methodscan i do partial commits ?01:40
methodsof a file01:40
mwhudsonmethods: i think there is a plugin, bzr-interactive, that lets you do that02:13
* mwhudson afk for a spell02:13
chxhi. i am trying to find documentation on bzr-git but there is not much. how would you check out http://drupalcode.org/project/drupal.git/log/refs/heads/6.x this branch?06:38
bialixmgz: are you here?09:36
bialixhi all09:36
mgzmorning bialix.09:36
* fullermd waves at bialix.09:37
* bialix waves at fullermd :-D09:37
bialixmorning mgz09:37
bialixmgz: can you refresh my memory about standalone bzr.exe: if it don't want to start because of missing msvcrxx.dll then one needs to install redist package from microsoft, right?09:38
mgzyes, though we still need to work out exactly what circumstances that happens in so we can fix it properly09:38
mgzso far, we've had a bug report from someone on win2000, and one from someone on server 200..8?09:39
bialixI have something similar on XP machine09:39
mgzthis is unhappy, xp should really work.09:39
bialixwhat redist package I need? for which VS? 2005 or 2008?09:39
bialixthat's not on my own computer< I'm trying to help other man09:40
mgzpython 2.6 builds against 2008... I'd need to look up the exact minor version of the dll it needs.09:42
mgzjust uninstalled my all-in-one bzr copy annoyingly09:42
bialixon the microsoft site there are simple redist and sp109:43
bialixI suspect I need plain one09:44
mgzthat's what I remember.09:46
mgz(the normal one, not sp1)09:46
bialix_ok, I'll try that09:47
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Manikandan1bzr: ERROR: Connection error: while sending POST /bazaar/: [Errno 111] Connection refused09:59
=== bialix_ is now known as bialix
jelmergarr, I keep trying to do things only to find out maxb has already done them in the last 15m10:02
fullermdThe obvious solution is to sneakily reset his clock...10:03
jelmerI was considering getting up 20 minutes earlier, but I guess that works too :)10:03
maxbI'm not entirely sure getting up has anything to do with it, considering I'm still in bed10:07
* bialix waves ta vila10:13
* vila waves to all :D10:14
jamhi all10:18
jelmerMoggûh John :)10:22
jamjelmer: huh, it always sounds more like "Morgen", but hey, I'm still trying to figure out the pronounciation of Dutch words.10:23
jamWaalre ==> valgre10:23
vilanexuiz-data still running on jubany... no significant output in logs/nexuiz-data either... weird10:23
jamvila: from how long?10:23
vilasince 2011-03-01 20:23 utc10:24
jamanyone have a feeling about how far back I should port 43700310:24
jambug 43700310:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 437003 in Bazaar "Failure to autopack because of 'missing inventories'" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43700310:24
jamI was thinking 2.2, but I'm open to suggestion10:24
vilaspiv's fix was backported to 2.0 no ?10:25
jelmerjam: It varies, this is the Hague dialect10:25
=== hunger_ is now known as hunger
vilajam: is there significant problems if you target 2.0 ?10:25
jelmerit would be nice to get it into 2.010:25
jamvila: my whole world crashes10:27
jambut I'll see what I can do :)10:27
vilajam: I think the main issue is that people keep running into it (I think there was yet another report since yesterday), so if we can target 2.0, we are better prepared to deploy it for all users involved (modulo poolie being able to SRU 2.3/2.2/2.1/2.0 ...)10:27
vilajam: huh ? :D10:27
jamI'm not 100% sure how stable the code in this area has been since 2.0, it was quite a while ago...10:27
jamvila: just being silly. I can probably do 2.0 just fine10:28
jamsince we aren't SRUing back that far by default, it didn't seem important10:28
jambut I can do it10:28
vilaI still hope we will be able to SRU 2.0 once we sort out the other ones10:28
jamwhat still has 2.0 that is under SRU, though?10:29
vilajam: but if you want to start with 2.2, you could still look at backporting if needed10:29
vilajam: hardy is 1.3, but lucid is 2.110:30
vilakarmic is 2.0.. so we may never SRU there...10:30
maxbI can't see why we would backport anything further back than 2.1, at this point10:35
jammaxb: because we rock!10:35
jammostly because that is where the bug started, and we may as well fix it there, rather than backporting10:36
maxbwell, if it doesn't incur any extra effort, good10:37
fullermdSee, if you'd just gotten jelmer to do it instead, maxb would have had it done 15 minutes ago   :p10:37
maxbbut, if we don't know of any extant distribution that would make use of it, there may be no point (unless it's essentially free to start fixing in 2.0)10:37
jammaxb: at *this* point, it looks essentially free10:38
jamwe can always land and not release10:38
jamor skip landing10:38
jamvila: care to discuss the fix. I have 2 options10:39
jam1) See that we have the inventories in another pack file and stop there10:40
jam2) Go ahead and pull those inventories, which will also require pulling in the associated chk bytes pages10:40
jamI like the idea of having things all together when reasonable.10:40
jamBut it does feel a bit like chasing the rabbit down the hloe10:40
jamnote that we *don't* pull in the associated texts10:41
jamsee line 452 of groupcompress_repo.py10:41
jam        # XXX: We don't walk the chk map to determine referenced (file_id,10:41
vilaI don't know enough about the details, but I share the feeling that things should stay together10:41
vilajam: if the bug (as it seems) is really confined to autopack (a reproducing test would be nice) then (1) seems to be the way to go no ?10:45
vilajam: or does it also occur in weird stacked scenarios ?10:45
jamvila: it is the minimally invasive form, yes10:45
jamvila: it seems to be *caused* by stacking10:45
jambut not in the "weird stacking scenarios" sense.10:46
vilaI ~see10:46
jamIn normal fetches, we always send the inventory with the revision, so there would be no reason for them not to be in the same pack file10:46
jambut with stacking, we may send inventories for revisions we don't send10:46
jamalso, the suspend/resume features end up creating multiple pack files for one logical pack10:46
jamsorry logical  fetch10:46
vilais it a case where some constraints should be relaxed while the logical fetch is processed or do we end up we several pack files ?10:48
jamvila: we end up with several pack files.10:48
jamsuspend writes it to disk10:48
jamin the uploads dir10:49
jamresume marks it for final inclusion in the 'packs' directory10:49
vilaand they get repacked before inclusion in the 'packs' directory as one pack file ?10:49
jamvila: no10:49
jamthey just get renamed into place10:49
jamoften the first push is huge10:49
jamand the second is small10:49
vilajam: I don't quite get how we end up with missing inventories when we "may send inventories for revisions we don't send"...10:55
vilaand what do you call revisions in this context10:56
=== vila is now known as vila-afk-lunch
jamvila-afk-lunch: still there?10:57
jamping me when you get back10:57
vila-afk-lunchjam: I will10:57
jdobrienis there a way to change the pull location of a branch you have pushed to LP so bzr pull will just get it from LP without having to specify the location?11:00
jamjdobrien: bzr pull --remember ?11:01
jdobrienjam? how will that changed the pull location11:01
jamjdobrien: bzr pull --remember lp:the-new-place11:01
jdobrienjam thanks!11:02
jdobrienjam I was looking everywhere but there :)11:04
jamjdobrien: happy to help11:04
jelmerwould "bzr config push_location lp:the-new-place" also work nowadays?11:06
jamjelmer: I think you need at least an "=" in there11:07
jamit also would end up using 'lp:' each time, and not the expanded url11:07
jamnot sure what else11:07
jamwould differ11:07
jelmerjam: ah, right11:09
jamso yes, *but* :)11:09
jelmerid=4, tests=34971, failures=2363, skips=379411:39
jelmergetting close to that 35k mark :)11:39
jamjelmer: that is running against all plugins, or what?11:49
jelmerjam: Against a lot of the plugins: bisect  builddeb  builder  bzrtools  cia  cvs  dbus  email  explorer  fastimport  git  grep  gtk  hg  keywords  loggerhead  loom  mtn  pipeline  pqm  qbzr  search  service  svn  upload  webdav  xmloutput11:49
jamjelmer: mtn? I didn't think the models would be close enough to actually be supported.11:50
jelmerjam: the mtn module is as trivial as the bzr-cvs plugin11:51
jelmerie it just installs a Prober and tells you "please try mtn fast-export and bzr fast-import" if you try to open11:51
=== vila-afk-lunch is now known as vila
vilajam: back12:01
jam(11:55:42 AM) vila: jam: I don't quite get how we end up with missing inventories when we "may send inventories for revisions we don't send"...12:02
jamwe'll start from there12:02
jamExample, Revisions A, B, C, D12:02
jamA B C are in the base repository12:02
jamD is in the target repository12:02
jamif D is in the stacked repo, then so is the inventory for C12:03
jamSay we push this somewhere else that only has A B12:03
vilajam: because it's the parent ?12:03
jamvila: right12:03
jamA => B => C => D12:03
jamIf we push to somewhere that has A B12:04
jamthen we will send D rev+inv, C inv. Then suspend, then resume and send C rev12:04
jamAt which point D + C's inventory are in one pack file, but we may do an autopack just involving C's rev pack12:04
jamvila: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/repack-missing-inventories-437003/+merge/5254412:04
jamIf you want a semi-hackish way of triggering the condition12:05
jamalso, vila, did we decide to copy NEWs entries when doing stable updates to multiple releases?12:05
jamI'm always unsure about the state of that12:06
vilawe stopped duplicating NEWS entries12:06
jamsince we may or may not do releases in sync anymore, I was thinking to copy the entries12:06
jamNotably, 2.0.7 may never see the light of day12:06
vilathe RM should ensure that any release includes fixes from lower series12:06
jamI *didn't* like it when I was releasing 3 branches simultaneously every month12:07
vilathat is, the fixes known when releasing12:07
jambut  I'm pretty sure we've backed off on that12:07
vilawhat I do (as RM these days) is ensuring that lower series have been properly merged up12:07
vilathere is one merge that is a bit trickier (can't remember if it's 2.1 or 2.2) where you had to make sure you don't include irrelevant news entries12:08
vilajam: "The test also isn't a permutation test. It might apply vs most Pack based repositories, but I can't guarantee it."12:17
vilajam: how hard would it be to dig a bit more there ?12:18
jamvila: harder than I feel is warranted12:18
jamvila: especially for a backported fix12:18
vilajam: which means 0.92 can still exhibit the bug ?12:18
jamI could possibly be convinced otherwise for newer releases12:19
jamvila: you mean format 0.92? Uses very different logic12:19
vilaOh ! Right12:19
jamdoesnt try to match Inventories to Revisions12:19
vilaI'd be fine with a permutation tests for 2.4 only12:19
vilaso you mean only 2a is really affected then ?12:20
jamvila: by that specific bug? yes12:20
vilajam: great12:20
jamat least, I think so12:20
vilaalready approved12:20
jamits the only one that really matters, anyway :)12:20
jamthe bigger question is what happens when 3a comes out12:21
jambut since that is indefinitely postponed...12:21
vilawhich means we need some way to express that a test apply to a set of formats12:21
vilajam: if you could put these tests in a dedicated class with a comment explaining the issue that would be awesome to start with12:22
vilawell, they already are :)12:22
jamvila: any other comments you want to take back?12:22
jamself.fail() seems sufficient to say "this should never happen"12:22
vilayeah, could be12:23
vilayeah, got a bit scared by the size of the test at first12:23
jamI tried to make sure the bulk of things were in "make" helpers12:24
jamso you could clearly see it was complex because of setup12:24
jamnot because of assertions12:24
vilaI think for such bugs you can't avoid having a complicated setup12:24
jamand I made sure to re-use those helpers for some extra testing12:24
jamlike real-missing inventories, etc12:24
vilayup, may be my "nice tdd there" didn't express enough congratulations :)12:25
vilabut it's a nice piece you put there12:25
jamwell, some of it was TAD, but I did make sure to trigger the failure before fixing it.12:26
vilaA == After ?12:26
vilaD == before then :D12:26
jamTest After Development. I did the first test TDD, I did the "but make sure it still fails when it must" afterwards.12:33
jamespecially for bugs, I tend to do close to TDD12:34
jamsince I have something I want to reproduce12:34
jamfor dev work, it varies, because I don't always know what I'm looking for right away12:34
vilayeah, the usual argument ;)12:34
jamand I've had a lot of trouble trying to work out performance related fixes and testing12:34
vilaI don't really buy it because I  successfully TDDed on several exploratory works, it means more test refactoring but also gives me more confidence about test coverage12:35
vilajelmer: reagrding bug #71324013:17
ubot5Bug 713240 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/713240 is private13:17
jelmerI can't access that page13:18
jelmerah, neither can ubot5 :)13:18
vilajelmer: regarding bug #73124013:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 731240 in Bazaar Hg Plugin "opening over http in dumb mode fails in selftest" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73124013:18
vilathat's better (first typo after more than a work day and a half... something weird is going on ;)13:19
vilajelmer: our HTTP test server supports range requests, not sure what is going on here13:19
jelmerhmm, that's odd indeed13:22
vilajelmer: and which test is failing ? I can't reproduce locally with bzr-hg trunk and -s bt.per_branch.test_branch13:24
vilajelmer: ha, lazy loading and --start-with interfering ?13:25
jelmerI guess so13:26
jelmerIt should be bzrlib.tests.per_branch.test_branch.TestBranch.test_open_containing13:26
* vila scratches head, even 'bzr selftest bzrlib.tests.per_branch.test_branch' (aka without -s) 13:27
vilahmm, *really* installing the plugin may help13:28
vilayou mean bzrlib.tests.per_branch.test_branch.ChrootedTests.test_open_containing ?13:32
jelmerAh, yes13:34
jelmerwtf, BzrBranchFormat4 can be used in a metadir?14:08
vilajelmer: bug #731240 is a bug in the bzr HTTP test server ;)14:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 731240 in Bazaar "opening over http in dumb mode fails in selftest" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73124014:31
jelmervila: ooh, nice catch :)14:32
vilapainful to track down and quite surprising, but as I commented in the bug report, it's still valid14:33
vilawell, painful... because I didn't know the bzr-hg and hg internals to be honest14:37
jelmerjam: do you know if it's intentional that BranchFormat4 also works in meta dirs?14:38
jelmerwell, s/works/can be initialized/14:40
=== Chex_ is now known as Chex
vilajelmer: hehe, look at this (http_server.py line 149): # FIXME: RFC2616 says end is optional and default to file_size14:54
vila*He* knew it !14:55
jamjelmer: there was a meta-dir version before knits, IIRC14:58
jamso yes, it was intentional14:58
jamI'm pretty sure there was a *very* short lived Weave metadir14:58
jelmerjam: it doesn't have a get_format_string() implementation though15:00
jelmerjam: so it's write-only15:00
jamThat would be repository Weave anyway15:01
jamthe Branch wouldn't matter15:01
jamjelmer: if it is write-only, then there is no reason to support it15:01
jamsince it couldn't be read15:01
jelmera couple of tests seem to rely on the existing behaviour, but they don't reopen branches after they've been created15:03
jamjelmer: then my guess is that it is an accidental by product of permutations and isn't meant to work15:16
jelmerjam: you mentioned yesterday you were happy to see https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/blackbox-upgrade-formats/+merge/52275 land ?15:41
jamjelmer: yes15:42
jammust have been one of the rejections I didn't catch15:42
jammarked approved15:42
jelmerjam: thanks !15:43
vilajelmer: NameError: global name 'RemoteHgBranchFormat' is not defined15:47
vilajelmer: can you stop some typo there ?15:47
vilajelmer: or tell me where it's defined ?15:47
jelmervila: fixed15:48
vilajelmer: in trunk ?15:48
vilathen I've got a fix for #71342015:49
vilabug #731240 (double tyop above, triple if you count the missing 'bug' ;)15:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 731240 in Bazaar "opening over http in dumb mode fails in selftest" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73124015:50
jelmervila: hmm?16:00
* jelmer finishes reading through ~2k failing tests16:06
vilajelmer: here is the mp: https://code.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/731240-range-parsing/+merge/5257316:06
jelmerI've filed bugs for all the different issues I've encountered, most failing ones are due to missing VersionedFiles.add_lines() implementations though16:07
vilajelmer: hehe, that's far too much, better fix the most important one first :)16:07
jpds /go #pse16:07
jelmervila: \o/ I'll have a look16:07
vilajelmer: what ? you need to read them all to find the most important one ? Where is your crystal ball ?16:07
jelmervila: I wish the test suite could tell us ;-)16:08
jelmer5 FAILURES (1 severe, 2 important, 2 minor)16:09
vilahmm, good idea !16:09
vilajelmer: here is the mp for that:  https://dreamcode.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/731240-range-parsing/+merge/5257316:10
vilajelmer: here is the mp for that:  https://dreamcode.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/1-dwim/+merge/4216:10
jelmervila: is "bytes=-" allowed?16:14
vilano, let me test that :)16:14
taconemay any good soul remind me how to create a prefix like lp: ?16:14
jelmervila: there are two spaces in this line: +        self.req_handler =  RequestHandler(None, None, None)16:14
jelmertacone: It's a DirectoryService, you can register a custom one in a bzr plugin16:15
vilajelmer: blame my shaking hand ;)16:15
taconeurgh. do i have to distribute a plugin to all my devs ? :)16:16
vilatacone: better than asking them to *write* one ;)16:16
taconevilla: +116:16
* tacone mispells nicknames16:17
taconeany other way to shorten a sftp long url ?16:17
jelmertacone: Well, you'll have to get *something* to them16:17
vilatacone: can you elaborate a bit about what kind of aliasing you're after ?16:17
jelmerperhaps bzr-bookmarks can be used for this sort of thing?16:17
taconemaybe, i'm looking it up right now, is it in the repos ?16:18
vilathe subject comes back regularly enough that we may investigate how to generalize *something* to the point where you could use it via some configuration16:18
vilatacone: yes... lp:bzr-bookmarks ;)16:19
jelmertacone: There aren't any packages, if that's what you mean16:19
jelmerwho is ADHB?16:23
vilajelmer: abentley16:30
=== zyga is now known as zyga-afk
vilajelmer: what is easier in the hg config API ?16:30
abentleyjelmer: Hi.  Aaron David Heuer Bentley here.16:30
jelmerabentley: Ah, it's you!16:31
vilaHeuer and Bentley, talk about a luxury name ;D16:31
jelmervila: the API doesn't confuse me in Hg :)16:32
abentleyvila: :-)16:32
vilajelmer: haha, ok, but that doesn't tell me much ;)16:32
vilajelmer: as in : I'd like our new config API to be easy for users and devs alike, so all inputs are welcome and... now is a good time ;)16:35
taconeis still Olive the supported GUI ?16:39
vilawell, it's hard to say that there is *a* supported GUI16:41
jelmertacone: qbzr/bzr-explorer are probably a better choice at the moment16:42
vilaOlive has been spun off from bzr-gtk, bzr-explorer was intended to support both gtk and qt but has been adopted by the qbzr devs. There seem to be more interest in qbzr than bzr-gtk but both projects are still active, Olive... is a different matter and could certainly benefit from some love...16:42
taconei'm taking a look to bzr-explorer, thanks16:43
vilajelmer: is https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/weave-plugin/+merge/51301 still reviewable ? (You mentioned BranchFormat4 a bit earlier)16:59
jelmervila: sortof.. I'm splitting it up further to make it more reviewable16:59
vilajelmer: ok16:59
jelmervila: review of https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/branch4-no-metadir/+merge/52575 would be great though :)17:00
vilajelmer: I'm on https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/per-repository-vf-reconcile/+merge/5228317:00
jelmervila: ah, cool17:03
jelmervila: I'm not sure I understand your comment on per-repository-vf - the scenarios should be applicable for all files in this directory17:04
vilajelmer: when poolie introduced the .scenarios attribute, the idea was to reduce the distance between the test classes and the parametrization17:05
vilajelmer: in your case, ISTM, the distance is too big17:06
vilajelmer: if the scenarios needs to be shared, I don't have a problem leaving them in __init__, but they can still be referenced from the scenarios attribute17:06
vilajelmer: if they are *not* shared, then I would prefer for them to *not* be in __init__ (for the other submission)17:07
vilajelmer: and when I reviewed the first mp, there was only 1 file in the dir ;)17:08
jelmervila: What do you refer to by scenarios attribute here specifically?17:08
* jelmer suspects there's a concept he's missing here17:08
vilajelmer: see test_http.py for examples17:08
vilajelmer: yeah, it's possible you didn't see poolie's work there, it still has to be fully deployed17:08
jelmerI inspired my existing code by bzrlib.tests.per_repository17:09
vilajelmer: grep for load_tests_apply_scenarios17:09
vilajelmer: roughly: the idea is to define an attribute on the test class instead of defining a specific load_tests function17:10
vilajelmer: the implementation proposed by poolie has been working pretty well so far17:11
jelmerthere will be a lot of scenarios in this case though, in multiple files17:11
jelmervila: Do you mean just setting "scenarios = all_repository_vf_format_scenarios()" on each of these classes?17:14
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
vilajelmer: right, I haven't into the details and maybe your proposal is good enough to land, but if you could have a look at this new organization I've got the feeling that the parmetrization could be clearer17:14
=== charlieS_ is now known as charlieS
vilajelmer: may be, may be not, a common base class could work too, I don't remember if you could easily redefine (and enrich) for a daughter class17:15
vilajelmer: as said above, there was only one file for the first mp hence my comment17:16
vilajelmer: for the second mp, if the scenarios are not reused elsewhere then put them in the file that use them17:16
jelmervila: fair enough17:17
vilajelmer: mainly the scenarios attribute helps putting the scenarios closer to the tests that use them which is the main point of my comments17:17
smthomasdoes anyone know if it is possible to allow one version controlled branch inside another version controlled branch? I have a folder structure like /modules and /modules/abc in which I would like to keep the abc a separate branch but also commit the entire modules directory for easier deployment on my we server. When I initialize a branch in the modules directory it ignores the other version controlled folder.17:20
smthomasweb server*17:20
vilasmthomas: you want nested trees which is not implemented yet17:21
vilasmthomas: the container branch will ignore the contained branch for now17:21
smthomasvila: ok thanks, any idea when nested trees will be implemented (for future reference)?17:22
vilasmthomas: no estimate for now as the bzr devs focus on other features but it's an highly desired feature nevertheless...17:24
smthomasvila: yes I agree with that as I would like to be able to use it, thanks again for the help17:24
vilasmthomas: you know about the bzr-upload and the bzr-push-and-update plugins right ?17:25
vilasmthomas: the above are for deployment17:26
vilasmthomas: but there are also other plugins that try to address the nested trees feature (and I forgot their name, once *again* !)17:26
vilabialix will kill me :-/17:26
smthomasvila: no I do not, I will have to do some research. I am fairly new to bzr. I have been using it for awhile but not much for deployment yet17:27
vilabzr-externals ?17:27
vilahttps://launchpad.net/bzr-externals yeah, sounds like it17:28
vilasmthomas: you may give it a try too17:28
jelmervila: what about something like this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/per-repository-vf/revision/568817:30
vilajelmer: exactly !17:31
vilaexcept for the first line in the patch, do you really need to do that ?17:31
vilain tests/__init__.py17:32
jelmerI don't think we would discover that test file otherwise17:32
* jelmer tries17:32
jelmeryeah, without that line we don't run the tests in bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_repository. Previously the loader.loadTestsFromModuleNames call took care of that17:33
vilathen may be just a boilerplate load_tests in __init__17:34
vilaI realize the per_xxx tests are not *that* regular either :-/17:34
vilaoooooh noooo, bazaar-commits@lists.canonical.com thinks I'm spamming ???17:38
jelmervila: what about http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/per-repository-vf/revision/5689 ?17:38
=== r0bby is now known as robbyoconnor
vilaargh, no, it's even worse ! That's my own ISP !!!17:39
jelmervila: bazaar-commits@ still exists ? :)17:39
vilajelmer: indeed !17:39
chxanother bzr-git question, how do you update your import of a git repo?17:41
jelmerchx: running bzr git-import again17:46
chxand bzr dpush in that directory, right?17:47
chxwhere the shared repo is17:47
chxand finally, how you create a new git branch w/ bzr-git?17:48
jelmerchx: "bzr init" will create a new git branch17:50
jelmerchx: bzr dpush in which directory?17:50
chxjelmer: do you do bzr init in refs/heads?17:50
chxjelmer: i have a directory (shared repo) resulting from bzr-import17:50
jelmerchx: no, just in the root of the repository17:50
jelmerchx: That's a bzr repository, creating something there won't help you get it into git17:51
jelmerchx: What are you trying to do exactly?17:52
chxjelmer: many things :) i try to use bzr-git in place of git... :)17:52
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chxjelmer: Drupal moved to git from cvs and i tried git and i am ... well. i'd use bzr-git instead. just there isnt much docs.17:52
LeoNerdLast time I tried bzr-git it didn't have the ability to operate on the bizarre multiple-branches-in-one-place model that git uses17:53
jelmerchx: Contributions in that area would be welcome :) I guess at the moment there are mainly caveats, otherwise it should work like bzr itself17:54
jelmerLeoNerd: it has that capability nowadays, but bzr's UI doesn't actually provide you with the ability to use that yet17:54
chxjelmer: ok i will ask questions and write a blogpost for docs. Deal?17:54
jelmerchx: WFM :)17:54
LeoNerdAh OK17:54
vilamaxb: bananas...18:00
maxbI like bananas. Bananas are good.18:01
vilayeah and testables !18:01
chxjelmer: http://ex.privatepaste.com/bd99cc1e4618:01
jelmerchx: the git:// protocol is anonymous, so using that to push will probably not work18:02
jelmeryou probably want to push to a git+ssh:// URL, or a local Git repository18:02
vilajelmer: fixreleased+milestone, not fixcommitted, kthksbye :-p18:07
jelmeranyway, time to move..18:12
jelmerchx: I'll be back online in ~30m18:12
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wart___hi folks.  i did a bzr branch lp:widelands and a network fail caused me to ctl-c.  now when i try bzr branch lp:widelands it won't resume, but says that the directory widelands exists.18:33
wart___is there a way to resume?18:33
wart___i tried a couple of things icould think of e.g. cd widelands; bzr pull18:33
wart___no luck18:34
wart___it'd stink to rm -rf and start over since i got 200M of the 400M18:34
vilawart___: AFAIK, it stinks18:35
maxbwart___: Hi. Could you pastebin the result of running "find .bzr -ls", to help understand the status of the partial branch?18:35
vilawart___: you should file a bug, I don't think we have one asking for pull to be resumable18:36
vilawart___: alternatively, if you network connection often fail, you could pull by chunks by specifying increasing revnos18:37
vilas/you connection/your connection/18:37
wart___maxb: http://pastebin.com/fN1kbTiT18:42
wart___well this is about the 4th time its done it to me so how do i specify increasing revnos?18:42
vilawart___: bzr branch -r<revno> ; bzr pull -r<revno>18:44
maxbwart___: Ah. As you can probably infer from the lack of large files there, nothing has been stored.19:00
jhuntHi all - I've made a tweak to lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gdm/ubuntu. I want to push my branch to lp:~jamesodhunt/... somewhere but can't find a path bzr is happy with (either complains about distro series, or just EPERM)...?19:54
chxjelmer: hi19:55
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chxjelmer: that crashed19:55
chxjelmer: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/350399/19:56
jelmerhi chx19:57
chxjelmer: bzr import git://git.drupal.org/sandbox/chx/1085438.git ; cd 1085438.git/ ; bzr init new-branch ; cd new-branch ; bzr dpush  git+ssh://git.drupal.org/sandbox/chx/1085438.git19:57
jelmerchx: Hmm, the repository does not have a HEAD branch?19:57
chxjelmer: the repo is empty19:57
jelmerchx: The repository will need an empty branch first19:57
chxjelmer: so it needs to be git cloned first :( ?19:58
jelmerchx: That's one of the limitations of dpush at the moment19:58
jelmerchx: *Something*, an empty branch is fine first19:58
chxjelmer: so --- i need to use git first?20:00
jelmerchx: for the moment, yep20:00
jelmerchx: Was I talking with you about bzr-git on answers.lp.net earlier?20:01
chxjelmer: no20:03
jelmerah, ok20:03
jelmerLet me find the bug # again then20:03
jelmerchx: it's bug 73133620:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 731336 in Bazaar "dpush doesn't create new branches" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73133620:03
chxjelmer: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/350426/20:08
chxjelmer: wait, it does not create new branches at all? ah!20:08
chxjelmer: i see, i see20:09
chxjelmer: so for new branches we need git :/20:09
jelmerchx: you need to use git on the remote side to create the repository anyway20:11
chxheh that's automated :)20:12
jelmerah, ok20:12
jelmerwb chx20:43
chxjelmer: so we cant really expect that any time soon 731336 gets solved :( ?20:43
jelmerit's on the list of things to fix, though it should be trivial to work around at the moment20:45
chxis it/20:47
chxhow so?20:47
jelmerchx: the first time you work with a git repository, push to a local repository first and then push that using git to the remote server20:49
jelmerchx: so if you're in the bzr branch you'd like to dpush, run something like:20:49
jelmergit init /tmp/tmprepo; bzr init /tmp/tmprepo; cd /tmp/tmprepo && git push HEAD:master git+ssh://..../host20:50
jelmerthen later you can just "bzr dpush git+ssh://..."20:50
chxjelmer: sorry for dropping -- so how can be worked around the branch create bug?21:07
jelmer chx: so if you're in the bzr branch you'd like to dpush, run something like:21:11
jelmer git init /tmp/tmprepo; bzr init /tmp/tmprepo; cd /tmp/tmprepo && git push HEAD:master git+ssh://..../host21:11
jelmer then later you can just "bzr dpush git+ssh://..."21:11
chxjelmer: i will try21:12
chxjelmer: it's not that easy to be honest as i start from cloning / bzr-importing a remote repo21:12
jelmerchx, if you start from cloning / bzr-importing a remote repo then this is not necessary21:13
chxjelmer: ??????21:13
jelmerchx: this is only for creating a new branch21:13
chxjelmer: yes but git repositories contain many branches?21:13
chxjelmer: what i have tried here was to create a new git branch.21:13
jelmerchx: bzr can only address the "current" branch at the moment, see bug 38087121:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 380871 in Bazaar "Allow imports of non-master branches when pulling from git repositories" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38087121:14
jelmerthe only way you can work around that is to use a local git repository as a proxy21:14
chxjelmer: this all is extremely confusing21:16
jelmerchx: To summarize: git has multiple branches in a single location21:16
chxjelmer: i barely speak git , it's a major pita that i am now forced to use it, i hoped bzr-git will save my hide but it just adds more compliexity :(21:16
chxjelmer: yes21:16
chxjelmer: i understand git branches (or i hope i do)21:17
jelmerchx: Bazaar only supports a single branch per location at the moment, even with bzr-giut21:17
chxyes i understand that too but i hoped that with shared repository this can be fixed21:17
chxthis is http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~cduan/technical/git/ what i understand of git.21:17
jelmerchx: A shared repository doesn't help in that regard21:18
jelmerchx: It sounds like what you really want is a fix for bug 38087121:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 380871 in Bazaar "Allow imports of non-master branches when pulling from git repositories" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38087121:19
chxi have no idea what a no master branch would be21:19
chxi just wanted to create a new git branch from bzr-git :(21:19
jelmerchx: all the git branches except for the HEAD branch are non-master branches :)21:19
chxi see.21:20
jelmerI've updated the title of bug 38087121:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 380871 in Bazaar "support for colocated branches" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38087121:20
chxi might be an idiot -- but why do we need to colocate them?21:20
jelmerchx: that's what git does21:21
chxit's perfectly fine for me to "unpack" them , say git_repository_name/branches/branchname21:21
chxi mean, even bzr git-import creates a refs dir21:21
jelmerchx: if you do a push to a git repository the branches there are colocated, that's the way it is21:21
chxthere yes21:22
chxbut can't that be made into a bzr-git internal problem? :)21:22
jelmerchx: Internal problem how? Fixing that is what that bug report is about.21:23
jelmeran alternative would be a "bzr git-push" command that supports a --branch argument to specify the target branch21:23
jelmerbut I'd rather focus the effort on fixing this properly21:23
chxon git-import copy the existing branches somwhere (isnt that what refs does ? ) and record somehwere bzr-git specific what happened in the shared repo and on dpush reverse the operation: take every bzr branch and send them as one git repostiroy21:24
jelmerchx: that's at least as much work as fixing that bug I mentioned earlier21:25
jelmerand less elegant of a solution21:25
chxi see21:26
chxi can pick from shooting myself in the left or the right foot21:27
jelmerchx: hmm21:27
jelmerchx: are you running bzr-git from trunk?21:27
chxjelmer: yes21:27
chxi can either use git whch i am not yet capable of or i can use bzr-git where bzr is not yet capable of :)21:28
chxjelmer: and bzr 2.3.021:29
jelmerchx: I could give you a very ugly hack to use an environment variable21:30
chxugly hacks++21:30
jelmernot now, but ping me tomorrow and I'll have a look21:30
chxthanks, see you later21:32
spivGood morning.23:03
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