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antonohello. i having problems with my PPA  builds on launchpad.01:41
antonobuildlog reports that package has wrong signature01:41
antonogpgv: Signature made Tue Mar  8 00:52:14 2011 UTC using RSA key ID 04D1D6E101:41
antonohowever this key is added to my profile01:42
antonoand verified via email01:42
antonowhats wrong?01:42
antonogpgv: Can't check signature: public key not found01:42
wgrantantono: If it's in the build log that's no problem.01:52
wgrantantono: It's just a warning (and one that you can do nothing about)01:52
antonowgrant: thanks. really i missed that real error was in other line of buildlog02:04
wgrantScottK: LP's pydkim has another change that's not in natty.04:11
wgrantScottK: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mbp/ubuntu/lucid/pydkim/details/revision/704:11
ScottKUseful. That's something I thought was needed.04:12
wgrantDo you want to drag that in, or should I upload it?04:12
wgrantI'd like to use an egg build straight from an officialish branch, and this is all that's stopping us.04:12
ScottKOnce poolie gets back he can push his changes into the new upstream branch I'm making.04:12
wgrantGood idea.04:13
ScottKThen we can have a bugfix release here shortly.04:13
ScottKOne other person has a patch so it can work with either pydns or dnspython.04:13
ScottKdnspython's a bit overkill for TXT record lookup.04:13
ScottK(not that I expect LP to switch, you'll use the one in Main)04:14
wgrantWe might also want to remove its internal ASN1 parser and use pyasn1.04:14
ScottKIf you want to go ahead and upload to to Natty, I don't mind but please merge from Unstable first (current Natty and Unstable are ~the same)04:14
wgrantHmm, and it has a 822 parser as well.04:15
wgrantI might see how much of dkim.py I can delete tonight.04:15
ScottKI think you might want to join https://launchpad.net/~pydkim-hackers04:16
ScottKThat team will own trunk.04:16
wgrantIt is already a fairly short module, but we might as well make it really short.04:16
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ScottKwgrant: It's there, so go for it.04:34
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RawChidHi, I want to make a (python) script which gets some info about translations from Launchpad. Does anyone know if and how I can use the Launchpad API for this?09:37
RawChidI found documentation on bugs and project, byt can't find anything on retrieving translations09:37
RawChidI just want readonly things. Think about: how many untranslated strings per package/project..09:38
dpmhi RawChid, unfortunately there is no API on translations. There is a spec for implementing the reporting part at https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/Specs/ReportingAPI - if you'd like to help on that, I'm sure launchpad developers will be more than happy to mentor :)09:38
RawChidSo I can help implementing that part of the API?09:40
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bjfany guess on how long the staging service will be down ?10:47
wgrantbjf: It's difficult to say. Have you considered using qastaging instead?10:53
bjfwgrant, what is qstaging ?10:53
wgrantbjf: qastaging.launchpad.net is similar to staging. They both run the latest code on a copy of the production database that is erased every week or so.10:54
X3lectricwgrant: managed to fix the sftp issues it was down to currupt certifictates now allmost there... thx for help yesterday10:56
bjfwgrant, thanks, will give it a try10:56
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wgrantX3lectric: Great. What's the problem now?10:57
X3lectricim on ubuntu-packaging asking how to stop lpia packages from being built from karmic sources, architecture field says all atm10:58
X3lectricunfortunatly thers not much live in #ubuntu-packaging11:00
X3lectricgoogle only says ubuntu stopped supporting lpia from lucid onwards, cant find any documnetation on how to override this11:02
X3lectricreason why I want to override it is that these packages are not needed andn always fail to build ;P11:06
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om26erI have a complaint for a dude11:14
om26erhe was asked to keep conversation friendly and he didn't11:15
om26erbug 730667 was the warning11:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 730667 in unity (Ubuntu) "Color of "Places" and "Applications" dash launchers needs be closer to ubuntu-mono icons' color" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73066711:15
om26erand now bug 715001 comment #6 was ...11:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 715001 in unity "DesktopMenu should have a title" [Medium,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71500111:16
X3lectricactually thers a guy who signed the CoC yet was using profane language in ubuntu-motu last night and got away with it11:19
X3lectricnot a very pleasant chap11:19
X3lectricaround midnight GMT11:22
X3lectricwonder if this widely accepted swearing a cursing11:24
om26erthis channel is only for launchpad related stuff so thats offtopic11:27
X3lectricwait arent you complainig about similar?11:28
bjfwgrant, when using "qastaging" can I just use that for the service for "Launchpad.login_with" ?11:28
bjfwgrant, i'm trying to get there via the LP api11:29
wgrantbjf: You'll have to use the full URL, 'https://api.qastaging.launchpad.net/'11:33
wgrantqastaging is only a few months old, so it's not in most launchpadlibs yet.11:33
nigelbX3lectric: No.  He's asking LP admins to something related to LP11:34
nigelbX3lectric: You need to talk to IRC council in #ubuntu-irc11:34
X3lectricnigelb: oh ok11:36
maxbX3lectric: If you currently have "Architecture: all", lpia packages won't be built anyway11:54
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X3lectriceven in karmic?11:57
X3lectricill have a tripple check on all packages to see if thers anything that could be causing this11:57
X3lectricon control file11:58
bjfwgrant, can't get to: https://qastaging.launchpad.net/kernel-sru-workflow  is this because that project is not in the qastaging copy of the db right now or because i'm an idiot ?12:00
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maxbX3lectric: "Architecture: any" on the other hand, would build lpia packages12:03
wgrantbjf: That project appears to have been created a day after the last qastaging DB restore.12:04
bjfwgrant, :-) thanks just wanted to know it wasn't me12:05
JerubWhy is there a link to launchpad.net/feedback which redirects to help.launchpad.net/Feedback at the bottom of the page under 'Contact Launchpad Support'?12:26
Jerubthat Feedback page doesn't have a link to the documentation, only a way to ask questions. shouldn't the first port of call be the documentation site for people needing help?12:26
doodooi am not able to download any packages from PPA. I am using mozilla daily ppa12:59
doodoolaunchpad is slow to download13:00
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serfushey there lanuchpad people.. we (ubuntu israel team) use the launchpad mailing list on our team. the problem is that the archive isn't readable, due to the hebrew writing i suppose15:53
serfusis there something we can do about it?15:53
jcsackettserfus: you mean the web display or the archive is mangling the hebrew characters?15:55
joeyjml: ping15:56
jmljoey: what's up?15:57
serfusjcsackett, yes15:57
* jcsackett looks.15:57
jcsackettah, i see; it's just subjects that are being botched.15:58
jcsackettserfus: when you get the email, i assume everything is okay (e.g. this isn't a problem with all email, just viewing in the archive?)15:58
joeyjml: howdy.  Talk to me about blueprints as umbrella structures which can contain other blueprints15:58
joeyjml: did that discussion every go anywhere?15:59
serfusjcsackett, yes, you are right15:59
jmljoey: I don't recall that discussion, sorry. Also, I have a meeting on the hour.15:59
serfusjcsackett, it's not just the subjects at the archive, it's all of the mails16:00
jcsackettserfus: when i open a thread, i see the messages themselves in hebrew.16:00
jmljoey: you mean something different to blueprint dependencies, right?16:00
jcsackettserfus: in fact, google translate plugin pops up asking if i would like to translate from hebrew to english.16:01
joeyjml: a while ago we talked about the need to chuck out work items in a blueprint. Sometimes those work items are blueprints themselves.  Ubuntu and Linaro use work-items in the dashboard.  I recalled there was a conversation to allow blueprints to be displayed like bug tasks so that you could have a big blueprint with smaller blueprints underneath it.16:01
jcsackettserfus: i see this is not the case for all messages. :-/16:01
joeys/chuck/chuNk/   sorry still trying to wake up jml :-)16:01
serfusjcsackett, that's odd, i see only ×××...16:01
jmljoey: there has been more discussion on that, but no actual movement.16:02
jmljoey: gotta go.16:02
jcsackettserfus: the first thread i opened was in hebrew. https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-il/msg00253.html16:02
jcsackettothers do not appear to be.16:02
jcsackettdo you see 'xxxx' only in the link i just sent, serfus?16:03
serfusyes. that is hebrew!16:03
serfuswhat's the diffrence between this and the others?16:03
jcsacketti have no idea, but let's see if we can find out. :-)16:03
serfusbecause every other one i checked what botched16:04
jcsackettserfus: yes, it seems like everything else is rendering wrong.16:06
serfusi have tried to view the archive with different encodings but it's still the same16:06
joeyjml: k, thanks.  The reason I asked is https://wiki.linaro.org/EngineeringUnits/Management/Meetings/2011-03-0816:09
jmljoey: ok, thanks. I'll take a look at that.16:09
jcsackettserfus: i cannot find an easy solution to this--nothing appears to be misconfigured. you should probably file a bug for this, as it is certainly an issue we should continue to follow.16:12
jcsackettif you would like, i can file the bug for you.16:13
serfusokay, i would do that16:13
serfusif you are up for it. :)16:13
serfusanyway, i have to leave now16:13
serfusbut i will come back later today16:14
jcsackettserfus: okay. thanks for reporting this. :-)16:14
jcsackettserfus: it seems this bug is already reported. see bug 64723216:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 647232 in Launchpad itself "mailing list archives x-out non-ascii characters" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64723216:15
serfusjcsackett, oh i see, i actually know the one who filed the bug16:17
serfusso it seems like there is no fix right now16:18
jcsackettserfus: it would appear not, at this time. but the workarounds listed there might be worthwhile.16:18
serfusalright, thanks mate16:19
jcsackettserfus: you're welcome. :-)16:19
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dpmjtv, or someone from a maintenance team, may I ask you for your help with the firefox translations template in Natty? It seems it's not getting updated16:39
dpmSo looking at https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+publishinghistory there have been several Natty uploads recently, but it seems that the template's last update was on the 22 Feb16:40
dpm(looking at https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/firefox/+pots/firefox/+admin)16:40
dpmOn the imports queue there is an entry for the template:16:41
dpmbut the date is somehow wrong too: the 26th of Feb, but there have been uploads after that16:42
jtvdpm: that date is the creation date for the entry.  If the entry's been updated since then with a new version of the template, it still shows the old date.16:42
jtvI am not here.16:42
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dpmthanks jtv-zzz16:43
dpmWhat I don't understand is why that template keeps getting stuck in Needs Review for days. I've at least approved it manually twice, so the approver should do its job and approve it automatically16:43
dpmhenninge, any clues? ^16:43
henningedpm:  looking16:44
henningedpm: do you have access to this page?16:46
henningedpm: no, +edit16:46
dpmhenninge, yeah, to both16:46
henningeThe path is different from the upload file16:47
henningedpm: AFIK the autoapprover matches by path.16:47
henningedpm: If you change it there to match the queue entry, the autoapprover should pick up on it.16:48
henningedpm: if in the past you simply approved the entry, the path field never gets updated.16:48
henningedpm: I have to admit that I don't like that behavior (of not updating the path) but it is intended for on-off uploads.16:49
dpmhenninge, so what do I need to do to ensure the auto-approver does its job? Change the path in the +edit page so it matches the one in the import queue entry (i.e. change 'en-US.xpi' to 'lp-export-xpis/en-US.xpi')?16:51
henningeand hope it does not change again on the next import ... ;-)16:52
dpmok, thanks for your help henninge17:02
jetienneq. in launchpad apparently my karma comes from "soyuz" activity, what is this ?17:03
bigjoolsPPA uploads17:03
jetiennebigjools: thanks17:04
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janimocan I see the last failed buildlog of a package if the build was already given back?17:28
janimoThis one https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/4:4.7.2-0ubuntu2/ after running for over a day, now shows started 1 hour ago17:29
janimoso I assume it failed and someone retried17:29
janimoI'd like to see how it failed17:29
bigjoolsjanimo: no it's not possible17:38
bigjoolsit's possible that the build did not complete because the builder was removed (some are temporary)17:39
jetienneFound files in /usr/local (must be in /usr). <- this is the error i got in my build ? should i copy it in /bin ?17:41
jetiennewhy /usr is forbidden ?17:41
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ftawhen i fold lines in a debian/changelog with vim (Gqq), launchpad further folds my lines, is that a bug?18:36
maxbjetienne: Packages are not supposed to install into /usr/local/, because that tree is reserved for manually installed non-packaged software19:05
jetiennemaxb: ok noted19:06
trijntjeping fta19:33
barryhowdy folks, any code hosting + mercurial experts around?19:33
lifelesshi trijntje19:34
barrylifeless: hi19:34
ftatrijntje, pong19:35
barrylifeless: well, i'm trying to update launchpad's branch imports of python to match its shiny new mercurial repo.  if i'm reading the docs correctly, we can only import the default branch in the repo?  is it possible to also import the long-lived version branches?19:35
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sinzuibarry: that relates to bzr-hg I think jelmer might know something about that19:37
barrysinzui: cool, thanks19:38
barryjelmer is probably off line atm, but i'll send him an email19:38
sinzuiI should know the answer to this. I am researching it. If the question was about git, I could confidently say No, but maybe in 6 months19:39
trijntjeHi fta, i'm trying to translate Chromium (policy-templates) but I'm having a hard time finding the strings I see there in Chromium. Is there some resource I could use to track them down so that I might know the context in which those strings occur?19:39
sinzuitrijntje: no there is not :( I think a lot of people start the app and look for it19:41
sinzuibarry: the answer is no. This is the same issue as importing non-master from git. That means we are committed to fix it19:43
ftatrijntje, this template is tricky, it comes from a pseudo json file (in fact, a python object). but so far, this feature is not enabled on linux, so you can postpone it for now19:46
ftatrijntje, i need to discuss with upstream to see if/when it should land for linux.19:47
trijntjeok, i'll skip it for now, thanks19:49
RawChidHey, see this overview: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+lang/nl/?batch=30  Is it possible to only get projects with untranslated strings? (i.e. untranslated > 0)19:49
trijntjein general I try to find the strings in one of the menu's, preferences or one of the entries in about:about, is there any other place I should check?19:50
barrysinzui: okay, thanks.  is there a bug i can subscribe to?  i'm now keenly interested in this feature :)19:52
barrysinzui: i'll set up the trunk import now though19:52
sinzuibarry: I think this is bug 38087119:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 380871 in Bazaar "Allow imports of non-master branches when pulling from git repositories" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38087119:54
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barrysinzui: that's bzr-git.  is there a separate one for bzr-hg or can i piggyback on the git bug?19:56
sinzuiI think that is the one. I believe the real issue is Lp, not the plugin19:56
barrysinzui: cool thanks19:56
jelmerThe issue is Bazaar itself, rather than any of the plugins or Launchpad19:57
barryjelmer: hi!  this came up on my radar today because i'm trying to import the new python hg repo, which has 'default' branch as python 3.3, but also named branches in that repo for other releases.  when bug 380871 is fixed in launchpad, will that allow me to set up imports of the named branches?19:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 380871 in Bazaar "Allow imports of non-master branches when pulling from git repositories" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38087119:58
jelmerbarry: Yep19:59
barryjelmer: awesome, thanks19:59
jelmerbarry: Perhaps the importance of that bug needs to be bumped up to high, there's been quite a few requests for it..19:59
barryjelmer: it'd be nice to see one of the lp squads plan for it sometime soon-ish20:00
jelmerbarry: it's a bazaar issue, not a Launchpad issue20:01
jelmerThere shouldn't be any changes necessary in Launchpad, you'll just have to add ",python3.3" to the Mercurial URL20:02
barryjelmer: ah, gotcha.  i was wondering what the lp ui would be for that20:02
barryjelmer, sinzui thanks!20:02
sinzuiThank you jelmer!20:03
barryin the meantime, the default import is running and i can swap that for lp:python when it's complete (the svn repos are read-only now)20:03
MTecknologyhmmm...... Somhow I uploaded a php package where the version started with php5-5xxx instead of 5xxx21:15
MTecknologyI guess the only thing to do is delete that from the ppa and upload the correct version; no legit version number will ever be higher than the wrong one21:16
sorenMTecknology: Sure. That's what epochs are for.21:22
sorenMTecknology: "1:whatever" will always be higher than "somethingelse".21:23
sorenMTecknology: Look at Debian policy. Search for epoch.21:23
MTecknologythanks :F21:24
benjiMTecknology: I thought you turned into a vampire there for a second.21:32
Elleohi, I'm having a few problems importing existing translations into launchpad; if I do it via the bzr import it doesn't get a target set and just gets listed as "Needs Review", if I upload the po manually I can get it to set the correct target but it's still listed as "Needs Review" with no way to approve it21:35
Elleothe imports in question are here: https://translations.launchpad.net/librefm/trunk/+imports21:35
Elleoas far as I can tell our file structure should be okay, .po files are named after their country code and are in the same directory as the .pot file21:36
Elleos/country code/language code/21:36
sinzuiElleo: I need to look into this. I think you have done everything right, and by choosing import from branch you do not need to do something.21:42
Elleookay, thanks21:43
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sinzuiElleo: I approved both stuck translations, though I know that both are the same. That should clear the queue and permit subsequent uploads to be auto-approved.22:12
Elleosinzui: great, thanks very much :)22:26
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