head_victimnisshh: was wondering if you would like to hold one of your classroom sessions the weekend of the 1 - 3 April so it can tie in with the Global Jam?04:12
head_victimI was thinking of holding a translation session at some time on that weekend as well04:12
nisshhhead_victim, possibly05:22
nisshhthat might work05:23
head_victimI figured it was a good excuse to give it a kickstart with some stuff05:23
head_victimI had a fair few questions about translation from some people at LCA and bugs are always popular05:24
nisshhi just dont know what sort of turnout we will get when only about 3 people replied to my post on the ML :)05:24
nisshhim probably not experienced enough to do one about bugs05:24
head_victimAh k, have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam and see if there's something else you'd like to do then05:25
nisshhmole just replied on the ML wanting a session about bugs05:27
nisshhhead_victim, the team meeting is next week isnt it?05:32
nisshhah yes05:32
nisshhi might add a topic05:32
nisshhi dont want to pick a classroom topic that no one else wants05:33
nisshhhopefully we will have a half decent turnout at the meeting05:33
head_victimHere's hoping, I sent a reminder to the list yesterday I think it was05:35
* iflema a 1.x.x.x... heh09:30
head_victimEvening dns53 & iflema 09:31
iflemahead_victim: hey cheif09:31
head_victimHanging around for the meeting in 30 min?09:32
* iflema listens to the rain.... and me kittens dont work =)09:33
* iflema in clementine that is.... i lovedthe old amarok and here it is....09:35
head_victimEvening MoLE_ 09:52
MoLE_evening head_victim 09:53
MoLE_good turnout so far09:53
nisshhMoLE_, i count 5 people so far... :)09:53
head_victimStill 10 minutes, was just abotu to ping you nisshh to see if you'd made it :)09:54
nisshhi nearly forgot09:54
nisshhwas literally about to go for a run :)09:54
nisshhseems only me and you have topics again head_victim09:55
tom_a_sparksjust finished watching Conviction Kitchen on 7plus :)09:55
nisshhtom_a_sparks, whats that?09:55
nisshhnot another reality cooking show is it?09:55
nisshhoh ok09:56
head_victimnisshh: maybe we just get in too early with the good stuff :P09:58
* nisshh reads perldoc while he is waiting09:58
nisshhhead_victim, hehe, probably :)09:58
nisshhheh, Freenode is very quiet right now :)10:00
head_victimIt's a bit weird, no ongoing conversations in any of the channels I'm in but here10:00
nisshhand im in mostly non-ubuntu channels10:01
head_victimI lurk in lots of Ubuntu channels, only really active in a few.10:01
nisshhim in less than a dozen10:01
head_victimNice to watch the happenings.10:01
iflemaubuntu-offtopic cranking10:02
nisshhsagaci, hey10:02
head_victimGday sagaci, should we start nisshh ?10:02
MootBotMeeting started at 04:02. The chair is nisshh.10:02
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]10:02
nisshhroll call!10:02
nisshhdns53, ?10:02
nisshhfirst topic10:03
nisshh[TOPIC]Ubuntu-AU Team Forum10:03
MootBotNew Topic: Ubuntu-AU Team Forum 10:03
nisshhhead_victim, all yours10:03
* iflema looks up the topics :/10:03
head_victim[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Meetings10:03
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Meetings 10:03
head_victimOk, as per last meeting it was decided to start up a Loco forum on the official ubuntuforums.org10:03
head_victimI was hoping to get some sort of feedback on the list as to the prefix the team would prefer. I have only had one response so far so thought I'd bring it here10:04
head_victimIs au. acceptable?10:04
nisshhi think so10:04
nisshhmost of the US loco's have the state prefix or name10:04
head_victimI'm not certain on this stuff as I am not an avid forum user in any sense so wanted to make sure it was acceptable.10:04
nisshhso au would be fine10:04
head_victimI couldn't think of anything better that didn't involve lots of typing :)10:05
sagaciGoes well with ubuntu-au10:05
MoLE_sounds unanimous to me10:05
nisshhshall we move on then? :)10:05
head_victim[ACTION] head_victim to set up the au.ubuntuforums.org10:05
nisshhthat was easy10:05
head_victim[IDEA] head_victim to set up the au.ubuntuforums.org10:06
MootBotIDEA received:  head_victim to set up the au.ubuntuforums.org 10:06
head_victimAnd no one has objections to ikt and phlosten being the moderators?10:06
nisshhnope, thats cool10:06
MoLE_kudos to them both for volunteering10:06
head_victim[IDEA] ikt and phlosten agreed to be moderators for loco forum10:06
MootBotIDEA received:  ikt and phlosten agreed to be moderators for loco forum 10:06
* sagaci is brb10:06
head_victimThat's about it for the first topic then, I will post to the list when I have put the request in10:06
iflematoo easy10:07
nisshhmoving along then10:07
nisshh[TOPIC]Ubuntu Global Jam10:07
MootBotNew Topic: Ubuntu Global Jam 10:07
nisshhhead_victim, you first10:07
head_victimI was wondering if people would like to contribute.10:08
head_victimMy idea was to hold a translation session to help people out getting started10:08
head_victimFor those who don't know here is a link10:08
MoLE_translation certainly has a low bar to entry10:08
nisshhi beleive this is face-to-face is it not?10:08
head_victim[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam10:08
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam 10:08
MoLE_face to face will be difficult10:09
head_victimnisshh: doesn't have to be, would be nice to have some face to face but being a geographically spread out loco I think online would be fine10:09
nisshhim happy to help out remotely10:09
head_victimI was thinking a saturday afternoon session would be goo10:10
head_victim2 or 3 ish10:10
nisshhi should be available10:10
MoLE_depending on time zone that would be ok. 10:10
nisshhhead_victim, i assume you mean 2-3 your time?10:10
head_victimYeah GMT +1010:10
head_victimAfter lunch, before people head out for the evening10:11
MoLE_Personally I'd get more value out of a bug jam than translation jam but I'm happy to be involved in either.10:11
nisshhwell, for everyone except me, but yeah10:11
head_victimMoLE_: the idea is to hold several events10:11
head_victimI was just saying the one I can actually hold and I did get a few questions abotu it at LCA10:11
MoLE_interesting, what sort of questions if that's not too off-topic?10:12
head_victimJust how to go about it10:12
head_victimWhat to sign up to10:12
MoLE_launchpad makes it easy10:12
nisshhhead_victim, one thing i think would be worth doing is advertising it throughout the ubuntu community10:12
MoLE_so should be fun10:12
nisshhwould be cool to have a bunch of people from all over come and join in10:13
head_victimMoLE_: yes as long as you know where to look :) The idea is I show people where to look and then we get to it :)10:13
MoLE_done and done then10:13
head_victim[IDEA] head_victim to organise a translation session Saturday afternoon to line up with the Ubuntu Global Jam10:13
MootBotIDEA received:  head_victim to organise a translation session Saturday afternoon to line up with the Ubuntu Global Jam 10:13
iflemahead_victim: +10 or +11 daylight savings ends april 310:13
head_victimnisshh: you had something on this topic to contribute to?10:13
nisshhi promised last year that i would be happy to hold some sessions10:14
nisshhon irc10:14
nisshhi can do one or more at this event if there is more than 1-2 people interested10:14
head_victimCool, just need to figure out what people want to do with it then10:15
nisshhso no one is interested?10:15
MoLE_+1 interest10:15
head_victimYou've mentioned you aren't certain about bugs, is there anyone here experienced enough with bugs to hold a bug jam?10:15
nisshhwell, kermiac taught me, but i havent persued it enough since10:16
dns53i'd be interested10:16
MoLE_kermiac did a great tute last year10:16
nisshhkermiac wanted to hold a bug jam before he disappeared10:16
MoLE_gorilla was also keen IIRC10:16
nisshhi was about to say that MoLE_ :)10:16
head_victimMaybe we can entice them back with this one. Just need to make sure we have some mentors around for it10:16
nisshhhe was taught at the same time as me10:16
nisshhhead_victim, maybe i can get someone from the bug team to join in?10:17
nisshhi know many of them10:17
head_victimnisshh: sure sounds good, as long as the timing works out for the10:17
MoLE_that would be excellent10:17
nisshhof course10:17
nisshhi might also get hold of jono and see if he has any idea's to add10:18
head_victimDoesn't have to be on the same day but we could just schedule an afternoon of jamming so one jam led on to the next, whatever suits10:18
nisshhhead_victim, maybe one saturday one sunday?10:18
head_victimI could also run a wiki documentation jam if people were interested but it's not as glamourous as bug hunting :)10:18
nisshhits not, your right :)10:18
head_victimnisshh: sounds good10:19
nisshhi would be interested in the wiki one10:19
nisshhi will chuck some info on the mailing list so we can sort out the finer details, agree?10:19
head_victimSounds good to me10:19
nisshhheh, ok10:20
head_victim3.5 weeks away so enough time to plan10:20
nisshhanyone have any questions or shall we move on?10:20
nisshhdns53, MoLE_ ^^10:20
nisshhiflema, ^^10:20
MoLE_I have set up a public google calendar for the ubuntu-au team at http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=ijuntcjmtkkl1180p7nkfbt3j4%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=Australia/Adelaide10:20
head_victimMoLE_: there are already 2 other calendars :/10:21
nisshhyeah, i thought we already had a cal on the website?10:21
head_victimEvening jaddi27 10:21
MoLE_ok then I'll look for them.10:21
head_victimnisshh: that and the loco people are trying to get people to use loco.ubuntu.com, the last item on this meeting :P10:21
nisshhyes, that too10:21
nisshhso lets move on10:21
jaddi27hi everyone - sorry for being late10:21
nisshh[TOPIC]Natty Narwhal Release Parties10:22
MootBotNew Topic: Natty Narwhal Release Parties 10:22
head_victimNo worries jaddi27 glad you could join us10:22
nisshhjaddi27, no prob :)10:22
head_victimWe need to start locking in times and dates and places for Natty release parties to allow us time to advertise them to the community to get people attending10:22
dns53any ideas for sa? i'd go to a pub this time10:23
nisshhanyone willing to host one?10:23
sagaciSydney would have to be mid-late april for me10:24
head_victimI would host one in Brisbane as long as it lined up with days off.10:24
sagaciAlways seems to be one in brisbane10:25
nisshhsagaci, well, thats were the highest concentration of us are really10:26
nisshharound sydney/brisbane10:26
* nisshh is all on his lonesome :)10:26
head_victimThe release date is April the 28th so we need to organise it around then10:26
tom_a_sparksme too :(10:26
nisshhtom_a_sparks, where are you?10:27
head_victimSo maybe the Friday night the 29th?10:27
tom_a_sparkslightning ridge, NSW10:27
nisshhah ok10:27
jaddi27In Queensland, that is the week after school holidays10:27
nisshhjaddi27, oh, your that young are you? :)10:27
jaddi27but some Unis are of then10:28
jaddi27Not quite - I am first year Uni10:28
nisshhoh ok10:28
head_victimjaddi27: ah ok good to know10:28
head_victimSo what I suggest is that we each start a release party thread on the mailing list10:28
head_victimSo if you want one in your area shoot the list an email to see if there is anyone else around. I would also suggest people contact local LUGs to see if they want to organise them to attend if they aqre interested as well10:29
head_victimThere's probably not enough people here to start locking in dates and places just yet but I thought we should start getting organised.10:30
head_victimAnyone else have anything to add?10:31
tom_a_sparksI am converting people to ubuntu in my local here :)10:32
MoLE_just a question about the calendar but it can wait until after the meeting10:32
head_victimtom_a_sparks: good to hear, set up a BBQ in a public place with some signs and CDs and interact, that's a release party :)10:32
head_victimMoLE_: sure, it will be coming up in the next topic as well 10:33
head_victimEvening gorilla 10:33
head_victimWe're just talking about release parties10:33
MoLE_glad you could make it10:33
gorillahi everyone.. Tuesdays are awfule for me.10:33
nisshhhead_victim, anything else you wish to bring up or shall we continue?10:34
head_victimnisshh: sounds like we should start some mailing list chatter on the topic and we're ok to continue10:34
nisshhok, next topic10:35
MootBotNew Topic: Loco.Ubuntu.Com 10:35
nisshhhead_victim, you again10:35
head_victimSo what I've slowly started doing is using loco.ubuntu.com10:35
nisshhi keep forgetting :)10:36
head_victimThe idea from the LoCo powers that be is it's a place for LoCos to interact and get together10:36
nisshhim supposed to be using it :)10:36
head_victimSo in the interests of using it more what I'm suggesting is we try to use it more for activities. We can then run an RSS or ICAL feed to the website in read only or something10:36
head_victimFor mine it's creating a LOT of duplication and even triplication for my efforts.10:37
head_victimSo I'm very interested in anyone with some web skills helping me out by automating some of the work.10:38
nisshhhead_victim, ask blahdeblah, he is the website guy10:38
jaddi27What type of web skills are you looking for?10:38
tom_a_sparkswhat needed?10:38
head_victimSomeone who knows drupal really 10:38
nisshhi only really know web design + HTML +CSS10:38
nisshhi dont know drupal10:39
tom_a_sparksI know wordpress10:39
head_victimThe website needs a theme update to match current branding and if we can get the RSS feed working off the loco site to the ubuntu.org.au site that would be wonderful10:39
jaddi27I have been learning drupal for the past few months - certainly not an expert, but learning10:39
MoLE_jaddi27 you sound like the most qualified here :)10:39
nisshhhead_victim, there is a #drupal channel, has heaps of people in there10:39
nisshhhead_victim, or, you could ask the loco.ubuntu.com developers10:40
jaddi27yes, that channel is very good10:40
head_victimnisshh: no doubt but unless people are interested in something it's likely to be forgotten so was trying to get locals to take some interest to make it work :)10:40
jaddi27I am fairly sure I saw an Ubuntu drupal theme10:40
nisshhyes, there is one10:40
nisshhi just dont know who to ask to get it10:40
MootBotLINK received:  http://drupal.org/project/udtheme-2010 10:40
head_victimjaddi27: that's what I was just looking for10:41
head_victimSee I'm useless enough to not even know where to begin when it comes to updating the theme.10:41
nisshhhead_victim, there you go then10:41
jaddi27I haven't had much of a look at it, but if it is like the other drupal themes, it should be fairly easy to implement10:41
nisshhblahdeblah, probably knows how to apply it10:41
head_victimSo I was kinda hoping to get someone who knows this stuff a little more than me to help out10:41
head_victimThe main stumbling block is getting canonical to implement changes. But until I know what we need to change I don't want to start hassling them.10:42
jaddi27Installing a theme is basically just a matter of extracting, uploading and enabling, assuming it is configured how we want it10:42
head_victimAnd as far as getting an RSS feed to the calendar part, is that difficult?10:43
nisshhdont know10:43
jaddi27I don't think it is too difficult10:43
head_victimOk well I'll start another email thread on the topic to get some debate on what we could/should implement and see if we can get some people working together to get it to happen?10:44
jaddi27Sounds good10:44
gorillaThat shouldn't been too difficult.. I have done that for a wordpress site that I have done in the past.10:44
head_victim[IDEA] head_victim to email the list with details on updates to the ubuntu.org.au site10:44
MootBotIDEA received:  head_victim to email the list with details on updates to the ubuntu.org.au site 10:44
nisshhok, that everything head_victim?10:45
head_victimThat's all I had for the loco.ubuntu.com stuff I just wanted to point out that it exists and that they want us using it more I think so that's about it10:45
nisshhthanks for coming everyone10:46
MootBotMeeting finished at 04:46.10:46
gorillaprobaby not a bad idea as long as the update emails are not too frequent.. once a week at most.10:46
nisshhi will post the logs to the mailing list10:46
head_victimMoLE_: did we answer your question about the calendar?10:46
nisshhonce they are up10:46
* nisshh goes to have his dinner10:47
nisshhhead_victim, ping me if you need anything10:47
head_victimnisshh: will do10:47
* gorilla has to run also :-)10:48
MoLE_head_victim, I'm struggling to get a network calendar up and running.10:48
MoLE_The one on ubuntu.com.au won't import into thunderbird and the one on loco.ubuntu.com stays in utc10:49
head_victimMoLE_: apparently the mozilla lightning plugin makes it work?10:51
MoLE_I've got lightning installed and it will import the calendar from loco.ubuntu.com, but the times come out wrong (ie not in my timezone).10:52
MoLE_I'm testing it in google calendar now10:52
head_victimAh ok, not sure if that is something to do with the drupal stuff or not :/10:53
MoLE_works ok in google calendar, so might be a thunderbird issue.10:54
head_victimMaybe it's whinging about the timezone conversion? The ubuntu.com.au should be in gmt+1010:54
MoLE_should be.  but it won't even import into thunderbird for me.10:56
head_victimI'm installing thunderbird now to test it11:01
MoLE_ok thanks11:04
head_victimHeh I fail I can't even get it to come up as a calender to import11:05
head_victimI downloaded the ics file and it doesn't put anything in my evoution or thunderbird calendars11:05
MoLE_are you using the ubuntu.com.au one or the loco.ubuntu.com one?11:07
MoLE_yep, it's broken.11:07
MoLE_didn't work for me either.11:07
MoLE_loco.ubuntu.com seems to work11:07
MoLE_sort of.  11:07
jaddi27I think the calendar on ubuntu.org.au is using the Drupal event module, which is quite old11:09
jaddi27So that might mean that the site is using Druapl 511:11
jaddi27The main module for calendars now is the Calendar module, which may work better for exporting to ical11:11
head_victimSee this is the stuff I have no idea about :)11:12
jaddi27Drupal 7 was released in January, so it might be time to do an upgrade, at least to ver. 611:13
MoLE_To me, this is basic stuff that I need to work otherwise it makes it way too difficult to coordinate if I have to manually import the ubuntu-au calendar every week.11:14
head_victimjaddi27: I'll shoot an email to the list to get proper details, it is hosted by Canonical so we don't have direct access to it which apparently causes some problems11:14
head_victimMoLE_: exactly why I think it needs an update, unfortunately this stuff is way over my head. I can organise something that's already running but I have no idea how to set this stuff up to work to begin with11:15
jaddi27as the drupal Ubuntu theme is made for ver. 6 at the moment11:16
MoLE_I'm grateful someone is onto it head_victim 11:16
jaddi27ah, that could be more problematic then11:16
head_victimjaddi27: yes, but until I know what to ask for we'll get no where, if I know what to ask for we might eventually get it :)11:16
jaddi27yes, hopefully we should get it eventually11:17
head_victimjaddi27: so yeah I was just hoping to get a list of things we need done to get where we want so I can put the request in. 11:19
jaddi27head_victim: I think a start would be to get the theme updated11:22
jaddi27But to do that, it may be necessary to have drupal upgraded to version 611:22
head_victimjaddi27: these are the things I need to know :)11:28
MoLE_nn all11:28
jaddi27head_victim: I just came across this - I think it will help out quite a bit. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDrupal12:23
head_victimjaddi27: sounds really good, the theme, header, sidebar, countdown and planet all might be worth looking into as replacements for what we currently have.12:27
head_victimSome sort of feed for the events and we should be good to go12:28
jaddi27I haven't looked at the ubuntu-au website much, so I am not sure on everything, but I think it should work12:29
head_victimI will research the process of how we go about making changes so when we know what we want I should be able to figure out how to get it :)12:29
head_victimPhlosten, blahdeblah and jbeake are all at some level of understanding of the website and/or drupal12:30
head_victimJust so you know who else is involved that hasn't spoken yet tonight :)12:30
head_victimAnd of course elky knows more about it than all of us put together :)12:30
jaddi27Yes, I am not surprised by that. I am slowly getting to know who does what around here, but will take a while to fully know12:32
head_victimjaddi27: browsing the wiki gives a reasonable guide12:32
jaddi27Yes, I saw that when I was updating all of the page layouts12:33
head_victimThanks for that btw, was good12:34
head_victimjaddi27: email sent to the list :) Please let me know if I missed anything or not12:38
jaddi27ok. I might not reply until later, but I will get to it12:38
head_victimThat's ok, it's just nice to know someone has read at least one of the emails I send out to the ether every now and then :)12:39
jaddi27I'm off now. See you all later.12:41
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head_victimSo close......15:09
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head_victimThere we go15:10
head_victimnisshh: thanks, I am not a big user of the forum so glad to know how to get there for future :)15:10
head_victimThat was a quick turnaround on the forum though, quite impressive15:11
nisshhyeah, i thought of that when i noticed how many links i had to click through to get there by not using the direct link15:11
nisshhthey are fast :)15:11
* nisshh hasnt posted the meeting logs15:11
nisshhill do it now :)15:12
nisshhdone and done15:15
head_victimCheers, you want to fix the meeting page on the wiki?15:18
head_victimI created the new event on the loco.ubuntu.com site15:18
nisshhhead_victim, you can if you like, your better at it than me ;)15:19
head_victimHah my secret is control c and control v ;)15:22
head_victimIf anyone wants to write about the new forum for our website that'd be great. I won't be able to get to it for a few days otherwise15:37
nisshhhead_victim, ill do a post to Planet Ubuntu about it, see if we can get some activity16:28
head_victimGood stuff, feel free to submit it to ubuntu.org.au as a post as well to save the effort of writing something different, if you get a chance16:45
head_victimelky & blahdeblah I had a little play with the ubuntu.org.au links at the top right of the page. I think I've done it correctly but basically I just added the forum link and renamed the google group from forum to google group. If you can please check to make sure I haven't broken anything that'd be good16:53
head_victimStill learning this website stuff16:53
head_victimOn that note I'm off to bed, night nisshh, don't think anyone else is still awake17:05

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