cjohnstonjono: jcastro JFo (and anyone else) can you please RT http://twitter.com/#!/chris_johnston/status/4492390263541350400:55
nhandlercjohnston: I gave it a retweet01:03
jonocjohnston, done :-)01:03
mhall119me too01:55
* doctormo cheers02:50
doctormoFinally finished the resumable upload wsgi server02:50
nigelbhey doctormo :)03:09
doctormohey nigelb, how's your two weeks been?03:12
nigelbdoctormo: not bad.  a week in hospital and week at home.03:13
doctormoEverything ok I hope nigelb?03:13
doctormoAnd will you be coming to UDS?03:13
nigelbAll well now.03:13
nigelbI dunno, I haven't applied for sponsorship yet.03:13
doctormonigelb: Do you have some time to spare to play wesnoth with me?03:21
nigelbdoctormo: tomorrow morning your time?03:23
nigelbI'll install the packages \o/03:23
doctormonigelb: Yes, which do you prefer RPG or Stratedgy?03:24
nigelbdoctormo: I've never played it.  So your pick :D03:26
doctormonigelb: We'll do SX RPG, we'll die, but it'll be fun.03:31
doctormonigelb: Let me know when you have it running, I think we'll need to install two bits inside game.03:38
nigelbokay :)03:40
doctormonigelb: How's it going? slow dl?04:01
nigelbdoctormo: yeah :\04:08
doctormonigelb: Does it give you a time/target situation?04:10
nigelbdoctormo: I'm going to have to shutdown and get to work and continue the install :(04:11
doctormonigelb: OK, get it installed and we'll try again for tomorrow.04:11
nigelbok \o/04:11
dpmgood morning all07:52
nigelbmorning dpm07:52
dpmhey nigelb07:53
dholbachgood morning08:05
nigelbmorning ara, dholbach08:06
dholbachhi nigelb08:07
nigelbwhere's kim0 today :)08:12
dholbachif he's not working, he's demonstrating - like every other good Egyptian! :)08:12
nigelbI've been tasked with telling him to remove lernid bits from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays :D08:13
dpmhey dholbach08:13
dholbachnigelb, man, it's a wiki :)08:13
dholbachjust add a few "## ...."08:14
dholbachhey dpm08:14
dholbachdpm, how's the revolution in Catalonia?08:14
nigelbdholbach: oh, well.  wiki and I are not friends lately.08:14
dholbachI guess you could say that08:14
* popey hugs dholbach 08:15
* dholbach hugs popey back08:15
* nigelb hugs popey and dholbach 08:16
popeyI'm happy \o/08:16
nigelb(there seems to be a flash group hug)08:16
nigelbpopey: about what... ;)08:16
m4n1shnigelb: lernid is deprecated?08:16
nigelbm4n1sh: the classroom team no longer recommends it08:16
dholbachm4n1sh, it's broken right now08:17
m4n1shso either it needs to be fixed08:17
m4n1shor people should be told not to use it08:17
m4n1shmiddle way is bad08:17
AlanBellthe -nl team were thinking about doing a web based something similar I think08:17
nigelbm4n1sh: we don't tell people to use it.08:18
m4n1shso what to do with slides feature of lernid08:18
* m4n1sh never used lernid08:19
nigelbit never worked well even for us.08:19
nigelband out of all the sessions, very few actually use the slides08:19
m4n1shfor me slides are meh, but for a huge population slides is a + point08:19
m4n1shnigelb: true that08:19
m4n1shto be frank i dont remember anyone using slides08:19
m4n1sh*dont see08:20
* nigelb stabs the wiki repeatedly.08:20
nigelb503. Error. With. Preview.08:21
dpmdholbach, slowly getting there. On our way to overthrow the king08:21
* dholbach hugs dpm08:21
* dpm hugs dholbach :)08:21
AlanBellpopey: have you heard anything about downtime on the wiki?08:31
AlanBellby my calculations they were hoping to schedule some downtime last week to finally do the upgrade08:33
popeyyes and no08:38
popeyyes, we have asked for feedback about what's happening, and no its not done yet, bugs have held them up, we'll probably get another status update later this week I'd imagine08:38
vishanyone know who dave neary is? (apart from the census report, I'm not sure if he is in GNOME foundation or something else.. )09:07
topylivish: long time guadec organizer, alumnus foundation director, little things like that :)09:36
vishha! well, he sure is again stirring up GNOME folks with his latest post.. :s09:38
topylii suppose :)09:40
czajkowskiGod morning09:41
m4n1shvish: probably I can cook a conspiracy theory "Every week one controversy in the GNOME world"09:41
vishm4n1sh: yea, its getting very silly nowadays09:42
m4n1shPlanet Gnome = bait minefield09:42
m4n1shvery tough to walk across without stepping on one09:42
kim0morning everyone10:04
kim0nigelb: I think I already killed lernid from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays10:05
nigelbkim0: I commented it out today :)10:16
kim0oh, cool then :)10:16
duanedesignhello all10:34
duanedesigndholbach: i think i know what the Lernid bug is that is preventing it from working. I had the same bug in one of my apps.11:46
* duanedesign is commenting on conersation form hours ago :P11:47
Pendulumduanedesign: well the main problem with lernid is there are no maintainers. So bug fixes mostly aren't happening12:06
Pendulum( nhandler did a few at one point, but I don't think he has had time to for a while now)12:07
duanedesignPendulum: yeah. I remember talking to him about it awhile back12:08
duanedesignPendulum: he was trying to fix some bugs but was not comftorable doing it12:08
nigelbwe all had this sort of talk where we thought what we'd do seeing that some of us in the team didn't get it work either12:09
nigelbfinally, it was like "its far too painful to support it than not supporting it"12:09
duanedesignPendulum: he admits to being not very good at python. Though I think that he is being modesyt12:09
nigelbhaha, I agree there12:09
duanedesignnigelb: what do you think for the Parental Control wiki page. One page with an  overview of options and then a couple more detailed pages on seting up specific solutions?12:12
nigelbduanedesign: yes, that'd be great :D12:17
Piciso it seems13:34
mhall119lies, I'm going back to bed13:35
=== daker_ is now known as daker
jono_no dpm?16:00
dholbachjono_, * dpm hat die Verbindung getrennt (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)16:03
dholbachI would suspect internet problems16:03
jono_ok np16:03
dholbach(and it was just 9 minutes ago)16:03
jcastrodpm: dibs on bacon when you're finished with him16:35
czajkowskijcastro: want some syrup with that16:36
cjohnstonsyrup on (real) bacon is good16:37
dpmjcastro, I'm finished, but he had another important call after mine16:37
popeydont start this again!16:37
czajkowskihmm no paultag16:37
jcastrocjohnston: omg someone fixed your bug16:37
mhall119wan't me16:39
cjohnstonwhat bug16:43
jcastrothe uds.u.c one16:43
cjohnstonthe rt?16:44
cjohnstonya.. i got the email earlier16:44
* cjohnston notes to file a bug about the picture on uds.u.c16:45
jcastroTOO LATE16:45
* jcastro marks Opinion16:45
mhall119you want the picture with the caption?16:45
czajkowskithe pictures go by very fast16:47
mhall119so did UDS16:49
cjohnstonI have my state Fire Officer test tomorrow16:53
czajkowskiwhich means?16:53
czajkowskiyay 12 teams now on UGJ http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/567/detail/17:08
czajkowskitime to do more reminding17:09
mhall119"40 people from 11 LoCos and 9 countries are participating in this event!"17:09
czajkowskibut 12 events, 1 virtual one17:09
mhall119looks like we should do more to encourage people to register attendance17:09
mhall119which one is virtual?17:10
Technovi1ingczajkowski: can't get the Utah Team to ever to anything for the UGJ17:10
czajkowskiTechnovi1ing: mind if I ask why ?17:11
czajkowskimhall119: got confused nm17:11
=== Technovi1ing is now known as Technoviking
mhall119Venezuela has 2 events, which accounts for why we have 12 events, but 11 locos17:12
czajkowskimhall119: and one was in january17:12
czajkowskiI suspect it's a typo17:12
mhall119possibly, but I don't speak spanish17:12
mhall119so I don't know17:12
Technovikingshrug?  no one is interested? the last to I got a room, and sat there by myself for a couple of hours in IRC17:12
mhall119I do like seeing that map though17:12
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
czajkowskiTechnoviking: is it they dont know what to do ?17:13
czajkowskiI'm only curious as I suspect your team isn't the only one17:13
czajkowskiand ireland isn't doing one this year so far17:13
czajkowskiwhich sadens me no end17:14
cjohnstonjcastro: is it just me, or did uds.u.c revert? it looked correct to me this morning17:14
jcastronot sure I didn't check it17:14
cjohnstonthe top bar still has the wrong color and the arrow is off again17:15
cjohnstoni think you or jono can fix the "—!>"17:15
dholbachalright my friends17:15
dholbachI call it a day17:16
popeyo/ dholbach17:16
dholbachhave a great rest of yours - see you tomorrow17:16
mhall119night dholbach17:16
czajkowskidholbach: toodles17:16
* dholbach hugs you all17:16
cjohnstonjcastro: im working with ISS right now to figure it out17:26
cjohnstonjcastro / jono has anyone made changes to anything on uds.u.c in the last day or two?17:30
jcastronot me17:34
cjohnstonwell.. its refixed again17:34
jcastroI added some info on Friday17:34
doctormohey jono23:37
jonohey doctormo23:37
doctormoYour thoughts? http://divajutta.com/doctormo/art/edu/perspective.png23:37
jonolooks good doctormo :-)23:38
AlanBellthere is sillyness and timewasting going on in #ubuntu-trivia right now if anyone wants to join in23:40
AlanBellwe added 170 new scifi questions23:40

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