pleia2working on http://brainupdate.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/ubuntu-is-the-readers-choice/ now03:30
pleia2nhandler: do you know who handles the feedburner account?03:40
nhandlerpleia2: No. Maybe akgraner or nick03:42
pleia2it's what feeds the planet and it's been broken since feb03:43
pleia2should we keep using it or just update planet with the proper feed?03:43
nhandlerpleia2: I can't remember the reason for not using the native WP feed. It might have been so we can get some stats, but if it is broken, switching might be best. However, it might be best to confirm with amber03:44
* pleia2 nods03:44
pleia2nhandler: can you check if it's associated with the editor.ubuntu.news@gmail.com account? I just get forwarded that email, I can't log in to the gmail account itself03:50
pleia2it == feedburner03:51
nhandlerpleia2: I don't see any emails in that inbox about feedburner03:51
nhandlerIt is also relatively new03:51
pleia2I'll have to try track down akgraner again tomorrow03:53
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pleia2akgraner: do you know who controls our feedburner account? feeds to planet have been broken since feb :( http://feeds.feedburner.com/ubuntu-news17:25
akgranerI think nick might have set that up..I know I didn't but I'll check into it18:00
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