Jordan_UHow long should bans like 38215 (undeniable trolling and inapropriate content) be kept assuming nobody comes here to complain about being banned?01:36
tonyyarussoJordan_U: "until you remember to go remove some bans" :P05:39
tonyyarussoDepends on the severity, really.  Anywhere from a day to a year.05:40
topylihi Martiini08:58
Martiinitonyyarusso .. How does one get unbanned on #ubuntu-offtopic after being banned for inappropriate language08:59
Martiinitonyyarusso .. away ?09:00
tonyyarussowaiting, mostly09:01
Martiiniwaiting for what , Mr. Yarusso09:01
Martiinihow do I get unbanned now ?09:01
tonyyarussofor the ban to be removed.09:01
topylitonyyarusso: it's your ban btw :)09:02
Martiiniauto .. unban .. then09:02
Martiiniit gets lifted automatically after certain time ?09:02
tonyyarussoNot exactly automatic, but removed by humans on a regular basis.09:02
Martiiniok thanks09:02
Martiinifine then09:02
Martiinithaks you09:02
MartiiniAll the best .. etc etc09:02
Tm_Ttonyyarusso: don't we usually ask them to read and accept guidelines (perhaps after some wait if needed) and then agree it won't happen again -> unban?09:03
Tm_Tnot just "wait"09:04
=== RocketLauncher is now known as RocketLauncher_
tonyyarussoTm_T: Not after topyli's already shown them the guidelines multiple times in normal channels.09:04
Tm_Thi RocketLauncher_09:04
RocketLauncher_I've been banned from #ubuntu and I dont know why09:04
RocketLauncher_I don't usually go there..that's a tech support channel and I don't usually need the help09:04
Tm_TRocketLauncher_: must be your username09:04
RocketLauncher_i see09:05
Tm_TRocketLauncher_: and/or what you have set on your irc client09:05
RocketLauncher_most probably my username09:05
RocketLauncher_i'll change it09:05
Tm_Ttonyyarusso: you should have explained it then, I think09:06
Tm_Tpopey: should I say my opinion in -irc too?11:55
popeyfeel free11:55
ikoniafckingwicked: hi there13:21
ikoniafckingwicked: could you please repond, you've been kicked from a channel and tried to re-join so could you please respond13:26
ikoniahi fckingwicked, thanks for responding13:27
fckingwickedthis is like the ubuntu feds?13:27
ikonianot at all13:27
fckingwickedi please the fifth haha13:27
ikoniait's a simple request carried over from yesterday to ask you to lok at changing your nickname13:28
fckingwickedi have to?13:28
fckingwickedsomeone with no ops messaged me i just ignored it sry13:28
ikonia#ubuntu has a family friendly languge policy and it's clear that your nickname is "fuckingwicked" you've just removed the "u"13:28
ikoniayes, I mesaged you twice yesterday about it13:28
fckingwickedfc. king wicked13:28
fckingwickedbut i will respect the mans opinion13:29
=== fckingwicked is now known as kontagious
ikoniathank you, that's excellent13:29
kontagiousi disagree but understand13:29
ikoniaI'll remove the ban in #ubuntu and you can rejoin13:29
ikonia1 moment please.13:29
ikoniathat's fine13:29
kontagiousi dont want any trouble13:30
ikoniagreat, well, I've removed the ban on the #ubuntu channel, you're welcome to leave this channel and rejoin #ubuntu13:30
ikoniathanks for changing your nickname13:30
kontagiousok thanks13:30
knomestill has username..13:33
ikoniayou mean his login name ?13:35
ikoniathat part ?13:35
jribthough if he changed it to "fscking", would that be ok? ;)13:36
knomeikonia, yes, the 'username' :)13:40
ikoniawhen did ubuntu pastebin go back to needing a login19:05
charlie-tcaI didn't know if ever got away from it19:07
Piciikonia: only if you use the /plain/ link19:07
LjLit doesn't, though i think it does for some things, namely downloading the raw text, and maybe uploading scripts (if that's even allowed at all)19:08
rwwApparently the #ubuntu-trivia bot is working again :)23:19

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