tuhinhow much ram Lubuntu 10.10 uses right after boot to desktop?00:05
camilo2214activar audio04:12
camilo2214helpme!!! audio in lubuntu04:13
camilo2214speak spanish and deuscht04:14
Onyx47hello guys, anyone here have tried running compiz with lubuntu on a eee pc?12:45
MrChrisDruifNot me, sorry Onyx47 :)12:46
Onyx47well, I'm giving it a go to see if I get better performance if I load off at least some work from CPU but the damned thing won't start, keeps complaining about unconfigured something or other for 32bit screen depth12:48
MrChrisDruifWell...I don't know...13:01
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speckmadeI could really use the information when aqualung was added - preferably a link to a webpage with that information. Was it default music player all the way since 8.10?14:11
NRWlionhey everybody16:33
tuhinthis room is too quite17:24
NRWlionit definetly is ;)17:27
tuhini thinl LXDE is better than XFCE17:31
NRWlioni had both installed on my machine but i finally stayed which LXDE17:45
tuhini installed xfce but feel its overrated , lxde should get he limelight17:51
tuhinhi leszek17:54
tuhinso , all here using lubuntu or some other version?17:54
leszektuhin: I am the main dev for zevenos which is a ubuntu based distro & zevenos-neptune which is a debian based distro18:05
leszekso besides lubuntu I am also using both of them18:06
tuhinwhich is the 2nd?18:06
tuhinLubuntu, Zevenos and18:06
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leszektuhin: on this notebook here I have zevenos-neptune & zevenos + lubuntu18:23
tuhinwhats the difference between the two?18:23
leszektuhin: neptune is debian based and has kde4 as desktop zevenos is ubuntu based and xfce based (resembles the look of good old beos)18:24
leszektuhin: you can find screenshots for both of them here: http://www.zevenos.com18:25
tuhinyes i was browsing that site18:25
tuhinwhy u choose xfce over LXDE for the os?18:26
tuhinlxde is easier to customize by users imho and looks almost same+ lxde is lighter18:27
leszektuhin: back then when we decided to base our distro on xfce there was no lxde yet18:37
speckmadeI could really use the information when aqualung was added - preferably a link to a webpage with that information. Was it default music player all the way since 8.10?19:44
jmarsden|workspeckmade: You might consider searching the archive of the lubuntu-desktop mailing list for email related to aqualung, as one possible way to find out more about Lubuntu history.  I am not sure how far back the archive goes, though.  I suspect not as far as you need, unfortunately.20:43
speckmadenevertheless - thanks for the inspiration. I really didn't think of that yet... :-/20:44
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Dekkardsuper topic..just what I was looking for23:03
MrChrisDruifDekkard: Good to hear :)23:03
Dekkardyeah.. i got a p111 800 i need light23:04
MrChrisDruifI don't even know what kind of hardware that is :)23:06
Dekkardit runs on coal23:07
MrChrisDruifIt should run Lubuntu/LXDE no prob afaik23:09
Dekkardive used lxde for quite a while actually.. i just want to install a distro with out all the other cruft23:10
MrChrisDruifYou might need to use the mini ISO thou...as the graphical installer needs more RAM etc. than the actual desktop....weird, I know...but true I'm afraid <_<"23:10
Dekkardi got half a gig of ram it should be okee23:11
bioterrorgraphical installer requires 192MB of RAM23:11
bioterroryou're fine with that23:11
Dekkardyep thanks23:11
Unit193Dekkard: I'm running (well, walking) lubuntu on Celeron 500 & 512Ram (well, 509 because of shared video)23:11
Dekkardyeah?? how is it?23:11
bioterrorUnit193, 500MHz must be newest from the 1st gen celerons, hard to over clock :D23:12
Unit193Midori with not very many tabs is ok, cli stuff works just fine!23:12
bioterrorI remember people purchased around 1998 those 300MHz Celerons and took ~450MHz out of them23:12
Dekkardhave you found midori to have problems with redirects?23:13
Dekkardwell..gotta go do the install..cyas an d thanks23:14
Unit193model name: Celeron (Mendocino)23:15
szczuri have mendocino on one of my old PCs23:16
bioterrorI had dual celeron 466MHz ;)23:17
bioterrorAbit BP623:18
bioterrorwas the mobo23:18
bioterrormy first dual, and after that I had no return to single socket computers23:18
bioterrorbut good night, I have to wake up to work23:19
Unit193The main computer now doesn't even have dualcore23:19
MrChrisDruifThat was a weird sentence bioterror :P23:22
MrChrisDruifGood night, you need to wake up for work? :P23:22
MrChrisDruifHai silverlightning :)23:54
silverlightningnice to see you Chris23:55
silverlightningI have just installed lubuntu on a very old laptop, and most things work23:55
silverlightningeven chromium is pretty good23:55
silverlightningand bank23:55
silverlightningthe l cashe is really tiny on this computer, but lubuntu seem to run fine23:56
silverlightningprocessor I mean23:56
MrChrisDruifGreat going silverlightning :)23:57
MrChrisDruifI thought I recognized your nick from before :)23:57
silverlightninghowever there is no sound in youtube videos, but I dont know if I can ecspect that?23:58
silverlightningyes, I have been on here, but talking about a different computer23:58
silverlightningthis old thing seems to run better weirdly enought23:58
MrChrisDruifAhhh....didn't remember the laptop...23:58
silverlightningI put it aside, and it lives better with windows 723:59
MrChrisDruifBut afaik flash sound *should* just work :)23:59
silverlightningIt can be found in package manager ?23:59

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