wolfgerHow the &@$% do you report a bug on Launchpad? I swear, it's like they don't want new bug reports.12:14
wolfgerthen my apport bug gets marked a dupe of a non-public bug, so I can't even subscribe to that bug to track progress or offer input.12:18
wolfgerThis is possibly the most assinine system ever.12:18
wolfgerPS: Natty sucks and I can't believe we're going to launch this steaming turd in 50 days.12:19
* wolfger grumbles some more12:19
wolfgerand I had two apport-able bugs this morning, but it seems that Apport got confused and submitted the same bug twice (both bugs happened at once).12:22
rick_h_wolfger: is off to a great start today12:23
wolfgerOK, finally found the report-a-bug link, buried at the end of a lengthy document about how to use Apport to report a bug (which is worthless to even have, since Apport is pretty much an automated process)12:24
wolfgerafter all that, the bug I'm trying to report is a dupe (despite it not showing up when I did a search)12:27
* wolfger fumes12:27
wolfgerOK, I know Natty is Alpha... I know I should expect problems... But this is ridiculous. Worst alpha ever.12:28
wolfger...and Launchpad has no such "alpha" excuse for sucking.12:28
wolfger<end of rant>12:28
wolfgerat least I managed to do something semi-useful. Confirmed the bug and changed it to the appropriate package.12:31
tjagodaI never know what package to put my bugs on12:31
tjagodaso I never file new ones =(12:31
wolfgerThat's a lame reason to not file bugs.12:33
wolfgerNot that there aren't some good reasons.... that just isn't one of them.12:33
* wolfger raps tjagoda's knuckles with a ruler12:34
tjagodaI do not know how to best determine what the source problem package is12:42
tjagodaFigured not filling is better than wasting somebody's time in the totally wrong package12:42
wolfgerThat's what the job of triaging exists for.12:43
wolfgerLet people who know and care more decide where to stick it.12:43
wolfgerwait, that sounded wrong...12:43
tjagodaWolfger's always telling me where to stick it. =P12:47
brouschug, touched vista running on an acer craptop this morning13:05
brouschi feel dirty and cheap13:05
jrwrengood morning :)13:06
wolfgerbrousch: you are dirty and cheap13:06
jrwrengreg-g: I'll ask about Apr2nd SRT UGBJ today.13:06
greg-gjrwren: awesome, but it's April3rd ;)13:07
greg-gjrwren: thanks man13:07
jrwrenoh, ok, saturday?13:07
greg-gjrwren: Sunday13:07
wolfgersomebody needs coffee13:09
wolfgerand/or a calendar :-)13:09
greg-goooo, we're now logged, btw13:10
jrwreni could scrollback and point out where greg-g said apr 2nd :p13:10
jrwrenbut that was days ago :p13:10
jrwrenbut yes, no coffee yet.13:10
=== greg-g changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-mi to: Michigan LoCo | Wiki: http://ur1.ca/33fhq | LP: http://ur1.ca/33fhw | MailingList: http://ur1.ca/33fhy | Check out MUG: http://www.mug.org and CHC: http://ur1.ca/33fin | Michigan Repository Mirror at OU: http://ubuntu.secs.oakland.edu/ | This channel is now logged at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/
wolfgerjrwren: Even if he said the 2nd (and I'm not doubting you) that doesn't excuse you from thinking the 3rd was a Saturday. :-)13:11
greg-gjust so everyone knows:13:12
jrwrenof course it does.13:12
tjagodaI feel intimidated by the size of our channel /topic13:12
wolfgergreg-g: Logged? Oh noes! We're going to lose all our tinfoil hat participants.13:12
jrwrenlogged like my turds into the toilet?13:12
tjagodaWhose going to start flooding "porn porn porn" now that we're logged?13:12
greg-gwolfger: that was the plan13:12
greg-gjrwren: yes13:12
greg-gactually, I got around to doing it because of the built in IRC meeting log feature in the LoCo Directroy13:13
wolfgerSo all my ranting about Natty being crap and Launchpad being more crap is now preserved and searchable? Excellent!13:13
greg-ghttp://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/39/detail/ see the meeting logs link (that one doesn't work, since we weren't logged yet, it is just auto generated)13:13
tjagodajust what I needed13:13
tjagodaMore Ubuntu-related google noise when I search my name13:14
greg-gwolfger: yep, in fact that was the first real content it logged :)13:14
wolfgerKickin' it off right.13:15
tjagodaPidgin sucks so much sometimes13:17
tjagodaIt is occasionally very hard to me an open source enthusiast. =P13:17
wolfgerrick_h_: Watched your rant last night.... Why video? I mean, if all we're going to see is you talking into a mic, that seems rather lame. Now if you use the whiteboard, or demonstrate something, that'd be sweet.13:18
tjagodaSent an offline message which it converted into a buddy pounce and then proceeded to send the pounce IM /every time/ the buddy logged on for about 7 days13:18
rick_h_wolfger: because I can do it live13:18
rick_h_and take questions/comments13:18
wolfgertjagoda: Pidgin sucks less than Empathy, or whatever the default is on Natty13:18
rick_h_and because I think I'm the hotness you all want to see13:19
ColonelPanic001wolfger: shush, I like to stare at rick_h_13:19
rick_h_wolfger: the idea is to test the waters with lococast stuff getting more interactive13:19
wolfgerSorry, ColonelPanic001, I did not mean to deprive you of your... "material"13:19
ColonelPanic001apology accepted.13:19
wolfgerrick_h_: can't be interactive with just audio?13:20
rick_h_wolfger: meh, I think video is more interactive13:20
rick_h_besides, the audio is still there, put out in podcast form13:20
rick_h_you don't have to watch it13:20
rick_h_you even get the cool intro music if you listen to the podcast form13:21
ColonelPanic001having both is good - I can listen to a podcast at work, not so much a video13:21
ColonelPanic001need to catch up on lococast.13:21
rick_h_it's experimental stuff13:21
rick_h_ColonelPanic001: definitely, our last couple of months have been our best stuff13:21
ColonelPanic001this lady in the cube across from me never shuts up on the damn phone, so I've got plenty of time.13:21
wolfgerUgh. Doesn't linux-mag.com have editors? I hate seeing poor spelling/grammar get published.13:21
ColonelPanic001tried that, said something about assault.13:22
jrwrenthe sad part about pidgin sucking is that it is still better than everything else out there.13:22
jrwrenI think it was linux-mag that asked me for an article and then did nothing with it.13:23
jrwrenand they are light on editors.13:23
jrwrenthey let the author keep copyright, which is rare for magazines.13:23
wolfgerjrwren: Tried Kopete?13:23
brouschpidgin is awesome13:23
wolfgerit's about on par with Pidgin... does some things better, some things worse13:23
ColonelPanic001I use Kopete at home13:24
ColonelPanic001Pidgin at work, centerim at work13:24
jrwrenlol @ kopete.  not in 8 or so years.13:24
jrwrenkopete win32?13:24
ColonelPanic001no, it's for decent OSs.13:25
wolfgerjrwren: Letting the author keep copyright is rare? Since when?13:25
ColonelPanic001actually might. No idea how easily though13:25
wolfgerIt wasn't rare way back when I thought I was a writer.13:25
jrwrenwolfger: forever in publishing.13:25
ColonelPanic001IIRC, KDE 4 stuff is all windows compatible, has a windows version, etc13:25
jrwrenwolfger: for magazines and books typically even if you retain (C) you ahve given up a lot of rights that go with it.13:25
jrwrene.g. can't go print the book yourself and sell it.13:26
tjagodalinux-mag < linux journal13:26
jrwrene.g. can't publish the magazine article on a blog.13:26
jrwrenat least not without permission of the publisher13:26
tjagodaHappy American Tuesday13:26
tjagodaI mean13:27
tjagodaFat Tuesday13:27
ColonelPanic001jrwren: http://www.simplehelp.net/2008/06/30/how-to-install-and-run-kde-programs-in-windows/13:27
ColonelPanic001with the disclaimer that I think I tried it once, half-assed, years ago, and don't even remember if it worked. So, I really have no idea.13:27
wolfgerjrwren: used to be just First North American rights, and you retained the right to republish.13:27
wolfgernot that anybody was typically buying anything *but* first rights, so second rights were kinda worthless13:27
wolfgerunless you republish yourself13:27
jrwrenoh yeah, fat tuesday... damn, I wish I lived in Detroit instead of AA13:29
jrwrenthe hamtramick influence was so much more in the tricounty detroit area13:29
ColonelPanic001you can have mine13:30
tjagodaColonelPanic wants to /live/13:30
ColonelPanic001lately I've been having to screw around with the iphone simulator on a mac, so not always13:31
tjagodaOpen Source ColonelPanic sells his soul to Apple to pay the rent13:38
ColonelPanic001that's my news headline :\13:38
jrwrengreg-g: i was chatting with you before actually seeing your email.  now I see your email !13:40
ColonelPanic001everyone see this yet?: http://weatherspark.com/#app;a=USA/MI/Detroit13:46
rick_h_heh, fancy13:47
snap-lbrousch: Nice.14:09
snap-lAnd ithas radar as well. Wonder if it updates automagically.14:10
tjagodasnap-l has an inner meteorologist.14:13
snap-lI have the Baker weather service in the house14:13
wolfgerWoot. The bug my bug got marked as a dupe of just went public, and I was auto-notified of that fact. A point of redemption for Launchpad.14:41
snap-lDon't worry, it'll expire in due time. ;)14:41
wolfgerIt's been marked as critical, so I think this one might actually get fixed.14:43
tjagodaI have never been involved in a bug which was actually fixed =(14:44
wolfgerjust got a a message over Office Communicator, "r u at yur desk"... then he corrected "your".14:45
wolfgertjagoda: might help if you actually filed bugs :-p14:45
snap-lwolfger: u r 2 cool 4 wrds14:46
tjagodaWhy is it so damn difficult to get curling coverage on broadcast TV in this country?!14:57
snap-ltjagoda: Which country?14:57
snap-lThe one that considers it a sport, or the one that thinks it's ice shuffleboard14:58
greg-gjrwren: :)14:59
snap-ltjagoda: I think you have your answer.14:59
tjagodaCurse this country, and it's poor taste in sports. =P15:04
wolfgertjagoda: It's not hard at all. Just turn to CBC.15:05
snap-lConsidering most of the country shits their collective pants when they see snow, I think a sport that is played on ice might have them go into shock.15:05
wolfgerWe get that channel here.15:06
greg-gColonelPanic001: that is pretty awesome, just what I need, more geekiness just to check if it is raining outside or not :)15:06
greg-gI love it15:06
greg-gColonelPanic001: dangit, aside from the flash, that is ;)15:07
snap-lI still lik wunderground. ;)15:10
brouschi still like the window15:11
brouschactually i use weatherbug on android more than anything else15:13
tjagodawolfger: CBC is not providing coverage this year15:22
tjagodaCTV holds an exlcusive broadcast license, so its on TSN Canada15:22
tjagodaComcast does not sell TSN Canada, only the useless TSN America =(15:23
tjagodaI need to form a Canadian holding corporation so I have have a rogers subscription and then stream the channels back into the states.15:23
wolfgertjagoda..... so what you are telling me is that you are blaming the United States for CBC's failure to cover curling?15:24
tjagodaI'm blaming the united states for my inability to purchase Canadian broadcast channels?15:24
brouschcan't you watch it over the tubes?15:25
wolfgerJust go to your local torrent site and download the matches. I'm sure they'll have hundreds of seeders....15:25
tjagodaNein, no over the tubes15:27
tjagodaonly CBC over air15:27
tjagodaCBC does not hold the exclusive broadcast license15:27
tjagodaCTV does15:27
* wolfger senses an impending terrorist attack on CTV headquarters15:28
tjagodaPlease disregard that FBI googlebot whom is now searching our IRC logs15:28
wolfgercrap... we're logging now. I should probably stop using words such as "terrorist attack"15:28
tjagodagreg-g, WHY ARE WE LOGGED15:28
wolfgerah, well, it's tjagoda that will get investigated for it, not me. :-)15:29
tjagodaI'll just have to make #ubuntu-us-mi-terrorist15:29
tjagodaThat won't be logged or arouse suspicion15:29
wolfger./join #ubuntu-us-mi-not-a-terrorist15:30
* tjagoda does15:30
brouschdeport him15:30
Blazeixwe need a bot with emacs spook functionality. To overwhelm the FBI trackers with noise.15:31
tjagodabrousch: To canada, plz15:31
* wolfger wonders why tjagoda is in a Michigan channel, pretending to be Canadian, when he's using a California server...15:32
tjagodaI feel as if I have been victimized by a subtle greg-g plot to censor the inappropriate comments from our channel15:32
wolfgersuspicious terrorist activity if you ask me15:32
tjagodaFreenode round-robins me, I swear =(15:32
wolfgerHa! I foil that greg-g plot by not caring about my inappropriate comments being logged!15:32
greg-gI can never win16:05
wolfgerwhy do you even try?16:06
ColonelPanic001weatherunderground is neat because I happen to know the guy with the closest weather station16:09
rick_h_son of a *#@$*$#@16:40
brouschfacebook _is_ the web16:41
rick_h_shoot me now16:43
wolfgerI take it rick_h_ was in denial about FB?16:45
snap-lI hope they get all the success they deserve with this move.16:46
rick_h_I can see it now16:47
rick_h_"30 day rental window only for FB users16:47
wolfgerI'm sure it will be worth every penny it costs them and more16:47
rick_h_ipad specific content, social network specific content, ugh16:48
wolfgerI've already been watching streaming content on FB. The UFC has begun streaming free preliminary fights on FB, prior to the (later) preliminary fights on broadcast TV, prior to the pay-per-view16:48
wolfgerSuper sucky thing about that is, it's in Silverlight :-p16:48
wolfgerso i can only watch on the Win7 box16:48
wolfgerMoonlight won't play it16:49
rick_h_man, it just gets better16:49
wolfgerBut that's a UFC thing, not necessarily a FB thing. They love Silverlight for some reason.16:50
wolfgerIt's all over their home page16:50
Blazeixhas anyone tried playon.tv? I've been looking at buying that for a solution to netflix silverlight stuff.16:50
Blazeixit requires a windows pc, but that pc can be stashed in a corner, and stream to a linux box.16:50
snap-lFrankly, the amount of trouble that these folks are making for Linux users ensures I'll be buying DVDs for a long while.16:52
snap-lor streaming on non-linux devices (ie: Netflix w/ Wii)16:53
jrwreneven though moonlight does a great job of compat, there is NO DRM!!!17:02
jrwrenso if the silverlight video stream is DRM it will never play in moonlight ;(17:02
snap-lan we put the designers to better use than trying to fuck everything in the earhole because it's convenient?17:03
rick_h_come on, it's well thuoght out17:04
rick_h_"no one needs this any more since I don't use it"17:04
snap-lIt is, but I'm getting a little tired of folks decontenting things that I use and understand17:04
jrwrenLOVE it... "we're quitting"17:05
jrwrenfirst OSX, now ubuntu.17:05
jrwreni imagine win8 will follow17:05
jrwreni've wanted this style of desktop apps since 1998 or 99 or whnever I had my handspring visor (palm)17:05
snap-ljrwren: The way we're going, you're about to get the Palm OS on your desktop.17:07
rick_h_"multi-task? That's so 2000's"17:09
rick_h_no one needs more than a browser open anyway :P17:09
Blazeixto be fair, I can't remember the last time I chose 'quit' from a menu.17:10
snap-lBlazeix: CTRL-Q counts17:10
Blazeixas long as it goes away gracefully when my window manager tells it to, I don't really care.17:10
rick_h_well, ctrl-q17:11
rick_h_that's just activating the quit17:11
BlazeixI don't think I even new that was a valid key combo17:11
rick_h_so if they remove the option the keyboard shortcut doesn't mean much17:11
brouschi actually use quit in X11 programs in osx because they don't play well17:11
snap-lI wouldn't be nearly as upset with this if it wasn't presented so smugly17:11
rick_h_oh man, I use that 100s of times a day17:11
rick_h_it's how I close things, ctrl-d for termanals and ctrl-q for everything else17:11
snap-lie: This is what we think is best for you, after careful consideration.17:12
brouschif you want to beat Apple you must become Apple17:12
Blazeixhm, I think awesome uses super+shift+c to kill programs17:12
BlazeixI don't think that maps to "quit"17:12
Blazeixthat's what I use daily17:12
snap-lhttp://design.canonical.com/2011/03/quit/#comment-14180 <- I am going to blow a fucking gasket17:13
rick_h_Blazeix: yea, I use that for apps that don't have a quit menu item17:13
rick_h_it's more of a "kill"17:13
snap-lNERD RAGE!!!!17:16
rick_h_ruh roh17:16
rick_h_at least it's not me this time lol17:16
Blazeixthis is coming with unity, right? I imagine the people that this really bugs won't be using unity.17:18
snap-lBlazeix: I'll give Unity a fair shake17:18
Blazeixsure, though unless I see drastic improvements in unity I suspect you'll end up on stock gnome or something.17:18
snap-lbut I'm wondering if it's time to distro-hop17:18
snap-lI mean away from GNOME as well17:19
Blazeix*cough* tiling wm *cough*17:19
snap-lUse something that is Ubuntu-based that isn't GNOME-based17:19
snap-land God forbid isn't some space-cadet window manager17:19
BlazeixI used to run xubuntu back in the day, that was pretty nice.17:20
Blazeixthey had xfce configured in a very gnome-like way.17:20
brouschi like it17:20
rick_h_the thing is that this quit business is something that apps will ahve to adopt right?17:20
rick_h_I mean, the idea is to remove it from the file menu, that's per app on that not just a WM change17:21
Blazeixwell, if they use the dbus-based global menu they might be able to filter it out.17:21
rick_h_snap-l: come to the dark side17:21
rick_h_it's not as "space cadet" as you think :)17:21
rick_h_and you can use a mouse to do things17:22
rick_h_hmmm, well maybe not resize. I only know how to do that by the keyboard17:22
Blazeixyou could try out bluetile. That's gnomey.17:22
snap-lFuck, someone watched a damn Lisa video and now we're getting a fucking Lisa for Christmas.17:24
jrwrenrick_h_: +1 ctrl-w and ctrl-q 100s of times a day17:24
snap-lNot that I wouldn't mind it, but c'mon.17:24
jrwrensnap-l: because mpt and Chauncellor just don't get it?17:25
snap-lrick_h_: ^^17:26
jrwrenit would be interesting if the launcher were also the app monitor17:26
snap-lI think this guy was the Chancellor in Space 199917:26
snap-ljrwren: It would be great if all of these programs worked consistently together17:27
jrwrenso unity spawns a process and monitors the child PID for responsiveness and automatically respawns if it if stops responding.17:27
jrwrenyes, that would be great.17:27
jrwrenubuntu! lets work together!17:27
snap-lWe're still trying like hell to get where we were back in 198517:27
jrwreneverything old is new again.17:27
snap-lbut we're not going to get there by removing shit17:27
jrwrenremoving quit?17:28
jrwreni'm all for removing quit.17:28
jrwrenmake ubuntu work like my iphone.17:28
snap-ljrwren: Remind e to give you a wedgie thenext time I see you.17:28
jrwrenyou'd have to catch me first :p17:28
snap-lI'll make arrangements17:29
jrwrenoh, like my iphone but with real multtasking :)17:29
snap-lNext they'll say "Y'know, The Apple Lisa didn't have a browser, so we don't need one either"17:30
snap-lor "We don't need to let you close browser tabs"17:30
jrwrenyou are such a nay-sayer.17:31
jrwreni'm sure they will have an option to turn quit back on.17:31
jrwrenif they don't, that would be dumb.17:31
snap-ljrwren: I'm tired of people doing shit because they think it's neccesary17:31
snap-ljrwren: Gee, now would it? :)17:31
jrwrenbut if it were just a system default to make the computer work as a tool rather than me work for the computer... I think its great.17:31
snap-lwhen in reality it's not necessary17:31
jrwrenwhat you mean people doing shut cuz they think its necessary?17:32
snap-lI'm seeing a lot of that with GNOME Shell / Unity17:32
tjagodasnap-l is in grumpy anti-change mode17:32
snap-lI'm seeing a lot of wheel reinvention17:32
jrwrenits optimization.17:32
snap-lOnly we'll use hexagons, because they'll stay put when the wheel stops17:32
jrwrenand its optimization that you don't need.17:33
jrwrenbut I love it.17:33
tjagodaWheel 2.0, now made out of more modern polymer compounds17:33
snap-lWho needs a smooth ride? That's so 20th century.17:33
tjagodaAll I've got to say17:34
tjagodais that I never saw a quit button on the USS Enterprise17:34
tjagodaso clearly this is the right direction.17:34
jrwrenI never saw any real world productivity out of the USS Enterprise computer though :(17:35
tjagodaStar Trek Generations17:35
tjagodaEpic Astrometrics lab manipulation17:35
tjagodaArgument: Invalid17:35
snap-lY'know, I'll bet the computer on the USS Enterprise didn't use Firefox either17:37
snap-lor Eclipse17:37
tjagodaIt certainly didn't use Pidgin17:38
tjagodacrappy crappy Pidgin17:38
ColonelPanic001They ran KDE.17:39
tjagoda /slap17:49
wolfgergreg-g is burning up the mailing list server this week.18:10
rick_h_woot! we might be an active loco yet!18:11
rick_h_just in time to mutiny by the sounds of things lol18:11
wolfgerJust like the good old days18:11
wolfgermutiny? Arrr! Who be talkin' o' mutiny?18:12
brouschdo we have a drupal-based CMS now?18:15
brouschi thought rick_h_ was putting that together18:16
greg-gwait, mutiny? what'd I do?!18:16
brouschspying on our activities via logging18:17
wolfgerapparently rick_h_ is unhappy with the way you run things, greg-g18:17
brouschSTRING 'IM UP18:17
rick_h_ no, higher up than greg-g18:17
rick_h_man, you guys are awful18:17
greg-goh, yeah, Ubuntu mutiny :)18:17
wolfger./join #linuxmintdebianedition-us-mi18:20
greg-gyou missed when we had #debian-us-mi18:20
wolfger./join #gentoo-us-mi18:21
wolfgerHmm. This doesn't sound right....18:22
wolfgerAs a temporary workaround, you can "apt-get remove gir1.2-unity-3.0" which will stop the crashing.18:22
wolfgerWhat is gir1.2-unity that it's included by default, yet can be removed?18:23
wolfger...and removing it makes things better?18:23
tjagodaYou'll log in to notice unity shell no longer exists18:24
jrwrentjagoda: notice how I said "real world productivity"18:38
jrwreni chose my words carefully :)18:38
jrwrenstartrek used kde with lcars theme18:39
tjagodaStar Wars used KDE18:40
tjagodaStar Trek used Gnome =(18:40
wolfgerI imagine that's rick_h_'s dream-setup18:41
wolfgertriple-head tiling18:41
Blazeixthe mouse doesn't have one of those navigation ball things18:42
tjagodacrazy ass keyboard showing his commitment to anti-mouse usage18:42
Blazeixhm, I like the laptops hiding behind the monitors18:42
tjagodadid not event notice18:43
rick_h_that is pretty18:43
rick_h_though the displays are a bit small18:43
rick_h_I'm a 22" man18:43
rick_h_and they need mouting arms18:43
rick_h_but <3 that tiling18:43
tjagodaTripple 22?18:43
tjagodaYou'd have to turn your head too much18:44
rick_h_yea, why I just have dual 22"18:44
rick_h_but what I do is run one center18:44
rick_h_and the other to the side18:44
rick_h_but that's only for things like irc/communication stuff18:44
rick_h_maybe a reloading build server window18:44
rick_h_you mainly work on the front/center one18:44
tjagodaUnless you want to play flight sim in immersion mode18:44
tjagodayou should not have n > 2 22"18:44
rick_h_with tiling WM you can flip/swap windows so fast you don't need them side v side all the time18:44
tjagodaSame thing I do with my dual 22's18:45
tjagodathe second monitor often gets neglected for anything other than slacking off18:45
rick_h_heh, I'm missing mine horribly right now18:46
rick_h_so definitely not my issue there18:46
rick_h_especially when you get them on arms and can set them up right18:46
tjagodaAnybody want to buy a 22" samsung LCD?18:51
tjagodaI want to change monitor sizes.18:51
snap-ltjagoda: I'll give you $1,000,000 in internet money for it18:51
thurstonwth is internet money?18:52
tjagodaIt's still a fairly new monitor you bastards18:52
tjagodaI also have a 2232BW Plus18:52
wolfgerIs it possible to change stdout to a program (i.e. auto-pipe all cli output to "more")?18:53
snap-ltjagoda: I'll insult you with my offer, so I'll hold it to myself.18:53
tjagodaIt is so hard to find reasonable people these days =P18:53
wolfgertjagoda: I'm just going to make a VGA-to-RGB cable and use my TV as a monitor :-p18:54
greg-ginternet money? like bitcoin?18:54
snap-lInternet Money is currently worth about $.000,000,000,000,000,000,001, so get out there and make some Internet cash!18:54
brouschsnap-l: i assume you'll be screencasting your live performance tonight18:56
wolfgerlive performance?18:58
snap-lbrousch: Nope. Live performance18:59
snap-lif the audience decides to record, I won't stop them18:59
snap-lbrousch: There's still time to head on out. ;)19:01
brouschnot even recordmydesktop?19:01
snap-lHeck, it's only a three hour drive from West MI19:01
snap-lBecause I suck, and am a bastard.19:01
brouschi am putting an interweb hex on your presentation. you are doomed.19:01
snap-lbrousch: I'm using Linux audio. I'm already getting into sacrificing chickens19:02
snap-lYou don't scare me19:02
brouschi made a voodoo doll of your hard disk and am stepping on it repeatedly19:02
gamerchick02sacrificing chickens? i didn't know i had to do that to use linux...19:03
gamerchick02might put some people off at an Ubuntu Hour.19:03
brouschgamerchick02: just if you want to record audio19:03
gamerchick02oh. ok. :)19:03
gamerchick02note to self: don't mention recording audio at Ubuntu Hour.19:03
snap-lbrousch: http://ubuntuone.com/p/gkK/19:09
snap-lWorst part of that image is trying to match the damn font. ;)19:10
gamerchick02that's great lulz19:10
gamerchick02thank you. :)19:10
jrwrenis there a FF plugin that lets me just start typing HTML and it renders it?19:12
jrwrenI want to skip the "create a blank file and open it " steps19:12
Blazeixyou can do that with firebug19:12
rick_h_yea, load up new tab and hit firebug19:13
Blazeixyeah, you can put the html tab in text mode19:13
jrwrenOH! edit button right there.19:13
Blazeixyeah, you don't get nice autoindenting or anything, but it's good for banging out some quick html19:14
jrwrenis there a way to ask firebug/firefox to rerun JS from beginning without a page reload?19:22
tjagodaNot that I know of in firefox19:22
tjagodadon't know about bug19:23
rick_h_jrwren: not yet, it's a dev feature in the next release I think19:24
Blazeixhm, you might be able to find the entry point and call it in the console19:24
Blazeixthough I imagine that will mess the page up if the js has side effects.19:25
Blazeixrick_h_: cool. so do they revert all dom changes the js makes?19:25
rick_h_Blazeix: not sure, let me see if I can find the link. Just saw something on it the other day19:27
rick_h_snap-l: http://twitter.com/#!/segphault/status/45212170329407488 the end is near20:01
gamerchick02what? that's a load a bullshit. i'm sure he's not following the right people.20:09
gamerchick02by my (limited) observation, i get more engagement with status.net than i ever do with twitter.20:10
snap-lI think it's because of the dogpile that floss celebrities get over there.20:16
snap-lsegphault: RT @directhex: @segphault identi.ca is like Twitter, but it's exclusively used for people to             congratulate each other for using identi.ca |03:09 PM Mar 08, 201120:16
snap-lI just wait patiently for Twitter to do something stupid and watch as people scramble20:17
snap-lThat and if you follow bkuhn, fontana, or fabsh, it's like a fucking echo chamber20:18
gamerchick02i just responded to that too.20:21
gamerchick02well, i follow fabsh, but i don't always believe everything he sasy20:21
gamerchick02says, even20:21
BlazeixI prefer to read that as "he sassy"20:22
* brousch kisses snap-l on the head. omc #9, tehomoth. fuckyeah20:25
gamerchick02snap-l, i agree that it can be an echo chamber. and sometimes i don't think "other" opinions are welcome20:26
gamerchick02i see a lot of ubuntu hate from fabsh. i actually blocked markshuttlecock because i was sick of the "satire" coming from his maw, i mean keyboard.20:26
snap-lbrousch: You like? :)20:35
snap-lgreg-g: Sheesh, that opencore thread is out of control. :)20:39
snap-lhttp://identi.ca/conversation/65683872#notice-66472621 <- Speaking of the demons.20:40
gamerchick02but if he's rage-quitted identi.ca, he won't see those replies.20:42
gamerchick02hence why i sent the note to him on twitter. ;)20:42
snap-lMe too20:42
snap-lI have my speakers ready to go tonight, so I'm listening to my Squeezebox on my desk20:44
rick_h_go snap-l20:45
snap-lOf course that makes me wonder what lies in store for gwibber20:46
rick_h_meh, as long as the api sticks around20:46
snap-lalthough not sure if Ryan is still working on that as much20:46
rick_h_it's used for more than twitter/identica20:46
gamerchick02i surely hope he doesn't kill status.net support for it. if he does, i'll rage-quit gwibber and use their (admittedly shit) program you can get off the sn website.20:47
gamerchick02i don't think he is as much, it's kind of off his hands so to speak20:48
gamerchick02https://twitter.com/#!/householdhacker and why the everloving hell do people use fucking animated avatars on twitter? makes my eyes hurt and makes gwibber go NUTS. *RAGE*20:48
snap-lThat one is especially annoying20:49
snap-lBut hey, if it supports it... ;)20:49
snap-lMaybe we can turn Twitter into Livejournal after all20:49
gamerchick02for sure. it just sits and blinks in my gwibber window, and is one of the fastest ways to give me a headache.20:49
rick_h_sweet, cards are in just in time20:51
snap-lAnd considering Ms. Data Portability Stormy isn't using identi.ca for her flight, that's pretty damning.20:51
snap-lrick_h_: cards?20:51
gamerchick02twitter is actually useful. i've had some interesting conversations about movies and such. people on status.net don't seem to be into that sort of stuff.20:51
rick_h_the business cards I wanted for pycon20:52
rick_h_with contact info, lococast logo20:52
rick_h_just got the phone call they're in20:52
snap-lgamerchick02: There's a few that are pretty interested in metal, but for the most part a bunch of them are more interested in being up their own ass.20:52
snap-lAnd fucking soccer.20:52
gamerchick02well, i like soccer.20:52
snap-lI like soccer too. I think it gives the 10yo's out there something to do20:53
gamerchick02get 'em into a better sport: hockey. you're in Michigan, afterall... they can play hockey from October to June.20:53
snap-lHell, they can play it year round, practically20:54
gamerchick02on outside ice from November to March too.20:54
gamerchick02i mean, you could here, anyway. though it's gotten up to 37F today, but the temp is due to fall quickly tonight. it'll be frigid by the time i get out of Nile.20:54
gamerchick02gonna be a late-ass night. blargh20:55
snap-lOK, this is pathetic20:56
snap-l22 posts from identi.ca20:56
snap-l11 people20:56
snap-land one of them is the eff20:56
snap-lThat spans 30 minutes20:56
snap-lAnd one of them is our own greg-g, correcting someone on (C)20:58
gamerchick02hrm. in the public timeline, or yours?20:58
greg-gyes yes, shhhh20:58
snap-lmy timeline20:58
greg-gI will keep my "well actually" posts regarding copyright to a minimum21:03
gamerchick02i don't mind the copyright stuff, really i don't. it's when it's pointed out that someone might be wrong, and then the community jumps all over the person who's pointing things out like they're... i dunno. wrong?21:04
rick_h_kind of cool android users21:04
gamerchick02oooh. very21:04
gamerchick02and i don't mind a lot of politics, though you're bound to offend someone if you post something political.21:05
Blazeixhaven't we had the google instant thing for a few weeks, now? I've had the little notification that "Instant (beta) is off" for quite a while.21:06
rick_h_Blazeix: but watch the video21:09
rick_h_it's different21:09
rick_h_it's a 'cover flow' for results for mobile21:09
rick_h_prevents the "follow link, go back, follow next link, go back, next, back, next back"21:10
Blazeixah, interesting21:11
snap-lgreg-g: I'd rather you post to correct these schmoos21:12
snap-lSeems a few folks have to stand up so they can talk without being muffled by the seat cushion21:12
greg-gBAM! InboxZero in my work account! (and my @creativecommons account, but that's normally at 0)21:21
gamerchick02congrats, greg-g21:23
gamerchick02i have 2 in my gmail inbox21:23
greg-gyou know what helped? mutt-notmuch integration. Search is just so easy now that I don't leave those informational messages in my inbox until the day they're needed (like flight itineraries/etc). GET THAT CRAP OUT OF MY SIGHT21:39
gamerchick02i use a lot of labels and such in gmail.21:46
snap-lgreg-g: Welcome to my world. ;)21:47
snap-lHas it just been me, or is Google really not working right22:31
snap-lgoogle reader, calendar, etc.22:32
BlazeixI don't think I've noticed much. Google docs was a bit slow last night.22:33
rick_h_xcrap, why is freenode not working from my colo?23:57

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