ojwbhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-12668190 has a coloured map of the altitude change from the quake00:34
thumperwhat was he smoking02:57
thumperI wanted "orsum octopus"02:57
ajmitch_thumper: what's great is having to spell oneiric correctly in every changelog for package uploads :)03:00
* thumper thinks "one iric"03:00
thumperclose to "one eric"03:00
ajmitch_it was bad enough seeing people talk about 'drapper' all the time03:01
ojwbajmitch_: I'm not sure I ever type the distro name myself in the changelog...03:03
ajmitch_ojwb: it's much better for debian of course03:04
ajmitch_dch probably does the right thing, but enough people don't use that03:04
snailojwb: I was going to say that debian solves the release naming problem by not having releases, but debian has been getting much better03:05
ojwbwell, I create packages for PPAs at least03:05
ojwband yes, dch can be made smart about it03:06
ajmitch_even with debian, packages are generally uploaded to unstable03:06
ojwbsnail: despite what people seem to think, the longest gap between debian releases was less than 3 years03:11
ojwbit's basically settled down to around 2 recently, which is the same as the LTS schedule03:12
snailojwb: yes, there's a nice graph on the wikipedia page.03:12
snailaround here, the six monthly release cycle goes down well because people understand fixed schedules03:13
ojwbit's nice for some uses, and painful for others03:14
snailojwb: indeed03:15
karoraevening :-)19:04
ibeardsleewhere are you atm?19:06
karoraTonight I'm in Koblenz.19:21
karoraTomorrow night Frankfurt, before I fly home.19:22
* karora managed to get a free booth for DAViCal at CeBIT.19:22
ibeardsleehow is the android app coming along?19:27
karoraibeardslee: It's good. I put it in the market just before I left, and I have done a few updates since then.19:35
karoraAt CeBIT I was installing it manually on the phone of anyone who asked.19:35
* ajmitch_ should probably get a decent phone sometime soon19:35
* ibeardslee has an android now19:36
ibeardsleestill trying to migrate the iphone 'config' and data to it19:37
* ajmitch_ has an antique that barely works19:38
ajmitch_not sure which android phone would be best19:38
* ibeardslee got a IDEOS off trademe as a 1/2 step towards the Samsung Galaxy S II19:39
ibeardsleewill need to sell the iphone and mac mini19:39
ibeardsleemutter mutter tells you about the $0.30 GST when you go pay for it ;)19:42
karoraajmitch_: Essentially it comes down to budget.  If you're cheap, get the Huawei Ideos. If you have a little more money get the smaller Samsung. If price is no object get the Galaxy S, or the new Galaxy Pro (with a keyboard).19:42
karoraI have a Nexus One and it still rocks.  I've been playing with a few keyboard phones and I think I'm now happier without one, but the Nexus S and the HTC Desire Z seem to do it for a lot of people as well.19:43
* karora got the Ideos for his son.19:44
karoraThough $SON doesn't get much use out of it 'cause Dad's always borrowing it for testing :-)19:44
* ajmitch_ might look around & see if he can find one19:44
karoraI got it for $279 at Christmas, with a $150 credit on 2 degrees.19:45
ibeardsleeajmitch_: I got mine for <>$160 off trademe .. no sim19:46
karoraPrice equivalence, huh :-)19:46
karoraIt's a little underpowered, and the screen is a little small, but by and large it works well.19:47
ajmitch_yeah, anything would work better than what I currently have :)19:47
karoraAnd it does have a capacitive touch - much nicer to use than the crappy vodafone cheap-ass one.19:48
ibeardsleeI do have 'fun' with the onscreen keyboard19:48
karoraI've got used to it on the Nexus One, but the Ideos is just that smidgin slower that makes it harder to use.19:48
ibeardsleekarora: would be nice to have the new server setup and take you back to the settings already entered if the setup fails19:49
ajmitch_$299 for the ideos from 2degreesmobile.co.nz19:51
ibeardsleea bit more variety of price if you already have an vodafone or 2 degress sim19:53
ajmitch_just a prepaid vodafone SIM19:54
=== ajmitch_ is now known as ajmitch
karoraibeardslee: In aCal? Yeah, the configuration stuff does have to change.20:06
ibeardsleekarora: yeah .. 4th time entering the data to get a connection is starting to wear a bit thin ;)20:08
ibeardslee"Server did not provide a principal path" ?20:09
karoraibeardslee: You can long-press on a working one to save an XML file onto your SDCard.20:10
karoraIt will look in the /sdcard/acal folder for such saved configs.20:11
karora... which is also where it saves them :-)20:11
ibeardsleeoh that'll be handy!20:12
ibeardsleehmm maybe I need a saved on first .. that folder doesn't exist20:17
ibeardsleekarora: do you have sample XML file somewhere?20:24
karoraWell, just do all of the settings and save one.20:30
karoraIt should create the folder the first time you save one.20:31
ibeardsleeit doen't seem to save one unless it finds a valid connection20:33
hadsI have a Nexus One too, works well. Running 2.3 since a few days back.21:27
ajmitchhads: still getting in some of that pc engines stock this week?21:33
hadsajmitch: It has shipped out from Switzerland on Monday, it might not make it through customs until next week though - hard to say.21:36
hadsI'll ping you when it's clearing.21:36
ajmitchI should probably order the dsl modem today anyway21:36
ojwbhmm, both the houses next to us are going on the market22:48
* ojwb wonders what he did22:48
ajmitchojwb: it was probably the late-night parties22:56
ojwbbut i was very tolerant of those22:57

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