53
DaekdroomSomebody is wondering about that in #ubuntu+122:53
LLStarksmemory leaks i suppose22:55
DaekdroomThose are everywhere :(22:55
LLStarksno reason for appmenu to take up 1MB per use and climb to 700+MB22:55
DaekdroomBut no, the guy just doesn't like it22:55
aruizLLStarks, if it happens, there's a reason22:57
Daekdroomaruiz, but there is no legit reason22:57
LLStarksbug 722972 por favor23:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 722972 in unity (Ubuntu) "small memory leak in unity-panel-service per use of global menu" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72297223:01

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