mdlueckAnyone know the URL to DL daily server ISO images from? I know the daily live CD and the daily alternate CD. Neither of those places have server images.15:38
mdlueckTesting for 11.04 server I mean15:38
mdlueckFound it! http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/15:42
mdlueck@charlie-tca: Must be "brilliant minds think alike" Thanks15:43
charlie-tcaYou are welcome15:43
jamiedmattinglycharlie-tca,  when is your next test20:45
charlie-tcaWe will start testing beta1 on March 28 or 29, since it releases on March 3120:46
jamiedmattinglysweet cant wait playting with alpha 3 last couple of days found a few bugs and reported them20:47
charlie-tcaThen we test two weeks later, on april 11, and again on april 2520:47
charlie-tcayeah, it seems to have some yet.20:48
jamiedmattinglycool will put on my calendar20:48
jamiedmattinglythe few ive found have been with the update manager plymouthd and a broken package for ubuntu desktop20:49
jamiedmattinglyits kinda fun finding and reporting them20:49
charlie-tcaKeep looking. The more bugs reported, the more things get fixed20:49
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