MichelleQitnet7: checking to see if we were still on for weekend from next00:29
itnet7MichelleQ: pm?01:21
MichelleQsure thing01:21
ShawnRok, this is interesting, i put in a (working) SD card and it doesn't show up as a mounted device03:21
ShawnRbut i can't seem to mount it03:22
ShawnRk, nvm, got it to mount, but why wouldn't it automount anymore?03:23
reya276anyone here?05:03
reya276Morning Everyone13:43
tiemonsterwhat's up?13:44
reya276there is a process with ID 27479(GZip)  being ran by root that is killing my CPU13:44
reya276what the hell is it13:45
reya276it comes on then off then on again and just loops like that13:45
reya276how can you tell what app is running that13:45
reya276I checked my log and I did not see any signs of intrusion except for the usual attempts13:46
reya276then when I try to look for this ID 27479 within the logs I don't see it13:47
reya276this thing is at 92% CPU and is just running13:48
reya276and it has no waiting channel13:48
reya276bash: kill: (27479) - Operation not permitted13:50
jck77it wont let you kill it as root?13:54
reya276yes I was able to14:01
reya276now I'm running ClamAV, then I will run chrootkit14:02
reya276it could have been an automatic backup job that is set to run at 4am but it should have ran then not this morning14:02
reya276has anyone tried to put Honeycomb on their Nookcolor using Ubuntu, I tried last night but totally failed although I followed the instructions from XDA Devs to the letter. No DICE14:28
reya276the best part about this particular Honeycomb install is that is suppose to be dual boot, meaning that you don't have to root your noook to do it14:30
reya276and it runs great on it14:30
reya276I need to get an app that can put an .IMG file on to a 16GB MicroSD card14:30
reya276imageWritter does not appears to work14:30
reya276and they provided some command line stuff but it looks like is for the MAC and not Linux14:31
reya276full instructions here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=94769814:36
reya276everyone is like it works great yet I can't get it to work WTF14:39
tiemonstershould have bought an iPad14:39
* tiemonster runs away14:39
maxolasersquaditnet7: ping14:42
reya276what do they mean by this " If you do not plan to use a bootable sd card, replace the u-boot.bin on 1st partition of the eMMC. Again remember to make a backup."14:47
tiemonsterSecure Disc != Multimedia Disc14:47
reya276there is no way to get to the Main Nook partition so I'm guessing they mean the additional SD card14:47
tiemonstereven though they are the same form factor14:48
jck77damn my boss needs to travel overseas!!! he's getting anoying asking what are you working on!!! 15:00
reya276LOL, I get that all the time15:30
jck77the funny thing is when you answer15:39
jck77they don't know nothing about it15:39
reya276so true15:49
mhall119itnet7: are you going to be around for a team meeting tonight?20:42
* ayan waves.21:00
mhall119hi ayan 21:02
* dantalizing particles21:02
ayanmhall119: i'm looking forward to the meeting tonight!21:03
mhall119dantalizing: particles?21:04
mhall119oh, waves21:04
mhall119I get it21:04
dantalizingyeah it was a reach21:05
mhall119QM duality jokes, FTW!21:05
Chloricafternoon gius21:07
Chloricanyone buy OilRush... you know, supporting linux development? ;)21:08
ayani haven't.  should i?21:09
ayanwow.  the graphics look outstanding.21:09
mhall119looks interesting21:12
ChloricI bought on pre-order21:13
Chloricits pretty cool21:13
Chloriceven the alpha development copy runs great and looks awesome21:13
dantalizingooo dolphins21:14
Chloriclol i only beat the tutorial, i still havent gotten around to playing campaign21:15
maxolasersquadI guess it was only a matter of time before a game like this was developed.21:16
ayanwhere can i get the alpha version?21:16
maxolasersquadChloric: Is the apha publicly available?21:16
maxolasersquadAh, is it only available to those who preorder?21:17
ChloricNah, it isnt =/ They said they might be releasing a demo21:21
ChloricI could send you my developers copy if you're so inclined to find out21:22
Chloricbut if you like it, buy it! =D21:22
maxolasersquadI just did the preorder.21:22
maxolasersquadChloric: That would be cool.  My e-mail is my nick @gmail.com21:22
Chloricits a 300MB file, i'll put it in my dropbox public folder and send it your way21:24
maxolasersquadSounds good.21:27
ChloricGive me a bit for the file to upload21:28
maxolasersquadChloric: I just got the download link after buying it.21:29
Chloricoh ok nvm21:29
Chloricyou dont need it :p21:29
Chlorictheir servers will be faster anyways!21:29
dantalizingnice ... a jcastro sighting!22:01
dantalizingjust noticed22:01
mhall119he's in florida already?23:22

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