ian_which phonon backend provides equalizer support in Amarok (I currently have gstreamer only)?00:57
iflemaian_: i have it with xine as backend01:07
ian_iflema: I've tried xine and vlc as well as gstreamer, but I cannot get the equalizer to function01:13
andyman1I've got an odd issue with wireless. It works fine for the first few minutes but will soon drop to a max rate of ~120 kb/s, and only bumps back up if I restart the connection. I'm on Kubuntu 10.10, dell latitude e5510. My google-fu isn't being very successful so far.01:26
andyman1wired works fine, other wireless devices work fine, problem occurs both for both internet downloads and lan transfers.01:28
ian_never mind .. I just discovered Clementine, which looks a lot nicer than Amarok anyway!01:29
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BATMANhey guys05:05
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Guest77920hey guys i'm trying to compile a firefox addon from it's tar ball and i need libxul to do that successfully the problem is i can't find it in synaptic where can i get the libxul package05:07
Mase_wkGuest77920: it's the -dev package05:26
Guest77920the terminal says E: Package 'libxul-dev' has no installation candidate05:28
timhim using kubuntu 10.04 Maverick..i have plugged in a headphone to my Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, but sound comes from the internal speakers...06:09
timhi have set the master channel to my headset06:09
timhbut still sound not coming from heaphones...any way to fix this ?06:10
timhkubuntu 10.1006:16
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onyxnzany body else having issues with Konversation? On wifes machine it starts, and tries to connect to %i port 6667...of course it never connects. I have check the konversationrc file, and even removed it so that I got a new one...no diff08:50
onyxnzubu 10.408:51
geekosophermaco: you silenced ucenik21? ;)08:53
valorieonyxnz: using konvi here, without issues08:55
onyxnzvalorie: same version? 1.2.308:55
valorieis it konvi, or networkmanager?08:55
valoriein kub. 10.1008:56
onyxnzright...different version. thanks for report anyhow08:56
valorieyou can't upgrade?08:56
onyxnzwifes machine, ubu10.4 LTS, no backport08:57
onyxnzgets a bit touchy on a full upgrade to latest ;)08:57
valoriethe folks in #konversation are very helpful08:57
onyxnzoh? thanks!08:57
skramer_hi. I just found that apps started in sudo mode look so ugly. how can I fix it?08:58
valoriewhy are you starting in sudo?08:58
valoriefirst, you should rarely run in root08:58
valoriesecond: use kdesudo for gui apps08:59
skramer_yes, I know08:59
valorieyou can mess up your computer by running sudo rather than kdesude08:59
skramer_actually, I became aware of the problem when pinentry asked my passphrase & it looked ugly, too09:00
skramer_so I started looking for the reason, but could not find anything yet09:00
skramer_not sure if the problem came with yesterday's update to KDE SC 4.6.109:00
valoriewell, if it is all KDE apps, you might ask in #kde , or #kde-devel09:01
geekosopherskramer_: even I've noticed this change after yesterday09:01
skramer_ok, I will try there. thanks09:01
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rorkhello silence15010:40
ArachonSo. I'm currently running Vanilla Ubuntu 10.10 on a Samsung n350 Netbook, but I am considering migrating to Kubuntu (because, hey, Shiny!). But I'm guessing that doing a "regular" backup of the system, then restoring from it, would not be the best of ideas. Is it any idea to try to backup at all (apart from home folder of course), or should I just re-install everything once I'm on Kubuntu10:48
susundbergYou mean as backup what?10:49
CoNFuS3Dwhy would you need to backup.. just download the kde desktop and install it...10:50
ArachonI'm told that if I just install the KDE desktop, I'll be stuck with loads of redundant applications from GNOME10:50
susundbergbut if you are not low on diskspace that is easiest way10:52
ArachonAnd all the features that are present in Kubuntu 10.10 will be there as well?10:52
susundbergYes, ubuntu and kubuntu differ only on the packages installed10:54
ArachonAnd those packages are included in the KDE desktop?10:55
susundbergNot sure, but at kde-desktop contains the basic programs11:01
CoNFuS3DI only just recently changed to kde desktop, and there were minimal programs with it...11:02
CoNFuS3Dbut all in all, kde is much better11:02
ArachonBut I'd just do apt-get install kde-desktop then11:03
CoNFuS3Dnot sure what package is called.. can't remember11:04
RealmkeeperArachon: Just from googling, I found this for you... http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kde11:06
ArachonRight, thanks :)11:07
RealmkeeperYou're welcome.11:07
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TrismegistВ скайпе не работает камера. Подскажите что чделать чтобы камера заработала. На винде камера работает.12:20
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:21
tmp_hi everybody. I have notebook Lenovo b550 with integrated bluetooth adapter and Kubuntu 10.10, but the adapter isn't defined. "No bluetooth adapter have been found"12:28
Guest76045what does dmesg tells you?12:29
tmp_i couldn't find there anything related witn "Bluetooth"12:33
tmp_On official site (broadcom) I have founded that my device has drivers for Windows, but for linux -not12:38
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tmp_hi everybody. I have notebook Lenovo b550 with integrated bluetooth adapter and Kubuntu 10.10, but the adapter isn't defined. "No bluetooth adapter have been found"On official site (broadcom) I have founded that my device has drivers for Windows, but for linux -not14:46
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BluesKajtmp_, do you have bluedevil installed , I assume it's the bluetooth device and connection manager14:53
tmp_yes, bluedevil installed, but he doesn't start14:56
BluesKajtmp_, what bluetooth device are you trying to run ?14:57
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v3ctortmp_: what does `hcitool dev` show?14:59
tmp_one of integrated bluetooth...Company - broadcom, On official site (broadcom) I have founded that my device has drivers for Windows, but for linux -not14:59
BluesKajtmp_, bluetooth for what ? what are you trying to do ?15:00
tmp_Devices: (empty)15:00
v3ctoris the bluetooth device enabled? (hardware switch or bios)15:01
tmp_Bluetooth for connect with mobile15:02
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup15:03
tmp_Hardware switch enable, in the BIOS can not15:03
BluesKaj!info bluedevil15:04
ubottubluedevil (source: bluedevil): The KDE bluetooth stack. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0~rc4-0ubuntu2.1 (maverick), package size 196 kB, installed size 1204 kB15:04
tmp_For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetu....... This cannt help, because step 1 andDevice is not available: No such device15:07
v3ctortmp_: does lsusb show your device?15:07
tmp_No, he doesnt15:08
BluesKajtmp_, .whatever your device is requires adriver from what I can tell , use the windows name of the device to search for a linux driver15:08
tmp_I have finded drivers only for windows15:11
tmp_lspci too15:14
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BluesKajtmp_, maybe this will work , but you'll probly have to remove bluedevil first, http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Hardware/KBluetooth-50863.shtml15:16
BluesKajwb james14715:17
tmp_cannt install  from sources15:34
tmp_./configure not this file or catalog15:34
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Guest51737hi people16:10
Guest51737does anyone know a good article/tutorial about programming games for ubuntu?16:11
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/16:11
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divinefuryhey all16:45
divinefurywhy doesn't kde let me create samba shares anymore16:46
vanguardhow can I start a process in a way that it is independent of the current shell and will even run after I close the terminal window? I tried &, but it kills the process when I close the window16:46
vanguarddivinefury: maybe it is a classic permissions problem? If you need to transfer data from Windows to Linux, I'd try WinSCP, since it works effortlessly over SSH16:48
Picivanguard: nohup processname &  or you could run it in screen if you care to be able to interactively control it later.16:48
Picivanguard: Or using disown, but I'm not sure of that syntax off the top of my head.16:49
divinefuryvanguard: i need to transfer data from linux to windows16:49
vanguarddivinefury: if you have an account on the linux machine, you can access all files on the linux machine on the windows machine with WinSCP, just like a FTP program16:49
vanguarddivinefury: you just need to have the openssh-server installed16:49
vanguarddivinefury: ... on the linux machine16:50
vanguardPici: nohup seems like a good start, I'll check it out16:51
divinefuryvanguard: when i go to 'Properties'->'Share' after right clicking an item (file or folder) in dolphin or konqueror, there is a button there which says 'Configure File Sharing', clicking which does nothing16:51
vanguarddivinefury: I never had too good experience with SMB anyway -- but maybe sharing is not set up on your system properly or something like that? You could try to open dolphin from the command line and check if there are any error like "no smb installed" on there16:52
vanguardPici: nohup it is. thx!16:53
BluesKajdivinefury, open dolphin , click network/samba shares ...does anything show ?16:54
divinefuryvanguard: i need to create a Mapped Network Drive from a folder on the linux machine that is why I need smb16:54
divinefuryBluesKaj: Hi, how are you? Yes I can see the shared folders on the network16:55
vanguarddivinefury: yeah, SMB is the only way for that. you could open kpackagekit and check whether anything "smb" is installed16:55
divinefuryvanguard: I have samba and samba-client installed16:56
divinefurybluesKaj: I can browse the network locations without any problems16:56
BluesKajor divinefury did youtry "add network Folder" then MSWindows network drive?16:56
vanguardvalorie: I guess you need something server like, client is just browsing16:57
BluesKajdivinefury, then you have toshare the files on the windows pc thqatyou want to access from linux16:57
divinefurybluesKaj: is that not the other way round? as in if i wanted to map a remote location as a drive on my linux machine?16:58
divinefurybluesKaj: its the other way round, I want to create a shared folder on the linux machine which i want to access from my windows machines and map as a network drive16:59
BluesKajdivinefury, you still need to set up sharing the folders from your windows pc16:59
BluesKajthe windows shares as they're clled17:00
divinefuryBluesKaj: how would I do that considering I can view the linux machine from the windows machines but since there is no shared folders, its empty?17:01
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tertl3booga booga17:04
DreamcatcherWhat's up? :)17:04
tertl3i'm just installing KXstudio17:04
tertl3the best distro ever17:04
DreamcatcherGreat I just installed Kubuntu at first time in my life17:04
tertl3i like KDE17:04
DreamcatcherKXstudio? its sequencer?17:04
tertl3KXstudio is a customized Kubunbtu17:05
tertl3its a full distro17:05
Dreamcatcherhmm.. ok. I got to get to know it17:05
tertl3Dreamcatcher: if you play guitar?17:06
tertl3or if you are a musician17:06
tertl3you may want to check out some things17:06
divinefuryBluesKaj, vanguard: i was missing kdenetwork-filesharing, installing that sorted the problem out17:06
DreamcatcherI  am. But is it better than pro tools le817:07
divinefuryBluesKaj, vanguard: not good. 1 would presume that this would be installed by default or atleast automatically once samba is installed17:07
Dreamcatcheror compared to it17:07
tertl3Dreamcatcher: i've never tried protools, but its nice17:08
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Dreamcatcherhmm.. kxstudio17:11
Dreamcatchergotta leave now.. bye17:12
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janimohello, did anyone give back Qt on ARM in the past 2 hours?17:33
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jackspike can i used security cameras attached to computer (with the required card)    instead of webcams?17:54
jackspikewhat is free software for video surveilance?17:54
alex_ivaylovguys, i cant open 7zip archives, i am getting a "failed to locate 7z in path" error after i just upgraded my packages. is that a bug?17:58
v3ctoryou installed 7zip?17:59
alex_ivaylovof course17:59
v3ctorwas it the p7zip in the repo?18:00
alex_ivaylovhttps://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=607126 may be that's the same with kubuntu? can you open 7zip archives?18:01
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 607126 in kdeutils "kdeutils: ark uses 7z, not 7za" [Medium,New]18:01
v3ctori have not had the need to open 7zip files18:03
alex_ivaylovok, no worries, i will just extract it on my windows laptop18:03
v3ctorwhich 7z18:03
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DrknzzHi guys! I just installed Chromium [I like rekonq, but it needs to mature a lot :S], but i got the window border on it, is there any way to make it look like on windows? [chromium looked like that on pardus, another kde4 linux distro]18:33
rorkDrknzz: maybe go to about:config (IIRC, I don't use Chromium) and look for the option18:36
Drknzzrork: Ok18:36
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amarendradid anybody use "remastersys" for kubuntu? Did it worked well??18:56
v3ctorDrknzz: did you look under prefernces>personal stuff /18:58
Drknzzv3ctor: I just did, and founf there is an option for that. Thanks tho :)18:58
Drknzz(That should be enabled by default)18:58
v3ctori don't remember changing mine and it was set that way18:59
v3ctormight be different inthe nightly build version18:59
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hobe_can someone help please19:11
hobe_i use ubuntu wlan works after 1setup now only Lancable19:12
hobe_how to go return to start point setup, only to lose my files19:12
hobe_how to use wlan19:13
hobe_i use it but now dont working19:13
amarendraFirst install the driver19:14
amarendraof wlan19:14
hobe_someone here??19:14
amarendrausing lan cable19:14
hobe_i use it19:14
amarendrait will automatically detect19:14
amarendraor go to proprietry driver19:15
amarendrathen it will tell u19:15
hobe_i dont whant to do this....i whant to use wlan19:15
amarendrato install19:15
hobe_but it doesent run19:15
amarendrawhich version r u using>>19:15
hobe_oh upps how to finde proprietry driver19:15
hobe_ubuntu one i meen19:16
hobe_9. something19:16
amarendraits in the administrative block19:16
hobe_how to come there19:16
amarendrasee if u can get19:16
amarendraubuntu or kubuntu???19:17
hobe_i read something and read it19:17
hobe_desktop vers19:17
hobe_i dont know19:17
hobe_i use an SAGER Notebook19:17
hobe_beatyfull thing19:18
hobe_i like it19:18
hobe_it runs only with Linux Ubuntu19:18
amarendradid u update ???19:18
hobe_but wlan dosnt working know19:18
hobe_if ill try the first time it works19:19
hobe_on the top the sign change19:19
amarendrathen restart the mordem19:19
hobe_lan network is on the top19:19
amarendrasee if it works19:19
hobe_i am know here on net if i cut my cable nothing doing19:20
hobe_sometime where was an ikon likes an Radar ))) ...nothing19:21
hobe_how to go back on my start of system19:22
hobe_setup ore something19:22
hobe_it running19:22
hobe_i do it by my linux cd rom...`???19:22
hobe_restarting setup ??19:24
hobe_someone here??19:25
hobe_dont reading??19:25
hobe_i use now this ??? 10.1019:26
hobe_change KDE ???19:26
hobe_HALLO thank you19:27
hobe_hi dende19:33
hobe_how to use ubuntu19:33
hobe_i lose my using19:33
hobe_i dont know19:34
hobe_know i make 10.10 desktopi386.iso19:34
hobe_and i can use my files all ??19:35
Picihobe_: Would a channel in German be easier for you?  Its difficult to understand what you're asking.19:35
hobe_my wlan dont working19:36
hobe_whats difficult19:36
hobe_the sign dont working ...in thirst time it works19:36
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ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:37
hobe_thx i look german ok19:37
Picihobe_: If theres another language that is easier for you, just ask.  I'm guessing based on your hostname.19:38
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jackspikecan i use security camera with pc and use a surveilance software with it?20:04
genii-aroundjackspike: For surveillance system on linux I would suggest a box by itself set up with ubuntu server (no desktop) and Zoneminder. then you use your web browser from your desktop box to go into it20:06
jackspikei dont know which one to buy... i want security cam rather than webcam. and use it for surveilance (recording on harddisk and stream it for live view on the internet by me from a remote location)20:08
jackspikegenii-around zoneminder is difficult to configure.20:08
genii-aroundjackspike: It's not so bad. I have 3 old Pentium 2 boxes running headless with 3 4-port capture cards in each20:09
jackspikebtw, what apps do this. zoneminder , monitors, any other. and can i run them on windows?20:11
m477plz see this http://pastebin.com/ReW7UeBf20:11
m477and note20:11
jackspikegenii-around ^20:12
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mitsoshello ppl20:29
mitsosnewbie here, with a small prob20:29
mitsosanybody willing to help ????20:30
mitsoshello there20:39
v3ctormitsos: waiting to hear the problem20:40
mitsosgot a problem with installing a new language20:40
mitsosalthough i tried the approach with system settings/locale, the language is not installed20:41
mitsosit says it is installed, but it is not20:41
mitsosany idea what i'm doing wrong ????????20:42
v3ctordid you try installing the language in the system setting?20:44
mitsosdon't know20:44
mitsoshow do i do that ??????????20:45
mitsossorry, complete newbie :-)))))20:45
v3ctoropen system settings and choose regional and language20:45
mitsosdid that, but in system settings there is "locale"20:46
mitsosin there there is regional &language20:47
v3ctoron locale tab click the 'install new language' button20:48
mariangelalguien que me recomiende algun juego bueno online para ubuntu??20:48
mariangelalguien que me recomiende algun juego bueno online para ubuntu??20:49
mariangelalguien que me recomiende algun juego bueno online para ubuntu??20:49
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:50
fairylove25hi everyone. are there any real games for kubuntu and ubuntu like fifa, MK, etc?20:50
XamDMi am running kubuntu 10.10 with kde4.6, but if i start the User-settings the programm runs without the oxygen style, this also sumtimes happens while using kpackagekit. How can i fix it ???20:59
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XamDMany application i am running with kdesudo do not use the oxygen style, instead they use the win 9x-style. what is going wrong ???21:10
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jackspikeis there a program called monitors for survailance by webcams ?22:06
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TornadoXubuntuplease, i installed the latest version of p7zip but i am not am not able to open compressed files with it. I am simply not finding it under the programs' menu.22:54
WaltzingAlong!info p7zip22:59
ubottup7zip (source: p7zip): 7zr file archiver with high compression ratio. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.04~dfsg.1-1 (maverick), package size 350 kB, installed size 1000 kB22:59
apparlewhile searching in krunner, how can I specify which type of file I want, eg: a AVI Video or a Folder23:08
judgeni seemed to have messed up my oxygen icons in user space. (not [sys]/share/icons but in ~/) Where is that settings and icons stored?23:11
judgensomewhere in ~/.kde is guess.23:11
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