X3lectriccan anyone tell me how stop packages building for lpia00:25
X3lectricI just want to build for amd64 and i386 no powerpc etc etc00:26
RAOFX3lectric: If the package only builds (or is only useful) on amd64 and i386, then list those as the Architecture: of the package.00:27
RAOFBut it's unlikely for that to be the case.  Why do you want to do that?00:27
X3lectricbecause I have no use for all other architectures00:29
RAOFWhat if other people have use for them?00:29
X3lectrici just specifies karmic and lucid and it built for everythisng and their grandmothers00:29
RAOFWhy not?00:30
X3lectricah well other people, very unlikly00:30
X3lectricthis is platform specific builds00:30
RcartI can't reproduce this bug 69690000:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 696900 in readline6 (Ubuntu) "Typo in readline man page" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69690000:32
RAOFWhat problem are you trying to solve by only building on i386 and amd6400:32
X3lectricdoes it have to be a problem?00:32
RcartWhen I do (in the branch) man ./readline.3 I got no problems with menu-complete-backward00:33
X3lectricIm asking if thers a way to limit just for those and how, if you dont know, say I dont know00:33
directhexX3lectric, this is a package for yourself, or one you want in the distro?00:33
RcartCan anyone else please confirm it?00:33
directhexX3lectric, he already answered you btw, at 00:27. you were too busy being self-entitled to notice.00:34
X3lectricthis is packags just for lucid and karmic used by other users but no need to build for all platforms especially lpia00:34
RAOFIndeed.  My *first* response contained the solution you're after :)00:34
X3lectricok so where do I limit this?00:35
RAOFAgain, this is a bad idea.00:35
RAOFBecause it's pointlessly limiting your audience.00:35
RAOFIt doesn't cost you anything to build everywhere.00:35
X3lectricthere is no audinece for the other packages, hence why its pointless00:36
directhex<directhex> X3lectric, this is a package for yourself, or one you want in the distro?00:36
X3lectricno but since its a free service I rather keep the space used to a minimum00:36
RAOFShould someone on powerpc later come and say “hey, why isn't this built for me”, you'll need to undo this work.00:36
micahgX3lectric: PPAs only build amd64 and i386 from Lucid on00:37
X3lectricmmm no00:37
RAOFIf you're running your own build-farm and mirror, just don't set up a PPC buildd?00:37
directhexX3lectric, PPA builds are only for i386 and amd64. regardless of how many additional arches are defined in debian/control00:38
X3lectricim not that experienced as you may have already guessed by stupid question so pls dont fuse my brain with stuff i dont understand or want to atm00:38
X3lectricits a hobby not full time job00:39
directhexX3lectric, i will try a third time to extract an answer. <directhex> <directhex> X3lectric, this is a package for yourself, or one you want in the distro?00:40
X3lectricI wanna keep uploads also to a minimal00:40
X3lectricdirecthex: its not just for myself but it not to be included in a distro, its optional00:40
RAOFYou only upload once anyway, because you only upload source.  At least to any Ubuntu infrastructure.00:40
RAOFX3lectric: What is your *goal* ?  You would like $FILL_IN_BLANK to be available $WHERE for $SOME_UBUNTU_RELEASES ?00:41
X3lectricgoal is to provide a specific package that compliments a post install script for karmic and lucid only00:42
X3lectricand available on ppa for easy access for users of script00:43
RAOFSo, you don't have to worry.00:43
directhex... if it's a script, why even have architecture as an issue? arch-less software such as scripts and java software don't need per-arch packages00:43
RAOFYou can't build for powerpc or arm or whatever in a PPA *anyway*00:43
X3lectricask a simple question geta holy inquisition00:44
RAOFWell, and also an answer, as the very first response :)00:44
directhexX3lectric, ask half a question, get the correct answer instantly - and requests for clarification.00:44
X3lectriccan I stp ppa building for lpia00:45
jfiHello,  is there some guidelines to follow or installation script  for adding an application in the list of startup application? or should I simply put the .desktop file into the xdg/autostart directory?00:46
X3lectriclpia always fails to build and has no use soI would like to stop ppa from building for lpia00:46
RAOFRcart: Looks like it's correct here on natty.  Feel free to mark as fixed.00:47
directhexX3lectric, sure. change debian/control's Architecture: line.00:47
directhexX3lectric, but a script shouldn't need *compiling*, in which case there's no need for an i386 script and an amd64 script - you should only need an "all" script.00:48
directhexas denoted by "Architecture: all"00:48
X3lectricya thats what it is00:48
directhexrather than "Architecture: any" or "Architecture: i386 amd64 lpia powerpc sh4"00:48
AmpelbeinRcart: it was fixed in the natty upload, check http://launchpadlibrarian.net/65041495/readline6_6.1-3_6.2-0ubuntu1.diff.gz00:49
X3lectricbut when karmic packages build it automatically builds for lpia (on karmic) and it always fails to build cuse its not meant to00:49
directhexX3lectric, it will do if you have Architecture: any, yes.00:50
X3lectrici know since lucid lpia is dropped but I wanted to know if I could disabled it or override it for karmic as well00:50
AmpelbeinX3lectric: if it's 'Architecture: all' it will only build on i386 (for ubuntu), if it's 'Architecture: any' it will build on all.00:50
X3lectricmmm architecture is all00:50
RcartGreat! Thank you both (:00:50
X3lectricand biulding for amd64 and i386 and lpia00:51
directhexX3lectric, link to ppa?00:52
AmpelbeinX3lectric: can you pastebin debian/control?00:52
directhexor that00:52
AmpelbeinX3lectric: and debian/rules00:52
X3lectriccontrol it says Architecture: all00:53
directhexX3lectric, then pastebin it, so we can determine what other problems may be happening00:54
X3lectricthers no problems, I just dont wnat karmic to build for lpia00:55
RcartPlease someone set the importance to low on bug 69690000:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 696900 in readline6 (Ubuntu) "Typo in readline man page" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69690000:55
directhexX3lectric, and if you really have Architecture: all, then it should not be building for lpia. so there's a problem.00:56
AmpelbeinRcart: done00:56
micahgRcart: bug setting should be in #ubuntu-bugs :)00:56
X3lectricdirecthex karmic will build for lpia cuase canonical still supports it after lucid its doesnt00:56
X3lectricso its not a "problem"00:57
X3lectricI just want to override it if thers a way00:57
micahgthis conversation should move to #ubuntu-packaging00:57
AmpelbeinX3lectric: again, 'Architecture: all' packages will only build on the i386 builder because they are architecture independent. so if a package with Architecture:all builds on lpia there is a problem!00:57
X3lectricread what that says if you dont believe me00:58
Rcartmicahg: Sorry, I forgot that was in -motu T_T00:58
RcartAmpelbein: Thanks (;00:58
directhexi just broke my keyboard in sheer frustration00:58
micahgX3lectric: this should move to #ubuntu-packaging00:58
directhexat attempting to communicate with X3lectric00:58
X3lectricsorry to frsutrate you but its building lpia from karmic by design so thers is no problem01:00
directhexX3lectric, NO IT FUCKING ISN'T01:00
directhexX3lectric, BY DESIGN, IT WILL ONLY BUILD FOR ARCHES MANDATED BY Architecture:01:00
X3lectricwhat a nice person u are01:01
X3lectricread this https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2009-November/000643.html01:01
micahgX3lectric: PPAs are really off topic here, so this conversation should move01:01
X3lectriceducate yourself and take a chill pill01:01
StevenKX3lectric: If it's Architecture: all it will be *installable* on lpia, but it won't *build* on lpia.01:02
AmpelbeinX3lectric: If you think there's no problem, just pastebin the debian/control file01:02
StevenKX3lectric: And I should be educated about it, considering I sent the mail to ubuntu-devel-announce.01:02
X3lectricnot you01:03
directhexeducate *myself*?01:03
X3lectricthe guy with the efing words01:03
X3lectricthat one01:03
directhexsomeone kick me, pronto01:03
directhexbefore i do something non-CoC01:03
X3lectricyou aleady did01:03
X3lectricim off thx guys, ladies and germes01:05
arandWhois X3lectric01:05
arandOops, soory01:05
psusican anyone spot anything obviously wrong with this attempt to register to get a dbus signal? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/577266/01:17
psusiI end up getting GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_dbus_connection_signal_subs01:19
psusicribe: assertion `G_IS_DBUS_CONNECTION (connection)' failed01:19
directhexi have a k key!01:21
broderpsusi: you're mixing gdbus and dbus-glib01:22
broder(one of them is dbus_g_; the other is g_dbus_. it's awesome)01:22
psusioh great... why are there two different but parallel apis?01:24
broderpsusi: dbus-glib came first. gdbus is the new hotness01:24
brodergdbus is part of gio01:24
=== ogra is now known as Guest2736
psusiso... what's the correct api I should be using to register without gio?01:27
broderpsusi: you should be using gdbus, because it is the Future01:27
=== Guest2736 is now known as ogra_
psusiok, gpm is already using dbus_g_bus_get(), so I just need to use what it returns to register the signal handler...01:28
broderoh right. you asked me about this earlier01:28
broderand i concluded it's using dbus-glib (i.e. hasn't been ported to gdbus yet)01:28
broderso you should use dbus-glib. sorry01:28
psusiso... what's that mean? ;)01:28
broderpsusi: with dbus-glib you use dbus_g_proxy_new_for_name to get an object that proxies to the dbus object01:30
broderthen dbus_g_proxy_add_signal to tell the proxy about the signal you're watching for01:30
broderthen dbus_g_proxy_connect_signal to hookup a signal handler01:30
psusisigh... that sounds far more complicated than just registering a callback function01:32
broderand maybe deref the proxy when you're done - not really sure01:32
broderit's not actually that bad, and requires the same number of pieces of information as you're already providing01:32
broderline number count might even be about the same01:32
psusia proxy is some kind of whole object I have to instantiate though isn't it?01:33
broderthe curse of a high-level interface, yes01:33
broderi mean, the proxy doesn't cause it to go and probe the whole remote dbus object or anything01:34
broderit only has the overhead of a local gobject01:34
* psusi has no idea how to do that01:34
broder use dbus_g_proxy_new_for_name to get an object that proxies to the dbus object>01:34
psusiand then how do I connect a callback to the signal?01:35
broderdbus_g_proxy_add_signal, then dbus_g_proxy_connect_signal01:35
directhexkitchen knife saves ;01:36
directhexmore luck than skill: l restored01:40
psusiso what is the signal_name argument to dbus_g_proxy_add_signal?01:40
psusiis that just "Suspending" for org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspending?01:42
directhexyay, the F key i actually broke is on!01:45
psusiand the docs don't say what the signature of the callback is supposed to be...01:45
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virusuyi have a question05:02
virusuyfor example05:05
virusuyif i package a soft with gpl3 license y use dh_make -c licence05:05
virusuybut, if license is agpl?05:05
RAOFYou write debian/copyright yourself.05:06
RAOFThe standard licenses in dh_make are just for convenience.05:06
virusuyRAOF: Its that the only way ?05:07
RAOFYou should be editing debian/copyright yourself *anyway* - dh_make only puts in a skeleton file which won't be correct.05:08
virusuyRAOF: but, why is not added.. it's a common and accepted license05:09
RAOFBecause no-one's done it yet?05:10
virusuyRAOF: hahaha.. i understand05:10
virusuyRAOF: Thanks for your help05:12
c2tarunchrisccoulson: ping07:07
c2tarunneed help with last comment on bug 728853 , How can I know in which variable I have to make change? I mean , my change is also working fine but may be conventionally wrong. How can I know where to make changes?07:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 728853 in bbmail (Ubuntu) "pacakge bbmail_0.8.3-6 failed to build from source" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72885307:09
geserc2tarun: part is experience (when you fix a couple of similar FTBFS you "learn" where to look) and part of how autotools works (I'm not very experienced with it either)07:30
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dholbachgood morning08:05
Rhondagood morgon08:06
dholbachRhonda, which language is that? :)08:07
dholbachah ok :)08:08
RhondaJag Älskar Sverige!08:08
Rhondajpds: It's the title of a great song from Die Ärzte and means I love Sweden. The song is … well, typical for the band, with lyrics where you wonder what kind of drugs they are doing.08:11
RhondaMost interestingly though is that Farin Urlaub (which means literally Driveinto Vacations) doesn't even drink alcohol, at all.08:11
jpdsRhonda: Oh, I really like that band. :)08:13
dholbachjpds, how's your German coming on? :)08:13
* dholbach hugs jpds08:13
RainCTHey iulian09:52
RainCTdidrocks: FYI: zeitgeist (now with only zeitgeist-core) 0.7 is in unstable, and a new zeitgeist-datahub (with the Vala implementation) is in NEW for experimental10:25
didrocksRainCT: thanks for the notice :)10:26
X3lectricI been advised to ask packaging question on proper channel but no one ever replies10:33
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
directhexif anyone feels a need to help X3lectric, the information he'll refuse to tell you is the PPA url: (https://launchpad.net/~team-iquik/+archive/xbmc-svn/+packages), the reason he wants to eliminate lpia from his list of architectures (build-dep on nvidia-glx component which isn't for lpia), and why it's trying to build for lpia (xbmc-live is Architecture:any)11:34
* X3lectric never refused ppa url and thats not it11:41
Rhondakarmic doesn't have libvdpau-dev11:49
RhondaIt's as simple as that.11:49
directhexRhonda, lpia doesn't. it's part of nvidia-glx, which was never provided for lpia. even though lpia was entirely capable of using the i386 nvidia binaries11:51
Rhondadirecthex: rmadison -u ubuntu libvdpau-dev says it isn't in karmic at all?11:52
Rhondahttp://packages.ubuntu.com/libvdpau-dev says the same11:53
directhexRhonda, oh, it's in one of his other PPAs.11:53
directhexGet:1 http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic/main libvdpau1 0.4-2~karmic~nvidiavdpauppa4 [24.9kB]11:53
RhondaAh, so the ppa uses other ppas to build?11:54
RhondaThat's … tricky to inspect then.11:54
arandIn debian/* files, what is the recommended line length, is there one specified?11:54
Rhondaarand: Depends, but lower than 80 is usually nice.11:55
Rhonda* is a very broad term actually11:55
arandCopyright in this particular case11:55
RhondaLike, the recommended line length of debian/compat is just a single digit :P11:55
directhexarand, keep the line length for descriptions in debian/control below 80 columns. otherwise it doesn't really matter11:55
Rhondacopyright file too, and changelog11:56
directhexoh, yes, 80 cols for changelog11:56
directhexcopyright... some licenses aren't wrapped upstream, and i dislike doing that downstream11:56
arandOk, I've been doing 80 on a hunch, and since my terminal window default to that...11:56
arandYea, I wonder about that to, reformatting licenses...11:57
arandAlso, if upstream does state e.g. CC-BY-SA and just a short notice with a link to the cc homepage, should I insert the CC license in addition, or is their license text enough?12:04
RhondaThe license has to go in in full.12:05
arandRight, thanks12:08
directhexor a link to the file in /usr/share/common-licenses12:12
X3lectricppa requires some packages dependecies to exist in ppa itself otherwise it will fail due to missing deps12:19
X3lectricif the package depends on a specific package of courese12:20
arandOk so I have this situation: http://paste.debian.net/109997/ First of all, I would need to insert the CC-BY-SA license here then? The abbreviate version or the full one, and where do i find a plaintext version of it, since I can't seem to find on eon the CC homepage :/12:26
X3lectriccant you destribute the licence with your packages and just mention it on each file pertainig to whatever pacge thhis is about12:28
X3lectricarand: What I would do is mention a part of license which specifies which license type  and where the full license can be found12:30
X3lectricarand: the full license being one complete txt file or whateer format suits you best12:31
directhexarand, which version of cc-by-sa?12:31
aranddirecthex: Unspecified by upstream :/12:31
arandOh hang on12:31
aranddirecthex: It's 3.0, my bad12:31
X3lectricit does say it on the paste you did ;)12:32
X3lectricit even says where to find full license12:33
directhexhttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode ?12:33
arandWhich can't be found in plain plaintext.12:35
X3lectriclike direchex says his link provides full license12:35
X3lectricyou want that in plain txt just make it12:35
X3lectricI think its something like wget link -O >>license.txt12:36
X3lectriclemme try12:36
arandHmm, I don't know if there are any good ways to reformat html into txt...12:38
arandBut I am just thinking that surely there must be a plaintext version of it already available somewhere?12:38
X3lectricim looking for the corect code12:39
arandw3m > seems to work well12:41
RhondaX3lectric, arand: References to where the full license can be found is only valid for those stored in /usr/share/common-licenses - others have to be integrated in full in debian/copyright12:41
Rhondadirecthex: And there is no CC in common-licenses, mind you. :)12:42
Rhondaarand: Actually, the "In the absence of an explicit license, content is considered" part sounds extremly fishy and might recieve a reject of the upload, at least within Debian, by the ftpmasters.12:43
RhondaA reference in the copyright file to a website URL is definitely a no-go, because that one can change easily.12:44
X3lectricarand: wget http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode -O ~/Desktop/licence.txt12:44
X3lectricthen you need to do some minimal cleanup and thats it12:44
arandHmm, where does the license as such actually start and stop, I was thinking start at "THE WORK..." and end before the CC notice at "...applicable law."12:44
RhondaLike said, w3m http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode > license.txt12:45
RhondaThat's more like it.12:45
arandOr should more be included in the license file?12:45
RhondaEverything starting from License up to applicable law, yes.12:46
X3lectricdepends on the needs specified by original person on attributions12:46
Rhondaattribution is on a different level, the license text is independent on that.12:47
X3lectricbut the full licence has to be included12:47
arandRhonda: It is unclear indeed, but that is what is stated from upstream, and I feel like I've already bugged them considerably, even though the license still doesn't completely reflect their intent I don't think...12:47
X3lectricthe liceneing terms are fairly clear12:48
RhondaI'd tell them that "In the absence of an explicit license this isn't distributable, sorry."12:48
RhondaIf they are not willing (or able) to clearly state which rules apply we don't have the right to use, distribute or modify it. It's as simple as that.12:49
X3lectricwhat package is this anyways12:50
RhondaIf their software is important enough, the peer pressure on getting this fixed should be there. If it's not, it's their own loss actually.12:51
X3lectricRhonda what arand pasted is quite clear12:52
X3lectricits says there12:53
RhondaNo, it is absolutely unclear12:53
X3lectrichow so12:53
RhondaIt leaves everything open and states explicitly that there is no real license12:53
X3lectricIn the absence of an explicit license, content is considered to be covered by12:53
X3lectric the CC-BY-SA license, you may use the content in Red Eclipse so long as you12:53
X3lectric obey individual licensing criteria. This does not apply to the Red Eclipse12:53
X3lectric logo or other trademarks unique to the project.12:53
X3lectricquite clear12:54
X3lectrici cant see a problem12:54
RhondaQuite clear on that it's unclear.12:54
arandThat is only for certain bits though. It is a prospective game Red Eclipse Original license is http://paste.debian.net/109999/12:54
X3lectricIn the absence of an explicit license, content is considered to be covered by the CC-BY-SA license12:55
X3lectricthat say it all12:55
RhondaYes, that says (explicitly) that it doesn't has an explicit license. Consideration is guesswork.12:55
X3lectricwhich in this case is V312:55
arandThe "Limited rights are granted to redistribute or recompress the entire distribution" Is key as well I guess.12:55
X3lectricwhere is that implied?12:56
arandWhich is a very un-free license, granted, but at least clear.12:56
arandFull license text linked above.12:56
X3lectriclook here12:57
X3lectricthat is VERY clear12:57
RhondaYes, *that* is clear.12:57
RhondaThat the work is covered under that though is explicitly stated to be unclear.12:57
X3lectricimo there is no spoon12:58
Rhonda!lol | X3lectric12:58
ubottuX3lectric: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.12:58
X3lectricsays not in regular basis12:58
X3lectriconce is not regular12:59
RhondaIf you don't have an explicit license for a work, you don't have any grounds of using it.12:59
X3lectricoh lord12:59
X3lectricas long as arnad doesnt suggest that ed eccliose endorses the chages he can do whatever13:00
X3lectricI think you guys are just finding complications where ther is none13:01
RhondaFor themself everyone is of course allowed to do as they wish. But having no explicit license terms means that the package shouldn't get uploaded to Ubuntu.13:01
X3lectricbut it does13:01
RhondaIt directly states that it doesn't.13:01
X3lectricbeg to differ13:02
RhondaThat's fine, but it doesn't change it.13:02
X3lectricits 100% clear tha in the absence of a explicit licence by Red eclipse that the normal license applies13:03
X3lectricno complications13:03
arandRhonda: Would the "you can distribute the whole package unchanged" clause at least make it distributable as "non-free" you think?13:03
Rhondaarand: unchanged is a clear trigger word for non-free/multiverse, yes.13:04
* X3lectric knows enough law to know what is emplied here13:04
X3lectricarand read waht it says under adpatation13:04
X3lectricand destribute13:05
X3lectricand then licence grant13:05
X3lectricyou can do whatever13:05
arandRhonda: And in that case an unclear CC designation would be able to pass? Or would it still be an issue.13:06
Rhondaarand: If you consider, the Red Eclipse logo "or other trademarks unique to the project" (whatever that might be) should definitely get stripped out, btw.13:06
X3lectricindeed the logo and mentions of that must be stripped13:07
RhondaSecond thought, if the work is all theirs and they have the rights to it, the unclear statement in that can be waived because actually it's within their rights to distribute it under cc-by-sa then.13:07
X3lectricas well as your only obligation is to make clear your not associated with red eclipse13:07
RhondaBut a "unchanged" part doesn't comply with cc-by-sa, it's an additional restriction on that.13:07
arandRhonda: Well no, there are several individual licenses for the graphics of the game.13:08
RhondaAh, that's then what they mean with the "obey individual licensing criteria"13:09
X3lectricother licenses have to respected same way13:09
RhondaAnd actually, that's what they could refer to with the "in the absence of an explicit license".13:09
RhondaNow it dawns to me that they mean with that everything contained that doesn't has an explicit license itself.13:09
X3lectricbut as in this main one its very clear as long as you follow the attributions your ok and destribute under same license13:10
X3lectricAttribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).13:10
arandWhat my current copyright looks like is so: http://paste.debian.net/110000/ but the full licenses are in many cases missing13:10
X3lectricthat speaks volumes13:10
X3lectricthe full licenses dot have to be included13:10
X3lectricjust mentioned where they can be found13:10
X3lectrica link suffices13:11
RhondaSomehow that doesn't flow.13:11
Rhonda"any changes beyond that require explicit permission" doesn't work together with their cc-by-sa claim for data/?13:11
X3lectricwhere is that?13:12
RhondaIt has to be included according to policy, X3lectric13:12
RhondaLine 72 and onwards.13:12
X3lectricyou complicating simpl e stuff again13:12
RhondaNo, I'm following the policy rules.13:12
arandRhonda: I know...13:12
arandRhonda: But that is what I gather the original is saying: http://paste.debian.net/109999/13:13
Rhonda"Every package must be accompanied by a verbatim copy of its copyright information and distribution license in the file `/usr/share/doc/<package>/copyright'."13:13
X3lectriche can do whatever he wants as long as license is same and doesnt specify hes associated or endorsed by original developers13:13
Rhondaarand: Ah, wait. That part should apply to the source then, and is fine.13:15
RhondaThat's actually the background behind DFSG #4.13:16
RhondaAs long as the orig tarball doesn't contain any non-free material that one would need to strip off that's fine.13:16
arandRhonda: Ah, ok... I don't see why it is even there though, since the source code should be covered by the zlib/mit already...13:17
RhondaIt's different parts. The source code can get patched, and one could theoretically also distribute an already changed tarball with patches in it.13:18
RhondaThe first thing is allowed through zlib/mit, the second part though is something they chose to disallow.13:18
arandRhonda: Ah, so that clause disallows distributing changed source along with everything else, however distributing changed source by itself is fine?13:22
RhondaIt disallows the tarball to be changed, but it allows distribution of the tarball and additional patch file13:24
RhondaWhich is actually what we do with non-native packages by default.13:24
arandOk... but then one wouldn't be allowed to make a dfsg orig tarball?13:26
RhondaSo this is only possible if the orig tarball doesn't contain any non-distributable content.13:27
arandSauerbraten has a similar clause, which I think is what this one was modelled after: http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-games/sauerbraten-data.git;a=blob;f=debian/copyright;h=96d677bbe25dc795bc56339997d569088d8f3e20;hb=HEAD13:27
RhondaIf it does contain non-free stuff that is at least distributable, the package has to go to non-free/multiverse13:27
arandBut in this case it is used for the -data package13:27
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jetienneFound files in /usr/local (must be in /usr). <- this is the error i got in my build ? should i copy it in /bin ? why /usr is forbidden ?17:43
geserjetienne: /usr/local is for the local admin to install (unpackaged) software, packages should use /usr17:46
jetiennegeser: so replacbin /usr/local/bin by /usr/bin and all is ok ?17:47
jetiennegeser: thanks17:48
gesermany programs have an option to specify /usr as prefix (defaults to /usr/local). it's pretty common to those using configure17:49
jetiennegeser: im making the package, so i can put whatever path is needed :) waiting for ppa build during debug is the painfull part17:50
directhexjetienne, learn to love pbuilder, for quick testing?17:55
geserjetienne: hint: use a pbuilder for local testing, with pkg-binary-mangler you can also have almost all tests the buildds do too (like the /usr/local one)17:55
jetiennedirecthex: geser: i tried to setup pbuilder and failed.17:56
jetienneany good tutorial ?17:56
ubottupbuilder is a system to easily build packages in a clean chroot environment. To get started with PBuilder, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto17:57
geserdon't know if the wiki page is still up-to-date17:57
jetiennethis is a tutorial :)17:57
geserand there is also "pbuilder-dist" in ubuntu-dev-tools which helps with creating and usage of multiple pbuilders (e.g. for different Ubuntu releases)17:58
jetienneand it built!!! no need for pbuilder, houray :)18:00
jetiennegeser: directhex: thanks for the help18:01
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arandUsing dh7, what section would I override in order to run a "convert src/icon.png debian/icon.xpm" command?19:15
directhexarand: i'd override something like dh_auto_build, and just make it a rule which does your thing, then runs dh_auto_build19:34
directhexasusking dh_auto_build exists19:34
directhexyou get the idea19:34
aranddirecthex: cool, thanks19:46
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c2taruncan anyone please help in fixing [GCC_ERRORs]?19:58
Bachstelzec2tarun: only if you tell us what the errors are ;)20:01
c2tarunBachstelze: [GCC_ERROR] gui/calc/calc.c:589:4: error: 'GtkFunction' undeclared (first use in this function) here is the error20:08
Bachstelzelooks like you have an #include missing20:08
Bachstelzebut I'm not a Gtk expert20:09
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c2tarunBachstelze: is there any type of errors except LD_ERROR that I can attempt to solve?20:23
ari-tczewBachstelze: I doubt that there is something include missing.20:24
ari-tczewoften these cases are fixed by changes in functions, so it should be fixed by upstream.20:25
c2tarunari-tczew: are there other errors except LD_ERROR on which I could work upon?20:26
ari-tczewc2tarun: iirc lucas page has got 960+ FTBFS'20:27
c2tarunari-tczew: most of them are LD_ERRORS, I am asking are there any other type of errors on which I can work? I am new20:29
ari-tczewc2tarun: are you bored by fixing LD ftbfs'?20:31
c2tarunari-tczew: not bored :) but I want to learn something else too, I'll keep fixing them.20:32
ari-tczewc2tarun: you can fix security issues20:33
Bachstelzec2tarun: normally, a type of error doesn't say a lot about the error and how to fix it, all the LD_ERRORS we have now are a bit of a special case20:34
c2tarunari-tczew: I may try, what are there requirements? I mean is there anything I should need to know/read before looking into them?20:34
ari-tczewc2tarun: policy, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdateProcedures20:35
Bachstelzeari-tczew: is there a list of security issues that need to be worked on? that would interest me a lot20:36
ari-tczewBachstelze: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/universe.html20:36
BachstelzeI don't think there is such a filter on LP, but I may have missed it20:36
ari-tczewBachstelze: any help is welcome! :-)20:37
ari-tczewI encourage to fixing security issues in current devel - natty. It would help to release natty more stable.20:38
jdstrandBachstelze: while working on natty is a good idea, if you prefer fixing stable releases of Ubuntu, that is most appreciated too20:39
jdstrandBachstelze: there is a lot to work on, so you have a lot of choices :)20:40
ari-tczewjdstrand: don't be too demanding! :P20:41
jdstrandno, not being demanding, just saying if security updates are the interest, then there is a lot to jump in and work on. whatever is done is appreciated20:42
MTecknologyOnce a freeze exception has been approved; how long does it usually take to be pulled in if it's for a debian import?21:05
ari-tczewMTecknology: did you get a FFe ACK for sync new package from Debian?21:07
ari-tczew(I'm asking for more information)21:07
MTecknologyfrom debian?21:07
ari-tczewor give lp bug, it might be the easiest way21:07
ari-tczewMTecknology: "in if it's for a debian import?"21:07
ari-tczewdebian import = sync - right?21:08
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MTecknologyBug 72969121:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729691 in nginx (Ubuntu) "Freeze Exception Request: nginx-0.8.54-4" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72969121:09
ari-tczewMTecknology: I guess iulian should subscribe ubuntu-sponsors to bug.21:10
ari-tczewI can take care of it right now, I you would like.21:11
MTecknologysure, i saw that they subscribed ubuntu-release to it21:11
ari-tczewbtw, would be nice if you could read something about syncs21:12
ari-tczew!sync | MTecknology21:12
ubottuMTecknology: Helpful information for filing a sync request can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess21:12
MTecknologyari-tczew: I'll read through that all now; sorry for any trouble21:14
ari-tczewMTecknology: Don't worry, no problem.21:14
MTecknologyactually... I'm gonna bookmark and read when I can concentrate21:14
ari-tczewif I want to test build package on unstable chroot, which pbuilder-dist should do I use? sid or wheezy?21:20
MTecknologywheezy is testing21:21
ari-tczewwhich for experimental?21:24
MTecknologynot sure..21:24
MTecknologyari-tczew: experimental is experimental21:27
Ampelbeinari-tczew: pbuilder-dist knows how to deal with 'unstable', 'experimental' and doesn't need the codenames21:28
ari-tczewgeser, persia, Laney, maco, bdrung, stgraber, cody-somerville: anyone around?21:28
ari-tczewAmpelbein: are you sure if I won't specify release, pbuilder-dist will know how to deal and it won't use current devel ubuntu cycle?21:29
bdrungari-tczew: yes21:30
Ampelbeinari-tczew: and about bug 729691, why should the sponsors be subscribed? iulian is in release-team and confirmed, so next step is to subscribe ubuntu-archive, is it not?21:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729691 in nginx (Ubuntu) "Freeze Exception Request: nginx-0.8.54-4" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72969121:30
ari-tczewbdrung: I have complains about one application. can I write there or should do I discuss with DMB first?21:30
macoari-tczew: is it an emergency? im in a class21:31
ari-tczewmaco: nope, bdrung is here :)21:31
bdrungari-tczew: you can leave a comment on the application wiki page.21:31
ari-tczewAmpelbein: iulian wrote 'approve' but didn't specify for which - FFe or FFe + sponsor's ACK.21:32
ari-tczewAmpelbein: release team members sometimes write ACK for FFe, but require review also by sponsors.21:33
Ampelbeinari-tczew: status confirmed for sync request = sponsor's ack.21:33
ari-tczewAmpelbein: so iulian forgot to subscribe ubuntu-archive?21:34
c2tarunwhere can I get security related bugs?21:34
Ampelbeinari-tczew: yes, that would be my guess.21:35
ari-tczewc2tarun: look for affected packages, check there opened bugs. if there is no reported bug, you should file a bug if you want to work on it.21:35
ari-tczewc2tarun: before preparing a patch, check first whether Debian has fixed issue.21:36
ari-tczewMTecknology: please subscribe ubuntu-archive to your FFe bug.21:37
MTecknologyari-tczew: all done, anything else i should do?21:38
ari-tczewMTecknology: just wait for archive admins :)21:38
ari-tczewit should take a few days21:38
MTecknologyalrighty, thanks :D21:38
ari-tczewMTecknology: thank you for your contribution!21:39
MTecknologyari-tczew: :)  ..  Now I need to try to sneak in a new app that is soon to be in sid21:40
geserari-tczew: or if you don't want to make complains public you can also mail the DMB in private21:41
ari-tczewgeser: I'm not afraid to tell public what I think.21:42
* ari-tczew guess people here know about it.21:43
geserjust wanted to mention that this option exists too21:44
c2tarunari-tczew: do I have to understand the complete source code of a package before looking for the security issues?21:48
ari-tczewc2tarun: I don't think so :)21:49
ari-tczewc2tarun: just grab fix from upstream - look on website, git or something21:49
c2tarunari-tczew: ok :)21:49
c2tarunari-tczew: hey by git, I remembered, I read a documentation on SVN/GIT and there it was mentioned that git is lot better that SVN,still many packages follow svn, do you think that pacakges should be migrated from SVN to GIT?21:51
ari-tczewgeser: do you remember when we've talked about Ledru's PPU wrong uploading? (via PM, check logs if you have)21:51
ari-tczewc2tarun: IMO git is better, but if you want to encouraging upstreams to migrate, there is no point :) it's they choice.21:52
MTecknologysvn is ugly in my personal opinon; but many like it and i guess it comes down to what you know best; the thing I really have about svn is that it's centralized and every single directory gets its own .svn directory. That method gives you some benefits though21:53
MTecknologyIf you really want something to hate, try to use cvs21:53
c2tarunwhat tag should I use to search when looking for security related bugs on LP?21:54
ari-tczewc2tarun: no tag, just look on bugs filled on packages21:55
c2tarunari-tczew: not getting, what do you mean by filled on packages?21:56
ari-tczewc2tarun: e.g. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/elog21:57
ari-tczewclick on Bugs21:57
ari-tczewand you will se21:57
ari-tczewc2tarun: did you try to use CVE tracker?21:58
ari-tczewI gave link some time ago21:58
Bachstelzejdstrand: can you please look at bug 731625 and tell me if I did everything right?21:59
ubottuBug 731625 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/731625 is private21:59
* jdstrand made it public22:00
jdstrandBachstelze: please ask kees in #ubuntu-hardened. we have weekly roles on the security team, and he is processing community supplied debdiffs this week22:01
Bachstelzeokay, thanks22:01
ari-tczewBachstelze: nice! very quick work!22:03
ari-tczewand seems pretty fine, I should check what-patch and test build22:03
Bachstelzewhat-patch said patchells22:04
ari-tczewthen fine22:04
ari-tczewBachstelze: please describe where did you find a patch :)22:04
ari-tczewpaste link on bug is fine22:04
BachstelzeI think I said it, I copied it from the ffmpeg package22:04
ari-tczew+    - libavformat/4xm.c - patch from ffmpeg package in hardy-security22:05
ari-tczewbut you're targetting package to hardy-security...22:05
* ari-tczew is confused22:05
Bachstelzeffmpeg had it22:05
Bachstelzebut mplayer doesn't22:05
Bachstelzebut it's the same code22:05
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firasI guess I don't really need the fancy nickname here22:07
firasexcept it's registered already...22:07
ari-tczewfiras: just write on your LP profile your IRC nick :)22:08
firasit is ther already22:08
firasoh well22:08
=== firas is now known as Bachstelze
ari-tczewBachstelze: ah, it;s you22:09
ari-tczewwhy did you were trying to change nick?22:09
Bachstelzeto make it more straightforward to correlate the name on the changelogs and the person on IRC I guess, but firas is registered already22:10
ari-tczewBachstelze: I think it's not really needed. We have already some people here who have another LP login, another IRC nick and something else ;-)22:13
blueyedI am missing something in the new "3.0 (quilt)" format: after adding a patch (via quilt) I am getting a autogenerated debian/patches/debian-changes-6.10.58+dfsg-3ubuntu1 in the debdiff.22:39
blueyedWhat am I missing?22:39
blueyedI only want to add upstream_6.10.59.patch to the quilt series, and make a new upload from there.22:40
blueyedpastebin at of the debdiff output at: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577642/22:42
Ampelbeinblueyed: yes, in source-3.0 it's a bit different.22:45
Ampelbeinblueyed: you simply apply the upstream patch and tag/rename the auto-generated patch22:45
ari-tczewblueyed: just do quilt delete debian-changes-6.10.58+dfsg-3ubuntu22:45
micahgblueyed: you should do quilt push before you prepare the upload22:46
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