hallynIf that really has the same effect I'd be all for changing it.01:22
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koolhead17hi all05:33
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TeTeTDaviey: if you've got some time, do you have an idea how to triage https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/+bug/728018 further?10:38
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 728018 in eucalyptus "10.04 LTS: Failure to start instance due to network address failure" [Undecided,New]10:38
DavieyTeTeT, looking10:40
DavieyTeTeT, remember when Lucid was released there was something like a 90% success rate?10:41
TeTeTDaviey: nope, don't remember that. So it this behaviour to be expected? What makes me ponder is, that I cannot start any new instances without tearing down the other ones first10:42
DavieyTeTeT, I suspect you have found a valid bug with 1.6.2...10:43
DavieyTeTeT, TBH, we really want to ditch 1.6.2...  and backport 2.0.X10:43
DavieyTeTeT, There were some SRU'd to address the failure to start and i /thought/ they were successful10:44
TeTeTDaviey: fine with me, I would test on 10.10, but the training cloud can only be setup with 10.0410:44
DavieyUpstream did a bunch of refactoring in 2.0 to address this properly.10:44
DavieyTeTeT, Yeah, i understand - it's a difficult situation10:44
DavieyTeTeT, The best i can suggest is raising it with upstream..10:45
TeTeTDaviey: who's raising it? Can I do that?10:45
DavieyTeTeT, I can see if i can get it escalated.10:46
DavieyTeTeT, Is this *urgent* or a pain?10:46
TeTeTDaviey: nothing urgent, just a finding of the uec scheduler script, I think I told you about. It does http and hadoop workloads on UEC right now10:47
DavieyTeTeT, Looking forward to seeing that in a demo :)10:48
DavieyTeTeT, Infact, i should just sign up to one of your courses. :)10:48
TeTeTDaviey: next one is start of April, you're welcome to join :)10:48
DavieyTeTeT, Fancy having one in the UK? :)10:55
TeTeTDaviey: it's all virtual, via spreed ;) so you can participate from around the world, though it starts 9am EST US10:56
DavieyHmm.. filing with UTC conversion :)10:59
kim0hallyn: ping11:02
kim0hallyn: I'm filing that MIR for spice and spice-protocol source packages, however the 1st requirement is that the pkgs are in Universe11:02
kim0afaict, they don't seem to be ?!11:03
TeTeTDaviey: 2pm your time I think, unless day time shifts are not the same11:19
DavieyTeTeT, oh great11:22
Davieykim0, ah, looks like it might need a FFe then a MIR :)11:23
* kim0 needs to learn about all the 3 letter acros :)11:24
Davieykim0, sorry11:24
kim0Daviey: thanks for checking it out though11:24
DavieyFeature Freeze Exception11:24
DavieyFFe can also mean Final Freeze Exception11:24
DavieySo, all good :)11:24
kim0hehe :)11:24
kim0hallyn: well, once you're up, let me know how to push this11:25
hallynkim0: yeah soren mentioned this yesterday on #ubuntu-server.  So we need to get someone to sponsor getting it into universe.13:24
hallynSomeone like Daviey :)13:24
hallynkim0: but have you tested it more?13:24
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Davieyhallyn, I'm happy to review, and sponsor it to the NEW queue... but it will still need a FFe to get accepted into Universe13:47
hallynDaviey: cool, thanks.13:49
=== uvirtbot` is now known as uvirtbot
hallynDaviey: the question then is,13:49
hallynwith kvm being in main, what's the best way to handle dependency?13:49
hallynMake it a 'Suggests', and let it just fail if user tries to use spice without the pkg from universe installed?13:50
Davieyhallyn, Do i understand correctly that this is built from the packages already in main?13:57
DavieyIt's just a new binary package?13:57
DavieyOr is spice a separate source package?14:00
Davieyhallyn, ?14:04
SpamapSIIRC its its own source package14:05
kim0hallyn: hmm, no I haven't tested it yet .. I wanna do it now though14:05
* kim0 installing14:07
hallynDaviey: there are two new packages.  THey provide a library which qemu needs to be built against, plus a binary which is used as the client (in place of the vnc client)14:08
hallynuh, well two new source packages.  More actual packages.14:08
Davieyhallyn, Then don't make any changes to qemu-kvm yet....14:10
Davieyhallyn, Show me the mone^D source.14:10
DavieyI'll upload it14:10
DavieyYou deal with FFe of getting it in universe14:11
DavieyErm, or kim014:11
DavieyGet it ack'd for main14:11
DavieyThen make your changes to qemu-kvm14:11
Davieythen an archive admin will see it in component-mismatches, see the error - match it to the FFe, and promote it.14:12
kim0hallyn: In order to test I "apt-get install libspice-server1 spice-client" .. then launched qemu-kvm removing the -vnc option, and adding "-vga qxl -spice port=5930,disable-ticketing"14:16
hallynDaviey: (I don't get the last sentence)  what kind of time frame is that?  How long usually in universe before MIR?14:16
kim0getting kvm: -spice port=5930,disable-ticketing: there is no option group "spice"14:16
kim0spice is not supported by this qemu build.14:16
kim0should I get a new kvm somehow?14:16
hallynkim0: dpkg -l | grep qemu-kvm?14:16
Davieyhallyn, sorry, match it to the FFe|MIR reports.14:16
kim0ii  qemu-kvm                                 0.14.0~rc1+noroms-0ubuntu4                 Full virtualization on i386 and amd64 hardware14:16
Davieyhallyn, I think at this point in the cycle, potentially quite quickly.14:17
hallynkim0: drat, there's been an update in main14:17
kim0hallyn: anyway I can force that version14:17
hallynkim0: ok, cool14:17
kim0hallyn: I'm asking :)14:17
hallynoh.  yes.14:17
kim0any way*14:18
* kim0 slaps himself14:18
hallynjust go to https://launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/+archive/spice/+packages  and d/l the qemu-kvm .debs, and dpkg -i them14:18
kim0ah sweet14:18
kim0hallyn: btw libspice 0.8 is out14:18
hallynkim0: let me try and package the final 0.14.0 today.  I'll try spice 0.8 after that.  It took enough finagling to get versions matching that I"m weary of changing again :)14:20
SpamapSSo this spice thing has just dropped in universe, not even in debian, and we're MIR'ing it now to link qemu-kvm against it?14:26
SpamapSdoesn't that sound a little... aggressive ?14:26
DavieyHang on....14:28
Davieyqemu-kvm links against spice, or the other way around?14:28
kim0trying to run kvm, it's stopping with "kvm: pci_add_option_rom: failed to find romfile "pxe-rtl8139.bin"" .. any idea what's up14:31
hallynkim0: it actually stops there?  That msg is usually spurious14:31
kim0hallyn: well I don't see any cpu usage14:31
hallynkim0: you can install kvm-pxe which should provide that romfile if you need it14:31
kim0and spicec can't connect still14:31
hallynkim0: what's your spicec cmdline?14:32
kim0spicec -h localhost -p 593014:32
kim0that's kvm cmd line14:32
kim0/usr/bin/kvm -S -M pc-0.14 -enable-kvm -m 1024 -smp 2,sockets=2,cores=1,threads=1 -name win7 -rtc base=localtime -boot c -drive file=/dev/vgkimo/win7,if=none,id=drive-virtio-disk0,boot=on,format=raw,cache=writeback -vga qxl -spice port=5930,disable-ticketing -device AC97,id=sound0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x614:32
hallynSpamapS: we want qemu-kvm with spice support.  if we can do that with spice in universe I'm fine with it.  But I'm not sure the best way to do that14:32
hallynkim0: hm. that's all I did...14:33
hallynkim0: what iso are you using?14:34
hallynkim0: I used redhat14:34
kim0hallyn: it's an already installed win7 VM14:34
hallynkim0: ubuntu guests may not work.  our grub is unfriendly14:34
hallynoh.  i don't know if you can do that.  Does win7 have the qxl drivers?14:34
kim0it's not even booting14:35
kim0hallyn: is there some way to get both vnc and spice .. so I can take a look14:35
hallynkim0: get rid of the -boot c14:35
hallyni don't think you can do both at once14:36
kim0hallyn: still not crunching14:36
Davieyhallyn, I'm not following.... Does kvm need to link against spice?14:36
hallynhowever if you do -monitor stdio, you can do 'info qxl or 'invo spice'14:36
hallynDaviey: yes14:36
* Daviey didn't realise that.14:36
Davieyi just assumed it was some socket..14:37
hallynno, it does it's own wholly different way of encoding the video channel14:37
hallynkim0: all right i'm walking to the other room where I can test.  not sure i have a windows vm handy, i'll see14:38
Davieyhallyn / kim0: Would it be better to PPA this?14:39
kim0hallyn: changed it back to vnc .. still not booting14:41
SpamapShallyn: if qemu-kvm ends up depending on libspice ... that won't work. :-/14:41
kim0I think something is wrong with me just launching direct command line ( I always used virsh before)14:41
SpamapShallyn: however, if it can use spice plugin-style, where its not linked.. that could work.14:41
kim0hallyn: any way to force libvirt to pass the "-spice port=5930,disable-ticketing" part ?14:42
hallynkim0: good :)  then it's not my fault :)14:43
hallynSpamapS: you can't14:43
hallynkim0: I think libvirt is supposed to support spice...  i'm not sure if there was a configure flag needed for that14:44
hallynsmoser: who exactly is the local xen expert?14:44
Davieyhallyn, traditionally it's been zul14:44
hallynI could use some help in nailing down bug 72851914:44
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 728519 in linux "Bridged Guests losing network connectivity under non-ubuntu Xen after upgrade from 8.10 to 10.04" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72851914:44
Davieyhallyn, fwiw, upstream expressed interest in getting xen rocking on ubuntu14:44
kim0trying to start it from virsh now results in  "error: operation failed: failed to retrieve chardev info in qemu with 'info chardev'"14:44
hallynwhen a guest is upgraded, one of its network links goes down;  but when reinstalled it never does14:45
hallynzul: ^14:45
Davieyhallyn, zul is away14:46
hallynoh, right.  i half remember that14:46
SpamapShallyn: yeah.. if its linked.. then a MIR is going to be required.14:47
SpamapSand, IMO, should not land post FF14:48
hallynoh, meaning you'd object to an FFE14:49
hallynSpamapS: I'll remember that next time you need a favor :)14:50
hallynj/k.  i don't think i want to push it for natty14:50
Davieyhallyn, You don't lose anything by trying the process :)14:50
DavieyThe worst that can happen is you'll get a nack14:50
Davieyand perhaps sacked. :)14:50
hallynIt has to be in by 12.04.  I feel better about ppa in 11.04.  Except that there are so many *&(*$% updates to qemu-kvm lately that keeping ppa uptodate will be painful14:51
kim0kvm launched now .. starring at a blank screen14:53
kim0trying to figure out hwo to debug it14:53
SpamapShallyn: :)14:54
hallynstill windows?14:54
hallynall right let me get settled into my call and then go to my test laptop.  biab14:54
SpamapShallyn: isn't that what build recipes are for?14:54
kim0btw .. fedora had shipped a separate binary "qemu-spice" that seems to have spice enabled .. would that be helpful in our case14:54
hallynSpamapS: maybe14:55
SpamapSwe could actually do that14:55
hallynSpamapS: but that still requires several steps (and lots of bandwidth) for each update14:55
SpamapSlike we do for the unsavory bits of php14:55
hallynthere are savory bits?14:55
hallynkim0: sigh.  yes, I was hoping to avoid that, but that may be the thing to do14:56
SpamapSmy favorite twit of last week... DEVOPS_BORAT -- "Openstack is PHP of cloud"14:56
kim0hehe :)14:56
kim0I removed the spice cli options, and kvm is still not starting for me14:57
kim0the sdl window mentioned "stopped"14:57
ranger03I am using UEC 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10 server. I dont have the ami at this moment.  I am using the default kernel 2.6.22-virtual..I would like to upgrade my kernel to the latest version. How can I do that? apt-get update;apt-get upgrade OR apt-get dist-upgrade?15:12
kim0ranger03: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade15:21
ranger03and that updates my UEC Ubuntu EC2 to the latest kernel available? Will I get to see the kernel version before the new kernel gets installed ?15:25
kim0ranger03: r u running on UEC or EC215:27
kim0ranger03: ok, then it depends on whether the image you started is recent enough to be using pv-grub15:29
kim0in either cases, what I mentioned will show you the kernel version15:30
kim0and nothing bad will happen, either it will boot the new kernel, or the older one15:30
kim0after reboot verify kernel by "uname -r"15:30
kim0and see if it matches the new version that was just installed15:30
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kim0ranger03: when did you start your AMI15:32
ranger03trying to find my AMI on the web..I can find the AMI on AWS..but I want to find out where I got my first AMI15:32
ranger03us-east-1: ami-548c783d     <--64-bit EBS Ubuntu 10.10 US-EAST-1A15:33
ranger03logged into launchpad...some good info there as well15:36
kim0ranger03: you got nothing to worry about IMO15:38
kim0ranger03: just upgrade and see if it boots the new or old version15:38
ranger03Some weird kernel issues in Ubuntu 10.10 EC2...the default is pretty stable...but also has issues of kernel crashing under 'moderate to high io' load15:39
koolhead17hi all16:40
=== koolhead17 is now known as koolhead17|afk
RoAkSoAxsadwin 2816:43
kim0koolhead17|afk: hey16:46
hallynkim0: uh, well shoot.  it appears there is a bug in qemu-kvm debian/rules (which has been there for some time, and I refuse responsibility :).  So you probably don't have kvm support right now!17:15
=== charlieS_ is now known as charlieS
hallynfixing right now17:15
hallynkim0: interesting.  I guess the build farms set up the environment 'just so' so that it worked anyway17:34
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gtaylorAnyone else notice that Ubuntu EC2 instances take forever to come back up after a reboot?20:16
gtaylorAssuming it has something to do with an EBS or Ephemeral drive taking a while to mount20:16
gtaylor(I've got nobootwait for all secondary mounts, but the root EBS must be slow mounting sometimes)20:16
kim0hallyn: so I should wait for a kvm rebuild right .. that's fine21:02
hallynkim0: no i don't think that was the problem21:07
kim0hallyn: My win7 VM is now blue screening .. I'll probably be reinstalling soonish21:12
hallynkim0: but what does it do with -vga cirrus?21:29
kim0hallyn: is that different from -vga std ?21:29
kim0with std it bluescreens21:29
kim0now I'm reinstallation already .. so sorry :)21:29
hallynheh, np21:30
hallyndebugging win7 != my cup of tea21:30
kim0wonder if I'll actually use lvm snapshots for testing21:30
kim0always diliked em21:30
kim0might try it though21:31
kim0can't btrfs grow up faster21:31
hallynbut lvm snapshots shouls be perfect for potentially destructive testing21:33
kim0and while we're at it, release samba4 .. been waiting for that two employers back :)21:33
* kim0 nods21:33
kim0will use it21:33
kim0hallyn: you're testing was launching a rhel installation with qxl ?21:34
hallynyeah, rhel621:36
hallyni will see if my technet subs is still good and try win7 in the morning though21:37
kim0I wonder if anaconda actually started X with qxl device backend21:37
kim0I remember reading spice has a "base" unaccelerated mode, something like vesa21:37
* kim0 looks at Windows installation → 60% done21:38
kim0wonder if an SSD would make a huge difference21:38
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kim0installation errored in a very sweet spot, allowing me to snapshot the disk at a "very first boot" state .. nice :)22:10
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
kim0hallyn: getting "22:33
kim0shm open failed .. permission denied22:33
hallynare you still using virt-manager?22:35
kim0well yes22:35
kim0or virsh22:35
kim0This error is too common as well22:35
kim0error: operation failed: failed to retrieve chardev info in qemu with 'info chardev'22:35
kim0any idea what that means22:35
hallynis there anything more in /var/log/libvirt/?22:35
hallynlibvirt is not very useful when testing basic qemu functionality :)22:36
kim0do_spice_init: statistics shm_open failed, Permission denied22:36
kim02011-03-09 00:36:32.947: shutting down22:36
kim0I'm not using "sudo virsh" if I should be22:37
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kim0also a bit scared it might change ownership to root22:37
kim0hallyn: I guess the question is, how to allow my user shm_open permission22:37
hallynls -l /dev/shm22:39
kim0hallyn: many files owner by me there (pulse and mono)22:40
hallynthere should be a 'spice.%d' (%d being a pid)22:40
kim0it dies immediately22:40
hallynI really think this is an issue with libvirt though22:40
kim0should I need a sudo somewhere ? :)22:41
hallynFor today I'd recommend doing an install with kvm on cmdline22:41
hallynchecking libvirt git log22:41
kim0I guess I can just launch the same installation with a direct kvm launch22:41
kim0I'm just never sure which of the 100 different options libvirt passes is needed :)22:42
kim0trying direct launch22:42
kim0hallyn: profit!!22:47
hallynIf you just do 'kvm -drive file=PATH,if=virtio,index=0 -cdrom win7.iso -m 1024M -smp 2 -vga qxl -spice port=9999,22:47
hallynoh cool22:47
hallynheh then I won't finish my cmdline :)22:47
kim0without installing the acceleration driver22:47
kim0probably in that "vesa" mode thing22:48
kim0now .. installing qxl drivers22:48
hallynin any case i good luck :)22:48
hallyni need to go bribe open-vm-tools to stop beating me up22:48
kim0hehe :)22:48
kim0grr, qxl driver is not on the virtio-win iso22:51
kim0located qxl driver .. installing22:57
kim0woohoo more profit23:00
kim0testing video playback .. torture time23:00
kim0ok this definitely looks accelerated23:06
hallynkim0: cool!23:08
kim0hallyn: yeah indeed ;)23:08
kim0if only we can fix get this working with virsh, so I can get audio too :D23:09
kim0My wild guess is, libvirt runs under a different user that can't access shm or something23:10
hallynkim0: is there anything in /var/log/syslog, perhaps from apparmor, preventing the access?23:19
kim0hallyn: spot on23:20
kim0it is23:20
kim0how do I cure that :)23:20
kim0I wouldn't mind turning off apparmor for now23:21
hallynkim0: what precisely is the error?23:21
kim0type=1400 audit(1299626386.897:119): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mknod" parent=1 profile="libvirt-d0aef59c-912b-0e75-9b34-d48807a5824d" name="/dev/shm/spice.6219" pid=6219 comm="kvm" requested_mask="c" denied_mask="c" fsuid=119 ouid=11923:21
hallynkim0: we should be able to add a simple rule to /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/libvirt-qemu I think23:21
kim0that would be lovely23:22
kim0hallyn: the strange part .. there's some other DENIED error as well23:22
kim0type=1400 audit(1299626386.527:117): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" parent=23613 profile="/usr/lib/libvirt/virt-aa-helper" name="/tmp/virtio-win-1.1.16.vfd" pid=6207 comm="virt-aa-helper" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=0 ouid=11923:22
kim0but I'm pretty sure that vfd file was accessible23:23
hallynCan you try adding '/dev/shm/spice.[0-9]* rw,' to that file?23:23
* kim0 goes to add23:23
hallynone sec23:23
kim0do I need to "reload" the rules somehow23:24
hallyn/etc/init.d/apparmor restart *might* work23:24
hallynI'm still trying to verify whether 'w' will allow mknod23:25
kim0hallyn: it does :)23:25
hallynyay, open-vm-tools build success.  now to try the dkms part23:27
hallynkim0: heading out for some dinner soon, ttyl23:27
kim0c ya23:27
kim0hallyn: if you care about it, virt-manager cannot display the graphics with the embedded viewer23:32
kim0it says "Cannot display graphical console type spice, no module named SpiceClientGtk"23:32

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