pteagueanybody know if there's a way to make the mythtv frontend read-only? i.e. i may have to put my backend out in the living room where roommates can get to it, but i don't want them overwriting my recording schedule or deleting shows i've not yet watched, but i don't have any problems with them watching stuff i've already recorded02:30
tgm4883pteague, nope, i've not heard of a way to do that03:14
Shadow__Xtgm4883: there is not a way to stop people from being able to delete things?04:04
tgm4883Shadow__X, I don't believe so04:39
Shadow__Xoh ok. Would be a neat idea although i am not sure how many people would get use out of it. I would much rather have users respect settings than to just go around deleting things05:17
pteaguei wonder about using a different mysql user for the client on that box &/or making a new group so the "guest" user could read (& use the client), but not write to the /var/lib/mythtv/*/ directories06:08
pteagueotherwise i'll probably string up a coax cable with my cat 5 tomorrow...  up, over, & wrapped down around the top of the door frame between living room & hallway, down the wall, & under my door... can't have guests tripping over cabling06:10
tgm4883pteague, different user wouldn't do much, the deleting would all be done by the backend07:00
tgm4883different mysql user though might do something07:00
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NewsomeHey there experts...this is my first time doing this but I have a mythbuntu question.16:32
rhpot1991ask away16:32
NewsomeI have been happily using muthbuntu for about two years.  I can't get cable and I want satellite for one thing...RFD-TV..I have an old dish and I found the channel and sat and it's a clear channel and DVB-S16:33
NewsomeCan I tune it in with Mythbuntu if I have the right card>  I am in the US16:33
NewsomeI was thinking Hauppauge 2200 if I can find one16:34
NewsomePS...I am currently watching OTA HD with a HVR-225016:35
rhpot1991Newsome: most sattelites require you to have a stb from the company to decrypt the stream16:35
rhpot1991so I'm kinda confused about what you are asking16:35
Newsomeit's not encrypted16:35
NewsomeI read about DVB-S support for Myth but it seems to be a European thing...16:35
Newsomeif the sat is unencrypted and it's DVB-S does it matter if it's US or EUR16:36
rhpot1991what sattelite provider?16:36
Newsomeno provider...FTA satellite is alive and well in the US16:36
rhpot1991oh ok16:36
rhpot1991possible then16:36
rhpot1991might want to ask around in #mythtv-users16:36
rhpot1991see if you can find someone else already doing that16:36
rhpot1991or the mailing list16:37
rhpot1991!mailing% | newsome16:37
Zinnnewsome: The MythTV Users mailing list is located at: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/16:37
Newsomegotcha...thanks...that was my next stop16:37
Newsomego the link...thanks.16:37
rhpot1991sure, good luck16:37

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