dutchieali1234: i like the leds flashing too quickly to be of any use at all00:05
ali1234the leds are part of the audio filter circuit00:05
ali1234i could have just used diodes but leds look nicer00:05
daftykinsi like dutchie's constructive criticism00:05
mgdmI learned that on the trumpet a few years ago00:06
mgdmthat took some doing00:06
daftykinsbrave man00:06
mgdmand since when did LEDs have to have a purpose? Goodness sake man, where's your sense of geek?00:06
daftykinsso true00:07
dutchiei did say i liked them00:07
dutchieit was not all sarcasm00:07
mgdmOh, it looked like massive sarcasm00:07
daftykinsas did it to me00:07
daftykinsi might get this to put in a 3500+ AMD Athlon64 and 1GB RAM based nforce4 shuttle i was given on sunday00:08
daftykinsshame it only has 1GB RAM, but it could still be a good Ubuntu box00:08
mgdmwhen I'm back from my trip I intend to do some stuff hooking up http://mgdm.net/weblog/libsureelec-a-driver-for-sure-electronics-lcd-displays to some tiny Linux hardware00:10
mgdmit might also involve http://www.earf.co.uk/finningleysdr.htm for some *extreme* nerding00:10
daftykinsi got really close to buying a nixie clock00:10
mgdmI thought about that and got the LCDs instead - they're USB so easier to wire up to anything00:11
mgdmthat screenshot is it hooked up to my laptop and running the test program from the driver00:11
daftykinsi had an LCD a long time ago00:12
daftykinsby matrix orbital, if they still exist00:12
mgdmthese things use a similar command set, apparently00:12
daftykinshilariously they had the power lines on the serial cable wired wrongly to start00:12
daftykinsso when i first plugged it in, it caught fire and burned through the cable00:13
mgdmnext I want an LED scrolly banner type thing00:13
daftykinsi messaged them, they apologised and sent a free replacement XD00:13
mgdmI'm going to get one and hook it up to the alerting system at work00:13
mgdmso every now and again it can scroll "THE SYSTEM IS DOWN" and play the music in the background00:13
daftykinshope to see what you get up to with the LCD!00:15
daftykinsanywho for now i must retire to bed00:15
andylockranmgdm: how's you?00:15
mgdmandylockran: not bad ta, off to Canada tomorrow \o/00:16
* andylockran needs to stop pressing cmd+q instead of cmd+tab00:16
andylockranoooh - how come you're off there?00:16
mgdmspeaking at confoo.ca00:16
mgdmg'night folks00:19
andylockrannight dude.00:20
andylockranHave fun!00:20
cbx33night time for real now00:22
ali1234hmm ok i do not understand this.... same render format, but this time pitivi decided to ruin the audio somehow (as if it wasn't bad enough to start with)00:51
ali1234oh... it decided to use aac instead of alac00:52
ali1234argh double borders01:12
ali1234forgot to change output aspect :(01:12
ali1234moar cheezy synth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73Nf42Usja402:18
ali1234bug 72144702:44
lubotu3Launchpad bug 721447 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unable to scroll in Applications/Files and Folders Place using mouse wheel" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72144702:44
Myrttimy IRC is broken06:58
shaunonaw, they're just all sleeping07:02
nigelbMyrtti: no conversation?07:04
nigelbI thought my IRC was broken the other day, turns out I was disconnected :|07:04
AlanBellmorning all07:38
popeymorning all07:51
popeyAlanBell: how was RMS?07:51
popeyalso, does anyone know the package name which implements the gnome monitor dialog?07:52
popey(I am not on an ubuntu machine right now but need to file a bug)07:52
knightpadhey popey   how are ya today07:54
popeytickety boo07:54
nigelbpopey: gnome-control-center07:55
nigelbpopey: the one where resolution is set etc right?07:56
popeytrying to encourage someone on the ubuntu-users list to file a bug07:58
popeythey all whinge and moan about ubuntu but do _nothing_ to try to fix stuff07:58
nigelbyup, right package :)07:58
knightpadlooking at "motion"  might be a good idea to try it out sometime08:01
AlanBellpopey: RMS was great08:01
* popey says "Beefy Miracle"08:02
jpdspopey: The Relish down the road doesn't do sausages.08:04
TheOpenSourcererIt's Pancacke day today :-)08:05
popeyI made some at midnight and put them in the fridge for the kids this morning :)08:07
exobuzzpopey, in your e04e01 podcast, the discussion about open software not being as popular as proprietory software - I dont think anyone mentioned for example (web) server software / where open source leads the pack. also android on mobiles. and developer tools of course08:08
AlanBellpopey: why would they go for beefy miracle, when they have codpiece on the list!08:09
exobuzzpopey: plus things like "ffmpeg" which was mentioned in your news. this library is used in many software products for example. and open source leads with htpc stuff also08:09
exobuzzpopey, this isnt directed to you personally, just at the episode . and im too lazy to email the show :)08:10
exobuzz(and apps like thunderbird, filezilla, vlc, notepad++, 7-zip,  blender). all very popular .. ok im finished now. but lots of this stuff wasnt mentioned :)08:12
popeyexobuzz: I'll add your feedback to the show notes, it's much appreciated08:13
popeyarguably ffmpeg _is_ reimplementing the work others have done08:16
exobuzzyeh at least partially08:17
exobuzzanother example where open source leads is things like wordpress i guess.08:17
popeyweb apps, cms's yeah, good point08:18
popeyall of those apps except blender, are dupes of proprietary apps08:19
exobuzz7-zip isnt..08:19
exobuzzbecause winzip is a dupe itself08:19
exobuzzwinzip took free open code08:19
popeyof pkzip08:19
popeywhich is of pkarc08:19
popeywhich is of arc08:19
popeyi know my compression history :)08:19
MartijnVdSThe kernel does xz now (for ramdisk, squashfs, etc.)08:20
exobuzzold amiga packers08:21
exobuzzwith the "dupes of proprietory" argument - I guess you can trace almost every piece of software to some ancestor or another, whether free or proprietory - so I think it's still relevant relating to what is popular now, even if you can trace the history back to something non-free08:24
hoovergood mornin08:32
exobuzzspeaking of compression, btrfs recently got lzo compression as well as gzip that it had before - which is nice, since lzo is a lot faster08:36
jonsainthi all. i just done an update, can anyone tell me what avali ipv4ll is and what it does??08:38
jonsaintyeah thats the one08:38
MartijnVdSit gives your machine an IP (from the169.254.0.0/16 range) if no DHCP server (or other means of getting an IP) is available08:39
exobuzzsecond paragraph08:39
* exobuzz had a small fight with avahi/ipv6 and distcc earlier08:39
MartijnVdSdistcc does avahi now?08:39
exobuzzhad to switch off avahi ipv6 support and it worked then08:40
MartijnVdSget proper working ipv6 then :P08:40
exobuzzits not that - its a bug in the software08:40
MartijnVdSit's nice how the id is 42 8-)08:41
jonsaintis it possible to change an ip addy on ubuntu machines?08:41
exobuzzits fixed in their repository. so i could build a new one08:41
MartijnVdSjonsaint: if you really want to, sure.. but most of the time you want the automatic (DHCP) address your router gives you08:42
MartijnVdSjonsaint: System -> Preferences -> Network connections08:42
jonsaintMartijnVdS, ah ok. wasnt too sure how haed it would be thats all. i know on those microsoft rubbish machines its a long winded process!08:43
jonsaintwhat happens wven ipv4 is full, does everyone go over to v6?08:45
popeynah, not immediately08:45
MartijnVdSFirst we go dual-stack08:46
popeyISPs use NAT08:46
MartijnVdShttp://test-ipv6.com/ :)08:46
jonsaint10/10 for v4, 0/10 for v6 lol08:47
* MartijnVdS gets 10/10 on both :)08:47
exobuzzmy isp doesnt do ipv6 yet - but i guess i could tunnel it08:48
MartijnVdSMy ISP does.. natively08:48
jonsaintso will it be an automatic thing then when v6 is avaliable to someone like me then?08:48
MartijnVdSit should be.. you might have to install a new modem/router or upgrade firmware on the current one08:49
jonsaintcant see virgin doing that!08:49
MartijnVdSjonsaint: eventually, they'll have to (when new web sites can't get IPv4 addresses anymore, they'll only be available over IPv6)08:49
shaunoeasy enough.  NAT then, and sell a new box to anyone who complains :)08:50
MartijnVdSshauno: until competitors market it as a feature "We have IPv6 support: ALL of the internet"08:50
jonsaintyeah, they are quite good at ripping people off. they sent me a letter last week saying i got a free speed upgrade! oh and the small print says plus a £30 connection fee! how can they charge a conection fee if im already connected??08:51
MartijnVdSjonsaint: the other end had to be connected as well!08:51
exobuzzjonsaint, http://www.unitethecows.com/content/359-virgin-media-uk-begins-throttling-p2p-traffic.html :)08:51
exobuzzsome more news for you08:52
shaunothat was months ago wasn't it?08:52
popeyoh, already done08:53
popeyseems fair enough :)08:53
shaunohad some fun fallout on WoW because V were incorrectly identifying the traffic as p2p08:54
shaunoturns out gamers don't like being throttled ;)08:54
popeymaybe they shouldn't be torrenting their games then :)08:54
shaunothe vendor's own in-game updater is torrent-based08:55
exobuzzi just want decent upstream.08:55
exobuzzi would sacrifice more of my downstream for faster uploading08:55
popeyi have 2Mb/s upstream08:55
popeygot upgraded recently08:56
exobuzzim about the same08:56
exobuzzid rather 10/10 than 20/2.208:56
jonsaintchat later folks. need to get stuff done.08:57
shaunoI'd agree with that .. pulling a large folder of pdf's from home atm :(08:57
popeyI'd rather 50/50 :)08:57
popeybut I dont want to pay for that :)08:57
exobuzzpopey, well. if your going in that direction, maybe 100/100? :)08:57
exobuzzfujll duplex of course08:57
exobuzzlast month there was ~170gb leeched from my public ftp at home08:58
exobuzzprobably my upstream doesnt feel fast enough because its saturated all the time heh08:59
gordmy upstream is saturated all the time, but i think its because ubuntu one is throwing a wobbler09:09
caulkzGood Morning Britain :D09:25
caulkzhow does one get identd working in ubuntu maverick?09:25
caulkzjust tick a box in mIRC but ubuntu not soo easy lol09:26
mungojerrycan't win..people complain about spam but they don't want a single ham ever to get misclassified :(09:26
caulkzsome1's using ipv6 on here, hello @aaronr :)09:27
aaronrhi caulkz :)09:31
caulkzaaronr: u in uk by chance?09:33
aaronri am09:33
aaronri'm with virgin media, though they don't provide ipv6 natively.09:33
aaronri'm using a aiccu tunnel from sixxs09:34
aaronrthe tunnel's free09:35
aaronrand there's docs on the ubuntu wiki on how to set it up: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6#Get connected with SixXS09:35
aaronri pretty much just followed that09:35
aaronrnow my entire home network has ipv6 within the /48 subnet sixxs gave me09:35
aaronrv6 traffic from all the other hosts just gets routed through the pc running the tunnel rather than my ipv4 router09:36
caulkzi heard some tunnels r paid for :/09:36
aaronryeah well the people running them have to cover all the bandwidth you decide to use over ipv6, so it seems that only large organisations with tons of spare bandwidth can really consider it09:37
aaronr(consider doing free tunnels, i mean)09:37
shaunofound out my router supports he.net tunnels.  that made life easy :)09:37
aaronrwow that's quite nice. factory firmware, or something like dd-wrt?09:37
shaunodownside is it's an apple router, so impossible to manage in any sensible way.  but it worked09:38
=== cbx33 is now known as Guest70482
=== cbx333 is now known as cbx33
caulkzdoes my dgn2200 support ipv6?09:39
cbx33mornin all09:41
Tommehcaulkz: I did take a look - nothing in the spec pages for IPv6 on that model and there are no firmware releases since the initial release09:42
caulkzi know some netgear routers have a hidden page to enable ipv6 lool09:42
BigRedSI gather than most things that attempt to support ip6 do so in such a buggy fashion that you'll turn it off again almost immediately09:44
rickogdenmorning all09:44
caulkzyep true09:44
caulkzdgn2200 is a recent addition to their range and supposed to replace the dg834g as its EOL!09:45
caulkznot a bad router tbh09:46
Tommehcaulkz: http://wiki.aaisp.org.uk/index.php/Comtrend09:49
Tommeh^ A&A are working to get *non-buggy* IPv6-capable ADSL2+ modems going.09:49
caulkzjust hoping that the dgn2200 support ipv6 with a future fw update...09:50
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:54
cbx33mornin bigcalm09:55
Tommehcaulkz: you might be waiting a while :)09:56
TommehI'd stop asking here and go pester Netgear, otherwise they may never think about it.09:56
caulkzok :)09:58
bigcalmNetwork oddness: Nexus One is connected at 72Mbps while my dell laptop (with N) is connected at 54Mbps10:04
bigcalmLaptop is running ubuntu of course10:04
DJonesMaybe a better signal in the spot where the N1 is sitting10:05
bigcalmDJones: they are sat next to each other and 2 feet from the router :)10:05
gord54mbps means you are not using N wireless iirc10:05
bigcalm802.11N is supported in linux, right?10:06
gordprolly a driver thing, i could never get my n wifi adapter to work on ubuntu10:06
bigcalmgord: indeed, it's using g10:06
bigcalmHo hum10:06
bigcalmJust found the Pi sound track on Spotify10:07
caulkzanyone here using zen as a isp?10:07
bigcalmSo I no longer care about network problems10:07
* bigcalm moshes10:07
Baikonuri'm using zen as a state of mind10:07
rickogdenhi all, does anyone have any good ideas about teaching web development on an Ubuntu LTSP set up? I'm trying to work out if there's any way of users having isolated web servers which can have things like xdebug running.10:08
bigcalmrickogden: sudoex?10:08
soneillbigcalm: deftones make me code faster, I swear to god10:08
rickogdenbigcalm: what's that?10:10
bigcalmOh, no, ignore me :)10:11
bigcalmSorry :)10:11
bigcalmIf you want indervidual web servers, I would suggest VMs10:12
rickogdenbigcalm: yeah, I don't have enough processing power for individual VMs10:13
rickogdenI was wondering if there was something that could be done on the thin client10:13
BigRedSIt'd stop being thin, then, surel?10:13
rickogdenBigRedS: yeah, it would start becoming a fat client (which I'm already looking into anyway)10:13
rickogdenthe "thin clients" are core2quads with 4gb of ram... so they can cope with being less "thin" :)10:14
BigRedSsuexec might do what you're after, though. Each person's as isolated as they would be doing any other sort of dev10:15
rickogdenbut what I do want to avoid is having Ubuntu directly on the Machines as it's an administrative nightmare10:15
BigRedSwhat're you having them develop in?10:15
screen-xrickogden: have you looked at puppet?10:15
rickogdenBigRedS: yeah, it wouldn't stop people from connecting to each other's servers though would it?10:15
BigRedSI *think* there's a mod_php thingy that does suexed without you having to do fcgi, but I'm not sure10:15
rickogdenscreen-x: I haven't10:16
BigRedSrickogden: er, you could conceivably do that with apache access restrictions10:16
rickogdenBigRedS: Netbeans with PHP and xdebug10:16
BigRedSwhy do you want to stop them viewing each others' sites?10:16
rickogdenit's more of the xdebug issue10:16
cbx33bigcalm, the film pi?10:16
bigcalmcbx33: yes10:16
cbx33i love that film10:17
rickogdenfcgi is something I've been looking into, and maybe fcgi with userdir is the best way10:17
BigRedSYou could http auth everyone's sites, there's a module for pam-based http auth10:18
BigRedSand give each of them a suexeced vhost10:18
rickogdenBigRedS: yeah true, doesn't prevent xdebug though still10:18
rickogdenif I use suexec, will that work on file permissions of 700?10:19
BigRedSyou can have nobody else able to read the files10:20
BigRedSsuexec will bork if any other user can write to them10:20
rickogdenoh excellent, I thought it might need to be group readable10:20
bigcalmThat's what I meant to suggest before, misspelling :(10:20
JamesTaitAh, good morning, all! :D10:24
AlanBelldanfish: going to this? http://www.smarthealthcarelive.com/10:27
bigcalmAlanBell: did you see I sorted my wordpress image resizing query?10:27
AlanBellnice one bigcalm10:28
AlanBellbigcalm: get yourself on planet.ubuntu-uk.org10:33
bigcalmAlanBell: I don't rant exclusively about computer things10:33
AlanBellneither does anyone else10:34
czajkowskiAlanBell: just the person!10:34
shaunoyou can always use a per-category feed if you don't want your russian doll collection on Planet ;)10:34
bigcalmAha, cool10:35
* bigcalm pokes Launchpad login for being slow and then returning a 500 error :)10:37
bigcalmSilly computers10:38
bigcalmStarting to think that life is far too short while waiting for this to work10:39
bigcalmHi Daviey :) Not seen you active for a while10:41
Davieybigcalm, Oh i've been around10:42
Davieywatching you.10:42
* czajkowski tickles Daviey 10:42
Davieybigcalm, no, just watching you - that is called stalking :)10:42
* Daviey giggles like a little girl.10:43
Laneypancakes plz10:44
Myrttishrove buns here10:45
Myrttiwith whipped cream10:45
bigcalmAlanBell: added10:51
bigcalmWith CM7RC2 comes 2.3.3. Happy lad I be11:03
brobostigonmorning everyone.11:07
Tommehbigcalm: If only SGS support came without the bugs :011:08
Tommeh* :)11:08
bigcalmTommeh: I'm very happy with my N1 :)11:09
TommehYeah, almost wish I didn't have a branded phone now11:11
TommehIt's not bad though :)11:11
TommehAnd at least samsung are working on a 2.3 release11:11
bigcalmAn expensive toy, but still glad I got it11:11
brobostigonweird, xorg just spontaniously reset/restarted on me.:(11:14
directhexi wonder if CM7 will appear for hero11:16
directhexi eagerly await the end of my contract11:16
hamitronbrobostigon: just xorg?11:16
brobostigonhamitron: looked lke it,11:16
brobostigonhamitron: it dumped me back to cli, and started back with gdm.11:16
hamitronjust like pressing ctrl+alt+backspace? :/11:17
popeybigcalm: N1?11:17
bigcalmpopey: Nexus One11:17
popeyah yes, you said that earlier11:17
popeysorry, didnt know what phone you had11:17
popeyhappy days :)11:17
* hamitron is waiting for Nexus One to drop in price11:18
* brobostigon also.11:18
hamitron£30-50 maybe11:18
bigcalmI know that Google aren't selling them any more. Don't know if HTC are even producing it still11:18
brobostigonhamitron: £100 mark, and i might be able to afford it, with some saving.11:19
hamitronI'll be looking at 2nd hand11:19
brobostigonhamitron: that is, unlocked and sim free.11:19
hamitronwhen it is old and not many want one11:19
brobostigonyes, :)11:19
bigcalmThat'll be the only way you get it11:20
hamitronif it doesn't drop, will just get one of them creative android media players11:20
hamitron£160 brand new with gps11:20
brobostigoni think i will be having my htc dream for a while to come.11:21
gordwoo finally getting around to booking uds tickets, only gonna go for a few days11:21
* brobostigon also wants a CM7 buildfor his htc dream,11:22
brobostigonbut i dont have enough hdd space, to do a build.11:23
bigcalmCyanogenMod 711:23
hamitronnever heard of it ;/11:23
* BigRedS wants any CM for his Galaxy11:24
BigRedSjust as I thought 6.1 might not be too unstable, everything switches to 711:24
=== SWAT__ is now known as SWAT
bigcalm6.1.1 is stable, CM7 is still quite buggy11:25
hamitronupgrades so often :/11:25
davmor2morning all11:25
bigcalmThis is a good thing :)11:25
BigRedSah, so 6.1 is still getting some attention?11:25
bigcalmBigRedS: no11:25
* hamitron hates upgrades11:25
bigcalmAs far as I can tell, 6.1.1 is the last release11:26
* davmor2 prods czajkowski for an appraisal of RMS last night11:26
X3Njust added you blog bigcalm to the planetplanet11:26
bigcalmX3N: thank you :)11:26
X3Nping JamesTait - your server seems to be refusing connection for the face you supplied11:26
bigcalmX3N: when will it update next?11:27
X3Nit's generated every hour11:28
X3Non the hour11:28
* bigcalm makes a note11:28
bigcalmHumm, wonder if I should have had breakfast for a change. Having been up and coding since 7.30am is more than my body is used to11:29
mungojerryanyone know of a twitter client that allows you to filter your own timeline? i want to disable all RT messages11:36
bigcalmI think that kazade is currently writing one. Suggest it to him as a feature request11:36
mungojerrybigcalm: i already did :P11:37
kazadeI'm working on it! :)11:37
mungojerrymost of the people i follow tend to RT people that i already follow, hence message spam11:37
czajkowskidavmor2: meh11:38
bigcalmDepending upon how the retweet is performed, tweet deck (on my phone) doesn't show retweeted tweets if you follow the original person11:38
mungojerrythat's the idea..even better :)11:38
davmor2czajkowski: that good hey11:38
davmor2czajkowski: did he anounciate his vowels correctly?11:39
bigcalmSo I guess "tweet deck" as an answer to your question :)11:39
mungojerrydavmor2: enunciate :P11:39
mungojerrybigcalm: thanks, does it need adobe air?11:39
bigcalmmungojerry: not on Android, where I use it :)11:40
davmor2mungojerry: I'm dyslexic and spellcheck gave me nothing close so :P11:40
* kazade thinks his client already filters retweets of people he follows...11:41
mungojerrykazade: got a name for it ?11:41
GaryI want pancakes!11:42
kazadeI pinched a name from popey :)11:43
mungojerrybigcalm: thats useful...goes to android market11:43
brobostigoni have a feeling gwibber also does that.11:43
mungojerrykazade: apple lover is japanese?11:43
shaunohad pancakes at midnight (any excuse works), but she made them american-style :(11:43
kazademungojerry, it's Italian11:44
czajkowskiGary: http://twitpic.com/47f4gb11:44
mungojerrykazade: tissue? woven?11:45
kazadeit's supposed to mean "web" or "woven" ... but I notice that Google translate is saying "tissue"11:46
* bigcalm won't get pancakes until tomorrow, ho hum11:46
Garyczajkowski: meh :'(11:46
BigRedSQuick straw poll: SSH tunnels, elegant or hackish?12:00
kirrus(context, chucking MySQL traffic down one to make server migration easier)12:00
shaunopersonally, ambivalent; ranging from perfectly sane as a stop-gap, not rather awkward for a long-term solution12:02
ubuntuuk-planet[Iain Cuthbertson] Mimicking wordpress.coms image resize URIs - http://www.myrant.net/2011/03/07/mimicking-wordpress-coms-image-resize-uris/12:07
daubersleftovers + rice = a good lunch12:20
popeyRICE + * = Good Lunch!12:21
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday March 17th 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | Quiz Night poll: http://doodle.com/eucwzx2qdiiiqs5p Gord fixed Bug 721447 \o/ | Rice!
davmor2czajkowski: GIT!12:21
davmor2czajkowski: I know but showing pictures of pancakes this early in the day is just evil12:24
popeydavmor2: I cooked some at midnight and put it in the fridge for the kids this morning :)12:24
davmor2AlanBell: Command BZR! not found did you mean bzr !12:24
davmor2popey: your just too organised and should be poked fun at all day osd boy ;)12:25
mungojerryfresh rice i hope...not reheated :P12:25
popeydo you mean OCD?12:25
daubersSomeone needs to write a git clone called brat now12:25
popeyno, i left for work at 06:30, before the kids got up :(12:25
popeybut promised them pancakes so had to deliver12:26
popeyright, lunchtime!12:26
* popey wanders down to the canteen to get take away foodstuff12:26
davmor2popey: No I want you on screen displays helping tidy up the computer :D12:26
czajkowskipopey: awwww nice dad12:26
popeyYes! I am! :D12:27
popeyI even slept in the spare room so as not to wake everyone at 6AM12:27
popey(thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it)12:27
popeytum te tum te tum!12:27
davmor2popey: admit it you were up all night playing minecraft12:28
* MooDoo slept with my son last night, he was rather restless....:(12:31
czajkowskipopey: playing with trains or minecraft12:32
* popey can haz salmon, potatoes and carrots12:33
* AlanBell was a bit late home and nearly ended up in with the chickens12:38
czajkowskibut that was a yummy burger last night12:39
czajkowskiwhere were we do you know12:39
davmor2czajkowski: Burger king12:40
davmor2czajkowski: Home Made Burgers do the bestest burgers in the UK12:41
czajkowskiAlanBell: ?12:43
davmor2popey: on a pancake that's just wrong12:44
popeythey had pancakesin the canteen12:44
davmor2popey: wim avin pancakes for tea lots of them nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom............12:45
* brobostigon cant have, due to his dairy and egg allergies. :(12:46
Pendulumbrobostigon: can you have vegan pancakes?12:47
brobostigonPendulum: as long as no egg nor any milk or any kind,12:47
Pendulumcan you do soy milk?12:47
brobostigonPendulum: yes.12:47
Pendulumso use soymilk instead of milk and either leave out eggs or substitute something like applesauce as a binder or use vegan egg replacer? (I dunno if they have the last thing in the UK, but we've got it on this side of the pond)12:48
popey"Just put your morals aside for a day"12:49
popey"Best answer" :)12:49
brobostigonPendulum: apple, umm, not really like that idea. vegen egg replacer, not seen it in ages.12:49
Pendulumpopey: allergic isn't the same as morals12:49
popeyi know12:50
popeyi was pointing out the humour12:50
popeynever mind12:50
MartijnVdSI'm allergic to morals.12:50
popeyThat's funny, I'm allergic to Mez12:50
Pendulumbrobostigon: google is also finding me some recipes that don't have egg or anything to take the place of egg12:50
Pendulumbrobostigon: my ex was allergic to eggs, milk, and several other foods so I'm rather well versed in adapting things to food allergies ;-)12:51
brobostigonPendulum: good idea, i look every year, and dont find a viable way,12:51
brobostigonPendulum: :)12:51
Pendulumbrobostigon: http://www.food.com/recipe/5-minute-vegan-pancakes-13226312:51
brobostigonPendulum: thats dead simplerecipe really, :)12:52
Pendulumfood.com seems to have quite a few vegan pankcake recipes :)12:52
brobostigonthank you.12:52
Pendulumand, yeah, they should be pretty simple12:53
Pendulumyou're welcome :)12:53
PendulumI am now very tempted to go make pancakes for breakfast even though Pancake Day doesn't really exist over here12:54
Pendulumor, rather, is really only celebrated by a small portion of the population (and I am not from that group)12:55
gordits pancake day?12:56
gordargh i forgot12:57
AlanBellczajkowski: it was yummy, somewhere near covent garden I think12:57
brobostigongord: i think its a standerd holidayevent in google calendar.12:57
popeyquick! 110g flour, 2 eggs, 200ml milk, 75ml water, salt, oil, pan, lemon, sugar... STAT!12:57
AlanBellczajkowski: http://www.restaurant-guide.com/maxwells-restaurant-covent-garden.htm12:57
popeyit is in the "UK Holidays" Google Calendar yes12:58
popeyeven though it's technically not a holiday :)12:58
shaunoit's not?!12:58
popeydefine holiday?12:59
* daubers works in mugs for pancakes12:59
DJonesIt was traditionally a 1/2 day holiday12:59
daubers2 or 3 eggs, 1 mug flour, 1 mug milk, pinch of salt and fry12:59
shaunoI tend to work all holidays (bar new years', I refuse).  so I have a very lose idea of holidays :)12:59
* popey works in "search the internet for a recipe" for pancakes13:00
popeythere is a guy here who works _every_day13:00
popeyweekdays, weekends, holidays13:00
popeyhis family live in germany and he lives here13:00
popeyI think he takes about 1 week off a year13:00
* AlanBell thinks someone should make circle of friends pancakes somehow and put the recipe and photo on http://ubuntu-uk.org/category/recipes/13:01
mungojerrypopey: is he the CEO? otherwise what's the point of working every day13:02
popeyhe is a contractor13:04
popeyso gets revenue for every day he works13:04
czajkowskilotta revenue13:04
mungojerryuntil he dies at 50 from overwork13:04
czajkowskisurely tax must kick in at some point13:04
popeyhe's over 5013:05
popeywell, he pays tax of course (I assume)13:05
mungojerrypopey: nah he's really 31, he just look s50 ;p13:05
* mungojerry used to often work 6.40am -> 6pm13:06
mungojerryplus commute on top13:06
* daubers had a weekend off last weekend \o/13:07
daubersFirst one in a month and a bit :(13:07
mungojerrynearly did me in..now i do a 9-5 and take all my olhidays13:07
daubersSilly tight timescale contracts13:07
mungojerrylife is worth more than money13:07
hooverReminds me of the old "consultant at St. Peter's Gate" joke13:14
bigcalmDo tell us more :)13:20
bigcalmHumm, the uupc face image needs fixing on planet13:22
shaunoI do 6-6 on a regular basis.  wouldn't change it if they let me13:29
shaunomeans I average 3.3 shifts a week.  it's those nutters working 5 days I don't understand :p13:30
MooDooshauno: 7 days for me next week :)13:31
shaunosee, that's crazy :)13:32
MooDooworking this weekend, then monday to friday13:32
hooverhey biggie13:32
shaunoif I did 7 days, I'd have to take nearly 2 weeks off to average my rotation13:32
bigcalmAfternoon hoovie :)13:32
hooveranyway, consultant says: "Why did I have to die, I'm only 35!!!"13:33
hooverSt. Peter replies: "The time you've been charging your clients makes you 85..." ;-)13:33
popeybigcalm: fixed, thanks13:35
bigcalmpopey: :)13:35
bigcalmHiya mgdm :)13:35
shaunoreading old docs is giggle-worthy.  this paper claims there's over 600 unix installs, with 'thousands' of users13:36
bigcalmHow old is old?13:37
shaunoolder than me :)13:37
shauno'74 apparently13:38
* mgdm waves from Heathrow13:40
Mezvim ~/foo.pl/lastlog Mez13:57
Mezpopey... ???13:57
hoovermgdm: Free wireless? ;-)14:09
mgdmhoover: tethered Android14:09
Davieymgdm, Free wifi in the lounge :)14:14
gordi will *never* learn that vim isn't included on the cd14:22
X3Nyou're just in denial gord ;)14:26
mungojerryspotify now have 1 million paying subscribers14:26
gord*cough* good article *cough* http://aseigo.blogspot.com/2011/03/collaborations-demise.html14:27
bigcalmMy goodness, these are indeed spicy14:32
mungojerryif only KDE was as good as it sounds on paper14:32
bigcalmMaybe Enlightenment should be given a go14:32
bigcalmE17 still hasn't been released, heh14:35
gordwhenever anyone talks about E17 my mind just goes to east 17...14:37
Baikonurwhat's E1714:37
BigRedSthey were a boy band14:38
screen-xBigRedS: haha14:39
* screen-x pretends not to know who east 17 were. 14:39
Baikonuri don't need to pretend14:39
bigcalmThat's the problem with E17 name. I only think of the boy band and Americans have no idea14:39
Baikonuri'm not american :(14:40
screen-xE17 would be a good replacement for rick astley14:40
* brobostigon shakes fist at gpu lockup, bug.14:41
bigcalmTrust me to ignore Twitter all day long14:41
bigcalmJust seen the last 3 tweets from big_ben_clock14:41
* bigcalm giggles14:41
MartijnVdSbigcalm: http://twitter.com/#!/Klok_Domtoren http://twitter.com/#!/coucou_suisse14:41
screen-xMartijnVdS: I didnt know there were so many :)14:42
bigcalmMartijnVdS: boring and cute respecively14:42
bigcalmAnd in the wrong timezone ;)14:43
Baikonurhow does one link to a specific tweet14:44
bigcalmClick on the time of the tweet14:44
Baikonurooh, thanks14:44
bigcalmTime for a fondant fancy14:58
popeyHello sailor!15:02
bigcalmHello Kitty :)15:02
kaushalis there a debug window while installing Ubuntu OS ?15:08
X3Nkaushal: it logs to something like /var/log/installer15:09
kaushalwhile installing ?15:10
X3Ne.g. tail -f /var/log/installer15:10
kaushalso do CTRL-ALT-F1 and then  tail -f /var/log/installer ?15:11
X3Nyeah, or if you using the live mode you could open a terminal15:11
brobostigonarghhh :(15:14
* brobostigon tries out a newer gingerbread buildfor his htc dream, and keepshis ingers crossed.15:16
bigcalmUnplugged laptop, it reports that there is 7:50 of battery time remaining. Close to 8 hours or 8 minutes - neither are likely15:19
bigcalmNow saying 2:35, bit better15:20
bigcalmIs there a doctor in the house?15:27
* brobostigon wonders if danfish is around. for bigcalm 15:27
bigcalmSharp pains in the ring and little fingers on my right hand. Had this for a few hours yesterday as well15:28
bigcalmTrapped nerve?15:28
DJonesRSI ? Keyboard & mouse releated15:28
bigcalmI have RSI from computer use any way :)15:29
DJonesbigcalm: You should be pinging danfish15:29
bigcalmThis is new though15:29
bigcalmdanfish: ping15:29
VenkoThat's what I would have guessed too but I'm most definitely no doctor15:29
DJonesI'm nearer to a vet than a doctor15:30
X3Nbigcalm: system > preferences > keyboard > typing break ;)15:32
DJonesAlthough that could be a good thing, from memory, don't vets have to be better qualified than a doctor15:32
bigcalmX3N: Not very productive that ;)15:33
bigcalmDJones: now I know where to go if I need worming ;)15:33
X3Nbigcalm: yeah, well, bit late now15:33
bigcalmX3N: I mean taking breaks isn't productive15:34
DJonesbigcalm: Somebody will have to remind me which end to put the worming tablets into15:34
bigcalmX3N: I realise I don't take enough breaks15:34
bigcalmI'm the oposite from my school me15:34
danfishbigcalm: pongy15:36
bigcalmdanfish: cure me!15:36
bigcalmSharp pains in the ring and little fingers on my right hand. Had this for a few hours yesterday as well15:36
danfishulnar nerve compression15:37
kazadebigcalm, hit the fingers on your left hand with a hammer15:37
kazadewill totally take your mind off it15:37
bigcalmdanfish: so could be refered pain from my shoulders?15:37
mungojerrymy workplace has been a noisy building site for 2 years now...starting to lose my mind :(15:37
danfisheitehr at the elbow, wrist or shoulder15:38
danfishonly cure - 6 weeks paid holiday to the Seychelles ;)_15:38
bigcalmHehe, yaya15:38
kazadeI've found that since taking up Karate, I've had far less neck/shoulder/back pain - that use to relay to my hands15:38
DJonesbigcalm: If you'd said it'd been your left ring finger, I'd have said it might be an allergic reaction to wearing a wedding ring15:38
bigcalmDJones: I'm only engaged so far ;)15:38
DJonesbigcalm: Yeah, but you have to try the rings on before you buy :)15:39
bigcalmIf it meant wearing a ring, I'd be up for that. But only Hayley got one15:39
kazadesexism ;)15:39
bigcalmDJones: few more years to go I think. We're saving for a mortgage deposit atm15:39
mungojerryi notice that a lot of men from the last generation don't wear wedding rings15:40
bigcalmI intend to wear a wedding ring15:40
bigcalmMy dad doesn't wear one though (neither does my mum for that matter).15:40
shaunoI intended to .. took me 2 months to lose it tho :/15:40
DJonesbigcalm: I said the same thing & my wife bought me a ring with "With my two hands I give you my heart and crown it with my love" engraved on it15:40
bigcalmDJones: super soppy and wonderful15:41
shaunoDJones: let me guess .. it's kept somewhere safe so it doesn't get scratched up ;)15:41
mungojerrymines only been off for a few seconds in 5yrs so far15:41
DJonesshauno: Its definately safe, on the opposite ring finger to my wedding ring :)15:42
shaunoI've just never seemed to be able to wear rings.  awkward shaped fingers15:42
bigcalmI've never even tried one15:42
HazRPGhi all15:50
bigcalmHi HazRPG15:50
* brobostigon reckons he has found a decent gingerbread build for his htc dream.15:57
mungojerrybigcalm: tried tweetdeck on my android, like it :)15:59
bigcalmmungojerry: it's my fave so far16:00
mungojerryshame about the widget but hey16:00
HazRPGbigcalm: hey :)16:00
HazRPGbrobostigon: winner :)16:00
bigcalmpopey: wtf?16:00
mungojerryi think he's suggesting that real men eat digestives with tarmac and dirt spread on them, rather than fondant fancies16:01
* mungojerry munches on another bourbon biccie16:02
popeybigcalm: hmm?16:02
bigcalmmungojerry: no, I was being obtuse and mixing twitter with irc again ;)16:02
mungojerryoh lol :P16:02
bigcalmpopey: the 1st user in your tweet doesn't exist16:03
mungojerrypopey: don't feed the trolls :)16:03
brobostigonHazRPG: we will see, maybe, :)16:03
popeybigcalm: its identica16:03
popeymungojerry: :)16:03
bigcalmBah, nobody uses that ;)16:04
* brobostigon installs setcpu back.16:04
mungojerryentering a trolling match with someone who makes anti-* sites is getting into an argument that isn't worth winning16:04
mungojerrythink i'm going to start reading h-online instead of slashdot et al16:07
shaunoouch.  tab completion bites back.  grep <file term | sed 's/patt/ern/' >SAMEFILEARGHHHH.16:27
mungojerryanyone finding unity particularly crashy today?16:35
gordmungojerry, what kind of crash?16:36
gordmungojerry, when did you update?16:36
popeynot used it today16:36
mungojerrygord: earlier today 10am ish,...and just now16:38
mungojerrysame bug..will report16:38
mungojerrygord: if unity+compiz crashes and doesn't offer to upload crash report..what's the best way to trigger that16:41
gordmungojerry, you should get apport, asking you, i'm not sure otherwise. but i was interested in what you were doing at the time :)16:42
mungojerryrearranging icons on the launcher - it's reproducible16:42
mungojerrythere's an incomplete bug report - i had the full logs but didn't submit due to there being an existing bug16:43
mungojerrywhich i now realise is incomplete16:43
mungojerrybug 73109616:45
lubotu3Launchpad bug 731096 in unity "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in LauncherIcon::OpenQuicklist()" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73109616:45
cbx33popey, you use fedora a lot now?17:39
popeyi haven't used it for years17:39
cbx33aww you were being nice :17:41
cbx33i thought you told me you didn't do that :p17:41
popeyalso, they have some nice stuff that I'd like to see them test before we get it :D17:41
cbx33or maybe that was just to me17:41
popeyyou're implying I'm not nice?17:42
davmor2cbx33: Don't go confusing popey with MooDoo17:42
cbx33i always said you were nice17:42
cbx33you "corrected me"17:42
cbx33hehehe :p17:42
cbx33i dunno what thats about :p17:43
cbx33how goes it anyway good sir?17:43
popeytickety boo17:46
cbx33the books moving along well :)17:47
gordits been a while since i tried fedora, maybe i should get an iso sometime. i kinda got bored with trying distros a long time ago17:49
gordeverywhere else you are basically just using gnome/kde with different package managers17:50
cbx33and for me apt beats almost everything out there17:51
cbx33esp for speed17:51
AlanBellany more peeps left to fill in http://doodle.com/eucwzx2qdiiiqs5p ?17:54
davmor2AlanBell: of course they are but it's like being on the school bus when the teacher says if your not here put your hand up ;)17:56
gordAlanBell, do a uds quiz night!17:57
* AlanBell isn't going to UDS :(17:57
gordAlanBell, oh :( i thought i saw you on the sign up thing17:57
popeycould do a "UDS vs Rest Of The World"17:58
AlanBellgord: remote participation list perhaps17:58
AlanBelloh and I was testing the signup thing for jcastro and submitted a sponsorship application or two17:58
AlanBellspecial dietary requirements "dinosaur meat only"17:58
gorddo uds people know they are going yet? its always pretty late for community17:59
popeyits not closed yet17:59
popey27th March17:59
gordonly going for a few days this year anyway18:00
bigcalmCensus day :)18:01
popeycensus website breakdown day!18:02
* dutchie already done census18:02
bigcalmI'll be doing it on paper18:02
bigcalmdutchie: it's not meant to be completed until the 27th18:02
gorddid mine a few days ago on the website18:02
* popey tickles d0od 18:02
* X3N doesn't like the fact it's being run by an Arms company :(18:02
dutchiebigcalm: students at certain universities with short terms are asked to do it earlier18:03
bigcalmI see18:03
bigcalmShort term memories?18:03
dutchiethere is a note about it somewhere on my desk18:03
dutchiebut that is not particularly useful considering the state of my desk18:03
bigcalmDog walking time!18:06
ubuntuuk-planet[Alan Pope] Ubuntu Wiki Relicensing  Request For Comments - http://popey.com/blog/2011/03/08/ubuntu-wiki-relicensing-request-for-comments/18:07
Laneyis that legally acceptable?18:23
Laneysilence is consent18:23
Baikonurnot legally, nor morally18:25
dutchieLaney: pretty sure there was an auto-email that went out to all wiki contributors18:31
Laneyyes I know, I got it18:31
LaneyI am asking whether it's legal to assume that someone consents if they don't object18:32
hamitronplenty of people do it18:33
hamitronI'd question what is ment by a "similar license"18:33
cbx33plenty of people pirate dvds18:34
hamitroncbx33: I mean by official means18:34
cbx33i know18:34
cbx33was playing the role of annoying idiot18:34
hamitronyes :D18:34
cbx33did i win?18:35
shaunoif the "publically listed as copyright Canonical Ltd" means there was actually a copyright assignment agreed to when you add content, then yes, it's completely legal, it's canonical's to relicense, making such consultation purely an attempt at not being sneaky about it18:35
hamitronthat was my other question... if everyone did sign the rights over18:37
hamitrontechnically they could deny all distribution then18:37
shaunokinda damned if you do/don't.  say something, and someone will disagree with it.  say nothing, and they'll assume foul motive18:38
hamitronit is times like this, I think signing copyright over is a good thing18:39
hamitronremoves that problem of changing the licensing if wanted/required18:40
Laneycorrecting for lack of foresight, that's not convincing enough18:40
LaneyI wonder if implicit copyright assignment is even valid18:40
shaunoI see no real problem with it tho (ethically).  I think CC matches the spirit any contribution to ubuntu should be made in18:43
VenkoDoesn't it entirely depend on you agreeing on registration to use the wiki or agreeing on submission of content for it that they would have owned it anyway?18:43
hamitronwhat existing license is put on the content of the wiki?18:43
VenkoNot that I have a problem with relicensing it whether they owned it or not. I'm happy for anything I've added to the wiki to be licensed as mentioned18:43
LaneyThe website HTML, text, images audio, video, software or other content that is made available on this website are the property of someone - the author in the case of content produced elsewhere and reproduced here with permission, or Canonical or its content suppliers. Before you use this content in some way please take care to ensure that you have the relevant rights and permissions from the copyright holder18:49
hamitronthat is from signup?18:49
hamitronno nvm18:50
* hamitron is brain dead atm18:50
hamitronffs, I have that blocked18:51
hamitrondoes wiki system have logs of who added what?18:52
shaunoshould do; just stick ?action=info  on the end of a url18:53
knightpadhey everyone18:54
shauno(altho I think the actual line you're looking for is in the site footer, so not actually park of the wiki)18:54
knightpadi got  little question, i would like to have a script create a directory , where the directory name is the date18:54
knightpadfor example , mkdir (day of the year) as the foldername18:55
knightpador mkdir 'day - month'18:55
knightpadany idea what teh correct syntax would be18:55
shaunomkdir `date '+%Y'`18:56
shaunowould make you a dir named '2011'18:56
shaunoI think man 3 strftime gives you all the goodies you can use where %Y is, but %Y, %m and %d are going to be the really useful ones (year, month, date)18:57
shaunoso '+%Y-%m' gives you 2011-03, and so on18:57
knightpadok ah k :) thanx ! :)18:57
* knightpad goes forth and tinkers18:57
shaunojust watch your copy paste, there's both ticks and back-ticks in there :)18:58
hamitronreminds me of using su -c18:58
hamitronnever used back tick on that though18:59
HazRPGah man, seems I'm buying a c64 just as hardware hackers are starting to give up on them :(18:59
shaunoheh, then you'd want to wrap it in more quotes, and life gets messy :)18:59
=== jacobw2 is now known as jacobw
HazRPGcan't seem to find a MMC64 or any card reader/writer for the c6418:59
hamitronHazRPG: if people give up on them, maybe 2nd hand is the way to go?19:00
HazRPGhamitron: that's just it, there are non to be find 1st or 2nd hand :(19:00
HazRPGI'm guessing the markers are giving up19:00
HazRPGbut the owners of them, are still using/keeping the ones they do have19:00
hamitronany documentation about them?19:01
HazRPGthe MMC64 doesn't, the guys been hiding the info and the firmware about them19:01
HazRPGthere's documentation on /how/ to use one19:01
HazRPGbut that's all19:01
shaunoshould still be able to find sd2iec easy enough19:01
shaunoyou'll find stuff like that is silly expensive tho.  I paid more for a video card for my amiga, than I've ever paid for a PC one.  short runs make them expensive to make19:02
HazRPGpreferably, I'd like it to be able to write/read to/from a .d64 file19:02
hamitronyou not got a parallel port?19:03
HazRPGshauno: yeah I know, the MMC64 cost 99E.U.19:03
HazRPGhamitron: on my PC?19:03
* hamitron shrugs19:03
hamitronjust reading the wiki19:04
HazRPGthe c64 should have one19:04
hamitronThe MMC64 serves as a read/write interface for MMC and SD flash memory media19:04
shaunohttp://www.nkcelectronics.com/sd2iec-boar2.html   claims $45 US (£28 + shipping/import robbery)19:04
* HazRPG still hasn't received his... only got sent yesterday, and he's sending via 2nd class - much to my dislike19:04
HazRPGshauno: hmm, that's not bad19:06
HazRPGroughly works out to be the same price as what I paid for the c64 - but still not bad19:06
hamitronyou could maybe make one also19:07
shaunoyou can, that particular board is all fossy.  schematics & firmwares & sources on c64-wiki ;)19:07
shaunoI've got €400 tucked away waiting for a guy to finish making some new amiga hardware.  you've picked the wrong hobby :p19:08
hamitrongives you better hacker-cred too19:08
HazRPGhmm, how would one connect that up to the c64 (can't seem to figure it out)19:08
HazRPGhamitron: making my own you mean?19:09
HazRPGshauno: you do? What hardware are you waiting to be made?19:09
davmor2hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dragon age II  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm http://drool.popey.com/19:09
HazRPGshauno: or just in general?19:09
shaunoHazRPG: fpgaarcade.com  :)19:10
shaunoa lot of back & forth on amiga.org making sure there's a miggy softcore for it, and that the hardware is up to the job19:11
shaunohm, apparently that sd2iec board sits on top of another board :/19:13
shaunosee if you can make some sense of http://www.c64-wiki.com/index.php/SD2IEC19:13
shaunothey mention being able to use it without the daughterboard, but I've no idea what it connects to that way19:14
shaunoit looks like with the extra board, it's all hooked up to a 6-pin DIN so it'd hook up just like a floppy drive19:15
hamitronI wish i hadn't thrown away my last 28619:15
shaunonah, you should have.  no mmu, no linux :)19:15
HazRPGshauno: hmm, your making my recent investment seem like a waste lol19:15
HazRPGalthough, I've always wanted to own a c6419:15
hamitronminix 2 would of run, and been fun to play with19:16
shaunoHazRPG: not at all.  just have to remember that every time you want hardware that didn't exist the first time around, you're looking looking at £20 jobs from someone's attick19:16
shaunoer, you're *not* looking at ..19:17
HazRPGshauno: no I mean when you said I picked the wrong hobby lol19:18
shaunoso do I :)19:18
shaunoevery time you want new hardware, it's going to bleed your wallet dry19:18
HazRPGyeah, I kinda figured it would - but even new hardware has the same effect19:18
shaunoeither get hacky and make do with what you can find; or be prepared that most things will cost more than the machine itself did19:19
knightpadhey hey :) can anybody see what i've done wrong in this syntax ? DESTINATION=/media/DESIRE/Music/Podcasts/`date '+%a'`/19:19
hamitronthat is not a command19:20
HazRPGI've been told they still hold car boot sales near here, so I'm planning on making some trips down on a Sunday morning to see if I can find some stuff19:20
knightpadhere is the entire script19:20
HazRPGapparently on the Saturday afternoon they have some in Penrith too... so might start digging through there too :)19:20
knightpadits made to auto sync the latest episode of my podcasts to my android phone19:20
knightpadwhat i added is the date option19:20
knightpadso there is a folder created every day with the day of the week (that way i can see when the latest update was)19:21
HazRPGI always thought car boot sales died out here when they converted the usual car boot sale area in the centre of town into a nightclub19:21
hamitronit was the beer messing with your head ;)19:21
shaunoknightpad: what error is it giving you ?19:21
hamitronloads of old smelly people to still have demand19:22
shaunoinitial feeling is you're going to want mkdir -p on line 4, but better knowing exactly what it's complaining about19:22
knightpadcannot create regular file `/media/DESIRE/Music/Podcasts/Tue/': No such file or directory19:23
shaunoah, bingo19:23
shaunoshort version: line 4, mkdir -p /media/blah/blah/blah19:23
shaunolong version, you're deleted 'podcasts' in line 3, then tried to make a folder *inside* podcasts on 419:23
knightpadaha !19:24
shauno-p gets mkdir to create parent dirs as required19:24
knightpadaaah yes indeed !19:24
knightpadok , 'ill try again19:24
knightpadyep , looks like its running ! :) thanx :)19:24
shaunogood stuff :)19:25
knightpadyep , its a nice little script that copies over the latest podcast episode from all the podcasts i download via gpodder19:25
knightpadnow it makes a folder on my android phones SD card with the 'day of the week' , so know i know how 'fresh' my podcasts are19:25
knightpadawesome :) it works like a charm :)19:27
shaunoyeah, I remember you trying to figure out how to find the most recent files.  nice to see it evolve :)19:27
knightpadyeah :)19:28
knightpadi got the idea in the car today , how am i gonna know how 'fresh' my updates are19:28
knightpadand thats how i came to the date command19:28
knightpadand having learned about backticks and stuff i thought .. This could work19:28
knightpadsilly mkdir error , should have spotted that :)19:29
knightpadi also thought of sending the output to > /home/dropbox/podcastlog.txt19:29
knightpadthat way i can check which podcasts have been synced over too19:30
knightpadi am starting to appreciate "beautiful code"19:31
* knightpad is a total newbie19:31
knightpad(when it comes to coding that is)19:31
shaunowell you've found the right way to learn.  find an itch, and have at it19:32
knightpadindeed :)19:32
knightpadand when you check out the entire philosophy behind my website / podcast .. its right in line with the "having technology work for you' vision19:33
HazRPGshauno: hmm, that site you linked me to... looks interesting, but I think my lack of knowledge is failing me... am I right in thinking he's trying to make smaller versions of the original hardware?19:34
shaunosort of19:34
HazRPGor is it essentially a board used to be able to programme any hardware?19:34
shaunofor most the smaller parts, they're just trying to make drop-in replacements of things that haven't been made in years19:35
shaunothe big board that's dominating the front page (and my savings), uses an fpga in place of processor & co, so you can emulate different machines by re-flashing it19:35
HazRPGmuch like some of the SID chip replacements I've seen (swinSID)19:35
* knightpad is gonna kick back on the couch :) thanx for the help shauno 19:36
HazRPGshauno: ah sweet :)19:36
knightpadbtw : i wrote up an article about all the help i got to get the script right for fullcirclemagazine :) so this channel (and all you guyz here) get cudo's !19:36
hamitronHazRPG: shauno, what site?19:37
HazRPGhamitron: http://fpgaarcade.com/19:37
shaunohamitron: fpgaarcade.com  (I hope, else I'm really confusing Haz)19:37
hamitrongot me interesting with that large board thing19:37
ali1234you can read/write a MMC card with only three gpio controlled from software19:39
ali1234as such, it's pretty easy to attach one to just about anything19:39
HazRPGshauno: I'm guessing FPGA's can be purchased by themselves, however this team are mainly working towards setting up a whole board and also some firmware to place in them... or am I completely off the mark here lol19:40
shaunoI think the brunt of the controller I linked is the glue to present it to the c64 as a floppy drive19:40
shaunoHazRPG: bingo19:40
ali1234FPGA dev boards are pretty common too19:40
hamitronshauno: 400 dollars?19:40
ali1234$400 for a FPGA based emulation seems a bit of a waste when you can just get a PC to do the same thing19:41
shaunoI think the last price I heard them throw around was around the 220 mark, but I have a margin because I know how these things go wrong19:41
hamitronemulating something just doesn't feel the same ali1234 :)19:42
ali1234emulating it on a FPGA is no different19:42
HazRPGI was just about to say the same ^^19:42
hamitronit is!19:43
hamitronyou have something there....19:43
ali1234computer is computer19:43
hamitronyou can have an expensive rare car, a kit car that is a copy, or a driving sim on your pc19:43
shaunothe last board (minimig) got a lot more right that uae does, which is really the only miggy emulator going19:43
ali1234i thought that project got cancelled19:44
brobostigonandroid 2.3.3, atleast the build i have found, seems to be working rather well, on my htc dream, it has progressed quite alot inthe last few weeks, and the battery consumption seems to have improved.19:45
shaunominimig?  nope19:45
HazRPGshauno: hmm, but won't this board they're creating still have the same limitations as most emulators?19:45
shaunocrazy dutch guy appeared out of nowhere, announced he'd redone the whole A500 in an fpga, then disappeared.  universally laughed at, then re-appeared at a meet with a working board19:46
ali1234ah "then disappeared" - that was the last i heard about it19:46
shaunothere's atleast one company still making & selling them, but it's getting a bit tired.  it's been thru a few revisions, now sports an arm daughterboard offloading harddrive emulation19:47
ali1234why is it doing HD emulation instead of just having a real harddrive?19:47
shaunobecause it's surprisingly difficult to find a drive the amiga gets on with well19:48
ali1234amiga supports SCSI pretty well i thought19:48
ali1234should be possible to just use SCSI -> USB -> SCSI -> IDE drive19:49
ali1234and just throw a USB port on it19:49
shaunoI've just been using IDE, I think scsi needs one of the bigger (3000, 4000) boxes (or a zorro card)19:49
ali1234i mean, if you have a FPGA19:49
ali1234you can have an amiga with USB easily19:49
ali1234and USb storage is just SCSI packets wrapped in USB packets19:50
shaunotried atleast 10 different cf-ide convertors, the only one I could get to boot, the floppy drive wouldn't work.  it's a fussy little bugger19:50
ali1234cf-ide adapters are fully passive19:50
shaunoI've had completely different results with different adaptors, with the same CF :/19:50
ali1234if they made a FPGA board that was a 68040 + video toaster all in one chip, now that would be impressive :)19:52
shaunonot sure toaster would work19:53
ali1234there's no reason why it can't work19:53
shaunothis one's emulating a straight 68k, but at a silly speed19:53
shaunotoaster's one of the few things I'd expect to actually use the extra 020 instructions19:53
ali1234can you still buy 68k chips?19:54
ali1234if so, it would make more sense to use the FPGA only for custom chipset19:54
shaunonot new, no19:54
shaunoI've no idea what the details are, but the amiga doesn't like coldfire 68k19:55
shaunoso it's motorola or nothing19:55
shaunoplus, I like that this one isn't bound to the 68k.  there's a few pdp-on-a-fpga projects knocking around, and I really want to see if I can get one running on it19:57
shauno(simh doesn't seem to idle at all.  it runs my laptop at full pelt emulating a pdp11 that's still idling at half boot)19:58
shaunothe only thing I'm missing in this new board, is that they wouldn't put hdmi in it, because there's a licensing cost20:00
shaunobecause this thing has to end up in front of the telly eventually :D20:01
shauno(can't do vga->dvi->hdmi because you lose the analogue path, so I can't use my real miggy on the TV without using the original resolution on composite .. yuck)20:03
HazRPGstill don't think I fully understand all this stuff20:06
shaunoeven more OT (if it's possible) .. http://www.siliconsonic.de/news/Indivision_AGA_components.jpg20:06
shaunothat's the video card I got for the miggy.  I love how hacky it is20:06
shaunoit sits upside-down, so the empty socket sits ontop of the existing video chip, and just piggy-backs20:06
HazRPGI wish I was more technical minded with hardware20:07
HazRPGI could imagine myself having so much fun right now if I did20:07
shaunoI don't understand a lot of it :)  I just thought that was a clever solution to grabbing the video bus20:07
HazRPGwhich is why I'm interested in building my own SID if I can...20:07
shaunojust sits on top like a little parasite20:08
HazRPGI think I should probably register myself on a c64 mailing list20:08
HazRPGor old-school hardware... or something20:08
HazRPGI wonder if VHDL is actually hard to pick-up/learn20:09
shaunothe little I've tried so far, is a complete mind-bender20:09
shaunoyou keep trying to approach it like writing a program.  but it's not, at all20:10
shaunoyou're describing gates, and how they interact with each other20:10
shaunoand the biggest trip is that everything runs at once.  just like on a chip.20:11
HazRPGI suppose hardware geeks have a field day with VHDL then20:11
shaunoI still can't quite get my head around everything be parallel20:12
HazRPGshauno: heh, so a clock cycle looks like its done nothing, when really its done a whole instruction set20:12
shaunomost designs do seem to do the whole set, atleast at the basic arithmetic level20:13
shaunoyou stick two numbers in.  have a set of logic for each instruction (add, sub, xor, etc)20:14
shaunothen the actual instruction is used to decide which output is being used20:14
ali1234VHDL is just a means to an end20:15
HazRPGyou know, it sometimes blows my mind to think that what we're looking at (monitor) is basically just a set of thousand 1's and 0's electrical signals being scurried around a board20:16
shaunoit's something to do with the latency in each gate .. by taking the end result of a set of gates, you know your mux is picking the right lines by time the clock reaches it20:16
ali1234get a visual designer if it's easier20:16
HazRPGali1234: I use to use one at college, all we made was an half adder and a full adder20:18
HazRPGthen made a calculator with it20:18
HazRPGfun times20:18
HazRPGDigital Works, I think it was called20:18
HazRPGhmm, I'm surprised no one has tried to make a multi-boot hardware for all old machines20:19
HazRPGsimilar to that project shauno mentioned, except instead of flashing it for each machine you wanted to run - it just asked you on boot time which you wanted to load up20:20
HazRPGI suppose with that project, you could make some firmware that did just that20:20
HazRPGalthough depends on the flash memory space limitation I guess20:21
shaunoyou don't really flash this; the fpga starts empty20:21
shaunoit's just the easiest way to explain what it's going20:22
HazRPGoh no I fully understand that fpga starts empty20:24
HazRPGits much like having an aurdino board - doesn't do anything until you upload some code to it20:25
HazRPGbut I'm guessing same applies to fpga20:25
shaunoyeah.  but the arduino is static20:25
shaunoso you power it up with no computer connected, it'll just start running the last thing you gave it20:26
shaunothis all comes off the sd card, so you start it with no card, you got no processor20:26
HazRPGah, so the fpga doesn't actually store any information - it just runs it?20:26
shaunothat's what I gather20:28
HazRPGwell that's what I gathered too20:28
HazRPGthe fpga just seems to be like a processor20:28
shaunopretty much.  just a processor with almost no functions.  except the ability to define your own20:29
shaunojust looking thru what I missed.  he's put 60Mb on it.  I think mine has 5 :/20:30
shaunoI can't remember if there's 4 or 8 on my 020 board20:31
HazRPGI thought you were waiting for them to still be made?20:31
shaunoI am :)  it's in the later stages20:31
shaunohe's already got one off to yacube, the dude that wrote the AGA core for the minimig20:31
HazRPGah, so the 5 you speak of is your actual amiga ?20:31
HazRPGwith ya now ;)20:32
shaunoit has 2 on board, then 'more' on the cpu board I got for it20:32
shaunoI don't remember how much more tho, because I had to pop one of the chips else it can't address the pcmcia slot anymore20:32
shaunoand since I use that for getting files to/from my laptop, it's a rather useful slot to have20:33
shaunoI think it's 8 fully populated, 4 with one missing, so I'd have 6 total?20:34
shaunoI'd have to put it back together to find out.  blah.20:34
shaunoand it still doesn't fit in the case :)20:35
HazRPGwow, my brain cells must be dying off at a rapid rather - I recall studying this at school, but I had to actually read about it to remember it20:37
HazRPGdifference between analogue and digital20:38
HazRPGI knew analogue was a nice wave length, and digital is either 1 or 0 - so the wave is always square20:38
HazRPGbut I couldn't remember how hardware represented this20:38
shaunohttp://shaun.oneil.me.uk/tmp/020.jpg   it doesn't look like it from there, but it's *just* too fat to get the blanking plate back on properly20:39
AlanBellHazRPG: not as square in practice as it is in theory20:39
HazRPGAlanBell: well yeah - but on paper you'd draw it as a square wave20:40
AlanBellI feel a blog post coming on20:40
HazRPGAlanBell: analogue vs digital? :P20:40
AlanBellno, quizes20:40
AlanBellthere is a new scifi category in #ubuntu-trivia20:40
HazRPGnice :)20:40
HazRPGAlanBell: what's your blog mainly about then?20:41
AlanBellit is a blog about stuff I say20:42
shaunomild confusion; you are two different people, right ?20:43
AlanBellwe have been seen in the same room at the same time20:43
directhextwo-headed siamese twins.20:43
* AlanBell wonders if that is four heads in total20:43
shaunoahh, I see.  even more Alans20:44
daubersRule of life is that there's always more Alans20:44
shaunosorry, just did a double-take with the domain :)20:45
AlanBellcheck the top 4 http://planet.ubuntu-uk.org/20:45
AlanBelland that doesn't include Alan Cocks who I saw last night20:46
HazRPGAlanBell: I managed to rig up a MusicBot for my mumble server :)20:46
AlanBellHazRPG: cool20:46
AlanBellcan you record your mumble server?20:46
directhexapparently the overfiend behind the EDL is an Alan.20:46
HazRPGAlanBell: How do you mean?20:46
HazRPGAlanBell: as in you'd like to hear a sample of it?20:46
daubersOh poo20:47
AlanBellHazRPG: as in create a .ogg recording of an hour of nattering20:47
shauno(eg, podcast minus skype ;)20:47
HazRPGAlanBell: 2.3 apparently has a recording feature added in ;)20:47
AlanBellI think it can be done with pulse and jack or something20:47
HazRPGAlanBell: but 2.3 isn't in the ubuntu repo for 10.10 - you have to add the mumble PPA20:48
ali1234why don't you all record your local audio and then edit it together?20:48
AlanBellI am running 11.0420:48
AlanBellali1234: I was thinking of recording the quiz night for posterity20:48
HazRPGAlanBell: hmm, I think 11.04 has 2.3 of mumble in there20:49
HazRPGsorry my mistake its 1.3 of mumble20:49
HazRPGcurrent in the repo for 10.10 and lower is 1.2.220:49
shaunodoes http://blog.mumble.info/for-the-record/  help ?20:50
HazRPGAlanBell: you could use any tool essentially for recording audio couldn't you?20:50
ali1234oh, ok20:51
HazRPGheh, seems I got the version wrong again20:51
HazRPG1.2.3 = latest20:51
HazRPG(why I thought it was 2.3 or 1.3 is beyond me :/)20:51
shauno'multichannel' sounds nifty.  creates a separate file for each participant, so you can do post-edit20:52
AlanBell1.2.3-1ubuntu-3 is the version in Natty20:52
HazRPGyeah :)20:52
shaunomaybe disk intensive for quiz night, but would be handy for podcasting20:52
HazRPGAlanBell: that one has recoding ootb :)20:52
AlanBellah, but in the client20:53
AlanBellso I need a Natty client or PPA install to do it20:53
shaunoit sounds like everyone needs 1.2.320:53
ali1234pulseaudio can record from any sound source so any individual program20:53
HazRPGali1234: yeah, that's what I said :)20:54
AlanBellyeah, but that would record everyone but me20:54
AlanBellbecause of echo removal stuff I think20:54
shaunoyou don't have a spare machine?20:54
ali1234no, because you can record from more than one source at the same time into a mixdown20:54
AlanBellyeah I can do that on another machine20:54
HazRPGAlanBell: someone could setup a user to be a recorder20:54
HazRPGAlanBell: would also let people know that it is being recorded :)20:55
HazRPGe.g. like I have a user called "MusicBot"20:55
shaunocould have a second client logged in on a spare machine, so everyone comes in off the same feed20:55
HazRPGyou could have "RecordBot" or similar20:55
shaunoI think I'd be tempted to do it that way just so I know that pulse isn't going to record me talking to myself (or worse) when I'm using push-to-talk20:57
HazRPGshauno: btw, the recoding will work regardless of what version they are running - as long as the server is 1.2.3 and at least one client (guy recording) is running 1.2.320:57
shaunoah ok20:58
shaunowasn't sure because of the comment: For privacy reasons we will not allow recording on pre 1.2.3 servers. (They are not able to properly warn their users)20:58
shaunowhether the clients would need to be current to accept such a hook, etc20:58
shauno(never used mumble, but used to TS forcing client upgrades if they're missing server-side features)20:58
popeyevening all21:00
shaunoI swear random's given me the same song >5 tonight.  which wouldn't be so bad, but it's chubby brown :/21:01
daubersevening popey21:02
AlanBellso looks like there are a number of available approaches to recording, but all client-side21:03
AlanBellalthough I could run a client on the server for recording purposes21:03
popeyshauno: there is a fun story of how apple changed the shuffle algorithm on the ipod shuffle because people claimed it wasnt random enough21:04
popeyturns out it actually was21:04
popeythey made it less random to meet peoples demands21:04
AlanBellbias against stuff recently played?21:04
popeyyeah, or something21:05
popeyonly an anecdotal story I heard21:05
ali1234that was always a problem in winamp 2.x21:05
popeycant remember where21:05
ali1234i think they changed it too21:05
ali1234there were also plugins for "moar random" i think21:05
shaunoI've heard that in a few contexts21:06
AlanBellI love apt21:07
AlanBellI have a server, I want a mumble client on it. No problem.21:07
ali1234the typical advice for winamp was always "load a playlist, random shuffle it, then play it in order"21:07
* daubers was on the Hairy Bikers this evening21:07
ali1234and here is a plugin which does it http://www.winamp.com/plugin/randomized-load/22209721:07
shaunofunny, I've always wished random was more weighted21:09
shaunonot so much against last plays, but score songs on how often I Next them, then weight against them21:09
popeybanshee has some funky playlist logic21:10
Seekerpancakes ftw21:14
HazRPGAlanBell: can server even run mumble client without a display?21:15
Seekerwrt random songs, people don't believe that you can get two songs from the same album in a row if it is really random21:15
ali1234!info xvfb21:16
lubotu3xvfb (source: xorg-server): Virtual Framebuffer 'fake' X server. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.9.0-0ubuntu7.3 (maverick), package size 826 kB, installed size 1832 kB21:16
shaunoreally random can play an album from start to finish.  which would be ... random21:16
AlanBellHazRPG: I installed a minimal desktop21:16
Seekerthese being the same people that don't believe that 1 2 3 4 5 6 is just as likely to come up in the lottery than any other combo21:16
ali1234Seeker: i think it is more an issue of them not wanting perfect mathemetical randomness21:17
HazRPGAlanBell: nice one :)21:17
shauno(reminds me of a time I thought my phone was going nuts; turned out I synced it without the NAS mounted, so there really was only 3 albums from the same band on it)21:17
Seekerali1234: I suspect most people wouldnt know perfect mathematical randomness if it randomly chose them and hit them round the head21:18
ali1234why is this a problem?21:18
Seekerbecause its hard for them to not want it if they don't understand what it is21:18
shaunopeople generally don't know random.  pattern-matching is how we function21:18
ali1234not really21:18
shaunothat's how we see jesus in bacon.  facial recognition trumps .. bacon21:19
nperry_Whey, my first patch taken into gnome-shell <321:20
ali1234pretty sure they don't have any problem saying "i don't want it to play the same song over and over when in random mode"21:20
ali1234just because they don't understand that this is a consequence of a truly random shuffle, does not mean it is an invalid request21:21
shaunopopey: I'm blaming you for this :)21:22
AlanBellyay, I have a recording solution21:23
AlanBelland now, for pancakes21:24
Baikonurpancakes would be nice21:26
HazRPGAlanBell: \o/ hurray, you called him RecordBot :)21:26
Baikonursadly we don't have a pancake day21:26
shaunoit's totally okay to have pancakes on non-pancake days.  Just try to restrain the public excitement, for their sakes'21:27
bigcalmWho needs an excuse to have them?21:27
* Seeker wonders if popey has managed to involve any techno-genious in pancake day21:31
popeyi microwaved some pancakes just now21:31
shaunothat works ? or just reheat21:38
popeyi cooked them 22 hours ago21:40
shaunowhere are ttys defined now that inittab's been taken out back and shot?21:44
AlanBellpancakes taste better with garden eggs21:45
Baikonurnow i really want pancakes21:45
andylockranwow.. taking ages to compile gcc using macports..21:46
Baikonurhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semla this is what we traditionally eat21:46
Baikonuron this day21:47
AlanBellyou have to love the "In popular culture" section of wikipedia21:47
ali1234lol, that is spot on21:49
shaunostill not sure I like upstart :/  having to rgrep /etc because they moved something that's worked since time began . blah21:51
ali1234at least grep still works21:51
shaunofor now :)  just wait until they discover that netbooks don't need it21:52
ali1234i give it about 2 years before that happens21:52
shaunothat's not too bad.  next LTS should take me up to 2017.  I may be done grumping by then21:52
Baikonuri'm pretty sure someone has made those edits to the wood article, at some point21:53
shaunoif not before, certainly after.  I'm sure you could match up the dates if you're bored :)21:53
exobuzzwaiting more than 3 hours for a package to build on launchpad. grumble.22:22
HazRPGHmm, is this a bug with Brasero... or a driver issue... but for some reason when I hit eject on my disc writer, it pops the disc out... but still spinning at full speed and slowly stops because its no longer connected to the thing that spins it22:55
HazRPGalso brasero keeps telling me that it doesn't know how to eject and I should do it manually22:56
HazRPGwon't let me burn the same disc multiple times for the same reason22:56
zleapMadLeomon, hi22:58
ubuntuuk-planet[Dave Morris] RMS Talk - http://davemorris.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/rms-talk/23:07
zleaphey check out these stats http://www.heavens-above.com/visitsbyos.aspx23:14
AlanBellquiz time! #ubuntu-trivia has a bunch of new science fiction questions to play23:16
andylockranready :)23:17
AlanBellsteady go23:17
zoeSeems the version of X-Chat I'm running auto-connects. Hmm...23:22
AlanBellyup, it does that23:22
AlanBellconnects to #ubuntu-gb, which redirects to here23:22
* hamitron prefers the sound of #ubuntu-gb23:23
hamitrontoo many u's in this23:23
AlanBellan interesting point, I suspect it was debated at tedious length some time ago23:23
zoeUbuntu-uk does sound a little off.23:23
hamitrona logo would look better for sure23:23
AlanBellGB is the geographical mainland23:24
hamitronIreland doesn't matter? ;)23:24
AlanBellvideo at the bottom of the page -> http://ubuntu-uk.org/where-are-we/23:24
directhexthe race is on!23:24
hamitronnobody in Ireland?23:25
directhexhttps://twitter.com/#!/directhex/statuses/45224774368100353 -> http://trac.yorba.org/ticket/331023:25
AlanBellhamitron: I think some NI people are kinda in the ubuntu-ie loco23:25
hamitronmy brain is struggling to think "ie"23:25
AlanBellmakes a bit more geographical sense23:26
AlanBelldirecthex: so are you filing that in all the image viewer trackers?23:28
hamitrondoesn't that map get my pin for launchpad? :/23:28
AlanBellhamitron: no, because that feature got kinda ripped out of launchpad23:28
AlanBellit does still have geo information in the API for some people but new people can't set their location in LP23:29
directhexAlanBell: i didn't file it anywhere! i tweeted, and shotwell upstream noticed23:29
AlanBellthereby proving that vala is the best language?23:30
zoe_Well, that's a new record for me. 10 minutes after installing Ubuntu I have managed to crash it.23:32
AlanBelloh dear, which version of Ubuntu?23:32
zoe_Normally it takes at least an hour of constant tinkering23:32
zoe_10.10 64bit23:32
=== zoe_ is now known as ZoeR
directhexAlanBell: thereby proving shotwell has the more active upstream23:35
HazRPGZoeR: how have you managed to crash it?23:39
ZoeRHazRPG: I'm not sure. I opened Chromium, OpenOffice and X-Chat, then right-clicked to start a new Chromium tab.23:40
ZoeRApparently my little old PC didn't like that23:40
* HazRPG just finished burning off 6 ubuntu CD's23:42
HazRPGhmm, why does the installer seem to pick up Windows 7 as being vista :S23:42
HazRPGhurray, my laptop seems to be happeir now :)23:44
HazRPGjust finished installing ubuntu onto it23:44
HazRPGseems I had the partitions set up ready for it, but just never got round to it23:44
HazRPGalthough, saying that my laptop hasn't been used since I got my PC upgraded23:45
andylockranAlanBell: that program looks awesome23:49
andylockranthough I'm awful23:49
AlanBellI didn't write it, but I did debug it23:50
AlanBellit has been broken for *ages*23:50
=== ZoeR is now known as ZoeRAFK

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