greg-ghiya all. I was wondering if I could get my LoCo channel logged on irclogs.ubuntu.com01:55
greg-gmy loco channel == #ubuntu-us-mi, of which I am an op and the team admin on LP01:55
m4vgreg-g: you need to request ubuntulog with an email to rc@ubuntu.com01:56
m4vgreg-g: er, sorry rt@ubuntu.com01:57
greg-goh, great02:00
greg-gsorry, just bad experiences with rt@ubuntu ;)02:01
nhandlergreg-g: They are usually fairly responsive to these emails. If they don't respond in a timely manner, a gentle ping in #canonical-sysadmin can sometimes ehelp02:14
greg-gnhandler: oh hey! aweseome, thanks man.02:23
highvoltagegreg-g: rt has also become a lot better over the last few months03:23
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RocketLauncherI'm banned from #ubuntu and I don't know why. I only go there when I need help and I don't usually need it.09:02
popeyRocketLauncher: join #ubuntu-ops09:03
vishRocketLauncher: #ubuntu-ops is the right place for that problem09:04
DJonesI can guess the reason for the ban just looking at the ident09:12
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X3lectricwhee can one bring forward a compliant against user that broke CoC and used profane language11:37
X3lectricamongst other infractions11:37
vishX3lectric: yup, if its on one of the core channels then  #ubuntu-ops is the place to discuss it.. else here.11:40
X3lectricyes it was #ubuntu-motu11:42
X3lectricuser was https://launchpad.net/~directhex11:42
popeywhen did this happen? I'm in that channel and can't see the issue11:43
X3lectricnot now11:43
X3lectriclast night11:43
X3lectricaround midnight gmt11:43
popeyah, i see11:43
vishX3lectric: that channel is logged, so maybe look at the logs and mention the time.11:43
X3lectrick wheres the logs and ill tell you11:44
vishX3lectric:  the topic has the link11:44
vishthis channel's topic..11:45
X3lectricdurh lol11:45
* popey is looking at it11:45
Tm_Tinteresting discussion there11:45
popeyX3lectric: seems like directhex was trying to help you at the start but you didn't answer his questions for more information11:48
popeythus leading to his frustration11:48
X3lectrichif you look there where more people involved in conversation11:49
popeyI saw11:49
popeythey seemed to start off by answering your questions and asking for more detail11:49
X3lectricI cant keep up with everyone11:49
X3lectric[01:00] <directhex> X3lectric, NO IT FUCKING ISN'T11:49
popeyhe asked the same question at least 3 times11:49
X3lectricthat is not warranted in any way11:50
popeythats one line of the conversation11:50
X3lectricok so I take it that can just go off and use progfanity ?11:50
X3lectrici dont think thats what the CoC says11:51
popeyagain, you were asked 3 times, he even highlighted your nick to make it easy for you to see11:51
tsimpsonthe CoC says nothing about using profanity, only how we interact with each other11:52
popeyyet you refused to answer the questions or pastebin the necessary files to make it easier for _him_ to help _you.11:52
X3lectricok so that excuses him from whatever?11:52
tsimpsonalthough we discourage in the development channels, it's no against the CoC11:52
X3lectrici didnt refuse I just cant keep up11:52
popeyhe highlighted your nick 3 times11:52
X3lectricand I dont see highlights11:53
popeyyou might want to configure your irc client to show highlights11:53
popeywe can probably help you with that.11:53
popeywhich would reduce this frustration in the future11:53
Fuchsyou are using mIRC, it should be able to do both backlog and highlights. If you used a different client back then, you might want to configure that one.11:53
X3lectricok but Im disabled and suffer from sleep deprivation and have quite a lot of troublle concentrating doing trvial stuff11:54
X3lectricwhat it seems Im hearing is that hes justified to use profanity just because and all is well11:54
X3lectricIm sorry to say Im quite disapointed11:55
popeythats not what I said11:55
Tm_Tmy opinion is this: there's no excuse for bad behaviour11:56
X3lectricnothing I did or din not do justifies that action11:56
X3lectricTm_T: indeed11:56
Tm_TX3lectric: that comes to you too, he did ask clearly, you refused to answer11:56
Tm_Tif you feel there's too much for you to handle, say it, and others will try to slow down11:57
Tm_Tbut straight ignoring the attempts to help you is not polite11:57
tsimpsonprofanity is not forbidden the CoC, it would depend on how it was used11:57
popeyanother option is the ubuntu motu mailing list, if IRC moves too fast for you11:57
Tm_Tso ye, I would ask directhex to keep his language cleaner, but that's all11:58
X3lectricso whos actually in charge of this?11:59
Tm_TX3lectric: did you try to talk to him and sort this out?11:59
X3lectricasked him to take a chill pill12:00
popeyI also notice that your issue is currently being discussed in #ubuntu-motu12:00
popeyX3lectric: I find that's not helpful when someone is frustrated.12:00
X3lectriceither way his action are not excusable12:00
popeyI personally think you're blowing this out of all proportion12:00
Tm_TX3lectric: neither is yours12:00
X3lectricer I was frustrated12:00
popeyso was he12:00
popeyso you both win12:01
popeyor lose :)12:01
X3lectrici didnt do anything wrong12:01
popeyok, this is going nowhere12:01
X3lectrici didnt provoke12:01
X3lectricI dindt ask for any of that12:01
vishX3lectric: at times, its just better to forget and forgive.. :) (not defending his actions though) but is it worth your time to spend on his actions?12:02
X3lectrici see whats happening here12:03
popeyI honestly don't think you do.12:04
X3lectricits about as fair as akick in the teeth12:04
popeyI mean, really?12:04
X3lectricthats how it feels12:04
popeyhe said one line that you're massively offended by and you're now taking up the time of 3 other people to talk about this?12:04
popeyis it _really_ worth it?12:04
popey(Hint: no)12:05
popeymove on, get over it and get back to doing good stuff with ubuntu12:05
tsimpsonyour complaint was that is was a violation of the CoC, but it's not12:05
X3lectricnever mind thx12:05
tsimpsonnext times someone uses that language talking to you, simply ask them to respect that you don't like it12:06
X3lectricwell if its this the way it gets handled Ill return in kind, maybe thats better12:06
popeyI am happy to have a chat with Jo and ask him to step away from the keyboard next time he gets frustrated.12:07
X3lectriccause I have to keep myself in check despite igorant whatsits12:07
popeywould that help?12:07
X3lectricyes pls12:07
popeyok, will do.12:07
X3lectricthats all anyone should do anywhre, getting too much go away and chill out12:08
popeyI agree.12:08
X3lectricotherwise it can become a bit of ww312:09
popeyis that everything?12:10
popeyyour original complaint was profane language "amongst other infractions", what other infractions did you have in mind?12:10
X3lectricthats not for me to judge12:12
popeyyou brought it up12:12
popeyif there's other stuff we should know about, do let us know.12:12
X3lectricwell its all CoC related after re-reading it I didt find any justification for his agressive no catalictic approach12:13
popeyok, so thats the specific instance we're talking about, there's no others outside the conversation you have highlighted?12:14
popeyI need to step away from my desk for a moment12:14
X3lectricthats ok thx I need to go relax this is way too stressful12:14
X3lectricby this I mean that guys actions12:15
X3lectricthx again at leats I hope he gets asked to take a look at whats going on and that people have limitations too a bombardemnt of information12:16
X3lectricbye now12:16
* popey returns12:19
popeywith a swoooooooooooooooooosh!12:19
elkyhe, erm, did well to follow the conversation here.12:20
vishtsimpson: wouldnt the "be respectful" section of CoC apply ? it was clearly not just a result of over-joy ;)12:32
vish(if it is a constant issue)12:32
tsimpsonvish: if they asked the other person not to use the language, and the other person refused, then it would probably apply there12:33
tsimpson"bad language" is not inherently disrespectful12:34
vishyea, no one in the channel seemed to object, micahg is always quick with the !ohmy12:34
popeyit is, after all, just a word12:35
popeyand it wasn't directed at him12:35
tsimpsonif you have an issue with someone using certain words when speaking to you, the *first* thing you should do is talk to *them* about it12:35
popeyit wasnt "You're a fucking idiot", which probably would be somewhat more of a concern :)12:35
nigelbthese almost grey areas are confusing.12:38
popeyfor whom?12:39
nigelbI'll rephrase12:41
nigelbI'm confused by the almost grey areas :D12:41
tsimpsonit's not supposed to be a legal document defining in detail each term used in the document12:42
tsimpsonsome common sense and interpretation is required ;)12:42
popeyalso, we're talking about human beings here12:42
tsimpsonthe first thing you should do when you think someone is going again the CoC, is talk to them about it12:43
tsimpsonit's not a stick to beat people over the head with12:43
tsimpson..most of the time12:43
* popey beats tsimpson over the head with his coc12:43
popeyor something12:43
* tsimpson backs away12:44
* nigelb wonders when tsimpson said again12:44
tsimpsonnigelb: "...someone is going again the CoC..."12:44
nigelboh dear12:44
nigelbI'm going blind12:45
nigelbor something12:45
nigelboh right. No glasses today. :\12:45
* popey moves irc a little bit further away from nigelb 12:45
* nigelb gets the CoC ready to beat popey over the head with.12:46
* Pici blinks, and switches to another channel12:47
vishwheeeeee! netsplits!!!!! :D12:47
nhandlerThis isn't the first time we have had a long discussion about this. A nice blog post about this topic might prove helpful (especially if it comes from the CC)12:49
* nigelb looks at popey12:49
popeynot a chance12:51
popeymaybe a tweet :)12:52
popey /tweet Dear Internet, Saying the word F*** does not make you in violation of the #ubuntu Code of Conduct, Love CC.12:53
popey^^ like that12:53
vishpopey: and that tweet would probably be a bookmark for future references ;)12:54
vishbookmark for others*12:55
nhandlers/not/not necessarily/13:02
popeygood mod13:06
popeyany further changes welcome :)13:06
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