palhmbsoi - why is it taking so long to install xulrunner with synaptic?01:03
micahgpalhmbs: what release?01:03
palhmbs10.10 --- with
micahghmm, it shouldn't01:05
micahgor rather not any longer than any other time01:05
palhmbsit done this earlier to me too... I gave up that time and just installed it manually01:05
micahgpalhmbs: what does ps afx show you01:05
palhmbscould it be a permissions problem?01:05
palhmbs1 sec01:06
palhmbs18019 pts/3    S+     0:00                              \_ /usr/lib/xulrunner- --gre-versio01:06
palhmbsthat's the xulrunner process - what else am I supposed to be looking for? - I'm running synaptic under trickle...01:07
palhmbsnot that that should make a difference....01:07
micahgyeah, that's not going to work, that's weird01:08
palhmbsthis thing has been installing for over 1/2 hr...01:08
palhmbsit's very annoying that every time I have to install firefox this darned thing hangs01:08
micahgpalhmbs: you don't need xulrunner for firefox01:08
palhmbsI suppose I should submit a bug, but I may be a operator error, I do mess with stuff on my machine quite a bit -- sorry.01:09
micahgpalhmbs: can you pastebin the process tree above that?01:09
palhmbsmicahg, sure, 2 secs.01:10
palhmbsmicahg, -- here -- http://pastebin.com/YWvJTv9q01:12
micahgpalhmbs: I'm not sure what trickle is01:13
palhmbstrickle is a bandwidth profiler...01:13
palhmbsas far as I can tell from the output of ps afg - the xulrunner is trying to modify my run-mozilla.sh --01:16
micahgpalhmbs: run-mozilla.sh is a wrapper around xulrunner which handles certain env variables01:16
palhmbswell the permissions on run-mozilla.sh look good - rwx r-x r-x root root....01:18
palhmbsI have no idea, maybe I'll just kill synaptic then manually install it01:19
palhmbsit was easier that way, but wasn't fixing the error01:19
micahgpalhmbs: I think that code is actually unnecessary, I'll look into removing it, but that would only happen in natty01:19
palhmbs1 thing I have changed - and since it's only been happening since I installed a firefox extension for Ubuntu One, I thought it may be related.01:20
micahgah, it's already been removed, so nothing for me to do, but I'm curious why you're stuck01:20
micahgcan you run xulrunner-1.9.2 --gre-version from the command line?01:21
palhmbsyep -
micahgyou might want to kill it and start it again01:22
micahgI wonder if there's a parallel job running01:22
micahgbut even that shouldn't matter01:22
micahger, it actually would...01:23
palhmbsit's weird, I just killed synaptic - did a apt-get update, it told me to do dpkg --configure -a - which install xulrunner fine....01:23
palhmbsgo figure.01:23
palhmbsif this happens on any more xulrunner synaptic installs, I'll definitely be back to figure this one out - and submit a bug report01:24
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micahgpalhmbs: it actually looks like you had and running at the same time01:24
palhmbsbut thanks for the help - 1 thing I did learn today... ps afg - cool01:25
palhmbsmicahg, how the heck?01:25
micahgoh, neverming01:26
micahgI misread the flow chat :)01:26
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micahgpalhmbs: please, if you have more issues, do come back01:27
palhmbsmicahg, np - and thanks again.01:28
palhmbsmicahg, some additional info, which I doubt is very helpful -- ** (synaptic:15831): WARNING **: no statusfd changes/content updates in terminal for 120 seconds      ** (synaptic:15831): WARNING **: TerminalTimeout in step: Configuring xulrunner-1.9.201:32
palhmbsI was running synaptic from the terminal, so it showed some error warnings...01:33
micahgpalhmbs: well, it just seems like it hung, if that happens again, maybe attach gdb and try for a backtrace01:33
palhmbsright - gdb next time, thanks01:34
RedSingularityUnder the "affects" column of a bug report, I assume that you cannot remove a wrong package completely?06:18
ddecatornot that i know of. you can just mark it invalid06:19
RedSingularityddecator: thats good too.  Thanks.06:20
palhmbswhat is desktopcouchdb and why does it hog all of my resources so...07:04
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abhinav-hggdh, thanks :-)14:09
hggdhabhinav-, welcome, and thank you for helping! :-)14:10
abhinav-hggdh, I have just started contributing, but I am enjoying it :)14:12
hggdhabhinav-, good! If you have doubts, please do not hesitate to ask, either here, or on the mailing list14:14
abhinav-hggdh, yes, sure, I will14:17
patrickmw_bdmurray:  have you had a chance to get through your bug notifications? I subscribed you to a few bugs yesterday15:59
* bdmurray cries16:00
bdmurraypatrickmw_: no not yet16:00
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micahgbdmurray: are we having a meeting in 10 minutes?16:50
bdmurraymicahg: That is when it is scheduled ....  I've been rather swamped lately.16:51
* micahg wonders if others were planning on attending16:52
bdmurrayjordan: you are all set sorry about not getting to it sooner17:04
bdmurrayAnybody interested in a bug squad meeting?17:05
JFobdmurray, I'd be interested in them. This time slot though is when I have team meetings usually though.17:09
charlie-tcacalendar showed it at 11:00 UTC17:09
charlie-tca18:00 UTC, I think17:10
JFohmmm, yeah I show it at 1PM EST on my cal17:10
JFoso in 50 minutes17:11
charlie-tca11:0-0 MST17:11
bdmurrayhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Meeting shows 1700 UTC17:11
JFolooks like the fridge calendar is wrong17:13
JFoat any rate, I am interested :)17:13
bdmurrayJFo: is there something specific you wanted to discuss and does it require a large audience?17:15
JFobdmurray, not really, was just interested in attending a bugsquad meeting since I have not yet17:16
JFoif there is nothing to discuss then we shouldn't do it just because I want to :)17:17
bdmurrayah in that case I think we should postpone until next Tuesday and send out an announcement17:17
JFoworks for me17:17
bdmurrayJFo: do you have the calendar url handy?17:17
JFobdmurray, to the item itself?17:18
* JFo goes to get it17:18
bdmurrayJFo: the fridge one but I got it thanks17:18
JFoah, np17:19
* JFo goes to grab lunch then17:19
bdmurraymicahg: the team meeting is on your calendar?17:20
* micahg checks17:21
micahgbdmurray: I have it on my internal calendar17:21
micahgit's not on the fridge though17:22
bdmurrayhttps://www.google.com/calendar/render?eid=YmxicnVpa2ZiOXNqa25hZ2NyY2Z2cTdpNjRfMjAxMTAzMDhUMTgwMDAwWiBqNXE4NW1taTZ1anZqdGlpNXMxbjNsaTVpb0Bn&ctz=Etc/GMT&gsessionid=OK&sf=true&output=xml ?17:22
charlie-tca6 pm entry17:25
micahgoh, hmm, my fridge calendar isn't loading17:26
charlie-tcayeah, takes it a bit17:26
charlie-tcathen you have to change to week view, to see the meeting as "ubuntu"17:26
abhinav-SpamapS, hi, I have pushed the changes to the tomcat6 branch for bug 707405 . take a look when you have time :)17:48
ubot4`Launchpad bug 707405 in tomcat6 (Ubuntu) "tomcat6-instance-create should allow -c -1 (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70740517:48
nemohttp://m8y.org/tmp/temp.txt - maverick.   is this sort of thing (xorg using a bunch of memory) enough to warrant a bug?18:23
nemoI can't think of any good way to get more info out of it18:23
erkan^i have problem with thunderbird18:59
erkan^Inloggen op server imap.googlemail.com is mislukt.18:59
erkan^what must i do?18:59
micahgerkan^: english please?18:59
erkan^ok i try micahg19:00
erkan^that say "inlog on server imap.google.com is error19:00
erkan^but yesterday was it good inlog19:00
erkan^and i can inlog by www.gmail.com, no problem19:00
micahgerkan^: maybe it's a google issue?19:00
erkan^but in thunderbird problem now19:00
micahgmy google IMAP is working in thunderbird...19:00
erkan^3.1.8 or 3.1.9 ?19:01
erkan^my is 3.1.819:01
micahgright, I'm on natty19:01
erkan^did you download --> http://www.mozillamessaging.com ?19:02
micahgerkan^: no, I uploaded 3.1.9 to natty :)19:02
erkan^yes i see19:03
micahgerkan^: it's not a security update19:03
micahgthat's why I didn't push it to the stable releases19:03
erkan^but I have seen http://www.mozillamessaging.com/nl/thunderbird/ --> 3.1.919:03
micahgerkan^: yep, I was going to upload it to the stable PPA, where is your 3.1.8 from?19:05
erkan^for security, i don't use PPA, micahg19:06
micahgerkan^: good policy :)19:06
erkan^Is PPA dangerous ?19:07
micahgerkan^: well, depends on the PPA, but they're not officially supported19:08
erkan^a wait19:09
erkan^that is my picture, micahg19:11
erkan^for setting - thunderbird19:12
SpamapSabhinav-: I saw that, and thanks for the fix with the * vs + .. I had been going a different direction w/ it when I was testing it and never did change the * back. :)19:35
abhinav-SpamapS,  :-) thank you, for the suggestion of using regex. it's a much better solution now19:41
erkan^micahg, is it possible thunderbird.deb 3.1.9 ?19:49
micahgerkan^: yeah, eventually, but it'll be in the thunderbird-stable PPA19:50
erkan^micahg, #debian is angry on me :/19:55
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yoktohello im on i am running a natty 64 and it seems vim is broken  because it requires vim-runtime =2:7.3.035+hg~8fdc12103333-1ubuntu4 but only ... ubuntu3 is available20:39
micahgyokto: that's just waiting on it to build I think20:40
yoktoah ok20:40
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hggdhactually, just available20:59
hggdhyokto, it is normal that some packages in natty will have missing dependencies; you have to be careful when upgrading21:00
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yoktook thanks21:12
hggdhbrb, buying a replacement AC filter21:39
JFoI need to do that at some point as well21:45
charlie-tcamust be rough to *need* an AC filter21:46
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