BiosElementAwesome how many cyber attacks come from china02:17
canthus13Not really surprising, though.02:22
BiosElementSuprising, no. Silly, yes.02:23
canthus13Makes sense. china has the resources and the will to pull stunts like that.. Gotta wonder how many attacks they direect at estonia.02:24
BiosElementHeh, they attacked wp.com for heavens sake, I fail to see what good that does02:28
BiosElementOracle Bad for Open Source: http://www.itjungle.com/tfh/tfh030711-story09.html02:46
BiosElement^Breaking news: the sky is blue.02:46
canthus13BiosElement: Practice.03:27
canthus13BiosElement: wp.com is a big site, with heavy-duty hardware, but not a whole lot in the way of resources to fight back.03:28
canthus13It makes a good tackling dummy.03:28
BiosElementHeh, perhaps.03:44
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BiosElementI really hate working with other coders sometimes05:10
BiosElementDude decides to store an admin flag clientside...then I find that even without that flag, any logged in user could edit accounts.05:10
Cheri703canthus13: still around?06:29
Cheri703hey Unit193 did you decide if you want to go to the skywarn training?06:35
Unit193Sure, don't really have anything else to do06:36
Cheri703k, we can pick you up if you'd like06:37
Cheri703pm me your address06:38
thafreakMorning Ohio15:35
thafreakAnyone look much into media players?15:35
thafreakIt seems like popcorn hour plays anything on my network or from attached media, even 1080p stuff in just about any format15:36
thafreakbut doesn't support netflix or hulu or anything15:36
thafreakroku, et al, plays hulu and netflix in 1080, but no support for local media....15:37
thafreakwhat gives...why won't some one make a little box that does both?!?!15:37
thafreakgrrr...it's frustrating15:37
thafreaki guess you just have to buy 2 devices...sad15:38
thafreakI take that back, it seems there's a roku app that will stream your media over http...16:00
thafreaknow the $59 roku seems very interesting!16:01
thafreakplays netflix, hulu (with subscription), and can potentially stream movies from local net...16:01
Cheri703thafreak: my brother just got a roku, really likes it17:12
_bbbps3 or wii imo18:35
Cheri703my brother had a wii18:36
Cheri703got rid of it in favor of roku18:36
Cheri703(and wasn't playing it much)18:36
_bbbi know the feeling18:36
* Cheri703 would be happy to have any of the above18:37
_bbbbest answer htpc18:39
_bbbbut does netflix run on linux yet18:39
Cheri703yeah, I have one :) it's just...slow and no netflix (though I won't subscribe until it can work on linux)18:39
_bbbi dual boot.. but i think i like the netflix interface on ps3 best18:40
Cheri703_bbb: if you ever want to be able to headless-ly dual boot, let me know, there's an EASY way to do it18:41
_bbbgo on18:41
Cheri703figure out what position the alternate OS is in on the grub menu (starting from 0)18:43
Cheri703you use grub-reboot X where x is that number18:43
Cheri703I wrote a script for it, so I have a launcher to make it easy18:44
Cheri703it will boot the next time into that other os, then when rebooting, it'll go back to ubuntu18:44
Cheri703or whatever default is18:44
Cheri703one sec18:44
_bbbi just default to ubuntu with 10 sec timer in case i want windoze18:45
Cheri703yeah, I wanted to be able to vnc in, but be able to get windows, so this solved that for me18:45
Cheri703transcript from my user days session: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays/01292011/Tips%20and%20tricks%20for%20multi-booters  the stuff about this is toward the end, more in-depth explanation18:46
Cheri703started around 16:2018:46
_bbbyeah i can see where that would come in handy for remote18:47
thafreakwell...we have a wii...but it's down stairs...and we mainly watch netflix on the xbox...but that requires a yearly fee..(damn microsoft)22:22
thafreakbut, I kind of want to watch netflix upstairs sometimes...hence I was looking at the roku...22:23
Cheri703my brother likes his22:23
thafreakbut I found the WD unit22:23
Cheri703he did something where he can set up custom channels22:23
thafreakwhich does netflix....and may support hulu plus soon, AND can play local media from samba share22:23
thafreakyeah I saw that you can write your own...22:24
thafreakI dunno...the other thing is it seems that roku currently only supports mp4 files with h264 video...22:24
thafreakif I'm going through the effort to rip my entire dvd collection, I kind of wanted to use a better container format like mkv22:25
Cheri703I have no idea22:25
thafreakso I'm kind of leaning towards this WD unit22:25

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