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airurandohi tdr11211:38
airurandomorning czajkowski11:38
airurandoczajkowski: how was the RMS talk?11:38
tdr112airurando: i asked about the bug jam , will know for sure on Sat , but it should be fine11:39
tdr112airurando: who did you send that email to11:39
czajkowskiairurando: meh kinda crap tbh11:39
tdr112whats RMS11:39
czajkowskiRichard M stallman11:39
airurandotdr112 the list of folks ebel gave me.11:39
airurandowant me to pm you with it?11:40
tdr112sure if you have it handy11:41
tdr112hey czajkowski one of my cats left me a nice little black bird underneath my bed. very thoughtful that's why I love them , you should get yourself one11:43
* czajkowski glares at tdr112 11:43
ebelczajkowski: get a dog, they eat cats11:48
tdr112ebel could not look after anything , slashtom would end up looking after it11:52
slashtomebel's very good at looking after dogs11:52
slashtomhe looks after his dog very well11:52
airurandoebel: emails all gone th11:53
airurando*this morning11:54
* airurando is glad to have it out of the way11:54
daxrocAny talks on in Dublin ?11:57
tdr112daxroc: ilug are having some talks on this week11:57
czajkowskimoonpie: ping11:58
daxrocnice, any url. whats the topics ?11:58
tdr112daxroc: http://www.linux.ie/11:59
daxrocheh mybad11:59
* tdr112 is heading along to them 12:01
daxrocyea, the storage seems interesting12:01
tdr112john does give great talks12:01
czajkowskihe does12:02
czajkowskigreat speaker12:02
tdr112he gave a talk in tog a while ago that was great ,12:03
* daxroc want's to hear more about mysql-ndb 12:03
tdr112he mention cztab a lot as an example12:03
czajkowskieh ?12:04
tdr112ah yes i forgot to tell you about that12:05
tdr112my laptop is about to die , will be back on soon12:06
tdr112http://www.tog.ie/2010/11/open-source-a-philosophy-for-life-talk-open-night/ it was at this talk , he gave you as an example of some one who makes open source a part of there life, it was some thing along the lines of your not a great coder but your great at bring a communty together and stuff12:22
czajkowskiah yes12:32
czajkowskiwhich is me really12:33
czajkowskiHate coding12:33
czajkowskibut love the open source community12:33
czajkowskitoday I'm working with the UK Gov and open source12:33
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airurandotdr112 you there?20:39

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