jfiit is generated since maverick during boot00:33
LLStarkshi, how do i reset the unity launcher?00:43
LLStarksor remove its config files00:43
DaekdroomLLStarks, what's wrong with it?00:43
DaekdroomAs far as I know, the only thing you can edit is its behaviour (never hide, autohide etc) and the launchers00:44
LLStarksi want to restore default icons00:44
LLStarksand there's no software center icon00:45
LLStarkswhich is shameful00:45
DaekdroomI don't quite remember how it looks by default..00:45
lwizardlis there anyone working on fixing the Intel HDMI audio card support for 11.04 ? Just wondering since I have this and on both versions of 10.X (04/10) its partially broken00:46
histolwizardl: hav eyou checked launchpad?00:51
lwizardlhisto, nope I asked in the regular channel and was directed here00:52
arand!lp | histo00:56
ubottuhisto: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/00:56
arand!lp | lwizardl00:56
ubottulwizardl: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/00:56
micahganyone see a stray soffice.bin process on natty?01:30
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zniavrehttp://i.imgur.com/QEECE.png > i still get some wrong "display" on unity-2d panel08:18
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not currently be installable.08:32
zniavre_does nvidia-173 works on natty please?09:21
zniavre_susundberg,  thank you09:26
zniavre_nouveau can handle unity  (3d) ?09:26
RawChid Hi, I'm translating Ubuntu. Can anybody tell me what "Apps" are?10:00
RawChidAre those the same as "Applications"10:00
RawChidThese words are used in Unity and I thought about iPhone/iPad Apps.10:00
RawChidExamples: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/unity/+pots/unity/nl/+translate?show=untranslated10:01
Tm_TApps is just shorthand for Applications, same pretty much everywhere10:01
RawChidYeah, I was aware of that. But just to be sure10:02
RawChidIs there a reason to switch to using the word "App" instead of Applications?10:02
Tm_Tit's shorter, and widely used shorthand10:04
Tm_Tcan't think of any other reason, but cannot think of any reason why not either10:04
RawChidWell, for me (as a Dutch guy) it's a bit confusing.10:05
RawChidWe haven't a shorter translation for it, so in Dutch it'll remains "Application"10:05
alexanbjin unity alpha 3 functionality to resize the dash was added10:41
alexanbjbut how do i do that? it fills the entire view here and theres nothing to grab in the bottom right corner10:41
callaghanalexanbj: afaik, on netbooks it's always fullscreen10:42
callaghanalexanbj: otherwise, there should be a button to drag at the lower right corner...10:42
alexanbjaha, so that's why10:43
alexanbjbut laptop != netbook? :p10:43
callaghanalexanbj: it depends on the screen resolution; my netbook has 1024x600 ;)10:45
callaghanalexanbj: here the dash is fullscreen by default; otherwise, it should look like the pictures here, and you should be able to resize it: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/ubuntu-11-04-alpha-3-released/10:46
visual1ceis there any way to rearrange the panel... i'd like the max, min and close buttons on the top right11:44
visual1cein unity11:45
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veloc1tyhi.. is there a way to get fglrx running with natty yet?15:54
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insanity99hey guys, is unity optional?17:41
ior3kinsanity99: in what sense?17:42
insanity99can i still use gnome17:42
IdleOnethe classic desktop, yes.17:42
insanity99unity isn't for me17:42
ior3kinsanity99: yup, just choose "classic desktop" as your session17:42
ior3kI'm still using gnome, too, but I'll probably jump to unity-2d17:43
insanity99ok, think they will be slowly phasing it out or gnome will have continued support?17:43
ior3kI hear it supports xmonad17:43
ior3kwell, gnome2 will be discontinued at some point17:44
ior3kI think ubuntu will still provide gnome3 support17:44
ior3kfor the record, I think developing unity was a great move17:46
insanity99yeah, i love gnome. with gnome i need no desktop shortcuts, i can find anything i need real quick17:46
insanity99really? why? i dont hate it or anything, just want to know your opinion]17:46
ior3kbecause they're being bold enough to try new things17:47
DaekdroomGNOME3 is not going to be included in Ubuntu 11.0417:47
DaekdroomGnome Shell (which is only part of Gnome 3, not all of it) will be available in the repos in the future17:47
ior3koh, from reading Mark's posts I got the impression it would17:47
ior3kI'm not the most informed person about all things Ubuntu, though17:48
DaekdroomAll Gnome apps are still 2.32 in 11.0417:48
ior3kDaekdroom: that's due to stability concerns, right? I assume Gnome3 will eventually be included?17:48
Daekdroomior3k, not in 11.0417:49
insanity99aint broken, dont fix it i guess17:49
ior3kright, I mean after that17:49
DaekdroomIn 11.10 they will, iirc17:49
DaekdroomThere's a blueprint regarding that somewhere in launchpad17:49
insanity99whens the next lts?17:49
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MTecknologygall darnit.. apty go breaky19:13
genii-aroundHm. I wonder if  the " * Work around build failure in bash-static on amd64." in changelog for bash_4.2-0ubuntu2 possibly what's causing this other non-writing of .bash_history thing at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash/+bug/72884319:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 728843 in bash (Ubuntu) "After bash 4.2 update in Natty, .bash_history is no longer updated when terminal window is closed using the window manager's "X" button" [Undecided,New]19:14
MTecknologylooks like vim-runtime has yet to be published19:14
MTecknologyMaybe when I get back from a short trip (~1hr) i'll be able to update vim19:16
DaekdroomI better stop subscribing to every bug I encounter in natty19:17
techbreakI don't like unity in natty .. how do i remove it and get maverick desktop look ?19:47
Daekdroomtechbreak, in login screen, pick Classic Gnome instead of ubuntu desktop edition19:48
techbreakDaekdroom: i have "log in automatically" in my ubuntu19:49
Daekdroomtechbreak, disable that once. I think that after you pick Classic Gnome one time, it'll default to it.19:49
BUGabundono need19:50
BUGabundojust log out19:50
BUGabundoand pick19:50
techbreakDaekdroom: ok19:50
DaekdroomOr that.19:50
techbreakBUGabundo: log out and pick?19:50
techbreakBUGabundo: ok I got. :) ok19:50
BUGabundoclick on the users19:50
BUGabundothen before passwork19:50
BUGabundochoose the Window Manager to use19:51
BUGabundoon the bottom bar19:51
techbreakBUGabundo: okie thanks I will check that :)19:51
markfletcheranyone had any issues with networkmanager breaking?19:52
drcBUGabundo: Just out of curiosity...what if one has "auto login" enabled, how would one change that?19:52
techbreakI have one more problem with another laptop19:52
BUGabundomarkfletcher: wfm19:53
BUGabundodrc: its stil timed19:53
drcBUGabundo: thanks19:53
techbreakwhen i give update-manager -d in alt+f2 the update of natty doesn't show :(19:53
techbreakhow do i upgade it then ?19:53
BUGabundotechbreak: do-release-upgrade -d19:54
BUGabundobut are you on natty alreadty?19:54
BUGabundoor maverick ?19:54
techbreakBUGabundo: one laptop natty one maverick19:54
techbreaki want to change maverick one to natty now BUGabundo19:55
BUGabundonatty won't have anything to upgrade to19:55
BUGabundomaverick should work19:55
techbreakBUGabundo: no not that one another one19:55
BUGabundoremove any 3rd party ppa or repo19:55
techbreakok M cheking ur command19:55
techbreakBUGabundo: how do i remove that ?19:55
BUGabundosudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*19:55
BUGabundoand comment (add #) each line that isn't the oficial repo19:56
techbreakdo-release-upgrade -d is not working :(19:56
BUGabundothat's strange19:57
BUGabundoit *should* work19:57
BUGabundosorry, but not sure what to say or guide you19:57
BUGabundoplease file a bug, so the mantainer can take a look19:58
BUGabundoubuntu-bug  do-release-upgrade19:58
BUGabundo$ ubuntu-bug  do-release-upgrade19:58
techbreakBUGabundo: okie19:58
techbreakone more thing19:58
techbreakwhich lines to add # ?19:58
techbreakall the stuffs which don;t have maverick in it ?19:59
DaekdroomBUGabundo, techbreak, it comments all the unnoficial repos by default20:00
BUGabundowell, even those with maverick can be comment, cause they could be from PPA20:00
BUGabundoDaekdroom: what does? the upgrade tool? yes20:00
BUGabundobut he is not able to run it20:00
DaekdroomIt remove all PPAs before upgrading too20:00
DaekdroomHe's going to do it manually?20:01
BUGabundohope not20:01
BUGabundoI don't recommend it20:01
BUGabundospecially if he is not able to work his way around it20:01
techbreakBUGabundo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577587/20:02
BUGabundotechbreak: sincerely , based on this little talk, and all your questions, I don't feel like you should be running natty20:02
techbreakBUGabundo: but why the update managear is not showing upgarde option ?20:03
BUGabundothat I don't know20:03
BUGabundohence why I asked you to file a bug20:03
BUGabundoit will collect the needed data, and have the most adqueated person looking at it20:04
techbreakBUGabundo: ok20:04
DaekdroomI wonder if his system is set to show only LTS releases20:05
techbreakDaekdroom: no i just checked the settings20:05
BUGabundoDaekdroom: maybe20:05
BUGabundobut on maverick ?20:05
BUGabundonot expected20:05
techbreakBUGabundo: i just checked settings... its fine Daekdroom20:06
e01how can i downgrade compiz to 0.820:25
Daekdroome01, why?20:41
coz_hey all20:45
e01Daekdroom, because with 0.9 i get decrease of the visual speeds20:46
e01i can`t resize windows, when switching about windows they move choppy20:46
e01with 0.8 i had no problems20:46
Daekdroome01, are you sure it's not related to videocard drivers?20:47
e01:) yes20:47
e01i see this problem few months ago, when i switched to the 0.9, i thinked in natty with new xorg and new compiz and new drivers all will works as before but no20:48
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gordonjcphow do I put the menu bar back into the app windows, in 11.04?22:48
Daekdroomgordonjcp, are you using unity?22:48
gordonjcpDaekdroom: I have no idea22:49
DaekdroomRiiight. Do you have the sidebar launcher?22:49
gordonjcpit's actually quite like a Mac lying on its side22:49
DaekdroomThat means you're using Unity, and you can't move the menu bar back to window apps in unity, for now atleast.22:50
DaekdroomYou can move back to Classic GNOME, tho22:50
DaekdroomAll you have to do is logout and pick "Classic gnome" in the bottom bar before you enter your password22:50
gordonjcpis moving the menu bar back to the window likely to come along in Unity?22:50
Daekdroomgordonjcp, not sure22:50
gordonjcptbh the whole "menu bar stuck to the top of the screen" is what's kept me from being able to use Mac OS22:51
gordonjcpcan the launcher go at the bottom?22:51
gordonjcpyeah, I noticed22:52
gordonjcpit hard-locked the machine when I dragged it22:53
gordonjcpprobably won't stick with Unity then, I've got about ten years of muscle-memory wired up for a dock at the bottom of the screen22:54
gordonjcphow do I open more than one terminal in Unity?22:56
gordonjcpapart from wave the mouse around until the menu appears, then File->Open Terminal22:57
gordonjcpsurely if double-clicking the launcher icon launches one, double-clicking again should launch another22:57
DaekdroomThe other easiest way is using Dash.22:57
DaekdroomYou can file a bug asking for that, really.22:58
gordonjcpah, right22:58
gordonjcpno firebug in FF422:58
gordonjcpI don't understand Unity23:14
gordonjcppresumably it's designed for people cleverer than me23:14
coz_gordonjcp,  :)  I doubt it23:14
DaekdroomThere are a lot of stuff I don't like about Unity, but none involves that23:15
gordonjcpcoz_: maybe it's designed for people who have never used a computer and therefore have no preconceived ideas about how desktops and applications work23:15
coz_gordonjcp,  what unity should be is a neatly designed interface for a netbook which also means a small monitor/screen23:15
gordonjcpcoz_: I've been trying for ten minutes to bring a window to the foreground23:15
gordonjcpI can't figure out how to do it23:16
coz_gordonjcp,  it should be as simple as clicking the window23:16
gordonjcpcoz_: I can't click it, it's behind the browser23:16
gordonjcpif I click the terminal icon in the side bar, they appear, but then they disappear again when I click anything else23:16
gordonjcpand the browser disappears too23:16
coz_gordonjcp,  if you click upper panel...does it lest the opend windows  or if you hit scale or expo ‌ compiz23:17
gordonjcpit's like one of those puzzle games where you've got to turn off all the lights, but pressing each button turns some off and some on23:17
coz_does it list them rather23:17
gordonjcpthe bar at the top?23:17
Daekdroomgordonjcp, it gets so easier when you learn the keyboard shortcuts23:17
coz_gordonjcp,  let me log of on the other system and bring up unity ..hold on23:17
gordonjcpnothing happens if I click on it23:17
gordonjcpalt-f2 doesn't bring up a run box23:18
DaekdroomThat one is getting fixed soon23:18
gordonjcpthis is too hard23:18
gordonjcpoh great, it's obliterated menu.lst23:19
gordonjcpnow I can't even dual-boot23:19
coz_gordonjcp,  you can temporarily install grun and set that with a keybinding23:19
gordonjcpoh, no - it just creates its on /boot and doesn't bother to mount mine23:21
gordonjcpokay, so I need to reinstall grub then23:22
coz_gordonjcp, mm  ytou are correct about several opened windows... I cant find a way to bring       one forward here either23:22
yofel_shouldn't happen as long as /boot is properly in fstab23:22
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gordonjcpyofel: I can't tell if it is or not, /etc/fstab is all full of UUIDs23:22
yofelgordonjcp: any reason you were still using grub1 ?23:23
gordonjcpyofel: yes23:23
yofelgordonjcp: sudo blkid will list all UUIDs23:23
gordonjcpI rarely use Ubuntu23:23
gordonjcpand that's the only thing that uses grub1 dodgyness23:23
coz_gordonjcp,  oh wait... just click on the icon in the Launcher to bring the window forward into focuss23:24
gordonjcpcoz_: right, but then it closes all the other windows23:24
coz_gordonjcp,  no it pushes them into the background ... at least it does here23:24
DaekdroomIt pushes them into the background here23:24
gordonjcpcoz_: hm, it closes firefox and leaves the terminal windows open here23:25
coz_gordonjcp,  try clicking the firefox icon again23:25
gordonjcpright, anyway, short of zeroing out the disk and starting from scratch, how do I get grub1 back?23:25
gordonjcpcoz_: that plops firefox over everything again, and I'm back where I started23:25
coz_gordonjcp,  you would have to reinstall via a live cd23:25
gordonjcpoh, great23:25
gordonjcpI knew I'd regret this ;-)23:26
coz_gordonjcp,  well on a netbook system there is only so much room ... so much realestate23:26
coz_gordonjcp,  thus the reason for global menu23:26
gordonjcpcoz_: so why are they pushing a netbook WM for a desktop?23:26
coz_gordonjcp,  or you can change sessions  to either classic gnome  or classic gnome (no effects)23:26
gordonjcpI'm increasingly concerned about some of the design decisions in Ubuntu and Gnome23:26
coz_gordonjcp,  it is not designed for desktop,,, global menu is useless on a monitor larger than 15"23:27
gordonjcpcoz_: so why is it the default?23:27
yofelunity is a ubuntu only decision - I personally haven't tried gnome3 yet23:27
coz_and completely dumb on dual monitors23:27
gordonjcpso is it unity, or gnome 2 in 11.04?23:28
coz_gordonjcp,  well it is probably default because of the new design and implimentation of compiz 0.9.x  replacing mutter,,  and because the previous netbook used mutter which was a resouce hog23:28
DaekdroomGNOME 2 Apps + Unity as a Shell23:28
yofelyou can choose at login23:28
DaekdroomGnome Shell looks sooo neat23:28
DaekdroomToo bad it's unstable.23:28
coz_gordonjcp,  I personally dont use Unity  nor do I like gnome shell23:28
coz_gordonjcp,  I have a dual monitor system23:29
gordonjcpcoz_: I don't even use Ubuntu, most of the time23:29
gordonjcpit's too complicated23:29
Daekdroomcoz_, I didn't use Gnome Shell much because it messed up everything, but what's wrong with it?23:29
coz_gordonjcp, oh !  complicated?/ wow thats the first time I heard that :")23:29
DaekdroomWhat bothers me most about Unity is how it's done.23:29
gordonjcpcoz_: it's a PITA to set up23:29
DaekdroomIt uses images everywhere. Fullscreen Dash is slow as hell23:30
gordonjcpcoz_: I'm annoyed about this grub2 thing; it's a bit bloody rude just flattening someone's boot sector without asking23:30
yofelgordonjcp: it's a PITA to configure (that's why I personally use KDE) but it's not that bad...23:30
coz_gordonjcp,  wow again... in terms of PITA to set up ...again a first :)23:30
gordonjcpnow I've got god knows how much work to do to get my machine back to a usable state23:30
gordonjcpcoz_: well, sound is broken by default, the stupid "close button on the wrong side" thing...23:31
coz_gordonjcp,  log off  type in your password then before hitting enter  change to classic gnome  or classic gnome (no effects)23:31
gordonjcpcoz_: right, but I don't see how that unbreaks grub23:31
coz_gordonjcp,  close buttons can be changed is a jiffy23:31
coz_gordonjcp,  of course it wont fix grub23:31
gordonjcpcoz_: yes, but it's annoying, and they should have been left alone23:31
gordonjcpcoz_: right, well, that's my immediate problem23:32
coz_gordonjcp,  I agree in concept with you23:32
coz_gordonjcp,  but  ...there it is :)23:32
coz_gordonjcp,  you can go here and use t his how to to reinstall grub   http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide23:32
coz_gordonjcp,  also  you can simply  sudo apt-get autoremove --purge  unity23:33
gordonjcpI haven't got a livecd23:34
coz_gordonjcp,  ah ok..I was going to say read that through several times to get  your bearings23:34
gordonjcpright, so is there going to be an option to install 11.04 when it comes out without it flattening everything else on the machine?23:48
gordonjcpor are you going for the full-on Windows XP "our way or no way" thing?23:49
coz_gordonjcp,  well what you see in 11.04 right now is the way it will essentially be,, I am assuming... it only has 2 months left so I doubt any major change is going to take place23:50
judgenis there a list of packages that is going to be updated for natty?23:50
coz_gordonjcp, "flatttening"  I am not sure what you mean by that23:50
judgenI am still thinking about amiwm... it is ofcourse a minor matter, as most can build it themselves. but still.23:51
Daekdroomgordonjcp, you probably didn't set the /boot partition in the partitioner.23:51
judgenThe one in the repo is from 199823:51
Daekdroom!info amiwm23:51
gordonjcpDaekdroom: it didn't offer me a partitioner23:51
ubottuamiwm (source: amiwm): The Amiga look alike window manager. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.20.48-8 (natty), package size 92 kB, installed size 352 kB23:51
Daekdroomgordonjcp, it should have.23:51
judgengordonjcp: yup old as shit23:51
coz_judgen,  is there a newer source version?23:52
judgengordonjcp: does not even have clock in the bar or even resonable icon minimization23:52
judgencoz_: yes23:52
Daekdroomjudgen, is it available in debian?23:52
gordonjcpjudgen: ?23:52
coz_judgen,  oh! mm ... interesting it is that old in the repo23:52
DaekdroomBecause most packages are pulled from there.23:52
judgengordonjcp: it is not in debian sadly23:53
gordonjcpjudgen: what isn't?23:53
Daekdroomjudgen, you do realize that gordonjcp is not taking part in this conversation? :P23:53
judgeni talked to the repo manager of that part, and he said "when i get time"23:53
coz_gordonjcp,  what media did you use to install natty?23:53
gordonjcpcoz_: I upgraded from the previous version23:53
judgenDaekdroom: ooh sorry23:53
Daekdroomjudgen, debian's or ubuntu's?23:53
coz_gordonjcp,  ah  so this is not a clean install23:53
judgenDaekdroom: the pm of debian23:54
coz_gordonjcp,  that is why you didnt get a partitioner23:54
gordonjcpMunching Midwife, or whatever the hell it's called23:54
judgennot the ubuntu one23:54
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule23:54
DaekdroomWe're past feature freeze, unfortunately.23:54
judgenDaekdroom: So an update to a package is impossible?23:55
Daekdroomjudgen, bugfix releases and essential updates are still allowed.23:55
judgenDaekdroom: i think a due 12year to modern release would make it =P23:55
judgenmaybe there is just not as many amiga refugees out there anymore.23:56
gordonjcpI've got a couple of Amigas23:57
gordonjcpright, here goes23:57
* psusi misses dungeon master and star wars on the amiga23:57
yofeljudgen: a package update is still possible, but requires an FFE23:59
gordonjcpokay, my kernel and initrd are in a bit of a funny place, but it works23:59
judgengordonjcp: I do to, i used to use my master amiga 1200+mediator+voodoo5+blizzardPPC250+256mb ram+g4 slotter@400mhz. And ofcourse a SBC with an intel pentium M 1,8ghz. That was an awsome machine... it burned up, so i sold the parts on ebay.23:59

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