johnny77xyclo: Is it encrypted? IS that the password you just changed?00:00
xyclonot sure if it is encrypted00:00
trinikronouse wpa200:01
johnny77xyclo: Do you know if you use DHCP to obtain a IP address?00:01
trinikronotry hooking up the wire from the modem directly to the pc without the wireless and see if it is still slow00:01
xycloYes, I do use wpa200:02
xycloI did not realize that was the encryption you referred to...00:02
xycloYes, wired it is still low00:02
xyclodhcp, I do not know johnny7700:03
trinikronoxyclo: to me my ubuntu is faster on the internet than the windows pcs in terms of downloads and such00:04
trinikronocant you go on a speedtest website and confirm it00:04
trinikronolike here http://speedtest.net/00:04
xycloi did. Around 0.96Mb/s download00:04
trinikrono=\ that is alot faster than mine and i have a 5mb00:06
bhetrinikrono: i'm modern babay! I don't have any of that antique hardware ;)00:06
trinikronobhe: you cant borrow your little sisters headphones or something?00:07
bhelol, o geez. let's pretend on on a stranded island, and there aren't any hardware stores or old computers :)00:08
bheim going through one of the guides you sent. havent lost hope yet00:08
trinikronobhe http://linuxowns.wordpress.com/2008/07/08/how-i-got-my-usb-headset-to-work/00:08
trinikronoerm be careful00:09
trinikronobhe: are you going to try that?00:12
bhei did for a second. then the very first instruction failed. im going to remove all things sound related.00:15
xycloSorry, my xchat closed by mistake00:16
johnny77xyclo: I'm not sure what you can do in ubuntu, but have you had your cable company out to check the connection? One time there was a bad connection on the telephone pole and that helped my speed.00:17
xycloWhenever I call, I wait 20 mins for service. As soon as I say Linux, they say they  cannot do anything00:21
xycloThanks for your help, johnny77 and others00:21
trinikronoxyclo: goodluck00:23
xyclothanks trinikrono!00:25
bhetrinikrono, u still around?00:52
bheIf anyone could help, that'd be amazing. According to this site:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure    -    Step 17: play -D plughw:0,3 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav     My sound is actually working!  I just need to edit a file "/etc/asound.conf" that doesn't exist on my system. Can anyone tell me if I should create this file since it doesn't exists or what?00:57
trinikronobhe: you can try that01:03
bheno it is working, it's just i don't have a asound.conf01:03
bhei need to set card 1, not 0, as default sound card01:03
trinikronowell make it and see if it works01:04
bhebrb trinik, ill let you know if im game01:10
bheholy crap trinik, i rebooted and now have no sound drivers....01:16
bhebut they were working prior to the reboot01:17
trinikronobhe: sounds like you are having a time with this01:17
bhea glorious one.01:17
bhethe good news is i made sound come out from the headset.01:18
trinikronolol you did?01:18
bhebrb, rebooting. again.01:18
bheyeah, but that was prior to the reboot.01:18
bheI was trying to make my default soundcard a different one and boom! goes the dynamite. brb01:19
bheneed help connecting to a wireless network (wireless card is working) just dont know how to connect with the wpa04:18
bhe how can i assure my wireless starts before my wired on boot?04:19
aveilleuxbhe: Unplug the wired connection?04:20
bhebefore my reformat, i had added the connection settings to a config file and uncommented a line that simply had eth004:20
bhei just can't remember the file, or the settings :(04:20
jdeslaur/etc/init.d/networking ?04:21
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jdeslaurbhe: i think those are what you are looking for04:21
aveilleuxbhe: That disables the wired connection, equivalent to just unplugging the cable. Why do you need it plugged in?04:22
bhejdeslaur, yessir! now i need to figure out the edits04:22
jdeslaurbhe: sudo nano /etc/networking/interfaces04:23
jdeslaur(thats the fun way)04:23
jdeslauror, correct me if im wrong, go to system -> preferences -> network connections and bork around in there04:24
bheno editting it is no problem, it's a matter of getting the config setup for my wireless04:24
bhelike how do i format the config04:24
aveilleuxFine, don't answer me04:25
bheaveilleux, sorry didn't see your message. the problem is, im i wm xfce4, i dont know which gui to use so im trying to get the config setup with essid and wpa key04:25
jdeslauraveilleux: i have noticed that with my wired/wireless connections it will default to the wired connection even though there isnt anything plugged in04:25
jdeslaurbhe: i'd share my config but im running a VM and there isnt anything in my ./interfaces04:27
jdeslaurside note how do i know if ssh is running?04:27
jdeslauror is it always running?04:27
bhejseslaur, i wish i could heklp but i can't. but the answer to my quesiton can be found here: http://nixcraft.com/ubuntu-debian/13278-etc-network-interfaces-wireless-wifi-example.html04:31
jdeslaurwell that just makes sense04:35
jdeslauranyone do much virtualization?04:41
holsteinjust virtualbox04:41
jdeslaurholstein: i was wondering if anyone had some opinions on the difference between kvm and virtualbox04:46
holsteinjdeslaur: i find Vbox simple04:46
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jdeslaurholstein: me too, using it now04:47
holsteini think it depends on what you're doing04:47
Cheri703jdeslaur: I use vmware player04:47
Cheri703I like it better than virtualbox04:48
Cheri703I always had issues with vbox04:48
jdeslaurCheri703: did vmware get better? i found it used to be hardware specific04:48
jdeslaurlike what?04:48
holsteini think vbox vs vm is more like coke vs pepsi04:48
holsteinthere might be a situation when you would be better using KVM04:49
Cheri703various freezes and hiccups in vbox, couldn't get usb support working (even in the non ose) properly. Had problems getting vpn to hook up in windows xp04:49
holsteinserver applications i would assume04:49
Cheri703overall vmware player has been painless04:49
holsteinVM and Vbox are what most users would be good to go with04:49
Cheri703supports usb out of the box04:49
* Cheri703 is a fan04:49
jdeslauri was going to try and set up a web server in virtualbox...04:50
jdeslauri guess there is no harm04:50
Cheri703also really friendly with moving the files...04:50
Cheri703i.e. putting it on another partition04:51
holsteini have a web server running in Vbox04:51
holsteinon my eee04:51
holsteinfor testing and what-not04:51
jdeslaurim really glad that there are people smarter than me04:54
holsteinme too04:54
jdeslaurwe'd all be screwed04:54
jdeslaurthis whole virtual machine thing is blowing my mind, and has for a long time04:54
jdeslaurseems like wireless in linux is a bit janky04:57
jdeslauri should say wireless security04:58
jdeslaurthen again i could just be talkin out of my ass04:58
jdeslaurwhen you input a key does it get rewriten with the encrypted key?04:59
bioterroryou mean on disk?05:01
jdeslauri guess i should assume so05:04
bioterroryou get something into .gnome2/keyring05:04
jdeslaurblarg, i dont want to work tomorrow05:06
ray_ubuntu 10.04 "noise floor calibration timeout"05:36
ray_I didn't memorize the full error05:37
ray_on boot05:37
ray_on recovery mode05:37
kaushalCan some one please guide me about ping output command ?05:41
holsteinkaushal: you wanting to ping something?05:43
holsteinping -c 4 google.com05:43
kaushalholstein: yeah i know it05:43
holsteinOH, you mean interpret the data...05:43
kaushalwhats the acceptable limit ?05:43
holsteini usually get in the 20's05:44
holsteinmaybe 40's05:44
holsteinbut it really depends05:44
kaushalholstein: so please explain me about http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/577332/05:46
holsteinnot ideal05:47
holsteinkaushal: wired?05:47
bioterrorhigh latency05:47
holsteinkaushal: you got a router?05:47
bioterrorstop torrenting!05:47
holsteinbioterror: hehe05:48
kaushalbioterror: high latency ?05:48
kaushalhelp me understand it05:48
kaushalwhat does it mean ?05:49
holsteini would probably start trying to reduce variables05:49
holsteinget a known good network card05:49
holsteinon a known good machine05:49
holsteinand bypass the router05:49
holsteincall the ISP05:49
holsteinhave them test the modem05:50
bioterrorkaushal, http://compnetworking.about.com/od/speedtests/a/network_latency.htm05:50
kaushalactually trying to understand the term "high latency" ?05:51
holsteinlatency is time05:51
bioterrordepends about connection and what you ping05:51
bioterrorI would always suggest to ping nameserver of your ISP05:52
bioterroror another close nameserver05:52
holsteinyeah, try pinging something local kaushal05:52
bioterrorI get from www.google.com 40ms even from my vps05:52
bioterrorand from nameserver I get 0.7ms05:52
holsteini ping google, then i ping one of my routers or my server05:52
holsteinif i think i have a problem05:53
bioterrorI ping nameserver always05:53
holsteinbioterror: thats a good idea05:53
kaushalso also why we get different IPs for www.google.com ?05:53
holsteinless variables05:53
bioterrorkaushal, becouse of mirrors05:53
bioterrorkaushal, google doesnt have just one computer in one place ;)05:54
holsteinbioterror: you use your ISP's nameservers?05:55
kaushalless variables ?05:55
kaushalnot sure i understand that05:56
holsteinkaushal: if you have several points of breakage05:56
holsteinits more challenging to trouble-shoot05:56
holsteinif you can remove things from the equation05:56
holsteinand test05:56
holsteinthen it can be easier05:56
kaushalholstein: trying to understand05:58
kaushalhelp me understand with examples05:58
holsteinIF you have a router05:58
holsteinbypassing that would remove a variable05:59
kaushalthanks holstein06:05
kaushalbioterror: Thanks06:05
kaushalDo you recommend some tutorials or books to understand more ?06:05
holsteinkaushal: for networking?06:08
holsteini like that site bioterror linked06:08
holsteini was browsing it06:08
kaushalbioterror: yes06:11
kaushalthats really good06:11
kaushalmuch appreciated06:11
ray_so I need to change the change my router is set to then?, I set it to channal 11 recently06:14
ray_I meant I need to change the channel06:14
ray_sorry, I am sick and can't think well06:14
holsteinray_: i havent seen that error before06:15
holsteinim on channel 11 though i think06:15
holsteincould be hardware specific i suppose06:15
ray_ha ha, neither have I06:15
holsteinshouldnt hurt to change it06:15
holsteinand try06:15
ray_linksys rtw54g router and a D-link wireless card06:16
ray_give me a sec and I will find out the chipset for the card06:17
holsteinray_: what caused the error?06:17
holsteindid you do a kernel update?06:17
holsteinyou could try booting into your older kernel06:17
ray_I just updated06:18
ray_before comming here06:18
ray_I checked before coming here06:19
ray_and I have this same error on another hard drive06:19
holsteinsounds like hardware then06:19
ray_"00:08.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR2413 802.11bg NIC (rev 01)"06:19
holsteinyeah, try channel 6 or something06:19
holsteinand see06:19
holsteinray_: you cant boot the machine?06:20
ray_I switched from channel 6 because our wireless phone06:20
ray_but we should just replace the phone06:20
holsteinchannel 1 then06:20
holsteinray_: but, whats the problem?06:20
holsteincan you not boot?06:20
ray_I was getting the internet dropped all the time before I switched channels06:21
holsteinbut, is that just a message that flashes?06:21
holsteinand its seems fine otherwise?06:21
ray_but they are both in the same range that the phone should just be replaced06:21
holsteinyou got plenty of channels to try06:22
ray_I get that message when I go into recover mode in the commanline text06:22
ray_11 channels06:22
holsteinray_: but everthing is working fine?06:22
holsteini wouldnt worry about it06:22
holsteinif you get network06:23
ray_well, sort of06:23
ray_I tried to get 2 hard drives with Ubuntu on them to work together but this hard drive doesn't boot with the other hard drive I want to boot it with06:23
holsteinprobably need to select between them06:24
holsteinin the bios06:24
holsteinOR update grub from one of them06:24
holsteinwhichever one is booting06:24
ray_It must be unrelated06:24
holsteinyou should be able to run sudo update-grub06:24
holsteinand the other one gets added06:25
holstein*should* get added06:25
ray_sudo update-grub06:25
ray_sudo update dash grub06:25
ray_I will try it now06:26
ray_thank you06:26
ray_I will be right back06:26
holsteini might be out06:26
holsteingotta get horizontal06:26
ray_it's ok, thank you06:26
holsteingood luck though :)06:26
ray_sleep, I see06:26
ray_I wish I didn't have to06:27
ray_but sometimes it's nice to take a break from life06:27
ray_well, I guess he went to sleep06:34
ray_hello, I want to know more about this Noise floor calibration timeout I am having06:38
ray_We have another computer in the house running Windows XP on it right now06:38
ray_I think it is running right now, normally it is not running though, so I should try turning it off and going into recovery mode to see if the error appears I guess06:39
ray_Anyone have any thoughts on this?06:40
xerexevilduanedesign, Hello Duane -I was trying to install VLC shares and stream video and I got a prompt message. Would you know what  "VLCShares needs Zend Framework 1.10.6+. Please, install it in library/ folder" means?08:20
bioterrorapt-cache show zend-framework08:22
xerexbioterror, how shall I fix this then, would you know please?08:32
bioterrorxerex, installing that package, ofcourse08:38
xerexbioterror, but the package is already installed.08:41
MrChrisDruifxerex: sudo apt-get install zend-framework -y08:42
xerexbioterror, it didn't work. I was trying to do a pastebin but can't make it work either.08:53
halpbatmancan anyone help me with setting up ssh server?11:41
halpbatmananyone knows how to set up ssh server?11:43
halpbatmani can get it to work locally11:43
halpbatmanbut remote access gets refused11:43
halpbatmani did the necessary port forwarding on my router11:44
ibuclawhalpbatman, behind a router?11:44
halpbatmanI did port forwarding/ DMZ11:44
halpbatmanneither worked11:44
ibuclawwhen you say locally, from one computer -> another11:45
halpbatmanlike from one laptop to another11:45
ibuclawshould be nothing stopping you if your connecting to your own network externally. :)11:47
halpbatmanibuclaw: i mean that's what I figured too.. when I'm on my own network. I can even ssh on my phone11:48
halpbatmanibuclaw: but when I try from a remote location (from another network) it says connection refused11:48
halpbatmanibuclaw: even with port forwarding..11:49
halpbatmanhas anyone else tried setting up ssh server?11:51
Maddethgood day all13:27
MaddethHey, i have been doing some googling, can anyone tell me the standard lines in the lates sources.list?13:38
head_victimMaddeth: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine has some information but you will need to swap in your version as they use an older release13:46
Maddethhead_victim, hmm, all i really want is a sources.list with the latest kde package13:46
head_victimThat has the default sources.list example13:47
s-foxI would give you mine, but s.fox uses Debian ;)13:47
head_victimI'd pastebin mine but it is all set up for local Australian mirrors13:47
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Maddethhead_victim, all sorted now, thanks :)13:54
johnny77If I'm installing a deb file is there command that will install dependancies as well?17:53
charlie-tcaonly when the .deb tells it what it needs17:53
charlie-tcaThat's why we use the Ubuntu repositories whenever possible17:54
johnny77charlie-tca: I can't find Opera in the Ubuntu repositories. Something knows what it needs because dpkg give me a list of dependancies that are not installed.17:55
charlie-tca!info opera17:57
charlie-tcahm, obviously, the bot here hates me17:58
johnny77!info opera17:58
charlie-tcadid you install it using dpkg ???.deb   ?17:58
johnny77sudo dpkg -i blahblah.deb17:59
szczurjohnny77, if you're installing with gdebi, it does inform what are the needed dependencies and installs them. if you're doing it with dpkg -i package.deb as far as i know it won't18:01
rajuupto my idea, it will ask the dependancies  while installing18:02
rajuif it needs18:03
johnny77Chromium is now not loading, giving me a bus error when ran in terminal. Any ideas?18:18
johnny77firefox 4.0 crashes no output to terminal18:21
johnny77It seems that now, none of my browsers work. Firefox, Firefox 4.0, aora, Chromium all crash with a bus error.18:28
charlie-tcahm, same machine you installed opera on?18:30
johnny77charlie-tca: yup, I'm thinking opera screwed something up.18:32
johnny77I tried to purge opera, but receive this error:  subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 1018:33
szczurjohnny77, http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/troubleshooting-debian-ubuntu-package-upgrades-removals.html < this should help18:41
johnny77szczur: thank you.18:44
johnny77ok, now opera is gone, but my other browsers are still crashing in bus errors.19:06
charlie-tcatry re-installing or remove and reinstall on them19:08
johnny77charlie-tca: is there a way to force re-install or do I have to uninstall first?19:08
charlie-tcaUsing Synaptic Package Manager, you can reinstall without removing first19:09
johnny77I don't have synaptic installed :)19:09
* ddecator loves synaptic19:10
charlie-tcausing apt-get, you can run sudo apt-get check19:10
ddecatorjohnny77: idk how you get by without synaptic on your computer19:10
johnny77On my play computer, I'm trying to learn more about the CLI.19:10
charlie-tcaand aptitude is just plain difficult19:10
ddecatorcharlie-tca: +119:10
ddecatorit has its diehard fans though19:11
charlie-tcajohnny77: if you find things wrong when apt-get check is run, you use sudo apt-get -f to force the corrections19:12
szczurJoeb454, you can run something like this sudo apt-get --reinstall install firefox or whatever package you want19:16
sam22hello world. I am running Ubuntu server 10.10 and am trying to set up the sftp to work with file zilla on another computer. I can view all the directories on the server but cannot write to it. and when i go to vsftpd.conf to change the write_enable= to YES it says that I do not have write permission. help? what am i missing here? [12:13] <+bioterror> openssh-server works as sftpd20:25
sam22hello world. I am running Ubuntu server 10.10 and am trying to set up the sftp to work with file zilla on another computer. I can view all the directories on the server but cannot write to it. and when i go to vsftpd.conf to change the write_enable= to YES it says that I do not have write permission. help? what am i missing here? [12:13] <+bioterror> openssh-server works as sftpd20:30
bioterroruse sudo to edit files other than your home folder20:31
bioterror!sudo | sam2220:32
ubot2sam22: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo20:32
sam22thank you very much! that's what i needed20:33
bioterroryou're welcome20:33
sam22ok well i still can't write files over filezilla20:34
sam22do i need to enable anonymous ftp?20:34
johnny77to reinstall a program: after removing do I have to reboot or anyting or can I just install again.20:35
bioterrorjohnny77, just install again20:35
bioterrorjohnny77, technically only a kernel update requires a reboot20:35
bioterrorwe are not using Windows 98 which requires a reboot after changing display resolution20:35
bioterrorsam22, normal user cant change files, use SSH20:36
bioterror!ssh | sam2220:36
ubot2sam22: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)20:36
johnny77bioterror: I was wondering if you were gonna say something like that. :)20:36
bioterrorsam22, part of linux systems security is to keep users away from other files than home directory20:38
bioterrorsam22, so you cant access files like that with "ftp client"20:39
johnny77Chromium browser is crashing with a bus error.20:39
sam22ok thanks. i got putty working already20:39
bioterrorsudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf20:39
bioterrorand you can edit it or what ever20:39
bioterrorand ctrl + x = close20:39
bioterrorsam22, I wish you a good and pleasant journey with *nix systems, you have found ssh ;)20:43
johnny77After a little searching I found out that flashplugin-installer was causing the bus error. Is this what I'm supposed to be installing or is there another one?21:07
charlie-tcaIf you are using cli only, you don't have a gui, right?21:09
charlie-tcaflash requires a gui browser21:09
johnny77I have gui, but am tring to limit a lot of things to CLI. I have fluxbox installed.21:10
charlie-tcaThat is the correct flash thing for firefox and midori, as far as I know.21:11
charlie-tcaI don't know if it is fluxbox compatible, though21:11
bioterrorand chromium and and and ;)21:17
johnny77I think it does because my other computer has fluxbox, but it also has gnome.21:18
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johnny77why would installing flashplugin-installer crash chromium browser in a bus error?23:26

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