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brice__Hi everyone14:48
brice__I try to found some gods about themes14:48
brice__I want to use the Ambiance theme, but not all buttons (aboce, stick) are in this theme. I try to found a link (I'm sure someone had modify the theme and add thoses buttons), a coder able to do that(i think it's simple to do that wehn you know want you do ....) or any information.14:49
brice__If the option is : "someone can do that", i dont need any art work, i need only a good .xml file with "above" and "stick" like the "menu" (menu_prelight.png and menu.png). i try to do that into the .xml file, but after many try i think i'm not able to do this simple thing14:49
brice__someone have knowedge about xml files of metacity theme ?16:35
vishbrice__: pretty much the same people over here and on gnome-art ;)16:41
vishbrice__: i'm not exactly sure what those "above" and "stick" options you mention, but your best chances are look for themes which have those buttons and try to copy it16:42
brice__I'm on both, but no answer about my problem16:42
vishbrice__: yea, i dont think i've even seen anyone use that feature, never even heard about it.. and if people on gnome-art dont know either, then the chances are pretty slim :)16:43
brice__i tryed, but without succes (modify theme)16:43
vishbrice__: do you have an example theme which uses those features?16:44
brice__hmm, i'm very surprise16:44
brice__both are into the oficial Ubuntu 10.10 distrib16:44
brice__yes ...16:44
brice__you know, the windows buttons, close, minimize, maximize ...16:45
vishbrice__: i think you maybe using the wrong name for it, an example theme would help understand better what you are looking for16:46
brice__into gconf-edit, it's the "config line" with something like that [menu:minimize,maxomize,close]16:46
vishi know those, but whats the  "above" and "stick"16:47
brice__into metacity, we can configure the option, ":" for the side, left or right of the windows button position16:47
brice__yes, and stick is to keep the windows into all deskops16:47
brice__and above, to keep a window above all others16:48
vishbrice__: those are options in the drop down menu, there are no buttons for that16:48
vishatleast i havent seen any theme with that available16:49
brice__with the themes i will give you, i can do that without problem into gconfedit  : [close,minimize,maximize,spacer,above,stick]16:49
vishbrice__: do you have an example theme which has those buttons?16:49
brice__yes, i come back16:49
brice__ok :16:50
brice__it's not full theme, but into "windows border"16:50
brice__"crux" windows border16:50
brice__and "Bright" windows border16:51
brice__close,minimize,maximize,spacer,above,stick work with those themes16:51
brice__and shade too, but i dont use it16:51
vishbrice__: ok, then check out the xml for crux16:52
brice__i done that16:52
brice__but i was not able to modify Ambiance to use it16:52
vishbrice__: the ambiance file in /usr/share/themes/Ambiance ?16:53
brice__(sry about my bad english since the begening of this conversation)16:53
vishno worries :)16:53
brice__same for crux16:53
brice__and bright16:53
vishbrice__: you need to edit the file as root16:53
brice__i'm not able to found the good code to put into the metacity.xml, all my try crash the theme16:54
brice__i made many try, with various line number, many various code16:54
brice__i tryed with the Ambiance xml, copy the code and adapt it with some information i took into crux xml or bright16:55
vishbrice__: open the metacity-theme-2.xml16:55
vishin crux16:55
vishit has the lines16:55
brice__yes, i found it, but i cant put them simply into the ambiance xml16:56
vishbrice__: maybe you need to add it as it is done in crux, as metacity-theme-1.xml and metacity-theme-2.xml16:56
brice__metacity-theme-2.xml of crux, and metacity-theme-&.xml of ambiance arre not very equals16:56
brice__i tryed many things, without success16:56
vishbrice__: ambiance does not have those lines, so you need to add new lines16:57
brice__i done16:57
brice__but my "code sentenses" dont work16:57
brice__because i'm not familiar att all with that, i understand the way, but i'm bad16:57
brice__i try to do that since 2 days ! :)16:58
brice__i done all things you said16:58
brice__but in the bad way, because dont work, and i'm sure it's not impossible, i'm sure it's easy when you know ...16:59
brice__it's my problem .....16:59
vishbrice__: if you've added all the other lines relevant to those functions too and still it does not work.. then hmm, i'm not sure.. :)16:59
brice__and i dont need arwork, i want to use the menu.png and the varient lighted, for "stick" and "above" fonction17:00
brice__it's xml metacity format ....17:00
vishyup.. understood that.. but try checking the code again and make sure it is complete17:00
brice__this must work, but i must found the good code sentence, into the good chapter of the xml17:00
vishbrice__: if nothing else works, try contacting the author17:01
brice__i cant undersatnd for real all lines, but i undersatnd sometimes the mean17:01
brice__I try to contact someone maked a personnal theme17:01
vishbrice__: look at the author contact info at the top of the xml file, he maybe able to help17:01
brice__with knowedgs, of corse, with metacity xml17:02
brice__done too17:02
brice__yesterday night17:02
DustyOSHello Every One!!17:16
DustyOShey there, so this is the Ubuntu-Art IRC chat eh?17:18
brice__vish, feel free to make some tryes with the xml file if you have some knowedge, i will be happy to have a working xml ! :D17:18
vishbrice__: why not just use the crux theme and modify it to look like ambience.. should be easier ;)17:19
DustyOSWould it be OK if I joined the Ubuntu-Art team?17:19
DustyOSI would LOVE to17:20
vishDustyOS: sure.. check out the topic for some ways to get involved17:20
brice__Vish, i think not !17:20
DustyOSAlright cool!17:20
vishbrice__: just change the images in crux , should not be too hard17:20
DustyOShttps://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-art how about this?17:21
brice__crux ->ambiance, some lines to add, ambiance->crux, all code to change17:21
DustyOSI am wanting to join the art part17:21
vishDustyOS: the art part done by the community is participating in contests like » http://is.gd/iwunay17:22
brice__Vish, not possible, the spacers are differents, and the write is very different17:22
brice__it's all the code to change17:22
vishbrice__: ah, then i'm totally out of ideas ;)17:22
DustyOSOK thanks17:22
DustyOSbrb- lunch17:22
vishDustyOS: also Ubuntu has a dedicated design team, Canonical design team17:22
=== vish changed the topic of #ubuntu-artwork to: Channel for Community Artwork Team: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork | Ubuntu Brand Identity Guidelines are available at: http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/ubuntu-brand-guidelines/ | Looking for ways to contribute to Ubuntu? » http://is.gd/iwunay ; http://is.gd/edapuj ; http://is.gd/suhucu
thorwiliwunay  edapuj suhucu?17:32
thorwilat least no rickrolling17:33
vishis.gd has this option to have the urls as more "pronounceable" and i get those17:35
vishotherwise it is even more random gibberish,17:35
vishDustyOS: so, i've updated the topic and you got more links to check out ;)  btw, you should know that the default wallpaper and theme is done by the Canonical design team17:41
DustyOSWoah I se17:41
DustyOSthats interesting17:41
DustyOSSo how do I join them?17:41
vishDustyOS: join whom?17:41
vishDustyOS: maybe when there are jobs available/open17:42
DustyOSThey don't pay right?17:42
vishDustyOS:  the Canonical design team gets paid :)17:43
DustyOSAhh...I see17:43
DustyOSLike I was wanting to contribute themes, cursors, wallpapers, icons ect..17:44
DustyOSHow would I do such things?17:44
vishDustyOS: well, for wallpapers you can checkout the links in the topic17:44
DustyOSI saw them17:45
vishDustyOS: for others, you can do work and submit on sits like gnome-look.org17:45
DustyOSLike how does a guy get it so your wallpaper that was made shows up in the next update or update for Ubuntu?17:46
DustyOSOr themes17:46
vishDustyOS:  for the wallpaper its in the links you can get your wallpaper in the next release.. ;)17:47
DustyOSOh right17:47
vishDustyOS: themes, only 1 main theme and the rest are older themes, you can do the all the work and submit as proposals to be included, but no assurances that it might be.17:48
DustyOSI see17:48
DustyOSWould U say submitting things to Gnome-Look is contributing to Ubuntu?17:48
vishyup.. :)17:49
DustyOSI have a question17:49
DustyOSI plan on making some cursors17:49
vishDustyOS: if you are looking to contribute to Ubuntu, just do what you like and do it without expectation whether it will be included or not in the default17:49
vishDustyOS: cool!17:49
DustyOSI know there are addons like the Gimp-Registry has the .cur add on. Do I need to script anything?17:50
vishnot sure..17:50
DustyOSFor instance hovering over a link creats a hand17:50
vishi'm not familiar with cursors :)17:50
DustyOSI see17:50
vishDustyOS: usually if the work is good and complete, it has better chances of getting considered for inclusion17:51
DustyOSThat would make scene17:52
DustyOSWhat do U do?17:53
vishDustyOS: humanity icon theme17:53
DustyOSHA! U made that?17:53
brice__vish: If you have eventualy a link (mail, hour to contact here) with a man in the team familiar with xml about my problem, thx :)17:54
vishDustyOS: yea, with a couple of other guys..17:54
DustyOSWoah!! Thats so awesome! A real pleasure to meet U.17:54
DustyOSOne of the best icons for Ubuntu out there is the humanity one17:55
vishpleasure to meet you as well.. :)17:55
DustyOSGreat job on it too17:55
vishbrice__: i really have no clue about crux theme, and i havent heard of that author , i havent seen him here.17:55
vishbrice__: he doesnt hang out here, crux theme is mostly from GNOME17:56
brice__not only about crux, but someone with knowedge about metacity xml work17:56
brice__vish: i need someone able to read esy metacity xml code17:57
vishbrice__: it really should not be that hard, just try looking at the code fully, you might have missed a couple of lines hence it does not get displayed17:58
vishbrice__: what you want is basically already there in those lines.. you just need to narrow it down.. sometimes trial-n-error helps ;)17:59
brice__vish: i miss something about the good place to put the adapted code, and the call of the value put in memory like valuename=value17:59
brice__I'm trying again to read the code ... but I'm very in need of help with metacity xml code god men18:00
vishbrice__: try #metacity on irc.gimp.org18:01
brice__vish: empty channel18:01
brice__It's strange to see it's not possible to found someone able to code xml metacity, it's need to make a theme18:03
brice__here, or in gnome-art, or tango, or clearlooks ... nobody know what is close, above, shade, stick .... and it's one of the base of theme in xml ... :'(18:04
vishbrice__: thats because no one use stick/above.. ;)18:05
vishbrice__: check out the year for crux, 2002.. ;)18:05
brice__yes, but it's the same way like close or minimize .... :/18:06
brice__just need knowedge about xml ....18:06
brice__if someone is able to code something with close, minimize, he is able to code with above and shade and stick18:06
vishbrice__: not necessarily.. i only have two options i can suggest. (1) try looking at the code again slowly, it really is not hard. (2) try recreating ambiance theme from crux.18:07
vishbrice__: btw, why exactly are you looking to add those buttons?18:08
brice__(3) found a creator of any other metacity theme ;)18:08
vishthats not *my* suggestion ;)18:08
brice__vish: I stay around, I wont be mmore boring about this, i continue my code try ... I will see ... If you meet someone, any information .... thx a lot18:09
vishyou're welcome.. :)18:09
brice__angry/sad  mode on18:20
vishheh, so much for trying to help brice__ ! /me got literally nagged in PM19:30
vishmetacity xml is not really very hard, and IMO, quite easy to actually understand what it does19:30
vishbut he wants someone to look into the theme and write it for him … o.0  and just cause he likes it that way..19:31
coz_hey all20:45
doctormohey coz_21:25
doctormoCan you review for me this desktop background?21:26
highvoltagedoctormo: I'm not sure how I feel about that blue background, I think I liked it more before21:28
highvoltagedoctormo: I also wonder if there should be slightly less earth visible, I'm not sure but I think it might be better with slightly more space21:29
doctormohighvoltage: Hello22:01
doctormohighvoltage: So, like that you think?22:10
coz_doctormo, hey guy22:34

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