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florhello, tunderbird does not start properly. there is a post saysing its already running but in the system monitor there isn't any thunderbird listed, and killall does not help either. what's wrong and how do i get it running again?12:05
flor"post..." "message", I mean.12:06
florsolved it by myself.12:12
florI had the folder renamed where my mail is stored12:12
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ftamicahg, here it is: linux/stable (9.0.597.107 -> 10.0.648.127)16:06
ftai'm on it16:06
micahgfta: great, thanks16:07
ftamicahg, gasp, may take longer than expected. I have a problem on my lan. corrupted packets when I generate too much traffic16:22
micahgfta: no worries, whenever you're ready16:22
ftai'm more annoyed than worried ;)16:23
ftabzr export chromium-browser-964/translations-export lp:~chromium-team/chromium-browser/chromium-translations-exports.head16:24
ftaCorrupted MAC on input.16:24
ftaDisconnecting: Packet corrupt16:24
ftabzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.16:24
dpmhi chrisccoulson, have you got a minute to help me with something? I'm trying to find out why the firefox template in LP is apparently out of date. Did you do any disabling of the en_US.xpi template creation recently?16:36
chrisccoulsondpm - no, that should still be running ok16:37
dpmchrisccoulson, it seems that the last update was on the 22nd Feb. So if you haven't disabled it, I'll go and check with the LP people.16:38
ftamicahg, bug 73152018:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 731520 in chromium-browser "9.0.597.107 -> 10.0.648.127" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73152018:34
micahgfta: ACK18:59
=== micahg changed the topic of #ubuntu-mozillateam to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team (Chromium too!): | Firefox 4.0b12 in Firefox Beta PPA 9.10-10.10 http://is.gd/f6TM4 | Seamonkey 2.0.12 in http://is.gd/dsudW needs testing | Firefox 3.6.15/Thunderbird 3.1.8 in Stable Releases | Report Mozilla PPA bugs here: http://is.gd/hdZc1
micahgfta: with this release, we have to push libvpx 0.95, right?19:29
ftamicahg, right, i will bump the build-deps for the lucid & maverick ports19:32
ftadidn't do it in natty, not needed19:32
ftamicahg, http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/chromium/10.0.648.127~r76697/20:34
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ftajdstrand, ^^20:34
micahgfta: thanks20:34
ftai don't know who's taking care of the system webkit, but good luck20:35
jdstrandfta: thanks, micahg will be handling it (and webkit)20:35
ftajdstrand, micahg: i reviewed and sorted the security bugs by projects, i guess we need them all fixed too20:37
ftaif not already done20:37
ftaimpossible for me to match the USNs20:37
micahgfta: well, libv8 is in universe, but ffmpeg and libxslt are in main20:38
micahgfta: thanks, I'll try to coordinate updates for the others20:39
jdstrandmicahg: we should probably be treating libv8 like we do chromium... ie, it should get updates20:41
micahgjdstrand: I think chromium uses an internal copy20:41
* jdstrand wasn't sure it still was20:41
jdstrandor rather, moved to that20:41
jdstrandI thought it was a dep on chromium20:42
micahgjdstrand: yep, internal, vpx is system though20:42
jdstrandI might have been thinking of vpx20:42
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ftais planet ubuntu broken? no updates in hours21:20
BUGabundoeveryone is in carnival :P21:22
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ftaBUGabundo, no, I have one of my posts missing ;)21:36
ftajcastro, is planet ubuntu stuck?22:11
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jcastrodid you post something?22:16
jcastroI think the cron is like 15 minutes?22:16
ftajcastro, yep, hours ago22:19
ftajcastro, 4h+ ago22:20
ftamicahg, i used "Fix Committed" as it's committed in the release branches23:02
micahgfta: ok, I just still have to review the packages before I upload, that's why I changed it23:18

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