grantbowVallejo Hour is up!03:14
pleia2woo, have fun :)03:17
jamiedmattinglywoo hoo03:17
grantbowtalking about Oncelots03:18
pleia2my stuffed animal narwhal is in the mail, fortunately ocelots are easier to find03:19
jamiedmattinglyso what is an ocelot?03:20
jamiedmattinglydo you have a stuffed animal for every version pleia2?03:21
pleia2a spotted wild cat03:21
pleia2jamiedmattingly: no, I casually have a bunch of them (I really like stuffed animals), started making sure I had an animal for each release with karmic03:22
grantbowfor those following along http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/646 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocelot03:22
akkIs it really going to be an ocelot? What's the adjective?03:23
pleia2means "dreamy" :)03:23
akkOh, I saw that earlier and thought it was a joke.03:24
* grantbow will nlearn to spell them soon03:25
grantbowlol, learn03:25
pleia2grantbow: it's going to be another feisty!03:25
pleia2sooo many spelling it as fiesty03:26
akkonerous ocelot03:26
pleia2I had to look up how to pronounce oneiric03:26
akkemphasis on which syllable?03:27
pleia2first i03:27
akkwow, so it is like onerous03:27
jamiedmattinglyor ornery03:36
jamiedmattingly my mamaw used to call me that03:37
akkornery ocelot would be a great name03:37
jamiedmattinglycan we petition to change it :)03:38
grantbowlet me find the url to suggest names...03:38
grantbowJamie and I had fun. nobody else showed this time.  We'll see how it goes.04:20
akkTwo can be a good time.04:21
pleia2fun is the important part :) there was even one here in SF where only two of us showed up04:27
pleia2if I only I show up I still have wifi, so I can work on ubuntu-things, success!04:27
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MarkDudeSo that is a complete list of UH in Cali?16:43
* MarkDude is planning a Lindependence Hour- and wants to make sure it does not happen the same day as other events16:44
iheartubuntuHappy International Womens Day to all women :)16:58
MarkDudeHere is to people making the SAME amount of money- without regard to their plumbing16:59
MarkDudeI mean - new millennial age- earing power should be based on skill- not antiquated notions17:00
* iheartubuntu needs a bigger screen to see IRC, browser and gwibber all at once :)17:00
MarkDudeGwibber rocks !17:00
MarkDudeYou like it iheartubuntu ?17:00
iheartubuntuYah, Im on the Twitter bandwagon now. I just replied to you on it :)17:00
MarkDudeCool ;)17:01
MarkDudeGood point17:01
iheartubuntuha - twitter is fun17:01
iheartubuntuim having some DNS problems right now with my website (growing pains)17:02
* MarkDude used it a few times a week while repping for a company17:02
iheartubuntuIm switching from blogspot to my own servers17:02
* MarkDude uses it once a month for personal stuff17:02
MarkDudeGood deal-17:02
* MarkDude started some of the seeds already- have you started the Gooseberries?17:02
* MarkDude just got 1 that was larger than a marble- the largest so far17:03
iheartubuntuI put a couple in small seed starter containers17:03
iheartubuntuIm going to start them indoors first17:03
iheartubuntualthough weather is great here17:03
akkThe one you gave me is still doing well ... it has 3 berries on it now (plus one that fell off, and I should have planted it, but I couldn't resist, I ate it! :)17:06
iheartubuntuInternational Womens Day is huge in Russia and other parts of Europe. You'll see men running around all carrying HUGE bundles of flowers around the city to give to their loved ones17:07
* iheartubuntu wonders if anyone will notice if I swap my 8:5 monitor with a HD widescreen from another office here :)17:08
* iheartubuntu goes to check video connections now!17:09
iheartubuntudoes launchpad have a section showing updated software? updated PPAs? Im looking to find some source of updated ubuntu software17:10
jdeslipiheartubuntu: what about the update manager?17:17
iheartubuntuwhen programs get updated?17:17
iheartubuntuI would think there is some other source maybe on the web someplace17:18
MarkDudeThere is iheartubuntu17:18
MarkDudeIt can have some issues tho- Ubuntu is meant to be stable- using older versions helsp here17:19
akkThere are backports repositories you could monitor.17:19
akkBut that might not help if you're already running a cutting-edge ubuntu.17:20
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, what are you looking for?17:20
akkPlus a gazillion small repos for specific software, and I don't think there's anything that tries to list those comprehensively.17:20
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, this is maybe the best http://www.getdeb.net/welcome/17:22
MarkDudedepending on WHAT you want17:22
nhainesiheartubuntu: I think we should probably start with: "What are you trying to accomplish?"17:45
nhainesIt sounded like you just wanted a way to know when an Ubuntu release receives updates.  The maverick-updates mailing list is probably best for that.17:46
nhainesBut if you're looking for packaged software that's newer than what Ubuntu ships with, that's entirely different and we can help there too.  :)17:47
iheartubuntubrb unplugging older monitor for newer widescreen :) shhhhh!!!17:53
iheartubuntuWOW huge monitor! My eyes will relax now18:00
iheartubuntunow i have more screen space than i know what to do with18:06
iheartubuntubut i LIKE it!18:06
iheartubuntuDarkwingDuck can we run Kubuntu Apps in gnome?18:11
iheartubuntuso i have a friend doing bitcoin. nhaines i think you said youve heard of it18:11
iheartubuntuhe is using GPU to mine the coins18:12
iheartubuntu(wow my monitor is wider than my keyboard - weird!)18:12
iheartubuntuso he wants to hook up like 3 or 4 video cards to mine more coins18:13
iheartubuntusupposedly he will pull in serious coinage18:13
iheartubuntuapparently i am finding out, no monitor will ever be big enough :)18:16
nhainesiheartubuntu: yes, GNOME and KDE apps run great in the other desktop environment.18:17
nhainesiheartubuntu: and yes, I set everything to mine but I eventually determined it wasn't worth it and I should just beg for donations or sell things if I wanted bitcoins.  :)18:18
nhainesIt'd take a year for me to have a 80% chance of getting 50 bitcoins.18:18
nhainesAnd that's running 24/7.18:19
iheartubuntuthis friend of mine thinks he can pull in $50 a day with a good enough setup (multi-core with expensive video cards)18:19
iheartubuntuhe gets 50 coins in just a couple days18:19
nhainesIt's all a bit random.18:20
iheartubuntuso he found out that you need GPU not just CPU18:20
iheartubuntufor any of you technically endowed. which im not (technically endowed)18:20
iheartubuntuand then he joined some team of miners which helps also18:20
iheartubuntunot just one computer18:21
nhainesYes, when I use both I'm still only pulling 5800 kilohashes/s.18:21
iheartubuntuOMG he is doing like 100,000 kilohashes/s18:22
iheartubuntui was doing 2600 before i gave up18:23
iheartubuntuhe thinks he can quadruple that with better video cards and use more GPU power18:23
iheartubuntu50 bucks a day is almost $20k a year. not bad for doing nothing18:24
jdeslipI there actually a way to convert it into $?18:27
iheartubuntuthere are definitely things you can buy on the net with bitcoin18:27
iheartubuntuand people are converting them to paypal18:28
iheartubuntuso yes for sure18:28
iheartubuntuexchange bitcoins here http://mtgox.com/18:32
iheartubuntuits pricey. you might pay $2000 for a system that can mine like 5 bitcoins a day18:32
iheartubuntuso it would take a year to pay for itself18:33
nhainesExcept that the difficulty increases every 40 days.18:33
iheartubuntuohh it does?18:33
nhainesAnd so many people are mining that the difficulty has been increasing exponentially.18:33
iheartubuntuand i read someplace theres only so many bitcoins?18:34
nhainesYes, the system is designed to generate no more than x many bitcoins.18:34
* iheartubuntu back to my blog then :)18:34
nhainesiheartubuntu: you could accept donations in bitcoins.  :)18:36
* nhaines only has 0.05 BTC.18:36
iheartubuntuif there are only X bitcoins, wont the valuer of the bitcoin eventually rise?18:37
iheartubunturight now its 1 bt  = 1 USD18:37
* iheartubuntu has .02 btc (and they were given to me)18:39
iheartubuntuso what if you mine 50 bitcoins a day, or even a week and then one day a bitcoin will be worth $10 USD?18:42
nhainesWell, the bitcoins are only worth what people will pay for them.  So it's going to be more predicated on whether or not there are goods and services available for purchase with bitcoin.18:49
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, there are a few places that will take them- you can give them to Leo - if you like TWIT18:55
jamiedmattinglywhyat is bitcoin??19:25
iheartubuntuan electronic form of currency19:25
jamiedmattinglyhow is it 'earned' ?19:25
jamiedmattinglywhats it for?19:26
nhainesjamiedmattingly: it's earned by selling or providing a service in exchange for bitcoin.19:27
nhainesIt's for paying for things.19:27
MarkDudeit is an Anon way to do things also19:31
nhainesjamiedmattingly: the currency is based on encrypted data, and is still being generated.  At the moment, in exchange for contributing to generating bitcoins, if your computer completes a block first you are awarded coins.19:31
MarkDuderead: non-traceable19:31
nhainesBut unless you're mining, probably with a group of others (haven't done the math on that one), it's probably best to just start trading good and services.19:32
nhainesBut the exchange value of bitcoin has been skyrocketing, so it may be a good investment.  It's definitely an interesting experiment.19:32
iheartubuntuas markdude says... non traceable :)19:33
MarkDudenhaines, is correct - the adoption rate will take a bit19:33
iheartubuntuthe bitcoin client has a wallet, and you can easily send bitcoins as payment to someone for whatever you are trading for19:33
MarkDudeYep. Dont forget the good geek street cred19:34
MarkDudeBest reason, IMHO19:35
* iheartubuntu is trying empathy for chat today19:35
MarkDudeHappy with it?19:36
iheartubuntunot bad19:36
iheartubuntuits more integrated into the OS than pidgin is now19:36
MarkDudeSo unless I am mistaken http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california  <<< that is the canonical list of ALL the UH taking place in this state?19:37
MarkDudeCool- do you think non-geeks would be happy with it?19:37
MarkDudepidgin was tooo funky last time I tried to get someone using that19:38
nhainesMarkDude: no, only the ones managed by the LoCo.19:38
MarkDudeIs there another list?19:38
* MarkDude is planning an hour- and want to make sure it is a differing day19:38
nhainesI understand that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour is the canonical list.19:39
MarkDudeCool - ty nhaines19:40
jamiedmattinglyfirst monday of the month is vallejo's ubuntu hour19:42
jamiedmattinglylast night was first one19:43
iheartubuntuim having a problem with empathy in that  new IMs are not flashing at me. a pop up will appear in the indicator applet, but once its gone, i have no idea someone texted me (my IMS are set to open in same window, not separate)19:43
iheartubuntuwith pidgin it flashes at me and i know whats going on.19:44
iheartubuntui like the blurps around the text here in empathy though19:44
iheartubuntulooks cool19:44
nhainesiheartubuntu: the Messaging Menu should turn green, I think.19:44
iheartubuntui would think, but mine doesnt19:45
iheartubuntui had several messages from people i did not know about until i click the icon19:45
iheartubuntui wonder if its becuase i have gmail notifier running19:45
MarkDudeCool jamiedmattingly have you let any of the MLs know- I know a few people in your area have wanted events to go to19:46
* MarkDude is offering to mail them :)19:47
iheartubuntupossible bug if its not turning green19:47
jamiedmattinglyplease do so thanks MarkDude19:47
MarkDudeCool - where is the link?19:47
jamiedmattinglypleia2,  helped me post it on loco page but i haven't done uch else with it19:48
MarkDudeGive me a sec19:48
MarkDudeBut not on http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california19:49
MarkDudeSo 4 places UH are listed19:49
pleia2http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california only shows upcoming ones, you have to click on "past events" for old ones19:50
pleia2and it only lists 5 upcoming ones, you need to select "all events" for more19:51
MarkDudeAh- makes sense19:51
pleia2(there are only 5 at the moment)19:51
MarkDudejamiedmattingly, so we need a new one listed19:51
jamiedmattinglyok ill put next one up thanks MarkDude19:51
iheartubuntuwhat constitutes karma on launchpad? mine is dropping considerably :)20:12
jdeslipI think you get karma for submitting bugs etc...20:27
jdeslipI wouldn't worry about it, karma is worthless ;)20:28
MarkDudesays a dude that lives in Berkeley :)20:31
MarkDudeCareful Jack the Hippies might take offense20:32
* MarkDude is KIDDING here20:32
MarkDudeThat would be in the joking font- if there were one20:32
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, He is correct- there is not much usefulness to it20:33
MarkDudeYou get it for helping others20:33
jdeslipset xrange [7:9]20:45
jdeslipI wouldn't worry about it, karma is worthless ;)20:45
jdeslipoh dear... it is nothing bad irc day...20:45
jdeslipanother :(20:45
* jdeslip hangs head in shame20:45
iheartubuntumy hosting company uses ubuntu :)21:32
iheartubuntuohh wow, no more blogspot for me!21:33

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